Welcome to Screen Rant’s “Geek Picks,” where we collect the finest movie-related geekery from around the Web. Today you’ll find Tom Cruise reliving some of his classic catchphrases on the Graham Norton Show; Thor 3: Thor’s Super Sweet 16; geeky quilled paper sculptures; and a movie montage of buddy cop films. All that and more on this edition of SR’s Geek Picks!

To kick things off today, FilmSchoolRejects has 10 Famous Films That Surprisingly Fail The Bechdel Test.

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NATALIE PORTMAN and CHRIS HEMSWORTH, stars of THOR: THE DARK WORLD, show off their shocking height difference and meet their lookalike collectible action figure toys in this hysterical moment from THE GRAHAM NORTON SHOW.

Thor 3: Thor’s Super Sweet 16

In Asgard Thor is preparing for his Super Sweet 16!

Geeky Quilled Paper Sculptures

Vader Quilled Paper Sculpture SR Geek Picks: Man of Steel Animated Series, Buddy Cop Movie Montage & More

San Francisco-based graphic designer Alia Syed built these geektastic quilled paper sculptures from .25″ strips of paper glued down on their edges.

SACHA BARON COHEN Kills Award Presenter at the 2013 Britannia Awards

You won’t believe this shocking moment as SALMA HAYEK and former Charlie Chaplin child co-star GRACE CODDINGTON presents SACHA BARON COHEN with the Charlie Chaplin Award For Excellence In Comedy at the BAFTA LA Jaguar BRITANNIA AWARDS!

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TOM CRUISE: My Classic Movie Lines!

Relive some of TOM’s classic catchphrases from his phenomenal three decades in Hollywood at the top of his game. From RISKY BUSINESS to TOP GUN and JERRY MAGUIRE, what’s your favorite?

PLUS: Discover how Graham Norton could’ve ended it all for TOM before his career even began!

Shatter Gallery Exhibition

Shatter Gallery Exhibition 570x377 SR Geek Picks: Man of Steel Animated Series, Buddy Cop Movie Montage & More

Thanks to SR Reader Alexander Moon for sharing!

Buddy Cops: A Movie Montage

A celebration of the American buddy cop subgenre in movies.

Simon Baker and Jimmy Fallon’s Mick-Off

Upon learning that Simon Baker does a Mick Jagger impression, Jimmy asks him to join him in a Mick-off, and the two showcase their moves.

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Stump with Simon Baker


Simon and Jimmy compete in the drinking game, Stump, which includes beer, a hammer, nails, safety equipment and a tree stump.

Katy Perry Retweets: Day One


To mark Katy Perry passing Justin Bieber as the most followed person on Twitter, Jimmy asked one of his writers to tweet the same exact thing Katy has tweeted in the past, and they compare retweet totals.

Green Arrow vs Loki

 SR Geek Picks: Man of Steel Animated Series, Buddy Cop Movie Montage & More

Stephen Amell poses with Tom Hiddleston.

243 Titles of Animated Feature Films

This video presents titles of animated feature films in order from 1937 to 2012 year which were produced in the USA. These video consists only 243 titles. Titles were selected in accordance with the ranking of IMBD and only the first part of the sequel was selected for video.

Full list of animated feature films used in the video you can find here.

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Jason Schwartzman Is Somewhat Prepared for YouTube’s Music Awards


Jason tells Jimmy what kind of obstacles he’s up against as he prepares to host the live YouTube Music Awards.

Monologue: Halloween History


To celebrate Halloween, Jimmy looks at the history of the holiday.

Scary Lamp: Halloween 2013


On Halloween night, Jimmy reflects back to that eerie evening in the Late Night offices when his desk lamp set off a strange chain of events.

Man of Steel: The Animated Series

Fresh off his gritty reboot, Superman returns to animated form with all-new powers!

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