Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: ‘Man of Steel’ Breaks Records

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June 16 Box Office Man of Steel Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: Man of Steel Breaks Records

We already believe a man can fly, but can he break any box office records?

As expected, Man of Steel (read our review) comes in as the clear number 1 with $113 million. The film’s three-day figure makes it the second-best opening of 2013 (behind Iron Man 3) and the highest opening for a June release ahead of Toy Story 3 ($110 million).

If you add in early Thursday showings, Man of Steel has already grossed $125 million over its first few days. The film has also grossed $71 million in 24 international markets, bringing its worldwide total up to $196 million.

So, while critics and fans are decidedly mixed on the film, Man of Steel is another huge hit for Warner Bros., who needed a new franchise to fill the void left by Harry Potter and Batman. And they’ve definitely found it, as Man of Steel will likely end up being the highest-grossing Superman film to date.

The Seth Rogen-directed (along with Evan Goldberg) comedy This is the End (read our review) comes in at number 2 with $20 million. The film actually opened this past Wednesday, so it is now up to $32 million in domestic grosses.

June 16 Box Office This is the End Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: Man of Steel Breaks Records

$20 million isn’t bad, but it’s slightly behind Rogen’s last big hit, Pineapple Express, which opened with $23 million and $41 million over 5 days. Obviously, the star-studded comedy had some big-time competition in Man of Steel, so we’ll have to wait and see whether strong word of mouth can keep this film going.

Now You See Me leapfrogged its way into the number 3 spot with $10 million and $80 million over three weeks. We thought this magical heist film might be worth keeping an eye on, and apparently domestic audiences agree.

Fast & Furious 6 is the number 4 film this weekend with $9 million. Now at $219 million domestic and $636 million worldwide, F&F 6 has finally staked its claim as the highest grossing entry in the franchise.

Rounding out the top 5 with $8 million is The Purge, which fell a whopping 75% after opening strong at number 1 last weekend. A big second weekend drop-off isn’t uncommon for an R-rated thriller even if it is the summer. We doubt Universal is too concerned, though, as The Purge has grossed $51 million off a budget of $3 million.

The Internship comes in at number 6 with $7 million, which brings its domestic total up to $30 million. Apparently, the Owen Wilson/Vince Vaughn combination isn’t as viable as it once was.

Coming in at number 7 is Epic with $6 million, which brings its total up to $95 million. Blue Sky’s animated feature is now on the cusp of crossing $100 million domestic, and is at $212 million worldwide.

epic seyfried sudeikis Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: Man of Steel Breaks Records

Star Trek Into Darkness is the number 8 film this weekend with $5 million. JJ Abrams’ sequel just recently crossed the $200 million mark in domestic ($212M) and international ($201M) markets. Worldwide, the film has grossed $412 million, which makes it the highest grossing film in the Star Trek franchise.

The number 9 film this weekend is After Earth with $3.7 million. Now in its third weekend of release, After Earth has secured its place in sci-fi flop history with $54 million domestic and only $102 million worldwide.

Iron Man 3 rounds out the top 10 with $2.9 million, which brings its total up to $399 million. It looks like the film has one more record in its sights before bowing out of the top 10: $400 million in domestic grosses.


[NOTE: These are only weekend box office estimates – based on Friday and Saturday ticket sales coupled with adjusted expectations for Sunday. Official weekend box office results will be released Monday, June 17th – at which time we’ll update this post with any changes.]

Source: Box Office Mojo

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  1. Man Of Steel shines the light on reviewers who have no business reviewing movies.
    A rotten score from Rotten Tomatoes proves the only thing certified rotten is
    the Rotten Tomatoes website itself with its rating having no credibility.

    A score that matters, the Man Of Steel Cinemasore of A-, a grade
    I would give the film myself, does reflect the quality of the movie and is in
    touch with the movie going public and consistent with the film’s box office success.

    Of course, Screen Rant had a first class review and rated it “Excellent” with 4 stars.
    I liked it a little more than Kofi but that is allowed and I was in essential agreement.

    • Hope you guys know that Rotten Tomatoes isn’t really the site to blame. They gather all the critics’ ratings and make an average out of it. Nonetheless, I disagree with most of the critics, which is bound to happen with some movies, let alone movies based on comic book characters. Really happy Man of Steel is doing so well, I really hope it continues.

      • The trouble is with the internet blog revolution many of these
        “critics” are writing from their parent’s basement in their skivvies.
        Since the site is responsible for who they aggregate I do blame them.

        • Eh critics are weird I find when it comes to comic book movies since they have their own interpretation of what the movie should be, thus going into the theater closed minded. They are usually on the ball when it comes to any other type of movie though. Rotten Tomatoes’ score from critics may not be a pretty sight, but look at the audience’s rating, it’s a firm 82%.

          • I’m also pretty sure I saw Screen Rant on Rotten Tomatoes too.

            • Well yes, there are a lot of legit critics there.
              It’s the new influx of “who the hell is that”
              that has mucked up the system of late.

              • That’s true, professional reviews are hard to come by yet there’s still hundreds of so called “professional critics”.

                • The should really limit the reviewers that are used for the RT score. Vic and co. have been doing this for a LONG time online and can really be counted on as an impartial review without any predisposition. It’s one of the things that has kept me coming to this site for what seems like 10 years! I think that only established sites and reviewers should have their scores accumulated and a separate RT score from the general public.

          • I agree on a comic cook prejudice, or snobbery really.
            A block of reviewers do look down on these movies.

            The audience score is always more reliable.
            The RT score is what the site trumpets and
            being so far off on this movie makes it a joke.

            It was not always this way and the RT score
            once was a fair measure to go by but how
            could it ever be trusted after this fiasco.

            • +1

              Both have the pros and cons, critics gave Man of Steel 56% but the audience gave Transformers 2 76%.

              • Mark Kermode is a legit critic, has been reviewing movies since the early 80s, hosted a movie show on BBC radio since the early 90s and loves comic books, saying that TDKR was the Batman movie he’d been waiting 35 years for.

                Nevertheless, he said what I and a lot of others said, which is that Man Of Steel has its great moments but ultimately falls flat when it should have been impressive.

                • Well, he’s English I take it. That explains it 😀

                  • What the heck kind of response was that?!?

                    And you call people that dislike MOS trolls? You guys are pretty disgusting for even thinking that someone from England can’t have a well thought out opinion about a movie he has seen himself!

                    I don’t know what your hidden agenda is, but it seems that your cause is failing anyway. The first weekend is over. Those records may be impressive for the month of June, but definitely not overall.

                    At least the writers and directors have something to shoot for and they will attempt to make a movie with a heck of alot more conviction when dealing with an iconic character.

                    • And I never called people who disliked MOS trolls.
                      I respect varying opinions around here unlike you.

                    • Mindbender…I’ve won already.

                • I think you might need to see it again Dazz.

                  I understand that you are a tough crowd ( I don’t know many people that refer to “The Avengers” as the weakest of the Marvel Phase 1. ) but I think this is one of those films that improves each and every time you view it.

                  I just got back from seeing it again, and it was even more enjoyable the second time when I myself decided not to scrutinize every single detail and just sick back and soak it all in.

                  No comic book movie has been able to deliver that kind of emotion and fantastic out-of-this-world action.

                  • My thoughts too, the movie passed by so fast because of all the information thrown at you. I think by seeing it a second time, you’re more likely to catch up and stay on the same page.

                    • Right. The rich content means you see missed things
                      on repeat viewings with new layers uncovered.
                      Which is a characteristic of the best movies.

                  • You last sentence says it all, Dr.

                    • You guys are hilarious. When was the last time someone had to convince you that a movie was good? Play a new game…because you guys aren’t very good at this one.

                    • Patrick, unlike you no one has to
                      convince me when a movie is good.

                  • Yeah Dazz, what he said.

                  • Scrutiny…as Mindbender puts it, is the only way to get a better quality of movie into the theatre.

                    SCRUTIIZE every detail you can find. It’s your right! When you find that gem of a movie that touches you at your core, you’ll know it. You know it’s time to beware when you have folks saying:

                    -See it again…!
                    -See it again…!
                    -See it again…!
                    -See it again…!
                    -See it again…!

                    You’ll know when it’s time to see it again (if YOU decide to). Trust yourself and not the hype men.

                    • Time to change your meds, Patrick.

                • Personally, I find Man of Steel closer to the level Batman Begins and The Dark Knight rather than The Dark Knight Rises.

                  While I enjoyed ‘Rises’, I feel ‘Begins’ and ‘Knight’ were far better executed and closer to the essence of the comic world in a reality context. ‘Begins’, ‘Knight’ and ‘Man of Steel’ are in my top five best super hero films.

                  But again, it is all about perception.

                • Dazz…if you didn’t like it the first time, don’t see it again. Trust your gut and not some internet cheerleaders unnecessarily hyping a mediocre film for what seems to be some hidden purpose…

                  With that said…if you genuinely did enjoy MOS, by all means see it as many times as you like. Down with the spin doctors.

                  • ^^

                    *faora voice*

                    YOU WILL NOT WIN

                    • 😀 😀 😀

                  • “Oh Dazz, Dazz, Please, please don’t change your mind. Please.
                    Don’t abandon me. Please.” — Patrick

        • That’s exactly the problem with RT. I akin it now as what gaming journalism is. A bunch of fanbois talking smack or over praising the mediocre. Because everyone is on one side or the other, failing to recognize the product from a non objective viewpoint.

        • Ummm, do do know there’s a “Top Critic” button on RT right? Those are professional journalists who are more deserving of being a critic than someone living in their parents basement.

          So if the top critics agree with the general critics, there might be something to their critical PoV.

    • I don’t know what movie you were watching, Man of Steel was awful. Jumpy directing – past to present past to present which ruined a great origin story. Cliche writing “You are a monster!,” cutout cardboard characters, senseless destruction – if Kal El really cared about the human race he would’ve lured Zod out of the city. I found Man of Steel hard to sit through.

        • +1

        • It’s weird when people on a film site don’t understand film techniques like flashbacks, especially the kind we’re talking about here which you called “reflective” flashbacks (it’s a good name for it). He called it “jumpy editing” but each flashback was in response to things that had happened. Wasn’t “jumpy” in a negative, nonsensical context at all. It was moving back and forth in a way that achieved what was intended.

          • All those flashbacks were put in at all crucial times during the film. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist or a Director to know that those flashbacks needed to be presented at the right times for telling the complete and cohesive storyline for it to all make more sense.

    • I understand Rotten Tomatoes is just an aggregate site, but the actual content of the reviews need to be quantified and analyzed.
      While there is a number of reviews that legitimately critique the quality and technical execution of the film, a major percentage of negative reviews appear biased, close-minded, and unfounded.
      Reviews are opinions of course, but a level of objectivity is necessary.
      Most positive reviews are able to recognize the limitation in the execution in quality. Not all but most.

      Hopefully time will help the film become more appreciated.

      • ^^ just keep in mind that you are to pay no attention to the review itself, just how those posts happen to transpire at that particular time.

        • Off set the other article? The Man of Steel Review? Where the review gave it 4 out 5 stars, and has a poll taken with over 11000 results that want to give it 5 out of 5?

          Ohh.. I get it…

          … you enjoyed THAT comment section more in THAT article because the trolls were out in better force, is that it?

          Hmmm, well… if it’s trolling you want, trolling you shall recieve…

          This is from El Mayimbe @ Latino-Review. Hate the dude all you want. He is frequently on point when it comes to comic book stuff, which is why the writers here at Screenrant are the first to stand up and defend him.

          El Mayimbe on MoS :


          …I absolutely loved Man Of Steel and will go as far as calling it a masterpiece. Everything worked in the film for me. The story, the epic scale, the production design, the cinematography, the performances, THAT SOUNDTRACK, and the direction. Everything was on the money. Zack Snyder absolutely nailed it.

          Man of Steel is better than any Marvel Studios movie of the last decade. No contest. In fact, the epic scale of the film makes The Avengers look like a low rent SyFy TV movie of the week. Watching Man of Steel makes you realize just damn cheap Marvel is. My good colleague Jeremy Smith aka Mr. Beaks from Aint It Cool said it best, DC makes FILMS and Marvel cobbles together movies.”

          So, if you you want to play the, “don’t read this read that” game, well… game on sir.

          • Yes actually…whenever I read ANY article online, in order to get a well-rounded and non-biased view of what is being said, I concentrate on BOTH the article AND comments. The opinions of the everyday man and woman are most valuable. How long have you had access to the internet?

            Don’t act as if you don’t understand why people didn’t like the film. You refer to yourself as Dr. Mindbender, but can’t seen to wrap your head around very simple concepts.

            The review is like any other, that favors the movie. The comments from the regular guys and girls that paid for a seat in the theater is what matters most. Don’t waste my time with any more ignorance…please.

            Because someone doesn’t agree with you on something and posts a comment contrary to yours doesn’t make him/her a troll. I would think that if you saw the movie, you have the privilege to post your opinion on it…whatever your opinion happens to be.

            The mistakes/contradictions and failures in this film were big glaring ones, not ones that could use a little ‘polishing’. You are the one who chose to grade a movie based on the amount of punches thrown and buildings destroyed.

            You are basically trying too hard right now and it’s actually funny. I posted a link to the other article for very good reasons and said “read the posts”. To clarify for those with bent minds…that means feel free to read the main article PLUS the comments below because they are ALL very telling and cumulatively give an accurate description of the opinions of BOTH camps. There was no game being played until you revealed your cards.

            If your mind is so dulled that you can’t understand that people went to see this film mainly because:

            -Superman was being rebooted (big screen)for the first time in 35 years.
            -There are recognizable actors in it
            -it’s obviously large budgeted and modern
            -people actually want to see if Donner’s film can be topped

            you’re delusional. To make it more clear…don’t be a complete idiot. You can’t tell what kind of movie any film is UNTIL YOU SEE IT. Unfortunately by that time, the studio has already counted your money whether you liked the film or not. Because so many people went to see it for the first time proves NOTHING. They were satisfying their curiosity.

            There were so many SMART comments from thinking people on the other article and this one, that disagreed with the notion that this movie could be described as ‘awesome’ when it absolutely was not. No one is looking to nit pick. What I can say for certain is that MOS might be this generations Superman, but definitely not the defining one…not with so many monstrously big gaping holes in this version of the origin story.

            And as far as Jeremy Smith is concerned, he’s just another geek with an opinion. Just like you…just like me…just like most of the posters on this article and the last.

        • All of that death and destruction that must have occurred during the fight in Metropolis, yet a family of 3 about to be killed makes it so that Zod MUST die. Kal-El basically took part unintentionally in all of those deaths that you didn’t see onscreen.

          BIG GAPING POTHOLES in this story! I guess not all of us pay attention.

          • It’s not a plot hole at all. It is exactly what an inexperienced Superman would do. When you have two super-powered beings going blow for blow… death and destruction is the result.

            The result of the destruction will play right into the sequel, where Lex Luthor will start a movement of those rallying behind the idea that Superman is dangerous.

          • No, a family of three is not why he killed Zod. The promised genocide of the human race is why he killed Zod. The fact that there is no prison that could hold him, no weapon that could stop him and no other way to keep him from killing billions is why he killed Zod. And his reaction to it was pain and remorse, actually left him in tears.

            Besides, check your source material mate, he killed Zod, Ursa, and Non in both the comicbooks and Superman II. In fact, in Superman II, not only did he kill them, he depowered them first. So not only was it completely unnecessary, it was even more out of character, because he could EASILY have taken them into custody and turned them over to justice. Add to that, he did not show an ounce of grief or regret, he just laughed it off and flew away with Lois.

            • Maybe on a grander scale you are right, but in the movie it’s pretty straight forward that if Superman did not kill Zod at that moment, his heat vision would have killed the family.

              Yes…I totally got that His remorse was about the fact that he had to ultimately kill off the surviving members of is race in order to save the humans. But I’m really confused that I find myself saying this again. This ISN’T about whether Kal-El is justified in killing Zod…OF COURSE HE IS!!!

              It’s about Superman not being swift enough to realize that the fight he was in with Zod was in itself, responsible for thousands of deaths! If saving the humans is the goal, he should have realized this way BEFORE Zod was about to kill THREE more people and take the fight to a much less populated location. After all…they came looking for him. They would follow him wherever he went. I hope this is clear…!

              • Yes, but as the good doctor above has stated, this is due to his inexperience.

              • The World Engine did by far the worst damage.
                And Smallville was leveled by friendly fire.

            • Yes. Zod, the relentless killing machine
              bent on vengeance had to be terminated.

              Superman’s realization Zod would never
              stop meant Zod had to be stopped.

      • It’s not bad film making. You just want it to be.

        and of course this ^^ will get this response:

        It’s not good film making. You just want it to be.

        I read your so called “flaws” listed A thru whatever, and provided a refutation for each one you listed.

        It is beyond apparent that you fall into this category-

        Ron Marz is an American comic book writer, known for his work on titles such as Silver Surfer, Green Lantern, Marvel vs DC, Batman/Aliens and Witchblade.

        After seeing Man of Steel, Ron Marz tweeted this –

        “I am baffled why some people who didn’t like “Man of Steel” are so desperate to convince everyone else they shouldn’t like “Man of Steel.”

        • Then Ron Marz is off base. The point is not trying to convince anyone else that they shouldn’t like Man of Steel, but just pointing out that there are many areas of question, to full blown potholes inherent in the story that make it not so worthy of such high praise.

          However, in stating those occurrences in the film, one gets labeled as a troll, attached to a 35 year old film, old, biased and nit-picky. That my friend, started with the people like you…who couldn’t see that maybe there is some truth to what so many people are saying.

          Maybe, since you want to go and see it multiple times so badly. YOU should take a second look, do some critical thinking and see if the so called “haters” just might have a point.

          Marz obviously isn’t the only one that’s baffled. From your answers to that PARTIAL list of flaws, you seem pretty confused as well. Anyway, I tore them apart, but I think I’m done with you. Your answers were an embarrassment and cringeworthy. You should have your geek card revoked.

    • Yup only paying movie going public matter when it comes to rating movies.

  2. RT critics are on crack… movie was good and fan have spoken.

    • “RT critics are on crack…”
      To the point succinct 😀

      • I’m not a movie critic but I am a comic book fan and I thought MOS was just average so….

    • Hell yeah. Supes kicked butt. The boxoffice, critics, rotten tomatoes – everyone who stood in his way.

    • Those damn crack-whores.

  3. Good for “Man of Steel”. Definitely a film I think shouldn’t be polarized as much as it is. People just WANT TO be critical and try looking too deeply into the film. Its not a Nolan Batman, its a Snyder Superman. People need to quit whining and accept it.

    • It’s not that I wanted it to be like Batman, I just wanted it to be a great Superman movie.

      There’s always the sequel.

    • Yup, job well done by Snyder and co. Can’t wait for number two.

  4. Yeah, “Man of Steel” had it’s flaws, but it was still a very sensational (and emotionally powerful) superhero movie AND movie in general.

  5. Man Of Steel was epic and one of the best superhero movies I have seen,MOS deserved the those big box office numbers and I’m going to help it make more because I’m going to see it a second time,congratulations DC/Warner Bros,now go bring on a great Justice League movie.

  6. tell me something I don’t know, besides those estimates are too low, you forgot it’s father’s day so come monday man of steel would have made a lot more

    • This is true. I brought my Dad to see it tonight and we had to see a later showing because the 3 shows around the time we went were all sold out.

  7. The theater I normally go to was packed to the brim. Lines outside. The film was impressive. Easily the best CBM origin film IMO. It had more emotion then Batman Begins, and more action then Iron Man. I am happy with what they did.

    • While I did enjoy Batman Begins more, I gotta agree that Man of Steel had some heart running through it. Maybe it’ll be a tie when I watch it a second time though, all the scenes didn’t properly sink in the first time.

    • Say, I’m glad you liked it leathercheerio.
      You had some doubts going in as I recall.

      • In the beginning I had a lot of doubts. When I heard it was going to be an alien invasion movie, my hopes skyrocketed. I am so glad it wasn’t a remake. I wouldn’t even call it a reboot. Its essentially its own movie. A new character. And I like this character. Ive never been a fan of Superman. Then to learn more about him, I watched all 10 seasons of Smallville. I fell in love with that show. I was heart broken when Jonathan Kent died. So going into this film, that’s what I wanted to see. An emotional Clark Kent. And it delivered.

        • With all that and you never being a fan of Superman
          it is great to hear this film reached you and that
          speaks to the power of emotion in this movie.
          And as for action, it’s in a class by itself.

  8. The Majority of Movies has Flaws. It should not stop the Audience from Appreciating the Effort Snyder put to accomplish what he did. Good Job Snyder. MOS Rocks!!! :)

  9. I saw Man of Steel this weekend myself. I went to the first showing on Sunday morning because its usually not as full,but even though I got there half an hour early, I had to wait in line. The theater was full as well, not an empty seat in the house. There was even some applause at the end. I fully intend to go see this again, not something I usually do. I expect this movie will do really well.

    • I was really surprised too, while I did think the turn out was going to be good, just not that good. And people applauded at the end of my screening too, as they should, Superman’s been finally revitalized on the big screen, something that didn’t happen since the 70’s.

    • Same sentiment here guys, and this is one of the rare
      movies for me too to see more than once in theater.

    • Now for that billion bucks and beyond. Go Supes !!

  10. This movie was WONDERFUL. SO disappointed in critical reception, but hopeful that box office returns will see the sequel through. How terrific it opened Father’s Day weekend!

    • Excellent point on Father’s Day, Agingfanboy,
      and I give this production high marks for that.

  11. I’m leaning more with the 44% of critics who thought that film lacked some heart, was overdone with the action, and could’ve used a tighter script. It just didn’t move me as much as I thought it would given the great trailers. I like the film to an extent, but I think it could’ve been better. I won’t put it on the same level as the better superhero films, which I know many people already are. Snyder has never done it for me and Goyer is a better idea man than script writer. I believe in the potential of what Man of Steel might bring in a sequel than I do in the film itself. I guess that’s just me.

  12. I hope this is one of those special movies where the reception grows more positive as the years go by. I have the feeling it will. So who agrees with me?

    • Definitely. And positive reception of the public is already there.

    • Repeat viewings, absolutely.

      I don’t mind showing my age here, but this whole “struggling with the critics” thing is pretty much EXACTLY what happened in 1989 with Tim Burton’s Batman. The reviews were pretty much split down the middle. One half recognized it being a pioneering work of cinema… others were put off because they had a vision of Batman which was very different from Burton’s vision.

      Sound familiar?

      • And that was before monkeys learned how to use a keyboard! (bloggers)

        Poor choice at humor. I know.

      • Weird at the time it was released it was considered a serious approach to Super Hero movies!

      • Rogers — HA! Loved it! Very well said and spot on! Esp. like the Superman 2 “frisbe celaphaine thing” So true! Kudos!

    • Having the film twice already, I am sure the film will benefit over repeat viewings and age well.

      I enjoyed the film well enough the first time but was worried that maybe the hype and excitement was overshadowing the flaws I noticed and thus blurred my objectiveness. However after watching it the second time during the midnight release I must say that while the flaws are there and opportunities missed, they become less distracting over time and the film becomes more fun to watch.

      I say most critics were not ready to embrace a new interpretation of Superman (that actually was a better and closer resemblance to the source material)and over time the film will garner more respect and appreciation.

    • Yeah I’m there with you as well I can’t miss this on the big screen maybe 2 more times.

  13. Did before midnight bomb ?
    The movie was great

    • Its just a limited release

      • Didn’t it go wide this weekend ?

        • It was only released in 897 theaters last weekend. I’m sure that it’ll be in even more theaters this weekend.

  14. I have to say on viewing it a second time, I really liked it a lot more. The first time I watched it I was trying to understand the complexity of the story and take in the new elements of the mythology like the codex and the way the atmosphere affected the Kryptonians. On my second viewing I was able to pay closer attention to the emotional heft of the film and thought it was pretty decent. I still think they miscast Amy Adams as Lois Lane…I just could not get past that and the last fight scene seem to draw on a bit long, but other than that I really enjoyed it, the acting was excellent and it was visually stunning. I gave it a B+!

    Rotten Tomatoes may want to be more selective about critics as some of the reviews I read came across as personalized attacks or referenced nostalgic elements of Donner’s film as a manufactured standard which was totally inappropriate.

    • I love what you said. I would’ve put up a spoiler alert on that though. My wife said thr same thing about the length of the final fight scene.

      • My wife and daughter dais the same as well on the last fight scene. Myself, I loved the length of the fight.

        • LOL, my Mom said she liked it but there was too much destruction.

          • Aha Metropolis was practically a wasteland at the end.

            • That is why one of the little beef that I have with the film is the actual lack of an aftermath scene or mention. Should be definitely explored in the sequel.

              That or an extended version of the film. For some reason, there are some moments in the film that seemed were longer but cut due to the overall film length.

              • Exactly one of my few gripes with the film, some of the scenes felt like they were cut short resulting in a few rough scenes. Apparently the previous cut was about 3 hours long. Im really hoping theres a directors cut, even if theres a very little chance of that happening.

                • I certainly hope for Director’s Cut or Extended Version for MoS as well later 😀 Got myself the Extended Version of Avatar, boy oh boy, that was so amazing, delving much deeper into the story.

  15. Thought MoS was really good. Don’t understand the bad reviews for this movie. I thought the origin story was excellent and we got the action from Superman we have ALL been waiting for. There some things that bugged me but not enough to ruin such an entertaining movie. 4/5 for me. I have it an Ironman 3 tied in my scores. So far for me though, Star Trek is still the best of the blockbusters this year.

  16. Yes, Man of Steel!
    I agree with Kofi can used some “polishing” in areas, but the film is fantastic and great start to a new franchise.

    Man of Steel effectively brings back Superman in an interpretation that moves the character forward in a modern context but fully embraces the character’s 75 years worth of comic book mythology.

    I think the majority of the negative criticisms come from those not ready to embrace change or have a preconceived notion how either this film, or comic book films in general, should have been. Maybe Pa Kent was right- world may not be ready for this Superman.

    But in time, I think the approval and appreciation of this film will only increase. I firmly believe time will do the film justice and that Man of Steel will age well. This film was emotionally gripping and used action to depict character’s emotions, thoughts, and internal complexities.

    Man of Steel is not the film we need, but the one we deserve.
    The film will age great and become more critically accepted.

    This bit of news on the surface shows that audience are willing to watch the film despite initial critical reviews. Hopefully positive word of mouth help the films. If the film is able to sustain this over the next couple of days or weeks, then it will be notable audience overall level of interest and embrace of the film.

    • Your reviews are always one of my favorites to read.


    • Very true, a lot of people weren’t ready for this kind of Superman. But at least the ground is broken, don’t think they’ll have to deal with this type of criticism for the next film.

    • This is the kind of film that improves with age.
      Just thinking about it since I have seen it
      my already positive view has increased.

      • I agree. I know a few people who “just had to let it sink in.”

  17. This movie gives the people of Earth an ideal to strive towards. We will race behind it, we will stumble. But in time, we will join it in support.

    In time, we will erase comic book film prejudice

    • + infinite

    • Yep you just said it my friend. I don’t think any else could’ve said it any better than you.

  18. notice how this is a mos thread lmao…nobody is talking about the other movies like this is end or epic etc.

    • I actually had the pleasure of seeing “The Internship” last night with my dad.

      I thought it was pretty solid. Really wouldn’t consider it a Comedy though. Some very serious and down-to-earth moments

  19. ive seen the movie twice and seing it again tomrrow this movie deserves a billion dollars and we deserve to see braniac,bizzaro,lex or mettalllo!

  20. I loved Man of Steel. I live in Toronto and saw it the day it came out. The theater was packed. It received a standing ovation!

  21. Critics are those who can not make such an epic movie bt if sm1 else does all they do is “1 open laptop/pc/Ph,2-login,3-openSR or any relative site,4-check comments,5-thinks WTF IS goin on this movie gt so many +ve reviews across the world ,6-gotta spoil the fun coz sm 1 made it mch better than i’d hoped fr bt its nt me so m gonna give -ve review!

    Reality of critics !

  22. Money talks and this weekend it’s screaming at every critic and hater of Man of Steel! The sequel is green lit and it’s only going to get better.
    The knit picking was way over the top on this movie. If Donner’s movie was released today it would be shredded to pieces with all the plot holes it has. Like your no fast enough to stop two missiles but you can go faster then the speed of light to turn the earths rotation which in turn makes time go back wards?! Seriously, get off your high horses faux critics and accept, acknowledge that realize that Man of Steel is here to stay.
    Rise Son of Krypton! Rise!

  23. You know what’s going to be SUPER? Star Wars EPVII!!

  24. Now if it can be number 1 next week that would be insane, i dont see it happening

  25. I love how some people swore by Rotten Tomatoes when a film they liked got a high rating and now the sites methods are flawed. Maybe the site was always just a gimmick that people fell for when it justified their personal taste in movies. People who saw Man of Steel and liked it really should not be so bent out of shape about the bad reviews, it clearly did not lessen your enjoyment of the movie and it does not really matter overall.

  26. The problem critics have with Man of Steel is that it isn’t the Christopher Reeve Superman. It’s that simple. No Superman movie ever will be as praised as Donner’s original film. Plus, people like to complain. It makes them seem smarter than what they’re critiquing.

    That’s my theory anyway.

    • I’ve read almost every single positive and negative review posted on RT (my job is boring) and I can definitely say that they have more to say than “it isn’t Christopher Reeve.” Sure, a handful mention it, but there are almost a hundred negative reviews. They’re not just doing it to hate. I may not be a critic, but I do have issues with the film as well and it has nothing to do with the Donner films.

    • Basically, I think alot of fans went into MOS wanting to see the same ole same ole , and what they got was a relatively big break from what’s been done before. That’s not to say there haven’t been some legitimate problems people have had with the film but, I think General Audiences in the post Nolan and Avengers world are more open to seeing something new and fresh done with the character.

    • Yeah I agree with that while I really do like this movie, but for 35 of my 36 years of life Christopher Reeve was Superman. He will always be Superman due to the fact anytime you left one of his Superman movies you always felt so positive after watching them. And also think that applies to your age group who knows in 20 years this could be what the younger people today consider the definitive versions of Superman.

    • I think the theory is flawed. Before Christopher Reeeve, George Reeves was the iconic Superman. Yet, there was no problem with the transitioning. There was obviously a change in the guard.

      People only complain when there is something to complain about. Do you think all the Donner loyalists had a meeting an just decided to agree on not giving Man of Steel a chance? This is where theories fall apart.

      I can tell you right now…that Fast & Furious 7 is going to make a hell of alot of money. Even though it won’t be in theatres until next year. Why? Expectations are high and everyone is curious and will go see it. After seeing it, whether I decide if it’s good or bad, the theatre will already have my money. But I’ve encountered some of the most closed-minded people that actually think that making alot of money is an indication of how good a film is.

  27. First box office weekend is all about how much hype marketing was able to generate. The following weeks for Man of Steel will be the real test. It will not surpass 1 billion and it will not surpass Iron Man 3. It has 2 more weeks to make it’s money and then it’s done.

  28. There’s far too much negative buzz on this mainly unappealing movie and it’s been nowhere near being financially successful enough to generate sequels, let alone big production sequels. It’s a stand alone one-up experiment that failed badly, worse than any Superman movie in the least. This franchise is over now. If they try returning to Superman in the foreseeable future it will be to give the public the Superman the public really wants, not a mutant degenerate monstrosity version that turns off the masses appreciation and their wallet cashflow and is praised by no one but dire daytripping geek fans and marketing trolls. Superman will come back new and improved someday. It needs to after this disaster fiasco if they want the character to continue.

    • you are off your trolley! have you seen how much money its already made? doesnt matter if its a critical success or not the fans love it

      • ^^ officially 197.6 million over the weekend, setting records for biggest June opening of all time.

        • and by next weekend it will of surpassed its budget!

          • and the fact it hasn’t opened everywhere internationally yet!

  29. Yeah yeah yeah but the amount of marketing thrown at Man of Steel you’d think they’d come even close to Iron Man 3 which they did not. It didn’t even hit it’s 130 million target for opening weekend. So PR can spin it as a huge box office success breaking records, but that’s on the hype. It won’t have legs. And Man of Steel 2 will be like Star Trek Into Darkness box office. Way light compared to the first.

    • Kyle, Warner Bros. expected $80 million for opening weekend. Box office analysts were all over the board with Man of Steel, from $100-$130 million. So in the case of Warner Bros. the film had an extremely strong opening, not to mention the $71 million it has from international markets. It’s pretty crazy to think that a reboot to a franchise should make as much as a sequel like Iron Man 3. Also, you are aware that Star Trek: Into Darkness had a higher box office return than the first right?

      • wow failure if you dont hit $130mil? lower the bar mate