Will ‘Man of Steel’ Have a Batman Cameo (and Should It)?

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Man of Steel Batman Cameo Rumors Will Man of Steel Have a Batman Cameo (and Should It)?

Sometimes it’s worthwhile to make something out of nothing – and this is one of those occasions.

During a special event in NYC honoring Hugh Jackman (who deserves to be honored because who doesn’t like Hugh Jackman?) a reporter managed to get a non-response from Dark Knight Trilogy director Christopher Nolan – one which actually merits some discussion. Again, this is non-news – but it’s non-news we thought would be prime material for a good ol’ geek discussion. Read on if you’re game.

Movieline reporter Frank Digiacomo asked Nolan point-blank if the upcoming Superman film Man of Steel (watch the trailer) would feature a Batman cameo in any form – including an appearance by Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character John Blake who – SPOILER ALERT! -  we last saw take on the mantle of Batman during the closing moments of The Dark Knight Rises.

Nolan’s actual response to the inquiry was, “I can’t talk about that. You know that,” but Digiacomo makes subjective note of the director’s facial expression, which he describes as an “enormous Cheshire-Cat grin.” He also noted Nolan’s tone as “cheerily” when he brushed off the question.

Take all that how you will, but it raises a more interesting question: will the filmmakers (or at least the studio, Warner Bros.) try to fit an appearance by Batman  into Man of Steel? And, somewhat more importantly, should they?



Chris Nolan Man of Steel Dark Knight Comparisons Will Man of Steel Have a Batman Cameo (and Should It)?

Christopher Nolan is a producer (and story writer) on Man of Steel in addition to being the architect of the Dark Knight franchise, and Warner Bros. has a Justice League film to launch in 2015. These reasons alone are compelling enough to warrant using Man of Steel as a Justice League launch-pad. And who better than with Batman, their most iconic and successful movie character?

With the studio pushing to merge the DC characters into one universe, and Nolan’s hand in both franchises, there is motive and opportunity to give fans lethal doses of geek-glee from seeing The World’s Finest onscreen together in Man of Steel.



Nick Fury in Iron Man 2008 Will Man of Steel Have a Batman Cameo (and Should It)?

Marvel successfully used an appearance by Samuel L. Jackson after the credits of the first Iron Man to let fans know, officially, that a shared movie universe was now a reality. Jackson’s lines were brief, but when he name-dropped that “Avenger Initiative” we were off on a five-year journey to that big Avengers movie – and Marvel Studios has been reaping the success (and profits) ever since.

That’s all to say: DC/Warner Bros. could easily (so easily) give Justice League a major PR boost if they just have Superman and Batman appear in the same frame of film together. So again: why wouldn’t they?


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  1. As stoked as I will be for a shared universe movie from DC about their ensemble cast for their iconic superheroes in 2015, I am, however, quiet cautious about the Warner leadership unconventionally introducing these gestating figures through one explosive plot. Trying to introduce each of the separate characters through one movie is a dauntingly risky move, not only from a fiscal point of view but from a thematic one. What concerns us more is the latter one. Clearly, trying to write a story that will properly be able to encompass all the different background story arch of Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Flash and reboot Batman will convolute the overall story, thereby making it difficult for audiences to encapsulate the overall picture. Generally speaking, good movies are attuned to niche storylines. It would make sense to follow the marvel path by giving a fair amount of attention to all of our superheroes separately and then bringing them together into one JLA movie, even if it will mean postponing the date for a JLA movie for another three years. Remember, stalling the movie would be an infinitely better option than doing a horrible job of it and single handedly making it a colossal embarrassment as well as ruining potential sequels. However, if done well, this unconventional method could perhaps turn out to be a novelty strategy. Such would only be possible if the Warner Bros. entourage could somehow focus on as little characters as possible, thereby developing more effectively on a more restricted story arch, while leaving the climactic buildup as being open to the calling out for the need for other superheroes for protection from even greater threats in future movies. This, then, could be a more subtle approach to introducing Flash and other heroes alike. This would be akin to Michael Bay’s first Transformers movie, where Optimus Prime, at the end of the movie, steps up on top of a hill calling out to other surviving protagonists, asking them to unite for even greater evils to come. As a huge DC fan, I will want Warner Bros. to get their eggs in one basket (or separate ones!) and consider approaching this sensitive situation cautiously regardless of how they approach the JLA team. After all, this movie in 2015, or the lack thereof, will determine the future of the other JLA cast members and whether they will be able to compete with their Marvel counterparts.

    • As stupid as it sounds… I think that introducing characters in Justice League *could* work. Muddling through multiple origin stories would be messy, but WB don’t really have to do that. Most people, comic book fans or not, knew of only three origin stories before this resurgence in superhero movies started – Kal El’s escape from dying Krypton, Bruce Wayne’s parents getting murdered and Peter Parker getting bitten by a spider.

      Since Superman and presumably Batman are already established in DC Cinematic Universe, they will probably be recruiting new superheros. It has been stated that the film will focus on Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, so have WW as a naive newcomer. Leave enough potential character development for her own film, which will no doubt be given a Year One approach and a Nolan once-over. Also, whilst they’re busy figuring out the WW film, they can see which other heroes were well received in JL.

      • I didn’t think about that. If Wonder, Bats, and Supes are going to starr as the alpha heroes, then it makes sense to just start a cohesive plot from the start and see which other heroes would work into their solo franchise. It could work that way too I guess…

    • Good points. I believe what the Batman Trilogy did for 3 movies is milking the superhero genre to its true potential. Rebooting Batman would kill the momentum that Nolan’s trilogy has already established. WB’s shared DC universe may be more advanced than we realize if they continue the story from TDKR.

    • I disagree.

      The characters could easily be brought together like Star trek did.

      • Star Trek was brough back many years later. If they want a JLA movie out by 2015, that would mean another batman reboot within 3 years of the last one. I don’t see how they will top TDK, even if they went with the new police officer ( name??), it still wouldn’t be Bruce Wayne which is who everyone wants to see. Although, Christian Bale was approached about a JLA movie, and he said he would still be interested in more Batman movies, soooo it is possible. There is already a story line in the comics, and animated movie called “The Dark Knight Returns”.

  2. I believe the cameo of Batman in the Man of Steel should be Lois mentioning an article she wrote about Bruce Wayne returning from the dead (which is when Bruce started to become batman) and then at a end scene we could see Clark entering in his apartment and see batman there in the shadows and go from there

    • Interesting…

    • WOW…that sounds ridiculous!….How would that make sence in the story? Just think about it…I don’t even need to explain that! You already know what happens in the Dark Knight Trilogy, and what happens in between them.

    • That WOULD be cool, but not possible, as it would interupt the dark knight trilogy. They did the same thing in the animated series when Bruce and Clark met.

      BUT the newspaper/lois idea would work. But it would need to be more subtle, maybe just mention his last name, or something even less giving like ” the billionair orphan is back”, in a whisper as she reads it to herself. Maybe so subtle that we would not get it until the 2nd veiwing much like Marvel has done.

      • It could be as simple as Lois’s assistant reminding her to not forget that she has a very important interview with the Ceo of Wayne industries.

    • I think that would be to bleak for the audience, I think it would be more interesting if Bruce Wayne while leaving Gotham could by chance wonder in metropolis some how (maybe he might be living like a nomad) which isnt out of character for Nolans DK and after Kal El defeats General Zod and his army maybe just maybe Bruce Wayne see’s Kal El turn into “Superman” of Tv or maybe a news paper and it makes Bruce Wayne act like him self from the Justice League as a man who never gives up no matter the risks. I dont think Kal El and Bruce Wayne should meet at all until Wonder Women and Green Lantern appears on Kal Els watch list after he is settled into his fortress of solitude that he finds in Man of Steel, they could do it by having Darkseid (during the birth of JLA) coming into light who could be after the world or Kal El, then Wonder Woman (Princess Diana) and Green lantern (Hal Jordan or John Stewart) realizes what is going on and cant help them selves but to help Superman and in the brink of there despair thats when Bruce Wayne comes in and BOOM the start of the justice league, and after that than the Flash (wally west or Barey Allen ) comes in along with MMH and with Lex Luthor being the bad guy or better yet Doomsday comes along and forces all the special people on earth to clash their powers against the giant who almost kills Kal El, which could be the birth of any more hero’s like Shazam, Green arrow, captain Atom, and Supergirl. Now I know they could make it better than what I think but its just a jist of a good way to start up the JLA with Nolans DK

      Ps. They could even make Joesph Gordan Lovit be Night Wing even though he is not the traditional Dick Grason who is in turn taking Batmans spot over Gotham, But making him into anything else besides Dark Wing would ruin the Nolan films IMO. No way there is any other Batman besides Bruce Wayne Terry McGinnis and doing other wise is BLASPHEMY…

  3. I just finished watching The Dark Knight Rises (2nd time around) and to me the movie clearly sets up Batman as hero and we are left with the following: 1)Bruce Wayne healthy and still kicking, literally 2) A relationship brewing between Bruce and Selina Kyle 3) John Blake discovering the cave … The possibilities are endless, but as the movie closes, I get the strong feeling that the movie is merely an end to the trilogy and NOT the end of Batman’s story. Nolan kept it open for future stories, and even alludes to Catwoman resuming the hero role when she says “have to reconsider the no gun rule.” Additionally, many references to Batman being a hero for “the world” and “not just for Gotham.” Bruce Wayne as Batman is definitely possible and would be the smart move for WB.

    A tie in to MOS is very possible, and plausible, and saves us all from unnecessary reboots (except for Green Lantern, I hope…).

    • Lol, Let’s hope Green Lantern pulls his socks up though.

  4. The way I see the cameo happening is Wayne and/or Blake watching the strange yet epic events unfold on the news as it happens. I can’t wait to see the angle and how they are going to make it believable as they did with The Dark Knight movies.

  5. I’d love to see Blake/Batman show up somehow in Man of Steel. Start building off of what Nolan created, up to JLA.

  6. Nolan’s Batman has nothing to do with Justice League. So your petty theories of John Blake or Bales Batman “showing up” aren’t happening. The only Batman cameo (if any) would be the actor chosen to portray Bruce Wayne.

    • Why is it petty? Don’t be rude. And how do you know this? Ultimately it’s up to Warner brothers, not Nolan.

      • No he is right, making anyone besides Bruce Wayne as Batman is the wrong way to go and I know Nolan knows this. Blake or “Dick” playing as anyone but Nightwing is just wrong, I think that Bruce Wayne (Christain Bale) doing a cameo at the end is the way to go maybe by realizing that there is no earth without Batman, I got another comment basing my theories on it in this same section, although this guy is a jerk he is 100% right when stating Blake “Dick” being Batman is wrong and would/could never be done without losing billions of fans of DC comics and millions of fans of Batman (not Nolans Batman either but The “Batman”. Seeing how Batman and Superman have always had that connection with each other in every single JLA spinoff that DC can think of right down to the great fear that Batman has of Superman ever going Rouge, and for good reason mind you. That I think is the main reason why Batman ever tried to connect with Superman is so he could watch over the world from Superman watching over the world. ^___^ and I know millions of DC fans agree with me when stating that Batman and Superman are The Justice League of America and everyone else like GL,WW,TF,MMH are just Icing on the cake.

    • I’d have to disagree, and didn’t realize some idiot shared my “name”. Christopher Nolan’s “batman” was an origin story about who he is. All Nolan did was write and direct the movie. The only thing that would keep “Nolan’s Batman” ( stop calling it that btw) is Christian Bale returning which he as already mentioned that he would like to. They can always get a new director, producer, writer, etc. but not a new actor and keep the story.

      Also, you have no clue what you are talking about. Sure Nolan’s Batman (ugh!!) may have nothing to do with JLA, which the trilogy dosen’t you are right, but Nolan COULD take it that direction, doubtful though. And if he dosen’t Christian Bale can still keep the Role thus keeping “Nolan’s Batman” alive.

      In summary, only thing TDK’s future is dependent on is Christian Bale, that is keeping Bruce Wayne in the story. With out Christian Bale, no more Bruce with out reboots.

      • My problem with Bale’s Batman (better than Nolan’s Batman?) is that he was *just* a great example of a human using technology to fight crime. Although Justice League is still but a rumour and we know barely anything about it, just compare that Batman to, say, Superman.

        We don’t know if Man of Steel’s Superman has heat vision or ‘microvision’ (yay, Smallville reference!) but he can fly stupidly fast and punch someone across the Metropolis skyline. If Justice League does happen, it’ll probably have Wonder Woman, who can fly and has super strength and can deflect bullets. Green Lantern might turn up, with his whatever-you-can-imagine ring of power. Aquaman might feature and will probably be based off his New 52 version, which is pretty badass.

        My point is that Bale’s Batman wouldn’t really be of much use. What could he do that the others couldn’t? As well as Nolan saying that The Dark Knight Saga was an opening, middle and closing to a story, therefore hinting that he wants it left alone, a Batman reboot would be nice because we could have those crazier gadgets. At the very least, he needs an Arkham series style setup with an ‘all-seeing’ Oracle, detective skills and so on.

        Imagine this scene, if you will. Brainiac sends a ‘mothership’ with many smaller ‘fighter’ craft coming out of it. Superman can fly up and batter them, as can Wonder Woman. Green Lantern can will up some anti-aircraft cannons. What can Bale’s Batman do? Arkham Batman might be able to tap a command into his gauntlet computer to get the Batmobile to launch a ton of missiles or use his grapnel gun to drag a ‘fighter’ down to Earth and then disassemble it and what he finds in combination with his cryptographic sequencer to disable the others.

        I still think that the best reboot option for Batman would be for there to not be a rehash of Batman Begins (a common complaint of The Amazing Spider-Man was that it was too similar to 2002′s Spider-Man) but to assume we know the basics about his ninja training and his parents dying. Have Justice League set at a time where Bruce is in a bit of a slump because his first Robin, Dick Grayson, has effectively ‘graduated’ and become his own hero instead of staying a sidekick. That opens up plenty of potential stories, like The Death of Ddot Nosaj or perhaps The Killing Joke for a Justice League follow-on.

        In response to the question you poised on my other comment, I’d say that Tony Stark didn’t help in Thor because the bad stuff either happened in Asgard or it was one small town in the middle of nowhere and it was all heavily classified by S.H.I.E.L.D.

        It seems the next films are going to some lengths to avoid that questioning too – Iron Man 3 will keep Tony busy and/or traumatised, Thor: The Dark World is, again, in Asgard a lot, Captain America is a secret agent (pics leaked of him in S.H.I.E.L.D. stealth gear from the comics) so it’s all classified again and Guardians of the Galaxy are, one would imagine, in space.

        • Bale’s Batman would usechis brain and most likely plan the attack. That’s how Batman should act. A great force acting behind the scenesand shawdows. It’s the fact that Batman is human thatmakes him so great. Overuse of gadgesttakesaway from that.

          • You would want Batman to take a back seat? What makes him awesome is that he’ll happily jump in and fight alongside the bulletproof, super-strong heroes of Justice League despite being ‘only’ human. The only way he can do that is if he creates inventions that make it a less uneven playing field.

            Bale’s Batman could never hope to fight against the superpowered opponents that a Justice League film would probably throw towards the team. The team-up films will inevitably be against an opponent that no one team member can deal with alone. This means that the opponent will probably be more powerful than Man of Steel’s Zod. Could Bale’s Batman even damage that guy?

            (NOTE: no kryptonite has been seen in the Nolanverse so far, so none of that Batfan ‘he always has some on him just in case’ rubbish! This Batman doesn’t know about it, if it exists.)

            • Reeno2200

              The majority of the time Batman sends the main leaguers out as a distraction against the main force while he conducts a covert operation. Batman’s greatest strength is his brain And will power, not his might.

              The best part about Batman is that he defeats opponents stronger than him through intelligence. Batman wouldn’t fight a super powered being head on. It’s the fact that he is so outclassed in strength and makes up for it through wit that makes him so awesome.

              Snyder’s Superman works on the same level as Nolan’s Batverse with an emphasis on naturalism. Batman will not all of a sudden become a low level superhero that can jump fifteen feet in the air and throw 17 batarangs. He will be human and will have to use his wits. The best part about Batman. You can reboot Batman if you want but you will only be getting another Bale type Batman.

              (NOTE: Batman has beaten Superman quite a few times without kryptonite. He once set up a series of lamps that emit red sunlight energy draining Supe of his powers. If there is a will there is a way)

              • Arkham City Batman couldn’t jump fifteen feet or throw 17 batarangs at once. He was still human. He just had a grapnel gun to cover large distances in combination with a glide-capable cape.

                I’m good with Batman being smart and figuring out weaknesses (like that famous story where the Justice League gets done in by Batman’s stolen contingency plans) but a hands-off approach doesn’t seem very heroic.

                not have it a bit like Batman’s fight against… Seirf Rotciv (working again with backwards-typed spoilers) in Arkham City? Batman figures out the various vulnerabilities of this power armour clad man that is armed with a powerful weapon? Activating an electromagnet with a stun gun or using his grapple tech to launch himself, causing the guy’s (incredibly heavy) suit to fall over. It’s a clever fight that lets a guy that’s pretty much superpowered be defeated by Batman.

                I just can’t visualise the Batman that Bale and Nolan created together working like that, I guess. It almost seems too far removed or too crazy for that world to cope with.

    • Also, bringing in a new actor to “portray” batman/bruce wayne, especially this early as a cameo would turn off alot of people/fans (especially thoes of Christian Bale’s work at TDK). Not a smart move.

  7. DC’s shared movie universe is going to fail miserably

    • It doesn’t have to if they stick to what already worked for their universe: mature themes and highly realistic tone. Based on the trailer, the tone in MOS is quite similar to the Batman Trilogy. Building on the Batman series and somehow tying MOS into that world will allow WB to not be so behind. MOS would slowly introduce the Nolanverse into the fantastical world of outsiders. What many people forget is the fact that the same writers to the Batman Trilogy are tackling MOS and they have a masterful producer who directed the Batman series at the helm. MOS technically will be NOLANVERSE. You can bank on it, and the way TDKR ends I am convinced the story is not over. John Blake is an adoptive name. His real name could be Richard Robin Grayson and maybe he is being heralded to be Nightwing NOT Batman. Bruce Wayne is still the hero of the Dark Knight series. Alfred was afraid that Bruce always wanted to put the mask back on. Having watched TDKR again, it clearly leaves me the impression Bruce’s story is just beginning. People complain about the 8 year gap, but even with that, it only puts Bruce in his late 20s or early 30s, but now established as a hero for Gotham City.

      • While Nolan is grandfathering and acting as producer its really Zack Snyder who’s “at the helm”, as director he’ll be making the final decisions at the end of the day and Nolan may choose to keep his Batman separate if Zack vision doesn’t exactly measure up, so as not to besmirch his Batman trilogy. That said The fact that Both Nolan and David S. Goyer are involved is quite clearly visible in the trailers and clips we’ve been allowed snack on so its entirely possible. Perhaps Bruce Wayne(Christian Bale) will take the mantle back as he sees he’s needed once more, after all he isn’t actually dead. Levett isn’t an ideal choice, he’s never really going to fill the space of Batman, he wouldn’t even be able to replace Dick Grayson. Rookie cop in a bat costume isn’t going to do it. In fact I’m not sure what Levett would do with the cave, I just don’t see him taking the mantle.

        • I don’t think that Man of Steel will be in-continuity with Nolan’s Dark Knight films. A whole city held to ransom by a nuke-wielding badass? How could a guy that can break the sound barrier and carry buses justify not stepping in?

          I wouldn’t be surprised if The Dark Knight series was labelled as an Earth One to the mainstream DC Cinematic Universe. A Batman reboot is rumoured for 2017 and following the more fantastical Superman film with aliens, superpowers and Amy Adams, it might be able to have some of the more abstract Batman enemies like Mr. Freeze or Clayface.

          • I depends on when the 2 time lines line up. Superman may not have been a hero yet, going through a “soul searching” delima.

            Also, you point is valid and is brought up time and time agian, BUT this can be said about the animated series, comics, and,…well just about any Movie, TV series, etc not even related.(especially when superpowers are involved).

            There are many times the Hero or Villian has the other at “gun point” but dosen’t pull the trigger, or is restrained but dosen’t use the obvious choice to fight back. Fans always have their own way to solve the problem, but you forget that that problem is where the plot procedes. Example:

            Why didn’t Iron Man help thor save the world in Thor’s movie? Tony Stark WAS even mentioned in it.

    • I first thought it just sounded like a way to rake in the profits by copying what they did with Marvel and the Avengers. But you know what? Thor, Captain America and Iron Man 2 were not good movies. Thor was ok I guess, but it all felt like a rush to the Avengers. I think given the starting point, Justice League could be better. Oh yeah, and Incredible Hulk wasn’t so hot either.

  8. Yes a Batman cameo would be gold at the end… Would love to see Bale or anyone as BATS! No to Blake (cough) Robin tho… Last 5 minutes of Rises the movie went to total sh1T and every Batman character got butt fricked badly… No wonder Avengers beat its ass so much – But JLA should beat Avengers 2 ass in 2015 hellz yeah ; )

    • Dark Knight Rises acctually ended very well, and was not predictable as most endings are. Only reason Avengers beat Rises out was they had 5 years of work Building up to this SINGLE movie with 5 other films based upon it, and it was the first time this has been done. Batman only had 2 others spread out over 6+ years. Can’t even compare the 2, as Batman was out numbered.

  9. guys there is only one batman bruce wayne , rest all of them r robins . without bruce wayne there is no justice league , how do u think JL got space ship floating on space its because of wayne (Batman)

    • It’s also because of Oliver Queen. He pays most of the bills up there.

  10. its not jla, its just the justice league. why did superman not step in with bane? i dunno, read the comics, why doesnt superman just jump into every problem? if this movie is good, which… it looks to be (based on the trailers ill say this will be the best supe since 2, if not better), they somehow reboot green lantern or put out an amazing sequal, and… dare i say do an aquaman movie (read geoff johns’ aquaman… its actually quite good).. justice league could work. we dont need a wonder woman movie, people apparently just dont care for her. flash? id leave out a flash movie as well as much as i love him.

    • First, it is Justice League of America, that is how the comic was started.

      Second, agian, TIME LINES. As Batman Begins was an orgin story, so is Man of Steel, so assueming they are of similar age, Superman may have not been a hero yet, dealing with his own issues of finding out who he truely was. Also, Superman has ALOT more powerful villians to battle, so you could say the 2 have their hands full at their respected cities ( metropolis/Gotham).

      • Superman is an older hero dumbass.

        • In the (DC) comics, Superman is *the* original hero. Meanwhile, in this proposed DC cinematic universe, *if* they decide to have the Dark Knight films in the same continuity as Man of Steel, Batman was doing his hero thing whilst Superman wasn’t even mentioned in passing.

          To quote Tom, “TIME LINES.” How could they justify Superman not stepping in with Bane? Well, if he was soul searching and didn’t know who he wanted to be, one would imagine that he wouldn’t step in, but that would make Batman the ‘original’ hero – this is what Tom said, but you didn’t seem to get it, so I’m typing it out again.

          It would be tricky to excuse Superman’s absence (since a combination of X-Ray vision, super strength and supersonic flight could’ve found the bomb and got rid of it) and have Superman as *the* original superhero in a DC cinematic universe that’s in continuity with The Dark Knight Saga. From a possible Justice League film onwards, they could say that the various heroes were ‘busy’ with what you see in their solo films.

  11. Yes,there should be a batman cameo in man of steel. Simply put, in my opinion, of all the comics and all the heroes and villains in the DC universe, the relationship between batman and superman is without a doubt the most well fleshed out in the franchise if not in all of comics. I would love to see snyder and nolans take on the superman story. To me however, after being around superman for so long. I feel that his character is so much more relatable when Batman’s around to give him crap about how overly optimistic he is. it’s just a great story and I would love to see it fleshed out a bit before the JLA movie

    • I would also like to see Batman and Superman’s relationship build before the JLA movie as it did in the comics and animated series, but its unlikely.

  12. No matter WHAT happens, I hope there is a cameo in Man of Steel, and would be thrilled if we recieved any answer about batman’s future.

  13. Yes. WB has to get their sh*t together if they’re going to meet the 2015 release date. But I propose the idea of skipping the individual movies and just going straight for the Justice League. They can pull the heroes together and have them already be established. Then after they get Justice League out of the way, they focus on the individual heroes. I’d advise them just doing the Big Three (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman.
    But on how they do would cameo Batman… I’d like to see Lois mention her having to interview the “Son of Gotham”

  14. Fun fact: Joseph Gordon-Levitt didn’t take on the mantle of Batman at the end of the Dark Knight Rises. He is John Blake who just so happens to be Robin. Also, at the end of the movie when he leaves he tells a lady that his nickname or something like that is Robin. Get your facts straight and pay attention before you have a geekgasm. While a Batman-Superman cameo would be awesome, it would just be a cheap carbon copy of Marvel’s idea. They gotta find their own way to introduce the Justice League.

  15. Fun fact: Joseph Gordon-Levitt didn’t take on the mantle of Batman at the end of the Dark Knight Rises. He is John Blake who just so happens to be Robin. Also, at the end of the movie when he leaves he tells a lady that his nickname or something like that is Robin. Get your facts straight and pay attention before you have a geekgasm. While a Batman-Superman cameo would be awesome, it would just be a cheap carbon copy of Marvel’s idea.

  16. Joseph Gordon Levitt was John Blake who just so happens to be none other than Robin. He even gives claim to that in the final scenes when he says a symbol or something,I can’t remember, means Robin. He is Robin not the next batman. Get your facts straight before you have your next geekgasm.