Why ‘Justice League’ Could (Still) Be DC’s Next Big Movie

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Justice League Movie Discussion Characters Why Justice League Could (Still) Be DCs Next Big Movie

DC and Warner Bros. have finally broken ground on their shared movie universe with the release of Man of Steel, and though critics and fans may be divided on how well Zack Snyder’s Superman reboot turned out to be, many conclude that the studio’s plan is now obvious: a Man of Steel sequel to capitalize on the success, and get to work on similar origin stories for the rest of DC’s heroes – even a Batman/Superman team-up film – before the Justice League becomes a reality.

While the success of Man of Steel could lead many to feel that standalone origin stories are the best move –and, in some cases, the only right way of proceeding – it isn’t the only one. There’s a case to be made for following Marvel’s formula, to be sure, but a look at other successful film franchises (including Marvel) leads us to believe that moving to Justice League next may not just succeed, but could offer something genuinely new to the superhero genre.

First, it’s worth remembering that Man of Steel wasn’t just tasked with introducing a new version of Superman – a feat it accomplished (read our review) – it was also saddled with washing away the lingering memories of Bryan Singer’s failed reboot, Superman Returns (2006). For Snyder to launch a Superman universe that makes Justice League possible, a new origin story, a new actor and new approach was needed.

Superman Man of Steel Zack Snyder Why Justice League Could (Still) Be DCs Next Big Movie

That’s not an issue that Warner Bros. or DC needs to worry about in the case of Flash, Wonder Woman and Aquaman, since those heroes have yet to be introduced to modern movie audiences, and as such, are freed from much of Man of Steel‘s burden. There is no doubt that those characters could stand on their own, and given the right treatment, rival the feats and scale of Superman. Yet for good and bad, they are characters with whom modern audiences have less experience with on the big screen.

That means a new approach is possible, and given a few facts about modern audiences and DC’s biggest heroes, a group introduction could be the right way to move forward and gain unparalleled audience attention. We’re all in favor of half a dozen more superhero films – provided they’re well-made – but it’s worth hearing the other side of the Justice League discussion.

Origin Stories are Just One Kind

Man of Steel Henry Cavill Diane Lane Why Justice League Could (Still) Be DCs Next Big Movie

The sad truth of comic books: origin stories are usually not the most interesting or acclaimed part of any classic superhero’s history. That might sound like heresy coming from self-professed comic book fans, but look up the very best comic book arcs for any superhero, and the vast majority do not tell of the character’s earliest days. Why? That’s a difficult question to answer.

While occasionally interesting science fiction or fantasy tales in their own right, origin stories also tend to be the first ones sought out by new readers, for obvious reasons: they answer the first questions a curious reader is likely to ask – is Superman even human? How can Flash run so fast? Why is Wonder Woman so strong?

As a result of this need to explain the nuts and bolts of a mythological character, origin stories often follow a painfully formulaic layout. Since readers are just looking for answers – or in the case of John Byrne’s iconic “The Man of Steel” origin story, what’s been changed canonically – writers are limited in how much of the character’s personality and meaning can be addressed. The makers of Man of Steel clearly knew how rigid an origin story can be, doing everything possible to change up the standard formula (skipping over Clark’s childhood completely, giving flashbacks where needed, etc.).

Zack Snyder with Henry Cavill on set of Man of Steel Why Justice League Could (Still) Be DCs Next Big Movie

Nobody says a good story needs to start at the start – just ask Tarantino – and Warner Bros. (under Nolan’s leadership) has shown an interest in surprising comic book fans with their structures. Batman Begins kicked off a reboot with Bruce Wayne in a Chinese prison, after much of the film’s ‘story’ has already occurred. Far from lost, fans were thankful for it, since most have been forced to witness the death of Thomas and Martha Wayne more times than their son ever did.

Instead, Nolan introduced the world to his Batman late in his life, only showing elements of his childhood trauma and maturation where it aided the overall plot. That fact was not lost on Zack Snyder when charged with similarly reinvigorating a spoiled brand.

Batman and Superman movie mashup Why Justice League Could (Still) Be DCs Next Big Movie

Yet in the case of both Batman Begins and Man of Steel, the writers and directors needed to make significant changes in order to distance the new films from those that came before. The fact that both succeeded despite those hurdles led to a widespread belief that in order to care about a character/superhero/villain, audiences need to see exactly how they got the way they are. If the audience is simply told that a hero is good or a villain is bad, this logic states, they can’t buy in and never become invested. And yet, the most beloved of genre films seem to defy this rule as often as they adhere to it.

While origin stories are great for fiction buffs, audiences react just as strongly to what characters do on screen as where they came from. No one needed to be told, for example, that Darth Vader was evil – the first thing he does is kill people cruelly – and by the same token, no one needed to know that Obi-Wan Kenobi was once a soldier for good; he saved a helpless boy from certain death, and could therefore be trusted.

star wars episode 7 uk Why Justice League Could (Still) Be DCs Next Big Movie

If audiences had no idea how Obi-Wan Kenobi came to be an old hermit, or how Vader had cast off the light in favor of evil, the above logic implies audiences should have never been able to invest in either. But let’s give movie geeks some credit: they’re willing to fill in the gaps and details if given enough substance to go on. And provided the heroes they’re presented with are iconic enough to begin with.

It’s this idea that Zack Snyder tapped into when he claimed that DC’s heroes are “purer archetypes” than any of Marvel’s, and can therefore reach higher heights, if done properly. Being introduced to Luke Skywalker (we’re Star Wars fans, sue us) when he’s barely a teen isn’t what tells audiences that they’re witnessing the hero’s journey; he could be a thirty-year-old moisture farmer and most of the story would remain unchanged.

George Lucas made the wise move of beginning the story in the middle, where the most archetypal characters – the hero, the rogue, the princess, the sage – would draw crowds in and carry the bulk of the story (the story of how Luke came to be born, as it turns out, took three movies to tell and nearly killed the entire franchise).


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  1. “Not only because we long to see the greatest superhero team on the big screen”

    We already have an Avengers movie 😛

    • The greatest superhero team is the Justice Friends what are you talking about?

    • I feel you bro!

    • Haha no. The B team of superheroes is no match to the Justice League. Heck even a Worlds Finest is better then Avengers.

      • +1

    • Justice League is way better than the avengers…… nd the avengers is an over rated movie….

      • guys first of all avengers is a great movie , second of both avengers and justice league are different sides of a same coin , justice league is a group of self sacrificial team of goody two shoes heroes who took their responsibilities with out complaints but the avengers are self centered , proud,unsure,who they themselves think they are accidents brought in together to face a unavoidable situation they are the right people for the job and jos whedon pictured it very perfectly and justice league should be projected as thesame way they have beeen projected in other media’s(tv shows and pre flashpoint comics )

    • It really depends on your perspective. The Avengers are the team you can relate to, the guys who don’t really get along, but will work together when the situation demands it. The Justice League is a group of heroes that does work well together, and is meant to be more of an icon to look up to. Both work in their own way. I personally prefer the Avengers, but the Justice League has room to exist as well.

    • Although this justice league movie couldn’t work. its characters are better than the Avengers, The Avengers was sposed to be the greatest marvel movie ever released, it was no way near it.

    • The Archer
      + 10.
      Cool use of the batmans phrase.

  2. wonder woman = sidney tamiia poiter

    • She is almost 40 years old. That would be a mistake of of Epic proportions! Ideally it would be Gemma Arterton! But if not…

      Rachael Taylor
      Amber Heard
      Irina Shayk (if she can act!)

  3. The article also hits the nail on the head- The Avengers was a gimmick.
    That is not to say it was made without integrity, but Phase 1 films (beside Iron Man) were mostly lead up films.

    Marvel Studios and Disney had a plethora of lesser known characters, beside the Hulk.
    Disney needed to truly make a profit on their investment. The Avengers could be made which in itself was exciting, but from a financial point of view The Avengers was the necessary event film that could build a name and image to sell the characters in a competitive market.

    Marvel could not simply jump straight to an Avengers film because they were still mostly unknown and thus would not have the hype needed to work it. Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk films were stand alone for the most part and provided small evidence to the bigger picture. Main audience did not know who the Avengers was or why it was important but were now interested to see. Iron Man 2, Thor, and Captain America: The First Avenger were all in their own way prequels/prologue to the Avengers.

    The hype, the curiosity, got fans into seats. Popcorn fun reached out to audience. When The Avengers came aboard it was very much an event that attracted fans, main audience members, and word of mouth reached to those who have not seen any of the films. The Avengers worked on its own and stood very much well on its own which was a smart trick. Add that to the different fans of each franchise combining to see the film. You got a critical and financial hit.

    Now, The Avengers brand will sell the next batch of films that seemed to focus more on their characters and has reached a larger audience than any of the Phase 1 films.

    DC has seemingly found what works for them.
    While Justice League can be rightly made and could work, Man of Steel showed the promise of solo films that present characters in a new way. Superman had an uphill battle and thus is subject to larger scrutiny. The film showed however, that one can deliver action spectacle with sprinkle of strong character drama to drive their films.

    We can get developed characters throughout a series of films while barely hinting at a larger story. Thus when Justice League comes out, much of groundwork is laid out. Superman has evolved to the hero we expect. Green Lantern gets his redemption. Wonder Woman and Flash can be seen in all their glory. Batman can maybe even return in style.

    Marvel took the initiative and came out on top, but not without some mistakes on the way. Man of Steel provided the format to improve on Marvel’s weaker films and the rest of the DC catalog what to do and avoid in itself as seen by the criticism of Man of Steel.

    Thus when Justice League is made, then it can be a richer, much more satisfying experience as opposed to Whedon waiting for the Avengers 2 in order to really tell the story he wishes to tell. Avengers was a great but had to travel through some of the carried over weaknesses of the solo films. By that point, Justice League could jump in without making any mistakes in solo films, but will have to deal with more set-up than actual spectacle which is what audience expects.

    So, do it different from Marvel, learn from their mistakes. Focus on the character’s themselves and the mythology’s essence, then add bits of hidden Easter eggs and allusions.

    Man of Steel- first contact, science fiction film (true to the character’s origin)
    Wonder Woman- Epic fantasy

    So on and so forth. Justice League can then come out naturally as opposed to as the end goal- even if that is the point.

    • +1

    • You forgot to include The Incredible Hulk as one of the movies that wasn’t a lead-in. It’s quality may be debatable, but as far as the Phase 1 films go, it’s definitely the most detached from the rest of them.

      • Please ignore my previous comment which proves not only that I am an idiot, but also that I should read the whole comment before I click the reply button. 😉

    • The Archer:

      I agree with you in everything. The way you difference Marvel and DC novies was great and it is the truth.
      I only have to add to youy comentary that; if they use any of the writers of the latest DC animated movies they could kick the ass of The Avengers and their other movies. The DC animated movies are just pieces of art!

  4. What if they did a somewhat “Trinity” movie?

    Batman comes to Superman because he also wants to do what every human wants to know: every detail about Superman and how to defeat him. In my world, Christian Bale was having the time of his life in obscurity, but when Superman arrived, he knew there will trouble in the future for the whole planet way more than he imagined. So he comes out of hiding but only to Superman at first, and never as Bruce Wayne through most of the movie. Supes and Bats know each others identity immediately so no tattling. Bats probably figured that Krypton atmosphere brings him to human level, so maybe through investigation or research of rocks falling from the sky were kryptonite so he uses the rock to create a mock concoction of kryptonian atmosphere that he sprays at Supes. Maybe he even trains Supes to fight better, first at human strength then at Supes strength.
    Why he is training Supes? Because he sees a portal being formed in space that happens to be from Themyscira. Maybe because the Zod’s men and Faura was actually transported there. They say they came from Earth. The people of Themyscira see it as a threat, so Hera (played by Lucy Lawless) plan to attack Earth with WonderWoman (I would choose Olivia Wilde) leading the barrage. This where Wonder Woman fights Supes and Bats. I actually would have her win most of the time. But then Supes strength gets the best if her.
    Who is the real villain in this movie? It has to be from Earth so it should be Lex Luthor. He also does the things that Bats has been doing about Superman. lexcorp does a lot of things that Wayne Enterprise can’t compete but Bats sees the dark undertone Lexcorp is doing. But Bats says will never come back as Bruce Wayne again. Lex probably convinces the world that Superman just bring trouble to Earth. Lex uses inventions to hold back the Amazonian invasion. Diana (WW) returns home after seeing some truths. Lex convinces the world to have Superman leave. Supes decides to leave to avoid other people getting hurt. It looks like he leaves but Lex kidnaps Supes with Krptonite air and takes him to his lair.
    Lex wants to use Supes power to instigate any war and save them and be the most powerful human on Earth not physically but you know what I man (im just guessing at this point). Bats sends a message to Diana through the portal reminants that Supes need his help. Against Hera’s orders Diana goes back to Earth. Diana helps Bats to rescue Supes. But when it looks like everything is fine and the lair is destroyed, Lex surprises Supes with a Supersuit made in a different lair. Lex and Supes fight but he does not kill Lex.
    Diana stays, Lex does his corporate work and in the middle of his meeting people run out because Bruce Wayne is making a speech in front of Lexcorp talking about bringing Wayne Enterprise back on top. Supes decides to find more superheroes to join them and that will be the jump off point for “Justice League”.

    So there it is. “Trinity”. It is all simple yes but Goyer and Nolan can add depth. I think they can show the development of all three superheroes. Is it possible?

  5. I enjoy the fact that DC is looking to avoid post-credits scenes. Gives more suspense to see something small in the film itself and get everyone to think over that moment, with MOS being very cautious about easter eggs.

    I’m one of those people who enjoyed every bit of Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy, and I saw all of them in theaters opening day (even sat in an ENORMOUS line while on vacation in Florida for SM2). I loved the fact that they threw in small things to open up opportunities for the next film, like Harry discovering the Goblin gear or that brief shot of MJ near the end of SM2. Heck, even the final dance in SM3 made my mind race with curiosity because it was so subtle.

    If DC does that same thing, I have full faith in them handling the JL future. Instead of assuring what comes next, maybe it’s better to leave the audience guessing :)

  6. This discussion kind of tends to take a binary form, i.e. Standalone Films vs. Team-Ups. While I disliked the way Captain American (and IM2 & Thor to some extent) was used to set up the Avengers at some expense to being a great Captain America film, I like the idea of building an interconnected community *within* films.

    For example, Wonder Woman could be introduced as just Diana in one of the Man of Steel films. Also, the idea that many other have brought up, where Bruce Wayne makes an early appearance without any direct Batman content. The Carrie Ferris character really struck me as being pretty cool, even as just a casual reference to the Green Lantern sphere in MoS. There is so much Superman-specific plot and character development that still needs to happen that there probably isn’t much room for “other” heroes to be worked in, but still…

    Oh, and – Lynn Collins as Wonder Woman. Make it happen!!!

  7. I like it!

    • Appreciate it! Thanks!

  8. So who thinks we’ll get an announcement from WB/DC soon regarding their future plans?

    • Comic-con isn’t far away… Any sort of confirmation would be nice – speculating is fun and all but it’s about time something was set in stone.

  9. oh an article about DC that talks up how much ‘purer’ (a lame code word for better) its characters are than Marvels.. what a shocker. how about people finding a way to talk good about DC that doesn’t involve pettily talking down Marvel? yea, thatd be refreshing.

    • Hm. Did you read the article? it sounds like you didn’t. If you did read it, then it looks like you can’t understand it.

      “purer archetypes” are in fact talking about literary archetypes (if you don’t know what those are, google is awesome for that). You left out the word “archetypes” when it is the more important word in the sentence; it dictates what Snyder means with his statement.

      There’s no “talking down” Marvel happening here. They’re talking about how Marvel tends to veer away from traditional archetypes (which isn’t bad, and they didn’t say it was bad) and that DC tends to very strongly portray those traditional archetypes. There’s no talk of “DC is better than Marvel” happening in Snyder’s comments or in SR’s article.

  10. A justice league Doesn’t need the sane strategy as marvel because they core characters Superman, Batman and Green lantern a lot of people knows it and Superman and Batman together are enough to attract huge audience.

  11. A justice league Doesn’t need the same strategy as marvel because they core characters Superman, Batman and Green lantern a lot of people knows it and Superman and Batman together are enough to attract huge audience.

    • I say the core characters, the essential “Big Three” are Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. Next two most important are Green Lantern and The Flash. Justice League should have no fewer than them. Beyond that, with equal importance and interchangeability, there is Hawkman/Hawkgirl, Supergirl/Power Girl(I lean towards the latter), Green Arrow, and Martian Manhunter. Below that there’s Shazam/Captain Marvel, Cyborg(should be a Titan though), and others.

  12. I say stand-alone films first is the way to go. Why? Pre-establishing the characters BEFORE the team-up film will bring in established fans of each to watch one movie. Not every moviegoer like all of Marvel’s phase-one movies. Some only like Iron Man. Some Hulk, etc. Regardless of who they liked, they went to see the Avengers for their favorite hero as well as the whole spectacle of the thing.

    Stand-alone films bring in new viewers before the big tentpole lands. If a Justice League movie hits first, most of the people going to see the movie will be comic book fans, and the movie WILL fall short of the Avenger’s gross. When anticipation is built up over years to the critical boiling point, that is when billions are made. People got excited at the mere idea of an Avengers movie when Iron Man was announced. Over time the hype only grew bigger and bigger. Starting off with Justice League will only blow DC’s load before it’s ready, and they will climax before we do, and it will be nothing but a shameful, sticky mess when it’s all done.

    • I chuckled at that last line

    • You know what? I want you to get a tape recorder and listen to yourself speak. I think you’ll be surprised by some of your phrasing.

      • It was intentional lol.

    • I think what you meant to say is why blow your load with one big film when you can eek out smaller ones lasting longer over time?


      I think a Justice League Movie right out of chute would do wonders for WB. However only if they have the talent and man power to follow it up with strong single films.

      If not they should just put all their eggs (cept for Supes and Bats) into one basket and make JL as Epic as they can.

      • The problem is you would need someone really skilled with ensemble casting to pull it off. It’s one thing to go into a team-up movie with all the characters introduced. It’s another to go in with only one or two, and have to show the rest. It’d be a huge challenge, and one only a really talented team of actors, writers, and directors could pull off. Quite frankly, I think the best idea is to make a few films about the characters that aren’t necessarily origin stories, and then bring them together. That way we have time to get to know them and see what makes them tick before we get to the big event.

  13. Wouldn’t it be great if DC/WB did something unexpected and DIDN’T have a superpowered main villain for Justice League? I’m thinking of none other than Deathstroke. Have a mere mortal challenge the gods and bring them to their knees through his skills, intellect, strategy, cunning, and willpower. Save the likes of Darkseid for Justice League 2 or 3.

    Or maybe have Deathstroke come in Justice League 2 after the team has formed and they’ve gained a ton of enemies who throw truckloads of money at the world’s greatest Mercenary to take them out. That would be sweet.

    • I can see deathstroke being part of a team or maybe use him in the batman reboot but standalone against the league? Surely he would get destroyed.

      • That’s the beauty of it: He’s so badass that he has a contingency for everything that keeps him on top.

  14. Very interesting article. It’s not easy breaking down these characters and what EXACTLY differentiates them from other superheroes (marvel), but you manage to do it very well. Props for noticing that DC origin stories don’t hold the same weight that Marvel’s does, but rather the conflicts between already established characters is where DC thrives.

    I can see DC focusing on the most interesting points of the character story for a movie rather than go the origin story route, it’d definitely work for Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. DC could make a great World’s Finest movie without having any new Batman stand-alone film and only having 2 MOS movies before it (hopefully MOS2 will have Wayne as a side character though). Making a WW film with the already established Supes and Bats could also work.

    Then watching a JL movie might give me a Watchmen vibe, in that I’d never read the WM comics, but I could sense each character archetype and history w/o the need for an origin story. I think the GA is accustomed to the traditional Superhero introduction thanks to Marvel, so implementing a non-linear and thematic based form of storytelling would set DC apart , but it is a HUGE bet to make on a big budget franchise.

  15. I agree with this article. Honestly, most of the backlash comes from Disney paying people to talk bad about the film. It is competition. They are the most iconic and therefore if done right may potentially hurt Disney profits. Man of Steel is a phenomenal movie. Marvel fan boys and Disney marketing teams try to keep that suppressed. If you don’t believe that then you are in denial. All the big companies pay off people to say what they want to be said. I grew up on Marvel, but after seeing MoS I can’t deny just how good that film is.

  16. I want to see a flash movie next. It starts off with Barry Allen getting his powers but not being able to control it properly. He runs through time and sees destruction in the future. Darkseid(or Brainiac) being the cause. He learns to control his powers and gives a warning to the past. I nominate Jeffrey Donovan as the flash.

    • Oh Hell Yeah!!!.

      Not the plot thing, but Donovan as the Flash, i’ll buy a ticket for that here and now.

  17. Would it be possible to have a Justice League with just Flash, Supes and Batman? I just cannot imagine how Wonder Woman, Gay Lantern and Aqua Velva function in the Nolan-verse.

  18. Here are my thoughts on a Justice League movie (this can take a while):

    Everything is riding on Superman. This is an undeniable truth. Since he didn’t become the “shining beacon of hope” he needs to be in MoS, a sequel is necessary before JL can be made. Martian can do a hidden cameo in the sequel (known only as John…). MoS 2 can be followed either by one or two standalones, or JL directly… I’m thinking JL. Batman must stay a shady background character (and for the love of god, don’t use Bale’s Batman…), analyzing, being awesome. And scary (he’s Batman, dammit!). I’m unsure how to introduce the others (and who “the others” should be… But it would be easy to introduce a Green Lantern if the JL villain is some alien figure… Say Darkseid.) or what to do once they’re introduced… But John (Hello, Martian Manhunter) needs to stay back, and carefully think about whether or not he should reveal his existence to the world… (Sure, Kal-El could do it, but he looks so… Human. Jonnz doesn’t have that advantage.) Finally (either at the end of the movie or in the buildup to the climax) he would take a stand with the Justice League. (Oops… This became more of a Martian Manhunter comment. Well, whatever.)

  19. I don’t want to hear every average viewer’s opinion of “how WB/DC should approach JL.” There’s a reason we, as viewers, are not paid to make movies.

    Yes, we all want Justice League as soon as possible, until we get a Justice League that doesn’t live up to expectations because it’s rushed, doesn’t have enough character development, doesn’t have enough action, cast the wrong actor/actress, etc. Then we all start pointing fingers and go back to our average viewer opinions of “how WB/DC should have approached JL.”

    Be careful what you wish for. A premature, failed JL could seriously ruin the entire DC movie universe going forward.


  20. They should just adapt Darwyn Cooke’s “New Frontier”, you’d have to take it out of the 50s and into the present day, but that story is great. It’s the perfect mix of old and new, Batman/superman/wonder woman/flash are all established and they focus the origin stuff on green lantern & the martian.

    Of course the antagonist is a living island covered with bizarre dinosaurs and crap like that, but it’s that mix of sci-fi/fantasy and general wonky-ness that make DC stories DC. Marvel is firmly planted in “science” and the “real world” and DC is generally pretty out there…. So you might as well start off with the strange

  21. Aquaman could work if they follow The animated Series line when lex luthor and his people where drilling into the ocean and causing destruction which led to aquaman and his people Destroy It and threaten the world They would attack if it continues. This was also taking place whilst there was infighting In atlantis and fight for the throne. This story line could be relatable. Also in That story line superman intervenes to help bring peace between the Atlantis race And human Race. It could work as it is a first contact story between the races.

  22. I’m all for a good Justice League movie. For this to happen, DC and Warner Bros. should gather the best comic book minds (Geoff Johns, Mark Waid, David S. Goyer of course, Mark Millar, John Byrne – to name a few) and organize a meeting and thresh out the best possible “Justice League” plan…. Goyer and Chris Nolan and Zack Snyder can’t do it all by themselves. They need all the help they could get from the writers at DC.

  23. A “Kingdom Come” type Justice League movie will be awesome. Hope that will happen.

  24. Hire painter Alex Ross as consultant for the Justice League movie… he’s great with visuals and stuff and painted artwork.

  25. DC archetypes are historically of the times in which they thrive. For example, Superman battled white-hooded Ku Klus Klansmen in 1946; and as time passed….

    In the way Daniel Craig (not Sean Connery) is James Bond, Henry Clavill (not Christopher Reeve) is Superman. When it comes to celebrity and what’s fashionable — until the movies stop making money — a guarantee of box office success is paramount to the future of any film franchise.

    A style of adaptation (opening the film with the 2nd Act then flash back to the 1st) inflexes the structure to keep the narrative fluid for some, while it’s annoying others. Just depending, because this will not work with every story. It’s as simple as that.

    Knowing how Warner Bros. will “turtle” in nervously avoiding an expensive flop, Justice League (with its potential high-cost of production/marketing) might only happen if MAN OF STEEL is followed by a World Finest team-up of Superman and Batman.

    Anything else will just be a lot of comic-book fans shouting across the chasm.

  26. My wish for the Justice League.

    1. Henry Cavill as Superman

    2. Richard Artimage as Batman

    3. Olvia Wilde as Wonder Woman

    4. Ryan Gosling as The Flash

    5. Bradley Cooper as Hal Jordan/Green Lantern

    6. Garrett Hedlund as Aquaman

    7. Doug Jones as Martian Manhunter

    8. Jenna Louise Coleman as Carol Ferris

    9. Amy Adams as Lois Lane

    10. Mark Strong as Sinestro (even if they reboot Green Lantern)

    11. Clancy Brown as Lex Luthor

    12. Crispin Glover as The Joker

    13. Zack Synder to Direct

    14. Christopher Nolan to Produce

    15. David S Goyer to Write

    16. Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard to Compose the music.

    And that’s my line up for Justice League. I would perfer if they used the other iconic villians instead of starting with the big ones (Doomsday and Darkseid). Also, I would love to see Power Girl, Green Arrow, and Cyborg, but I don’t have any actors to play them yet.

    • Well, Richard Armitage as Batman…nay…it’ll be Christian Bale all over again. TDK and MOS will unite, for better or for worse. Economically it’s the ONLY conceivable way.

      Richard Armitage would have been a great ZOD though. I liked Michael Shannon a lot, though Armitage would have been a Terence Stamp 2.0…

  27. Marvel or DC? Why are people at each other’s throats? Both companies have great characters with different backgrounds. The questions should be how many of those heroes can actually make it to the big screen. I would gladly pay to watch another Batman or Iron Man film. I would also love to see a Hulk or Wonder Woman film but I would not be as willing to see a movie starring War Machine or Green Arrow.

    The most important thing is that the people who are involved in the project really care about the final product otherwise we will have unfortunate results such as the Fantastic Four or Batman 3 and 4.

  28. If I were DC/Warner, while there are still some of us early comics fans left alive that are not dead or senile, I would get several movies rolling at once (surely the studio & comic company are big enough to get some investors to do this: Green lantern #2 and Flash immediately (or combine them into a team-up flick of Hal Jordan/a more serious Ryan Reynolds & Barry Allen) versus Sinsetro and Professor Zoom, the Reverse-Flash. Then to introduce more JLA characters with an eye towards that big flick as the ultimate goal, a mini-team-up flick of, say, Martian manhunter, The Atom, & Hawkman, against one or more threats. I would not muck around at this point with Batman (solo or teamed up), Wonder woman, or even Superman at the moment…they are already “somewhat” known. But the others would get the fast-track out of me. And I would release them pretty close together, say in the same year, as well. If DC/Warner keeps waffling, vacilliating & stalling about, they will lose alot of traction with fans becoming embittered, sarcastic, doubting, and pessimistic.

    • JLA villans: lots to choose from, but I would say Darkseid, Doomsday, Sinestro, Professor Zoom, and Time Commander would figure high enough up the list to give the JLA a run for their money. And that would just be for starters. If I tried I could add to this list.

      • A side-note: I would also like to see a Doctor Fate and Hourman team-up flick, as well as a legion of Super-Heroes flick, both independent from the JLA flick. Lots of potential here if DC/Warner will just grow a set big enough to clank when they walk and make sparks fly out their hind-quarters when they are feeling flatulent, and make some bold moves to get something other than pipe-dreams and shattered expectations rolling.