‘Man of Steel’ Rumors: JGL Denies Playing Batman; Will Jimmy Olsen Be a Girl?

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Is Rebecca Buller Playing … ‘Jenny’ Olsen?

In the comic books, Jimmy Olsen is a short, freckle-faced photographer and best pal to Superman. Oh, and he’s a he.

Courtesy of Comic Book Movie, IMDB has listed a Rebecca Buller as playing “Jenny Olsen” in Man of Steel, and in the most recent trailer, there’s a woman who looks quite a bit like Buller running alongside Daily Planet Editor in Chief Perry White (Laurence Fishburne).

Here’s a photo of Buller and the shot from the trailer for comparison:

Rebbecca Buller in Man of Steel Man of Steel Rumors: JGL Denies Playing Batman; Will Jimmy Olsen Be a Girl?

Jenny Olsen and Perry White in Man of Steel Man of Steel Rumors: JGL Denies Playing Batman; Will Jimmy Olsen Be a Girl?

Naturally, this whole thing has led many to believe that Zack Snyder’s version of Jimmy Olsen is A) a girl and B) named Jenny.

There’s little doubt that the gender swap, if true, will annoy some purists (probably the same ones who were angry that Fishburne had been cast as Perry White). The move actually brings to mind Chloe Sullivan from Smallville, who initially seemed to serve in the Jimmy Olsen role (journalist + Clark Kent’s best platonic friend).

What do you think, Screen Ranters? Would Man of Steel lose anything of import as a result of turning Olsen into a lady? And what are your thoughts on Joseph Gordon-Levitt playing – or not playing – Batman in the upcoming DC movies? Let us know in the comments.

Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel – starring Henry Cavill in the titular role – hits theaters June 14th, 2013.

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Sources: MTV & Comic Book Movie

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  1. I think Nolans trilogy is finished and should be put to bed. It was a masterpiece, with a beginning, middle and end. There should be a new Batman for the New Justice League film, and for future Batman solo films.

    I have said this many times, all these characters can be rebooted, remade, by different directors, actors and in different mediums and we the audience can enjoy every reinterpretation. We (the audience) are not as dumb as the film industry thinks. We have been following these characters fore many years with different writers, artists, story lines, dimensions and universes, and with each reinvention of the writing is good we buy in and enjoy the ride. Look at characters like Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Who, Tarzan and the list goes on. Just do good work and we will be there to enjoy…

    • lol a masterpiece? the 1st hour of dark knight rises was one of the most boring times I have ever spent watching a movie. I was so bored I didn’t even finish watching the rest of that horrible stuff. nolan fanboys don’t know what a masterpiece is.

      • tedlee was talking about the trilogy as a whole and I kind of agree. I didn’t like tdk or tdkr until I saw them more than once, mainly because I went into both movies expecting one thing and Nolan made something entirely different. However after seeing them multiple times I think all three films are great, each in their own way. Just curious, did you like tdk?

        • Alright guys, look. I was just trolling and hadn’t actually seen any of the movies. I seen them all now and they are the best thing I ever seen.

  2. the only thing that will work is a spin off…jgl doing a nightwing film

    • Well, he can’t because Nightwing’s name is Dick Grason. Not John “Robin” Blake. Anything but that is just garbage.

    • That’s what Iam suggesting of him playing “NIGHTWING” Because, it wont make sense to see if Batman will not be rebooted.

      • @DannyLovesMovies With full respect, a Nightwing succession is highly improbable & involves a lot of complications if one digs deeper:

        1) Dick Grayson has had years & years of crime-fighting experience with Bruce before Jason Todd took over as Robin and Dick became Nightwing. This experience can’t be gained so hastily with John Blake on his own, now that Bruce after retirement can’t show him around as Batman, and even if he did, it’d take another round of movies before Nightwing grows his own wings.

        2) The “Robin” birthname of Blake is a teaser, but will not become the Robin of the comics and only signifies that he’s a culmination of all the Robins in the comics. (You don’t become a character who’s your own name, “Hey, my name’s Robin and I’m “Robin”)

        3) Amongst the pantheon of superheroes in JLA, Nightwing would be inadequate to compensate for a Batman-esque position among all the other greats.

        4) That leaves us with two remaining alternatives: Batman Beyond and Azrael. Azrael will never happen, so Batman Beyond is therefore imminent and fulfills all the aspects of the Batman persona and the youthful vigour of the Robins and Nightwing.

        • Ok, whatever

  3. Its a reboot. As long as the names are there i think thats all that matters. Fishbourne is epic, has he failed any of us yet?

    • yes, he failed us with a phoned in, bloated performance in Matrix 2 & 3.

      • yeah, but all of the actors were more robotic than the machines in those movies.

        • And don’t forget about Biker Boyz.

          • Please, can we though?

      • I feel like that had more to do with the plot and the writing than the character’s performance.

  4. And we can’t have a quick flashback showing John Blake training with Lady Shiva or something because….

    • Training aside, do you really think the dynamic between John Blake and Henry Cavill’s Superman would be very interesting? If Superman becomes “the boy scout” by the end of Man of Steel, that means we’re gonna have two boy scouts who are really chummy and never disagree on anything for the Justice League movie.

      • Good point. The dynamic between Clark and Bruce is half the JL story.

  5. How come no one complained when Bane was white instead of hispanic?

    • Bane was such a far cry from the original comic character in so many ways already in TDKR, I guess that was just one more.

  6. Jenny Olsen could be Jimmy’s sister, then maybe Jimmy would fit into a sequel…who knows…

  7. I cant believe people are throwing a fuss over a gender change. Oh no comic book fans know who jimmy is!! Please the general public wont care

    • There have been 5 Superman movies and a TV show in which Jimmy Olsen was a guy, so no, it’s not just comic book fans that know him.

      • Actually it’s six movies and four tv shows, but yeah, your point is correct.

      • Olsen isnt defined by his gender so a change isnt a huge deal.

        • Yeah because its not like hes been a woman the whole time!

          • Whether the Olsen character is a male or female photographer working at the Daily Planet – J O has always been depicted as someone who “sucks up” to Clark Kent AND Superman like a 12 year old girl at a Justin Bieber concert. ( And you may take that however it comes across. )

            When it all comes down to it, JENNY Olsen actually makes more sense and I doubt even SHE will be the sycophant that Jimmy has always been.

  8. As I said in a response to someone else’s comment. I think Nolan, his brother, Dc and Warner Bros already have something thought up. I think they made plans for the shared universe a few years ago. The superman movie will not be rushed and I’m sure Bale will return as batman in either the justice league movie or the superman movie… He may just be sitting in the cave helping out for a while but he will probably don the suit again. JGL will probably be nightwing or a modern version of batman beyond. Those are my thoughts

    • oh great, so the worst batman in history is coming back for justice league movie? lol, adam west would make a better batman, and i’m talking about nolans batman, not about nolans bruce wayne. big difference, i think we all had enough of that bale batman he sounds like a his throat has cancer from smoking too much

      • *i’m not talking about nolans bruce wayne, but about nolans batman. (correction)

        • Nope i and man others love it, he is tough and scares people. Keatons batman felt weak and lacked intimidation

          • “RIGHT” Keatons Batman also felt taller and more scary!

    • Nolans batman was fine. He made it more realistic and in real life people can recognize a voice. So on the voice subject it’s the best way to go. Maybe he won’t need it in TJL if he’s in the bat cave most of the time which I expect. Plus if he is in TJL at some point he won’t need to disguise his voice, if he knows who he’s working with.

  9. Buller’s character could be a character they created just for the movie, and not be introducing Jimmy Olsen until the sequel. Personally, I don’t pay attention to IMDB b/c that’s where most of the bogus casting rumors start.

  10. Any future movie Batmans should be Bruce Wayne and I doubt that they would make Jimmy Olsen a girl. Maybe that’s his sister or someone else that works for the Daily Planet.


    • we want bale!!!!!!!!

      • Hail to the Bale who quenches our thirst.

  12. If the Man of Steel is the start of a new movie DC-verse Blake should become the rebooted Batman. Combine some Dick Grayson Batman, Terry McGuinnis and create a fresh modern Batman.

    If Man if Steel is in it’s own universe than the Justice League films should be stand alones like Justice League Unlimited.

  13. Funny in the old comics Jimmy always had A crush on Supermans cousin Kara. Are they going to change her to A him I wonder(LOL)

  14. One rumor that I’ve heard that I fine incredibly interesting is that Warner Bros. are wanting another Batman as soon as 2016. However, they don’t want a reboot, but just a continuation a la Batman Forever.

    Personally, I would love to see s Terry McGuinnis Batman brought the silver screen.

  15. I think Bale may be holding out for a HUGE payday. Most people would love to have him back as the Batman in the JL movie and with all the publicity it would create, that would be enough to push the JL movie pass the Avengers in overall worldwide gross, making it one of the biggest movie money makers in history. Otherwise, I think Avengers will maintain its spot. It would be an absolutely BRILLIANT move on DC’s part to make sure that they lock down Bale for a couple of more movies, like Marvel did with Robert Downey JR. I don’t think Avengers would have done as well without RDJ.

    • i’m one of the people who would rather nolan’s batman to be lost in film history. bale sounded like a constipated zombie when he spoke. it was very horrible. i enjoyed nolan’s bruce wayne, but he has no idea how to portray batman. he knew how to portray the joker, but his bane was even worst than his batman. I wouldn’t be surprised if his version of robin is an emo kid with a redrum voice.

    • Id prefer an older Michael Keaton Batman in JL!

  16. As long as we’re allowed to speculate, why not have Butler as Kara in disguise or Wonder Girl who will be Wonder Grandma by the time JL is made. I’m still gun-shy after SR so I will wait until the previews roll in the theater before I get giddy over MOS

  17. I don’t care whether Olsen is man, woman or dolphin – I would just like to have the character well-written and not used as mere comic relief. Smallville was hideous, and I don’t recall the Christopher Reeves films or Superman Returns doing much with the character. I’m not talking big part, just good part.

    • a dolphin ziggler?

  18. no please, no crossovers, not already

  19. Do you really think they would kill the Batman Franchise with no Bruce Wayne? That would be like having a 007 movie without James Bond.
    Speaking of Bond, if they can have 23+ Bond movies, they could have 23 Batman movies.

  20. if jimmy olsen is gonna be a female thats messed up

    • What’s “messed up” is Jimmy Olsen’s sexual identity.

      I’ll bet anyone a pocketful of Kryptonite that Jenny Olsen will have bigger balls than Jimmy ever had. ( Not that he ever had any to begin with )

      And that’s a GOOD thing!

  21. He’s lying. I believe him when he’s saying he won’t be Batman, (that would be a major mistake for WB). His rep quickly denied the rumor that was spreading late last year about him being the new Batman, but they never said anything about the Man of Steel cameo. I believe that him, along with Bale and Nolan are hiding something big.

  22. NGL I think that having Bale or even JGL as the Batman in the new DC movie universe would be a very smart move. Of course I wouldn’t mind having batman played by someone new entirely, but the casual moviegoer is already getting sick of all the remakes and reboots that comic book movies are doing. Having a familiar face, especially if that actor was well received, will help A LOT. However, Ryan Reynold’s GL will have to be recast, but the upside there is that they can just use a different member of the GLC.

  23. Bring back Bale OR give the cape and cowl to Karl Urban. DO NOT LET JGL ANYWHERE NEAR BATMAN.

  24. This is too much for me. 1. Bruce Wayne IS Batman imo & should remain that way. Unless they decide to do a Batman Beyond live-action film series. JGL imo doesn’t seem right to be Batman. And if theres gonna be a Jenny Olson, then im out as to seeing Man Of Steel in theaters & wait for the dvd to hit Red Box machine. Not to seem racist which IM not but Having Perry White black is one thing but instead of having Jimmy Olson by replacing him with a girl Jenny Olson, that’s too much for me from this reboot.

    Im still skeptic about Justice League as WB/DC only want that to happen to compete against Marvel’s Avenger’s 2 that year. We all know Green Lantern was rushed out & hot that film turned out so i wouldn’t be surprised if they did the same with Justice League as we’ll have to wait how MOS does of-course.

  25. John Blake’s birth name was Richard John Grayson, but when he witnessed his father’s murder and put in the witness protection program, he took his father name, Blake, and his middle name and became John Blake.