New ‘Man of Steel’ Cast Featurette: Superman In The Real World

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The 2013 summer blockbuster season has kicked into gear, and perhaps the most hotly anticipated release remains the Superman reboot Man of Steel, which opens in less than a month. The stakes really couldn’t be higher for Warner Bros. and DC – if successful, producer Christopher Nolan and director Zack Snyder’s new, revamped Superman could not only kickstart a flailing franchise (a la Batman Begins) but lead to a Justice League film and an expansive cinematic universe for DC Comics.

With the clock counting on what our readers have voted their most anticipated movie of the summer, the marketing has been ramping up. We’ve seen new featurettes highlighting Superman’s powers and plenty of promotional images, but now Walmart – who is sponsoring a series of early screenings the day before the film opens – brings us a new behind-the-scenes look at the movie. Featuring commentary by Zack Snyder and his producer wife Deborah Snyder, Henry Cavill, Michael Shannon, Laurence Fishburne, Amy Adams, Kevin Costner and Russell Crowe, the main point to take away from this is “reinvention.”

From its inception on, Zack Snyder’s reboot has distanced itself from the past cinematic incarnation of the character and his world. Early on, Snyder’s approach was to go in with the mindset that there have been no other Superman films. This featurette has a rather fluffy feel to it, but the themes of Man of Steel come through loud and clear: how would it feel to be, in a sense, the ultimate outsider? Superman is an all-powerful being from another planet, but Earth is his home. The exploration of how he walks the line between these two worlds is the heart of the film, and this new peek shows a bit of new footage but mostly serves to underline how much potential this approach has. It really looks like something special.

In addition to the featurette, make sure to check out these two intense new banners – which depict the Man of Steel and General Zod mid-combat (click to enlarge):

New Superman Featurette 2 280x170 New Man of Steel Cast Featurette: Superman In The Real World

New Superman Featurette 1 280x170 New Man of Steel Cast Featurette: Superman In The Real World

One interesting aspect of Man of Steel is the existence of Superman/Kal-El/Clark Kent’s two fathers. Casting such iconic actors as Russell Crowe (as Jor-El, his natural father) and Kevin Costner (as his adopted father Jonathan Kent) was a stroke of genius, on par with having the legendary Marlon Brando portray Jor-El in Richard Donner’s Superman. Crowe and Costner have an immediately relatable presence, and the casting reflects the stars’ past roles; Costner’s warmth and humanity in films like JFK and especially Field of Dreams comes to mind for his role as the Midwestern farmer, and Crowe’s myriad star turns – from Maximus in Gladiator (his instant sense of authority) to his tobacco-scientist/corporate whistleblower in The Insider (the layered portrayal of a brilliant man who may have to question his difficult decisions). This approach was a major flaw with Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns – Clark’s father was, of course, already dead prior to the events of this film, and the footage of Brando as Jor-El (pieced together from unused bits from Superman 2) failed to connect.

Last up, we also have a new Henry Cavill introduction to the third trailer. The studio is wisely placing the charming, winning Cavill up front as much as possible.

The component parts of Man of Steel are falling neatly into place. Whether or not Snyder’s film will do Iron Man 3-level business remains to be seen. Star Trek Into Darkness looks to be slightly underperforming in its opening weekend – this could point toward Tony Stark’s continued dominance or a public ready and waiting for the further adventures of the Last Son of Krypton.

Man of Steel will arrive in theaters on June 14, 2013.


Sources: Comic Book Movie, The Playlist

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  1. Great video and the anticipation is definitely ramping up now.

    For some reason as I watched the video, I got the sense that this movie could inadvertently show that even those who consider themselves outsiders/outcasts could be destined for great things if they could figure out what that something is.

    That sense of hope and of working through any pain and confliction about your place in the world, well that could open the doors for future DC heroes in future movies. They see this alien being accepted for helping save the world and they in turn decide to come out of the shadows and embrace themselves, coming out of self-imposed ostracision (if that word even exists) to make a difference in the world just like Superman.

    So the Man of Steel could open the floodgates, not just in the world this movie exists in but for WB/DC too with future movie adaptions.

    • Well said, Dazz.

      • Beautifully said.. I totally see and feel the same sense of outsiders and outcast, within the movie verse and real audience, can relate and learn from Man of Steel about hope for greatness. I really love that idea because Superman is about hope and think this film will hopefully succeed and translate this greatly.

  2. I got my tickets for the june 13th 7 am first pre release showing!

    • Same. And I’ll probably get tickets for a midnight showing, too.

      • Yeah, thinking about a midnight showing too. Want to see it with a good crowd.

    • I’m debating whether to pre-order mine or just walk in and grab a ticket on the 14th.

      The only release day movies I’ve seen where every seat was taken were TDK and Terminator: Salvation but since then, I’ve tended to prefer going in the morning or early afternoon to avoid the crowds.

      I caught Dredd on September 11th at the 11:55am showing for example, it was still pretty packed despite being days after release but wasn’t so busy that I became bothered by it.

      Meanwhile, I had an exclusive advance screening invitation for Life Of Pi on December 14th at 8pm and my screening had 5 other people in it while the other one had people lining up outside the building because they were part of some TV reward thing for having their digital TV provided by Sky I believe. I’d have hated being in that screening.

      Funniest was when I went to see Transformers 2 on release day and was the only person in there for the duration of that movie. Going way off topic though so that’s enough anecdotes.

      • I think i’ll be just walking in on the 14th in the morning to buy my tickets for later that night. I did the same for Dark Knight Rises but it was a 2 or 3 days after day of release, still wasn’t much of a problem though.

    • …me too. :)

  3. The more footage I watch, the more I’m convinced this will end up becoming the best movie of 2013. It’s ticking all of the boxes so far. Zack Snyder is my favorite director and it looks like he won’t disappoint. Hopefully it will make me forget about my disappointment with Iron Man 3 and Star Trek 2.

    P.S – Zack Snyder’s voice does not match his face. :)

    • Yes, Skyler, as great as expectations are
      for Man Of Steel I expect it to exceed them.

      I presume you think Henry’s voice matches his face.
      Cavill has a beautiful voice and diction to be sure.

      • Yeah, I have to keep reminding myself to stop having this movie flood my thoughts. I think about it even when I’m having sex!

        Well it’s a better match than Snyder ;)

        And I agree, this movie will send Cavill’s career into the stratosphere (See what I did there?):)

        I just hope we see at least a full 20 minutes of the movie on Krypton. I also hope Snyder releases an Extended Cut on Bluray, although that is not likely.

    • He looks and sounds a little bit like Mark Ruffalo.

      • Really? I don’t see/get that at all…

      • I agree

    • your p.s.

    • I feel the exact same way!

      I just saw the trailer in IMAX today,after watching Star Trek 2,and it just looks epic.I think that the only movie that will compete with MOS(not in box office number,but just being good) is Elysium.

      I must admit though,after watching the trailer in 3D,I AM NOT going to see the movie in 3D,as the action looks too hectic,and with the 3D,it looks even more cluttered and messes with my eyes.

      That being said,I haven’t been this exited for a movie since The Dark Knight.

  4. I just can’t find the words but…….AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. There is an potential of a star is born circling Man Of Steel.
    Something not present in a film such as this since Superman
    The Movie where that star being born was Christopher Reeve.
    If this occurs with Cavill Man Of Steel will fly very high indeed.

    • Yep, could be that Nolan magic.

      Christian Bale became globally known despite years as a jobbing child actor with just a few great but not widely acknowledged roles (Empire Of The Sun, The Machinist and American Psycho come to mind).

      Same for Tom Hardy. Black Hawk Down, a Star Trek movie and other roles didn’t bring him recognition. Bronson got him kinda recognised in the UK but it wasn’t until TDKR that now everyone knows who he is.

      Cavill will do the same. This isn’t Nolan’s movie per se but his association will put butts in seats for those who aren’t keen on Superman or have never seen a Superman movie before.

      • Don’t forget rockinroller for hardy he was great in that as well.

        • Ok, so that I didn’t know, thanks.

          Similarly, it wasn’t until I saw a show where Fassbender and MacAvoy interviewed each other before X-Men: FC released that I discovered they were both in Band Of Brothers together alongside Damian Lewis. Those three are huge stars now too so you never know who and what project could become the next huge thing for people’s careers.

          • Tom Hardy was in Band of Brothers too. Everyone was in that series.

        • Hardy for batman.

  6. *hands Zod “Where’s Waldo?”*


    • Haha that is awesome

    • If I laugh out loud and spill my Coke in the cinema during that scene, then I’m blaming you Mindbender!! (^-^)

      • @motoko

        That was all part of his evil plot. To create wars and anger by making people laugh during Man Of Steel, causing arguments to break out and then when WW3 begins, Cobra can reap the rewards.


        *maniacal laugh*

        • *maniacal grin*

    • Someone needs to mash together some image macros for this *thumbs up*

  7. I hope this is the first of many great DC movies. Superman is the king of all superheroes. Will be there opening day.

  8. I was a film publicist for a major studio in Los Angeles. Man of Steel has every indication that it will be a super-blockbuster. Hopefully the studio is planning international release openings ASAP. The numbers for Iron Man 3 are absurdly high overseas. Snyder, Nolan and Cavill are all to be highly commended. This is a smart version of the Superman mythology…and seems to downplay the Christ metaphor which is a nice change of pace from the last incarnation.

    • > The numbers for Iron Man 3 are absurdly high overseas

      Yeah, that’s what I’m seeing. I wonder what the breakdown is (Asia, Europe, etc.)? And, how does it compare domestically (in the US)?

      • Out of ironman 3′s billion dollar worldwide. The international gross is 67% of that 1 billion. Iys doing pretty good in the u.s but doing amazing ovrrseas

        • Yep and that’s why Hollywood should take international box office into account instead of just domestic performance when it comes to greenlighting sequels or killing potential franchises.

          The world is too big a place to rely on one small part of it as an indicator of success or failure and if international markets get you over 50% of the profits, that should be a wake up call.

          Hopefully Man Of Steel helps change their way of doing business because despite my reservations early on, this movie has always been looked at as THE movie of 2013.

          From what I gather, it opens on June 14th in the UK too which isn’t too unusual for a huge movie event (TDK and TDKR released on the same day as the US too) but if they can release movies on the same day or close enough worldwide like they do videogames, we could see a new precedent in opening weekend profits.

          • Why wouldn’t they take the international box office into account?

            We’re in a global economy now, so to kill a franchise just because it doesn’t do as well domestically is…asinine.

            Maybe Hollywood did that in the past, but today, I just can’t see it.

            I would think that WB/DC would consider it a success as long as they made a decent profit. I don’t believe the billion dollar mark is necessary to achieve their goals (but it would be nice if the film does well, assuming it’s good).

            • @chetc

              They did it with Dredd last September.

              The movie did huge numbers in the rest of the world but the US box office takings weren’t as high as they hoped so they said “it didn’t do well in America, therefore no sequels”.

              That’s why I said, that thinking should stop ASAP because of the global market being the way it is and other film studios in other territories like the UK, Pakistan, India, South Korea and China.

    • WB’s overseas marketing sucks. TDKR which is the 8th highest grossing movie of all time is 20th for overseas and TDK is 45th overseas despite being the 16th highest grossing movie of all time.

      The only way this movie can make a billion is if the foreign gross exceeds 700 million which is difficult because even TDKR only made 636 overseas.
      Mind you, IM3 has 736 overseas.

      WB SUCKS.

      • I don’t think WB marketing is entirely to blame here.

        The way I see it, Marvel movies tend to do better in Asian markets, possibly because those movies are easily “accessible”. TDKR has a lot of interesting themes and ideas, some which may not translate so well for certain markets. This may explain why Nolan’s Dark Knight series garnered most of their profits domestically (over 50%), with the remainder coming in from foreign markets.

        Superman, of course, is an entirely different animal, and people may respond differently when compared to the Dark Knight trilogy. It will be easier for MOS to reach the billion dollar mark if the movie is well received in the foreign market.

        • I really doubt that. Skyfall for example also has similar themes found in Nolan’s trilogy and it made 800 million overseas.

          • Bond is a british hero

            • Bond also was released in China, which is unusual due to their strict rules on what can and can’t be shown, especially since the Shanghai part was completely cut from the Chinese version to avoid potential government outrage.

              Also bear in mind, some territories open 6 months after the US and UK.

  9. I hope this won’t be a disappointment.

  10. I can’t wait to see this movie…Snyder’s take on superman is nothing less than genius. The music of Hanz Zimmer is icing on the cake.

  11. 200 million opening for this movie… guaranteed.. It’ll probably challenge “The Avengers” box office numbers .. a long shot to surpass it… but I won’t be surprised if it exceeded the 207 million opening

    • That is a pretty massive opening… idk if i can agree eith that. I would say 160-180 at most.

      • I’m hoping it does anywhere in between what you guys are predicting.. I’m still up in the air about opening week.. What I do believe is this movie will survive through word of mouth to pick up any slack left over during O.W.

    • I can see this movie opening strongly and then staying steady for a while. Kind of like Avatar.

  12. I think the last time I had this much anticipation leading up to a movie was The Matrix Reloaded and that’s saying a lot considering how many huge movies have come out since. This movie justs gets bigger each time they give us something new, but the crazy thing is they have barely given us anything.. Amazing marketing on WB’s part.

    • This is how you market a film such as this.
      Hat’s off to the studio team on this one.
      Less, when it’s great, is indeed more.

      • It’s old school.

        Back in the 80s, trailers were REALLY short, and were nothing more than teasers. They didn’t reveal everything in the movie; only just enough to whet the appetite.

        Contrast this with today, where nearly everything is shown to entice you to buy a movie ticket (especially for bad movies).

        What gets me is that they’re highlighting themes and characters over CGI and special effects. This is a very good sign, and shows that the film may actually have a “soul”.

  13. This MAN OF STEEL film is going to be full of action I cannot wait to see it in theatres next month. I haven’t got the tickets yet til tomorrow.

  14. > Whether or not Snyder’s film will do Iron Man 3-level business remains to
    > be seen.

    It just needs to be profitable to validate the film, and re-energize the franchise (as well as start another: JLA).

    It doesn’t have to beat IM3, or the Avengers, to be successful.

    I am so looking forward to this, and hopefully, it doesn’t disappoint!

  15. 2 can play that game

    • ?

  16. The less is more approach to this film’s marketing is great. Each time new footage, especially one that is epic in scale, visual, or by emotional context, holds more weight and much more effective.
    The featurette really hits the nail of the reasons why I am anticipating this film to be great in terms of the themes and the reinvention of Superman that will be new to the world to watch yet instantly recognizable.
    I really enjoy the talk about hope and potential to do good.
    At this point I care less about Justice League or sequels but rather cannot wait just to watch what seems by each new footage as a possibly great film.

    • That’s what was so genius about it.

      As much as people like to complain about the Batman movies, the recurring theme is picking yourself back up again after something bad happened, no matter how broken you may be physically or emotionally.

      The theme in this one (like I said earlier) seems to be that no matter how different you are, you’re still capable of doing great things, even in the face of something seemingly impossible.

      These are basic human interest stories wrapped up in myths and stories like those passed down for thousands of years.

      Sure, some people claim they only care about fight scenes and explosions but subconsciously, every single one of us wants to fit in and feel that our lives actually matter.

      Goyer and Nolan get that and now Snyder’s in on it too. If WB/DC give this treatment to their other heroes then the movie-going public worldwide will come begging for more of the same.

      • I wholeheartedly agree with every word.
        These stories harken back to ancient mythologies of fantastic individuals and events. Those stories however strange or out there, managed to convey a relatable lesson or theme that play on a morality, emotional, philosophical level.
        For the reasons you stated very articulately I always preferred the recent Batman films- especially the first two- over the previous series and most other films of the genre. These films aimed to tell a story that is speaks volumes thematically in the context of what that character always represented. Superman will be the medium to tell another thematic teachings-one that also embraces the nature of this hero. Hope.
        The fact that there is a grounded sense to all the fantastic which makes the story feel in the realm of possibility as much as the audience knows better- Suspension of Disbelief- also works great to execute the themes of the characters and their stories.
        It allows a bond between hero and audience. Especially more special for younger viewers.
        If this is the route to be taken for all other characters then I would definitely be one happy moviegoer.

  17. I am a straight male but I am honestly REALLY turned on by Henry Cavill/Superman’s crotch. I think they intentionally made it big to emphasize him being the “grandaddy” of all superheroes. I don’t recall any other superhero with a bulge as big as that, he’s so f@#$ing manly. Plus, I think Zac Snider’s films are a little homoerotic…300 anyone?

    • Not really. It’s more of a symbolic gesture to show that men who look barbaric are physically Dominant( Dr Manhattan, Spartans and Superman).

      • Yeah, that’s exactly it. Well, it works. A little too much :/

    • TMI

    • I got news for ya buddy, you’re NOT straight. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

      • Definition of HOMOSEXUAL
        1: of, relating to, or characterized by a tendency to direct sexual desire toward another of the same sex
        2: of, relating to, or involving sexual intercourse between persons of the same sex

        Its not a bad thing to be gay. Just know that you are. Don’t lie to yourself.

  18. I remain skeptical based on the movies rehashed antagonist (and other factors I don’t particularly like) but hope I’m wrong since DC/WB are betting the farm on the movie. If it fails then a JL movie basically goes back to being a pipedream and we ALL lose but if it succeeds then it’s the momentum builder needed springboard DC’s shared universe………finally.

  19. I am wondering if Star Trek will have a much better than expected second weekend.

    One of the awful things with seeing a Trek film too early is you have a cinema full of die hard fans laughing like buffoons at any little in joke.

    It’s a painful experience and I think a lot of normal people will wait a week, maybe two before they see it for that reason.

    • Sorry, meant to post that in the box office wrap up.

    • I’ve had too many movies ruined by audiences. They are too anxious to laugh at every wink and nod, and the worst is if they start clapping at everything. Avoid that scene at all cost.

  20. I so can’t wait for this movie. Everything I’ve seen looks awesome. And combining Goyer’s writing with Synder’s vision (all overseen by Nolan), can just imagine how awesome this will be in both action and depth.

    And as icing on the cake, if this does well that should give the studio more incentive to hurry up on that Justice League movie.

  21. Move over avengers for the new best comicbook superhero movie

  22. Yea, i wish i could me more optimistic as most about MOS but i spoke my mind about i how i feel of them makin the film simliar to Nolan’s Batman trilogy. Even if MOS does well, are the they gonna use the same tactic with other heroes in their solo films later on? Like whats it gonna be like to be the fastest man alive, or A immortal woman still living/getting used to Man’s World. Or even being the King of Atlantis,etc. Nolan & Snyder had it easy because because both Batman/Superman films been made before theirs.

    • If you are saying the whole “real world” approach could be difficult to sustain, I agree.

      • @ Nostelg-O

        In the way WB/DC, Nolan,Goyer,Snyder,etc are pursuing their universe the way its lookin, then yes. In shared a unverise passed the (Big Guns) of heroes theres the lesser known & less interesting heroes to consider that just wouldn’t have that same spark no matter how hard you try to take them up a notch.

        I assume WB will still watch over Marvel’s films & take notes since Gaurdians Of Galaxy will be the first of their cosmic films in their universe. I look forward to seeing the film as im not very familiar the characters.

        • “Realism” can invite too much scrutiny from the audience. Marvel generally keeps a lighthearted tone that allows audiences to forgive a lot. Nolan’s Batman went for the gritty realism and, even though it creaks a little here and there, it does an amazing job of carrying forth that “world.”

          DC could make something fantastic and special, and different from Marvel, but if they want to make more movies and new characters it will be hard to carry that through consistently.

  23. I really, really hope this movie is good. Please WB/DC, give us a Superman movie that is worth the price of admission, and just well done. It doesn’t need to out perform anybody else, just be a good movie.

  24. I know this movie will do great. I usually don’t have faith in movies but this one puts out such a good vibe that the entire world will flock.

  25. this movie is going to be the most hottest movie of the year in 2013 the best superman ever 1n 1980 is and will always be Christopher Revees but in 2013 the new and best superman to ever grace the big silver screen will and shall be Henry cavill