‘Man of Steel’: Snyder, Nolan, & Goyer Talk Fatherhood, Aliens & More

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Man of Steel Themes Fatherhood Man of Steel: Snyder, Nolan, & Goyer Talk Fatherhood, Aliens & More

In case Man of Steel excitement levels were starting to drag just weeks before release, the most recent Zod-centric trailer helped build buzz among some fans who were still skeptical. But for any Superman story to succeed, the meaning has to go deeper than special effects or an impressive suit.

In a recent interview, Zack Snyder, Christopher Nolan and David S. Goyer opened up about what the hero means to them, and without naming names, why Snyder is less than impressed with recent portrayals of the character.

Not known as a man to bite his tongue for fear of offending, Snyder explained to the NY Times that his enthusiasm for Man of Steel‘s take on the hero’s mythology is needed now more than ever. Not only Smallville, but some of DC’s own comics, according to Snyder, have been missing the point:

“When they try to dress him up…put him in jeans and a T-shirt or a leather jacket with an S on it, I go: ‘What? Guys, it’s O.K. It’s Superman. He’s the king daddy. You should all be bowing down to him.’ ”

Superman Costume Smallville Comics Man of Steel: Snyder, Nolan, & Goyer Talk Fatherhood, Aliens & More

Reinforcing his previous position that Superman shouldn’t be apologized for, but honored, it’s obvious to all just how important it is to Snyder to do the character justice. Smallville, Superman Returns (2006) and some of the more…interesting comic book treatments are all well and good, but clearly Snyder feels they’re not telling the kind of story the world needs at this moment; one only Superman could tell.

So if Superman is supposed to embrace the wonder, the fantasy, and the title of the ‘king-daddy’ of all superheroes, how can audiences be expected to relate? If nothing else, the main goal of Smallville (besides showing off an S-embossed leather jacket) was to humanize Clark Kent, and make him more relatable to younger audiences.

For Snyder, simplifying a walking conundrum, and child of two different worlds is missing the point entirely; his turmoil and complexity isn’t what makes him alien, it’s what makes him just like us:

“He’s a really cool mythological contradiction…He’s incredibly familiar Americana and alien, exotic, bizarroland, but beautifully woven together…All of us, in a weird way, are that same kind of contradiction — no one’s that simple.”

Man of Steel Clark Kent Journey Man of Steel: Snyder, Nolan, & Goyer Talk Fatherhood, Aliens & More

While it may be abrasive, Snyder’s unquestioning dedication to the source material is one of the main reasons comic book fans are optimistic that Man of Steel will succeed where other adaptations have failed (if he cares this much, his standards must be higher, right?).

It’s that dedication that has also sky-rocketed Snyder to the top of the list of potential Justice League directors. But it wasn’t simple fanboy enthusiasm or comic book knowledge that convinced executive producer Christopher Nolan to hand him the task of rebooting Superman.

After turning it films like 300 and Watchmen, Snyder’s knack for spectacle and action were apparent. But it seems odd that Watchmen – a cynical deconstruction of everything superhero comics supported – was what landed him on Nolan’s radar.

Why would the man who re-imagined Batman for a modern age go after such an outlier? Simple. Nolan wasn’t looking for someone to copy his formula, he just wanted something different:

“That was what a new approach to Superman required…He understands the power of iconic images, but he also understand the people behind them.”

“It’s ironic but it’s a very productive irony…You’re dealing with a filmmaker who has deconstructed this mythology and now has to reconstruct it. That’s a fascinating challenge for him.”

Of course, the actual story set to be told is largely the work of screenwriter David S. Goyer, shifting from Batman to Superman despite the fact that as a child, by his own admission, “I used to imagine that I was Batman… not Superman.” Nevertheless, the overarching themes of fatherhood is no coincidence – the film is, in Goyer’s words, a story of a man with two fathers.

Over the course of the script and film’s production, the article explains, Goyer became a stepfather, a father, and lost his own father. Those experiences have undoubtedly informed his writing, with Goyer pointing out one scene that was especially rooted in his own experience:

“There’s a scene in the movie where a younger Clark basically says to Jonathan Kent, ‘Why do I have to listen you? You’re not my dad.’ Which is exactly what my stepson said to me.”

Man of Steel Russell Crowe Closeup Man of Steel: Snyder, Nolan, & Goyer Talk Fatherhood, Aliens & More

That kind of drama certainly promises something new for the stereotypical Superman adventure. After all, the script was strong enough to convince Snyder – while Nolan and his wife/producing partner Emma Thomas waited in his driveway – to take the job. Yet Snyder has also added a few updates, making the assumption, for instance, that “Clark Kent is not a virgin.” How you feel about that depends largely on your reception of Snyder’s past writing.

The pressure may be on Zack Snyder as one of the few risky bets among a host of proven talent. But despite the pressure, Snyder revels in the fact that Man of Steel isn’t just the origin story of the father of all superheroes, but a chance to do something completely different in his own career:

“I feel like my movies have always been very subversive, even when people haven’t perceived how subversive they really are…For me, what’s subversive about Superman is that it’s not subversive.”

We’ll leave you to ponder that one on your own time.

So what do you think of Snyder’s criticism of recent adaptations? Is he being his usual outspoken self, or does Man of Steel feel like the Superman origin story that you’ve always hoped to see on the silver screen? Give us your thoughts in the comments.


Man of Steel will be in theaters on June 14th, 2013.

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Source: NY Times

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  1. Kneel before Zod! Lay down on your backs before Zod!

    • #kb4z

    • I’d lay down on my back for Supes lol

    • That’s a Robot Chicken quote, Morning workout aerobics with Zod, right?

      • …now using your lower abdominal’s raise your legs on hold on a five count before Zod!

        1 before Zod! 2 before zod! 3 before Zod!

  2. The great thing about Snyder in all of his MOS press junkets is that he seems to be trolling everyone with his “Superman is the best ever” comments but also showing why he thinks that and proving his opinions as fact.

    This coming from somebody (talking about myself here) who has never really liked the Superman character because of the fact he has almost every superpower except invisibility and can only be killed by green rocks or an invincible alien concoction (Doomsday).

    WB should hang onto Nolan, Snyder and Goyer for the rest of their DC based movies because if they can make me look forward to and see all kinds of metaphor within a movie about a character I’ve never really liked or enjoyed then they’re doing a fantastic job.

    • I agree, Snyder comes off as kind of like a… superman fanboy aha but he gives reasons for his way of thinking and for the most part, I agree with him. While Smallville was great and Superman Returns was sub-par in my opinion, Superman hasn’t really been done justice since the 80s. There’s so much more to his character that hasn’t been shown yet and I’m glad the people behind Man of Steel understand that.

      I’m just really hoping I’m not getting my hopes up to an all time high for nothing, the fact that I don’t have doubts about the movie scares me and makes me think I’m way too optimistic.

    • How is he proving his opinions as fact?

      And he has been trolling, talking up your movie or a character is one thing but trying to diss Marvel characters when your whole argument is based on “if” statements would be laughable if it weren’t so sad. (I’m referencing comments he made earlier in the month, story is here on screen rant.)

      • He said dc heroes are more pure while marvels are more fun. Look at the collection of films marvel has realesed they are really fun and awesome and im a big fan. They are basic comic book films which works, he is saying that there is more complexity and depth to DC heroes. It could be true for marvel heroes but they have yet to explore that in their films.

        • I agree with Trey on this one.

          Irony Marvel was known to be more complex initially and relatable, but over time the characters have been diluted in service for a larger fun and fantastical story. DC heroes started to serve a certain archetype and were pretty bland in most cases (especially during the Silver Age) but over the years DC pulled together and began re-envision these characters as more complex and human.

          Both have had successes and failures. But Snyder has a point in DC characters fitting a purer archetype which can be used to deliver a more universal theme while adding complexity whereas Marvel characters began flawed and over the time kind of been stuck in that particular role defining the adventures of their stories.

          Marvel Studios films have focused on delivering fun movie experiences and definitely been successful but some of their characters have not been successfully explored and thus do not resonate as they could. The first Iron Man had the redemption and change of Tony Stark which was clear and identifiable to the audience but the sequels have failed to provide anything beyond a regression and similar premise of redemption in character. It wears down.

    • Proving opinions as facts is impossible, even for supes….

    • Everything Snyder says is making me run faster away from Man of Steel. Why? Because Sucker Punch was all him and it was garbage. As for DC/WB… Green Lantern really left a bad taste in my mouth. They want to gain my trust back? How about refunding my money for that and Superman Returns.

      • See now, what you’re doing is you’re looking at the worst possible examples and trying to apply them as rules to Man of Steel. Smh.

        Did you like the graphics and storytelling (not the story) for 300, and Watchmen? That is what Snyder is bringing.

        Did you like the drama and story for Batman, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises? That’s what Nolan is bringing. Those movies were DC/WB too, but that clearly isn’t a factor when Nolan is involved.

        Take the best of Snyder’s visual style and the best of Nolan’s stories and try bringing that to the table for a change.

      • i see what you did there, mandarin

  3. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from recent blockbusters, dark knight rises, ironman 3 for example, is keep expectations at a reasonable level! Both of those movies were great but I went into them expecting the holy grail. I remember thinking batman begins was going to suck but I was blown away and it was one of my favorite movie experiences ever.

    • @ Malone

      That is very good advice. I felt the same way about Iron Man 1. Didn’t expect much, and was blown away.

      • Your Iron Man 1 film was incredible, Mr. Stark!

        • @ Judge Dredd

          Thank you!

          • But IM3 was quiet underwhelming.

        • @ Judge Dredd And your second movie was better Judge Dredd. Too bad you might not get a third outing. I was rather looking forward to it.

  4. man of steel plz plz plz don’t disappoint us

    • It wont be disappointing, you got to believe

  5. Dazz I agree with you.

    Snyder is a major fan. Now that is not always positive thing as sometimes the fans themselves have the wrong idea or perception of how the story should be handle to be objective, but Snyder has taken the time to provide sound logic for his opinions. Whether you agree or not with his viewpoints is the question. My answer is yes. I agree and support his general thesis.

    David S. Goyer is somebody similar to Snyder in that both had hits or misses within their careers that make both men risky bets within themselves. Goyer’s direction with the story is similar to Batman in which he tackled the real, human element of the essence of the story. Both Snyder and Goyer are tackling to establish the modern mythology of this character- the morality and idealism much needed in a more cynical and fearful world of today. The themes are relatable and the characters feel real. The world feels real, our disbelief suspended, and our emotional investment growing.

    Nolan is not perfect by any means but neither is he a complete hack as others have said. No matter who one feels of his films in general or his Batman films, Nolan has focused on themes that are universal and delivering a more human take on these characters that were more caricatures in the past.

    All three men together seem to have a unified vision for the project and each have their own individual experiences and advantages that work together seemingly quite nicely and cover-up each others own respective weaknesses. An example would be Snyder knowing how to tell a story visually and film actions effectively whereas Nolan knows how to build scale and tie-it into the character story with practical effects and older film styles.

    Every word from these men give me hope for the film and confidence in their project in reconstructing the genre that more or less is becoming stale and formulaic depending on style and shock over true character development and arc.

    • +1

    • That’s funny. Because I don’t believe their lies. What else are they going to say? WB had Geoff Johns tells us all this is the Green Lantern film we’ve all been waiting for. And look how that turned out.

      I’m not going to support this film. I’ll wait for DVD.

      • If you’ve seen one of Nolan’s movies (not just Batman), you’d know to trust these guys.

        Chris Nolan doesn’t associate himself with poor quality.

      • to each its own BUT….I’d wait for it on BluRay instead LOL

  6. I don’t know why,but when I saw the word “bizzaro” in the piece above,I automatically thought of having Bizzaro in the next movie,and here’s the kicker.Have him be played by Tom Welling!

    Not saying that he has to be the main villain,but I think they gypped Bizzaro in Smallville,and I would just like to see them do a good version.

  7. This may be the first decent Superman movie in many a year. One can only hope.

  8. Watchmen is at the Top 3 of my fav. Comic Book of all time and to think that Nolan Picked Zack Based on his approach on this movie has just boosted my confidence in Man of Steel even higher.
    I also definitely agree that Zack comes up with good aruments defending his cockiness about The Gran Daddy of them all. How can he not? He’s SUPERMAN!!! lol
    I remember i was waiting so much on the new uncle Ben from “The amazing Spiderman” to say the famous quote:”With Great Powers Comes Great Responsibilities” but he didn’t say it verbatim and I was slightly disappointed. That’s why I don’t put my Hopes too High for General Zod Famous quote in the next movie. Nevertheless, I wiss that Superman Kneels before Zod.

    • It’s been deliberately stated that “kneel before Zod” isn’t said in this movie. Sorry bud.

  9. What I truly wish was Wally Pfisters photography on MoS

  10. I guarantee batman will be in this movie. And instead of the justice league movie they will make a “the dark knight returns” film. And I bet at some point in the film they will bring up a brief conversation about what happened in Gotham city with bane. My pants just got a little tighter.

    • LOL @ your name

    • Except that the general feeling is that Nolan closed the book on that Batman universe so why revisit?

    • +1000000000! BRAVO!! WB/DC pay attention!

  11. Yeah, cos I don’t think Henry Cavill could play a virgin, it’d be so far fetched especially seeing him in the Superman costume

    • Maybe he lost his virginity in the Fortress of Solitude and that’s how he was able to fly when he came out.

  12. Goyer is such a hack. I hate it when he freely borrows from Frank Miller’s Daredevil comics and applies it to DC characters. He did it on Batman Begins with the whole ninja training. And he’s doing it again here with young Clark Kent unable to control his senses as his mom tries to calm them.

    This summer’s Green Lantern.

    • I once thought this before but honestly it’s not really a good thought to be thought of.

    • I’m a fan of both DC and Marvel comics. I love Frank Miller’s work on both. I too saw the same thing you saw. Goyer is a B level writer who doesn’t have a good grasp of where and how to apply these source materials for film.

      • Then you saw only Goyer’s Daredevil work and not his Batman work. You were half-blind like Insider.

        Read Batman: Year One. Written by Frank Miller. Where Bruce is shown training in a flashback with none other than THE NINJA KIRIGI.

    • @Insider…
      I’d love to read one of your scripts sometime.

      • So miller is the first to use ninja training?

        • I think you are referring to Insider?

    • Insider, you’re the ‘hack’ here. And as usual with bashers of this movie you’re spouting crap pulled straight out of your ass without doing any research.

      In the comics Batman was trained by the ninja Kirigi, among others. There’s your ninja training. Goyer just ran with that and combined it with the League of Assassins, also made up of ninjas.

      And Clark struggling to control his powers has been explored in the comics since the Silver Age. The fact that you refuse to read any of it and instead try to link it with any Marvel comic you can think of is your own problem.

  13. I’m really skeptical about this film. Marketing is getting better but it can’t mask a bad film. Superman Returns, Green Lantern, Sucker Punch all left a very bad taste in my mouth. I don’t believe Nolan, Goyer, Snyder are the right people to reinvent Superman at all.

    The CGI Zod costume ala H.R. Giger is boring. Zod’s battleship complete with gravity gun looks like the mining weapon in Star Trek. It even shoots out a beam of light although the logic is different, the visual is the same. And it seems like they borrowed Star Trek’s heavy use of lens flares.

    Is it really true that Krypton doesn’t blow up? Why does Zod want Kal-El so bad? How is it that so many Kryptonian soldiers survived then? Did they all get imprisoned in the Phantom Zone including the battleship? It’s all a bit of hack job.

    • I really wish I could answer those questions

    • Kim, why are you asking all these questions when the film hasn’t even come out yet??

      • +1

      • +1

    • Seems more to me that you’re desperately gasping to find the smallest, faintest similarity to any other movie in history so that you can somehow twist that into cries of “Rip-off!”

      Insecure, are you?

    • Kryptonite blows up. Several actors have confirmed this.

      There isn’t a phantom Zone in this one. There is a massive space ship prison where criminals are sent. It’s called the Black Zero. I’m assuming Zod somehow is able to lead some sort of rebellion on this ship and take it over.

      I’m assuming he wants Kal-El for the same reason he wanted him in the 2nd Superman Movie: Revenge. Jor-El is dead, next best thing is Kal-El, PLUS they can be Gods on Earth and re-shape it into the new Krypton and rule.

  14. Marvel is fun yet serious times. People can take their families to see them more than once. Nolan/Snyder films on the other hand… they should go make their own super heroes instead of screwing around with iconic ones.

    • @ Whysoserious

      That was well said and I agree.

      • No, Nolan made Batman popular again and they r the only thing that has saved DC in these past 10 years

  15. You know what really made up my mind not give MoS a chance aside from WB’s Green Lantern and Superman Returns? The US military recruitment film they released that starred Superman. Felt desperate and cheap.

    WB can do without me taking my family to see this film.

    • -1 Million

      • @leathercheerio

    • @kobayashi
      What’s Keyser been up to these days? Long time no see…

      • nah, he just a porcelain cup

    • You mean the Nationall guard! Not the US military. You mean, they guys and girls that, as well as having a dayjob, help out when disasters strike? Floods, tornadoes, building collapses and terrorist incidents. The people that help ensure the public’s safety, that endager themselves to help others?

      Not too unlike Superman, only they have NO superpowers. The National guard isn’t there to invade countries and topple governments. They are there to protect people like you.

      But i guess if voleneering to help others seems cheap to you then go watch a film with plenty of product placement. Then go to the mall and buy stuff.

      Then you’ll feel better. (^-^)

      • *volunteering*

    • You must really hate US foreign policy then.

      I’m sure you also hated all the anti-Iran/North Korea/assorted ‘rogue nations’ rhetoric in the Iron Man movie?

      No? Oh well, another hypocrite.

  16. I am among one of the biggest Superman Fans there is.

    If I were a director and given a chance to direct a Superman Movie. I would decline. Why?

    Because to me as powerful as Superman is, I cannot put him in a realm of nigh invincibility. I do not want an Superman that fears nothing. I would not over do it with Kryptonite. I would give him his immense strength and Powers, but I would always leave it open to the fact that there is someone or something as or more powerful than he is. Why I would not direct a Superman movie as the fanboy I am, I want a vision of Superman that everyone knows, can relate to and one with a sense of mortality. That is how Superman should be.

    The more I hear Synders version of Superman, the more I think he re imagined Superman to what he thinks he should be.

    As for the Purity of DC Heroes. That is not something you want in your Heroes, because they would save everyone, and not everyone can be saved.

  17. I find it funny, a couple of months ago, I was on the fence and some people disagreed with me.

    Now more people are to the point, where they are now seeing the possibility of Man of Steel might be far different than what they want.

    Overboard Action can kill a movie.
    Overboard Story can kill a movie
    You have to strike and forge the right balance.

  18. Americana?

    Did Superman not just recently renounce his American Citizenship?

    • I felt that story plot was stupid to be completely honest.

      • Because it was.

  19. Folks really need to stop comparing MoS to Green Lantern. First of all, Martin Campbell (who is a great director by the way) was just the wrong guy for a comic book adaptation. Secondly, the script for Green Lantern was disjointed and felt like it was running in two different directions. Man of Steel has the benefit of having a genre savvy director and a script that was tinkered by one of the Nolan brothers. I’m still cautiously optimistic, but all this doomsaying is getting a bit ridiculous.

    • also reynolds was a bit miscast. he was too van wilder to be GL. he ought to have been The Flash

  20. I feel I have to defend Smallville a bit here. Granted the leather jacket wasn’t the greatest suit idea in the world, but other than that I think Snyder is completely missing the point. Actually I think his movie and Smallville are very similar; they both look to get into Kal-el’s head. Why does Superman do what he does? In Smallville Clark struggled with identity and normalcy, trying to find his place in the world. As the years went on he became more proactive and saved people without their direct knowledge, only being known as the blur. It seems as though Man of Steel will follow a very similar path, so to be honest I don’t know what Snyder’s problem is.

    Anyway, super stoked for tbe movie, it looks freaking awesome.

    • Now this is just my humble opinion, but Smallville was a practical joke that lasted for 10 years. Welling was embarrassed of the paycheck that was putting good on his table for a decade. How am I supposed to take that adaptation of Supes seriously? I hope that guy [Welling] never finds work in front of a camera again.

  21. I walked away from Superman as a cinematic trope after the first Christopher Reeve outing in the role. (Ironically, that movie was originally sold as “Superman the Man”.)

    What Christopher Nolan and David Goyer conceived for MAN OF STEEL intrigues me from the standpoint of a character-in-depth. This actually is a “deconstruction” of Clark Kent…as a man…before a reconstruction of the character as Superman. The concept, as represented so far, should stir the film-going public’s curiousity for a strong opening weekend at the box office.

    What Nolan, Goyer and Snyder has wrought is an inspired idea for a film about a superhero for whom the last chapter had been written — or so we thought.

    At in the long run, however, it will not be about the success of MAN OF STEEL, but Warner Bros. Studio’s ability to exploit it.

    • Well Said Mr Frederick Richardson

  22. There is a lot about this article that gives me serious cause for concern about MoS. Does Snyder think only “his” Superman is the truest or best Superman?

    The trailers have been decent, (but we’ve all been fooled by trailers before), but these guys need to stop talking. Their comments are pushing more people away from the movie than toward it. Shut up and just let the trailers and movie speak for themselves. If it’s good it will stand on its own, there’s no need to cut down other renditions of Superman, (or superheroes in general for that matter), to prop up your own, unless yours isn’t very good. It seems as if he wants everybody to forget everything they’ve ever known about Superman, and just accept his “version”. That’s a very bad idea.

    Pride goes before destruction. I have way less confidence in this movie now than I ever did. Combining his comments here with what else he’s saying elsewhere and some of the other things I’ve seen and read about MoS and it’s plot/story, it’s making it very clear that we might yet be disappointed by another WB/DC movie about Superman.

    WB/DC, for all of us that love Superman, don’t let Man of Steel become the Green Lantern of the summer.

    • First off I don’t get “Their comments are pushing more people away from the movie than toward it” since the latest trailer has over 5 million views in 24 hours and trailer 3 has over 22 million. You also imply most of the buzz is growing negative when everywhere I look,including this very site, it seems to be overwhelmingly positive. And could you be more specific on “Combining his comments here with what else he’s saying elsewhere and some of the other things I’ve seen and read about MoS and it’s plot/story, it’s making it very clear that we might yet be disappointed by another WB/DC movie about Superman.”

      • @ Merill

        If you read what I posted carefully you’ll see what I mean. The trailers look good, but when this guy starts talking, it takes away from the trailers. His comments are not the comment of a director, they’re the the comments of an over zealous fanboy who believes his take on Superman is the best take on Superman. That is dangerous.

        Let the trailers speak for themselves, and put a muzzle on this guy.

        Incidentally Merill, millions oh hit on a trailer is in no way indicative of a good film. It points to a good trailer, which we all no does not necessarily mean a good movie (see Superman Returns for an example).

        I was referencing other interviews Snyder has given regard MoS, and his other comments. My comment referencing the story/plot I will not share as I do not want to ruin the film for others. I stumbled upon some spoilers on line that I wish I hadn’t. All of which scare me.

        Do not misunderstand me Merill, I love Superman, and want this movie to be for WB/DC what Iron Man 1 was to Marvel, a great foundation for great things to be built upon, but I’m just afraid it won’t be. I’m having Green Lantern flash backs.

        • I never said millions of youtube views make a good film I was referencing your point the they are pushing people away when more people are clearly getting interested.

          • @ Merill

            Snyder’s comments are what I said was pushing peopl away, NOT the trailers.

            • When I said “they” I meant Snyder’s comments not the trailers, and again, what evidence do you have that the comments are pushing people away?

              • @ Merrill

                Here are a few:

                1. Alienating Smallvllle fans.
                2. Alienating fans of the DC comics version of Superman (in various articles/interviews)
                3. Ripping/belittling other superheroes/CBM (in various articles/interviews)

                “When they try to dress him up…put him in jeans and a T-shirt or a leather jacket with an S on it, I go: ‘What? Guys, it’s O.K. It’s Superman. He’s the king daddy. You should all be bowing down to him.’ ”

                Zack Snyder

                This guy is cocky without merit, and yes, that does turn fans off. Check around the message boards, other sites, etc. and you’ll see what I mean. He’s like a Superman fanboy that thinks he’s the smartest guy in the room. Ok Zack, you got a shot to do something great here, keep quiet and do it. Impress me with the best Superman movie in decades, by pulling WB/DC out of the dumpster, not with your mouth. Talk is cheap.

                Make a good Superman movie, and you can run your mouth all you want.

                Again, I think the best thing for all involved is to shut this guy up, and let the movie do the talking.

                • “While it may be abrasive, Snyder’s unquestioning dedication to the source material is one of the main reasons comic book fans are optimistic that Man of Steel will succeed where other adaptations have failed” ….This from the same article you posted on
                  And I totally agree with him on Smallville but to each his own
                  But can’t wait to hear you thoughts on the movie in a couple of weeks and since you said Ironmman 3 was a perfect 5 stars there’s only one way to go but down right?

                  • there’s only one way to go and that’s down right?

                • 1. Alienating Smallvllle fans.
                  Smallville has more haters than fans. A lot of people who enjoy the comics don’t like it, and nearly everyone agrees it jumped the shark after the first few seasons.

                  2. Alienating fans of the DC comics version of Superman (in various articles/interviews)
                  Which comics version? The recent New 52 version has not been very liked on internet circles and many readers share Snyder’s criticism of the jeans-and-T-shirt-look.

                  3. Ripping/belittling other superheroes/CBM (in various articles/interviews)
                  Only in your own wild imagination. Saying that Superman is the ‘grand daddy’ of superheroes does not mean belittling and insulting all the rest.

                  Snyder makes good points. That overzealous fanboys misunderstand and twist his words into meaning what they want it to mean is not his fault: It’s their own.

                  • Exactly

        • The article was in NY times. I don’t get the impression that he’s saying his Superman is the best, but that they simply put a lot of thought into what Superman is. It sounds a lot like the approach they took with Batman.

          I agree with you about expectations and trailers. If half the movies that look good with trailers turned out to be great, we’d be up to our ears in great movies.

          I think MOS will be good enough for them to make more and begin thinking about JL, which is what is really on the line for DC. I’d be surprised if it doesn’t achieve that. Regardless it will do good BO, but they need more than that. BB had less BO than other movies like Superman Returns or Spider-man 3, but it had a definite buzz that built and didn’t go away.

    • Stark, it’s very easy! STOP reading and watching anything MoS related. You’re welcome.

      • @Le Pupe

        I said this in a post in Open Disscusion on Monday, but I hate spoilers, especially for my favorite CBM. But over the weekend I read what was labeled a “review” of trailer #3, and it basically laid out in detail the whole movie in the one paragraph I read. I was very P.O.’d to say the least. I stopped reading but I don’t know why people do stuff like that.

        It happened with IM3, then Star Trek, now MoS. it’s just disappointing.

        I gues you’re right though, just don’t read anything on the movies you’re going to see is the safest bet.

    • shut up narcisstic man in a can, go catch the drug addict.

      • @ zz


        Narcissistic Man!

        That could be a new comicbook!

        I like it!

  23. I find it funny when he says he doesn’t see why people would put Superman in a t- shirt and jeans when his film is ditching the red undies.

    • Well since they are pushing the fact that he is an alien and the classic suit was based of strongmen of the 1930′s who wore the underwear on the outside, They needed a design that broke that mold.

      “Underpants on tights were signifiers of extra-masculine strength and endurance in 1938. The cape, showman-like boots, belt and skintight spandex were all derived from circus outfits and helped to emphasize the performative, even freak-show-esque, aspect of Superman’s adventures. Lifting bridges, stopping trains with his bare hands, wrestling elephants: these were superstrongman feats that benefited from the carnival flair implied by skintight spandex. [Artist Joe] Shuster had dressed the first superhero as his culture’s most prominent exemplar of the strongman ideal, unwittingly setting him up as the butt of ten thousand jokes.”


        • No problem

  24. I really hope that this movie takes the waxy shine off of the angelic Superman we have all seen and puts the thought of “we are not alone in this universe” in to this story.

    In past iterations of the Superman Movie-verse, the population of the planet was immediately accepting of and ALIEN! Everyone character in these films welcomed Superman with open arms. That is where Nolan and Snyder got it right with Batman and Watchman, which both begged the question, would we really be OK with people with superpowers or limitless supply of super weapons?

    In the case of MOS, lets hope that Snyder asks “How would the world react to a nearly unstoppable being in our midst?”. I don’t think we need Zod in this film to present the “Aliens among us” story. Put a few issues that force Superman out of the shadows (insert a feed for Dark Knight/Bane) and see how the world reacts to a force that can protect or become an overlord. To some degree this is where Smallville got it right. No Christ like references, just someone that may not actually be welcome and hides from that fact.

  25. Simply. If you don’t feel the breeze blowing up your skirt for MOS stay home. It won’t miss your 11.00; surely there will be something out that week that you and the crickets will love.

  26. Why does it have to be like Marvel`s cameo, its DC they don’t need to have the same path I`d say make it different. No need to have the social media spreading out who`s gonna be in the cameo just let it be an epic cameo.

  27. MAN OF STEEL will make Over $1 BiLLiON Dollars Worldwide, Henry Cavill is a Great Actor & Amy Adams is a Multi-Oscar-Nominated-Actress & Very Beautiful Plus Multi-Oscar-Nominated: C-NOLAN is The Writer & Producer, i think The New Suit Looks Great & Much Better than The Old Light Blue Suit that Looked Like a SMURF & with The OutSide UnderWear was Real Bad, i Will See MAN OF STEEL in 3D.

  28. Y did Clark’s dad have to die