‘Man of Steel’: Superman vs. Zod Clip & TV Spot #11

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A tie-in book for Man of Steel recently revealed what many fans may have already suspected: that Superman’s suit and cape in the film won’t simply exist to help him cut a dashing figure, but are actually examples of Kryptonian technology that are designed to serve particular functions, such as the ability to navigate their ships. This opens up a very interesting array of questions about just what Kryptonian armor is capable of, and how much of the aliens’ powers stem from what they wear.

Costumes are one of the few things in Man of Steel that haven’t been subject to stringent levels of secrecy, and so we’ve already been given close looks at not only Superman’s new “debriefed” outfit, but also at general Kryptonian fashion and the armors of Jor-El, Zod, Faora and other Kryptonian warriors. A new clip from one of the battle scenes of Man of Steel, however, gives a very tangible look at one of the functions of Zod’s armor, and how Superman is able to use it against him.

First, check out the eleventh TV spot for Man of Steel (unless you want to save a little something for the actual movie):

In comic book lore, Superman’s incredible powers have been built up by his exposure to the yellow rays of the sun, but superhuman abilities don’t necessarily come without their complications. One of the potential downsides, for example, of having extraordinary hearing is the challenge of having to focus on the person you’re talking to when you can also hear every other conversation happening in a two-mile radius. However, as Superman first arrived on Earth as a baby, he has had over thirty years in which to hone his focus and only pay attention to the sensory input that matters.

Man of Steel Trailer Zod Screenshot Man of Steel: Superman vs. Zod Clip & TV Spot #11

The above clip – and Superman’s words in it – seem to suggest that Zod’s armor is designed to block out the sun’s rays, preventing him from exposure to them. It’s hard to tell why he would want to turn down the chance for an extra edge in the fight against Superman, but it’s possible that his armor gives him extra strength and speed without the potentially compromising effects of superhuman hearing and sight. As Superman succeeds in breaking Zod’s helmet piece (which seems to be made out of some kind of fluid, organic material), it seems that exposure to the sun’s rays gives him an immediate and highly disorienting boost to his senses. There’s a certain suggestion that Zod never intended to get into hand-to-hand combat with Superman, considering how thoroughly Superman is able to pummel him through several buildings and an exploding gas station.

Henry Cavill as a very angry Superman in Man of Steel Man of Steel: Superman vs. Zod Clip & TV Spot #11

As a side note with regards to that particular aspect of the clip, it is a little worrying to see Superman losing his control like this. There have already been indications that he will be tempted to use his powers for destruction, and director Zack Snyder has warned that Smallville will take a beating during Zod and Superman’s battle, so a certain level of collateral damage is expected. In this clip, however, it looks like there’s a good chance that Superman just inadvertently vaporized some innocent civilians. Unless, of course, everyone in the gas station (including the people whose cars were parked at the pumps) just conveniently stepped out for coffee.

What do you think of this first extended look at the action in Man of Steel? Have you worked out your own theories about Snyder’s vision of Kryptonian armor? Share your observations with us in the comments.


Man of Steel opens in regular and select 3D/IMAX theaters in the U.S. on June 14th, 2013.

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  1. So… Superman pretty much tells the bad guy how he became strong. What idiot tells the bad guy how he’s able to focus and beat him up LOL. Over brag too much Supes? Could be your downfall yah know

    • Because Zod don’t speak English ! xD

  2. The action looks pretty good, but I hope the terrible acting by Cavill and cheesy dialogue are just an anomaly in this scene and not reflective of the movie as a whole…

    • I just can’t see it but what do you think was bad about his acting? I thought it was pretty good.

      • dont let the superman suit blind you from the bad acting

      • This is probably the wrong scene to get a feel for the acting. The dialog is kind of cheesy, but what Zod is experiencing has to be explained. I think it is hard to have good dialog when you just got finished wrestling and beating up somebody. That’s my take anyways.

        • +1 True.

        • With that weird gooey helmet thing that Zod had on i think blocks any rays or radiation or whatever the sun gives out that give superman his powers, you see as soon as Zod takes off that helmet he can see his bones from his hand (x-ray vision) and hear far distant noises (super hearing) and according to superman since this is Zod’s first time experiencing power (all of supermans powers) all these powers at once starts to hurt Zod because he doesn’t know how to control them but as superman says “My parents taught me to hold my senses” “Focus on just what i wanted to see” (superman is saying he knows how to control all the power while Zod does not) This could bring us back to the second trailer when clark as a boy says “the world is to big mom” and his mom says “than make it small, focus on my voice, pretend its an island out in the ocean, do you see it?” this could be one of those moments that his mom taught him how to control his super hearing and i just say super hearing cause clark says “the world is to big” and his mom says “focus on my voice” and clark is also covering his ears crying. Hope this helps

          • It has already been explained what the helmet does; it doesn’t block out the suns rays (and in the process, Zods powers), it filters the input to prevent sensory overload (the kind we see in the clip). This is somewhat obvious.

    • Actually his acting was really good here, wow the action looks amazing.

      • Action was good. It’s fairly obvious the acting wasnt convincing and poor. I cringed a bit watching the dialogue but peed myself at the action.

        • yea its not great but its only a 1 minute clip and I didn’t think anything was wrong with it.

    • i thought the exact same thing,could cavill be struggling with the accent ?

      • Absolutely nothing wrong with the acting. Kal El for the first time in his life has been pushed over the edge, and at the same time can relate with someone something he has never been able to relate with anybody. It gives him a sort of sick pleasure because he knows what Zod is going through, and enjoys that it’s hurting him… because he dared to threaten his mother.

        I can see the joy and disgust on his face at the same time. Weak acting my ass. Try again trolls.

        • Spot on.

        • Thought the same thing, the first person who’s going through the same thing as Clark just threatened his mom. The emotions would be pretty twisted.

        • Too true, Good Doctor. The acting was pitch perfect.
          It precisely fit the action and emotion of the fight.

  3. The pictures indicate that there seems to be alot of yelling. I sincerely hope we get to see Russel Crowe yell.

    • Yeah, it would be nice to see him actually have some kind of passion in his acting. I love Crowe, but I swear he puts less emotion into his characters than Kristen Stewart.

  4. As a side note I noticed Zod looked quite tall in shots.
    I looked up Shannon and he is 6’4″ which I was unaware.

  5. And I see we have two trolls present LOL

    • +1

  6. That dialogue doesn’t come off as….great.

  7. I think the action will be there in this film, without a doubt, it’s just the plot, dialog and acting that has me most concerned. From everything I’ve seen, read and heard from those that have seen it, or at least most of it, I am not convinced Cavill can carry the role/character. Brandon Routh looked great in the suit, but couldn’t “be” Superman. He was Superman right up until the point when he spoke, then he wasn’t.

    I loved Cavill in The Immortals, he was fantastic, and I was excited when he was cast as Superman, but he’s still a young actor, and I have to imagine the pressure to deliver in this type of role is enormous, especially considering everything that is riding on this movie, and just the weight of the character himself. I hope he does well in the role. I want him to “be” Superman, like RDJ is Iron Man/ Tony Stark, or Hemsworth is Thor. I want him to own it, in other words.

    Dialog was a little cheesy, granted, but not horrible. The cgi looked ok, but it’s hard to judge from just the few clips we’ve seen.

    The hype on this movie is so very high, can any movie match that much hype? No matter how it does or looks, there are bound to be disappointed fans when the hype is this high.

    • Hemsworth is not Thor, yes, he has sold a good thor, but, not in the same way as Robert Downey Jr. While Downey will certainly be replaced, in the eyes of most moviegoers, he cannot, whereas, Hemsworth could easily be replaced.

      • @ Luthor

        Really? I think he is Thor. I think he owns the character. I can’t think of anybody else playing Thor, or playing him as well, right now in Hollywood besides Hemsworth, that’s what I meant.

        • Trust me… He is Thor. Most would agree with you Stark and in a world that is not perfect, people will think what they want. Again trust your gut Stark he is, and nobody else can (at this moment) play Thor.

          • I wasn’t even gonna post a comment but I have to get my two cents in.

            Hemsworth IS the god of thunder. He has sold me almost more then RDJ as stark. Which may he saying too much for some guys but my opinion. Where I could possibly see another actor coming in for stark. I can’t even imagine another acting trying to too te portrayal that hemsworth gives. Great actor and he is Thor.

            As far as the clip goes. I pretty much agree with you stark. I love immortals and I want Cavill to be superman !

  8. Good thing Superman stopped fighting in the middle of that scene to explain what was going on to the viewers. Otherwise the audience of 9 year olds this movie is targeted towards might have gotten confused. Take advantage of a distracted opponent in the middle of a life-and-death fight? Heck no, just stand back and jabber away while he recovers. Oh well, I heard “This Is the End” is supposed to be good.

    • “This Is the End” looks already like the most overrated comedy of the year i don’t care if it gets good reviews, the movie is going to be crap.

    • Life and death? Who said they can die

    • Recovering?because from what i saw it looked like Zod was suffering from the new abilities.

    • Yeah it’s kind of like when a scientist, who is under the control of a god, is able to put in a backdoor way to turn off an inter-galactic power source he has been studying, at best, maybe a few years. If you want to nitpick, you can find flaws in any movie, especially in comic book movies. I think “This is the End” looks funny, but I don’t know how realistic it is to discuss who gets a candy bar when the world is coming to an end, so you might have some problems with it too.

    • Undoubtedly most stupid comment on Screenrant.

    • Because this is the first action movie in history where characters talk during a fight, right? It’s not like every Superhero movie in history hasn’t had scenes like this, right?

    • Haters are just going to hate. Have fun with your miserable sour onion of a life.

      I don’t understand why you or anyone else can’t just sit back and enjoy it for what it is. Because this movie looks freaking awsome and you guys are judging it on a 2 minute scene.

      You haven’t even seen the movie yet, yet your ego is so large that you think your poop doesn’t stink enough where you can criticize. Get over yourself.

    • @ Dr. Brian O’Blivion

      Yeah just like Avengers where Stark started blabbering about “shakespeare in park” when fighting with Thor

  9. 200 million opening for this film . 1 billion gross at the end of its entire theatrical run.

    • I think you’re being a little overly optimistic. I see somewhere between $115-$135 mil opening weekend and a final US take of $300-$325. However, it could do $1 bil worldwide due to the global popularity and recognition of Superman.

      • 1 billion is possible, it has already made over 170 million from various promotional partnerships alone. I say between 115-$120 mil opening and US take $325 million.

  10. This will easily make a billion. Stateside…I see it clearing 400 million. I am starting to believe it will deliver the good. From this clip; I don’t see anything terribly wrong with his acting and delivering his lines. Remember…he didn’t write the diolouge for his character.
    Seriously…it wouldn’t be Superman without some cheesy diologue…especially if it came from Clark/Superman. That’s straight outta the comic books…even current comic books.

  11. Everybody says the dialog and acting is bad. Kal-El is out of breath from fighting and slamming through things. You think you can speak after arduous exercise? Get real.

    • Ok. Not everybody. I should say, the “detractors” are trying to say… Blah blah blah. You get my point.

      • Man don’t sweat it, never feed trolls at night they’ll eat you out of house and home.

    • Exactly man, this guy gets it.

    • That’s exactly what I was trying to say. This is probably the worse scene to judge his acting. As far as the dialog, he did not write so if it seems cheesy I blaim that on the writers not Cavil.

  12. So I watched the video and I did feel like the dialogue or acting was a little bad in this one scene.
    Then I read all of these comments and apparently that feeling makes you a troll so I don’t know.
    We’ll see if this kind of dialogue is an indication of the entire movie when it’s out I guess, I
    don’t think it will be.

    • I seriously don’t know what’s so bad about the dialogue in this scene

      • Me neither. I’m pretty mystified as to all these comments about bad acting and cheesy dialogue. Seems fine to me.

      • +1

    • No, you’re right. The acting is pretty bad in all the clips they’ve released. Zack Snyder is not good at directing actors at all.

  13. From that clip plus all the other snippets we’ve seen of the fight sequences in ‘Man of Steel’ always has me thinking that this is what the final showdown between Neo and Smith in ‘The Matrix Revolutions’ should been like; two god-like supermen just beating seven shades out of each other in a prolonged brawl of epic proportions, laying waste to a good portion of the city whilst they’re doing it…

    • This won’t even be on the same level as the Super Burly Brawl from Matrix Revolutions. That fight combined impeccable cinematography and state of the art effects with actors who had been rigorously trained in martial arts and fight choreography from the legendary Yuen Woo-ping. If you remove the CGI effects from this scene you just have one guy punching another guy over and over in a corn field.

  14. What happend to G.Zod, is what happoend to Braniac, in the latest Cartoon Movie from Superman.

    I sincerly don’t think the dialogue was bad… what do you expect from a movie taken from a Comic book??? There is no doubt it’s going to be the best adaptation of superman yet. The action is just awesome.

  15. The acting is perfect. To my surprise everything trailer, TV spot, article, etc. leads me to believe this is going to be an awesome movie. This site, just like most CBM sites, has its share of Marvel fan boys thrashing MOS which pretty much tells me:

    A. They are not true comic book fans because if you truly read the comics you’ve more than likely read the great story arch from both companies. To route for one company to fail on the big screen after investing hundreds of millions of dollars is simply asinine.

    B. Are likely the everyday random sheep that follow what is currently popular. Perfect example is many ‘fan boys’ mouthing off about DC but before MDJ played Ironman had no idea who Iron Man or the Avengers as a group were let alone the characters around him (Jarvis, Pepper, Happy Hogan, James Rhodes, etc). While I love IM (aside from IM3) at times I’m disappointed the general public (sheep) liked MDJ as an actor more so than liking IM as a superhero. As a true comic fan I’m happy for the success of any comic property first & foremost but at times I feel like the general public is not truly caught on to the Marvel heroes but the sizzle of MDJ as an actor.

    • Don’t worry about it because they will be seeing as well next weekend. Damn near every comic book fan will see this movie because the footage has them hooked.

  16. The dialogue here stays true to simple, comic book fashion… Which in my opinion is excellent. Cavill and Shannon NAILED IT in regards to the emotions conveyed here, as pertaining to the storyline. You have to KNOW what you are watching, and sometimes a little history and consideration into the fact that this is based on a comic book, in order for you to truly appreciate this type of dialogue. This looks like it will be my favorite superhero movie yet. At least equal, if not better than The Avengers.

  17. I dont know what some are talking about? The acting and dialog was pretty good, the action was insane, MOS will be epic, and will destroy anything marvel have put out!

  18. Catch your breath and take a moment to consider these things: Don’t start prematurely tripping about the the acting calling things cheesy or campy. Or attacking Cavill before seeing the whole movie. Have a little faith in the fact that each new guy is prematurely judged and then loved (Chris Reeves, Christian Bale, the actors at Marvel and for that matter throw in there Kiefer as Jack Bauer or who else could be Neo when we snickered at Keanu). This will be fine, and Henry will sell us all on him being Superman. Sometimes I believe we just like sounding like the expert on a thing like an actor’s performance (without any substance to validate our opinion) and we have walked ourselves into a corner because we lack the wisdom to be patience to see and hear the whole matter. Honestly, do you really think that Chris Nolan, as an executive producer would have attached his name to a project that a first year film student could see would stall death at the beginning with the lead actor? Really??? It’s not cheesy, it’s it will be in some respects ground breaking, and it will capture the less critical pessimistic audience’s hearts and haunt the audience when it’s over. Let the money prove it. Guys relax….it’s got success written all over it. Monday night the critics will confirm it.

    • Great words man! It does have success written on it. I am hyped.

    • So you’re suggesting everyone pay to see it at least once before judging… HA HA Do you work for WB? The studio would love for us to do that. Speculation and risk is part of the fun. I for one will NOT pay to see this reboot of Superman. WB doesn’t seem to be able to get their act together. They seem ashamed of the source material. I can’t support that.

      • No I don’t suggest you ever see this film. It would be safer to judge from the side line because, and this is only because the impression left here from you is influencing my thought, you never have to change your point of view….that might be uncomfortable. You’ve made your point, now stand your ground and I’ll respect that. Me, I’m a fan so I can think of far worst ways to lose $13. But I commend you for not being a lier or hippocrite. Enjoy your position.

  19. I find it hilarious when we get people talking about “acting” when it concerns superhero films outside of the Batman films. Cavill is fine as Superman because he LOOKS the part. I will judge his “acting” when I see the full movie, not just clips, but from what I’ve seen so far, he is fine.

    Also, people are flipping out about the clips and I just shake my head because I recall a good number of clips from The Avengers that showed some action and I’m sure no one was prepared for how bad ass the last half hour of the movie was, so enough with whining about “seeing too much”. I have no doubt that this film will be very good, if not great. I trust Snyder and Nolan to not mess this up and what I’ve seen so far has me convinced.

    All you people hating on all on the pub need to chill. We all know that you will pay to see the movie and then gripe about it before going to see it again. The people that have seen it have said it was great and they had minor gripes, which is typical for any film, especially one that features comic book characters. Stop lying in forums about vids or being a troll. No need for it.

  20. The dialogue maybe is not superman-ish, but that is because it is extrapolated out of the context of the movie. I`m convinced that it will make sense in the movie as a whole.

    Considering that the scene probably takes place before Clark has matured into the Superman we expect, I think the scene makes perfect sense, I like the fact that the movie seems to dedicate a good amount of time into the process of Clark becoming Superman.

    The trailers got me excited, but in every single one (except the scene with Clark and Lois in the police station) Superman seems a bit clumsy, insecure, nervous. I hope it`s just part of the process of him becoming what he is meant to be, and that in the end we will get a taste of Cavil acting like a matured Man of Steel.

  21. DO NOT compare this to Green Lantern. Even if – and I stress IF – the dialogue is poor at times, the story was co-written by Nolan, directed by Snyder and scored by Hans Zimmer. One of the things I hated about Green Lantern was the s***** music. TDKR had s*** dialogue at times but it wasn’t BAD. Also, I think David Goyer is way underrated and cops way too much s***. Blade, Batman and now Superman, he knows his stuff. At least it won’t be a parody like Iron Man 3!

    Worst case scenario, of course. I’m sure MoS will kick ass.

  22. Also don’t see how you can call that bad acting on Cavill’s part.

  23. MAN OF STEEL will make Over $1 BiLLiON Dollars Worldwide, Henry Cavill is a Good Actor & Multi-Oscar-Nominated: Amy Adams is Beautiful Plus
    Multi-Oscar-Nominated: C-NOLAN is The Writer & Producer, The
    New Suit Looks Great & Better than The Old Light Blue Suit
    that Looked Like a SMURF & with The OutSide UnderWear that was NOT Good, MAN OF STEEL will be in Theaters in 2D, 3D, IMAX & IMAX 3D, i’m Going To See it in 3D.

  24. This clip has made things crystal clear for me! Best clip of supes ever, movie is gonna blow my mind!! So excited!!

  25. This movie is going to set a new standard for comic book movies.
    And Henry Cavill acting was just amazing if you didn’t like it I advise you to not watch the movie simply because it’s not made for you.

  26. I remembered what this scene reminded me of today. It reminds me of the beginning of the fight between Iron Man and Thor in The Avengers where Iron Man flies through the woods tackling Thor. Very simular.

    • @ Stark

      I got your point. You want to show How talented Zack visually. Similar scene but look ok in Avengers (even in theater ) and epic in this clip.

    • yeah so u wanna say that they are copying Avengers.You must have also noticed then that Loki guy who unsuccessfully tried pull off “Kneel before Zod” in Germany scene. Thor wearing red cape and flying copying Classic Superman.

      This scene has nothing to do with Avengers

    • Also the setting in a small town is very Thor.

  27. I saw an advanced screening of man of steel today at Ft. Hood TX. This movie delivers and then continues to give more. Then action sequences alone are the best I have seen, it’s a little darker and more multi-layered then your father’s superman but Cavill is able to pull it off. In short, MOS is awesome and a must see. Thanks for letting the troops get a sneak peek at an excellent movie.

    • I saw an advanced screening too. I don’t know. It was a big let down for me. I really was hoping that the film would live up to the marketing hype despite Zack Snyder. But this reboot is very much a cheesey Zack Snyder film with David Goyer plot holes up the ying yang. Action for the sake of action. Superman monologuing was hilarious but totally out of character.

  28. I’ve got to laugh but dialogue and acting was horrible. This definitely looks like another one Zack Snyder turkey. I’m sure his fans who loved Watchmen will eat this CGI-laden poop up but a lot of other people won’t. Such a shame. WB dropped the ball once again.

    • U r definetly a stupid first of all not at all a bad acting and if it is then by two minutes u judged entire movie it says something about u

  29. I was so hyped after seeing all these trailers and tv spots, I went to the local comic shop and picked up the Prequel Comic! I read it straight away. Now I’m bummed. Marketing fooled me once with Green Lantern despite having traveled 2000 miles to Comic Con to visit the WB booth and check out the dead alien from the GL film and being rudely turned away as the fans were crammed like sardine and WB kept their booth empty except for VIPs. Sadly, that happened but it did not deter me from seeing Green Lantern. That was a mistake. I should’ve known better. For Man of Steel, I already know after reading the prequel comic. The film won’t live up to the marketing hype. So I will refrain from seeing it. I can’t get behind the director of Sucker Punch and Guardians.