New ‘Man of Steel’ Trailer: General Zod Threatens Earth

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Ever since Terence Stamp made Christopher Reeve kneel before him in 1980’s Superman II, the character of General Zod has become an iconic part of the Superman mythos. Seeing multiple incarnations in comics and cartoons, Zod (plus others with the power of Superman who are corrupted by it) definitely ranks as one of Superman’s great villains. It’s genuinely exciting that we’ll soon see Michael Shannon give his interpretation of the mad Kryptonian dictator in Man of Steel.

Narrated by Zod himself, the new Man of Steel trailer builds from the previously released unnerving viral video to deliver a striking overview of Man of Steel‘s central conflict. Though it comes in hyper-quick bits and pieces, this is easily the most action-packed Man of Steel preview yet.

At last, audiences get an idea of what happens when the militaries of humanity take on a group of ticked-off Kryptonian warriors – and just how easily said warriors can swat humans and their toys like flies.

Man of Steel Zod and Friends New Man of Steel Trailer: General Zod Threatens Earth

If anything, this trailer puts to rest any doubts that Man of Steel will be anything other than epic. Unlike some previous Superman movies, it looks as if the world’s greatest superhero will be taking on a threat that’s on a scale commensurate with his powers. Zod’s right-hand, Faora (Antje Traue), drives home the film’s true stakes as she declares, “For every one of them you save, we will kill a million more.”

Man of Steel stars Henry Cavill (Immortals), Michael Shannon (Boardwalk Empire), Amy Adams (Trouble With the Curve), Kevin Costner (Hatfields & McCoys), and Lawrence Fishburne (Hannibal). The reboot of the Superman film franchise is directed by Zach Snyder (Watchmen) and produced by Dark Knight maestro Christopher Nolan.


Man of Steel will soar into cinemas on June 14, 2013.

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  1. When the first trailer was released, I had a theory that this film would closely follow the plot of the graphic novel Superman: Earth One, and this new trailer all but solidifies that. They just switched out Tyrell and the Dheronians with Zod and his militia. The ultimatum Zod gives to Earth is almost identical to Tyrell’s and they both deliver it by commandeering Earth’s media. I recommend giving it a read if you haven’t already.

  2. Darn it i swore i would stop watching trailers of this movie, but i couldn’t do it. Holly crap Zod looks so good. I love the idea that he has a small army of kryptonians with him, that should present Kal with a bit of a challenge. was it me or did i see Supes use heat vision towards the end of the trailer, it was a quick cut? if so that’s good i sort of figured that’s one of the powers they would cut out to make it “more realistic”.

  3. I saw another Super Punch!

    Ba-ba-ba-do-wa-bope! SUPERMAN!

    • > I saw another Super Punch!

      Heh, don’t you mean Sucker Punch?

      • Ha I see what you done there. Tis funny 😀

  4. You guys know what I find interesting? The fact that so many people complained about how Superman can’t be done right, he is too powerful and unrealistic to be adapted to the big screen, that he is not as popular as Batman, and, therefore, a movie about Superman would never work. Now all I hear is stuff like I Can’t Wait, Movie Of The Year, Best Comic Book Movie Of All Time (possibly) I Can’t Control Myself From Checking Out More Trailers, and so forth and so on. Now I am not saying that any of you guys fall into this category, but I believe that some of you have heard the same comments that I am talking about. Any comic book character can be adapted to the big screen (in my opion) it just has to appeal to the general public and be done right in so many ways, that the list is too long. If it is done well people will like it, love it, become one with it, even sell there house for it. With all that said you guys are the best, and if you are one of those that had doubts you must kneel before Zod now.

    • But… Superman *is* difficult to do right because he *is* too powerful. Super speed, super strength, heat vision, freeze breath, heightened senses, invulnerability… Smallville got ridiculous because, for some reason, kryptonite was EVERYWHERE and that was the only way Clark could be defeated.

      Superman can very easily stray into a ‘boring, invincible hero’ story and people were worried when they heard that Snyder was in charge since he’s very much an action-y type of guy. Superman’s image has been… not tarnished, but definitely clouded slightly with Superman Returns and waiting ten years for Superman to fly on Smallville. Batman is right at the front of the public consciousness. Just look at the recent game Injustice: Gods Among Us. It’s a DC game, but half the cast are from Batman!

      Then we saw the initial trailers and thought, ‘Wow. This could be alright!’ Then we saw the full-length trailer and said, “Looks like it’s safe to be a Superfan again!” Now, just a few weeks from release, we’re pretty hyped up about what we’re getting soon. Now, if we could just get a decent Superman game… (aside from creating a Superman-ish hero on DC Universe Online…)

      • You probably will get a decent game. It’s like the NFL, hit it big, and your on the cover of Madden 2000 and whatever. Same will happen for Superman. Your right about the other Superman interpretations though, but it is not the characters fault. I believe we have WB to thank for that. My opinion, the team of Snyder and Nolan is what makes this. Nolan better by himself if I had to pick one of them. I do fill for Brandon Routh though. Superman Returns was not his fault and he deserves fan support.

      • @reno

        I disagree.

        If we think about it, a Superman movie should be the most exciting and spectacular cbm movie of them all.

        People say that he’s too powerful which makes him boring, but the primary mistake with recent screen renditions is by de-powering him or making him more vulnerable, you’re making him ‘less super’. Superman has all these powers but my constantly pitting him against more human , relatable foes (mainly Lex Luthor) you limit the true potential of what the character can be.

        The solution is to put Superman up against truly powerful adversaries who are stronger than he is and can actually kill him. Thats where yo generate your excitement. In this era of effects and CGI it’s high time we started seeing the likes of Darkseid, Bizarro, Brainiac, Doomsday. Imagine how awesome those villains could be if done right.

        Look how successful Marvel have been with Thor for example. They fully embraced the source material and showed the character in its fullest form.

        It’s easy have a strong Superman up against stronger opponents and you get a great Superman film. It was already done once with Superman 2 and it can definitely be done again.

  5. My post did not post

  6. I want a Shazam movie next. Please DC WB do Shazam. Do it before Justice League. Billy Baston. We need his magic to help Superman against this threat of Zod’s army not just Zod and a couple of rejectsthis time. He seems mean as heck. Shazam is my number 2 behind Superman (always has). I can’t wait either guys.

    • Word. I’d love to see Billy, Mary and Black Adam on the big screen!

      It doesn’t have to get a serious treatment (ala Nolan, Snyder), but more Marvel in style…

      • I would like it to be serious so that Billy can be part of the Justice League if they make a Justice League movie. The one thing I would like to see different though is for Billy to stay Captain Marvel once he is given those powers that way it could be more believable in the sense that whatever young boy they get only has to be in the first movie. Boys grow fast and I hate when actors get swaped to often. A multiple Shazam movie and Justice League team up would be cool, but by the time they make it the kid would be a young man already and not look like a boy anymore. Those are my thoughts on it anyways.

        • > Those are my thoughts on it anyways.

          It’s cool.

          You heard that they were toying with a Shazam/Captain Marvel movie starring Dwayne Johnson (aka The Rock) a while ago, right? He would’ve played Captain Marvel or Black Adam, not sure. Anyway, not sure how I feel about that particular casting choice.

          I think the idea of a young kid becoming a superhero would be very popular with the casual fan. I’m surprised that a movie studio hasn’t really pushed for it to happen yet.

          I was thinking that the whole Shazam thing could pass on from kid to kid. So, once Batson reaches a level of maturity, it could pass onto another generation, and so on, and so forth. That way, you keep the idea fresh. I’m sure there are other ways/ideas to keep things going too.

          As for Captain Marvel in Justice League, that would be cool, but isn’t a necessity for me.

          Come to think of it, I might start watching that 70s Shazam TV show again, just for giggles (do you know what I’m talking about?).

          • Yeah I do. The 70s Shazam on CBS Saturdays (I believe). That’s part of what got me into Shazam. The toys of him also. I can’t say I am one of the comic fans that know these characters through the books. I am more of one that knows them through Saturday morning cartoons, TV series adaptations, and regular weekday cartoons. Once these characters hit the big screen than I started learning more about their comic book history. What got me into that was hearing people complain about the movies not being totally true to the source marterial. That kind of ruined it for as a fan because if a movie was done well as far as casting, acting, luring story, and so forth, than I would get really into it such as the first Spiderman interpretation. Once I would read online about fans ripping it apart for not being true, I wanted to find out why. For me Spiderman was Saturday moring Spiderman and friends. Him and Iceman, and Firestar I believe is her name. There was also a PBS weekday program with a non-talking Spiderman that we would watch in elementarty school. This is more of how I knew the characters and not so much their back story as a kid anyways. These days itis different and I know more about the comics. So I like Nolan’s Batman, but I can see how he made it to realistic and how the hardcore comic fans don’t always like that. Anyways that was an earful or eyeful of material I just rambled about. So yeah Shazam in a cross over with Superman would be cool for me since they have battled it out before. I agree with you though on casting the Rock for that part, but he has proven to be a much better actor than I think people thought he would be. Some time back Brandon Moraley was campaigning for the part as well. Do you know him and did you hear about that a few years back?

            • > For me Spiderman was Saturday moring Spiderman and friends. Him
              > and Iceman, and Firestar I believe is her name.

              Yeah, it was Spiderman and His Amazing Friends. I too saw that as a kid. I think I saw it available on Amazon Prime for viewing, and might just do that after I type this.

              > Some time back Brandon Moraley was campaigning for the part as
              > well. Do you know him and did you hear about that a few years
              > back?

              Nope, haven’t heard of him.

              Wanna enlighten me on what that was all about?

      • Sorry to dissapoint but WB can’t even get a Wonder woman of Flash movie off the ground so don’t hold your breath.

        • I believe they will start rolling after this one. In my opinion, movie of the year easily. That’s all WB is waiting for. The fact that WB is taking there time tells me that thye being extra carefull from previous mistakes. The problem with this is that we as fans lack the patience to be waiting for something other than Batman and Superman. Who can blaim us. We have to wait all this time while Marvel just keeps putting them out and most of them are great. I believe that we will have a Wonder Woman movie sooner than later.

          • @Ben

            As to many excited MOS fans out there , all i would say is show some caution before proclaiming it the best film of the year.

            So many times trailers have promised everything before ultimately disappointing. Phantom Menace is the ultimate example, but also remember how everyone was getting psyched up for Green Lantern and looked how that turned out.

            • Lebsta, are you saying to show some caution before proclaiming a fact or an opinion? If you are saying to show caution before a fact you are right. If it is for an opinion, than that makes no sense. Everyone has a right to their opinion because that is all it is, and that is all I said. “In my opinion, movie of the year easily.”

              • @Ben

                But the thing is your opinion is based on something that you haven’t actually seen yet. A succession of 2 minute trailers can’t determine whether a 2hr plus movie will be brilliant.

                As you know the trailer combines all the best or most exciting parts of the film. For all we know we could have 1 1/2 hours of slow, tepid storytelling followed by 30-40 mins of spectacle. Yes it may be unlikely but it’s also possible.

                Also MOS comes out in June. That leaves another 6 months of potential ‘best movies’ to be released. You still have Thor the Dark World, Catching Fire and the Hobbit 2 – all three films could be even bigger and better than MOS.

                So at this stage opinion or not to say MOS is film of the year doesn’t really make sense.

                • The choice of words is just a little confusing is all.  Ben’s whole original argument is that Man of Steel will be good enough to justify moving foward with plans of a Justice League shared universe film.  From the looks of the trailers, that very well may be.
                  Also, it would have been more accurate to say, “my assumption based on the trailer, movie of the year easily”. To say “my opinion, movie of the year.  That’s all WB is waiting for,”  implies WB is making multi-million dollar decisions on Ben’s opinion that the Man of Steel is the movie of the year based solely on a handful of trailers and production photos.

                  • You’re just twisting what he clearly meant to be a complete asshat. If Man of Steel is well-received (as well-received as the trailers, at least!) then WB will obviously say, “Great! Let’s capitalise on this!”

                    • I’m not trying to twist anything. In fact, I agree with what he was trying to say. I was just pointing out what Lebsta was arguing about.

                    • I should have said it like that reno. Thanks for getting what I was trying to say. I am just looking forward to this take on The Hero with the red cape and boots. All of my friends are getting hyped for it.

                    • @Reno, Ben, Spesh

                      I think let’s all agree to watch the actual whole movie first and then a better judgment can be made on how good the film is.

                      I too am excited about MOS but will keep my expectations in check. I do understand the anticipation as it looks like we will actually get a Superman movie that’s action packed. People, especially DC fans are so anxious for MOS to be successful and lay down foundations for a future Justice League movie.

  7. To the People of Earth – YOU WILL KNEEL BEFORE ZOD!!!!!!!!!!!

    • HELL NAH!

      • LOL

  8. Same ole story with better action.

  9. My balls..have dropped.

    • ouch…

  10. Petriffyingly beautiful I can’t wait

  11. THE SCORE!!!!!! EPIC!! Man, it’s about time we heard a sick Villainous score that didn’t include the Nolany WHOMMMMP WHOMMMMMP WHOMMMMP.

    Now at least it’s like WHOMP BUmbaBUMbaBUM WHOMP WHOMP WHOMP BUMbaBUMbaBUM


  12. Looks epic indeed.

  13. Kind of glad, Russell Crowe isn’t playing any other characters with a ton of screen time. On the bright side, if this movie takes off it gives hope to DC’s film slate.

    Their comics being published right now are simply awful. Not very many bright spots and they consistently insult the intelligence of their readership just like Marvel does. Par for the course of the Big 2 Houses of Zero Ideas.

  14. JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!! That trailer just brought tears to my eyes!!! I pride myself on being a sci-fi freak… I see EVERY movie on more than a few times and it’s been a long… long… long time since I’ve been this excited. Nolan has changed the entiiiire comic book movie landscape with the Batman’s. We have begun the GOLDEN AGE of movies my friends!!!! I’ve waited for this era for a long time.

  15. the man of steel has officially become my most anticipated summer movie.

  16. All I can say is every time I watch these trailers I get chills. I believe that they finally have all the right elements to make a proper superman movie. Great Director, superb Writers, fantastic cast, and the technology to make superman look real on the big screen.

  17. The villains portrayal must always be at an equal or better level than that of the superhero to have superhero movies work; as seen in Dark Knight. I think that Zod (Michael Shannon) and Faora (Antje Traue) will be brilliant and bring the movie to another level with the cast already assembled. I love the concept of holding off on the Kryptonite for another movie…..say ummmmm involving Lex possibly :D!

  18. HOT DANG!!! DID YOU SEE THE HEAT VISION!!! This is the Man of Steel

  19. Its the way I imaged a super powered being saving the world (tear) The man of steel is back.

  20. Oh my!!!!!!!!! This is getting frigin incredible!!!!!!!! This trailer put the final stamp on how good this movie is going to be!

    HELL – Just the MOS trailers are better than Superman Returns and IM3. I could watch the 6 minutes of MOS trailers and enjoy that more than Superman Returns & IM3. Plus the music is awesome too!

    It is just amazing to think being a comic book fan for 30+ years this is the first chance I get to see Superman, WITHOUT QUESTION KING of Superheroes, display his powers and get into a hardcore fight on screen.
    Think about it – loved the Original Superman movies but we didn’t get to see the full potential of Superman’s powers, Superman Returns we didn’t get to see anything and all TV series never displayed Superman close to his full potential.

    I simply can’t wait for this movie & can’t recall being this eager for a movie and that includes Stars Wars (new & old), Spiderman, Batman – you name it.

  21. I work at O’hare Airport in Chicago and today I had the privilege of meeting Mr. Shannon… The dude is awesome. I got to talk to him for about 10 minutes. We discussed my love for Superman, as well as Zod. He asked how I felt about past film incarnations of Superman (cough* Bryan Singer’s) We talked about how great Henry Cavill is gonna be as the Big Blue Boy Scout and he even thanked me for being a fan. Today was a good day and I’ll never forget it.


    • Are you serious?

      If so, I’ll bow to you. 😉

      I’ve never bumped into an actor/actress ever.

  22. JESUS!!!! Lets hope i live so see this movie and not get killed in the line of duty since im a cop -_- strongly thinking of taking a desk job for the next month or so just to be on the safe side!!!!!!!!

  23. oh…my…god…

    If this doesn’t end up being the best movie of the year,then I give up.

    I don’t think I’ve seen a cooler trailer since The Dark Knight’s trailer,which I proceeded to watch about 10 times in a row.Looks like I have some catching up to do with this one now.

  24. 0:38 “Prometheus” an Engineer

  25. This looks so good! No matter what they say, it will be better than Superman Returns!

  26. Alright, I’m excited.

  27. Antje Traue definitely looks like Ursa in the Reeve movies. Yeah, the Faora name is probably just a name change..

    • That would be neat to have it be Ursa AND to have Non show up aswell… but… Faora is in-fact a recurring Superman villain, usually displayed as the “DEATH TO ALL MEN” type.
      No need for a hidden twist “reveal” there… it’s Faora.

    • “Ursa” was actually the name change. She was based on Faora, who showed up in the comics around ’77. For all intents and purposes, Ursa was pretty much like the source character. I’m glad to see they’re using the original character in Man of Steel. It’s a nice throwback.

  28. The best trailer ive seen for a summer movie. The only one that comes close is the first dark knight trailer

  29. The best trailer ive seen for a movie. The only one that comes close is the first dark knight trailer