‘Man of Steel’ Producer on Superman’s ‘Adoption,’ the Supersuit, & Casting Lois Lane

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Man of Steel Themes Fatherhood Man of Steel Producer on Supermans Adoption, the Supersuit, & Casting Lois Lane

Man of Steel may be one of the riskiest films of the year, but it’s also one of the most-talked-about releases of the summer movie season. The film is faced with rebooting the character following both the enormous success of The Dark Knight trilogy and the disappointment of director Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns.

For months, speculation has run rampant regarding exactly how Man of Steel will help Warner Bros. and DC finally launch a shared movie universe, and star Henry Cavill himself has offered his hopes for a Batman-Superman team-up in the near future. However, before any of that can happen, Man of Steel has to deliver for both hardcore fans and the general movie-going public.

In a recent interview with SFX Magazine, producer Deborah Snyder discussed how the film will embody the heart of Superman and therefore resonate with fans on an emotional level.

Here’s what Snyder had to say:

“Someone said to me it’s the greatest adoption story in all of history. … The people of Earth adopt him and he adopts us, as well. A lot of the messaging in this film is about family, and who makes you who you are. Clark is on this journey of self discovery, trying to figure out who he is and where he fits in, and in the end he comes to see what Jor-El, his Kryptonian father, has sacrificed and given for him. And he also realises how his Earth parents made him who he is. All those themes and notions follow him throughout the whole film.”

Numerous reports have claimed that Man of Steel is being treated more realistically than previous incarnations of the Last Son of Krypton. Yet, as more details are revealed, it looks like the creative team is aiming for the story to be more emotionally grounded and relatable than anything else, despite some alterations to Superman’s origins.

Superman Man of Steel Fortress Art Man of Steel Producer on Supermans Adoption, the Supersuit, & Casting Lois Lane

This devotion to keeping the character intact – while sidestepping any potential campiness – also extended to Superman’s iconic red-and-blue costume, Snyder said:

“It’s a daunting process, because you want to be true, and we’re very respectful of the canon. But you also have to look at what’s happening on the screen right now with superhero costumes. It has to be relatable to a modern audience. [But] it has to read, at first blush, as Superman. We went through so many iterations of the costume and yes, Zack did try very hard to make the underpants on the outside of the costume work – there are nods to it, with the belt and with some of the side detail on the costume, and that just felt more appropriate to the movie we were making.”

Many versions of Superman’s origin tie his costume directly to his homeworld of Krypton, and Snyder said that this was a prime example of how Man of Steel aims to legitimize the heroic persona Kal-El takes on when he arrives in Metropolis.

“The other thing that was important for Zack was that the costume not come out of nowhere. It had to have a reason. We were building a world. We go to Krypton and we see this world, and we see that everything has its place. If they’re in space he wanted it to feel like a space suit, and he wanted it to feel like the under-layer that they would maybe put armour over. It’s also a caped society, so when you go to Krypton he wanted to see variations of this costume. And knowing that it was a caped society he wanted that to be evident when we were on Krypton, so when Clark finally finds the costume and puts it on you’ve established where it’s come from.”

Adapting Superman’s rich mythology to fit into a real-world context (one that could later be used to incorporate other DC characters) makes sense from a big-picture perspective. After all, Marvel has faced similar challenges in finding a middle-ground between grounded characters like Iron Man and more supernatural ones like Thor. It only makes sense that DC would make some adjustments to the Superman mythos accordingly.

Amy Adams Lois Lane Man of Steel1 Man of Steel Producer on Supermans Adoption, the Supersuit, & Casting Lois Lane

However, this doesn’t address another one of the most controversial issues when crafting a superhero film: casting. Overall, fans seem optimistic about Cavill’s take on the Man of Steel. But what about Amy Adams as intrepid Daily Planet reporter (and Superman love interest) Lois Lane?

Snyder touched on that topic too, explaining why Adams was the ideal choice for the part:

“Amy [Adams] is an amazing actor. With all the casting we tried to get the best actors we could, because it just gives it credibility. In so many ways we didn’t look at it as a genre superhero movie – we looked at it as a great story that we were telling, and we wanted to get the best people. Amy embodied so much of Lois – she’s feisty herself and she’s so versatile, and she was really just perfect for the role.”

Even if Adams fits the role perfectly, Man of Steel will have a rough task in bringing Superman to the big screen, as the character’s god-like powers and alien origins make his world notoriously tricky to adapt to a live-action film. Still, it looks like the creative team behind the film has a firm grasp on how to re-imagine the hero and please the vast majority of fans. Whether or not they succeed remains to be seen.

Do you think the team behind Man of Steel is on the right track, or are you worried that the film won’t meet expectations? Let us know in the comments section below.

Man of Steel opens on June 14, 2013.

Source: SFX Magazine

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  1. Kneel before Zod! Lay down on your backs before Zod! Now, using your lower abdominal’s…raise your legs and hold on a five count before Zod!
    One before Zod!
    Two before Zod!
    Three before Zod!

    • Man, that made me seriously LOL. Nice!

    • LMAO

      Bravo Good Dr.

    • Good one Dr. You get the lollipop. Needed a good laugh after a crappy night last night and crappy day today.

    • thank god for Robot Chicken!

    • In Zod we trust.

  2. WHY does Zack Snyder’s wife feel the need to speak about the film??? She’s just a producer not one of the creatives. And when she starts off saying, “Someone told me…” it’s very telling. Now I do NOT want to see this film more than ever thanks to this interview.

    • Producers always talk about films…

    • Do you realize how much a producer does for a movie? She has every right to talk about it.

      • +1

    • Yes, producers always talk about their films. They are “Producing” it, they have the responsibility to bring it to the big screen get the footing for it and also to help it get its recognition. I think it’s odd that this interview with a producer of the show (also married to the Director) who has one of the most intimate understandings of it and has seen it from the very beginning (once Nolan gave the script over) makes you not want to see it. Strange actually.

      • Glad I’m not the only one that sees the flaw in this ticketmaster’s logic.

    • If your reasoning is that shallow… you have issues. So, the woman we assume knows the director better than ANYONE else & also produces the movie might not have the SLIGHTEST insight on his approach? This isn’t random hook up chick or the 2nd unit lead grip…. it’s his wife kinda like Nolan’s wife produces his films.

    • Your premise and putdown that producers are not creatives
      is not accurate as producers often have creative input
      and always affect the creative output of movies.

      Deborah Snyder as producer who also happens
      to live with the man who lived with making this film
      might just be one producer with great deal of influence.

    • You have issues, my friend

    • Ummm… She’s produced ALL of Zack’s films… I’m pretty sure she’s given him tons of creative input.

      Oh, and producers DO give creative input. It’s the executive producers that do nothing except fork over cash.

      Watch the movie and have a smile.

    • This is some of the dumbest logic I’ve ever seen…

  3. I wanna see this movie much more now after this interview. I’m a huge supes fan ever since I was a kid and everything about this movie is right to me. The cast the story the directors and the producers and the writers. Snyder has a real talent for visuals and I think this movie is going to end up being the movie of year for comic book fans.

    Speaking of I picked up my midnight IMAX tickets and my midnight shirt.

  4. This interview has really helped me appreciate the Snyders and even more of how careful they were with the film and the emotional and mental process behind it. I really can’t wait to see this film – I think I now have even a greater respect for what they’ve done. 14 June can’t come fast enough.

  5. “Zack did try very hard to make the underpants on the outside of the costume work”

    While often and usually derisively referred to as underwear or briefs or
    here as underpants they are in actual point of fact not underwear.

    The original Superman costume was based upon and a variation of
    the traditional circus strong-man outfit, which was comprised
    a pair of shorts worn over a contrasting full bodysuit.

    Trunks is the preferred and accurate term.

    • Well the costume in “Superman Returns” had shorts and everyone complained about them.

      • My comment had to do with what they
        are not whether or not they are present.

    • @Robert Palmar

      Sad, they missed a great opportunity for product placement, the cape flutters to one side, we see a ‘Calvin Klein’ logo.

      • :D

  6. I love the direction that the movie seems to be taking. I probably would have cast a different person as Lois Lane but at the end of the day it is not going to make or break the movie. However, if they have Lois playing a major role in subsequent movies, it could wind up being a problem.

    Taking out the underwear should have been a no-brainer. I cannot understand the aversion to change. For those that refuse change ask yourself…do you still want to drive around in a horse and buggy, rely on pay phones, or not have internet access. Everything and everybody MUST change. The strange desire to ONLY rely on canonical costumes and characters is the number one reason Warner Brothers has had such a hard time adapting DC characters to the big screen.

    • I think I would rather have an amazing actress than just someone who looks like how Lois Lane is drawn. She wouldn’t have been my first choice but she can act her ass off. You can always recast if you need to but this is no Maggie G/Katie Holmes thing.

      • I don’t know if you saw the movie Columbiana with Zoe Saldana. She is a good actress but her beating up ten ruthless killers at a time just did not strike me as believable. In many situations I would want the best actress, but for that specific one, Gina Carano would have been a better choice despite the fact that she is a worse actress. My issue with Adams is that she does not look like an spunky ambitious urban professional…so if that is her take on that it is not going to come across well.

        EXAMPLE: In Superman 2, Lois Lane played by Margot Kidder twice punches Ursa played by Sarah Douglas which to me is in character with Lois Lane. I could not see Amy Adams doing it in a believable way…she looks too nice. But yeah she is a great actress!

        • I think she’ll own this role, give her a shot. Plus I don’t know about you, but I’ve come across fiesty women of all shapes, sizes and looks lol

          • Good point! Many a supposed bad casting choice have turned around and surprised me and even redefined the role.

            • I agree. Look at Catwoman. She stole TDKR away from some pretty amazing actors. Amy Adams will do the same, if people give her a chance.

          • I agree that Amy Adams will stake a claim to be considered a good Lois Lane; but the role is OWNED by Erica Durance. She got to develop it for 6 years and her portrayal is the one every subsequent LOis will be measured by. Just saying.

        • Doesn’t look like a “spunky ambitious urban proffessional”?? Whose genes have you got to have to look like one of those?

          I hated Margot Kidder as Lois Lane.

          Watch “The Fighter”. She’s got plenty of spunk, and wouldn’t think twice about slapping anyone upside the head. (^-^)

          • The character she played in the Fighter is NOT an urban professional, and I think there is a difference between “spunky” (someone who sticks up for themselves) and “bitchy” (associated with a low class way of dealing with problems. The Lois Lane of the Donnelly movies never came across as though she was looking for a fight but as someone who is not going to be easily pushed around. Adam’s scene in the Fighter played out as though she was “bitchy.” Actually that one scene was probably the least credible performance from her in the movie IMO in an otherwise great performance.

            • I never said she played an “Urban Proffessional” in “The Fighter”. She wassn’t bitchy in that film, she was strong willed, gutsy and willing to stick up for others. Far better than Kidder. Kidder’s lame catfight in S2 sucked.

              There is nothing about Adams’ looks that doesn’t fit with “Ambitious Urban Proffessional” because those are based on character and wardrobe, not physical looks.

              Amy Adams is a great all round choice IMO.

            • Dude just stop just because you cant see it doesn’t mean other people wont , my only complaint about amy is that shes a red head in this superficial I know but its cool looks like its going to be enjoyable.

        • EEEVERYBODY has nerd boners for Gina Carano even though all she is is a media-hyped fighter turned actor…who just fights and throws out a few lines. She’s not a goddess…no not even as Wonder Woman. Sigh. Zoe Saldana was perfect.

          • I said for THAT one movie. I don’t think carano should be Wonder Woman – my preference is Gemma Arterton. Although I do think that Carano would be the perfect villain to whoever plays Wonder Woman as a rogue Amazon especially since her rogues gallery is pretty weak.

            Zoe Saldana looks like she weighs 90 pounds wet. She was miscast for not only Columbiana but the Losers for exactly the same reason. Not that she can’t do action…she was excellent in Avatar but don’t try to convince me she can beat up men three times her weight.

            • Morena Baccarin or go home.

              • Morena Baccarin is not a bad choice…but with Josh Whedon overseeing the Marvel Universe, it is just a matter of time before she pops up as a Marvel character.

    • Amy has the potential to deliver on the most important
      quality Lois Lane has to possess and why she exists which
      is being the credible romantic partner to Clark Kent/Superman.

      • But don’t you think that the reason it worked so well was because of the contrast between the assertive Lois Lane and the ultra polite boy scout that was Clark Kent and Superman (except when he was beating the crap out of someone). I always found that incongruity interesting. So to my earlier point…if it appears as though these are two “nice” people who hook up…that to me is boring.

        But anyway…I hope that Adam’s take on Lois becomes the definitive one. We will have to wait and see and in the grand scheme of things this is just getting as you stated “superficial” and is inconsequential.

        • The contrast is a factor in their relationship.

          I was thinking more here of on screen chemistry
          and the ability to project true romance and there
          is where Amy might become the best Lois on screen.

        • I hear ya Patrick…I think Amy Adams is a great actress b/c she overachieves through hard work and dedication, but you can’t “act” your way out of all limitations. From the scenes I’ve seen her in from those extended MOS featurettes they’ve been releasing I’m already cringing when she says her lines…they’re just not believable…in one scene she tells a soldier “What can I say?..I get writers’ block when I’m not wearing a flak jacket.” and it seemed so forced…same thing witht scenes where she’s supposedly arguing with Perry White…just kinda shake my head. But again, I want this moview to be great so I hope I’m wrong about Adams. Actually though, I’ve never thougbt of it, but since ppl here are mentioning Zoe Saldana, I think she would’ve made a really interesting choice for Lois Lane…I can see it…and since Lois is supposedly a gerneral’s daughter, it would’ve been cool of they made her this “General Swanick” character’s daughter..

  7. Cannot wait for this movie to drop. Most anticipated movie of the year by far. So much

  8. I really hope it succeeds and finally sprouts a dc shared universe. More cbms, whether Marvel or DC, will make everyone happy.

    • At no point does Donner address the costume in any way. Clark goes to the FOS as a teenager and comes out after an unspecified amount of time wearing it, therefore we assume he got it there. You can’t even say it looks Kryptonian, in every scene on Krypton the people wear black an white, reflective robes, no bright colors, no capes and certainly no spandex. In fact, the only concession to Kryptonian design is the ‘S’ shield. So please explain to me how Donner did anything concerning where the suit came from.
      Also, Watchmen was the most faithful adaptation I’ve seen, if you don’t like that movie you don’t like that book.

  9. This June your world will kneel before ZOD.

  10. Amy Adams take of Amelia hearnhart in Night at the musuem 2. Makes me think she can capture Lois’s feistiness.

  11. Grew up with the Reeves movies so it’s always weird seeing someone else play Supes. Henry seems to have that same charm and passion so I think he’ll do well. Amy is great as well so I’m not too worried about her being Lois. Looking forward to see how Laurence is going to portray Perry White. Overall, this film has great people working in and off screen so I have high hopes for it. Will be weird not hearing Williams score, all I’ve ever known! I also wonder if they’ll have the smiling flyby to end the movie like all the others. Haven’t even heard/seen much, but will he even play a reporter at the Daily Planet in this or will that carry into the sequel?

  12. Man of Steel will be the best movie about Superman ever… I’m tired of the doubters… Those of you that want all the old cheesy Superman movies you can have it. I got my July 13, 2013 6:15pm IMAX ticket today! Can’t wait!

  13. My name is General Zod. I have journeyed across an ocean of stars to reach you. Your world has sheltered one of my citizens. He will look like you but he is not one of you. To those of you who know of his location the fate of your planet rests in your hands. To Kal-El, I say this, surrender within 24 hours or watch this world suffer the consequences.

  14. Two words!…GENERAL ZOD end of story


  16. Just wanna say something about people saying, “I hope this movie is not another green lantern.” Sure green lantern was a abomination. But was anyone really surprised. When I first heard Ryan Reynolds was cast as Hal I knew it was gonna fail. Then when I saw the trailer I was certain it would be rubbish. Idk about you all but usually I can tell a bad movie just from a trailer.

    My point to this all is this, The actor playing Clark kent seems to be a good actor. Ill admit I haven’t seen him in anything else, but it seems like he’s a serious actor. Ryan didnt make Hal serious. He made him a joke in my opinion. Also the trailer for this movie looks pretty damn epic if you ask me. This movie will definitly be alot better than GL. It may turn out not to be that good, but it will not be GL bad.

    And if it turns out that it is, you can all stone me.

  17. I think the space suit point was pretty reasonable

  18. MOS will definitely succeed in the box office.

  19. I can see how all of you might think underpants, but if you, like I, were Theatre Majors or ever took a dancxe class; you’d know that trunks (dance trunks they’re formally called) are necessary to keep your tights from sliding down to your knees. Not heroic at all!

    • Thanks for that inside information.
      Or should I say outside information.

  20. My only problem with amy adams is that she what? 9 years older than henry cavill. She is an old woman playing a young girls role plus at that age how will she look in sequals when cavill is inhis 30s and shes…eh. im sure man of steel will be a good movie, but i just had to say that.

    • Lois may not be forever in sequels.
      In the New 52 Justice League comics
      Superman hooks up with Wonder Woman.

    • If we’re being realistic. Lois Lane will age over time and Superman will not.

      • The comics, at various points, have even shown this. Clark is often portrayed as functionally immortal.

    • I completely agree. I’m just watching the movie for the first time and had to hit pause at 40 minutes in to do a quick Google search wondering if they’re serious about Amy Adams as Lois Lane.

      And don’t get me wrong – I love the actress, I do. But it doesn’t take a genius to see that she isn’t the one for this role. Yes, she is WAY too old. Yes, she doesn’t even physically LOOK like a “Lois Lane” lady oughta look. And yes, she just doesn’t have true innate spunk and feistiness – she can deliver it, but it falls flat every time. She’s born to do the nice chick / mildly comedic roles, and there’s nothing wrong with that all…but why in the HELL did ANYONE ever for one second think that it was anything even close to a reasonable idea to cast her as Lois Lane?????

      Now I’m going to be grumpy watching the rest of the movie. Ok, I’m out.

  21. MAN OF STEEL will make Over $1 BiLLiON Dollars Worldwide, Henry Cavill is a Great Actor & Amy Adams is a Multi-Oscar-Nominated-Actress & Very Beautiful Plus Multi-Oscar-Nominated: C-NOLAN is The Writer & Producer, i think The New Suit Looks Great & Much Better than The Old Light Blue Suit that Looked Like a SMURF & with The OutSide UnderWear was Real Bad, i Will See MAN OF STEEL in 3D.

  22. Why is his suit red and blue in the man of steel? No explanation given and how is it on earth 18000 years before he is even born and the perfect fit?