‘Man of Steel’ Star Says ‘Justice League’ Will Be ‘Tough To Achieve’

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Man of Steel Star Justice League Challenges Man of Steel Star Says Justice League Will Be Tough To Achieve

The comic book world knew that a successful reboot of Superman in Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel would raise even more questions (and excitement) concerning the rest of DC’s heroes, on their way to a live-action team-up to rival Marvel’s The Avengers. And unsurprisingly, early success for the film brought rumors of a sequel being filmed and released for next year, with Justice League following in 2015.

Snyder has since claimed that’s not the case, but that holds little hope of stopping the speculation. Man of Steel star Henry Cavill has once again given his thoughts on just how difficult it may be to get a team-up film, and advises that fans might not want to hold their breath just yet.

Speaking on the potential for Justice League with Peter Travers for ABC News, Cavill aimed his replies directly at those assuming that Warner Bros. and DC Comics have adopted Marvel’s strategy, and are already planning the next ‘phase’ of films. Marvel may have had a road map in place from the very beginning, but as far as Cavill sees it, there’s no such rush for Superman and his Super Friends:

“Justice League could be great if done correctly. It’s a very tough one to do because the DC Comics heroes are all godlike in their power so in the real-world setting we’re telling our story in it’s going to be tough to achieve that and it has to be done very delicately and with a lot of thought. So it won’t be right away, certainly not, or I hope it’s not anyway. It may take some time building other movies and other characters and then introduce them together in one way or another.”

“I think it would be great to do but I don’t think it’s around the corner.”

Justice League Movie Writer Will Beall Man of Steel Star Says Justice League Will Be Tough To Achieve

All things considered, it’s no surprise to see these sentiments from Cavill; the Man of Steel star has already explained how he sees a Justice League team-up being earned, and why a Superman/Batman film is especially attractive to him. That being said, after missing the chance to play both Superman and James Bond in the past – and his star already on the rise – Cavill isn’t likely to count his chickens before they’ve hatched.

Both he and Snyder have claimed that their take on Superman requires a direct sequel before feeling like a Justice League movie would make sense from a story perspective, so until we hear different, that’s the plan WB is assumed to be following. Snyder most certainly built the world of Man of Steel to leave doors open for other League members, but that’s a far cry from a concrete plan.

While we can’t disagree with Cavill’s belief that standalone films would help establish DC’s heroes before being called upon to face a larger enemy, that hinges on the belief that what worked for Marvel will work for DC. And as we’ve explained in the past, the two studios have shown there is little common ground they share. Not that following Marvel’s plan wouldn’t work, but with so much at stake, we can certainly understand Cavill’s hesitancy to set anything in stone.

Superman Henry Cavill after crashing into a safe door in Man of Steel Man of Steel Star Says Justice League Will Be Tough To Achieve

Warner Bros. and DC are clearly not in any hurry (and neither are Snyder or Cavill) so at this point, we’d recommend that fans follow the studio’s lead. The action-packed and commercially successful Man of Steel has left the door wide open for a direct sequel, which, if also seen as WB’s summer box office titan, would likely arrive no earlier than 2015. Even if Justice League was the very next step beyond Superman – and not an attempt to reboot Batman beforehand – that team-up film would come even later, pushed back by any potential Wonder Woman, Flash, or Aquaman origin story. As Cavill put it: not around the corner.

As for the difficulty of achieving a super-powered, godlike team of crime-fighters, we’d say Man of Steel succeeded in combining fantastic action with a grounded tone – a feat claimed to be the biggest hurdle for Justice League by some. With that feat out of the way, Warner Bros. seems to be taking their cues from the tortoise, not the hare.

What do you think of Cavill’s concerns of a world filled with godlike heroes? Is that a risky proposition, or par for the course? We all hope for a Justice League film to be well-made if it ever is developed, but would you be willing to wait the necessary years to follow Marvel’s plan? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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Source: ABC News (via ComicBook.com)

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  1. U kno everyone is talking about how grounded mos was but they got jor el riding a giant mosquito in the opening credits….also the big tease towards a shared universe they might as well go as far as Dr. Fate because the core league members aren’t as farfetched as Russell crowe calling for his trusted mosquito steed lmao smh

    • Krypton is a planet in another galaxy so we clearly don’t know what kind of life forms are present there, it’s purely science fiction and in that way it’s realistic.

  2. They took some liberties with the mythos…jor el is jumping on a giant mosquito in the opening credit…WB might as well go as far as a hawk girl and Dr. Fate cause none of the core league members are as far a stretch that Russell crowe calling for his trusted mosquito steed lmao smh

  3. Green Lantern, Man Of Steel, now Hollywood’s looking to Bastardize the Justice League. Given that they’re on a roll, they might as well f*ck that one up too.

  4. They better not reboot batman, those movies were too good to be thrown away or replaced this early. I think i will puke if i see a different alfred or bruce wayne. i am not a comic book expert but i dont see any collision between the mos world and the nolan batman world. the only issue at hand is that batman hung up his cape, and if an enemy is so power that it requires all the DC heroes than that is a good enough excuse to suit back up.

  5. I just did some research and came up with this tentative schedule (potential villains included):
    2015 MOS 2 – Brainiac
    2016 GL 2 – Sinestro
    Flash – Professor Zoom
    2017 Wonder Woman – Cheetah
    World’s Finest – Luthor / Metallo
    2018 Justice League – White Martians (introduction of Martian Manhunter)
    2019 GL 3 – Manhunters
    Flash 2 – Mirror Master
    2020 Wonder Woman 2 – seemingly Aquaman (to get the introduction and an
    battle of the fantastical variety out of the way), but it would turn
    out that Ares had been pulling the strings all along
    Batman Reboot – Killer Croc or Clayface
    2021 Justice League 2 – Secret Society of Super Villains: Luthor, Grodd,
    Deathstroke, Black Adam, Solomon Grundy, Dr Psycho (the big reveal
    being that Darkseid has them other his thumb to test the waters of
    a future confrontation with the JL)
    2024 Justice League 3 – Doomsday / Darkseid (the latter controlling the
    former by virtue of the Omega Force, maybe by trapping him in several
    different realities in which Doomsday is loyal to his master;
    Darkseid would then send his ‘pet’ to Earth as both an advance party
    and a distraction for the JL)

    I haven’t made up my mind about the films bridging JL 2 and 3, yet.
    But I’d still like to know what you guys think about my schedule.

    • an *epic battle

  6. hey ppl,i think the officials at DC/WB might take up their production like this,
    man of steel (which is already out)
    man of steel 2
    batman reboot
    superman/batman world’s finest team up (wherein they might introduce other characters and show us the bigger DC picture and connect all loose ends, they might do this as this is the most time and money efficient and less risky method, as it doesn’t involve doing solo origin story of other heroes and loose at box office eventually risking a possible justice league movie)
    and finally a JUSTICE LEAGUE movie
    i think by following this method they can clearly construct a good universe in a lesser time span without rushing in and failing


    1st NO Bat reboots.. the League films should suffice for now, Batmans popularity is such that he’ll help sell the League movies immeasurably.. &his role in the league itself is enough to push his (&supes to whom hes often diametrically opposed) character development to previously unseen levels

    2ndly get that Man of Tommorow sequel underway… get it outa the way then
    steam STRAIGHT INTO JUSTICE LEAGUE (ffw to the end/bottom to see my ideas for Man of Tomorrow)

    in order for this to work we need to utilise a LOTR approach let ppl know theyre in for an epic trilogy or arc that’ll reshahape CBM movies for eternity.. Justice League: The Worlds Finest Justice League: Doomsday Justice League:Kingdom Come/Apocalypse Rises &so on

    film two or three films concurrently so as to make up for lost ground to Marvel &to save money if need be.. but most importantly to maintain coherence once the projects underway..
    before or directly after the MoT sequel or directly after, a short film running at about 25 mins should be released first in cinemas free or/and then on youtube or with some sort of tie in…

    in this short (mostly non dialogue film) that’ll be set 18,000 yrs ago it will chronicle Kara Zor Els (Alice Eve playing Kals ancestor) crash landing on earth explain why she didnt go back to the ship… however it doesnt start there.. it starts 900,000 yrs prior on the fourth planet in a 10 planet yellow star system…… the planet being mined for its various resources explodes.. the effects of the explosion have many consequnces.. a race of beings in its entirety is now extinct.. all but one.. the destruction of the 4th planet is seen through his eyes.. a neighbouring red planet is almost wiped out by the explosion &most of its surface is destroyed..cut to him sitting on the planets surface.. cut to 100 yrs passing him still in the same position &as the yrs go b the planet gets redder &redder &redder till the whole planet looks something like mars today……
    the lone survivor formerly a captive of the galactic miners who destroyed the planet eventually emerges bored after 500yrs of motionless mourning leaves for the 3rd planet in the syatem.. using a combination of wondrous abilities of afforded him by the numerous experiments he suffered at the hands of the “miners” &their abandoned ship/tech &sets down on earth.. in the first encounter scene we see the back of a post neanderthalic african man &leader of his clan approach the tall figure from a shot over the slowly approaching figure we see the being morph slowly into ahuman face(Idris Elba).. it is then made clear he is physimorphically mimicking the tribes alpha.. cut to many yrs forward he is in what is now in Peru telekinetically making the Nazca lines…. fade to black

    there should be a 3 movie pattern each having a main focus/lead Batman Superman Diana etc.. &filmed tandem LOTR stlye in between these can be indiviual prequels Flash/WonderWoman ..one of them preferrably the second should be focused around Kal Els death at the hand of Doomsday &the coming together of the League to try &stop it before getting swatted aside with only Supes &Bats left standing with Bats on the outskirts busted up ripped to shreds but still formulating fallback plans incase kal fails &supplying strategy to his earpiece mid battle

    I say have Batman already established before supermans “alien coming out party” but a sort of urban myth like entity.. where the general public arent 100% sure hes real but most high ranking officials &police gordon etc know he does

    have GL already recieving the ring from a dying Sur.. around the time clark was warapping up his nomadic period but have his encounter &being summoned off world for training with the corps just prior to the “event” also tie in Amanda Waller having known &now leading a taskforce charged with co opting Kal El &the now returned Jordan for U.S. &or G8 benefit.. also give Jordan more Capt Atom like characteristics (willingness to work for/with the govt etc)

    Flash will gain his powers as a direct result of events in the film.. as a failsafe plan of Jor Els in case his son couldnt directly defeat Zod…ill elaborate in a rough draft of my KingdomCome script

    Cyborg would only recieve his powers midway through the initial movie

    “Wonder Woman” will at no point be referred to as such.. but will belong to a race of advanced alien human hybrids living on earth in secret for the last… wait for it… 17 18,000 yrs or so.. on an island somewhere in wait for it…. the south indian ocean..
    they decided to hide away from civilisation (think city of attilan/Inhumans)&live by a code of strict non interference in human culture or affairs.. due in part to some cataclysmic event that nearly wiped out the planet… another faction the Atlanteans have a different mandate after a war with the Amazons left them down to a handful basically a family &royal guard with only an army of drones a treaty/truce is met but the atlanteans mandate states they can covertly defend their borders only by using “natural disasters” whenever man encroaches too much on their territory or pollutes their chosen kingdom… something which’ll eventually lead to a modern day conflict

    NO Martians NO supergirl NO krypto.. so no magic lasso’s Diana will be VERY grounded &basically be Faora 2.0 but with a much nicer person obviously..
    the costume should also steer CLEAR from the spangled bikini strapless sports bra look &take more of a minimalistic female kryptonian armour with slight early greek earth design influences type look.. i was thinking a mix of Princess of Power (supreme power) &a female viltrumite warrior (invincible)
    with full length weaponised metal greaves not just dinky bracelets.. for her ceremonial armour think what Jor Els battle/exploration armour would look like on a woman but abit more minimalistic &scaled down,

    in solo film no secret identity status necessary have her dealing with/already dealt with washington/UN in previous film as to why her civilisation (still hidden) hasnt shared its prescence &more importantly tech with mankind &why reveal yourself now yad yada.. have her cite the appearance of Kal El &following “Event” as the main motivation behind her emergence

    Man Of Tomorrow:

    Lex (on his own or with BRAINIAC) as the villain &break convention NO 3rd sequel as with most things the 3rd one always effs up (Godfather 3 TDKR etc)

    Man of Tomorrow should focus on dealing with the fallout of the invasion his not quite relationship with lois the media &Lex’s smear campaign reverse engineering a suit from Kryptonian tech to terrorise Kal &BRAINIAC should first be seen as an ally a now sentient Kryptonian ship/AI seeking out surviving Kryptonians in order to help re establish their civilasation.. something clark would welcome as a second chance.. the alien techs benevolance would be taken at first glance.. then eventually be revealed to be a genocidal machine with flawed programing from being alone for 20,00 yrs etc.. hint that its encounter with a millenia old race likely Darkseids Apokalyptans is what really prompted the Kryptonians to initiate their isolationiist period

  8. I agree that it might not work too well to attempt a Justice League movie just yet.

    It would be nice to have at least one Man of Steel sequel and let at least one other DC superhero other than Batman (who’s already had a good run) have their big screen adventure to help set things up nicely for a Justice League movie.

  9. Yes take the time and do it right. Real DC fans would agree, Do a MoS2 with a Batman tie-in or followed with a Batman reboot tie-in, then Batman/Superman, With other Super hero movies in between.