New ‘Man of Steel’ Set Pics Reveal Ginger-Haired Lois Lane

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Security around the Vancouver shooting location for Zack Snyder’s Superman reboot, Man of Steel, is certainly less than airtight – seeing how over the past couple of days, we’ve gotten our first glimpse at Russell Crowe in costume as Jor-El and a bearded Henry Cavill in plainclothes as Clark Kent/Kal-El.

Even more photos from Man of Steel‘s Canadian shoot have emerged online, offering fans a look at another major character: Supe’s lady love, Lois Lane (Amy Adams). Miss Lane’s attire is bound to be of little interest to most people – the revelation that Adams will be sticking with her recognizable ginger hair color for the film, on the other hand…

Adams – whose natural hair color is strawberry blonde – won’t be the first incarnation of Lois Lane to ever have carrot-orange locks (see: the character in John Byrne’s 1988 “The World of Metropolis” mini-series). However, she will be the first live-action version to not boast dark brown hair, unlike the handful of actresses that have previously portrayed the character – including Margot Kidder in Superman I-IV, Teri Hatcher on Lois and Clark, Erica Durance on Smallville, and Kate Bosworth in Superman Returns.

Get your first look at Amy Adams “in character” as Lois Lane in the Man of Steel set images below:


Moving past the idea of Adams’ appearance as Lois – either the red-haired look works for you or it doesn’t – the far more interesting question is: What kind of Lois Lane will be appearing in Snyder’s Man of Steel?

Lane is generally portrayed as a spirited career-driven gal and journalist whose personal drive to get a story often lands her in hot water – especially when it involves one of Superman’s deadly opponents – though she’s also very much the “heart of gold” type. Seeing how Man of Steel appears to be largely influenced by more recent Superman comics like “Superman: Birthright”, “Superman: Secret Origin”, and the recent DC Universe reboot, Adams will almost undoubtedly be playing Miss Lane as even more of a contemporary “working girl” than other actresses have.

However, given that Batman Begins scriber David S. Goyer was the primary writer responsible for Man of Steel – and that Christopher Nolan had some hand in laying the foundation for the style and structure of the film - is it possible that Adam’s Lois could end up being a bit more of a nurturing and maternal love interest for Cavill’s Clark Kent… kind of like Katie Holmes as Rachel Dawes in Batman Begins?

To clarify: This is all just pure speculation (and us stirring the pot, of course) about how Man of Steel appears to be taking the same trajectory as Batman Begins – as evidenced by the decorated cast, modernized tone, and “origin story” plotline. Still, one might wonder just how similar these two movies will ultimately end up being – and whether those shared/different traits will be seen as a good or bad thing.

We’ll see how it all pans out when Man of Steel flies into U.S. theaters on June 14th, 2013.

Source: The Daily Mail

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  1. Funny she wore a fat suit in smallville before she got big.

    • Huh?

    • Damn, i remember that, one of the first episodes on Season One! And i love the fact of her still ginger for this film, soo cool the Noel Neil influence here.

    • She sure did. Almost forgot that episode!

  2. Amy Adams is really beautiful and very talented. I look forward to seeing her as a cougar Lois Lane. It’ll be an incredible performance, just wonderful.

  3. oh no. Lois has red hair. they are completely ruining comic lore.
    **greased up deaf guy voice**

    • actually, she did have red hair in the comics in the nineties. When Clark asked Lois to marry him. But Amy Adams is as much Lois as Kate Bosworth wasn’t!

      • Oh im sorry. Did you think I was so trivial to pre-judge an entire actor’s porttrayl of a comic book character based on the change of a hair color? Cuz I most certainly would not. Most the time.

  4. Lois Lane has the fiery personality of a red head

    • ^^^LOVE THIS^^^

      Where is the like button? LOL

  5. Maybe we are all being fooled and she is Lana Lang. Even if Lois is a redhead women change their hair color all the time. I do feel that this is going to be the Superman movie that all the others should have been. I can’t wait(but I guess I have to)

  6. We already had a blonde Vicky Vale, I’m sure a red headed Lois Lane won’t be too much of a stretch.

  7. I’ll live with it, but that’s not Lois Lane.

  8. Not that I care what her hair looks like, but are we sure she wasn’t just on her way to the set in these pics. lol

  9. I am perfectly fine with Lois being fair (or fiery)-haired, and I am confident that Amy Adams will do justice to the character, but I am wondering one thing…Are we sure she is not coloring her hair before the actual filming of her scenes?

    In other words, if she just arrived in town to begin shooting, might it not be that she simply has not hit the salon yet? I ask only because Sandy DOES point out that most of this is mere conjecture.

    AnywY, even in just these amateur pics, she looks every bit the intrepid reporter…red hair and all.

    • @Archaeon

      It’s a good point, but I’ve heard that a handful of other scenes with Adams have already been shot. So, presumably, if she was going to dye her hair, she’d have done it already.

      • Aah, okay…I did not know about filming having already taken place for Lois. It’s fine anyway; she’ll be great in the role, anyway. :-)

  10. Let’s be clear right off the bat: Anyone who thinks Lois being portrayed as a redhead instead of dark haired is “important” …you are silly and should learn the difference between “this is worthy of attention” and “so what?”

  11. Unacceptable

    Lana is a firecrotch

    Lois has black or dark brown drapes

    • Are you twelve?

      • Fourteen, tops!

  12. I am bar none the most knowledgable person concerning Superman lore so I was wondering who’s going to play J. Jona Jameson in the new Superman movie? Brian Cox perhaps?

    • ha ha ha! I’m assuming you are joking and do really know that J Jonah Jameson is from Spiderman and not Superman, Er… at least I hope.

      • Lol I hope that’s a joke too… Or else I will have to rant… Jk

    • Where on earth did you find the time to interview all Screen Rant readers to determine you’re the most knowledgeable about Superman? Don’t you work or go to school?

    • I’m assuming you mean Perry White. That would be Lawrence Fishburne.

  13. Well go completely against the comic books which have only run since 1938. As per Wikipedia, “Traditionally, Lois has black hair, though for a period from the late 1980s through the late 1990s, Lois was depicted with brown hair in the comics.”

    Hollywood just has to eff up things.

  14. can’t wait
    for the Man
    of Steel, no
    matter what hair color
    Amy has she’ll be beautiful
    she one of the sexiest women
    in hollywood today can’t wait,
    haven’t seen one movie this
    year, but I’m going to make it
    up next year by seeing The Avengers
    Dark Knight Rises*****************

  15. I love her smile, Amy Adams is so cute. And she’s an excellent actress to boot. :-)

    • Agreed

    • Are you trying to make a song or something? :-P

  16. Adams seems a little meek, I think Emily Blunt would have been a much more natural fit for the character, imo.

    • Amy Adams is meek?? Have you not seen her in The Fighter???

      • Yeah I did see her in that, forgot all about it – decent actress just still always looks mousy. I could think of a dozen others who would have slid right into that character naturally and looking the part. I dont understand the thinking process behind picking her for this.

        • @Vanguard

          Can’t really disagree with you there, I’m not really into the Superman mythos, just had to comment on you saing Amy Adams is meek. She was super feisty in The Fighter, I LOVED her character in that movie! lol.

      • I was gonna say that, but you beat me to it. I second that. Meek? Meek my arse! You should really be familiar with the range of an actresses performance before shooting them down with an inaccurate description of their skills.


    • I would have preferred Emily Blunt as Catwoman or Black Widow and for some other things that go bump in the night…

  17. LOL WHO CARES? some of you make me laugh! how is changing the colour of someones hair going to ruin the movie? LOL… wow.

  18. Amy Adams is a good actress and I have nothing against her but she’s not right for the part in my opinion, and it doesn’t matter how many critic’s awards she’s won how many oscar nominations she has, Amy Adams is not Lois Lane. Olivia Wilde would have been a better choice in my opinion. She would have been perfect for the role if given the chance.

  19. Did I miss something? Since WHEN did Lana Lang work for the Daily Planet, because these pics are NOT Lois Lane as far as I am concerned. The Trailer is going to have to REALLY impress me at this point for me to see this movie.

  20. They are making everything CG so they are gonna make her hair darker using CG. nailed it

  21. IMO, the best Lois lane was Erica durance.

  22. This doesn’t really “mean” anything… but I just wonder… why? What is the purpose of changing her hair color? It doesn’t add antyhing to the movie and only pisses off hardcore fan boys.

  23. in looking up pictures of Lois Lane on Google she appears in several pics with reddish colored hair. Why does the color of hair or a bearded Clark mean that this is going to be a bad movie? And to the smart guy with the J. Jonah Jameson reference, i applaud your level of knowledge. Very good sir…

  24. I’ve got bad feeling about this movie. Nothing I’ve seen so far has made me want to see it. The costumes look silly, the actors don’t look like the comic book characters. (after all it is a comic book movie so they should know who their audience is) I expect that so far in advance they will make the relationship between Clark and Lois reflect their relationship in the current comics, which means they won’t have any relationship. And that is another reason to stay home and watch Smallville again. Even though it took 9 years to get Clark and Lois together at least they did.

  25. So again, more stuff is changed for no reason, bravo Snyder for you ability to continually make crap films. Lois Lane isn’t Mary-Jane or Jean Grey…keep Lois’ hair colour the same for goodness sake.

    • So because of the color of her hair… this movie is going to be bad? REALLY? What the ****!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Seriously people!

  26. … Will Smith should play Lois Lane. I mean, dark hair, HELLOOO?!

  27. I wonder what would people say if Supes’s hair were blond? Or what if Supes were of a darker complexion and the Kents were Afro-American farmers? How would people feel then?