‘Magnificent Seven’ Remake Gets a Rewrite; Tom Cruise No Longer Starring

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mag7 Magnificent Seven Remake Gets a Rewrite; Tom Cruise No Longer Starring

MGM seems to be on a roll these days, at least concerning its concentration on revisiting beloved titles from its library. The studio recently released its remake of 1976 Stephen King horror classic Carrie, and its Robocop reboot is set to hit theaters in February. Perhaps even more divisely, the planned remake of the classic Western The Magnificent Seven remains in development.

The original 1960 film – itself an American re-imagining of Akira Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai – features an ensemble cast that included Yul Brenner, Steve McQueen, Charles Bronson and James Coburn as American gunmen tasked with protecting a Mexican village from bandits. As such, the remake offers the opportunity to assemble a group of today’s biggest stars.

Tom Cruise had already become attached to star in the film, with rumors swirling that Matt Damon, Kevin Costner and Morgan Freeman could join Cruise onscreen. However, it appears that – as the film makes it way through development – this is no longer the case, where it concerns the Mission: Impossible star, anyway.

According to The Wrap, Cruise is no longer attached to the Magnificent Seven remake, and John Lee Hancock – director of Saving Mr. Banks and a co-writer on Snow White and the Huntsman – is onboard to rewrite the script. Nic Pizzolatto wrote the initial draft of the film, following his work on the upcoming HBO miniseries True Detective starring Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson. (Hancock more recently offered script assistance on Disney’s Maleficent).

mag7 2 Magnificent Seven Remake Gets a Rewrite; Tom Cruise No Longer Starring

At this time, no director has been selected for The Magnificent Seven, though it is possible that Hancock could come onboard the project in a directorial capacity as well. After all, he did helm 2004 Western The Alamo and has delivered critical hits with The Blind Side and the aforementioned Saving Mr. Banks. Of course, that is just speculation at this point, considering how early along the film is in the development process.

As for Cruise’s disassociation from the project, the report did not cite any specific reason, though it’s likely due to his increasingly demanding schedule. The actor is set to headline sci-fi action film Edge of Tomorrow next year and has a ridiculous number of projects in the works, including Joseph Kosinski’s Go Like Hell, Mission: Impossible 5, a Jack Reacher sequel and the oft-mentioned Top Gun 2.

Now that Cruise is no longer involved in The Magnificent Seven remake, who would you like to see take his place? Is Hancock’s involvement a sign of encouragement that MGM will deliver a solid film? Let us know in the comments section below.


Stay tuned to Screen Rant for updates on The Magnificent Seven remake as this story develops.

Source: The Wrap

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  1. If Cruise was supposed to play Adams(Yul Brynner’s part) then this is good news because someone needs to fill the role whom you can believe can lead characters played by Freeman, Costner, etc. I don’t think a midget like Cruise has that quality.

    • Mel Gibson would have been perfect for Adams 10 years ago. Russell Crowe might pull it off.

  2. Some names that come to mind… Christian Bale, Bill Paxton, Billy Bob Thorton, Kurt Russell, Tommy Lee Jones, Clint Eastwood cameo maybe?

  3. I know this wouldn’t fly but would love to see all of these elder actors in the film kicking A@$!!

    Clint Eastwood at the helm, Robert Duvall, Bruce Dern, Sam Elliot, Christopher Walken, Bryon Cranston, John Malkavich. Ian McShane as the bad guy.

    For a younger cast please bring together. Daniel Day Lewis at the helm, Jim Caviezel, Thomas Haden Church, Andrew Lincoln, Luke Evans, Benedict Cumberbatch, Manu Bennett. Chistoph Waltz as the bad guy.

    Also please add to ether cast. Writers of Breaking Bad, Soundtrack by Ennio Morricone and Directors Joel & Ethan Cohen.

    Would love to see the movie casted to this caliber.

    • Luke Evans would be a sick antagonist. Manu Bennett is the only one on your list, I’d agree with. He’s be awesome!

      Can’t see Clint Eastwood playing in this movie now. He’d be ideal to direct tho.

      Clint Eastwood to Direct

      Daniel Craig to lead (Kambei)

      as for the other six, I’d say,

      Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Gorōbei)
      Manu Bennett (Shichirōji)
      Matt Damon (Katsushirō)
      Kevin Costner (Kyūzō)
      Morgan Freeman (Heihachi)
      Charlie Day (Wild Card!/He’d be a farmer pretending to be a wanted outlaw/Kikuchiyo)

      Luke Evans as the villainous bandit leader.

      • I see what you did there. Killing the black guy off first!

  4. Maybe move Freeman into the top spot – he could certainly pull it off.

  5. Some things are sacred and you should NOT be remaking them because you can’t improve on perfection. You can also not match the legendary star power of the likes of Yul Brenner, Steve McQueen, Charles Bronson and James Coburn.

    If they want to make a film starring a bunch of today’s icons they need to come up with a FRESH idea instead of stealing and potentially tarnishing the memory of such a great Western and it’s actors.

    • AMEN to that, Mongoose!

      This movie should NOT be remade, there is nobody that can compete with the cast and I shudder to think who would be cast or what stupid story they’ll make up.

      Leave this classic alone!

  6. Purely as a fan of the western genre, I desperately want this to work out. I can see a cast of young and old joining together to battle one ruthless villain. I’d pick three experienced leaders (Robert Duvall, Morgan Freeman, Bruce Dern, Gary Oldman, or Sam Elliott, just to name some choices), and pair them with three younger, fresher faces (Sam Rockwell being my personal favorite, possibly along with Matt Damon, Andrew Lincoln, Anson Mount, Edward Norton, and hell, maybe even Brad Pitt). For the seventh man, I want Willie Nelson hamming it up as the comic relief. Finally, you need a worthy opponent…which is why I suggest, as both director and villain…Clint Eastwood. And there is a movie that makes itself.

    • Oh man when i saw you post, Andrew Lincoln and Anson Mount. IMO those 2 would be perfect. cause Andrew has that attitude and i think he will do a splendid job. Also Anson, I love watching his role on HOW. he plays such a bad ass western character, he would def win a role!

  7. Daniel Craig to replace Tom Cruise.

  8. Mark Wahlberg would be a great choice.

  9. No way Clint Eastwood should be a bad guy in a western. Tommy Lee Jones or Robert Duvall in the lead

  10. If Matthew McConaughey could channel his Sahara character, he would be an awesome cowboy.

    What about Timothy Olphant? I thought he was a good bad guy in live free or die hard and he does a good cowboy in Justified. Could be the villain or one of the gang,

  11. Director Duncan Jones….The seven goodies…Tom Hanks, Brad Pitt, Denzel Washington, Matt Damon, Jude Law, Leonardo Dicaprio, Robert Downey Jr,……The main baddies…Johnny Depp, Val Kilmer, Thomas Jane……ok!..sorted!

  12. Instead of them saving a Mexican village from bandits, it could have them saving a Native American tribal village from the U.S Cavalry, actually that could work for Tarantino’s third revised history revenge movie.

    • Saving a Native American tribal village from the U.S. Cavalry was exactly how the Magnificent Seven TV series started out. (post civil war time) It worked beautifully and I found it much more believable than the original movie. As for an actor I’d love to see in the new version… Josh Brolin.

  13. Oh, my, there are some movies that should not be redone and this is one of them. Mainly because they will never get a cast from our current group of actors to be as good as the original cast. They were unique. We just do not have those kind of guys today. They should just leave it alone.

  14. Since I adore this movie, and pray that they do it justice, here is m wish list:
    Chris (Yul Brynner) – ?
    Vin (Steve McQueen) – Karl Urban or Tom Hardy
    Bernardo (Charles Broson) – Idris Elba or Tom Hardy
    Harry (Brad Dexter) – Bradley Cooper
    Britt (James Coburn) – Mads Mikkelsen or Til Schweiger
    Lee (Robert Vaughn) – Hugh Laurie
    Chico (Horst Buccholz) – ?
    Brynner’s character (Chris) would be hard to cast, because you need a very charismatic leading man who can also be a badass and not necessarily a pretty face. For example, I simply wouldn’t believe the character if someone like George Cooney or Brad Pitt played it. Incidentally, Chris is Cajun.
    For Vin, you need an actor with the swagger and sarcasm of Steve McQueen. I thought about Channing Tatum, but then, he really doesn’t impress me. I think Urban would be the best man for the job.
    Who better to play badass Bernardo O’Reilly than Idris Elba or Tom Hardy? Both are worthy successors to Bronson.
    Harry Luck is a wisecracking character, so Bradley Cooper would be the best choice without making the performance border on parody.
    Britt doesn’t speak much, but his physical presence speaks volumes. Mikkelsen or Schweiger could easily pull this off.
    Hugh Laurie is the wild card, but I think he would be a worthy successor to Robert Vaughn.
    As far as Chico, you’d have to find a young actor who can play a believable badass…

  15. I’m thinking that many of the actors originally mentioned are too long in the tooth to convincingly pull off the movie. Besides, I don’t think that audiences want to see “The Expendables On Horseback.”

  16. Why Remake this classic at all!! Why not just rerelease the original remaster it but leave a classic alone if tom cruise wants to shave his head and recreate a classic character let him play Mini Me!

  17. What is MGM thinking? Let’s not pay for an original screenplay, but someone to massage an existing hit? Please don’t mess with the original.

  18. Viggo Mortenson would be my choice. He also has experience with westerns.

  19. If True Grit can be re-made and improved, The Magnificent Seven can too. The 1960 movie mirrored late-1950s American foreign policy; fighting proxy wars by sending “advisors” to train indigenous troops (as the US did in South Vietnam), with the advisors eventually doing the fighting. I think a lot can be said about American foreign endeavors of the mid-2010s through the medium of a western, especially one like The Magnificent Seven. Westerns our our national myth, and should be re-shaped by each generation. Go with an established star for Chris (I like the Viggo Mortensen/Daniel Craig suggestions) and Calvera (Benicio Del Toro), a popular younger actor for Vin (Ryan Gosling or Matt Damon), then take the spirit of the original and cast up-and-comers for the rest of the group. The original made stars of James Coburn and Charles Bronson. Freeman and Costner are too damn old to for this kind of action movie.

  20. Glad no cruise as original one of my fave films of all time. Gotta go wiv tom hardy. Cristophe waltze. Russell crowe. Matt damon. Hugh jackman. Micheal shannon. Then maybe out of sean penn josh brolin mark ruffalo as cris

  21. Please do not include Leonardo DiCapiro, Matt Damon or George Clooney in this movie.
    The cast should include tough macho type characters.

  22. How about Ed Harris as Chris.

  23. I absolutely love this movie! I own the DVD, VHS, and digital. Just love it! I think it can be remade but the casting has to be on point. The two leads and the bad guy should be known actors. All others should be unknowns are up and comers but excellent at the craft of acting.

    My pick for the knowns are:

    Josh Brolin to replace Yul Brener

    Chiwetel Ejiofor to replace Steve Mcqueen

    And for the bad guy who better than Brad Pitt, Will Smith (if he will let go of the Divo attitude) or Tom Cruise (if his schedule ease up and he can handle not being the lead for once).

    I think these actors will surprise you in these roles and deliver great performances.

  24. Here’s a few names that have been really great in past westerns.

    Kurt Russell
    Val Kilmer
    Sam Elliott
    Bill Paxton
    Powers Boothe
    Michael Biehn
    ron pearlman
    and you could add Antonio Banderas, Billy Bob Thornton, Tommy Lee Jones, Willem Dafoe

  25. No to Freeman, Damon, Pitt, Costner, Cruise, Gibson, Crowe. Just mentioning
    those names dooms the project from the start.

  26. Thing about the first version was that the top names assembled sort of like Expendables but w/o the goons. It’d be cool if Cruise played the Steve McQueen part and some other Names agreed to let Denzel headline. I don’t mean the newest A listers like Matt Damon or Dicaprio, there are a lot of others. Daniel Craig would be interesting given his Bond status. I can’t buy Clooney as a cowboy, there are just certain personnas that fit as cowboys. Jim Carrey? Just kidding. The second he makes his appearance its a comedy regardless of intent. Kevin Spacey as the dandy Robert Vaughn character I can see. Harrison Ford fits. Rock? Matinee Idol more than a badass. Though probably could kick most other asses in reality. Not an A lister in my estimation. Its gotta be names you’re surprised to see surrender top billing to Denzel like the Steve McQueen did Bryner. I’ve everything Denzels done but in this film he can’t be solitary like he is in all the others. I think the goose bumps from the first version came from the assembling of cool Coburn with the knife, McQueen with the brooding, Vaughn the dude. Denzel should lose some weight for it too and be dressed in black by somebody who gets it ala Bond … the right hat, dusty boots — they’re important. Just opinions.