‘Man of Steel’: Superman vs. Zod Clip & TV Spot #11

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A tie-in book for Man of Steel recently revealed what many fans may have already suspected: that Superman’s suit and cape in the film won’t simply exist to help him cut a dashing figure, but are actually examples of Kryptonian technology that are designed to serve particular functions, such as the ability to navigate their ships. This opens up a very interesting array of questions about just what Kryptonian armor is capable of, and how much of the aliens’ powers stem from what they wear.

Costumes are one of the few things in Man of Steel that haven’t been subject to stringent levels of secrecy, and so we’ve already been given close looks at not only Superman’s new “debriefed” outfit, but also at general Kryptonian fashion and the armors of Jor-El, Zod, Faora and other Kryptonian warriors. A new clip from one of the battle scenes of Man of Steel, however, gives a very tangible look at one of the functions of Zod’s armor, and how Superman is able to use it against him.

First, check out the eleventh TV spot for Man of Steel (unless you want to save a little something for the actual movie):

In comic book lore, Superman’s incredible powers have been built up by his exposure to the yellow rays of the sun, but superhuman abilities don’t necessarily come without their complications. One of the potential downsides, for example, of having extraordinary hearing is the challenge of having to focus on the person you’re talking to when you can also hear every other conversation happening in a two-mile radius. However, as Superman first arrived on Earth as a baby, he has had over thirty years in which to hone his focus and only pay attention to the sensory input that matters.

Man of Steel Trailer Zod Screenshot Man of Steel: Superman vs. Zod Clip & TV Spot #11

The above clip – and Superman’s words in it – seem to suggest that Zod’s armor is designed to block out the sun’s rays, preventing him from exposure to them. It’s hard to tell why he would want to turn down the chance for an extra edge in the fight against Superman, but it’s possible that his armor gives him extra strength and speed without the potentially compromising effects of superhuman hearing and sight. As Superman succeeds in breaking Zod’s helmet piece (which seems to be made out of some kind of fluid, organic material), it seems that exposure to the sun’s rays gives him an immediate and highly disorienting boost to his senses. There’s a certain suggestion that Zod never intended to get into hand-to-hand combat with Superman, considering how thoroughly Superman is able to pummel him through several buildings and an exploding gas station.

Henry Cavill as a very angry Superman in Man of Steel Man of Steel: Superman vs. Zod Clip & TV Spot #11

As a side note with regards to that particular aspect of the clip, it is a little worrying to see Superman losing his control like this. There have already been indications that he will be tempted to use his powers for destruction, and director Zack Snyder has warned that Smallville will take a beating during Zod and Superman’s battle, so a certain level of collateral damage is expected. In this clip, however, it looks like there’s a good chance that Superman just inadvertently vaporized some innocent civilians. Unless, of course, everyone in the gas station (including the people whose cars were parked at the pumps) just conveniently stepped out for coffee.

What do you think of this first extended look at the action in Man of Steel? Have you worked out your own theories about Snyder’s vision of Kryptonian armor? Share your observations with us in the comments.


Man of Steel opens in regular and select 3D/IMAX theaters in the U.S. on June 14th, 2013.

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  1. In blockbuster movies like this, it is always assumed that no matter what havoc the superhero causes, “no one is hurt”.

  2. I think my explode just brained.

    • Get a hold of yourself doctor!!!

    • You too? XD

  3. This is going to be the best movie of the year and maybe the best of all superhero movies. Just the fact they put in the mom aspect of it gets me pumped! No one messes with mom!

    • I’m sure it will. Currently TDK is the best superhero movie and I’m sure Man of Steel will be much greater.

  4. WHOA!! Now THAT was incredibly epic! I have honestly NEVER seen any superhero movie with anything quite like that! If the entire movie has action and scope like that, it’s going to be the BEST superhero movie of the summer, hands down.

  5. I get a cheesy Green Lantern dialogue CGI-fest feeling from this, which is utterly devastating considering how much I was looking forward to this

    • As if on cue…

      • Don’t like my opinion?

        I’m sorry, I didn’t realize I was here to make you happy.

        • Actually, “on cue” was a reference to the tired attempts of associating this movie with Green Lantern.

          It’s transparent is all.

          • Green Lantern and Superman is owned by Warner Bros, which is created by DC Comics. The studio is trying to make a JLA movie. Wait Green Lantern is not associated with superman?! Da Fuq?

      • It becomes chessy when the story is cheesy and the cgi is cheesy the plot holes makes it more cheesy and your face is cheesy

        • ohhh…. these marvelites…. so afraid

    • Not gonna lie, kind of getting that vibe too. When they were flying through the corn field it looked like video-game CG. That’s cool to see in a video-game, but it’s not what I want to see in a blockbuster motion picture. As for the dialogue, it seemed fine enough; The problem I’m having is Superman sounding more like Batman in this scene and less like Supes. Supes doesn’t ever try to be scary. He’s scary enough thanks to his powers and how confident he is in them. No, he’s supposed to be inspiring, a shining beacon of truth, justice, and freedom. This clip makes him look like a wannabe tough guy with super-strength.

      • Which is what he basically is, at that point. This is rookie Superman. Not All-Star Superman. Rookie Superman does things like lose control, cause massive collateral damage, and punches a hole in the very thing that is holding Zod back.

        • +1

        • If this was rookie superman shouldn’t he be Smallville superman :].

      • Someone just messed with his mom.

      • This is Clark or Kal el, he hasn’t been what is known to us as “Superman”

        • Then… What does the “S” stand for if he is not Superman yet?

          • Hope.

          • haven’t you seen trailers its not a “S” but a symbol of hope on Krypton.

      • “he’s supposed to be inspiring, a shining beacon of truth, justice, and freedom.”

        And how does this clip precludes any of those possibilities? You’re actually expecting him to be a beacon of truth, justice and freedom at this point in the film and in his first outing? The purpose of this film is to establish how and why he eventually becomes what he is known for.

        • hehe at the moment .. “S” stands for “SMASH!!!”

      • His mom just got attacked by Zod. Of course he’s gonna be mad!

        This is not a one-dimensional, 30-year old comic-book interpretation of the “Big Blue Boy Scout”, this has been touted as a more gritty and realistic interpretation; a first contact story based in our real world.

        In this film Kal-El is figuring out where the lines are; where the balance is … how to establish his boundaries.

        It’s quite possible that by the end of the film he will have figured some of this out and emerge as a Superman that is closer to the one you’re hoping to see.

        This film shows us how he gets there.

        • So one does not learn boundaries until he becomes superman at mid 20′s LOL

          • How do you establish boundaries when confronted with an attacker like Zod…until you’re confronted with an attacker like Zod (in your mid-20s)?

            Figure it out, dumbass.

      • Don`t forget it`s a reboot, remember “Batman Begins” ?

        • Yes and there’s another Batman reboot in a few years.

          • yup !… they just keep coming

          • yeah and thats a good thing whats your problem u dont want to see it don’t see.

    • Keep in mind that the mind rejects anything that is not of normal speed, of natural occurrence or unrealistic of human nature, we’re watching an Alien’s super human powers so scenes and action will look unrealistic when faster than a speeding bullet. Its not necessary cheesy CGI, it could be your mind telling you it’s not real :)

      • ::clap clap clap::…..

      • so avatar’s CGI looked real because…….?

        • @paul

          It doesn’t look real.

        • because there was no such scene at this speed

    • I don’t know about the CGI I thought it looked pretty good…but the dialoge…or maybe how it’s delivered sounded a little cheesy. I think I’ll suspend my judgement until I can watch the movie and see Cavil portray a number of sides to Superman/Clark.

    • It’s a short clip by which to be devastated, isn’t it? I’m looking forward to it.

    • Yeah I know what you mean. or plot holes. Plot holes everywhere like the last batman movie

    • @Eli P

      It looks better than Thor, and Iron Man 3, you know, the crappy marvel movies.

      • Different strokes for different folks, because I loved every Marvel Studios film, but IM2 and CA:TFA are at the bottom of the list for me.

        If you wanna talk about crappy movies, there’s always Green Lantern, Jonah Hex, The Dark Knight Rises, Catwoman

        • X-men 3, Daredevil, Elektra, Wolverine, Blade 3, Ghost Rider, Fantastic Four

          …that pendulum swings both ways boys and girls.

        • Completely disagree about The Dark Knight Rises, i love that movie. In my opinion TDK trilogy is better than all the Marvel movies, and i also love everything that i am seeing from Man of Steel, but like you said different strokes for different folks.

    • -1

  6. This movie is a total game changer. Superhero movies may never be the same again. I keep hearing rumors about people who have seen the film feeling the need to weep during certain parts of the film. If the drama is as impactful and matches the action in this film then this is beyond anything I could have hoped for.

    • You know what super hero movie was pretty dramatic. “V for Vendetta”

      • And it was a DC Movie

    • Define real villian because I’m pretty sure Killian and Khan were real villians? I’m honestly curious.

      • SPOILERS

        Villain from start to finish. No bait and switch, ala…

        Iron Man 3 – The Mandarin pitched as the original villain only to reveal Killian as the “real” villain

        Star Trek – Khan being the villain, to Marcus being the villain and Khan helping, to Khan again being the villain.

        It’s a statement about the consistency of the threat and how those two films tried to mask the true villain of the movie with other characters.

        I’m not saying here whether or not that’s good or bad, or whether or not the movies succeeded, I’m just trying to explain to satisfy your curiosity…. Although I have a hard time imaging someone on this site not knowing what he meant.

        • I understood what he meant but shook my head in disbelief at why it was said. I mean, if some people enjoy having the villains shown early on and those characters to remain the villains throughout then great but I prefer realism where, just like real life, you can’t tell who is good and who is bad until a crucial moment.

    • yeah well im sure the villain will come up on top after Superman revealed to him how to “FOCUS” and be strong haha

  7. Anyways… to discuss it…

    I like how this shows an immature Superman, who loses it when you threaten his mom. In his rage, he destroys Zod’s helmet… which does temporarily throw off Zod… but it really only leads to Zod learning just what he is truly capable of while under the yellow sun, which leads to mass destruction.

    The masks couldn’t have been designed to block out the super-sense stuff, or else Zod wouldn’t have been surprised at what resulted. I sense that Zod and the rest of them don’t have a full understanding of what they are capable off, and in Kal’s rage he basically unleashes Zod.

    • Exactly! Like in 1989 Batman. “I made you…you made me first.”

      • This is another reason I look forward to the movie, even if I’m only going on comments and refusing to watch the actual video so I can appreciate it for the first time on an IMAX 3D screen.

    • Maybe this is right before the army arrests him over the collateral damage?

  8. Green Lantern wasn’t that back I heard the sequel with Sinestro was gong to be EPIC!

  9. DDDAAAAAMMMMNNNNN!!!!!! That was awesome! But I really wish I hadn’t watched it though. I need to stop watching these new Man of Steel videos, but I can’t!

    • Dont worry, enjoy them, Synder says the zillions of trailers barely scratch the surface of the movie. Were talking 5 mins of footage, leaving another 2 hours and 10 mins odd. :) woo

      • zillions? is that right? I guess a person can just stitch the trailers together and make up the movie.

        • @oh okay

          Why do Trolls feel the need to dribble on about stupid garbage in the literal sense.



  11. It is very interesting aspect that the film realistically deals with the consequence of Zod coming to Earth nearly 30 years after Kal-El. It is all very fantastic yet seem very tangible and believable.

    I also enjoy the point of Superman losing control and just pounding on Zod. There is many times in the Superman Animated Series and the Justice League series in which Superman discusses his self-control to never go to far with his ability due to fear of collateral damage.

    Maybe at this point in the film or in his life- seeing that this is the beginning of his career as Superman- that Kal-El has yet to become fully self-control. He has honed his ability but has not sophisticated his use of flight, strength, etc, especially when angered.

    This allows us to see a new side of the Boy Scout but also see the importance of controlling his power which is major arc in the film as stated beforehand.

    The clip is phenomenal.

    • I also loved to see Superman go “dark side”, even if its only for a minute. :D

      I hope he becomes the “Boy Scout” we all know after doing something that changes his life forever, maybe the collateral damage causes his Earth-mother’s death? Just a thought.

    • Including the famous “world made of cardboard” speech to Darkseid.

    • Perhaps that is what the Batman will teach him.

  12. I like how they addressed this issue, I don’t remember them ever talking about the hearing in the comics, at least not the disadvantages of it. I always had questions regarding his heightened senses since I first learned of Superman. I guess now they are answered.

    Then again, it has been years since I read any Superman comic. Maybe they have discussed it? I don’t know?

  13. This scene is a motion picture actualization of the comic book page.
    This is what you imagine how this actually looks like reading a comic.

    Man Of Steel is breaking new visual image wizardry ground
    and, in this sense, will be the first comic book movie ever.

    • Um Iron Man and Avengers and Spider-Man already did that…

      This is Nolan-esqe cinematography which is amazing, but absolutely nothing like the comics. The comics aren’t devoid of color or spectacle, which is, in fact, quite the opposite.

      • @Eli P

        I assume you’ve never seen a Nolan movie then to say it has no spectacle or colour. In fact, one of the most vivid things I remember about Memento is that the scenes played in reverse were full of colour (or was that the other way round? Haven’t seen that movie in years)

        • Memento is my favorite film to watch while spending time with Mary Jane, I have it saved on my phone and Netflix Instant Queue.

          Yes it is colorful like any other “normal” film, (and a huge mind f**k), but my reference about Nolan was his style for his “Batman” trilogy.

        • Memento is my favorite film to watch while spending time with Mary Jane, I have it saved on my phone and Netflix Instant Queue.

          Yes it is colorful like any other “normal” film, (and a huge mind twister), but my reference about Nolan was his style for his “Batman” trilogy.

      • I said how you imagine the events taking
        place in the comics not how comics look.

      • OHH… first of all none of these films break new ground in sfx and mr. why r u finding problem with this scenes when entire last hour of Avengers had that look of Video game

    • This is just like the Neo vs. Smith fight that was in Matrix Revolutions a decade ago except the CGI is obviously more refined now. Snyder and company are doing NOTHING to evolve the visual language of superhero films beyond what we had in 2003.

    • You’ve got to be kidding me right… The first.. oh gosh..

    • The level of visual expression his a higher standard than
      seen previously in any comic film and yes I’m not kidding.

  14. I don’t think the suit is blocking out the suns rays, more likely it’s dampening any sound, atmospheric pressures and the like. As Superman says, he learned how to hone his senses to match Earth’s pressure, whereas Zod hasn’t. (Think: Sitting in an atmospheric tank after you came up the sea level from a deep dive).

    • Yes I agree the suit acts as a dampener to relieve them of sensory overload

      • I think it happens to do that. I don’t think that Zod and his crew are aware that there armor is actually limiting them.

        …once Zod realizes what he can do…

        One more week. Just one week to go…

        • Yeah I forgot to state that they seem to be unaware of that effect…longest week ever

  15. I think Kryptonian tech is a smart way to lead the story towards future potential villains. Luthor had a classic green and purple supersuit that resembles the movie tech. Vindicator reborn could be a devastating villain. Braniac could be born of Kryptonian AI. Or perhaps Zod will launch the Doomsday weapon as a last act of vengeance which would reach earth, oh, about movie 3 :-).

    • Batman researches Kryptonian tech to add some bad-ass stuff to that Bat-belt…

      • like Ironman to Asgardian technology?

  16. Zod will learn to use the sun as he gains powers.. Faora herself said in an interview that he character is giddy with her new found powers. I loved the clip and I loved how supes took it to him.. About him seemingly loosing control.. I think that’s normal.. He hasn’t grown into the man he will be yet.. Dude threatens his mom.. Of course you’re gonna pop your top. One. More. Week.

  17. Superman lose control? Say it aint so! Oh yeah he has met Batman yet. The one guy who’ll be able to “learn” ‘em a thing or two about keeping a cool head.

    • *hasn’t

    • Oh they actually meet?

  18. Anybosyelse wonering if Zod’s ship is not destroyed by the end of MoS that it might becomes the space base for the JLA? With mods from Wayne Enterprises of course..

    • @ Bellcure

      That is a very cool and clever idea!

  19. I love the raw emotion when Superman shouts ‘YOU THINK YOU CAN THREATEN MY MOTHER?’
    The wait for this movie is becoming physically painful now.

  20. Of course it’s too early to be overly critical of these clips, on the other hand it is the first full clip involving an action beat this big, so it leaves one with what’s to be expected from ‘Man of Steel’. Interestingly enough it never too early for fan-boys to work themselves into a defensive frenzy :/

    A couple of things stood out to me watching this (many times over). Henry Cavill’s performance: filling Zod in on the sense overload is nice but the delivery has a flat vibe to it (soapy almost), also the gel-like helmet visor thing CGI seems goofy (to me).

    Much like ‘The Avengers’ even if it doesn’t blow me away, at least I’ll see some major ass-kicking on an epic scale. So I’m excited!

  21. The CG when Zod is on fire is crappy, his face, doesn’t look like his face, it’s a little TOO CG of you ask me.

    The rest of the clip is flawless raises that one scene, and when the gas station blows up, the shot doesn’t seem to “fit” as in it looks shot on site, and delayed, like… It seems as though the shot was a miss fire. I don’t know how else to explain it.

    Good clip though.


  22. I kinda enjoy the overall use of CG, it doesn’t look completely real but I find that lends to making it look other worldly. After watching the clip a second time, Cavill starts to really make me believe he’s Clark Kent, surprised by how good his performance in that clip was.

  23. CRAP-CRAP-CRAP! I never once anticipated Cavill’s performance as the weak point in the movie. His delivery feels…off. I don’t know what it is about it. When I saw the “It’s not an S, on my world…” that sounded great, but all this other dialogue is coming of really cheesy…and a bit arrogant.

    • …yeah that or…

      …it’s the best CGI a comic book movie has seen to date and will be praised as such.

      • “Con-Troll” is his name. Replying to him is just feeding him.

      • yeah in your world. hahahahahahahaa

      • @ Dr Mindbender

        Best CGI a CBM has ever seen? Umm… Spider-Man 2. Nuff’ said.

        • ^^ LOL @ comments that eat themselves… the very way the CGI eats itself at the end of that movie.

          Watch out for the magnet sun!

          Try again.

        • nope, the train scene was good for its days but it looks completely fake now.


  25. The english language sure is popular in Krypton and on Alien planets :]

    • Actually they have their own language, the crew created a whole new alphabet apparently. Plus their light years ahead of us in terms of technology and the smarts, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they caught on English in no time. They are aliens, who knows what they’re capable of in the end.

      • Oh is that right? If they’re so smart why didn’t they think ahead and throw their only weakness at Superman before they ever met? Other than that your comment is just another plot hole. haha. So smart that they didn’t realize not hanging around the planet for awhile and adapting was a bad idea. If they’re so new to this planet they would die off just like the aliens in “War of the Worlds”.

        • There’s a difference between knowledge and intelligence. They heard English, they learnt it. They must not have come across Kryptonite yet. You’re comments throughout the thread are hilariously lame btw. You’re a smarta** without the smart.

    • Thor seems to know it and so did the frost giants and all other aliens introduced in Marvel movies. Does it only become an issue when kryptonians know it?

      • if asgardians and other alien races spoke their own language on screen then the film makers would have to include subtitles.i dont think your average american could read and watch a movie at the same time.

        • I know that and so do a lot of people but when it comes to Kryptonians quite a number of people bring up the language thing as if it’s an issue and they completely ignore it in other movies. I just want people who say Kryptonians shouldn’t know English to bring up the same issue with characters like Thor and Loki etc.

      • Uh, this was kind of explained in the first Thor movie. In Thor’s world, Norse mythology developed from when the Asgardians visited Earth as gods. So they spent a lot of time coming back and forth from Asgard to Earth. So of course they’re going to know the language – they might have even taught the Earth people the lanuage.

          • Then where did I get all this information from, hm? Maybe your mind is just to small to catch the implications. Everything isn’t explictly spelled out in the grown-up world, you know.

            But since you’re going try to point out exceptions, and need it spelled out for you, then here: Asgardians clearly speak English. The Frost Giants interact with the Asgardians, so of course they will know the Asgardians’ language. And Asgard is the dominant kingdom/planet so that’s why they spoke “Asgardian” instead of whatever they speak in Frostyland. Frosty the Snowman’s language maybe. -_-

    • yeah the same way english is used in Asgard

  26. ok, they are officially past the point of releasing TOO much information and are trying too hard imho to sell this movie to the masses.

    I’m just going to wait for the movie thanks ;)