Rumor Patrol: Damon, Costner & Freeman To Join ‘The Magnificent Seven’ Remake

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Magnificent Seven Remake gets cast Rumor Patrol: Damon, Costner & Freeman To Join The Magnificent Seven Remake

Last month we brought you news that Tom Cruise was attached to star in a MGM’s remake of the classic western The Magnificent Seven. Now there appears to be evidence that the Mission: Impossible star will be joined by Matt Damon, Morgan Freeman and western aficionado Kevin Costner – news (which if true) is sure to get film fans talking.

The Sun, one of Britain’s biggest selling (and notoriously unreliable) newspapers is reporting that “MGM are throwing big money at the film and wanted some top names to fill the main parts.” The tabloid states that Cruise will be replacing Yul Brynner as Chris Larabee Adams in the remake, while Matt Damon will be taking on the role of Vin Tanner, the character originally played by Steve McQueen. Apparently Kevin Costner will be slipping into James Coburn’s duds for the role of Britt, while Morgan Freeman will take over Eli Wallach’s part of Calvera.

It’s exciting news, but is it true?

Well, like I said above, The Sun is notorious for printing inaccurate (read: made-up) entertainment stories, and the basis for this one is an unnamed “source.” So, on the surface it would appear that this is another piece of creative journalism. However, when you break down the component parts of the story then you see that there just might be a kernel of truth in there, lurking somewhere.

We know that Cruise is interested in the film and wants to make a western. So, that part is accurate. Next, Matt Damon starred in True Grit, a western that was successful at the box office – so it makes sense that MGM might want to connect with a star that has had success in such a risky genre. Also, Damon and Cruise almost worked together on Minority Report (Colin Farrell ultimately got Damon’s role), so it would seem like they may want to share the screen together. So, Damon’s casting appears to hold some water.

Kevin Costner is also a name long associated with westerns, and he’s just coming off the massive success of the mini-series Hatfields and McCoys (not to mention Dances With Wolves or Open Range), so it would seem like he is a likely choice to legitimise such a remake. Costner also worked with Morgan Freeman on Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and it is just possible that the duo may also want to work together again. Freeman also starred in Clint Eastwood’s Oscar-winning Unforgiven, so he is no stranger to the western genre and he is also quite prone to popping up in films with ensemble casts like RED and the Batman films. So, again, this appears to be very plausible casting.

To be fair, someone could have used similar logic to create such a story, or it could be fragments of truth mixed together. If it is true, then The Magnificent Seven might just become a remake that gets movie fans excited – think Ocean’s Eleven in chaps.

Keep reading Screen Rant for more information on The Magnificent Seven as we get it.

Source: The Sun

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  1. =sigh= Why do they have to spoil what could be good movies by putting Tom Cruise in them?

  2. Are you kidding me? Some films have no reason to be remade!

    • Marc the western version was a remake of seven samurai any film buff would know that :) plus they should and will smith since he’s wanted to work with tom for ages and old man with no name Clint ” I love talk though my teeth badass eastwood and samuel l jackson

    • u do realise The Magnificent Seven is a remake of Seven Samurai

      • I think we’ve all heard this before, but The Magnificent Seven isn’t a remake of Seven Samuarai, if it were they’d still be samurai.

        Even Star Wars used many themes taken from Japanese films but it’s not a remake of any of those films.

        Magnificent Seven is what it is, it’s a western that uses an idea from a Japanese film but it’s no remake.

        So, back to Marc’s original post, I agree we don’t need a remake of The Magnificent Seven, we didn’t need a remake of True Grit either. Well done by all concerned but not a remake we had to have, John Wayne’s version was just fine thank you.

  3. if they do decide to do this then to fill out the cast I would love to see these guys.
    Harry Luck played by Bill Paxton or John Hamm
    Chico – Deigo Luna
    Bernardo O’Reilly – Tom Hardy well he did play Charles Bronson, lol wink
    Lee – Josh Brolin
    I really dont have a problem with the other pick except that I think Costner is maybe to old to play Vin and I cant see him out drawing someone with a knife.
    That said I do think Freeman is an awesome actor and one of the best of his time but I think Calvera is better played by
    Calvera – Javier Bardem

    • Javier bardem would be a good choice for Calvera! As good an actor that freeman is, he just doesn’t fit the part!

  4. Whaaaat?! Why would they put Morgan freeman as a Mexican bandit?!?! He is too old and does not fit the part at all.

    • how dare u say that Morgan freeman can play anyone since he is GOD.

  5. PLEEEEASE!!!! Stop the madness already!!!!
    No more REMAKES, REDUX’, PREQUELS, REDO’S OR NEW/DIFFERENT VERSIONS OF ANYMORE movies!!!!! Especially classics like The Magnificent Seven!!

    They are CLASSICS for a reason and we don’t need Hollywood TRASH mucking things up! 9 times out of ten they are TRAIN WRECKS anyway!!!!


    • look The Magnificent Seven is already a remake. Seven Samurai was the classic and Hollywood remake it to The Magnificent Seven

      • Seven Samurai is brilliant. MS is cheesy but at least it had great western actors, this version just sounds ridiculous.

  6. Niall Browne why use The Sun as your source lol. The Sun is only good for naked women.

    remember The Sun also the one who said that Megan Fox has signed up to play Catwoman in the next Batman movie lol. also Eddie Murphy will play The Riddler in the next Batman movie.

    heres both link:

  7. Costner should be cast in the Yul Brenner role not Cruise

  8. Costner also played Wyatt Earp.

  9. What about Kurt Russell and Sam Elliott?

  10. Some of this sounds like a good idea. Yes, Seven Samurai and Magnificent Seven were both great films. All ensembles, can live up to their promise if done right (obviously, look at Chris Nolan’s Batman and Inception movies or The Departed or GoodFellas or The Godfather). Tom Cruise is just a significantly overrated actor, as is Leonardo DiCaprio. They are not nearly as good as the crowd says they are and at best are just plain pedestrian. George Clooney and Brad Pitt are also overrated, but not to that extent, they at least have some talent. Kevin Costner is very overrated and has made great decisions on the movies to be in (The Untouchables, Field of Dreams, JFK, Man of Steel). Somebody better could have done twice as good as Cruise, DiCaprio, or Costner in any of their roles. The best actors of this generation, to be honest, are Denzel Washington and Matt Damon, who are both underrated. I believe that there should at least be some ensemble contemporary war film twist on the Magnificent Seven or Seven Samurai starring Denzel Washington as the leader, Matt Damon as the naive rookie, Christian Bale as the struggling soldier, Will Smith as the street smart soldier, Gerard Butler as the hard man, Russell Crowe as CIA personnel, and Adam Sandler in a comic relief role with Sean Bean as a terrorist who was originally with the group but betrays them, Natalie Portman as a doctor on the run, Brooklyn Decker as one of the soldiers’ girlfriends, and Anthony Hopkins as a corrupt CIA board member calling the shots. Maybe have Spielberg, Scorsese, Greengrass, or Nolan direct with music from Hans Zimmer and the soundtrack filled with old and new songs from U2, Bon Jovi, and OneRepublic with Journey, Survivor, and Coldplay singing their old hits plus Jay Z, Eminem, and PitBull singing a few songs. Maybe have Christopher Rouse (The Bourne Ultimatum) editing, Gordon Willis (The Godfather) cinematographing since Wally Pfister is out directing, and Nathan Crowley (The Dark Knight) with the production design.

  11. Don’t care to see Tom cruise in a western.
    Here’s my 7.

    Kevin Costner
    Sam Elliot
    Kurt Russell
    Russell Crowe
    Matt Damon
    Bill Paxton
    Michael Biehn

    • I think a good cameo too would be to have Eli Wallach as the old Mexican village wiseman, the one who sends the farmers to buy guns.

    • Clint Eastwood, as old as he is, would shoot everyone here down before they even drew their pistols. If there is an elder cast among the seven, he should be it…

    • Here are my 7:
      1)Kevin Costner- Chris the leader
      2)Brad Pitt- Vin the Steve McQueen part
      3)Javier Bardem- Chico, the camposino turned gunslinger
      4)Benecio DelToro- Bernardo Riley the Charles Bronson part
      5)Hugh Jackman-Brett the James Coburn part ( as Wolverine he had a bit
      the Clint Eastwood look)
      6)Michael Madsen- Harry Luck
      7)Josh Brolin- Lee

  12. I think the real question is….What do they hope to accomplish (Other than a big pay day)? I mean do they think they can update it to make it seem more realistic? What about the Mexican’s? In the original they were pretty helpless untile they got these white folk to come along and save them…..In todays PC climate that will have to be reworked to a point that it just might be a completely different movie…..

    Like others have said…leave the classics alone…..If they want to do remakes take some that should have done well, but flopped because of the way they were done the first time around

    • They were pretty restricted back when TM7 was first done, they apparently had a rule that the Mexican farmers were never allowed to be dirty, or, even sweaty if I remember.

      If you watch it again you’ll notice that even after (supposedly) a hard days work in the fields their clothes are still pristine.

  13. I’d rather see a remake of Phantom menace first!!

    • Never going to happen while GL is aliving and kicking.

  14. I love the Magnificent Seven. It’s one of my favorite Western films. Every actor is brilliant. I may take this remake news with a grain of salt, but I absolutely LOATHE Tom Cruise. Let’s pray that the ghosts of Brynner, McQueen, Bronson, Coburn, et. al, come down to prevent him from starring in it.

  15. There has to be some sort of twist on it as I aforementioned. The Seven Samurai was a samurai Japanese movie from Akira Kurowsawa. The Magnificent Seven was a Western from the good (not great) John Sturges with a great cast. This one should be a war film from Steven Spielberg, Christopher Nolan, Martin Scorsese, or Paul Greengrass. The seven should be:
    Denzel Washington as the leader
    Matt Damon as the naive rookie
    Christian Bale as the struggling soldier
    Will Smith as the street smart soldier
    Gerard Butler as the hard man
    Sean Bean as the soldier who betrays them
    Adam Sandler in a comic relief role

  16. I know I’m super late on this thread but NOOOOOOOOOOO! NOT Tom Cruise!!!! PLEASE! But some other mentioned names got me interested: Javier Bardem, Josh Brolin, Benecio del Toro and the cameo by Eli Wallach..

  17. I may shudder at the thought of Tom Cruise, but the idea of a movie (Not necessarily a remake) with the same premise is interesting. The idea is very old even the Seven Samurai derived from an even older story from ancient Rome. (Not sure of my source on that.) I actually liked the short lived TV series which had a slightly more PC story beginning. Here someone may Nuke my house for this, there are some stories online (-gasp- I know I am not suppose to mention those) that place them in modern times as ATF agents in Denver. There are any number of ways to do a version of this.
    While most of the actors mentioned are great, truth be told they are getting up there a bit and maybe something like this would be a great way for some of the young actors of this generation to step up, at least in a few of the roles.

  18. Matt Damon, although a great actor, is not suitable for Steve McQueen’s shoes. The best choice is Daniel Craig. Not only does he look like McQueen, he is just the right fit.

  19. Yul Brenner – Gerard Butler
    Steve McQueen – Tom Cruise
    James Coburn – Timothy Olyphant
    Charles Bronson – Kevin Costner
    Robert Vaughn – Robert Downey Jr.
    Brad Dexler – Josh Brolin
    Horst Bucholz – Mads Mikkeilson
    Eli Wallach – Antonio Banderas

  20. Yul- Ed Harris
    McQueen – mcconaughy
    Bronson – Josh Brolin
    Coburn – Strathem
    Vaughn- Vigo Mortenson
    Chico- Tom Hardy
    Dexter- Costner
    Calvera- Del Torro, Xavier Bardem
    Petra- Selma or Penelope Cruiz
    Old man in village- Tommy lee Jones
    To direct maybe Eastwood or even Oliver Stone

  21. All looked good, till I read Cruise…