New ‘Man of Steel’ Trailer: General Zod Threatens Earth

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Ever since Terence Stamp made Christopher Reeve kneel before him in 1980′s Superman II, the character of General Zod has become an iconic part of the Superman mythos. Seeing multiple incarnations in comics and cartoons, Zod (plus others with the power of Superman who are corrupted by it) definitely ranks as one of Superman’s great villains. It’s genuinely exciting that we’ll soon see Michael Shannon give his interpretation of the mad Kryptonian dictator in Man of Steel.

Narrated by Zod himself, the new Man of Steel trailer builds from the previously released unnerving viral video to deliver a striking overview of Man of Steel‘s central conflict. Though it comes in hyper-quick bits and pieces, this is easily the most action-packed Man of Steel preview yet.

At last, audiences get an idea of what happens when the militaries of humanity take on a group of ticked-off Kryptonian warriors – and just how easily said warriors can swat humans and their toys like flies.

Man of Steel Zod and Friends New Man of Steel Trailer: General Zod Threatens Earth

If anything, this trailer puts to rest any doubts that Man of Steel will be anything other than epic. Unlike some previous Superman movies, it looks as if the world’s greatest superhero will be taking on a threat that’s on a scale commensurate with his powers. Zod’s right-hand, Faora (Antje Traue), drives home the film’s true stakes as she declares, “For every one of them you save, we will kill a million more.”

Man of Steel stars Henry Cavill (Immortals), Michael Shannon (Boardwalk Empire), Amy Adams (Trouble With the Curve), Kevin Costner (Hatfields & McCoys), and Lawrence Fishburne (Hannibal). The reboot of the Superman film franchise is directed by Zach Snyder (Watchmen) and produced by Dark Knight maestro Christopher Nolan.


Man of Steel will soar into cinemas on June 14, 2013.

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  1. @0:38= badass mofo!! This movie will rule!!!

  2. DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYUMM!!!! Okay, Now I’m excited to see this.

  3. Why are they doing this to me….. June 14th get here now.

  4. This will be the movie of the year, reaffirming DC related movies are usually quality (for the most part) while Marvel is quantity with crap

    • Let’s keep it friendly here, please

      • For reals marvel makes quality films

    • Thank you Jack. It’s quite sad that we have to constantly remind these Marvel fanboys what the facts are.

      • What is this marvel fanboy crap? Is it illegal to love both?

        • “This marvel fanboy crap” is Marvel fanboys praising their garbage Marvel films. For example, Cpt. America, Iron Man 2 and 3 and the Avengers. Only great Marvel film(s)- Iron Man 1. Only Mediocre Marvel films-Thor and Hulk

        • It’s obviously not illegal to love both, but if you love garbage (Marvel films) then all the best to you.

          • trolololo…

          • @Justine. When you bash something, it should be standard practice to declare something as being awesome…as a karmic balance or something. Can’t be a hater all the time! Recommend me something Justin, non superhero related, let’s get a picture of what you think is good.

    • The only movie that Marvel Studios has made that’s even close to being that bad is Iron Man 3. And I’m a superhero fanboy, not necessarily for Marvel or DC.

        • I never said you can’t like both. But if you like garbage (Almost all Marvel films) then good for you.

          • That’s an opinion. There’s no such thing as right or wrong here as long as it’s competent on technical levels. Sometimes I want a double cheeseburger, sometimes I want a salad, sometimes I want a snickers, sometimes a banana. It’s all food. Whether it’s nutritious or not doesn’t affect my craving for what I want at that time.

        • Your opinion that Avengers is the worst of the Marvel movies is genuinely intriguing to me. While the other movies ranged from pretty good (IM1) to pretty mediocre (Hulk, Cpt. America), I feel like Avengers was the perfect summation of the tone and style of the MCU. It had a good sense of humor, but still left room for more serious character moments, and plenty of action. Just seems to me that if you like Marvel’s style, Avengers would be your cup of tea. Would you mind expanding on your opinion a bit? I’m curious.

    • oh hahahaha, I guess wearing those rose colored glasses filters out the complete craploa movies DC/WB have put out over the years.

      I would advise against casting stones in that glass house you’ve built up.

  5. I have to admit I was a HATER of this movie at first, but for once I am GLAD to be Wrong. :D These trailers have SOLD me on Man of Steel for sure, I plan on seeing it Opening Weekend. :D

  6. I just wee’d a little bit after watching that.

  7. Anyone see that around 1:33? Either Superman is struggling with his Lazer eyes or someone strangling him is asking for it.

  8. WalMart advanced tix purchased. Just awaiting the day of reckoning! Haven’t been this excited for a movie in awhile. Can’t see this being complete crap at this point haha.

    • He is a producer, I love the guy don’t get me wrong but everyone clearly says that this is Zach Snyders movie and its apparent that is true. The special affects and the “super” feel to the fighting looks pretty nice

    • And little boys and girls got to visit the set. Does that mean they contributed? HA HA

    • Wow a picture of a producer talking to a director such solid evidence lol I love Nolan and his involvement but even he himself has admitted over and over again this is ZACKS movie he got the project off the ground and handed complete control over to Snyder and remained on board strictly as producer.

  9. This looks exciting. I think this is going to be a refreshing release from the utter disappointment that is Iron Man 3.

    • +1

      • -1

        IM3 wasn’t a disappointment at all.

        • I’m a huge Marvel & Iron Man nerd. Credentials established.

          IM3 was a huge f@ck up in several ways, while still being enjoyable and containing some cool stuff. You should listen to the IM3 episode of the Screen Rant podcast, they go over the good & bad in much more detail than I care to here.

          Look, it’s okay to enjoy something that’s overall bad. It’s also okay to acknowledge to yourself “if I don’t think something was disappointing, and everyone else does, maybe I just have bad taste?” I realize pride won’t allow you to say it out loud but at least realize it yourself.

          • Question though: is the fact that you’re a huge Iron Man nerd the main factor in your dislike of IM3? Coming from someone who’s never touched a comic book in his life, I thought it was a pretty fun action movie. Most of the hate I’ve seen directed towards the movie has been because of deviations from the canon of the comics. I actually think that the big change they made was kinda clever, but then I didn’t have any kind of emotional attachment to the character prior to seeing the movie.

  10. And Michael Shannon looks amazing. Along with his crew(?)

  11. I chose not to watch the trailer but I confess that it is hard. I didn”t for the last trailer of The Dark Knight Rises, I can do it for this one. But Wow! The comments don’t make it easy on me. Midnight Screening, Here I am!!! lol :)

    • It really didn’t show much just a bit more action

    • i tip my hat off to you…i’ve been trying also but its so hard

  12. @Trey,
    I’m afraid “just a bit more action” might be a little too much, Lol I am going to cross my fingers until the 13th lol

    • Thats true you never really know hoe much is being shown. But 2 weeks from now i wont remember anything from this trailer but my praise for michael shannon. As long as i dont keep rewatching it

    • This is Snyder we’re talking about. Obviousely there’ll be way more action than the trailers.

  13. Wow, that was the best trailer so far, i think it is the trailer of the year, it looks amazing.

  14. I started not to watch, but I could not resist. I said it before Iron Man 3 came out & I say it again this movie is going to be awesome. I do wish they both could have been good, but I said all along this would be better.

  15. Can you travel back in time?

    Can you become what you had been before?
    Can you become that boy who knew joy before
    it was a word and feel that same joy once again?

    Can it happen? Can you go back?

    Yes. You can.

    • Heh. Come to think of it, I do feel like a kid again!

  16. Well my mind has officially been blown.

  17. the costumes are awesome

  18. Man Of Steel looks like it is going to be EPIC!!!!!!! june 14th CANNOT GET HERE FAST ENOUGH!!!!!!

  19. Damn that Superman Scream reminds me of the Injustice Gods Among us Japanese Trailer where Superman is Screaming lol

  20. Wait, why is it Laurence Fishburne (Hannibal), and not Laurence Fishburne (The Matrix) or (CSI) or ANYTHING other than Hannibal?

    • Lawrence shot this before Hannibal making
      Hannibal Fishburne the Man Of Steel Fishburne.

  21. I cant wait to watch this movie!! Every trailer has blown my mind!

  22. Wow, that was an awesome trailer – before seeing this I’d been intrigued but still skeptical. No longer…

    Can’t wait!

  23. No matter how many explosions and effects shots they use they can’t cover up the banality of the generic alien invader plot. The first half of the trailer is basically lifted from Transformers 2 where the Decepticons hack into the television signal and demand that the humans hand over Sam if they don’t want to be attacked. Oh well, we still have Elysium to look forward to.

    • Agreed. WB Marketing is ripping off Transformers marketing team. Perhaps WB should have hired Michael Bay to ruin Superman instead of Bryan Singer and Zack Snyder. Although WB did a splendid job of fooling many fans that Green Lantern was “the film we’ve all been waiting for.”

      • In all honesty though, the set pieces look great. I will probably end up renting this and sitting through the dull “story”(The bad guy has some vague agenda that puts the world at risk! Save us Superman!) in order to see the incredible action sequences, like I did with Transformers, Avatar, and Avengers. I just hope Snyder follows this up by doing another movie with substance like Watchmen or Sucker Punch and doesn’t get sucked into doing a series of Superman/Justice League movies.

    • Disagree, this movie looks 100 times better than the generic Elysium, you go watch that movie, i am going to see Man of Steel.

    • And Iron man got half its plot from the Incredibles Hollywood recycles s*** last year and this year so far had so many classic movie remakes it was sickening I guarantee you even Elysium will recycle stuff. From the trailer its the same old the poor and oppressed want and deserve better treatment and now they have to take it by force same old same old but, both MoS and ELYSIUM will do great.

    • The Avengers was basically Transformers 3 with superheroes and it still managed to make a killer financially. I’m not gonna comment on whether or not it’s a good film though.

      • BWAHAHA! THANK YOU! The entire third act of Avengers was cut and pasted from Dark of The Moon with giant biomechanical aliens flying through a wormhole to invade the city and the good guys scrambling to close the portal. Only NOW it was New York instead of Chicago – huge difference!

    • It seems different in that ZOD is approaching Earth as harboring a criminal from his planet. It’s not an invasion, it’s an extradition of sorts.

  24. This movie looks absolutely insane, definitely will be there day one!

  25. Dear God that score at the beginning is freaking orgasmic so excited.

    • Man…. Beast Mode score

    • Totally agree!

  26. Marketing is king. But you will not fool me. Zack Snyder has failed to deliver in his last 3 films. So has WB with Green Lantern and Superman Returns. I will refrain from supporting this despite your deceptive marketing.

    • Watchmen is really good… and i like the owl movie. Ill agree with sucker punch but thats the writing


    - Gizmo, after watching the latest Superman trailer.

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