Rumor Patrol: ‘Batman vs. Superman’ Production Moving to Toronto

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Batman Superman Movie Story Ideas Rumor Patrol: Batman vs. Superman Production Moving to Toronto

It’s safe to assume that most fans anticipating news on the upcoming Batman vs. Superman film – a placeholder title for Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel sequel – are more interested in plot details, and how the Big Blue Boy Scout and the Dark Knight will be facing off on the big screen than they are on the politics of financing a big-budget blockbuster.

However, as a result of changing incentives previously used to attract American studios to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, production on Man of Steel 2 will be moving to Ontario. If the rumors are true, Toronto may find itself the new Metropolis.

The report comes courtesy of VanCityBuzz, claiming Man of Steel 2 is just the latest in a growing line of productions moving out of the province for more attractive locations:

“…the unofficially announced news is the devastating relocation of Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel 2 production from Vancouver. This news comes to us from a reliable source who works deep within the North American film industry. Much of last month’s Man of Steel was filmed in our beloved city of Vancouver. However, Syncopy and Legendary Pictures have decided to move the sequel’s production to Toronto where Ontarian film tax credits are much more favourable.”

Although bad news for local business, the shift does make sense from a certain perspective; since large portions of the original film’s story took place in sound stages or Canadian wilderness, shooting in Vancouver and the surrounding areas made sense (and provided one of the film’s most fateful easter eggs). But if the sequel will be moving to a more Metropolis-focused plot (as hinted at in the movie’s closing moments), the filmmakers are much less restricted.

Batman Vs. Superman Rumor Patrol: Batman vs. Superman Production Moving to Toronto

Although Ontario contains just as many tracts of sprawling wilderness as B.C., the plot details and themes mentioned by Zack Snyder, David S. Goyer and star Henry Cavill seem to hinge largely on Kal-El’s settling in Metropolis. We’d advise Toronto residents to take out extra disaster insurance (in case patterns hold), but even if a fight between Batman and Superman takes place, it sounds like much of the drama in Man of Steel 2 will take place in the offices of The Daily Planet.

Specifically, explaining how the secretive relationship between Lois Lane and Clark Kent can work with modern audiences. Cavill remains optimistic about exploring the idea, even if Goyer admits that pulling it off will require some “story gymnastics.”

Of course, there’s always Lex Luthor to deal with. Although Superman’s arch-nemesis was only present in Man of Steel via advertising, Snyder isn’t ruling him out for the sequel. Until we see how much Lexcorp advertising begins to show up in and around Toronto’s streets, it will be hard to say exactly what will be driving the events of the film. At least now we know where to look.

Man of Steel 2 is expected to being production in 2014, releasing summer 2015.


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Source: VanCityBuzz

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    • Too bad our blue jays can’t win lol

    • YEAH T-Dot-O-Dot!

      Dont worry about the Jays, the Raptors this year! Psycho T!

    • WB/DC shocks the world with a Scott Pilgrim cross-over with Superman/Batman.

      *runs and hides*

  2. I still think this is the worst vs match up I’ve ever seen. Superman vs Green lantern would had been better.

    • Money Talks

      • Superman vs Batman is a cash grab, plain and simple.

        • ^^ I’ll never understand this.

          The fans have been waiting F-O-R-E-V-E-R for this NEVER BEFORE DONE thing to happen, and this is the kind of tripe we hear.

          Whatever geek status you think you had has been revoked.

          • +1

            I can understand the concern with them simply fighting the whole movie (I don’t think it’ll only be that) but just knocking it down and calling it a cash grab? Or wanting another team up? People have been wanting this for so long, why the rejection now?

    • It’s a match up of contrasts. That always makes for a great match ups. Plus They need to set up Justice League. This is the way to go.

    • Supes could speed up on GL at super-speed, fly right through him with a mighty punch, and split GL in two….IF GL didn’t make some green Kryptonite with the ring and zap Supes first. Batman, however, would not stand a chance.

      I’d be more excited to see a Flash (Barry Allen) & Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) team-up, but I will definitely give Supes/Bats a gander.

      • I love when fanboys know absolutely nothing, and show it more when they speak…

        I’m not gonna even bother with telling you to go read the comics.

        • lol..

      • Green Lanterns cannot reproduce or create organic or metal based materials.

        The Ring only constructs physically thoughts of the Green Lantern.

    • Well hopefully the “vs” aspect won’t be as big as it it has been stated.

      But the characters Batman and Green Lantern both make sense to show up after the finale of Man of Steel.

      Bruce Wayne can enter negations to work alongside with Lex Luthor to build the city of Metropolis- maybe we can also gets hints of other rich characters like Queen and Kord. Batman can investigate the alien known as Superman.

      Green Lantern could have entered in terms of being the intergalactic cop from Earth how now uses his ring power to bring in the aline life form Superman to justice for the destruction of parts of his homeworld.

      But green talks (ironically) and Batman will be the safest bet to work on screen without taking it away the context of it being a sequel to Man of Steel. Green Lantern can always be explained as not having received his ring or off world on a mission during all these events. It would be cool to see John Stewart or Hal Jordan as part of the military in the film- for brief cameos.

      • Can’t we all just get along????

  3. Awesome, can’t wait for this! Not sure what BasedGeek ^ is talking about, people have been waiting for a Batman and Superman movie for over a decade.

    • Hell, the comic book versions of the fight have been successful so why not a movie?

      • I think there’s a big difference between the characters in a comic book and on screen. A lot of things from comic books just won’t work on the big screen let alone a live action one. But it’s Superman and Batman, simply put, they’re a classic duo. I am hoping they don’t screw this up though because if they do…oh lord.

        • Like what things from comic books just won’t work on the big screen/live action movie? Coz comic books epic fight scenes were just made possible in MOS plus the Crypton world as well.

          • Off the top of my head, Lois not knowing Clark’s identity.

            • How did that not work? She ended up marring him.

              • In today’s movies I mean, it wouldn’t work.

    • I am ready :)

      • Hell yes!

  4. Am I the only one still digesting that this is actually happening? I think I might go dark on this one when it shifts to promo. I learned my lesson from MOS. My apprehensiveness didn’t allow me to enjoy it completely the first time through.

    • I digested it the moment I read it and can’t wait for it.

      Thing is, I can’t stay away from news and footage and hope that this time round, I’m not disappointed.

      • It’ll definitely be a struggle, that’s for sure. But I think the pay off will be worth it come 2015. At the very least I’ll avoid trailers and narrative-based articles.

    • Always a struggle and gets my perspective in a specific light that when the film is already around I need multiple viewings and much thought to fully accept it as face value and judge from content and not from perspective.

    • I’m trying to do the same for the Amazing Spider-man 2. Let’s just say there’s not one promo image, trailer or spoiler I didn’t read =/ aha.

  5. Just worry about batman and superman, this lois lane not selling any tickets
    anyway. Time to throw dirt on the darknight trilogy being merged into this
    universe and bale coming back. Better to follow marvels formula instead of fox.
    If any threads would have shown up, should have been in batman begins.

    • Time to throw dirt on the Dark Knight trilogy?

      As in those who still foolishly believed it would be a part of DC’s lineup despite the people involved in it saying they were done last summer and needed WB/DC to repeat it for the millionth time during the Batman Vs Superman announcement to try to get the oft-repeated message across?

      • Throw dirt on the fact that the trilogy will never be connected to the dc universe. The trilogy has its place in cinema history.

        • Yeah, like a place on a dusty shelf somewhere. The trilogy was not all that great. Rather see a Green Lantern trilogy. (yeah, all you nay-sayers, I’m talkin’ to YOU!).

          • The trilogy was brilliant or did a lack of Cyclops upset you?

            • Ba-zing!

  6. kinda upset they are calling it batman vs superman… its a superman sequel and they are gonna turn it into a batman movie. as far as im concerned batman cannot even beat superman. he has not without help and this batman better be years in the game. he better be at least 10 years into it because it not believable that a man can beat a god, even in the comic batman only beats him by getting help

    • Getting help? He prepares for him. He outsmarts him. Who does he call for help?

      • Ghostbusters.

        • Dazz is on a roll.

  7. I’m sorry but the Superman vs Batman battle in The Dark Knight Returns made absolutely no sense. Superman has taken 15 Supernovas to the face but he couldn’t take a punch from batman in a robot suit

    • Not to mention he’s a government yes man. I hate Superman’s depiction in TDKR. It’s THE bastardized version Superman all in an attempt to make Batman into a uberbadass.

      • Which is weird because Batman was an uber badass before that story even existed anyway.

      • That is my apprehension.
        Man of Steel went to the roots of the character- a social crusader keeping the system intact but not afraid to challenge it and its corrupt parts.

        Superman sending down the drone was perfect depiction of this.
        I am sure they would not turn him into his character in The Dark Knight Returns, but the still cautious that anything is possible…

    • Maybe it was actually Ripley in a loader fighting a different kind of Alien!

  8. I knew drake was gonna play batman

    damn i hope this isnt a musical

    • Batman Vs Superman: The Rock Opera?

      • Would watch.

        • Me too.

  9. I’m baffled by how seemingly narrow-minded some people are. There are many, many ways to interpret the “Superman VS Batman” title. Versus doesn’t always refer to exchanging physical blows, you know.

    • +1

      • I’ve said it before on here and I’ll say it again.

        Most of this movie could involve Batman’s detective work in trying to bring Superman in for a face to face conversation and reassurances, no punches need to be traded between the two, even though the Grown Ups crowd would walk out asking for their money back if the characters don’t throw down physically but never mind those potato headed hicks.

    • So if they’re not going to exchange blows, is the Vs there to point out the obvious differences between Batman and Superman? If that is not going to happen, then why is the “Vs” there in the first place? The title makes absolute zero sense and can misdirect the entire concept of the film.

      • “So if they’re not going to exchange blows, is the Vs there to point out the obvious differences between Batman and Superman?”

        Yes, I guess. It could be a very compelling story to explore. Differences create rivalry and rivalry requires an understanding about each party’s ideologies and personal views. From there, a ultimate combination will born…

        “If that is not going to happen, then why is the “Vs” there in the first place?”

        Because there WILL definitely be some kind of rifts and conflicts between the two. Heck, they can just meet in a cafe; playing chess while drinking coffee together and you can still say it’s Batman VS Superman.

        “The title makes absolute zero sense and can misdirect the entire concept of the film.”

        Regarding this, I can only say let’s be patient and wait.

        • Nicely said.

          I don’t think the movie will end with Superman bashing Batman’s head into the pavement or anything. There will definitely be a couple of blows but nothing fatal I don’t think.

    • True. Could be just a difference of opinion on how to meet the challenge of a threat. Could be a chess game, never know.

  10. Well it’s only fitting that Toronto is once again Metropolis. Joe Shuster did name the Daily Star after the local paper Toronto Star before it was changed to the Daily Planet. So it’s more of a homecoming really :)

    • You know, Man of Steel in a lot ways return the character’s to his essential roots. This could be taken as another sign lol

  11. How about if Bruce swings at Clark and just breaks his hand?

    • *On his face.

  12. wait batman vs superman? well i thought they worked together becuase the way superman acted on MoS, doesnt look like batman will be a match, like really. i wouldnt mind if this opened a new batman trilogy either. DC needs to learn to put watchers at edge of seat and put more money in their movies. Gl with ryan reynolds,…awfully horrible. Dc better make this movie SPOT ON

    • “Dc better make this movie SPOT ON”

      I am not holding my breath. I think a lot of people are souring on the concept.

      • A lot of people…really?

        Here we go again…

        • Yep.

          When he says “a lot of people are souring on it already” he means, “Wait…so they proved me wrong consistently and really AREN’T returning to the trilogy with Bale despite my praying for it to be true even though they said it would never happen beyond those three movies? Screw you WB/DC, this movie has flop written all over it”.


          I mean, much as I love all three of those movies, it’s time we saw a different take on Batman that leads to more villains like Killer Croc, Black Mask, The Riddler (hopefully played by Michael Fassbender), Man-Bat etc.

          • +1

          • +1

        • Yes really! Just because some people live in an echo chamber does not mean the rest of the world follows suit. They may not return to the “trilogy” but it will hurt “comic book movie fans” when it derails the Justice League film.

          • Some people DO live in an echo chamber…like you (the person who keeps repeating the same opinion over and over and over and…) instead of simply moving on. You also have a bad habit of assuming you are stating facts when, in fact, you are just giving your opinion. Personally, I find all of you who come into these various threads and whine and moan and complain CONSTANTLY to be annoying. Sure, you have every right to voice your opinion…including one of concern or anger or confusion. This IS, after all, called ScreenRANT. I, myself, have done so on many an occasion. We ALL care about these characters and stories and want them portrayed in the best possible, most entertaining ways. The problem arises when you keep spouting the same complaint with unyielding repetitiveness. It’s aggravating to see after the first two billion times (the truly sad thing is that I might only be SLIGHTLY exaggerating) AND it makes you seem as if you are constipated…NOT a good mental picture.

            Unfortunately, it also shows how much you contradict the very essence of this whole genre (speaking of CBMs, in particular)–HOPE–by seeming to feel hopeless.

            • I am not the one who only wants to hear my own opinion on this site…that would be you sir!

              “Personally, I find all of you who come into these various threads and whine and moan and complain CONSTANTLY to be annoying.”

              SO WHAT?

              Do people need your permission to be on this site? I come on hear and give my opinion, if you don’t like it move on and comment on the ones you agree with since those are the ones you want to read. You are the one who has self appointed yourself as the person who apparently decides which comments are OK to put on this site. There is no gun to your head to agree with or respond to anything I write. This idea that you keep stating the I make the same points is beyond ridiculous. I have made NUMEROUS different points at various times about different parts of the subject matter. But I think understand. When you have no response and nothing relevant to say you resort to responding to my posts with “don’t post that!” Really mature!

              “Unfortunately, it also shows how much you contradict the very essence of this whole genre (speaking of CBMs, in particular)–HOPE–by seeming to feel hopeless.”

              WRONG! YOU DO! You do so by accepting that the only reason to support the direction of a movie is because the studio supposedly said the decision was made. That to me sir is a person who is hopeless. When you have hope you fight for what you believe in. If people like you were the only ones who represented movie fans Star Trek the Motion Picture may NOT have ever been made. Here is a GREAT article for you to read about the power that fans wield and WHY it is important to be vocal (a bit dated but still relevant).


              …But oh no….according to you and those like you…we should all throw up our hands, because the studio made a decision and it “annoys” people to hear an opinion they can’t respond constructively to. I guess somehow the people who sit in suits in a board room who may have never read a comic book or even know who Batman is know better than you! Why even be on this site then? Let the studio make the decision and you can just shut up and take whatever crap they give you!

              • Patrick…

                PLEASE, tell me you wrote that response as a joke, a way to lighten up what I suppose you thought was some kind of “heavy” argument. That is the only logical explanation for what you spewed onto my screen.

                Seriously? Yikes.

                First, I did not say or imply that you only talk about one subject. I DID say that this particular subject is one on which you constantly and consistently repeat the same annoying complaint(s). Sure, you CAN do it, but why DO you do it?

                Second, I say AGAIN that I do not put my opinion above or before anyone else’s. in fact, I made the very specific, very important point that we all want quality productions for these characters and stories, so YES, we should point out when the quality is being overlooked or downplayed. It is your and Wally West’s (and others’) beating of the dead (at least, dying) horse that is annoying and pointless.

                Third, you keep telling me that just because I call you out on those aggravating habits you have of repeating your whines and of imagining yourself to be providing incontrovertible proof of why you are right (IMAGINING being the key word), I MUST be simply missing your point or, even more simply, be full of myself. Ummm, NO. For the reasons why, look to my first and second points.

                Fourth…and finally, your entire ranting explanation of YOUR hopefulness and MY hopelessness shows a stunning lack of comprehension of both the concept and the word HOPE. Invest in a dictionary.

                In closing, I do not know if you are being purposely dense or insanely stubborn in your responses to me ( and in your ever-present negativity on THIS subject)…or if English is just not your native language. Whatever the case, I ask you to read my comments more carefully in the future so as to avoid anymore frustrating confusion.

                For now, I think we’re done here…ta-ta.

                • I think you calling my “complaints” “annoying” and insisting I “beat” a “dead horse” and that it is “annoying and pointless” and that I have “aggravating” habits…THAT IS THE JOKE!

                  It is so silly that I laugh every time I have read it when you have stated something like that. The reason being is that over and over it proves that I am right and because you seem to lack the ability to respond to those well reasoned arguments you try to resort to some kind of “cyber bullying” as if I am somehow going to feel “annoyed” by you calling me names. It just makes me want to write more on the subject.

                  In a way I am glad that you have tried and failed to argue your point because it just continues to make the case that I am correct and that I should continue to point that out. I am very sorry that it has been difficult for you to understand what I have written, I try to write it so a 10 year old can comprehend it.

                  “Whatever the case, I ask you to read my comments more carefully in the future so as to avoid anymore frustrating confusion.”

                  At this point I don’t think I need to read any more of your comments since I get nothing from them.

                  “For now, I think we’re done here…ta-ta.”

                  BEST THING YOU EVER WROTE!

    • In brightest day, in blackest night,
      GL did not quite get it right,
      But if you won’t give it another chance,
      I’ll shoot a power-ring down your pants!

  13. I cant wait for this movie! I’m a little worried about the vs. I know they will butt heads because of their different ways of fighting crime. I just hope its plenty of action WITH A GOOD STORY.

    I really cant wait for them to say who the villains will be besides Lex Luthor.

    • Let’s hope the story is awesome and doesn’t end up in any cliche territory. I’m with you on the action, just not as much as Man of Steel aha. More story is what I want.

      While it would be cool for them to have Lex Luthor, and would definitely push the plot along, I wonder if they’ll be pulling a u turn and pick a villain no one saw coming.

      • Like Metallo or Bizarro or Parasite Lex luthor had a hand in making them. Anyone but Toyman or Mr. Mxyzptlk. I’m kind of hoping for Brainiac personally .

        • Me too, I’d love Brainiac. Maybe he takes control of Lex Luthor and once his grip on Lex is lost, Lex than has a grudge on all Kryptonians and aliens or something like that.

          Let’s just hope, if they do indeed use Luthor, they’ll do a complete fresh take on him.

          • I’m hoping for Metallo for both characters to fight if/when Batman turns on Lex near the end.

            Lets save Brainiac for another movie.

            • Hmm Metallo sounds like a good choice too. What was that animated movie that had him and Lex Luthor as the villains? Was it Public Enemies?

          • It better be a fresh take because if they have Lex doing some land scheme like all the other superman movies I might walk out the theater!!!

            The other villain will probably be Metallo because he is someone Batman can help fight thats not too powerful because his kryptonite heart wont hurt Bats. Plus Bats would probably wind up saving him and their friendship would develop.

            But if its Brainiac they can use Superman’s powers to fight him and Bats knowledge of technology and resources to beat him.

            • Oh no, they can’t do that again but I’m pretty sure even David Goyer knows not to do that aha.

              The more I think about it the more I think Metallo is their best bet along with Lex Luthor. I just wish they do a Superman movie with Brainiac, if it’s not this maybe Justice League.

        • Brainiac seems like a logical way to go.

  14. I wonder how long its going take for them to cast the actor who is going to play Batman?

    • No idea but it starts filming next year so we should know in 12 months hopefully.

      • I think we’ll know a lot sooner. Keep in mind, it’s coming out in the Summer of 2015 so they’ll most likely start filming early Spring, maybe even earlier.

  15. Okay Superfanboys, I’m going to explain why Bruce won in Dark Knight Returns:

    CLARK WASN’T PUTTING UP A FIGHT. Yes, he could’ve killed Bruce as he clearly demonstrated by easily breaking 3 ribs, but they are mutual friends. As much as I hate to say it, Batman gets too cocky at times and if Superman really wanted to kill him, that fight would’ve ended quickly. But I guess you refuse to read the entire story because of the outcome, where Clark is begging Bruce not to fight him. Clark was in his way; so he moved him. It’s that simple.

    So stop all of a sudden hating a classic like that. It’s been critically acclaimed and always will be. Bash Dark Knight Strikes Again or All-Star Batman & Robin. Not this one though

    • You forgot Oliver Queen. The Green Arrow had a substantial role to play in “defeating” Superman.

      Batman wasn’t working alone.

      • Right, the Kryptonite arrow was a crucial turning point because it basically said Bruce was going to force Clark to live what we all must live. That he wanted to let Superman know that he could’ve done much worse after Oliver hit him.

  16. Canada eh? Will it be pronounced “Bootman vs. Sooperman”?

    Are they going to reuse some Smallville sets?

    Speaking of, Tom Welling for Batman… how’s that for irony?

  17. If Mark Strong ever gets cast as LEX LUTHER, its a must see

  18. 2014… release 2015 isn’t that rushing it a bit? Additionally, do you chaps not proof read your articles before publishing them?

  19. Green Lantern and Flash team-up!
    Doctor Fate and Hourman team-up!
    Martian Manhunter, Atom, and Hawkman team-up!

    Who’s with me?!

    • A Green Lantern and Flash team-up count me in! As long as its not Guy Gardner.

  20. I like how it is being billed as Man of Steel 2.
    In my opinion the film should be a Superman film in which Batman is an important supporting character rather than another protagonist.

    Some remarks definitely point to that while others point to more of Superman vs Batman galore event film.

    As far as Toronto I think it is great and Metropolis should look very different in the film.

    • +1

      I’m hoping the same. It’s a great way to introduce a new Batman all the while getting Superman’s story flowing. According to Snyder, it is very much a Man of Steel sequel, then Goyer says it’s Batman Vs. Superman. We’ll just have to wait.

  21. Batman will fight superman.

    They resolve things, become superfriends and recognize the real threat.

    they fight lex luthor and metallo.

    There’s a set-up for JL, reference to hall of justice and the search for other heroes. Wonder woman easter egg.

    that’s the movie. imo

  22. Might have been excited to see supes n batman together on screen if it wasnt for the fact the first movie sucked. superman is far from the hero i was looking for without care for protecting people. The funny thing is batman from the comics wouldnt even be friends with this new man of steel version of supes who snaps necks.

    • Shouldn’t both characters be more complex than just always being shown to be good? If you had Superman’s powers you would at least be TEMPTED to take over the world knowing that no one could stop you. And you would likely at some point accidentally or in the spur of the moment exert too much force that could kill or severely injure someone you were trying to stop. I think that is a more realistic view of Superman. The same with Batman. In those films he is shown using a lie to achieve a greater good and using a sonar device that is ethically suspicious. There is also a double standard at play. Wolverine in his recent movie is killing everyone around him yet he is still a hero? Does that mean you don’t like that movie (assuming you have seen it)?

    • Funny thing is Batman from the comics was and still is friends with Superman from the comics who also killed Zod… and Doomsday… and countless other aliens. Superman has yet to take a human life. He can snap genocidal Kryptonian necks all day for all Batman cares.

  23. Considering that ‘Superman’ creator Joe Shuster was born in Toronto, with ‘Clark Kent’ originally working for the (Toronto) ‘Daily Star’, it seems a natural progession. That and the fact that Warners will save millions in tax credits (more if they shoot anywhere in Ontario, outside of the GTA), it is definitely a no-brainer.

  24. This movie will bomb and bomb hard. Here is a great article that discusses why it will.

    The original plan Goyer and Snyder told fans was that Man of Steel 2 would develop Superman, and the underwritten and underdeveloped characters from Man of Steel.
    Don’t believe me? Read it here:

    Too lazy to read it? Here are the highlights:

    “The challenge for us moving forward is how to depict Superman in a world like this, in a world where Twitter exists, in a world with social media. To me, the interesting challenge is “Could he solve hunger in the horn of Africa? What would he do with the Arab Spring? What would he do in Syria?… Does he have the wherewithal or the knowledge to intervene in something like this?”
    To me, that’s the interesting challenge. It’s easier for Batman because he just exists in this little pocket of the world, he’s not violating sovereign airspace every day.”

    As for which villain will be next to test Superman’s resolve…

    “There is musing about Lex Luthor, conversations that Zack and I have had on set, but it all depends on what happens over the next month. There are obviously those Lexcorp easter eggs in the film and clearly you can see from that, to the extent to which we can intuit things about Lex, it’s not the Gene Hackman version. This is a Bill Gates-like Lex that is probably worth 50, 60, 70 billion dollars. It’s a very different Lex.”

    In our minds there are people in Smallville who know Superman’s secret as well [as Lois], Pete Ross seems to know, there’s probably a couple dozen people who know and we thought it would be interesting if they’re protective of him.
    We were able to sidestep the issue of the ludicrous glasses disguise in this film but going forwards, we’re going to find ourselves in a sticky wicket. Zack and I have definitely talked about “Okay, hmm, this will be interesting.” Clearly Perry White and Steve Lombard see Lois kissing Superman at the end of the film. Perry’s not an idiot. Moving forward, he’s probably going to say to Lois “What’s up with that?” We’re definitely going to have to go through some story gymnastics.”
    Hmmmm………No mention of Batman in any of those plans. Big Surprise.

    Then Man of Steel doesn’t meet Warner Bros. expectations in any way combined with the fact that Marvel has breaking movie news everyday and Warner Bros. panics just before Comic-Con, throws together that photo shop/copy and paste ridiculous logo and announces Batman vs Superman and stupid forgetful DC fan eats it up.

    Talk about knee-jerk, impulsive stupidity. Batman was NEVER part of the Man of Steel sequel until Warner Bros discovered that Man of Steel sucked, that it wasn’t going to make Marvel movie type money and people didn’t care about a sequel to that pile of garbage they called a movie. EVERYTHING they do is a reaction to Marvel, EVERYTHING.

    Even at that, the best they could do is Batman vs Superman? I mean really?

    Enjoy your Alien vs. Predator joke of a movie DC fan.

    • ^^ Utter nonsense.

      “EVERYTHING they do is a response to Marvel”

      Your point? It’s a business. Competition is the name of the game.

      “Even at that, the best they could do is Batman vs Superman? I mean really?

      Yes. Really. The best this company can do is put the two most recognized comic book characters on the planet in a movie together. Since Marvel does not own the two most recognized comic book characters on the planet, on paper this is better than anything Marvel can come up with.

      Enjoy missing out on something special, Marvel fanboy.

      • “Enjoy missing out on something special, Marvel fanboy.”

        Technically that would be Marvel FACTboy.

        Dispute the FACT that Warner Bros origianlly had NO intention of bring Batman into the Man of Steel sequel, by their own words!

        Dispute the FACT that this has “panicked and forced move” written all over it.

        I would be willing to bet that Goyer and Snyder were TOLD to include Batman in the sequel by the higher ups at Warner Bros.

        It’s crystal clear, by their own words, that this was never the original paln. Even the biggest DC fan in the world can’t deny that.

        This movie is ill-conceived and has epic fail written all over it. Make no mistake, I’ll be there watching every moment of this, just like a rubber-necker can’t resist staring at a great car wreck.

        • @JohnL

          Personally, I don’t care if was the original plan or not.

          I’ve actually wanted the soonest reboot of Batman as possible, even if it’s in a team-up or JL movie (as you can tell, I’m not as enamored with Bale as others are).

          Considering that there were rumors that a JL movie wouldn’t be released until 2017, having a Batman/Superman movie in 2015 is a good thing.

          I’m still not understanding how a movie with Batman and Superman in it (never done before) is “ill-conceived” and going to be an “epic fail”. Unless you (or Patrick) can mind-read the billions of people out there and even better yet, mind-trick them into not seeing this movie, there is no way this will end up as a car-wreck.

          That’s like saying a movie called “Marvel Team-Up: Spiderman and Hulk” is going to be “bomb”.

          When you can’t see past your own biases, that is “fan” behavior, not “fact” behavior.

    • I agree it does not look good. Every where I read about the prospects of a Superman /Batman team up, people comment that this seems to be more of a cash grab and a desperate response to Marvel. This is just the kind of bad PR or at least negative sentiment that WB/DC does not need. But consistent with its history they seem to be listening to narrow audience and not capitalizing on their successfully established Batman universe which has already proven profitable and popular. I disagree that Man of Steel “sucked” it was a solid movie and could have melded well with the Dark Knight trilogy which would have instantly catapulted the DC crossover ahead of Marvel. Unfortunately as a DC fan it is extremely disappointing that WB/DC has thus far taken the route that they have.

  25. This is hilarious. Man of Steel is all Warner brothers has left and they’re putting it all on a huge gamble which will be insanely hard to do; a human Batman fighting a super-powered Alien Superman.

    This will not end well.

    • This comment is hilarious. Man of Steel is all Warner Bros has left huh?

      The Hobbit and the Hunger Games no longer exist? LOL

  26. Excited to hear that production is starting. But a little confused as to why filming/production is being done in Toronto. Nothing against Toronto but why not use a cashed strapped city like Detroit. It’s a major metropolitan area. I’m sure they’d welcome the millions this would bring to their local economy. I’m almost certain that if they approached the city with their requirements an agreement could be reached. IJS….

    • @kBlack:

      I’m going to take a guess here but I would think that since quite a bit of films/TV are done in Toronto, they have the infrastructure/unions/personnel (and previous contract agreements) in place already.

      For Detroit, more agreements take more time and if the release date is in 2015, they don’t have that time to set it up.

  27. In the scene in MOS where Faora does a Matrix-style move on some troops, did she kill them all, or did they survive? The thing is, Zod’s armor could take a hit from a missle, and not phase him, so if Faora hit those troops while going at that speed, they would have been goners.

    Had Synder listened to Nolan, and not kill Zod at the end (which was unnecessary btw) we would have the problem of where/how to detain Zod. Seeing as the ship got sent back to the Phantom Zone earlier.

    The ending of MOS seemed to sidestep all of the damage and loss of life that would have happened in Metropolis. Say, did the Daily Planet building get destroyed or not in the movie? Where was Clark at the end? In the preserved Daily Planet, or in some new building? The ending just glossed over what would be a devastated city that would be covered in rubble.

  28. The new Batman needs to be a ninja by 17. Have multiple degreess by 21. Works for Gotham PD, then both the FBI and CIA for a while, then inherits Wayne Enterprises at 29. This would be just a few years before Zod/Superman incursion, so a rebooted Batman movie would be at a time that is before MOS. Rushing into a Batman/Superman film does not seem to be too wise, but whatever Warner. Anyway, my Batman’s skills shows how he would actually acquire those detective skills. Oh, he meets Alfred (former MI6) from working at the CIA with James Bond. Alfred retires and becomes Bruce’s butler. My Batman would be all that.

  29. I like how people are pissed about the title Batman vs. Superman. It’s not even an official title. It just a rumor title. Settle down everyone.