‘Man of Steel’ Star Says ‘Justice League’ Will Be ‘Tough To Achieve’

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Man of Steel Star Justice League Challenges Man of Steel Star Says Justice League Will Be Tough To Achieve

The comic book world knew that a successful reboot of Superman in Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel would raise even more questions (and excitement) concerning the rest of DC’s heroes, on their way to a live-action team-up to rival Marvel’s The Avengers. And unsurprisingly, early success for the film brought rumors of a sequel being filmed and released for next year, with Justice League following in 2015.

Snyder has since claimed that’s not the case, but that holds little hope of stopping the speculation. Man of Steel star Henry Cavill has once again given his thoughts on just how difficult it may be to get a team-up film, and advises that fans might not want to hold their breath just yet.

Speaking on the potential for Justice League with Peter Travers for ABC News, Cavill aimed his replies directly at those assuming that Warner Bros. and DC Comics have adopted Marvel’s strategy, and are already planning the next ‘phase’ of films. Marvel may have had a road map in place from the very beginning, but as far as Cavill sees it, there’s no such rush for Superman and his Super Friends:

“Justice League could be great if done correctly. It’s a very tough one to do because the DC Comics heroes are all godlike in their power so in the real-world setting we’re telling our story in it’s going to be tough to achieve that and it has to be done very delicately and with a lot of thought. So it won’t be right away, certainly not, or I hope it’s not anyway. It may take some time building other movies and other characters and then introduce them together in one way or another.”

“I think it would be great to do but I don’t think it’s around the corner.”

Justice League Movie Writer Will Beall Man of Steel Star Says Justice League Will Be Tough To Achieve

All things considered, it’s no surprise to see these sentiments from Cavill; the Man of Steel star has already explained how he sees a Justice League team-up being earned, and why a Superman/Batman film is especially attractive to him. That being said, after missing the chance to play both Superman and James Bond in the past – and his star already on the rise – Cavill isn’t likely to count his chickens before they’ve hatched.

Both he and Snyder have claimed that their take on Superman requires a direct sequel before feeling like a Justice League movie would make sense from a story perspective, so until we hear different, that’s the plan WB is assumed to be following. Snyder most certainly built the world of Man of Steel to leave doors open for other League members, but that’s a far cry from a concrete plan.

While we can’t disagree with Cavill’s belief that standalone films would help establish DC’s heroes before being called upon to face a larger enemy, that hinges on the belief that what worked for Marvel will work for DC. And as we’ve explained in the past, the two studios have shown there is little common ground they share. Not that following Marvel’s plan wouldn’t work, but with so much at stake, we can certainly understand Cavill’s hesitancy to set anything in stone.

Superman Henry Cavill after crashing into a safe door in Man of Steel Man of Steel Star Says Justice League Will Be Tough To Achieve

Warner Bros. and DC are clearly not in any hurry (and neither are Snyder or Cavill) so at this point, we’d recommend that fans follow the studio’s lead. The action-packed and commercially successful Man of Steel has left the door wide open for a direct sequel, which, if also seen as WB’s summer box office titan, would likely arrive no earlier than 2015. Even if Justice League was the very next step beyond Superman – and not an attempt to reboot Batman beforehand – that team-up film would come even later, pushed back by any potential Wonder Woman, Flash, or Aquaman origin story. As Cavill put it: not around the corner.

As for the difficulty of achieving a super-powered, godlike team of crime-fighters, we’d say Man of Steel succeeded in combining fantastic action with a grounded tone – a feat claimed to be the biggest hurdle for Justice League by some. With that feat out of the way, Warner Bros. seems to be taking their cues from the tortoise, not the hare.

What do you think of Cavill’s concerns of a world filled with godlike heroes? Is that a risky proposition, or par for the course? We all hope for a Justice League film to be well-made if it ever is developed, but would you be willing to wait the necessary years to follow Marvel’s plan? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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Source: ABC News (via ComicBook.com)

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  1. One thing that hasn’t been brought up is, if there is a shared universe, for solo movies, why don’t other heroes show up to help? Well I figure each Superhero fulfills a certain niche of Justice that other heroes are less suited towards.

    Superman: Major events and disasters, such as Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Alien attacks, etc.

    Batman: Political corruption and organized crime.

    Green Lantern: Deep-Space alien warfare, space opera stuff.

    The Flash: Secret terrorist organizations, science experiments gone wrong.

    Wonder Woman: Realm of the gods, the supernatural and magic.

    Aquaman: Threats from below, fighting oppression of Atlantis, easing tensions between nations.

    Focusing on what makes each character unique and how they fit into their niche in what makes them a valuable asset to the world, as well as the character drama that defines who they are, is what will lead to their films’ success.

    • +1


    • Great point and post. Id love to see Warner adressing all of that in the long run.

    • That is how I would do it :)

    • Agreed. Also, I think in this new Man of Steel universe Superman is the first “superhero”. During Man of Steel, I’d like to think that Bruce Wayne is training, Wonder Woman and Aquaman are both living in their isolated areas still away from the humans, Hal Jordan hasn’t gotten his ring yet, Martian Manhunter hasn’t come to Earth yet, Barry Allen hasn’t become the Flash yet, Victor Stone hasn’t become Cyborg yet, etc.

      I’d like to think that some of the other heroes follow in Superman’s footsteps in terms of how they present themselves (cape, logo) and are termed “superheroes” by the people. Well, you get the point, hehe.

      • So where was Superman when Hal was having issues? Or are we tossing GL completely out the window?

        Im not umping at you Im just saying it really doesn’t matter. We as comic book readers have seen stuff like this in the book for ages. If you really say down and went through all the events you would find that characters were where they couldn’t have been and there would be no explanation as to why characters were not there.

        IMO we/they need to stop thinking so hard on how to make this make exact sense. While people are not ignorant to the fact of continuity they dont exactly walk out of the theater in droves over it.

        People are smart enough to realize that it is make believe and at times a little wiggle room needs to be allowed.

        However im also not saying just toss some characters up on the screen. There has to be SOME sort of cohesiveness.

      • I say have Batman already established before supermans “alien outing” but a sort of urban myth like entity.. where the geral public arent 100% sure hes real but most high ranking officials &police gordon etc know he does

        have GL already recieving the ring from a dying Sur.. around the time clark was in his wandering period but have him coincidentally &suddenly being summoned off world for training with the corps just prior to the “event” also tie in Amanda Waller having known &now leading a taskforce charged with co opting Kal El &the now returned Jordan for U.S. Global benefit.. also give Jordan more Capt Atom like characteristics (more willing to work for the govt etc)

        Flash will gain his powers as a direct result of events in the film.. as a failsafe plan of Jor Els in case his son couldnt directly defeat Zod…ill elaborate in a rough draft of my KingdomCome script

        Cyborg would only recieve his powers midway through the actual movie

        “Wonder Woman” will at no point be referred to as such.. but will belong to a race of advanced alien human hybrids living in secret on earth for the last… wait for it… 17 18,000 yrs or so.. on an island somewhere in…. the south indian ocean..
        they decided to hide away from civilisation &live by a code of strict non interference in human culture affairs.. due in part to some cataclysmic event that nearly wiped out the planet… another faction the Atlanteans have a different mandate after a war with the Amazons left them down to a handful basically a family &royal guard with only an army of drones a treaty/truce is met but the atlanteans mandate states they can covertly defend their borders by using “natural disaster” whenever man encroaches too much on their territory or pollutes their chosen kingdom… leading to a modern day conflict

        NO Martians Nmagic lasso’s Diana will be VERY grounded &basically be Faora 2.0 but with a more hopeful streak to her.. the costume should also steer CLEAR from the spangloed bikini strapless sprts bra look &take more of a minimalistic female kryptonian armour with slight early greek earth design influences type look.. think what Jor Els battle/exploration armour would look like on a woman but much more scaled down, greaves silver motif instead of gold etc the tiara would remain as her royal standard as emissary to man

        mo secret identity have her already dealt with washington/UN in previous film as to why her civilisation (still hidden) hasnt shared its prescence &more importantly tech with man &why reveal yourself now yad yada.. have her cite the appearance of Kal El &the “Event” as the main reason

        • I like this. I agree wonder woman is an awful superhero name (Wonderman is too for that matter). In fact, in the league surely they’d refer to each other by their first names, except Batman I guess?

          Are you saying the Ryan Reynolds GL universe is in the MoS universe or are you saying reboot GL?

    • Or they all live in different parts of the world, and each take on local problems.

      • I think each of them is too powerful to limit themselves to local problems. Even Batman drops by other countries sometimes. Plus, non-americans need help too.

    • bat man in this shared universe should be like he should be always have a distrustful approach to this other heroes were some of them are not humans some are humans with god like powers , his purpose in the team

      • And a villain should take advantage of his contingency plans against the other League members he made in case they ever went bad(Deathstroke, anyone?).

    • @ Michael

      Agreed, great post!

      • Thanks for the feedback, Stark, and everyone else. I was just thinking about how more Justice League members could fit into the overall scheme.

        Hawkman & Hawkgirl: Enforcing Thanagarian law and order across many worlds, like a Judge Dredd in space. Unlike Green Lantern, they are more strict and less forgiving in sentencing.

        Green Arrow: Fights Corporate corruption and greed, ‘robs from the rich and gives to the poor’ pro-community type guy.

        Aside from those, the rest of the DC Universe wouldn’t be quite as bankable at the box office, but it would be nice to feature lesser known characters in other films. I think we can have Supergirl/Power Girl and Steel in Man of Steel 3, after Justice League, and perhaps lead them into Justice League 2 and beyond.

        I think it’s time that “sidekicks” are made ok again, as long as they are written with respect to the character. It would be great to have Robin, Nightwing, and Batgirl/Oracle to be in the new Batman continuity to flesh out more of Bruce’s character beyond “I’m sad because my girlfriend’s dead.” Have him take on the role of a father figure and how that effects him personally and what impact the loss of a Robin(Jason Todd) effects him as Batman. Maybe he could take Dick Grayson under his wing when Dick is already a man who quickly moves on from being Robin to Nnightwing just as Bruce becomes a father to Jason.

        Much more than that is a little over my head, but I’ll keep reading the comics to better understand the whole League.

  2. Well, at least throw me a bone while I wait: Green Lantern #2 and Flash, please!

    • How about “Green Lantern Corps” instead? Focus on the Corps in deep space fixing problems on other worlds, with the likes of Hal Jordan, John Stewart, and Guy Gardner all getting a ring and having to decide who takes lead when they all get chosen to protect our sector.

    • I still haven’t seen GL, and I can’t believe it’s as bad as everyone says.

      I also can’t believe Wonder Woman still can’t get a movie – by far one of the most interesting characters in recent myth.

      The Flash is a fun loving guy who starts out with a special new ability, and who ends up at risk of breaking the universe. How is that not a great idea for a movie?

  3. I for one want a JL movie real bad. Hope it happens soon. I can see how Cavill thinks it will be tough to make one. But it’s quite doable. One thing they didn’t do it right in MoS is that didn’t show in capacity any references or actual scenes related to other superheroes. And am not talking about the Easter Eggs. I mean, talking about Themiscyra, Central City, Gotham City, Coast City or showing how they react to the events of Metropolis. Reference Hal Jordan, Oliver Queen, Barry Allen or Wally West etc. Any of that could be done to lay a proper foundation to a possible JL team up.

    WB shouldn’t wait too long to make a JL movie. Cavill can’t possibly be Supes for rest of his career. Also, waiting to make individual heroes movies will waste time& money especially if the movies bomb.

    MoS 2 should either set up World’s Finest or partly have W F related stuff in it and have cameos by WW and the Flash. And if they stick to their release plan, have it set up JL. Brainiac should be in MoS 2 asking with Lex. Lex and his Legion of Doom should be in the first JL movie w/ Aquaman and his people being misunderstood by the humans and vice versa which almost leads to a big scale war but the perpetrators are/ is someone else.

    I say the whole realism part and can some heroes fit in that world shouldn’t be a concern cause it’s all doable. I also agree that Goyer is not necessarily the best choice for the writer. I wanna see other good or better writers who can write some strong drama which Goyer can’t always do well. Why don’t they ask C. Nolan’s brother to write the script? He is better than Goyer.

  4. If the heroes are Godlike heroes, bring in Godlike villains to fight them: Darkseid, Doomsday, Sinestro, Professor Zoom (Reverse-Flash), Time Commander..there is a pretty imposing bunch right there. At least I would not want them waiting around to mug me on the street corner.
    I know some of the characters did have a pretty good back-story back in the day, notably Supes and bats, of course, but Green lantern and Flash as well. In fact, to a lesser degree so did The Atom, Aquaman, Hawkman & Hawkgirl, Martian Manhunter, Wonder Woman, & Green Arrow. That pretty much covers all the original ones and early members as far as any JLA movie stable would be concerned. perhps the Marvel back-stories were more developed, but DC’s were there.

  5. They don’t have to follow Marvel, I mean they can take a page from the animated movie Justice League: The New Frontier. In this we had heroes who didn’t even know each other, yet it still worked out. As a reminder, Man of Steel have some pages from The TV series “Smallville” and The comic “Superman Birthright” and the 1986 reboot of the comic “Man of Steel”! So it can work. You don’t have too do what Marvel did for it too work.

  6. Enough with the speculation. When and if it happens we’re all going to line up to see it as long as it’d done correctly…Now I do want to comment on something from the Man of Steel movie that would have been cool.
    When General Zod was interrupting everyone’s television sets around the world it would have been cool to see a television set in the bat cave with a silhouette of Batman looking at the screen. That would have stolen the movie plus it would have been a great way to show that Superman isn’t the only “hero” in the world…
    Just saying..That would have been THE EASTER EGG..

    • I see what you are saying, but wouldn’t he have been obligated to do something about it? How could he just sit there and watch?

      • I agreed that that easter egg would’ve been mindblowing but then Patrick had to go ruin it with logic :)

      • Even some things are just too big for Batman… This would’ve been a perfect opportunity for him to just sit and watch Superman do his thing. Study him and prepare, which is what he does best.

  7. Agree on Cavill’s thoughts, no need to rush

    • yup take things slow so we have a great jl movie

  8. I agree that WB should take it slow and combin all the super power crime fighters one at a time to tell the story right. For each superhero it would be a tribute to do it the way that it is deserved. I’m a huge fan of dc and would be the first to say bring it out quickly, but I waited a very long time for the new superman to be told correctly. I’m proud of what zack Snyder and the star Henry cavill brought together. Please make the movies great if it is decided to produce them.

    • I agree. At the same time, while most likely not true, I wish they had several scripts ready and actually had a plan (pointless wishing at this point aha) that would allow them to fast track and take the industry by storm. Just a huge hit, where DC is the most talked about. Again, highly doubt it will ever happen

  9. Cavill makes sense with what he says. Honestly, as much as I would like to see a Justice League film, the more I think about it, the more I feel like that may not be the best idea, period. I love interconnectivity and easter eggs as much as anyone, but I would much rather see some genuinely great, unencumbered individual films with incidental crossovers than a clumsy, arbitrary scheme to orchestrate a team-up just because.

    The thing that does not always get brought up in these discussions is that the Justice League and the Avengers are not just interchangeable counterparts of each other, one at DC and one at Marvel. The Marvel characters are designed to fit together much more naturally than the DC characters are.

    Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman, *eventually* Green Lantern and many others could be featured in terrific solo films. They do not have to be overtly leading to a big get-together. That would be great if it could be pulled off, but it shouldn’t be forced.

  10. Set up the Legion of Doom at the end of Man of Steel 2 (Man of Tomorrow?).

    In Justice League, Lex Luthor is aided by Brainiac in his political ambitions, and has a faux enemy in those ambitions with a leader of what the incumbent administration has deemed a terrorist state. That man is Vandal Savage. Savage sees a growing alien threat and wants the world united under one rule to defend against it: his. Luthor tickles ears with talk of freedom, while working people into xenophobia. Batman has suspicions that the two are only apparent enemies, but actual allies. Whichever way it goes, Brainiac, Luthor, and Savage all hope to win for themselves, with Brainiac acting to Luthor as if he is subjugated by him. Upon closer inspection, their conspiracy is shown to involve more than only themselves, and Superman, knowing some of the forces which destroyed his own home world, is deeply disturbed by this.

    There’s your open, political backdrop with plenty of room for cataclysm.

    They can do it, they don’t have to introduce everyone in a movie, and not everyone needs their own movie.

    • Allow me to get carried away. Cyborg detects anomalies throughout all the world’s networks. (These are caused by Brainiac.)

      Vandal Savage discovers and tortures a shape-shifting spy. (J’onn J’onnz believes his people are partly responsible for Savage’s apparent immortality.)

      J’onn is rescued, as a damsel in distress, by Wonder Woman. (Savage has encountered the Amazons before.)

      Aquaman knows of all LexCorp’s illegal, dangerous, and even disastrous oil operations. He is not happy about it.

      Batman and The Flash have both seen insurgencies of destructive crime in their respective cities. (Criminals are not united, and are fighting to be at the top when the ball drops.)

      The Green Lantern knows Brainiac is on Earth and has been looking for him. He, Cyborg, and Batman have all found evidence of Brainiac and traces of his plan.

      Batman is suspicious of Superman. Aquaman needs him. Wonder Woman is impressed by him. The Flash wants to race him. Green Lantern is grateful for him. Martian Manhunter feels common ground with him. Cyborg admires all of them, but tells them where they fail. It is Superman who unites them under a common banner, and not a cloak of conspiracy.

  11. I gotta say, they always use that same drawing for the justice league and it has started to drive me nuts how out of proportion the superman drawing is. His shoulders are totally out of whack ! And everyone looks exactly the same. But different hair

    • It’s a comic, by an artist. They’re all similar in physique. If you look at Kingdom Come, which is one of my favorite books, it drives me nuts how everyone, if they’re a “metahuman”, has the exact same chin.

  12. Justice League can wait. I’m not saying solo films HAVE to happen like Marvel did. But there has to be a valid reason for all of these characters to come together. They are God-like. That’s not really debatable. And most of them can take care of business all by themselves. So what threat can be bigger than what we have already seen that requires not just one hero, but 5+? It seems that the consensus is that WB/DC is inevitably just trying to cash in on Avengers money. I honestly don’t think that’s the case. Only because there hasn’t been one official word from the studio saying that they have plans in store for this. Yes money is awesome and one can never have enough. But there is more at stake here. I think that WB/DC is more interested in creating great films in the style of MoS and TDK with the other characters that they hold property for. Whether it eventually leads up to a full blown out JL movie or just mini crossovers (Worlds Finest – Trinity – JSA).

    For those that continue to hold the same cards in their hands, get over yourselves and open up your mind. There isn’t anything dark about MoS or the recent Batman trilogy (Title of the film exception). Everything just so happens to take place in a world like the one we live in now. No different then Marvel’s current run of Phase 1 and 2 films. They all exist in cities that we co-exist in. DC just so happens to name there’s differently. But a 7-11 is common in my town. Dark just happens to be a term for consequences that are great in nature. If that’s true, then Avengers was a pretty dark movie. NYC was left in shambles.

    Why can’t these other characters exist in this world of ours? Why can’t their actions have consequences? Why can’t comedy be added more than it already is?

    The difference between Marvel and DC CBM’s to recent date is that no one seems to care how much destruction occurs in Marvel movies, where as in DC, it takes a toll. Its not a laughing matter. I’m hoping Phase 2 will change that. People dying isn’t a good thing and last time I checked, no one laughed and felt light hearted when bombs went off in Boston.

  13. I didn’t read it. But who cares what some Brit has to say. He’s just a stupid actor.

    • I imagine most of the people here (and in general) will listen to Cavill before they will listen to you…especially when he’s making sense.

  14. In the case with Green Lantern’s powers not being realistic, I would believe it if the ring made him a telekinetic and telepathic (a Jean Grey)with a slight green glow on the things he interacts with, that would be enough to make a believable hero, we don’t need to see floating objects made with his mind like a fist, then it get’s cartoony.

    As for the JL coming together, I don’t see solo movies working out at the start except for Supes and Batman(Green Lantern can probably fall into this category too), in each case they have memorable villains and interesting origin stories, the others don’t. Flash, Wonder Woman, Manhunter and Aquaman can’t just show up in a Justice League movie but it would be wrong to drag it out with separate movies, Team up movies would be the best thing to do

    • Scientists can already shape plasma via magnetic fields so it’s not far fetched that aliens thousands of years beyond us could create a device that forms energy constructs in any shape desired.

  15. I want a “Kingdom Come”-type Justice League trilogy….. make it just like the Lord of the Rings trilogy.


    I dont like the “God” tag people seem to put on DC heros. If Superman ‘killed’ Zod showing a God could die they are no where near ‘God Like’.

    When people in certain places spout off stuff like this it just creates more red tape for a movie to go through.

    Stop putting false information in peoples heads. In essence if MOS is successful you have just handled your problenms with ‘powers’ and heroes.

    • Big “G” and little “g” makes all the difference. They are “god” like not “God” like. In Greek mythology the Gods could be killed and maimed. Cronus was killed by his children, the Olympians, and Cronus even castrated Uranus. Clearly “gods” with the little “g” have limits, as do DC characters.

      • So with that thought process how is Marvel characters not godlike and DCs are?


        • because to each of DC’s characters its 2 or 3 Marvel characters

          Batman is Cap Tony Stark Hawkeye Black Widow AND Fury all wrapped in one

          Superman is Thor cap &Hulk

          Wonder Woman is Thor Black Widow

          Flash is Quicksilver times 1000 & henry pym combined

          GL is Scarlet Witch

          Cyborg is Iron Man Vision &every tech based avenger ever wrapped in one..

          they are more godlike.. its like in Authority (JusticeLeague pastiche) when the comic book kids attackled the GLOBE they all split up &took a continent one coz they had to &two coz theyre showoffs.. as Midnighter (amoral gay Batman pastiche) said when he took on most of the x men clones &a few avengers single handedly.. “the day i cant handle a buncha punk radioactive teenagers is the day i hang up my trenchcoat for good” ^he was wading into about 20 of em.. its the sort of stuff batman would do.. but less lethally..

          point is theyre the CREAM of the CROP.. whereas as marvel are the common man.. or frat boys of hero-dom

  17. Just want to say I’ve just seen MOS, it opened down under today, my review..WOW WOW and WOW! I was blown away with this, I reckon this is THE greatest CBM movie I’ve ever seen, I’m still buzzing, How on earth did some of these so called critics say bad things about it??? And how can people say there was too much action are you kidding me here??the action was insane!! Total carnage and I friken loved it, MOS kicks serious ass, it made the Batman films look like the Brady Bunch, and it murdered anything Marvel has put out!! Thankyou Snyder and Co for making this masterpiece, The visuals were stunning, the story, the action, Zod, everything! Superman is back big time, I’ve never been in a cinema were everyone cheered and clapped in the end, my girlfriend went and I had to force her but she walked out just as excited as me, Bring on MOS2 fast!!

  18. And one last thing Antje Traue as Faora-UI was hot! She was perfect in that role so was Micheal Shannon. Just Epic in every way..

  19. There is a way to make a shared universe but many fans would not like it….

    Make the events of Man of Steel be the Pandora’s box to the subsequent events that create Flash, WonderWoman, Hawk Guy and bring Martian Manhunter.

    This means that the Kryptonian invasion on Earth attracts other alien attention whom abduct ordinary human beings and transform them into the villains and heroes of the DC universe. The good aliens create Flash,wonder woman and co. The bad aliens create the villains.

    This allows Nolan’s Batman to exist because during his time there were no super powered individuals until Superman came.

    • Cue fan-boy rioting in the streets

      • Amen to that. I don’t know if Dude’s idea sucks or blows.

    • That isn’t how it works. Aliens don’t take a guy like Barry Allen and turn him into the Flash, just because they can.

  20. If they ever do make a movie I rather them use the Justice League from the animated show. They should use Hal though instead of John Stewart.

  21. You know the way the “G” word is constantly being used in the comments section and in many Superhero related articles lately I can`t help but think about (and use ) a great quote from Watchmen to express my thoughts and feelings on the matter:

    “In any event, I never said `The superman exists and he`s American.` What I said was `God exists and he`s American.` If that statement starts to chill you to the bone after a couple of moments` consideration, then don`t be alarmed. A feeling of intense and crushing religious terror at the concept indicates only that you are still sane.” Amen Prof. Milton Glass. Amen…

    Alot of you folks and actors like Henry Cavill keep talking about how these characters are “godlike” Hell they even got a game out now called what is it “Injustice: Gods Among Men” I don`t know what`s going on with Marvel and DC Comics lately. It seems as if there trying to turn thier IP into some sort of Secular Religion!! I was a kid in the 80`s (watching He-Man/ Transformers/Voltron/G.I.Joe/ ThunderCats/TMNT/Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends and etc) and a teenager in the 90`s (watching X-Men/Power Rangers 93-95 90210/Melrose Place/C-Span reading X-Men and WildCats comicbooks and etc) It seems like comic book heroes hav

    • Dammit… Accidently pressed the `Submit Comment` button. Continued: have gone from being violent reckless well-meaning vigilantes (1938-39 Debut of Superman & Batman) to cookie-cutter googy toe shoes (Post World War 2 Era) to sexed up anti-heroes in the 1990`s now in the 21st century seems like everyone has a God-complex! So to all you folks who see them as Godlike now. I leave you with this. I`ll never forget the thought provocking and provocative question that Black Adam asked of Superman and Captain Marvel:

      “When you crush an ant beneath your foot, do you feel remorse? No. Is this because you are evil or because you recognize yourself as a higher form of life? This is what the Wizard could not understand. IF I HAVE THE POWERS OF THE GODS, THEN AM I NOT A GOD MYSELF? Should I not be treated as such?”

      Silence was Superman/Captain Marvel`s response. They could muster no proper rebuttal to Black Adam`s probing question or was it an assertion of the self evident?

  22. Stating the obvious, there is a dearth of creativity in the motion picture industry. That said:

    The paradigm for the unqualified success of a comic-book character in a stand-alone film with no established franchise, a superhero unfamiliar to the majority of general film audiences with “powers” sufficiently abstruse for the average popcorn-eater — yet a movie that worked, and worked extremely well…is IRON MAN.

    Between the period of May 2008 and January 2010, the film had been observed as the best-reviewed motion picture; this, after considering all of the above. But how could it be? Because the movie was smart in every conceivable way that any movie can be.

    Henry Cavill’s opinions notwithstanding, a Justice League movie imbued with the proper production acumen could accomplish what few films like the seminal IRON MAN had achieved. And without that blessed trinity of director Zack Snyder, producer Christopher Nolan and writer David Goyer to indemnify its post-release against failure.

    Thinking “out of the box” (as with IRON MAN) while avoiding the heedlessness that pervades the culture of the Hollywood film industry — that monstrous waste of money — makes Justice League not only do-able but also do-able in short order.

    A creative artist is a person of limited experience with unlimited imagination.

    • @Frederick Louis Richardson: Dude… did you write the dialogue for The Architect in The Matrix Reloaded? Cause you totally sound like him :P

      Good post.

      • In the words of the Architect: “Thanks.”

  23. Well here’s a thought, what if, for some reason the individual movies they make about the JL member suck? there would have to be some more remakes of those individual movies… let’s be honest the only reason bats and sups did good it’s cause they are the ones who make the JL a good team. if they failed with this little movies there will be no JL movie… that’s for sure!!

    • I feel you.

  24. I’m kind of getting a feeling that Superman is like the “iron man” of his shared universe which is perfectly fine but don’t make another sequel like Iron man did. which means don’t try and use it to shove the shared universe down our throats. I think DC does not need to be stupid and rush towards justice league. If they take their time and not rush to bring everyone together.. well when they do end up making a Justice league movie… It will be something unbelievable. While reading this Article a thought came to me when they said these heroes are like gods in this realistic world that DC is going for. What if some people actually viewed them as gods? I mean if you turned on the news and saw these people with these extraordinary powers wouldnt you think some people might find them biblical?

  25. Iron Man: We have a hulk
    Superman: (laughing) Thats cute

  26. The plan should be like this.
    -Man of steel 2. 2014
    -World’s finest with the nolan batman. 2015
    -Green lantern origin story with superman and introducing sinestro (like in superman the animated serie). 2016
    -(Maybe) origin story for flash, cyborg and wonder woman in one movie.
    -Sinestro and lantern corps movie. 2016
    -Justice league with sinestro as the main vilain. 2017

    • Or after thinking one of the many advantages of having nolan batman is that you don’t nedd any kind of introduction for the caracter. So we can have the plan like this.
      -Man of steel 2. 2014
      -Green origin story with the world’s finest and introducing sinestro. 2015
      -And the rest in the same way.

  27. Cavill is right, take your time and do it right the first time versus hurrying a terrible project to
    theaters by 2015 just to receive a spanking by avengers 2,star wars 7, and now id4 sequel.
    I lean more towards marvel but after seeing a better stor y and better action sequences then iron man 3 would like to see justice league succeed. Only screwup warner brothers did out of fear was
    Not include a meaningful stepping stone to next dc comics movie.

    • +1

      AND Jurassic Park 4, the Justice League film would just die lol. Man of Steel 2 seems like the movie that would definitely be able to compete with all those movies though. I’m just hoping the shared universe aspect doesn’t dumb down anything for the solo films.

      • Lol Yeah, forgot about jurassic park 4 which is a tough franchise. Warners just needs to be
        Patient and tone down zack synders penchant for over the top violent scenes. I felt bad my son had to watch that last scene, other then that man of steel best comic film behind
        Avengers. Raised the bar on action sequences.

        • About the action scenes, I wonder where Zach Snyder would be if there had never been the Wachowski Brothers. The last fight scene was nearly identical to Neo vs Smith in Matrix Revolutions.

          • Which is all the more bothersome when you recall that Keanu Reeves was rumored to play Superman for a while.

  28. After seeing MOS last nite all want right now is a sequel, It’s the best CBM ive ever seen, the people who have complained about it are seriously hard to please, it smashed 1978 Superman, and it killed all of the Ironman films put together, The MOS universe is the perfect set up for the JL, But I don’t want them ruining MOS2 with too many cameos, This is Supermans time now, I think use MOS3 for the cameos and do some solo films in between, I’m a big Aquaman fan so I’d love to see that, if done properly would be epic, Right now I’m just pleased they’ve made a kick ass Superman film, it blew me away..

  29. Rod22..What’s wrong with Snyders fight scenes?? I thought they were amazing, over the top yes, and that’s why I liked them, it was total carnage, exactly what I wanted to see in a Superman film, I actually wanted the action to keep going, The fight with Zod was out of control! It just about leveled a city lol, and don’t mention the Avengers please now that was rubbish, MOS is my new favourite CBM, if I had to list my top 5 it would be –

    Man of Steel
    The Dark Knight
    Batman Begins
    The Crow

    • Agreed the action sequences in man of steel raised the bar for future comic book movies and i
      Did not have a problem with it. But that last scene was too dang graphic for pg13 and may have doomed this movie from at least reaching a potential billion. But the avengers is big mama
      Until someone else beats it. The movie beat titantic on a first run basis and avatar needed that
      Advanced 3d technology to remain in first place.

    • My top five
      1. avengers because i said last year they would make a billion and i got
      Laughed at but i believed.

      2. Man of steel- story was good and action sequences raised bar.

      3. Batman begins- before this movie was released warners said it was a prequel
      Until second movie nolan fell in love with himself and his supposed realism
      and gotham became ny and chicago in back to back films.

      4. The incredible hulk- best cgi hulk ever because of being physically cut.

      5. Darknight- heath ledger