‘Man of Steel’ Star Says ‘Justice League’ Will Be ‘Tough To Achieve’

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Man of Steel Star Justice League Challenges Man of Steel Star Says Justice League Will Be Tough To Achieve

The comic book world knew that a successful reboot of Superman in Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel would raise even more questions (and excitement) concerning the rest of DC’s heroes, on their way to a live-action team-up to rival Marvel’s The Avengers. And unsurprisingly, early success for the film brought rumors of a sequel being filmed and released for next year, with Justice League following in 2015.

Snyder has since claimed that’s not the case, but that holds little hope of stopping the speculation. Man of Steel star Henry Cavill has once again given his thoughts on just how difficult it may be to get a team-up film, and advises that fans might not want to hold their breath just yet.

Speaking on the potential for Justice League with Peter Travers for ABC News, Cavill aimed his replies directly at those assuming that Warner Bros. and DC Comics have adopted Marvel’s strategy, and are already planning the next ‘phase’ of films. Marvel may have had a road map in place from the very beginning, but as far as Cavill sees it, there’s no such rush for Superman and his Super Friends:

“Justice League could be great if done correctly. It’s a very tough one to do because the DC Comics heroes are all godlike in their power so in the real-world setting we’re telling our story in it’s going to be tough to achieve that and it has to be done very delicately and with a lot of thought. So it won’t be right away, certainly not, or I hope it’s not anyway. It may take some time building other movies and other characters and then introduce them together in one way or another.”

“I think it would be great to do but I don’t think it’s around the corner.”

Justice League Movie Writer Will Beall Man of Steel Star Says Justice League Will Be Tough To Achieve

All things considered, it’s no surprise to see these sentiments from Cavill; the Man of Steel star has already explained how he sees a Justice League team-up being earned, and why a Superman/Batman film is especially attractive to him. That being said, after missing the chance to play both Superman and James Bond in the past – and his star already on the rise – Cavill isn’t likely to count his chickens before they’ve hatched.

Both he and Snyder have claimed that their take on Superman requires a direct sequel before feeling like a Justice League movie would make sense from a story perspective, so until we hear different, that’s the plan WB is assumed to be following. Snyder most certainly built the world of Man of Steel to leave doors open for other League members, but that’s a far cry from a concrete plan.

While we can’t disagree with Cavill’s belief that standalone films would help establish DC’s heroes before being called upon to face a larger enemy, that hinges on the belief that what worked for Marvel will work for DC. And as we’ve explained in the past, the two studios have shown there is little common ground they share. Not that following Marvel’s plan wouldn’t work, but with so much at stake, we can certainly understand Cavill’s hesitancy to set anything in stone.

Superman Henry Cavill after crashing into a safe door in Man of Steel Man of Steel Star Says Justice League Will Be Tough To Achieve

Warner Bros. and DC are clearly not in any hurry (and neither are Snyder or Cavill) so at this point, we’d recommend that fans follow the studio’s lead. The action-packed and commercially successful Man of Steel has left the door wide open for a direct sequel, which, if also seen as WB’s summer box office titan, would likely arrive no earlier than 2015. Even if Justice League was the very next step beyond Superman – and not an attempt to reboot Batman beforehand – that team-up film would come even later, pushed back by any potential Wonder Woman, Flash, or Aquaman origin story. As Cavill put it: not around the corner.

As for the difficulty of achieving a super-powered, godlike team of crime-fighters, we’d say Man of Steel succeeded in combining fantastic action with a grounded tone – a feat claimed to be the biggest hurdle for Justice League by some. With that feat out of the way, Warner Bros. seems to be taking their cues from the tortoise, not the hare.

What do you think of Cavill’s concerns of a world filled with godlike heroes? Is that a risky proposition, or par for the course? We all hope for a Justice League film to be well-made if it ever is developed, but would you be willing to wait the necessary years to follow Marvel’s plan? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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Source: ABC News (via ComicBook.com)

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  1. Saw a comment over on SHH saying that audiences weren’t willing to accept a guy who gets his power from a magic ring and uses his imagination to fight evil.

    I admit I find it hard to see Green Lantern in this current MoS universe. Could you imagine him fighting superman with big glowing green fists?

    • Sinestro has beaten Superman to a standstill so yes, green or yellow I can imagine it because it’s happened.

      • I guess I should’ve been clearer. In this new somewhat ‘grounded’ MoS could you really see Green Lantern showing up?

        I actually think Aquaman would seem more ‘realistic’.

        • I think it could work because the ring isn’t magic, it’s technology. If done correctly, I think they could definitely make the Green Lantern corp. work in the new MOS universe. They did an amazing job making the technologically advanced alien world of Krypton here, I’m not sure why Green Lantern wouldn’t work. But, as I stated, IF done correctly.

          • Umm.. Man of Steel started out on another planet with high tech robots and crazy aliens. Jor-el flew on a huge dragon fly. I think audiences can take anything seriously if put in the right light. I totally bought all that.

          • +1

          • +1 If the writers aren’t lazy with it!

      • “in this current MoS universe” is what he’s saying…

        • I think others have kind of answered this already but…..If people can buy spaceships from another distant galaxy, aliens who get their strength from our yellow sun, can bounce bullets, has heat vision, can fly, etc…..what were we talking about again? Oh yeah, being more grounded and “realistic”? Please.

    • So much for Dr. Strange….

      • @ Mal Reynolds

        Like I’ve said before, the difference between Marvel and DC movies is that Marvel expects the audience to accept their comic book movie world as the real world whereas DC expects the audience to accept that these comic book things could happen in the real world.

        Dr. Strange will work on Marvel’s premise.

        • As evidence by the betrayal of the mandarin.

          oh wait.

          • @ Alex

            That is a whole diffrent story.

            • lol.

              While true, marvel still has to prove it can keep an audience in the universe it has emersed us with since IM3 with the introduction of magic.

              That beign sad, I simply ment that so far Marvel has dodged the introduction of magic to the point they watered down a very reconized villian.

              So I believe the introduction of Dr Strange is very bold, and I like it but they still got to do it.

              • @ Alex

                Do you consider Thor’s world/realms in anyway magical? Just curious.

                • Thor says, and I quote, “Your ancestors called it magic but you call it science. I come from a land where they are one and the same.”

                  • @ T. Ferguson


        • Good thing his ring isn’t magical…at all. Alien technology is more accurate. And willpower is actually what he uses. Imagination just forms the constructs. He shoots regular beams out of it plenty of times. But that’s semantics. Green Lantern could definitely work in this universe just like Superman did. Is it harder to sell an interstellar police force formed by one of the most advanced species in the universe than a superpowered alien baby who inexplicably looks exactly like a human landing on earth? I’m not following the logic of DC nay-sayers. All of the characters can work on film. You just have to get the audience to care about them; to care about what they’re fighting for and why they are the way they are and that audience will forget whether or not Superman is wearing his underwear over his pants because they’ll be too focused on how inspired he makes them feel. That’s how The Dark Knight worked and that’s how you get these characters to work as well. Use them to inspire people and they will be a success.

    • They should mae the ring only produce machine like items such as guns, vehicles etc as the ring itself is a machine.

      • or they could not put limitations on characters for arbitrary reasons.

    • Either GL would make a big hunk of Green Kryptonite and it would be over for Kal-El, or Supes would speed up to him at hyper-speed and pummel the brightest day out of his blackest night! It would just depend on who was quickest on the draw.

      • Personally, GL is my favorite JLA member, followed by The Flash (That’s Hal Jordan/Barry Allen).

  2. Good! I was afraid they were gonna rush into it, and make it sub-par.

  3. They should do DC team up films to introduce characters using Superman and Batman as the anchors to each film. Then justice league. They don’t have time to go the Marvel route. WB/DC need to catch up.

    • I concur.

    • In the New 52, Green Lantern and The Flash are best buddies, so I could see smaller teamups happening. Aquaman and Wonder Woman are similar enough in background too.

      • GL/Flash versus Sinestro/Professor Zoom (Reverse-Flash).
        Martian Manhunter, Atom & Hawkman team-up.
        Doctor Fate and Hourman team-up.
        Yeah, those would make me happy.
        Ecstatic, even!

  4. Cavill expresses a common sense approach.
    And I don’t think that sense is in a vacuum.
    Henry is expressing the common view at WB.

  5. I think the smart move is to make Man of Steel 2 into a World’s Finest/Brave & The Bold crossover movie. Both Lex Luthor and Wayne Enterprises were effected by Supes’ battle with Zod in Metropolis, we could get the Batman origin story out of the way, show a team up against Lex Luthor and that would/should be the foundation for them to form the Justice League.

    • Perfect idea just a little tweak after your MoS2 idea some how they join WW in it and have the Throne of Atlantis story line.

    • Let’s not get stuck on the “gotta be Supes, gotta be Bats” merry-go-round. I want to quit spinning tires and get on with other heroes before I am so old they throw me in the ground as worm-munchies before I get to see some other big DC heroes on the silver screen.

  6. I agree with Cavill, go ahead, take your time, concentrate on making MOS2 a better movie than the first, then make these solo movies for Flash and Wonder woman carefully, get the audiences interest and then do your JL movie.

    People say the “Marvel way” isn’t necessary, but what they don’t say is that the Marvel way has worked, and worked really well. There’s no shame in copying their blueprint. The fact of the matter is, they beat DC to the punch with the whole cinematic universe thing. That will not change. What they need to do is not make another Green Lantern.

    • What marvel did was risky. I rather see (don’t want to) a bad Justice League film than a bad individual hero movies that fails commercially.

      • That in turn cancels any hope for a Justice League.

      • Of course it was risky..but no guts, no glory right? Thats why you focus on making a good movie. Get a Feige type overseer who knows the comic book business, get directors who care about the material, cast correctly and market properly. Marvel’s solo movies weren’t exactly Godfather quality but they were good entertaining movies with likeable characters and well thought out stories and arcs for the most part.

  7. Then again too slow is also a bad thing. DC needs to commit. Saying “it might maybe happen; one day down the road” sounds like an underpaid prostitute stringing her john along.

    • I meant WB.

  8. I agree not to jump into a JL movie right away but don’t take too much time!

    All we need is a Superman/Batman intro movie to get the ball rolling.

  9. There is another thing we ALL have to put into proper context. Nolan’s Batman trilogy. The mass audience is still only aware of Nolan’s Dark Knight. It would be VERY pre mature (to say the least) to just go on and produce a new “Bats” flick when TDK trilogy only wrapped up last year. To us it might be time to move on. But that’s unrealistic. It’s too early for that.

    It only makes sense to go on and have a MOS trilogy, just like TDK trilogy. During that time other flicks can come out to build up to JL. “Wonder Woman” especially because WW is up there with Supes and Bats. People tend to think that it’s primarily those two guys, but no. WW is in the middle of their rivalry. And she is of course a woman, which gives The Justice League a lot more weight and credence to the team. MUCH more than the Avengers. Who doesn’t know who Wonder Woman is? We NEED a WW flick. More than another Green Lantern or even Batman. The time is due.

    Let’s have Superman have his day “in the sun.” We are lucky to have a superb actor who is so willing and so capable to be Supes with Cavill. Zack has totally embraced Superman much like Nolan took in Batman. Let’s keep that going. There’s so much Superman can do , story wise, just on his own.

    It will keep Zack in the inner circle. Because it’s easy to see how sincerely thrilled he is about Superman. I can honestly see Zack, his wife Deborah, Cavill , David Goyer and Charles Roven as the team who will eventually bring us a Justice League flick. And possibly Bruce Timm and, yes, maybe Chris and Emma Nolan. As part of a creative team. And to produce. Why not?

    The money that WB/DC would offer them would be obscene. But I believe that all these parties involved are loving being a part of Superman and the greater DC universe.

    • I would love to see Bruce Timm brought on for creative input. That’s be pretty awesome.

  10. Cavill is right.

    We need a better MOS 2 first and then a Superman/Batman movie,
    that will lay the foundation for a solid JL movie. The last thing you want to do is rush into something that requires so much attention and care. A JL movie not done right would be disastrous!

  11. “It’s a very tough one to do because the DC Comics heroes are all godlike in their power so in the real-world setting we’re telling our story in it’s going to be tough to achieve that and it has to be done very delicately and with a lot of thought.”

    Cavill is correct, the grounded, realisim approach that WB/DC has taken will prove to be a difficult environment in which to produce something like the Justice League. That type of approach will not work for all the members of the team, or the team itself.

    • @ Stark

      Not just for the Justice League but other heroes & villains aswell within the universe that won’t fit the grounded tone. Can you imagine someone like Giganta, Cheeta, Dr.Fate, S.T.R.I.P.E & Stargirl or the Legion Of Superheros?

      If they’re gonna use Bizzaro on film, id make Superman’s costume little brighter than it is now unless they go Superfriends on the villain & just have “S” backwards on his chest. Knowing how powerful the little imp is,imo the chances of Mxy showing up in doubtful,lol. Lol, everytime I think of that character I hear Gilbert Gotfried’s voice in my head from Superman:TAS.

      • While DC/Warner works towards JLA, no matter what path they take, other DC flicks coming out would be welcome independent of the JLA plans. My choices are a Doctor fate and Hourman team-up m(who mwouldn’t go to see that?!), and although a bit daring (like, “Who are these roodie-poos?!”), I would welcome a Legion of Super-Heroes movie. Of course, rather than piss-n-moan, everyone should do their research and read up on who these heroes are (except for guys like me who in my infinite wisdom was raised with the early comics, so I know who most of these guys are already, Brainiac that I am!).

    • It’s pretty difficult to introduce a lot of characters in a real world context, that’s for sure. One of the reasons why I like this approach so much, it’s difficult but achievable. The story has to be top notch to unite such characters making it very unique if successful. Hasn’t failed yet I don’t think, I say keep at it.

      • I agree.

    • @ Stark

      I disagree that the grounded realism approach won’t work for every member of the team or the team itself. There are any number of directions you could take characters like Wonder Woman and Flash plot wise but as far as grounded concept it’s merely a matter of focusing on what makes them relatable to people as opposed to what makes them different. The “superhero” aspect comes naturally to the character but as long as the creative team stays true to what people loved about these characters for decades it won’t be a problem. It doesn’t matter how “grounded” Nolan made Batman, a guy dressing in that outfit running around at night beating up criminals is completely ridiculous. You can’t say it isn’t. But Nolan made the stories about Bruce Wayne as a person. He allowed the audience to see behind the mask and care about the man wearing it, and that is the key to making these characters work on screen. You don’t need to ground the characters by putting limitations on them, changing their back stories, tweaking their powers, all for the sake of “realism.” There’s more to these characters than costumes and powers and if the teams working on these films can show that to the audience each character will seem as a real and grounded as Batman and be just as well received.

      • @ Oneiros

        You make some valid points.

    • The only grounded approach that WB/DC is taking is that the setting is the same as the world we live in now. Why can’t these characters exist in a world we live in now?

  12. Cavill will be in his 40′s by the time WB ever gets Justice League off the ground.

    • Well, I can see Cavill pulling off Supes in his forties.

      Not a problem.

      • +1

        I mean RDJ is 48 lol

        • Plus, as we’ve all seen, Cavill is in very good shape. He would be good at 40 as Superman.

          • Right on.

            • 1 step closer to Kingdom Come. ;)

    • George Reeves played Superman in his 40s. And that was the 50s.

    • Quite honestly, especially when they got around to Justice league, Superman had been “at it” for a good while in Metropolis…so to think he’d be middle aged by the time they formed this in the movie-verse isn’t the least bit far fetched…if anything it wold be most appropriate – a matured, seasoned Superman heading up JL

      • Indeed.

    • (singing): “In the year 2525, DC/Warner will still be pulling jive, and no comics fans are left alive; they all died of anxiety hives….!”

  13. Maybe two more full Superman solo features, with a cameo from Batman in the third. Then use Superman as the point-of-view character for a Justice League movie, intro everyone else in one shot. Then spin them off individually based on which ones people take a shine to. Like if any of them break out they way Ruffalo as Hulk did for Avengers.

  14. When they do have a Justice League film, i think the Flash should be Wally West to make up for lack of so called “joylessness”, I think MoS wasnt joyless it had its funny moments, but for critics to realize that their should be more humor. oh yeah Cavill is 30 rite now

    • MOS only had two scenes in which people in the theater laughed out loud. When his mom said nice suit and the girl saying he was hot. Of course that’s what most dc fans wants super serious movies with no humor but i would love to see dc try that with flash and see how well it works.

      • But that’s The Flash. It’s a part of his character. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, ect improvising one-liners like it’s stand up night is uncharacteristic. You don’t like the WB/DC serious tone? Cool. Watch a Disney/Marvel flick.

        • Good point. A Flash movie needs a lot of comedy because that’s part of his character. The other members of the Justice League? Not really. One reason why fans didn’t respond well to Green Lantern was because they tried to be more comedic, which didn’t work with the character. I get that people want a more family friendly DC movie with a lot of comedy like Avengers, but if it means changing the character and the story, you’ll end up with another “Batman and Robin”.

          • @ Robert

            Over dramatic comparing Batman & Robin to The Avengers. People more likely wanna see a film such as Burton’s Batman & Donnor’s Superman. Green Lantern was rushed by the studio, had bad script, plot. Ryan Reynolds could of been good but he was given a poor script just like the cast of Batman & Robin.

      • You left out the scene in the bar where Clark turns that jerk’s truck into a shish kabob.

        The last line at the very end where Lois says to Clark “welcome to the ‘planet.’ ”

        There were a lot of little things here and there… you have to have some sense of humor to pick up on those things in the first place.

        • I really didn’t understand the complaints with the humor. I thought it had just as much as Batman Begins. Several quick funny scenes for some comic relief, but not enough to qualify comedy as part of the “genre” of the film. As a serious movie, they balanced the comedy perfectly. And there was more comedy in Man of Steel than Superman Returns, so…

          • Exactly. Here’s the thing. Too many critics were expecting to see another version of the Richard Donner movie. A cheesy Man Of Steel. But these were the same people who shrieked about Bryan Singer’s “ode” to Donner.

            If MOS was a bit more serious it’s because Snyder wants Superman to be taken seriously. Superman is not a joke.

            EVERYONE knows who Supes is. But that does not mean in any way that they UNDERSTAND the character.

            It’s not 1978 anymore.

            • +1

              “Everyone KNOWS who superman is, but not many UNDERSTAND the character” well said!

            • I didn’t really that movie was a joke. I thought it was a serious take on the character for the time when the last superhero movie was “Batman” Adam West and Burt Ward style.

          • +1

            Loved the amount of humor in the film, I thought it was awesome.

        • +1

          May also add:

          -the church scene with the priest’s reaction to hearing he is the alien
          -When Lois says “Careful those bags are heavy” to a disguised Clark
          -When Lois is announced as the only one to know who Kal-El is on TV
          -Lois pointing out that Superman is in handcuffs.
          -Superman’s reply to being handcuffed- “If it makes them feel secure”
          -Superman showing off his X-Ray vision and casually breaking the handcuffs
          -Jor-El helping Lois got some amusing chuckles
          -the rude truck driver trying to push Clark…to no avail.
          -Lois’s “Are we done measuring dicks?” comments
          -”It’s all down hill after the first kiss.” -”I hear that only counts if your human” back and forth

          I missing some others besides the ones said before.
          The film had subtle humor, not slapstick witty banter.

          • + 1000

      • the showing i went to had people laughing at his learning to fly, and the interogation room showing off his xray vision.

      • The Flash was not necessarily a funny guy in the early comics (Barry Allen). I prefer the serious approach to Flash. Green Lantern’s movie, which actually was not that bad overall, had the weak and failing attempts at humor as one of it’s weakest parts.

      • I’m not sure we watched the same movie then because there were plenty of humorous lines. Lots of laughs in the theater I went to.

    • I’d rather have Barry Allen as The Flash. He’s a more interesting character. Wally West is more one-note as the comic relief. No one character should be a comic relief. Comic relief should come from a given situation and clever dialogue from anybody. Plus I like Barry Allen’s backstory of trying to prove his father’s innocence in the case of his mother’s supposed murder at his father’s hands.

  15. I think the best way to go about it is another MoS, then either a third MoS movie and/or a Batman/Superman World’s Finest movie. Then and only then they should work on a Justice League movie.

  16. First of all, I`m getting a little fed up with how often the “G” word is being tossed around in reference to costumed crimefighters. I`ve never really thought of the Justice League (or X Men) as all that godlike. If you think of them as gods than you imho have a very low estimation of what a God truly is…

    Its like when people say Superman is like Jesus. I have to wonder if they have ever read the Four Gospels. Kal-El doesn`t really rock the boat. He keeps his mouth shut and just does his job. Yeshua on the other hand had a knack for pissing people off ;) So much so that some plotted his murder. Some wish to kill Superman because of what he is. They wanted to kill Jesus because of what he said.

    Now to what Henry Cavill said here. Did he not see Zack Synder`s Watchmen which had Dr. Manhatten in it with abilities that may surpass the Gini in Aladdin`s Lamp?! And it was a movie all about the growing pains of a superhero fraternity. I believe it did quite well. And they didn`t need to follow Marvel`s Road to the Avengers movie to make it.

    • There’s a difference between big G and little g. And when fictional characters are packing that much power the indiscretion towards that term is excusable. Not to mention that “God” isn’t the Abrahahmic deity’s real name and that the concept of the holy trinity and worship of Yeshua Ben Yosef is sacrilegious to 2/3 of if it’s adherents. This isn’t the place religious/metaphysical debate… oh and read a book.

      • @ naledge

        I almost posted a similar “this isn’t the place” comment but thank you for beating me to it so poignantly.


      • @naledge Not really sure what you mean by “oh and read a book.” I`ve read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. The Illiad & Odyssey by Homer. Multiple Plays by Euripedeis. I`m currently reading The Hunger Games books, Psychology For Dummies and other stuff :P

        And seeing as how the ScreenRant Moderators have not deleted my post: I don`t think I`ve veered to far off topic. And I`m well aware that “God” is not the name of the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob. He has many names, Elohim, El Shaddai, El Elyon, El Roi and many others.

        • @Son of Prometheus/Naledge – You didn’t go too far off topic but this subject is is to let get heated and out of control. We don’t want that, so please continue to be mindful.

          Paul Young- Moderator

    • 90% of what was good about Watchmen the movie was from the book (the other 10% – the opening credits and improved ending). Dr. Manhattan had god-like (I’m not sure of Gini or Djinn powers stack up, but I doubt they were this strong), but also powerless because he could see his own destiny as a matter of quantum mechanical certainty, but was unable to change anything.

      I believe he said they are all puppets, only he could see the strings.

      This does not prove to be the case. In the film (and I think in the book), Dr. M goes off to another planet to explore “creating life”.

      As far as Superman, Thor, and the like being refereed to as “g”ods, not big G God. There is a major distinction, and i think most superheros with superpowers would fit that definition.

    • Even Batman says Superman has “godlike powers”.

      As a Christian I see where you are coming from, but when people say “godlike powers” they are referring to gods like the Greek or Norse.

      • Exactly. “Son of Prometheus” is acting like flying around, super strength, and making objects using your mind is the norm. Some members of the JLA are very godlike. Not because they are literally gods, but because that is how the PEOPLE and the WORLD view them and how they are seen in their world.

        Superman being compared to Jesus Christ had been around for years, nothing new there. Again, not because he is the superhero version of Jesus, but because there are similar characteristics and stories that make him that type of figure. Sent from another place with another “father”, comes to earth with remarkable powers, destiny, sacrifices himself and is resurrected from the grave, yeah, you get the point.

        As a Christian myself, growing up, I never thought of Superheroes like they were Gods, but just people with these remarkable powers and in their universe, that’s how the world sees them.

        • @Robert W. I`m not acting like “flying around, having super strength or being able to move objects around with just your mind is the norm.” I`m saying its just different… I`ll never forget the 1st episode of Season 4 of Smallville. Near the end of the episode Clark was talking about his impressions of his first flight saying something like:

          “If I can do that– than maybe I`m capable of anything!!” Instead of helping Kal-El put things in perspective. His adoptive parents were just in awe of his “latest and greatest superpower” ;) If I were able to Quantum Leap into Jonathan or Martha Kent I might have said something like this: “Clark your not the only creature own this planet that can fly.There are nearly 800,000 different species of flying insects. 70% of all birds can fly. And my own species… has figured out a way to fly itself. The way you can fly is awesome, powerful and spectacular! :D We fly differently from them and you fly differently from us.”

          Like they say, “Its a bird. Its a plane. Its Superman! The Holy Trinity of Flight Technology. Pun intended :)

          Another “Its just “different” not “godlike” example is General Zod about to use his heat vision to kill a family in Man of Steel. As frightening as I`m sure it would be to see someone`s eyes light up red in your direction. What Zod was about to do those innocent bystandars with his HV a normal human could do with a molotov cocktail :P Different means, same end.

          And I`m with you, growing up I never saw superheroes as gods.To me they are just people (blessed) with extrodinary powers who use thier EP to help there fellow man.

    • it’s all relative, my man…you walk around and see some guy throw a tanker through a concrete wall, and shoot lasers out of his eyes, and fly – HELL YEAH it’s gonna be god-”like”…emphasis on the “like”…he’s showing capablities of a higher capacity than we could think or even fathom…and there’s also the idea that, while they’re not “immortal” per se, they certainly hold far more cards than any of us in terms of being able to “control” life and death outcomes on a very large scale (without the need for weapons of mass destruction or media corruption or any other “tools”…just their pure strength and ability)

    • thor is a god

    • Godlike= like a god, not “is the God” not even “a god” (ignore Thor).

      • Thor is a God under Norse mythology. He is/was worshiped by the vikings and other people of that territory. He is not the Christian God, but a God nonetheless. In CB’s he is God-like. All Asgardians are God-like because of them having extended life terms unlike our own, impenetrable to man made weapons, and some can fly ala Superman. Still, in the first scene of Thor, it explains them being worshiped as Gods by vikings.

  17. DC/Warner: You’re doing it wrong. Piecemeal, reactionary, always a step behind.

    If I thought they had the creative teams in tact to go bigger, I would be excited about a JLA film. But they are proving again and again how not to know how to handle their properties.

    Their dependance on Nolan, Goyer, and Snyder is exactly their undoing. They are basically making the same somber movie over and over again. JLA or World’s Finest will just be more of the same.

    Now look at Marvel – up top you have Feige, Whedon, Favreau, and Arad (to a lessor extent) at the top, with various screen writing and directing gigs going to people who are APPROPRIATE FOR THE MATERIAL.

    That’s why you can have several films with several tones, but cohesive enough to assemble for a team up.

    For god sakes, get GOOD writers other than Goyer – you are working him to death and he’s running out of steam. Nolan wants to take his Batman money and make some experimental blockbusters. Snyder was the studio’s like 5th choice to direct MoS.

    Its not working… course correct or fail.

    • Warner has owned DC for over twenty years, they do not want to gamble (like the did with Green Lantern) on other characters, and it could be said that they really do not have much faith in the drawing powers of the DC catalog beyond Batman and Superman.

      • Green Lantern wasn’t the first film they gambled on. They just rushed it out to see what people would think of a film like that. It was poorly made so what else were they expecting? Just like they didn’t learn from Batman Forever how people & directors & even Michael Keaton didn’t like where they were taken the franchise in. They killed the franchise with Batman & Robin by going more ‘Family-Friendly’ only because Batman Forever made more money than Batman Returns despite People liked Burton’s two films were darker. But it was about the money to WB for the change.

      • While it is a little complicated, WB has technically owned DC since 1969 ;)

    • @ Morrigan

      “If I thought they had the creative teams in tact to go bigger, I would be excited about a JLA film. But they are proving again and again how not to know how to handle their properties.”

      “Their dependance on Nolan, Goyer, and Snyder is exactly their undoing. They are basically making the same somber movie over and over again.”


      + 1,000,000

      • @ Stark

        + 2,000,000. I agree.

    • Man of Steel was great, taking their time with Justice League to learn from their mistakes and focusing more on making a great JLA movie than releasing it immediately is a GOOD thing.

    • Agree on the Goyer part, this guy’s writing so many DC movies. I know he’s a comic book writer and all but let’s get a new writer in the mix, some fresh blood.

  18. I heard if Whedon is offered to do a Wonder Woman film he’d take because he really wants to do a WW film

    • @ Emmanuel

      Whedon handed in several script ideas for a WonderWoman film before. WB rejected them & Whedon obviously chose not to waste anymore time with them on the project. Im sure he’d like to do a film, but WB are gonna have to crawl to him & I hope he would ask for a good paycheck.

  19. I don’t really want a Worlds Finest movie because too many people are going to want a re-run of DKR’s ending and frankly that story didn’t do the Worlds Finest team any favors. I don’t want the movies to degenerate into “my dad can beat up your dad” wars about whose favorite character is better.

    • …umm, what? For one thing, I don’t know what TDKR has anything to do with this (especially since that series is done and they are going to reboot). You should know that the Superman/Batman comics are some of DC’s most popular, and the animated movies (including the one from the 90′s) have been pretty well received.

      • What I mean is I think is that there may be too many people who are just interested in seeing them fight. I’d rather see them team-up.

        • There have been plenty of stories with them teaming up, and I’d prefer that than them bickering or fighting most of the movie. They are very different characters, so there is always going to be tension. But they are still a great team (brains and brawns type of thing). I don’t think they should have a serious throw down though. It worked in Avengers, but not these characters.

  20. If Warner DC would put their efforts into combining the Dark Knight movies with Man of Steel, then their is MUCH less need for other movies. You would have already established Batman and Superman and lesser heroes catwoman and a possible Nightwing. FOUR superheros already. Both Nightwing and Catwoman could replace the more outlandish characters like Hawkman.

    The only thing holding it back is someone’s asinine decision to reboot Batman. If there is anything that will derail this, it is that one decision. I would do a Wonder Woman Film next, followed by a more realistic Green Lantern reboot and then do a Worlds Finest to reintroduce Batman and establish his role as the organizer of the group. Instead of pitting Justice league against the Avengers 2, you would have the World’s Finest in 2015. By 2016, you would have a Justice League film. That is ONLY if they continue the Nolan Dark Knight.

    • I’m sorry realistic and Green Lantern do not go together. That’s like saying realistic Silver Surfer movie. You just need a movie to make people believe,not to make everything seem like it can happen for real. DC can’t keep doing that approach all the time.

      • I think people need to better define the term realistic. Green Lantern is conceptually ridiculous, but I could and have developed a realistic take on the characters. The key is to tone down his abilities, not use outlandish creatures as members of the Green Lantern Corps, and provide a better back story for the Guardians and avoid having them be blue midgets. People will yell and sream how much they don’t recognize Green lantern but the half a percentage of the population that it outrage is not going to mean much…and when they do complain, I will point them to the 2011 movie.

        The look and or powers of the following characters were re-imagined and it did not effect the success of any of their respective films one bit…

        Green Goblin (Spiderman)
        Bane (The Dark Knight Rises)
        Mandarin (Iron Man 3)
        Thulsa Doom (Conan the Barbarian)

        • Green Goblin (Spider-man) = Power Ranger Villain
          Bank (DKR) = Hard to understand wrestler with pain killers.
          Mandarin (IM 3) = If you saw the movie you already know.

          Charters become popular because people like them. Recreating an old charter is the same as making a new one-except it angers fans.

          • Bank?

          • But the reimagining’s of those villains didn’t hurt the success of those movies (as much as fans hated what they did with The Mandarin, the movie STILL made over a billion dollars). Most fans responded pretty well to the different interpretations of Green Goblin and Bane, but some still complained (such as yourself). You’re in the minority, just a really loud minority.

            The Mandarin? Ok, good point…

          • But don’t you think it is sometimes unavoidable. There are just characters that just don’t work on camera.

          • But don’t you think it is sometimes unavoidable? There are just characters that just don’t work on camera.

        • I’m with you on the approach to Green Lantern. I think that it can work if done as an immersive science fiction film franchise that takes into account the fact that some of the more comic-booky elements just do not translate well into a live action film, at least not if you expect it to appeal to adults looking for a good reason to suspend their disbelief and care about what they are watching.

          Specifically, cast an actor who can really pull off the requisite seriousness and grit (and sell that seriousness to the audience), streamline the visual function of the power ring to simple green beams and spheres or whatever (no giant guns or roller coaster tracks) and for goodness’ sake, set the film primarily out in space, like in the First Flight animated version. It’s sci-fi…go all the way with that.

        • @ Patrick

          There’s ALOT of characters, heroes & villains such as Green Lantern that would be too outlandish to the realistic of Nolan’s films. Grodd, Giganta, Cheeta, Legion Of Superheros, Orion, Mr.Miricle & Barda, Dr. Fate,etc. the list can go on & on depending on big WB/DC are gonna expand their universe. Unlike Marvel now, they got more characters in their universe than they know what to do with.

      • When people say realistic, it means to drop the character in a realistic setting, how normal people would react to it. If Superman can be approached like that, I’m sure Green Lantern can too. It just takes a bit of imagination for the writers, the same amount of imagination used in the Marvel films. It’s just different.

        • +1

      • Suspend your disbelief, my son!

    • NO!

      The Dark Knight Trilogy would NOT work with Man of Steel! They need to reboot and are going to (so I’m not sure why this debate is still going on god damn it). The Dark Knight Trilogy is TOO grounded for Superman. Man of Steel showed a more realistic world, yes, but we’re still talking about a guy from another planet with super strength and flight. I loved the Dark Knight Trilogy, but that story is over. No need to milk that franchise, it’s time to start fresh again. Most fans want to see a more “Si fi” Batman, like the Arkham video game interpretations (where he has more gadgets and where villains like Poison Ivy and Clayface exist).

      • That’s what I hate most about that movie. People keep thinking that the ending was a invitation for a 4th movie.

        • The ending of TDKR brought everything full circle, with Blake about to start his Journey (like Bruce Wayne in Batman Begins). It was never with the intention of making movies with Blake’s character, it was more about ending Bruce Wayne’s story.

          • +1

            Loved the ending of that film.

          • @ Robert W.

            If it were me, I would of ended it after Alfred notices Bruce & Selina at the cafa where he always hoped to see Bruce. And see Bruce smiling back happyily at Alfred with Alfred nodding & have the end credits roll.

            I wouldn’t have Blake find the Batcave.

    • Wait, Nightwing AND CATWOMAN as part of the JL? That is being almost triple redundant since all are normals with MA skills (plus we won’t mention the fact that Catwoman should not be a “hero”, she’s a freakin’ thief first and foremost…and I don’t care what the “new 52″ has done, it’s not right)

      The members of the main JL are all highly unique in some way and we NEED those unique characters first before introducing the same thing multiple times.

  21. As long as it takes, do it right. Warner Bros and DC have already dug themselves into a deep enough hole by not having a set plan in motion. They had gold with Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy and after watching Man of Steel, it’s not that hard to think of those two characters sharing the same world. But they waited too long to produce a successful Superman reboot (instead trying to replicate the 70′s with Superman Returns), which still isn’t devoid of story issues. Not to mention, they decided to move forward full force with a Green Lantern film in the midst of development for “Man of Steel” and “The Dark Knight Rises” that refused to leave room for other properties to co-exist. People question if Ryan Reynolds will return, but the logistics of both movies sharing a world doesn’t make sense: how can both heroes be the first to introduce alien threats to humanity? If the two companies start just throwing out properties in the hopes that they’ll survive on their own without making the most of their potential in a future team-up film, they’ll continue to find critical and/or financial failure while trying to keep up with the Avengers.

    • Correct!!!! Why can’t you be in charge at Warner Brothers?

      • Exactly why all the shake-ups are happening right now.

    • With the exception possibly of man Of Steel, ignore all the Batman and Superman movies that have come before. Then you can build towards JLA. Green lantern, you can keep. Super-powered guys like Superman and Green Lantern can fly around fighting world-class menaces from space together and be believable. Because all of the other JLA members (for the most part) have fantastic powers, they would fit around Supes and GL quite nicely (Martian Manhunter, Atom, Flash, Wonder Woman anyways).

  22. I think ca bill speaks the truth I think it would be smarter is they lead up to the justice league and maybe even more fun

  23. Why can’t JL be a trilogy like LotR?

  24. It’s only tough to achieve because WB / DC don’t know what they’re doing

  25. Just keep doing the solo Superman films. Give us an epic Superman trilogy that can stand next to the Dark Knight trilogy.

    WB’s reluctance to move out of their Batman/Superman comfort zone (even in this era of superhero movies, when they are the most popular genre at the box office) tells me that they’re not really all the concerned about Justice League or shared movie universes. That has to be something you’re 1000% behind and WB has not convinced me that they’re all in for a shared DC universe.

    The studio will be fine. They have several other projects on tap for this year and next, none of them DC films, and most of them will most likely be successful.

    Remember when we could just enjoy a solo superhero film franchise? Just sit back and watch that character? What’s so bad about that?

    • Blame Joss Whedon. He went and gave us this awesome team-up movie and naturally everyone is clamoring for a DC team up.
      I need to see a live action JL movie before I die dammit!

      • Agreed, DMC.

      • @ DMC

        How is Joss Whedon to blame when he only directed the team-up film of Phase One? WB only wants to follow to make $$$. Whedon isn’t in total control of solo films of Phase 2 neither or any future films. WB/DC are simply wanting rush into things to catch up to Marvel’s success. It’s never a good idea to rush things which WB does.

        If you want to blame anyone, it would WB/DC themselves.

    • Oh you know, it’s because they have plenty of other characters to go around. DC isn’t all about Batman / Superman.

      • Agreed, Tay. Please pass a little Flash down my way, and another GL on the side, if you please.

    • I agree, sure I’m interested in Justice League, but I’m much more interested in a stand alone trilogy. Wish they’d give Green Lantern a great film too, there is a ridiculous amount of potential in that character alone.

      While the team up in The Avengers definitely put it up there, I also think it was because (like everyone already knows) people were invested in each character. The character doesn’t necessarily have to be a big name for people to be invested in them though. There’s several characters in both Green Lantern and Superman that people can enjoy and invest in just as much as Thor or Captain America. There’s so much story in each character’s property that it can definitely sprout out into movies that are just as large and significant as The Avengers. People might think I’m crazy but it’s just my two cents.

      • So how would you approach Green Lantern in a way that is in a realistic setting and can mesh with the world of Man of Steel?

        • The same way Kryptonians were dealt with in Man of Steel. Introduce them as aliens, and the ring like alien tech. If they were to do the whole alien crash landing on earth with the ring, have the world react the same way we would, military grabbing the corpse and analyzing it. Riots breaking out for the lack of info for the general public since there were sightings of something crash landing.

          I also wouldn’t want Hal Jordan fully capable of using the ring, not until the end of the film at least. Have him go through personal issues and emotions that prevent him from using the ring. Clear mind and all.

          These are crap ideas I know lol, but these are just off the top of my head.

          • I don’t think they are crap ideas. Hey…. they are ideas!!!!

            • How would you do it? If you don’t mind sharing that is!

              • Sorry for the length …

                I think the way I would go is that there would already be established an interplanetary alliance of worlds with different Lantern Corps signified by a different colors – basically color coded police force (but not for the entire universe). They would guard against interplanetary crimes and the “Guardians” would be each representing different civilizations that make up this gathering of planets but sort of the elders of each of the different planets and establish rules to govern how they interact (kind of like the Supreme Court). Collectively they would have discovered and would use an “element” (an energy that is controlled by focusing will) that can generate simple defensive (force fields) and offensive (power blasts) energy and enable the user to levitate themselves or other objects. It is used exclusively by the police force (Lanterns). Each user fashions it into a jewel or ornament of their choice. Because Krypton (which was a member) basically attacked earth, the Guardians send an emissary to add the earth to their group since they are now aware of other life forms. That emissary Abin Sur, would crash into Hal Jordan’s fighter plane and perhaps use the “element” in a way that sacrifices his life to save Hal Jordan’s. Abin Sur would be gravely injured and sensing he has very little time would briefly explain the “element” and how it works and all about the Guardians and league of planets. He would also instruct Hal Jordan that a Kryptonian alien (Kara) who was lost may still be on earth and able to help him contact the Guardians. Abin sur would die from his injuries and Hal Jordan would fashion the “element” into a jewel and put it on a ring his father gave him which means a lot to him and helps him focus his thoughts because of the sentimental attachment to it. Stranded on earth Jordanand without a way to contact the Guardians, Hal begins to search for Kara and at times begins to use the ring but has difficulty at first. He would confide in Dr. William Hand (AKA Black Hand), an employee of Lexcorp who after examining the ship Abin Sur was in, learns how to develop a device to drain away the power from Green Lantern’s ring and absorb it which turns it into “black energy”. The process would drive Dr. Hand crazy and he would try to kill Hal Jordan to possess his ring. This would lead to climactic battle in which Hal Jordan would defeat Dr. Hand. Kara, after seeing the events of Metropolis and now Coastal City would contact Hal Jordan and explain to him that they need to recover the phantom drive from her crashed ship find a way to repair it with Abin Sur’s ship which also uses a phantom drive in order to contact the Guardians.

                I think it should at some point in the DC universe be established that both earth and ALL alien life (Kryptonian, Oan, etc…) sprang from the same place and that is why most if not all “aliens” look like humans and can have “romantic” relationships with them (like Superman and Lois Lane).

                • Dude, you’re thinking WAY too hard about how Green Lantern could be realistic. The whole point is just putting these extraordinary characters in the real world and how people would react “realistically”. As long as they prominently show the rings as technology and not magic (like Thor in The Avengers) then they’ll be fine. They don’t need to transform the Green Lantern corp. into The Federation to make it more “realistic”. Man of Steel showed Superman in the real world, but as I stated earlier, he’s STILL a guy who can fly around and blast FIRE out of his eyes.

                  • How do you translate a talking bulldog (Kilowog) and fish (Tomar-Re)? I just don’t see it. If they are going to use a LOT of non human aliens then they need to go extravagant which oddly would make it more realistic like in the movie District 9. The other thing is that the concept of a “ring” would to me seem toomuch like a “human” device. So every alien in the universe wears a ring?

                    Perhaps I went overboard … or perhaps not!

                    • @ColdSc and @Patrick, would you have clark kent/superman cameo at the very least?

                      Firstly, he’s working at the planet where he said he could keep his ear to the ground so surely he hears of another alien landing. Secondly, he’s superman so of course he hears of an alien landing!

                    • Who knows, maybe a Green Lantern visited Earth thousands of years ago and people started making rings based off of the one the Green Lantern had. But come on, you don’t need to explain EVERYTHING! I don’t want a history lesson on mediclorians in your cells and how you use the force, if you get what I’m saying…

                      As for Tomar-Re and Kilowog (not defending the movie) but I thought they did a fine job designing them more like aliens in the GL movie than just people with earthlike animal faces.

                    • Star Trek and Star Wars uses aliens just as obscure as the GL Corps. What’s the big deal?

                • That was really awesome. Love the sentimental element with his dad’s ring, good addition. Great way to connect both universes too, really like the idea of the corps rushing to get to Earth after word of it being attacked. I’m a little iffy on the part about everyone coming from the same place though, it may feel a bit forced for me. If it were sort of built in the background, from the ground up, I’d buy it a bit more.

                  • @DMC the thing about cameos is that I think it takes away from the first Justice League. One of the things i liked about the Avengers was the awkward getting to know you phase. I think having Kara or general Swanick or even Lois lane is enough to connect the universes but for major characters i might save the initial meetup for the main event so to speak.

                    @ ColdSc

                    Thanks for the vote! I think a lot of people Like Robert W will have strong feelings about how much it is changed, But Green Lantern is probably the MOST difficult of the group to bring into a “realistic word.

                    @ I get the mediclorians reference point taken. But i have to say when hal went to Oa in The Green Lantern that is when it started to feel like a cartoon and it became hard to take seriously. Even Sinestro looked too much like a caricature of the Devil. It got too be much!

                    • The last comments I meant to put

                      @ Robert W.

                    • I welcome change, it keeps things fresh. What would all the comic book characters be like if they were never changed since they were created? I don’t even want to know lol. Definitely one of the hardest to bring into a realistic world. I would love to see Hal Jordan take care of things outside of Earth as well. Story possibilities are endless if they do this.

                    • I can accept change if it means a good movie (I love the Dark Knight Trilogy and the Tim burton Batman movies, but all of those are REALLY different from the comics at times). However, you need to understand that making big changes like what you were thinking are very RISKY. Not saying it wouldn’t work, but it’s a hell of a gamble. The whole thing with the rings and the “element” is just too much for me though. Again, as different as The Dark Knight Trilogy was compared to the comics (especially with his realistic world), he still kept things fans would expect in a Batman movie (batarangs, batmobile, batsignal) you get the point.

                • Sharing my idea as well. Sorry about this but going to crap on the established Lantern corps story with a different take on it:

                  Start off by showing the Guardians long ago discovering a new source of energy. They are able to harness the energy through small conduits (rings or other ornaments). They discover how they are able to manipulate the energy to manifest different constructs. The Guardians are part of an established galactic alliance of sorts, of which Krypton is the dominant race. Krypton essentially has all of the power. The other races are in obedience to them due to Krypton’s power but tensions are high among them. A powder keg situation.

                  After the discovery, the rest of the alliance find out about and wish to exploit it for selfish reasons. But the Guardians foresee how this new source of energy could be devastating in the wrong hands. The Kryptonians wage war to claim the energy source from the Guardians. This is what sets off a war, with the other races defending the Guardians but really just using that as an excuse to band together against Krypton. This leads to the Krypton’s xenophobia forced upon them after losing the war. They take away their interstellar capabilities, sort of, forbidding it in a marshal law of sorts for many generations.

                  The Guardians disappear from the alliance after the war and hide away because they do not trust the rest of the alliance. Internally, the discoverers also debate on how to use this new energy. Some wish to use it for good, others for self-preservation, others for different things. They decide to amicably split up so they do not fight amongst themselves. This slowly over time develops into the different lantern corps, and one of them is the green lantern corps with their purpose to do good. Or other races also discover this energy source on their own in distant places.

                  Fast forward, and after many years of advancement, the Green Lantern corps have become the police force of the galaxy and take an interest in Earth after learning of the possibility of a Kryptonian that is still alive after the destruction of Krypton. They send an emissary (Abin Sur) to observe under the guise of a human. However, he gets caught up in the events in Metropolis trying to save as many people as he can with his ring from the reckless destruction that was going on and makes the ultimate sacrifice. He is discovered by a pilot from one of the jets sent to attack and saw him previously trying to save others as well. He determines he has good enough character to take his ring and gives it to him.

                  Then have Hal Jordan and his clumsy self learning with the new ring. There is no suit with the ring, it is just a formal wear like in the Marines for special occasions. But he feels that he needs to protect his identity and puts on an actual mask just in case. He deciphers some of the possessions Abin Sur has left behind and discovers a planet Abin Sur has visited far away looking at the stars and his notes. He discovers he can fly in space and sets off on his journey to find out where Abin Sur comes from and what this ring is. This eventually leads him back to the Green Lantern corps.

        • Well, take out the wimpy humor from GL foir starters, and make him more serious. I can accept Kal-El with heat vision, super speed, super strength, flying, invulnerability, etc. pretty easy, so accepting Gl and his ring is no great step. Otherwise everyone would look like wimpy old Green Arrow and wimpy old Batman (No powers? Too bad. Call The Green Hornet for backup).

          • I never suggested they remove the ring, just make it more a personal item rather than something EVERY single alien Lantern wears. Just something a bit hokey about that to me. And the “element” is something they should never need to provide a full explanation for…like Superman flying.

  26. After how “meh” MoS ended up being, I could care less about any of this.

    Good luck Warners.


    • OK, bye.

      • Bye, indeed. It looked fantastic, but failed overall. Small wonder it was sitting at 58% on Rotten Tomatoes last time I checked. I am FAR from the only person who thinks this.


        • Rotten Tomatoes is one of the worst and most unhelpful sources for reviews on the internet. If you don’t just look at the overall average rating (as most people do) and take the time to read the “reviews”, you will notice that most reviews that are published on Rotten Tomatoes are bland, bias and unhelpful. Few sites like Screenrant actually take TIME with their reviews and analyze the good and bad in a movie, as opposed to most of the reviews on RT which are made up of generic “This movie was awesome” or “This movie sucked”.

          And no, Man of Steel did not fail. Superman Returns, THAT had a goal but ultimately failed. But, most biased critics gave it a pass because it still had the same music and tone of the old movies (or were in denial when it came to how much was wrong with that movie).

          • Man of Steel los pretty good (I am waiting to buy the DVD to watch it, have not seen full movie yet). As for all the other Superman and Batman movies, here is the detailed and thoughtful analysis they deserve:

            Cuz, that’s why.
            That is all.

          • I hate when people talk about RT like it’s an athorty if you want to know if you would like a movie go on IMDB and read some reviews. Someone reviewing it will have the same taste as you.

            • It’s that Rotten Tomatoes is WIDELY considered one of the “best” sources for reviews. A lot of people look at the percentage to see if a movie is good or not. There are plenty of sights (like Screenrant) that actually have well written reviews, but aren’t as well known as they should be. Not all, but many of the critics on Rotten Tomatoes are either bias or lazy and write one sentence reviews that aren’t helpful at all. And somehow combining all of those reviews into one average percent makes them justified?

              Yeah, you could go on IMDB and read the reviews, but what I’m saying is most people don’t and just go to RT to look at the average score because it’s faster.

              • The short and stink of it, is why does a review ultimately hold the deciding factor in watching a movie and making your own decisions? Unless you’re a sheep. Then sure, follow along.

          • @ Robert

            I remember raving about RT’s reviews about TDK when that film was released which was high. So it’s depends on the film does it not?

            • With comic book movies, I’m usually cautious with Rotten Tomatoes. Especially when I see the audience and critics rating have a huge gap between them. Though with every other movie, I think it works well.

        • I thought that Man of Steel coulda/should been better, and it did disappoint me in some ways.

          BUT – I think that it absolutely nailed the right concept of how to approach Superman in a modern film, and thus in net effect, I loved it. That is the key, and it is a very good *potential* set-up for future DC films.

        • no one cares what you think Bri. if you didnt like it why put your pointless opinion on the board? Its neither adding to the discussion nor moving it forward..


  27. I cannot IMAGINE how many times an hour Cavill and Zack get asked about the JUSTICE LEAGUE. lol

    I think we all can be assured that the DCCU is in good hands with Zack, Cavill, David Goyer and Debbie Snyder.

    More than anyone else in the world, they know what they are doing. They have certainly earned that responsibility.

    • I don’t think they earned anything. An origin story is easy, let’s see how the sequel is, seeing as that requires more original ideas.

      • They didn’t. The film was a mixed bag at best.


        • It was a mixed bag for you, not everyone. Say, didn’t you say you were leaving?

          • Is that like, “Don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya?”

  28. I’m tired of people wanting DC movies to be like Marvel. DC movies are dark and light on humor because that’s how the comics are. If you went into MoS expecting IM then you should be disappointed because there not the same.

    • +1 to variety!

    • Doesn’t mean that they should totally eliminate humor 100%.

      • Luther 22 said light on humor. Man of Steel had quite a few laughs, especially for a space invasion flick.

      • And Man of Steel did NOT eliminate humor 100%.

        • Apparently it also eliminated color by 100%. And joy by 100% too if a good majority of these reviews are to be taken seriously.

          Bottom line: real Superman fans love it, and people who recently decided they are Superman fans decide to find things wrong with it.

      • Too dark Batman.
        Too failed humor Green Lantern.
        Keep moderately serious, but not psychotic.

    • Too bad it failed to even impress on a serious level.


      • Too bad you can’t take a movie seriously.

      • Too bad a lot of people took it seriously enough that DC/WB would develop a sequel, and other DC character movies, and a Justice League movie. Yeah, too bad, B.

    • @ Luther 22

      DC movies are dark & light on humor. I guess you are refering to Nolan,Goyer,& Snyder’s work on DC CBM to date. What some people don’t get is not all of DC comic characters are DARK like Batman or need to be on film. Especially in a shared universe. Who wants to see a drama-like Flash movie? No-one I know wouldn’t.

      • I would, except like tony stark he would takle his fears and problems with humor. Id love to see it delve into his fear of going so fast that everyone he knows wont be able to keep up and he will be alone.In a JL episode randall savage got him stuck in a world were everyone was frozen and he was essentially defeates

      • But these films aren’t dark. They are set in a real world with real world reactions and consequences. Dark would be a film like Watchmen. A movie that has nothing to do with today’s world.

        • +1

        • So TDK trilogy wasn’t dark in a real world? I didn’t see Watchmen as a Dark film.

          I know people can’t understand how Marvel’s films are balanced with reality & fantasy as their heroes exist in our world now. If people can’t understand that then they havn’t payed close attention since the first Ironman film.

  29. Whenever Justice League happens, I think the perfect villain would be Brainiac. He has so much backstory and so much character that he actually does possess enough power to threaten the world (and bring the JLA together). He’s never really been a solo villain for Justice League, but neither was Loki. A lot of people want Darkseid for the first JLA movie, but who the HELL are you going to top Darkseid with? If you make him the villain for the first movie, then you won’t have a follow up villain. This is why they used Ra’s al Ghul in Batman Begins, or Zod in Man of Steel. You save the biggest villain for later, not the other way around.

    • Brainiac would be a good villain versus Superman, but for JLA, I want one or more of the following: Darkseid, Doomsday, Sinestro, Professor Zoom (Reverse Flash), Time Commander. Pretty rugged bunch to my way of thinking, alone or together.