SR Geek Picks: Honest ‘Man of Steel’ Trailer, ‘Batman Beyond’ Poster & More

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Welcome to Screen Rant’s “Geek Picks,” where we collect the finest movie-related geekery from around the Web. Today you’ll find everything wrong with Pacific Rim in 9 minutes or less; an honest trailer for Man Of Steel; what you missed by not playing ASSASSIN’S CREED 3; and astronaut Chris Hadfield on Sandra Bullock’s Gravity Underwear. All that and more on this edition of SR’s Geek Picks!

To kick things off today, Cracked has 25 Behind the Scenes Movie Photos You Can’t Un-See.

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Honest Trailers – Man of Steel

Superman is the hero that every kid looked up to, until Man of Steel made him into a mopey violent a-hole. But hey, at least “he’s kinda hot!”

Batman Beyond Fan Poster

Batman Beyond Fan Poster 570x427 SR Geek Picks: Honest Man of Steel Trailer, Batman Beyond Poster & More

What You Missed By Not Playing ASSASSIN’S CREED III (SPOILERS)

Curious what Assassin’s Creed III is all about, but can’t fit the game in? You’re in luck! Joshua Quail walks you through what you missed by not playing!

What You Missed By Not Playing SKYRIM (SPOILERS)

Curious what Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is all about, but can’t fit the game in? You’re in luck! Joshua Quail walks you through what you missed by not playing!

Studio C – Super Sibling

Superman is super annoying as a brother.


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  1. i’m actually happy Superman didn’t come out as a boy scout, it’s like people want to be fed the same stories over and over again, bunch of sheep

    • …And a different bunch of sheep want to be fed the same stories over and over again, but this time the stories have to be all dark and whiny and angsty?

      • My god, this tree can say more than three words!

      • Good retort, IamGroot. +1

      • …and I should say that, although I agree with your retort, I did not mind it being a serious movie, but there were a host of other problems with it. I know myself and others would have preferred a lengthier origin story, a villain who wasn’t so singularly enraged all the time, and not nearly as much death and destruction, or at least an ending that would have addressed all the death and destruction, as opposed to…”Hey, Clark is now working at the Daily Planet. Great!”

      • we have already seen the happy go lucky boy scout, its refreshing to see a different look

        • Agreed. It’s nice to see a Superman that faces today’s dilemmas instead of being constantly happy all the time despite everything happening.

    • Hey man, I enjoyed MOS as much as the next guy but you gotta admit they raise some valid points. Its funny too! Thats why I dig honest trailers. Even when they do one of a movie I like it still entertains me.

      • I remember the Pacific Rim one, don’t get me wrong I enjoyed it for what it was but that had some serious problems and Honest absaloutley nailed it! Then someone said “Honest trailers really don’t work with good movies” makes me laugh even if you love a movie you don’t have to defend its flaws?

        • Agreed. I also enjoyed Pacific Rim a lot (bought the bluray and everything) but the honest trailer was funny as well as the cinemasins video on here. It bugs me sometimes when people get a stick up their butt about a movie being perfect or the flip-side when they think a movie sucks and nobody is gonna tell them different.

          On another note I would love to see an honest trailer for Speed Racer. Its one of my fave movies but an honest trailer would be hilarious for that one.

        • Agreed :D. Halfway through it gets seriously hillarious. The most awesome dumb movie ever made or the dumbest awesome movie ever made =)! As well as his sound effects and the fact that he almost cracks up laughing himself. Awesome!

  2. Obligatory man of steel defense force assemble.

  3. the captain america motorcycle and helmet wow hahahaa

  4. I’m not saying that Man of Steel was a great movie(it was halfway decent in my opinion), but the amount of hate it’s been getting is a bit excessive.

    • What one person characterizes as “hate”, others define as valid criticism.

      Generally speaking, both critics and fans agree, as per all the polls and reviews (e.g. see Rotten Tomatoes)…it was a mediocre movie overall.

      • I don’t think it was mediocre, Yes there are problems with the movie but what movie doesn’t? I think its polarizing with one group loving it for simply going a new direction and the other not loving it for reason’s which as far as I know is the fact that MoS isn’t like the Donner originals.

        • As I’ve detailed under other discussions, I enjoyed the serious tone of the film, but I would have preferred a lengthier origin story, a villain who wasn’t so singularly enraged all of the time, and not so much death and destruction, or at least an ending that would have addressed all of the death and destruction, as opposed to Clark beginning his first day of work at the Daily Planet, like nothing happened. I have observed others make the same criticisms about the movie…all valid.

          • I thought the Krypton scenes went on way too long and that Zod being single-minded in his intentions showed his military experience perfectly, with that blinkered vision people in the armed forces can get until the mission is over, regardless how it happens.

            I also liked the lack of talk about the Metropolis destruction because it sets up a discussion for the sequel to talk about.

            It’s weird how I didn’t think much of the movie but find myself filling in the holes in logic that others seem to have missed. Maybe I should do PR for Snyder.

            • “Filling in the holes in logic that others seem to have missed”…

              I won’t take affront at that comment.

              By lengthier origin story, I meant Superman as a child/teen/young adult.
              Zod was a stereotypical portrayal of a soldier, not a realistic one.
              Completely ignoring all of the destruction may set up the next movie, but it made absolutely no sense for the end of this movie.

              Myself and others “got it”…we just didn’t like it.

      • I completely agree; a lot of the criticisms leveled at Man of Steel are completely valid and justified. As I said, I didn’t think it was great or anything, but I thought it was a decent enough popcorn movie even with its flaws taken into account. That said, you have to admit that there are a few people who take that criticism too far. There’s a difference between critiquing an obviously flawed film and screaming for Zach Snyder’s head on a spike.

  5. So “Geek Picks” has essentially become videos complaining about movies geeks like? Very disappointing to see that happen. :(

    • Poking fun at =/= complaining. I really liked Man of Steel and loved Pacific Rim, but still thought the videos were funny.

  6. Man Of Steel Honest Trailer made me laugh. The power of dubstep.

    • that was my favorite part!!

      • The “Is it a bird?” part had me laughing too. And not in a nervous way like Scottish comedian Frankie Boyle on a panel show years ago when he said “Is it a bird? Is it a plane? I dunno but it’s heading for the World Trade Center”.

        Honestly, Honest Trailers are the best thing about Youtube. Well, them, Mark Kermode’s videos and old Ricky Gervais XFM shows.

        • That part had me laughing pretty hard. “ITS COMING STRAIGHT FOR US!!” pretty great stuff. it was a throwaway line but I appreciated the “robin-hood dads” comment as well.

          My fave honest trailers are…. hard to say there’s so many good ones. but the one for TASM is pretty funny especially how they disprove that Peter Parker is a nerd at the start. The Avatar honest trailer is great and the Last Airbender honest trailer is absolutely hilarious if you’ve seen the tv show or movie.

          • I thought the Honest Trailer for IM3 was the best, by far.

            • My fave is either Battleship or the Harry Potter franchise. I found the HP one unintentionally funny in his pronunciation of Warwick Davis’ name, calling him “War-Wick”.

    • if you like the dubstep piece check out Key & Peele dubstep video

      • Honestly, the only dubstep I’ve enjoyed was the song used in Saints Row 4 and Korn’s Path Of Totality album, otherwise I’m not into it, just found that joke in the Honest Trailer pretty funny.

        • i don’t like dubstep also…but the Key & Peele sketch is a joke about the music style and basslines used and what it does to you

  7. Mos was a great movie in my eyes!

    • In mine, it was just Meh Of Steel but it definitely wasn’t a bad movie. Just wasn’t good either.

      • Wow, we agree Dazz. It was “meh” for me too.

  8. What if, instead of the Batfleck as the next Batman, WB made this move:
    Have JGL become Batman Beyond.

    That’d be kinda cool I think.

    • If they made a Batman Beyond movie, that’d be the first Batman movie I’d actively avoid watching. Hated Batman Beyond.

      • I refused to watch it as a kid just out of principal. I was an avid fan of Batman:TAS and was mad when they changed the show to Beyond.

        That being said I recently watched the Batman Beyond movie Return of the Joker and I quite enjoyed it.

        • Yup. It’s actually a good series, and I totally boycotted it during first run as well. I also boycotted the Justice League series. I eventually watched both. Now, “The Batman”, and “Beware the Batman” are different stories though.


  9. In the endless debate of the whole Zod situation, I’d like to throw out there that Kryptonians can’t die because of that “healing coma” thing. Right? (See: the Death/Return of Superman)

    • Wasnt he placed in a regeneration matrix chamber in the Fortress of Solitude.

  10. Just for protocol: I love Howard the Duck. I own it on DVD and think about upgrading it to the Blu-ray. 😀

    • i have it on VHS hahaa, but i have never thought of upgrading

    • I remember going to a birthday party as a kid and as a treat (Because in the 80’s it was a treat) my friends dad rented “Howard The Duck” from the video store. I kinda have a soft spot for that movie. Bad movies can be fun. HTD was actually very B movie-ish, which really was fun.

  11. That Honest Trailer definitely hit the right spot on me… I couldn’t stop laughing.
    You guys need to see their take on Pacific Rim as well, it was hillarious!

    • I’ll wait with the Pacific Rim Honest Trailer until I’ve seen the actual movie. One week to go! 😀

      • not to pry.. but why haven’t you seen it yet?

        And I mean that as an honest question not like “WHY HAVEN’T YOU SEEN IT YET??” more of just a normal question.

        • It was only shown in 3D in my area, so I refused to go see it. Looking forward to the 2D experience at home, though.

      • TheLostWinchester, I found it amusing and entertaining, but in the end, it is what it is…a movie about giant robots fighting monsters.

        • A freakin’ AWESOME movie about giant robots fighting monsters.

          I normally don’t like the genre but that movie….I still claim it as my fave movie of the year.

        • That’s good enough for me. 😀

    • +1000 =D!!

  12. You can keep your cheesy old Superman movies! Superman Returns was an epic fail! Man of Steel was a serious great movie!

  13. A) Kind of glad I lost interest in AC3 halfway through (kind of- I really liked those games)

    B) I have always said that Batman Beyond would be awesome, and it would have been a much better move to do that with JGL than for WB to recast Bruce Wayne after only 3 years! (nothing against Affleck, just not super into the forced Justice League buildup)

  14. That short film was pretty cool. I would like to see more of that. Well done to all involved. Within 8 minutes it was more entertaining than every episode of Agents of Shield combined.

    LOL @ the Tom Hiddleston interview. Seriously, this guy is cool as all hell. Tom has been a part of so many crazy off of the wall things, everything from the Cookie Monster to the kids who like Thor, to even the comiccon silliness. Have to give the guy huge props for all of this stuff.


    • Oh, not to forget my favorite one ever, the Samuel Jackson as Loki impression. LOL