‘Man of Steel’ Star Gives ‘Justice League’ Advice; Director Talks Easter Eggs

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Man of Steel Stars and Stripes Man of Steel Star Gives Justice League Advice; Director Talks Easter Eggs

“Reboot” is a term that gets thrown around plenty these days, but Man of Steel embodies the idea completely. Not only is Zack Snyder starting fresh with a brand new Superman (Henry Cavill), but using the film to launch a modern, updated take on the character for potential sequels as well. Yet it’s not just the man in blue tights who will benefit from the new lease on life, as it’s no secret that Warner Bros. wants to provide Superman with some big screen partners sooner rather than later.

Now Cavill and Snyder have provided further comments on some controversial aspects of Man of Steel; not the least of which may be a serious sign of Justice League on the horizon.

For starters, Cavill addresses the recent comments made about Man of Steel‘s “very different take” on Clark Kent. Anyone paying attention has noticed that the many marketing materials – including the extensive preview featurette – don’t provide a single look at Clark incognito, bespectacled and slouching in his Metropolis disguise. We’re expecting Man of Steel to tell of the events before Clark’s ‘disguise’ was ever conceived or needed – meaning no ‘mild-mannered’ caricature needed – and Cavill’s comments seem to back that assumption up.

Superman Man of Steel Fire Scene Man of Steel Star Gives Justice League Advice; Director Talks Easter Eggs

In an interview with Jake Hamilton, the idea of ‘Clark Kent’ functioning as Superman‘s secret identity, not the other way around, was addressed with direct reference to the Superman monologue in Kill Bill: Vol. 2. Cavill believes that Clark Kent will still communicate plenty to audiences this time around, but won’t be divorced from the alien in the blue and red suit as he has been in the past:

“He says so much. but it’s not like it’s a deliberate thing. Clark is just being who he is, he’s not trying to be something else, he’s not being a parody of anything. Clark exists as he exists, he doesn’t know why or what or who he is, and it’s only when he starts to discover more and more and more, and he’s stretched himself beyond, and he becomes…what we know as Superman. He’s still Clark; he’s still Kal; and he’s still Superman when he’s got the blue suit on and he’s running around and doing his stuff – but none of them are a different person. It’s just one of them doesn’t want to be be seen or noticed, and the other one doesn’t mind.”

Of course, the building anticipation and positive buzz surrounding Man of Steel is sure to add fuel to the claims that Justice League is just a year or two away, and Warner Bros. will be using the film to kick-start their DC movie universe. That’s putting an awful lot of pressure onto Superman’s (granted, sizable) shoulders, and potentially squandering the opportunities of a box office-dominating, rebooted Superman.

Unsurprisingly, Cavill thinks that there is still a good chunk of Superman’s story left to tell before bringing in other players. And with optimism that can only be gained by working with as enthusiastic a comic book fan as Zack Snyder, he’s putting his weight behind a ‘slow and steady’ approach:

“If Warner Bros. were to come to me and say: ‘okay cool we’re planning this, how would you want to do it,’ you’d have to introduce various characters, so it’s not like ‘Bam!’ the world’s full of god-like superheroes. You’d have to find them and introduce them through various movies, and then bring them all together with a major threat that happens.

Whether that threat would be Doomsday, or Brainiac, or whatever we don’t know, but there would have to be a lot more storyline to have the audience be okay with an introduction to, say, Brainiac or Doomsday.”

Superman Versus Batman Movie Man of Steel Star Gives Justice League Advice; Director Talks Easter Eggs

Cavill has already claimed that he would be attracted to the idea of Batman and Superman sharing the screen – a no-brainer since some of DC’s greatest stories have centered on the seemingly opposite heroes – so perhaps the Man of Steel trilogy proposed by some would be able to introduce characters seen as too risky for standalone films. For conspiracy fans, there may be signs that Snyder is already doing just that with his reboot of Superman.


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Superman Man of Steel Zack Snyder Man of Steel Star Gives Justice League Advice; Director Talks Easter Eggs

The latest bit of gossip to stir up the Internet fanbase recently was the report of a fairly clear Easter egg and reference to another hero placed in Man of Steel. For the sake of avoiding spoilers, we’ll choose not to address the exact nature here (especially since how much of a spoiler you believe the Easter egg to be will vary greatly), and simply offer Snyder’s confirmation that the allusion is in the finished film, and it’s not alone:

“It’s a nod of the hat and tribute, absolutely. I wanted to do something for me that just acknowledges the amazing partnership and friendship that I have with Chris, and I just wanted that in the movie somehow… There’s a couple other little things in the movie too that point to the potential for…’DC expansion,’ though I’d say that our main focus and our main goal was to get Superman to work 100%.

I don’t even know what it means to be honest [Laughs], having those things in there, other than to say…’yeah, those things are in there.’”

While Snyder isn’t afraid of confirming what he clearly believes are personal touches and simple easter eggs for fans, not concrete signs that Warner Bros. – or he personally – has plans for tying in other films. But there are far too many rumors circling Man of Steel for them all to be accurate. And the most outrageous seem to center not on Superman, but his colleagues waiting for their cue to enter.

Justice League Movie Character List Man of Steel Star Gives Justice League Advice; Director Talks Easter Eggs

When asked if one particular rumor had him in stitches or completely confused, Snyder gave an update that those hungry for a Justice League film won’t like, but the level-headed won’t be too surprised to hear:

“People are *convinced* that the Justice League movie is… we’re just doing it tomorrow. So there’s that. Which is not ridiculous in the sort of global concept, it’s naive to say that ‘we have no… we don’t want to…’ But on the other hand, just to be that adamant. It’s pretty funny.”

Man of Steel Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan Man of Steel Star Gives Justice League Advice; Director Talks Easter Eggs

So much for the previous rumors that Warner Bros. had locked in Nolan, Goyer and Snyder for all of their DC superhero films. This won’t be the last time that Snyder will have to refute claims that Justice League is being developed, especially since he seems the most likely director to land the job, or at least be approached when production begins. But he’s been quoted as saying that another Superman movie will be needed before bringing in the League, so it seems he and Cavill are in agreement on the best recipe.

What do you think of Cavill and Snyder’s comments? Has the promise of Man of Steel‘s direction and quality gotten you more excited for seeing individual films, or do you still think Justice League should be the film that launches DC’s universe? Sound off in the comments.


Man of Steel will be in theaters on June 14th, 2013.

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  1. I think it is a great idea to run with a trilogy first. Introduce other characters like Flash, Wonder WOMAN, and Aquaman in a smaller capacity on the shoulders of a proven franchise before rolling with solo films. Then, in the third movie, set it up to bring in a new Batman. You now have introduced the smaller characters safely, and put plenty of separation time between Nolan’s Batman and Marvel’s Thanos. Let’s be honest, even though Thanos was a rip off of Darksied in the comics, if they release a movie with him as a villain now they will look like “Johnny-come-lately”

  2. Well it looks like JL isnt a priority over MOS which Im over the moon about. Well find out what WBs plans are after MOS box office but If I had to guess it seems they might be going with what I wanted all along-

    DC films being produced by Syncopy starting with a Wonderwoman and Flash movie for 2015 and 2016.MOS 2 to also be released in that period.JLmovie maybe in 2017 or 2018

    Introduce rebooted Bats in JL movie and do a Green lantern tv show to lead up to JL.Preferably with Jon stewart

  3. Just Superman and Batman together.

  4. Still don’t understand the concept of “it’s the Marvel way or the highway” mentality. With excuses like “they need their own movie for people to care about them” or “the audience wouldn’t understand what’s going on if they don’t have an origin story”.

    X-Men didn’t have an origin film until First Class was made. It had 3 successful films. Following this is the excuse “they were written as a team unlike JL members who came together for a cause” bleh. If that were true, then why First Class? That showed them come together for a cause. They had a life before X-Men.

    I will agree that to have the success of The Avengers, it is a good idea for characters to have their own startup to draw in specific audiences per character. I don’t like Hulk, Hawkeye, Black Widow, or Nick Fury. Barely like Captain America and Iron Man. I went to see The Avengers to see Thor. It was the closest thing I got to a sequel until here soon. So I understand how BO results can attribute to a specific characters draw.

    But its not the only way. Characters don’t need to be explained in order for people to understand why they are there. Bad things happen and who are you going to call? For WB/DC, it’s the Justice League.

    • Ghostbusters!

    • X-men was one franchise while Justice League is several franchises brought together into one. Big difference if you as me.

      • @ ColdSc

        I was looking for a way to state that very thought. I agree.

      • Written into comics, you are correct. But looking outside of that. All they are, are a bunch of super powered people who come together for a cause. Ignore that they have their own published comic.

        Think of it like this. Remember the first episode of Justice League animated? Did Superman or Batman get their own trilogy before that episode? Flash, WW, GL? No. But they all were introduced successfully and smoothly, including Martian Manhunter.

        • I can’t remember properly but didn’t Batman and Superman both have an animated series of their own before Justice League?

          I mean sure they can do a Justice League film head on but I find the impact, no matter how large, will have loosened a bit since a lot of people will be looking forward to Batman and Superman and the other characters will sort of be a bonus to common movie goers. I may be way off and there might be a lot more fans of the other characters than I think though. Either way, imagine Green Lantern, Flash, Wonder Woman and the others were first introduced and fleshed out and audiences react positively to both the character and actor in their solo outings. Then they all come together for Justice League, the impact would be that much larger in my opinion. I really think it would tremendous.

        • Plus I’d much rather not see them as just super-powered beings that are coming together for a cause. All of them are so much more than that, their powers are probably just 20% of what makes them who they are. And to not really flesh those individual stories out would be a crime in my book aha.

    • I think it depends entirely on the state of the team for the JLA movie.

      A) If the movie starts, and there is no Justice League, and they just randomly pop up, I think that would be very hard to swallow. (Think about the first Thor scene in the Avengers… Batman is driving around and Wonder Woman just jumps on the Batmobile. Just weird). And MoS is the first film in DC’s expanded universe, and if there is no JLA in this movie, then we will see it formed, and smashing all these people together in one movie is going to be hard to do right.

      B) If the movie starts, and there is ALREADY a Justice League, I think that would work great. (And this is what the original X-Men movie did) I don’t see how they could do this though. MoS sets the tone going forward. Is Superman going to be the Wolverine of JLA? Wander into a pre-existing JLA? Are we going to completely skip the set up of JLA and just have Snyder’s Superman in an existing JLA without explaining it?

      I think a lot of this thinking isn’t “Marvel way or the highway” but a reaction to how it appears they are going to do it based on the first movie in this new expanded universe, MoS. This movie may rock, but they are limiting their options on HOW to address JLA.

      I hope they figure it out and it is all fantastic though.

      • Similar to my reply for Coldsc and Stark, I’ll give the same example. JL animated series. Successful and written amazingly. No one had to swallow anything.

        I think it’s great that Superman gets a film first. If they use TDK – verse, then we already have a completed Worlds Finest. That’s how the first episode of JL starts. Then a few other characters show up. Then they have a few episodes centered around them later on. AKA solo films/spin offs.

        • I never watched it, but keep meaning to get around to it.

          Although in that example, I think you are dealing with a very different target demographic. Teens and a lot of adult geeks. They didn’t have to swallow anything because there was nothing to swallow. They had a built in audience that was very familiar with the core concept and characters. Wonder Woman COULD just pop in, no explanation needed, and that would have been awesome in that medium, to that demographic.

          Movies that have to appeal to the non-geek masses (and they do, as we are a vocal minority) need to be a little more massaged in.

          That being said, I’m not arguing for “the marvel way”, but I think there is a certain amount of uncertainty based, presumptuously, on how they will segue MoS into Justice League.

          I do like the World’s Finest idea. I even think they could throw Green Lantern in without too much trouble. Regardless of opinions of the last film, it was recent enough that a lot of explanation could be avoided.

  5. First and foremost Warner Bros needs an ‘architect’ to chart his vision for DC movies over the next few years, like Marvel has Kevin Fiege. I nominate Bruce Timm or Paul Dini.

    Secondly, they need to FAST-TRACK a Man of Steel sequel as well as solo movies for Batman, The Flash, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern(No 3-4 years gaps, just get it done in 2 years like Marvel does).

    Finally, have Justice League in 2017 or so when all these fast-tracked movies are done.

    • Ghostbusters!

    • @ CG

      I completely agree with WB/DC needed a mastermind like Marvel has Kevin Fiege. It almost goes without saying.

      I agree also about the fast track process, but that is where WB fails, and will fail every time. WB is not a CBM producing machine like Marvel is, they have other irons in the fire, so I honestly don’t believe they care that much about this genre or the DC characters that much, whereas that’s all Marvel does is make CBM’s, which also explains why they are so much better at it and more proficient at it.

      In all honesty, I really don’t think WB care what CBM fans want, or would like to see. WB is interested in one thing and one thing only, what will make us the most amout of money. In DC’s stable of characters, only two names come to mind,to fit that end, Batman and Superman, which is why that’s what we’ll ever get from them.

      • Thats a false statment WB wants to make great films, they dont give a crap about comic books, they want their character to be used in great films. Of course they want money who doesnt but they didnt shell out a blank check to chris nolan to make inception cause they knew it would make bank. They did it cause what he made them and the trust they had that he would make a great film

      • And which is why the Green Lantern ever existed, right?

  6. Truthfully I see the general public getting burned out on comic book movies in the next 3-5 years. So by that time it wont make fiscal sense to even make the JL movie. So it prob won’t happen. Not that I think comic book movies will go away or anything, but made less frequently with lower budgets for the core fans that will still go see them.

    • Not to toot this man’s horn but films that are made in the style that Nolan took on his approach to the Dark Knight trilogy open up broader audiences rather than us CB fans. TDK was considered to be more of a criminal drama then a super hero movie. Other adaptations like RED also work very well.

    • Also, GotG should open a huge door to the fantasy/sci-fi fan. Its apparently compared to Star Wars. I’ve never opened up a page so I’m just going by what I read here on SR.

  7. Clark is In metropolis he sees daily planet building goes in . Looks around at there best stories hanging on walls then sees one saying something about green lantern . There we go boom Easter egg lol

  8. Id love to see Justice League just after MOS, but I guess Henry is right, Warner maybe should introduce a few of them before the team movie.

    But who knows how the solo movies would work?

    If MOS reachs 600m or so, a JL movie right after could easily reach 1billion, so…… why not?

  9. They are leaving too much money on the table, not to have a super hero movie every year. If it was me, I would do a Superman II, and introduce a new Batman in the end. Come back the next year with a Batman I, next year with World’s Finest. Followed by Batman II then a Justice League.


    • That really doesn’t sound like Superman. He’d never beat a mere human crimminal to near death.

    • Caps.



      Switch to Decaf.

      • T-thank you…I need to go put an ice pack on my head after reading all of this.

    • I like it. But Lois would have to be badly hurt by Catwoman, if Superman was going to whup her butt.

  11. i feel like were years away from a jl movie like 10 years. wtf

  12. that picture of superman punching batman, if that were real, batman would be tomato puree liquid after that punch

  13. Anthologize it!

    I’ve been a big proponent of DC having an anthology film series or two (Action/Detective Comics for titles) for DC to differentiate their approach to world building from Marvel.

    This lowers the risk threshold on properties proving difficult to get off the ground… which right now is EVERY ONE OF THEM.

    There are a ton of reasons this works. Just do it DC.

  14. DC just does not seem to know what they want!!
    It is unbelievable in todays world that these clowns cannot figure out how to make a good JL movie, DC/WB’s real problem is they are afraid to fail and THAT is what is holding them back, Well that and WB running the show! If DC had the same setup as Marvel we would get a JL movie. Because DC is owned by WB who only cares about the bottom line they will not take any real chances, to really get a great CBM you need $150-$200 million WB will not spend that kind of $$$ on a ?? movie! Im sure they thought Green Lantern was gonna bank roll but it flopped, and I think that hurt their egos!! We all know MOS is gonna make a ton of cash but other than Bats and Supes WHO are the other bankable characters?

    Marvel took chances, and are still taking them! DC lost with their chance and are now too afraid to do it again, THIS IS WHY we will not see a JL movie and THAT is a real shame for us CBM fans!

  15. If they can make a ton of money off of only two characters (Batman and [let's assume]Superman), then why would they feel the need to rush more characters and a JL movie? A Batman/Superman movie could make Avengers money or more, without all the development that Avengers required. It’s pretty low risk/high reward.

    I’m not saying fans don’t want a JL. Of course they do. But it’s all about money for WB and any studio.

  16. I Hope Man of Steel Is the Start DC Shared Universe and i hope there is post scene credit with batman in it or someone telling superman you think your the only super hero in the world like in iron man 1 and this is my idea of DC Shared Universe as follows

    Phase 1

    Man Of Steel – 2013
    Batman – 2014
    Man Of Steel 2 – 2015
    Martian Manhunter – 2015
    The Flash – 2016
    Justice League – 2016

    Phase 2
    Man Of Steel 3 2017
    The Flash 2 – 2018


    • Batman 2014?

      Do not look for a Batman movie before 2017

      Even between The Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises was 4 years.

      Martian Manhunter. Not a big fan base to warrant a Stand Alone movie.

      Man of Steel 2 in 2015? Not going to happen. It takes time to develop a movie and put it into script and pre production. No less than 2017 for Man of Steel 2. 4 Years seems to be the norm. 2-3 Years seems to be the in the can script.

      The Flash? 2016…Maybe.

      • I think it took three years between Begins and Dark Knight, plus Nolan did The Prestige a year after Begins so that only really left 2 years to work on the Dark Knight. Nolan also worked on Inception in 2010 leaving two years for Dark Knight Rises too.


  18. It is not that Man of Steel is not going to make money.

    Lets face facts, Marvel has Disney behind it, DC Has Warner Brothers Behind it.

    Disney is willing to write a blank check with The Avengers 2, and with that DC is going to have a limit on Justice League. Even if they do stand alone movies, each one is going to be compared to its Marvel counter part.

    Batman and Superman aside.

    Green Lantern..Failed. If you are not the big two, then there is a good chance you are going to fail.

    Warner Brothers will not fall for Heroes outside their big two, and why risk it. The Board of Directors are not going to care about second rate characters who will not make them the bank they want.

    Do you think they want anything less than 2 Billion from Man of Steel, do you think they want a mere billion? They do not want to make their cost back, they want 2 Billion +

    Why, because that is the New standard.

    • @ Jeff W.

      You’re right, Man of Steel will make money, no doubt, but I highly doubt it breaks the 1 billion mark. $750-800 million, I can see that. 2 billion is unachievable for MoS.

      That being said, WB will have no incentive to go outside of their big two. Every time they have tried, they have gotten crushed, (Green Lantern, Catwoman, Jonah Hex, etc.). Even staying with their big twwo is risky with WB when we consider Superman Returns. Let’s face it, they didn’t even try with Catwoman, that was obvious, but it appeared that they did try with Green Lantern, to some degree anyway, and that flop stung them a bit.

      WB is not a CBM make company like Marvel is, they have other irons in the fire so to speak (lucky for them), so I honestly don’t think they care that much for the genre or the DC characters for that matter, whereas Marvel does, because it’s their life blood. They have to be good and proficient at CBM’s or they’re done. WB, not so much.

      It’s a shame that WB owns DC, it truly is, because I truly do not believe WB understands the great potential that is in the DC properties. As long as WB owns them we may never see DC characters on the big screen to their full and best potential. (I would love to see a DC Studios be a subsidiary of WB, much like the Disney/Marvel relationship, and let them operate on their own, with just the financial backing of WB)

      As I posted elsewhere, I don’t feel that WB is interested in what CBM fans want or would like to see. They are interested in one thing and one thing only, ” what will make us the most ammount of money”. In DC’ s stable of characters, only two names come to mind to meet that end, Superman (maybe), and Batman, which is why I think that is all we will ever get from them. Marvel wants to make money too, granted, but they are willing to take more risks, and listen to CBM fans, somewhat because they have to. Marvel recognizes the gold mine they have in their properties, as does Sony and Fox with their Marvel properties.

      I really think the best we can hope for in this situation is a Batman/Superman team up at best (with who knows as Batman). At worst, a Superman trilogy, followed by a Batman reboot down the road. Considering WB’s complete incompetence and overall sheer lack of understanding when it comes to CBM’s, even these movies/franchises aren’t guaranteed to be any good.

    • I don’t think there’s anything wrong with Green Lantern the character. The graphics and capabilities are there. They just need to bring it under the Nolan/Snyder/New DC wing, and not try to be like an extension of Marvel-type CBM’s. For examples:

      -More serious style (not necessarily tone) – thinking back on Green Lantern (the movie), I think of cartoony style. Too much CG (with all the characters), and the color palettes make it a bit more difficult to take seriously.

      -Different actor – Ryan Reynolds wasn’t entirely all about the problem, but unless they’re going to market him as a funny/humorous interpretation, Reynolds just seems like too funny/humourous-looking to take too seriously. Soft reboot with a different actor, although I’m not too hard-pressed on this point.

      -Design: Again but more specifically, less CGI and more practical. Do it like Guillermo del Toro would.

      -Design 2: It would be much better if they kept the same suit, but just turned up the transparency a little bit (to make it seem like an actual layer of light (or even like a layer of emerald)), as well as lower the reflective sheen of all of it. And capitalize on the fact that his uniform is CGI, and don’t be shy about it – put it right up there against regular practical backgrounds and tone down the other CGI. It SHOULD look like unusual, out-of-place light, because CGI is our literal version of light, just as GL’s costume is. However it looks in normal settings is how it should look. This would all make it look much less cartoony and more appropriate to juxtapose with Man of Steel’s oufit style.

      -Design 3: For the love of god, give him a practical mask with blue contacts. Even if it’s fitted and made of clear, glowing plastic, that would be great. Actually it would be PERFECT. Realstic glow on his skin and everything (a la the lightsaber glows on their faces in SW Ep.II & SW W Ep.III, vs. everything else)

      • -Oh yeah and completely new screenwriter. Story was bs. Back and forth, space and planes and girl and the scientist. Bleh.

  19. I actually like the approach that Green Arrow takes to the dc universe. Not alot of hype or build up. A character just appears as a shadow or a first name and then we slowly realize who that character really is.

    So why not have a Justice League member appear in the MOS trilogy as casually as Nolan introduced Cat Woman and then slowly build to a Justice League Movie. Its the best of both worlds. We know the character, we know what makes them tick but we don’t have to spend money on 4 different series to get a Justice League Movie. If they go that route I would say it would have to be cameos rather then heroes with powers unless its Bale’s Batman.

    For example what if their’s a dog fight with one of Zod’s soldiers and we see a Jet fighter taking ridiculous risks and is extremely brave, and his wing men tells Hal get out of their! your going to get killed!

    Or what if we see an explosion so large and high in the sky that we see a montage of different countrie”s people staring at the sky and then we see a group of women in a tropical setting just staring at the sky watching the explosion.

    I think that would be a great way to get us introduced to these character’s significance in Superman’s life and how their all connected.

  20. Henry Cavill: “He says so much. but it’s not like it’s a deliberate thing. Clark is just being who he is, he’s not trying to be something else, he’s not being a parody of anything. Clark exists as he exists, he doesn’t know why or what or who he is, and it’s only when he starts to discover more and more and more, and he’s stretched himself beyond, and he becomes…what we know as Superman. He’s still Clark; he’s still Kal; and he’s still Superman when he’s got the blue suit on and he’s running around and doing his stuff – but none of them are a different person. It’s just one of them doesn’t want to be be seen or noticed, and the other one doesn’t mind.”

    Like I always say, ” Superman is the sword. Clark kent is the sheathe.” :)

  21. MAN OF STEEL will make Over $1 BiLLiON Dollars Worldwide, Henry Cavill is a Great Actor & Amy Adams is a Multi-Oscar-Nominated-Actress & Very Beautiful Plus Multi-Oscar-Nominated: C-NOLAN is The Writer & Producer, i think The New Suit Looks Great & Much Better than The Old Light Blue Suit that Looked Like a SMURF & with The OutSide UnderWear was Real Bad, i Will See MAN OF STEEL in 3D..