Welcome to Screen Rant’s “Geek Picks,” where we collect the finest movie-related geekery from around the Web. Today you’ll find Jim Cummings being awesome; a sweded version of the Hans Gruber death in Die Hard; a middle class Batman; what Carlton’s career would look like if he traded places with Will Smith; and some sweet Man of Steel mash up posters. All that and more on this edition of SR’s Geek Picks!

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Voice Artist Jim Cummings Bounces His Way from the Hundred Acre Wood to a Galaxy Far, Far Away

One of the highlights of Star Wars Weekends is seeing — and hearing — the voices behind some of the famous on-screen characters. The world of Disney and the galaxy of Star Wars once again came together during Weekend II when Jim Cummings bounced his way from the Hundred Acre Wood to Disney’s Hollywood Studios for a special visit. Read more at the Disney Parks Blog.

Die Hard — Death of Hans Gruber — Sweded

One of the best villain deaths of all time gets the Homemade Movies treatment! John McClane sends Hans Gruber to his 40-story demise in this classic scene from the original Die Hard. Recreated at home with action figures, cardboard buildings and a furniture dolly.

Watch the Homemade VS Original, side by side –http://bit.ly/13CMnag

Watch the Behind The Scenes – http://bit.ly/17WR4Sr

Fast & Furious 6: Explosive Effects Exclusive from Wired

In this exclusive video from WIRED and Conde Nast Entertainment, find out how director Justin Lin filmed Dominic Toretto’s (Vin Diesel’s) blazing last minute escape from a massive, crashing and exploding Antonov aircraft for his new #1 blockbuster film Fast & Furious 6. Don’t miss this unbelievable behind the scenes look at the genius work of renowned visual effects house “Double Negative.” Huge thanks to our good friends at fxguide.com.

Middle Class Batman

Middle Class Batman by Mike Mitchell 570x877 SR Geek Picks: Arya Starks Red Wedding Reaction Video, Carlton as Will Smith & More

by Mike Mitchell

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DC Villain Covers

Pokemon Color Wheel

Pokemon Color Wheel 570x570 SR Geek Picks: Arya Starks Red Wedding Reaction Video, Carlton as Will Smith & More

If Carlton Had Will Smith’s Career

alfonso ribeiro after earth 570x833 SR Geek Picks: Arya Starks Red Wedding Reaction Video, Carlton as Will Smith & More

Alfonso Ribeiro was always a good sport on “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air,” usually allowing his fame-hungry co-star to steal every scene all to and fro like he was bound and determined to soon become one of the biggest celebrities on the planet or something. But what if Carlton Banks had been a bit more alpha male and grabbed some if not all of the spotlight for himself?

NextMovie has the full gallery of hilarity.

Man Of Iron Steel

 SR Geek Picks: Arya Starks Red Wedding Reaction Video, Carlton as Will Smith & More

Dark Side Of The Man…of Steel

 SR Geek Picks: Arya Starks Red Wedding Reaction Video, Carlton as Will Smith & More

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Kick-Ass Jetpack

Master prop maker, Rick Hilgner (Fifth Element, Star Ship Troopers, and The Power Rangers Movie) is teaming up with ATOMICMARI, to make a totally awesome weapon from KICK-ASS… the jetpack!

Fast Food Boulevard soft opens at Universal Orlando, giving park-goers a taste of Springfield

The Springfield area near the Simpsons Ride soft opened today at Universal Studios Florida. The area features Krusty Burger, Moes, Cletus’s Chicken Shack, The Frying Dutchman, Lisa’s Tea House of Horror, Flaming Moes, and Luigis.

Grayson: Earth One Series Premiere

Series Synopsis: “Grayson: Earth One’ is the re-imagined origin story of the hero known as Nightwing/ Richard Grayson. The series takes place in a new continuity on a new Earth separate from the DC Universe, freeing it from continuity restraints.

If you like what you see, support their Indiegogo page.

Arya Stark made the best reaction video yet to Sunday’s Red Wedding episode of Game of Thrones

SPOILER ALERT for Season 3 Episode 9 of Game of Thrones.

You think it, Maisie Williams says it. Check her Vine below for our favorite Red Wedding reaction video yet. Hopefully by the time the series comes to a close she’ll be old enough to revive the Ernest P Worrell franchise. (Click to play if it doesn’t autoplay)

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