‘Man of Steel’ Star Gives ‘Justice League’ Advice; Director Talks Easter Eggs

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Man of Steel Stars and Stripes Man of Steel Star Gives Justice League Advice; Director Talks Easter Eggs

“Reboot” is a term that gets thrown around plenty these days, but Man of Steel embodies the idea completely. Not only is Zack Snyder starting fresh with a brand new Superman (Henry Cavill), but using the film to launch a modern, updated take on the character for potential sequels as well. Yet it’s not just the man in blue tights who will benefit from the new lease on life, as it’s no secret that Warner Bros. wants to provide Superman with some big screen partners sooner rather than later.

Now Cavill and Snyder have provided further comments on some controversial aspects of Man of Steel; not the least of which may be a serious sign of Justice League on the horizon.

For starters, Cavill addresses the recent comments made about Man of Steel‘s “very different take” on Clark Kent. Anyone paying attention has noticed that the many marketing materials – including the extensive preview featurette – don’t provide a single look at Clark incognito, bespectacled and slouching in his Metropolis disguise. We’re expecting Man of Steel to tell of the events before Clark’s ‘disguise’ was ever conceived or needed – meaning no ‘mild-mannered’ caricature needed – and Cavill’s comments seem to back that assumption up.

Superman Man of Steel Fire Scene Man of Steel Star Gives Justice League Advice; Director Talks Easter Eggs

In an interview with Jake Hamilton, the idea of ‘Clark Kent’ functioning as Superman‘s secret identity, not the other way around, was addressed with direct reference to the Superman monologue in Kill Bill: Vol. 2. Cavill believes that Clark Kent will still communicate plenty to audiences this time around, but won’t be divorced from the alien in the blue and red suit as he has been in the past:

“He says so much. but it’s not like it’s a deliberate thing. Clark is just being who he is, he’s not trying to be something else, he’s not being a parody of anything. Clark exists as he exists, he doesn’t know why or what or who he is, and it’s only when he starts to discover more and more and more, and he’s stretched himself beyond, and he becomes…what we know as Superman. He’s still Clark; he’s still Kal; and he’s still Superman when he’s got the blue suit on and he’s running around and doing his stuff – but none of them are a different person. It’s just one of them doesn’t want to be be seen or noticed, and the other one doesn’t mind.”

Of course, the building anticipation and positive buzz surrounding Man of Steel is sure to add fuel to the claims that Justice League is just a year or two away, and Warner Bros. will be using the film to kick-start their DC movie universe. That’s putting an awful lot of pressure onto Superman’s (granted, sizable) shoulders, and potentially squandering the opportunities of a box office-dominating, rebooted Superman.

Unsurprisingly, Cavill thinks that there is still a good chunk of Superman’s story left to tell before bringing in other players. And with optimism that can only be gained by working with as enthusiastic a comic book fan as Zack Snyder, he’s putting his weight behind a ‘slow and steady’ approach:

“If Warner Bros. were to come to me and say: ‘okay cool we’re planning this, how would you want to do it,’ you’d have to introduce various characters, so it’s not like ‘Bam!’ the world’s full of god-like superheroes. You’d have to find them and introduce them through various movies, and then bring them all together with a major threat that happens.

Whether that threat would be Doomsday, or Brainiac, or whatever we don’t know, but there would have to be a lot more storyline to have the audience be okay with an introduction to, say, Brainiac or Doomsday.”

Superman Versus Batman Movie Man of Steel Star Gives Justice League Advice; Director Talks Easter Eggs

Cavill has already claimed that he would be attracted to the idea of Batman and Superman sharing the screen – a no-brainer since some of DC’s greatest stories have centered on the seemingly opposite heroes – so perhaps the Man of Steel trilogy proposed by some would be able to introduce characters seen as too risky for standalone films. For conspiracy fans, there may be signs that Snyder is already doing just that with his reboot of Superman.


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  1. We need one more MoS movie and at least 2 more DC movies before JL.

    • Dear Screenrant, can you please block this troll?

    • Jokes on u. i dont even know who they are.

  2. I think we need at least MOS2 before we fully expand the Universe. As I said before, The Bat could be introduce MOS2 but as in an after credit scene. (if not, then we could introduce Wonder Woman). After MOS2, we could have them Superman and Batman teamed up…
    I would rather the studio takes its time than have a rush production of mediocre movies. DC heroes are tricky and complex. They really need a smart approach on them otherwise, All will Fail.
    In the meantime, at least Based on these questions thrown at Zack, the studio surely knows that the public wants the Justice League lol ;)

  3. Cavill and Snyder are speaking about the shared universe very logically and making a ton of sense with their quotes.

    I always thought the Wayne Enterprises thing would be more of a fun nod to Nolan and his influence on DC films more than anything else.

    It will be interesting to see what happens. Like Snyder says, people are *convinced* Justice League and shared universes are happening, but WB has not said anything official yet. We’ll just wait and see.

    I do think we need a Man of Steel sequel and some other solo films before we get to any crazy crossovers though.

  4. Instead of Clark taking off his glasses and… it’s superman!, it will be Clark shaves and… it’s superman!

    • haha

  5. Let’s forget about Superman for one second. For a JL movie to happen, they need to do what was done by MARVEL. They just have to make standalone Superhero movies to allow the audience to connect and understand the importance of the characters in play.

    Now that Superman has an Origin story, so should everyone else. We need to care about them enough to connect with them. That being said, I don’t think they will undermine everything they’ve done by not having Origin stories for all the Major players.

    I also believe there should be at least two Superman movies before a JL movie.

    • I disagree, you dont need to see there origins to connect with them. You need to give them depth and emotion while showing them in action. The first episode in the JL cartoon had no origins and was phenomenal

      • Movie audiences and market criteria will change significantly in, say, five years with the preamble of an emerging generation and the diversion of newer technologies. We don’t know what they will be, exactly,but they will be real enough.

        If those of us presently desire to see a Justice League flick (knowing the cost of filmmaking is ever-rising) then we best hope for that film sometime in the near future.

        The average moviegoer does not care about the rest of Superman’s story nor require broad knowledge of other “god-like” superheroes in the so-called DC universe; what is required, as Trey adroitly points out, is depth of character. Good writing and solid direction — skill and craftmanship fundamentally needed.

        What that average moviegoer will look forward to, and right away, is the team-up of Superman and Batman; I’d say Wonder Woman showing up in the 3d act as an Easter Egg.

        In any event, as Trey carefully observed, the cartoons (and comic books) have done an effective, if not outstanding, job of conveying the nature of other JL members with a lengthy biographic introduction.

        • Meant to say… WITHOUT a lengthy biographic introduction.

  6. I would love to see Lex Luther and Joker in justice league…

    • People need to calm down. I know they won’t, but every time a remotely successful movie appears, there are scores of people ready to swear their theories are a dead cert, they rant about how they want to see this, that and the other – no matter how ridiculous – then insist that sequels and team ups get underway as soon as possible.

      Batman and Superman don’t belong together in the same universe. They’ve shared space in stories in order to satisfy a niche, sell comics and nothing more. The internal logic or verisimilitude goes out the window when you have an alien capable of superhuman feats versus a man – flesh and blood, who can handle himself against a few hooligans.

      It totally undermines all that The Dark Knight achieved to have The Man of Steel show up and do everything the easy way, faster and without a scratch on him.

      I can’t help but feel the urge with most DC fanboys is to satisfy their lust for an Avengers style team up movie, while for certain executives it’s more a case of hurriedly throwing all their eggs in one basket in an attempt to reproduce what was a very successful gamble (Avengers).

      Somebody recently suggested that the wave of ‘reboots’ made within the last decade were all successful and improved upon their predecessors. I argue that The Incredible Hulk was weak/cheesy/miscast, Thor was horribly unbalanced, with such limited scope and massive plot holes, poor dialogue and unintentional comedy. Captain America at least felt more like a well rounded story with an ark, but still ran out of ideas as soon as Cap got going and Iron Man fell at the second fence with the mess that was IM2.

      I ended up enjoying Avengers more than I did TDKR, which I can hardly believe, but there it is. Fluke, against all odds Whedon pulled it off.

      Doesn’t mean we won’t get another let down soon enough. Why spoil what looks like a great Superman franchise with set ups and subplots? Leave it alone, take the time to create a sequel the likes of X2, and avoid killing the entire thing in search of some mystical marketing magic trick, because it never works. Ever.

      • You almost sound like you dont know what youre talking about and from everything youre saying know nothing about the characters involved.. you proved this prettymuch as soon as you said “flesh and blood who can handle himself against a few hooligans”

        that description is tantamount to saying Sherlock Holmes is good at solving crossword puzzles.

        i understand your skepticism but if everyone were as jaded as you NONE of these films would EVER have been made.. a successful film based on a comic you say??? ahahah what nonsense -_- less than 20 yrs ago that was the mantra

        today is different ppl have a wider scope of acceptance intelligence.. & Kal El CAN exist in the same world as Bruce if done right.
        as skeptical as u come off you speak with a highschool hes bigger/stronger he wins type mentality that not only has no place in a REAL GROUNDED world its wonderfully asinine.. the whole POINT of batman is he represents THE BEST of peak human the ability and grim determination to find a way around all the obstacles life throws at us mere mortals.. &when alls said and done you can benchpress a space ship all you want but a psychotically detail/obsessed tactician whos spent 3 quarters of his life covering every eventuality comes in very handy when pure muscle falls flat which it ALWAYS does
        that dynamic &purely human element of the guy that’ll do things Kal wont CONCIEVE of doing &the moral implications therein THOSE are the conflicts i indeed we all want to see played out by credible high calibre actors on screen.. so if Nolan can do a pathetic boring underachieving (paraphrasing)Batman &Snyder can do an ultra realistic closed off grounded alien immigrant then surely someone can meet in the middle and make a movie thats the best of all worlds combined

  7. This is all nothing more than speculation at this point.

    Even if WB/DC determine to do a Justice League movie, to do it justice (see what I did there?) they would probably choose to introduce (or re-introduce) several of the other main characters in stand-alone films first, a la Marvel.

    That takes time and money. A lot of money.

    Presumably you would want to have Batman (gonna reboot him?); Green Lantern (gonna reboot him?); Flash (gotta develop, write, plan, cast, shoot, post, etc.) that film. Same notation for Wonder Woman.

    If a Justice League film is on anybody’s desk at WB, it’s a LOOONG way off, folks.

    • Yeah, WB really has to gameplan if they’re going to do this. I was always skeptical about the 2015 release date from the beginning.

      The overlooked thing from that Deadline Avengers 2 contract story was that Marvel said The Avengers wasn’t in the black until it grossed $1.1 billion – with a b – again, billion worldwide. If you’re WB, do you want to do that?

      • Nobody knows WB may already have a plan. They have stated before they wont reveal anything till AFTER man of steel

        • Don’t see why a green lantern follow up can’t include flash & Wonder Women

          • A Green Lantern/Flash film would be a pretty good idea. The Flash and Green Lantern, whether that be Barry Allen and Hal Jordan or Wally West and Kyle Rayner, have always been good friends throughout comics, so using a single film to introduce both and build their relationship before JLA would be a good idea. Dido Batman and Superman in a World’s Finest movie. Do both of those, you could totally introduce Wonder Woman in the JLA movie itself similar to what they did in the Justice League cartoon.

            • True, we should work for DC :) the avengers introduced hawkeye during the movie no problem
              I know nothing about aquaman so don’t know if he would tie in at all??

              • @ ChrisTypeR

                Actually, Hawkeye was introduced in Thor, albeit briefly.

                • Ha, totally forgot about that.

      • Avengers went into the black, soon as it crossed over 220 Million dollars. 1.5 Billion overall take.

        Man of Steel has to exceed that.

  8. Funny how nobody else pitched the idea of ‘at least a couple of Superman movies before JL’ before…

    Less known DC characters can make one movie (Aquaman, Flash, WW), then GL2, World’s Finest and then Justice League to wrap it all…Imagine a summer of JL vs Star Wars vs Avengers 2?? DAMN!!

  9. There should be several more solo films that reference the shared universe and perhaps is tied together by a common threat – for example in every story Lex Luthor should have his fingerprints all over the issues the heroes have to deal with.

    The other thing they need to do is to not take HUGE risks on the risky characters. For example there was no reason to make Green lantern for $200 million. It should have been $120,000 million tops and it should NOT have had to rely on so much CGI for almost every scene. The last Underworld movie was made for $70 Million and it grossed $160 Million. A $200 million dollar movie is ONLY justifiable for Batman and Superman (and Justice League) – Wonder Woman and Green Lantern should not cost more than $120 million and Catwoman, Aquaman, Green Arrow, Cyborg and everyone else they would like to get in a movie should not be more than $75 million.

    • I agree with most of what you said, but an Aquaman movie…that’s a lot of special effects if they are going to show a majority of Atlantis…environment, sea life…ect. It could be done for $120-$150. The majority of green Lantern was the FX’s budget. Lantern was actually a $300 million dollar movie…100 million was spent on marketing it alone.
      All the other characters you listed…I agree…WonderWoman and the rest can be done for less. For Wonderwoman…most of the budget may be spent on her Amazon home ( Can’t spell it )depending on how much of the film is set there.
      There’s so many factors that go into a making of a movie and the budget.

  10. It appears that Cavill is quite fond of the very sucessful Marvel team building approach when it comes to a JL movie. That is a smart move.
    It also appears that Snyder is very fond of the Marvel Easter Egg approach when it comes to giving a nod to other superheroes in a shared universe like Captain America’s shield, or Nick Fury showing up in Iron Man, or even Tony Stark showing up in The Incredible Hulk button scene.

    It’s clear that WB is hoping and praying that this will be their Iron Man, their start to a shared universe. They have an excellent model to follow in Marvel. I’m still not convinced however, that they can pull it off even with having Marvel’s very sucessful pattern to follow. I just keep getting this feeling that they don’t know what they’re doing, and that they don’t realize the potential that is in the DC characters.

  11. Just focus on solo movies right now. This is the part when I say f*ck the fanboys, they can’t always get what they want. A Justice League film isn’t necessary for right now, they shouldn’t even be thinking about Justice League right now. First things first.

    • It always fascinates me when people dismiss these so called “fanboys” who are the reason these characters are so popular to begin with. Just because you don’t share a passion for the lore doesn’t mean otehr people can’t or shouldn’t. You “non-fanboys” aren’t on any goddam pedestals other than the one’s you’ve fabricated in your minds.

      • @Bradley

        I’m pretty sure War Clown is a comic book fan.

    • @War Clown

      Agreed. People are screaming for a JL movie but lets get WB/DC on the right track first before going headlong into risky team movies.

      It’s like the people on one message board for Injustice: Gods Among Us. We bought the game because we were gamers, loved Mortal Kombat and love comic books so a DC fighting game was a great idea.

      Nether Realm Studios decided to put their mascot (and most popular MK character Scorpion) into the game as downloadable content and my god, you can’t move for the complaints about it.

      “We didn’t ask for this, screw NRS! They should’ve given us Obscure DC Character #127 instead!”

      Yeah, completely ignore a character’s popularity and the potential of drawing in non-comic book fans to the game’s fanbase and cry tears of frustration because a game developer failed to add Beast Boy to the roster. That makes sense, right?

      Same with the movies.

      Over here in the UK, Superman and Batman are widely known. People don’t know Wonder Woman that much unless they saw the 70s TV show or because of the logo on trendy t-shirts that mainly hipsters buy and wear without having a clue what it means.

      People only know of Green Lantern because of the Ryan Reynolds movie and Green Arrow thanks to the Arrow TV show. The Flash? Unless you were one of the few who saw the short-lived TV show in the early 90s, he’s pretty unknown. Aquaman is also only known because of his appearances in Family Guy cutaway gags.

      WB/DC need to create a solid foundation of solo movies to introduce the characters to a wider audience because otherwise, they’ll have an expensive flop like Green Lantern that seems to cater specifically to the comic book reading crowd but turns away everyone else with a confusing plot that doesn’t explain what the hell is going on.

      I saw that movie with someone who didn’t know who Green Lantern was and in the end, had to spend maybe an hour explaining things from the movie and backgrounds in the comic books to give him a better understanding of the movie plot.

      If the majority of your audience is gonna have that same necessary explanation after the JL movie is over with then you’ve failed basically. And that’s my biggest gripe with Screen Rant, the fact that we have comic book readers on here who seem to think that the entire world knows who certain characters are and so expect to see characters and plots without the need to show back story or origin explanations.

      “Lets just jump into a JL movie, everyone knows who the characters are!”

      No, lets not. They don’t.

      The only member of The Avengers who everyone knew beforehand was The Hulk but thanks to Marvel’s approach and Iron Man’s success, the other members are household names outside of comic book readers.

      • I have the Flash TV show on DVD! But its not like he wasn’t in either justice league cartoon and most DC justice league cartoon movies!

  12. I think this is how it should go:
    Man of Steel
    The Batman
    World’s Finest, introduce Wonder Woman
    Green Lantern reboot
    The Flash
    Justice League, introduce Martian Manhunter and MAYBE Aquaman.

    Honestly I love Aquaman, but to the general audience, he’s a joke. I don’t think that a standalone Aquaman movie could be taken seriously by the general audience. I really want him in a Justice League movie, but I’m not sure how seriously people will take him.

    Henry Cavill-Superman
    Karl Urban-Batman
    Nathan Fillion/Idris Elba-Hal Jordan/John Stewart (I think they should just go with a rebooted Hal Jordan but having John Stewart can benefit from his popularity in the animated universe)
    Ryan Gosling-Flash
    Olivia Wilde/Lake Bell-Wonder Woman
    Peter Mensah-Martian Manhunter
    Liam Mcintyre-Aquaman

    And I don’t think they should use Darkseid as the JL movie villian, don’t use their biggest threat for the first JL movie. And for the Batman reboot, I think they should skip the origin stuff, and introduce Batman’s world already established, with Nightwing and Robin and such. Maybe not use them as a major role in the movie, but establish the world is already…well…established. I think they should use Luthor in World’s Finest, and Doomsday in the JL movie. Also I think that if they don’t use Aquaman for that 7th spot, I think it’d be cool to see Stephen Amell’s Green Arrow in there. But that’s just my 2 cents.

    • @ Justin

      I am totally with you on the last spot going to Stephan Amell’s Arrow. That would be terrific.

      • But of course the creators of the show are banking off the Dark Knight success and not having any “supernatural” elements a part of it.

        • @ Justin

          I know, and that kind of stinks, but who says he has to take the “supernatural” stuff back to the show with him?

          If they did include him though, it might kill the show, because I have a feeling he might get a spin- off solo movie.
          After he shows up in JL, just start including “supernatural” stuff in Arrow. Why not?

          Arrow, and it’s show runners are some of THE best assets WB/DC have going for them right now, (along with thier animation department which is second to none), so why not exploit them?

          • Exactly. Plus there have been rumors of Bludhaven being introduced in season 2. I think there could be GREAT potential in that in introducing Nightwing, and having him being connected to the Batman reboot.

            • @ Justin

              Good thinking, I like it!

    • if they do Batman in the form of what you said then I choose the Riddler (a proper version) or Hush or Professor Strange or Black Mask. others for future include Scarecrow (no sidekick, The Long Halloween, As the Crow Flies), Mr. Freeze (proper version), Poisen Ivy (proper version),Penguin (proper version), and Killer Croc. Bane, Catwoman, Two Face, Ras al Ghul, and Joker needs to wait a bit

      • Karl Urban can’t be Batman, he’s Judge Dredd and should be for several more movies.

        I’d also suggest the guy who played Caesar in Spartacus: War Of The Damned as Green Arrow. He has the look and looked badass in the fight scenes.

        Michael Fassbender is a must as The Riddler if he appears in a movie. Just imagine Fassbender with the green bowler hat and that wicked smile.

        I’ve been saying it for ages but if JL happens, the villain has to be Brainiac.

        • My film bombed hard. The studio isn’t interested in a sequel. Urban might be busy for Star Trek 3 and that Fox show he will be in, but otherwise he’d totally be open for Batman. (And seriously, if you when called and said that WB wanted you for Batman, you’d jump at it.)

        • Paul bettany as the riddler, armmie hammer for batman (young and cheap)

      • I wanna see Deathstroke!

      • I’d love to see Hugh or Black Mask in a future Batman film.

  13. IM ready to see some progress in the JLU movie or any other stand alone flimis what is the hold up???? Bring it on and to build them up drop plenty of little easter eggs along the way. But in order to make the perfect JL movie you have to first Pick which heros you want to be the founding members of the JL

    • After watching Fast and Furious 6…the only person i could see playing Wonder Woman is Gina Carano…she kicks ass…no skinny chicks..

  14. We need the legends of each of the original 7 JL members at least referenced in a movie before a full blown JL movie. Otherwise, the JL movie will be wasted doing character back story instead of telling the story of the team up.

    • Hence why you make it a JL 3 part story
      Whicb has yet to be done

  15. Most people who showed up for The Avengers never saw a Marvel Studios film outside of the Ironman series, so all this talk about “making people care about the characters before putting them together” is just so much nonsense.

    Superman and Batman are the most Iconic superheroes period. The first on screen meeting of those two legendary characters would be an event in and of itself. Use the event of an on screen Superman /Batman meetup as the “hook” to get people to show up,then give them a taste of Wonder Woman,The Flash and Green Lantern without
    having to count on those characters carrying a whole film.

    The characters that make an impression can get spinoff along side the solo Superman and Batman films.

    Face it,WB/DC will never crank out CBM’s the way Marvel has because they don’t need to. At best we will get Superman,Batman,The Justice League,Green Lantern and maybe a Wonder Woman,Flash and/or Aquaman series of films.Thats about it.WB will not go all the way down the bench making films about B-Level characters like Marvel.

    • Pretty wild assumption to make, claiming most who saw Avengers didn’t see a previous Marvel movie outside of Iron Man.

      I can counter that claim by telling you that I saw the same non-comic book reading people at the Iron Man 2, Thor and Captain America screenings and got to know them a little at each movie screening. Saw them at IM3 back in April and asked where they were for The Avengers opening day, they told me they waited until it was on TV first before they saw it then got the DVD after.

      But I mean, of course YOU have proof that “everyone” stayed away until The Avengers, right?

  16. June 14th The People of Earth will kneel before ZOD!!!!!!!!!

  17. people care about the characters. iron man 2, thor then the captain america movie set up avengers. so i agree with superman 2 maybe intro a little wonder women and then maybe another batman movie (with flash intro) could “connect” with superman 2 and lead up to justice league


    batman vs superman movie where they meet and pump heads about there different approaches to serving justice then end it with them kinda being ok with each other(love hate relationship)….start justice league movie with superman and batman stopping a “petty” criminal when darkseid or brainiac crashes the scene and kidnaps superman…..batman looks up at him being abducted and says “this is out of my LEAGUE i might need some help”

  18. I’m a DC guy through and through, but as long as WB keeps courting Nolan’s and Goyer’s idea of these characters existing in their own separated universes; nothing is ever going to happen.

    I have no doubt that MOS will be awesome and do awesome at the box office, but even from the more recent interviews and featurettes, it’s obvious that WB want to Nolanite Superman now because of the early positive buzz the film is garnering.

    Why is it that WB and by extension – DC seem scared or ashamed of the more superhero/fantasy aspects of these characters? And you can see it across all their productions. From “Smallville” to “Arrow” and Nolan’s Bat-Films to now “MOS”. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love ALL of the changes made to Superman for this outing but I have this lingering doubt in the back of my head that MOS will release and do above board on everything and because WB are unable to take a gamble on the future, and all they really care about is money, they will mess the series up like they did with Batman. I absolutely loved “Batman Begins” and I absolutely hated “TDK” & “TDKR”. “MOS” is tracking the same exact way “BB” did.

    And just a note – the Wayne Enterprises satellite is cool and all but that’s still WB playing it safe. You want to cause fanboys to have seizures in the theaters? – Do an after-credits-scene where you show OA and the Guardians discussing the fact that there is now a Kryptonian on Earth. Put that at the end of “MOS” and I guarantee you WB will be instantly forgiven for all it’s previous CBM sins.

    As I said at the beginning, I’m a DC guy but honestly I love the Marvel stuff too. They simply get it and WB has yet to get it. Hopefully, they won’t screw this franchise up too (meaning make it impossible for the bigger DCU to exist)

    Just the comic book fanboy in me ranting.

    • Where’s the evidence that Man Of Steel is in its own universe though?

      I’m not sure your complaint about Smallville though. To me, it was great in playing up to the fantasy elements of the comics but was far too sappy and teen drama for me. I like a good romance plot but Smallville put me off for the first 6 seasons until they finally ditched the Dawson’s Creek style melodrama (they maintained it but not as much from season 7 onwards, still a cringeworthy show though).

      Arrow I guess is a way to introduce the character in a real world setting to make him relatable and therefore palatable to casual audiences. The character has a sense of realism in the comic books so it makes sense, even if they deviated from the fantastical elements in the TV show with certain characters.

      I guess this debate will rage until comic book movies fall out of fashion, the whole “making it realistic to draw us in versus keeping some fantasy elements to satisfy the comic book readers” situation.

      • @Dazz

        In fact, Snyder’s quote could be interpreted as usIng Nolan’s Wayne Enterprises logo, right? I mean, he said the homage is to “Chris,” not the Bat per se. Interesting, right?

    • It’s a good complaint though. You are absolutley right about how the MOS should end. It’s so easy even a caveman could do it, but WB might be thinking too much at this point and that does not always work for the best. Any knid of surprising ending that would suggest a bigger universe out there for DC characters would make geeks dirty there shorts and want more, but again too much safe play as you are suggesting from WB is just going to narrow the potential of a huge MOS movie if they play it too safe.

    • WB doesnt strive to make CBM they strive to make great films. They allow director freedom and altered mythology cause they realize there is an audience outside DC fanboys. So they let Nolan do his batman and they were given tons of money and tons of critical praise. Things dont need to follow the suit of the comics, and nobody would care if the guardians were in the end credits. You want people to care you show batman period

    • unfortunately (&sometimes for our own good)they dont care if you forgive them tbh, they just wannt bums on seats.. but as someone who can take a mixture of intricate realism with the fantastically plausible…

      id say hints at this stage are MORE than enough.. what you and majority of the more hardcore fanboys are forgetting is Marvel is Marvel… DC is DC.. &as much as the each pick suff up from each other theres that fundamental difference in tone & mood
      DC/WB dont need to copy Marvels formula.. &they DONT need to work to introduce characters theyre ALL universally recognised.. suitable plotting concept background etc &good actors will do that for you

      some cheesy flash forward to OA &guardians that has NO bearing on this story whatsoever wouldnt just completely ape Marvels tactic.. i can honestly say if not done 100% perfectly right could be kinda lame &cripple a good film right at the end….

      search your feelings Askani.. you know this to be true

  19. Imo I think a mos trilogy is needed before a JL movie. Within the three films they should make aware that there are others out there. The hints within each film should be minimal. The reveal would be just enough to let the viewer know what’s coming.

  20. warner wont make a justice league movie if MOS fails in the box office… just like what happened to the green lantern movie, GL was i think the supposed launch pad for DC movies but due to criticism it never happened.. i hope MOS does well so we can finally have our justice league movie, im not raising my expectation because zack snyder although a great director is a hit and miss kind of guy(suckerpunch)… he is a good director as long as he does’t write the screenplay or anything.. loved the Watchmen though.

    • I hate bringing up Mark Kermode as often as I have recently but since he’s my favourite movie critic…

      I’m interested in his review of Man Of Steel.

      The guy loves comic books, he’s been reading them his entire life but if you see his reviews of Zack Snyder movies….basically, he hates Zack as much as he hates Michael Bay.

      Said 300 was boring, Watchmen was boring, too long and would’ve been better if they followed Terry Gilliam’s advice when he was attached to direct by making it a TV series instead of a movie. He also slammed Suckerpunch as being the first movie to have major action sequences that still managed to put him to sleep and criticised Snyder as being someone who only cares about the costumes and not the plot of the movies he’s making.

      I agree for the most part (I actually liked Watchmen) so I’m glad Goyer wrote the script for MOS and that Snyder is only directing because when it comes to visuals, Snyder is one of the best.

  21. Well, from what Cavill & Snyder, if it’s true, then I should not hold hope for any JL verse tie-in at the end of MoS.

    As for a JL movie, I have been anxiously awaiting some solid official news and help speculate or theorize what it all should be ’cause am of DC superheroes (some of the major ones at least). Am not a fanboy or someone like that but if I was there’s nothing wrong with it. WB sure as hell don’t listen to the so called fanboys unlike Marvel Studios. So it doesn’t matter who has what theories and suggestions for a JL movie. And yes, there should be a JL movie. Yes, Supes & Bats should have a crossover! It’s not a made up thing. It existed in comic books and in the animated movies. Their different universes leading up to a team-up could make for an interesting story if written well.

    I think that making individual movies for the lead heroes of the JL would be time consuming and costly, especially, if any of those movies turn out to be like GL, Jonah Hex or Catwoman. Then, forget any hopes for a JL movie.

    What would be better is if they go with MoS 2 in 2016 w/ an extended (cameo) intro to Bats which in turn should lead to World’s Finest movie in 2018 w/ extended intros to the Flash & WW and references to some others. That in turn should lead to a JL movie in 2020.

    Now, I am just loosely using the years for the release time of these movies. Besides those movies, there needs to be a rebooted Batman movie in between.

  22. shoulda lit the costume. im sure it will wont suck.. but im passsing..

  23. I give a rats ass about JL I want to see more of the MOS. There`s more story to tell, we need to get deeper (sore of speak). Is not all about him flying and saving the day. Hopefully we get to see an epic trilogy

  24. I’m not sure what I want. I think a JL movie first could work better, but I have always really wanted to see a Flash movie first. I don’t know for sure. With a JL movie first, the separate members’ movies might have to go back in time(the characters’ origins). Or maybe not. I’m sure that whatever is decided on can be made to work. I just know for sure that I would like to see more DC movies, and especially the Flash!

  25. If MoS makes Ironman or Batman money at the box office (and it very well might) then we’ll see a MoS 2 before anything else and warners will feel comfortable taking their time with jla. At least thats wgat im thinking

    • I can honestly imagine WB have a script already in the works for a MOS sequel and are just waiting to see what the movie does at the box office before giving it the greenlight.

      I know that’s not what you’re supposed to do but honestly, considering it’s Superman and they’ve touted the new take and new origin, it’d be dumb to not have at least an idea in mind.

  26. At first I was kinda shocked. I really want a JL movie, but I didn’t like the idea of making that movie within the next two years because it’s just ridiculous…they need to do what they’re doing, taking it slow, introducing Superman first with a trilogy maybe and putting more and more links for a DC Universe, and then throw a Superman Batman before a JL.

    Do it a la Marvel way, not as a copy, but as a lesson learned.

    Can’t wait to see this movie

  27. Gimmee, gimmee!!!

    Green Lantern (Hal Jordan/Ryan Reynolds) & Flash (Barry Allen) team-up!
    Hawkman, The Atom, & Martian Manhunter team-up!
    Dr. Fate (Kent Nelson) & Hourman (Rex Tyler) team-up!

    Ah, now there are my fantasy Easter Eggs, sunny-side up!

  28. Villains I want to see somewhere in the JLA franchise, either collectively or individually against the heroes, either as a team or individually:

    Time Commander
    Professor Zoom (Reverse-Flash)

    ….and I am sure these are just for starters.

    • Darkseid is gonna be in that team category for sure

  29. As a Superman fan, I can’t argue with another Superman movie but I don’t want to wait for 5-7 movies before a JL.
    I want it NOW!