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The Screen Rant editorial team is back with episode forty five of the Screen Rant Underground.

Join host Ben Kendrick as well as fellow SR editors Anthony Ocasio, Kofi Outlaw, and special guest Roth Cornet as we review Magic Mikeoffer our opinions on Ted, as well as discuss pre-Comic-Con panel news including Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant-Man, and the American Godzilla reboot.

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Also, Screen Rant Underground is an EXPLICIT podcast. We don’t go out of our way to say controversial things or use explicit language but it does happen – so use discretion when playing the podcast at work and around young, or sensitive, ears.


Screen Rant Underground: Episode 45 – Magic Mike

In episode 45 of the Screen Rant Underground podcast we review Magic Mike, offer our opinions on Ted, as well as discuss pre-Comic-Con panel news including Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant-Man, and the American Godzilla reboot.

[0:00] News: Pre-Comic-Con panel news Guardians of the GalaxyAnt-Man, and the American Godzilla reboot.

[42:37] Rants and Raves: The Limey, Two-Lane Blacktop, Anger Management, LouieTed, People Like Us.

[1:08:00] Pre-Review Box Office Battle

[1:13:53] Review: Magic Mike (read our full review)

[1:41:33] Magic Mike SPOILERS conversation

[2:04:18] Mailbag, Twitter Handles, and Contact Information

[2:06:18] Game Rant News Brief: Halo 4 and Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Map Details, Leaked Half-Life 2: Episode 3 Concept Art as well as Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Dawnguard DLC review and Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut DLC features.

Hosts: Ben Kendrick, Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, and Kofi Outlaw – with special guest Roth Cornet.



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  1. Wouldn’t the new justice league film have the same problem with guardians of the galaxy with introducing a bunch of characters with no previous film backgrounds? (excluding if they use man of steel and the ryan renolds green lantern). It would make for a long ass movies to establish each character. Add in the serious, gritty, dark factor that DC will do to separate themselves from the Marvel movies that will require a solid back story for each character.

    • Justice League in interesting comparison makes some sense about it being a potential problem, since GOTG is basically a team up movie with no back story & that mostly everyone knows the JL members but i think the difference is in the studios, WB just doesn’t know how to make it work & their can be pressure to give each JL member more screen time because they all can and will spin-off but with the Marvels Guardians they are a team they are police force that don’t separate into their own stories they are the story…

    • That was definitely one of my concerns too. I think characters with such diverse backstories are going to be hard to introduce all at once (especially since all the Guardians characters will be entirely unfamiliar to casual audiences). At least some of the Justice League characters will be recognizable.

      That said, I think Kofi’s point about introducing one character that brings Earth into the fold might be enough – if the onscreen action, etc is up to par. We can always learn about the others ones in the inevitable sequels.

  2. I like these Podcast because essentially cinefiles friends debating passionately about the topics as if they were debating politics it actually got me into podcast & looking for other movie podcast and whats out there isn’t the same same topics but they weren’t cinefiles…

    Kofi makes a point of style over substance directing that Wright has, Ben made a good point about the control Marvel puts on directors that may bring the reigns in on Wright, Anthony, “Marvels pimp hand is strong”

    I think Guardians of the Galaxy can work where Green Lantern didn’t, they can be the police force of the Universe & Nova can be your Han Solo type, Rocket Raccoon can be gruff with one-liners stealing the show, Anthony, “You can’t have a Raccoon in a movie & not have it be awesome”

    • I wish I was on this podcast for at least this news topic. Cash, if you get a chance, we have some deep discussions regarding Marvel films and the universe in previous eps.

      • Yea I heard that one Rob I check them out every week now, that was a good one especially since there was so much news & I am looking forward to Spider-Man & the one following Comic-Con…

  3. 1. The Amazing Spider-Man
    2. Ted
    3. Brave
    4. Magic Mike
    5. Katy Perry

    10. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

    Just have to mention that my screen name is all lower case, so it’s actually LPH2K4. Sorry. Thanks for the shout out though Ben.

    • Sure thing! I’ll get it right next time. Thanks for playing and listening!

  4. A short reply on last week’s podcast, in particular the news on Jurassic Park 4. If anyone has the iPad 2, there’s a Jurassic Park game in the iTunes stores that was made and the story is great! It takes place around the same time as the first movie and deals with some other people that are stuck on Isla Nublar in the first film and it could very well be an awesome idea for a reboot. Of course they’ve used up this story for the first part of this game, there are new chapters on the way, but the way they’ve designed this is really good. Tension and heartwarming moments and especially the music was reminiscent of the original!
    I’d say check it out! The advertise as a game, but it’s more an interactive story/ film.

    Love what you do on the podcast! Best thing on my way to work!

    • I actually played that game on the PSN! You’re totally right, that would be a good story to tell – though, they’ll probably go off in a different direction than try and tie a future movie into something we’ve already seen. The underwater sequence in that one would be pretty awesome though!

      Glad you’re enjoying the show!

  5. To go against Roth’s point of Iron Man not having name value, I would say the character did have recognition prior to the film’s release. If you are taking our generation in the age of say 25-35 the Iron Man character and property has been around.
    Then again, that is why there is an attached name star to the film as RDJ. Granted, its not the huge name value as the big three of Spider-Man, Batman and Superman, but Iron Man is there. The Iron Man morning cartoons was successful during it’s run.

    The best example is Blade. You have a no level character but you got Wesley Snipes and solid trailers that sold it.

    • I had a similar thought that there was a big difference between Iron Man and Ant-Man popularity (at least for casual audiences). But, I think you hit the nail on the head and it works to Roth’s point as well (since Iron Man wasn’t as well known as someone like Spider-Man) that it’ll just be very important that they find a really compelling leading man for it – someone who can truly carry the non-action parts and make them enjoyable too.

      Blade is a pretty good example for sure.

  6. First thing i want to see in the Godzilla Reboot is for godzilla to crush Matthew broderick

    • Save Ferris

  7. Next week are you guys doing a full length special episode for Amazing Spider-Man like you did with Avengers or no?

    • Yah, we’re actually recording a special edition Amazing Spider-Man podcast tonight.

      We’re going to try to record a pre-Comic-Con mini episode too (about 1 hour).

      Wish us luck!

      • Just knocked out 2 podcasts… Good stuff!

        • Sounds Awesome, do you guys know what days we should be looking for it…

          • Monday – Amazing Spider-Man special edition

            Tuesday – Pre-Comic-Con minisode.

            Assuming I don’t get overwhelmed by preplanning work!

            • You guys are really awesome. Keep up the great work as always.

          • Not sure how much Ben is going to edit the Comic-Con one, but we tell many tales of past years.

  8. 1. The Amazing Spider-Man
    2. Savages
    3. Brave
    4. Magic Mike
    5. Ted
    10. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

  9. 1) The Amazing Spider-Man
    2) Ted
    3) Brave
    4) Magic Mike
    5) Katy Perry
    10) Snow White and The Huntsman

    10)AB LIN



  11. My two favorite female leads in superhero movies Black Widow and I loved Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) in Captain America. Little bummed Roth didn’t give props to her but oh well that’s my two cents. Ben who would be your pick ideal pick for Ant-man?

    • Oh she was a good one — yes! I actually enjoyed Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman a lot as well.


  12. I know that you guys are going to be pretty much drowning in Comic-Con news but are you going to go through the news by day or just make one giant podcast covering everything???

    • We’re going to try posting videos to the site each night (not on iTunes). However, we’ll definitely be putting up a post-Comic-Con wrap up podcast when it’s all over.

  13. I wasn’t that impressed with the season premire of Louie either. It had a few funny moments but it wasn’t what I was hoping for. Maybe my expectations were to high.
    The episode that aired last light was absolutely hilarious. I still can’t believe what he gets away with on basic cable. If anyone hasn’t watched yet, take 25 minutes and get ready to laugh, laugh hard…

    • You can say/do/show whatever on cable. FCC doesn’t regulate cable, the advertisers do. The more you say/do/show means fewer companies will want to be associated with that particular show.

  14. This episode is a clear example how Anthony Ocasio is awesome and my favorite part of the podcast.

    • I don’t know if I can keep paying you $50 for a compliment in the comments. ;-)

      Trust me, it’s not me you enjoy, it’s my low self-esteem. ;-)

      • No its raw honesty about entertainment & pop culture. Its not sugar coated, it’s not some deep message. Its clear to the point as a real person would say it. Your geek rants about shows, humor, admitting to tearing up at moments and personal stuff is great. Also your polite you always say “I’m sorry. You go ahead.” Your a cool dude.

    • Just wait until you hear one of Ben’s REAL rants… they always have me peeing my pants. So funny! I still quote them.

  15. The problem with the 1998 godzilla is that godzilla is destruction personified and in that movie it just acted like a cat walkin through the streets until it had its babies then gave chase after they were killed.

    The minute godzilla comes out of the ocean he should level the city in just a nonstop rage that nobody can do crap about and all the people have to look on in awe in terror as godzilla makes us his b##tch until another monster awakens and godzilla and the monster fight it out brutally. godzilla wins out and rips/blast the other to shreds.
    godzilla tired and had its fill of destruction then heads back into the ocean to rest until it comes again as we are just left stunned and all we can say is wtf just happened.