3 Reasons Why Guys Don’t Want to See ‘Magic Mike’

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 3 Reasons Why Guys Dont Want to See Magic Mike

Magic Mike is the new film by eclectic director Steven Soderbergh (Traffic, Contagion, Ocean’s 11, Haywire, Sex Lies and Videotape) which stars Channing Tatum, Matthew McConaughey and collection of other fine male specimens as a group of ambitious strippers working in a Tampa, Florida nightclub. If you read our Magic Mike review, you’ll hear us break down why the movie (while not perfect) is certainly more than the implications of its initial premise – a premise which gives the impression that this film is strictly for the “girls night out” crowd.

In actuality, Magic Mike offers as much fun for guys as it does those who want to ogle some pretty boys. Of course, resistance amongst the “XY” chromosome camp has been quite pronounced and persistent, and after doing a quick survey of all the negative responses amongst guys (who have yet to actually watch the movie), we’ve come up with three of the main reasons why men don’t want to see Mike work his magic. Sure, they’ll say “I had no interest in this whatsoever” because it’s an easy out – but in our opinion, the reasoning behind that sentiment goes much deeper…


1. EGO

The male ego is a fragile thing. Like a budding flower it needs constant attention, watering and exposure to light (read: public display) to properly grow – and it can be easily trampled. A couple of months back, I was complaining to my wife about a new billboard featuring soccer star David Beckham in nothing but some revealing underwear – to which my wife sharply responded with an observation that girls, with much higher frequency, are psychologically challenged by advertisements featuring scantly-clad women with impossibly perfect bodies. And she was right (don’t tell her that, though).

 3 Reasons Why Guys Dont Want to See Magic Mike

In the case of the ‘Beckham incident’ I was forced to put aside my imperial male ego and let ladies have their fun, ogling a beloved sex symbol. Such is the task facing any man who goes to see Magic Mike in the company of a female companion. The simple fact is this: there are still many guys whose egos will not allow them to sit in full acknowledgement that their lady is looking (lustfully) at another man – even some fantasy creation of a man that will never enter the picture of real life. Many men like to believe that their lady only has eyes (and desire) for them – and Magic Mike is a direct rebuttal to this particularly fallacy.

Even more harmful to the ego than the thought that your lady wants one (or more) of those ripped guys onstage shaking it, is the fear that when the lights come on in the theater, all she’ll have to take home is… you. The male ego has no word for “consolation prize,” and a lot of men will be damned if they let Magic Mike force them to come up with one, or force them into the same body image issues women have been dealing with since… forever?

Click if you’re man enough to see the other two reasons…

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  1. How about “I just had no interest in seeing this movie. It had nothing in it that I desired to spend my hard earned dineros on.”

    • Amen… my point exactly.

      • I think we cover that on the last page, “Squareman357″ – when we predict guys who will use that as their excuse.

        • LOL! So we’re damned if we do and damned if we don’t. What a horrible conundrum.

        • I do not need an excuse not to see this or any other film.

          Magic Mike has zero appeal for me. I do not have to ask myself why.
          I am not missing anything. I do not need to analyze anything.
          There is nothing about this film that has my interest and
          I do not need to be enlightened that it should.

          • yet you take the time to read this list and comment, defending why you have no interest in the film. Someones hiding something…

            • I was not defending why I have no interest in this film.
              I have no interest in this film and that is all there is to it.

              If you feel you need to think I’m hiding something
              that revelsl something about you and not me.

              I always read everything Kofi writes.

        • Kofi,

          There are a few things I could say about your veiw on Magic Mike and why men may not watch it as portrayed in you article. I’ll mention a few that are more a response to your article than the film itself:

          (1) you are providing a very limited and narrow perspective in your analysis of male mentality and then generalizing it. Yes, you bring up three point, but they are all, in a form, subsets of male pride (as you have defined to be). Furthermore, when you have the opportunity to address another point you brush it off as insignificant. Causing your argument to be purely speculative.

          (2) you seem to spewing hate. It is as if you wrote this article to attack others for not “appreciating” this film as you (supposedly) have. Is this movie really significant to course of events in our future?

          (3) this type of article, written after your review in which you could have brought up these point, begs the question are you insecure? And is this an attempt to re-assert your own manhood?

          (4) why is it that the most dominant precursor of female-male gender roles, the issue of sexuality and its portrayal? And why is it when we attempt to equalize men and women, we say that we must increase the depiction of male sexuality/nudity, as opposed to decrease the publication of female sexuality/nudity?

          (5) personally, this isn’t my type of film, regardless if the focus is male or female. If it were a film about female strippers I would have been just as alarmed upon hearing it and wouldn’t watch it as well. If a man is good looking, I have no problem saying that he is. As a physician I inspect both male and female often, and I’ve never had any qualms about it. It would be better if you tried not to project your limited veiw and understanding on so many people.

          (6) – “when we predict guys who will use that as their excuse.” Haha. A little bit egotistic, aren’t we Kofi ‘The Man Who Knows With Certainty What’s in Minds of All Men’. People like you who assume things about others. Smh.

          • @AlingJames What a great response to a ridiculous article.

            I might watch the movie when it is out on HBO, or if I get a free movie night and I’ve already watched all the movies I wanted to see. The author traps us by telling us that if we took the time to read the article, then we must have some of these ‘symptoms’ of male pride that makes us grunt and refuse to watch a bunch of half naked men in a movie. How about this in response to the point that if it was women we would flock to the theater: (which isn’t true b/c we have internet porn now.)

            I would have sex with a woman and not a man, b/c I don’t happen to be gay. Thus, I would probably rather watch women, if I was going to spend my money on this type of movie anyway.

            And to the point that b/c we are reading this it proves your point:

            Some of us read articles simply b/c we want to get pissed by someone’s narrow opinions. I often read political ideas that I despise. Guess that means I’m a closeted liberal.

        • Just because you fell in love Kofi doesn’t mean we all have too, cmon now. To try and put someone in a box then attempt to label them something because of their reason or whatever not to see it isn’t cool. I’m sure there are movies you don’t like that we would rip you apart and call you crazy for not liking. Some people aren’t down w/ watching male strippers, who cares. I’m happy you liked the movie this much and are trying to be a trailblazer in the world of almost naked men dancing on the big screen, kudos. You’re usually the man, but you’ve gotten a little too political on this one. The movie was made for mainly gay men and women. I saw it w/ my gf, was fine but not something I would watch over and over. Just another movie you see once and that’s it. I did get a kick out of the 40-50 yr old women though, that was funny.

    • Only one reason needed for me not to see it…it’s a movie about male strippers.

  2. I agree on all points although I do believe folk like Squareman above when he says he generally had no desire to see the film due to lack of interest.

    I saw it with the wife and would’ve seen it alone if single.

    We as men love to scrutinize women and try to hold them up to a certain almost impossible standard that I think most men just don’t want the tables turned.

    I’m not the most secured man in the world but I take care of my physique, the other insecurities I just deal with.

  3. Being one of the first people to comment on the review I just wanted to reiterate that It was only a joke. Just harmless teasing in my books. I do agree with the content above but I also feel like there are other reasons people didnt go see the movie. For instance, I know some people who dont want to go and see the Avengers even after the crazy hype, great reviews, and record breaking box office.

  4. I also want to add that I believe the hate by some for actors like Tatum is only til they feel the actor has truly proven himself. Right now some feel his looks are the only thing carrying him. I agree that he isn’t the worst as many claim.

    But I remember years back folk saying similar thing about DiCaprio, Pitt, Jake Gyllenhaal and more recently Rob Pattinson. Basically actors some men consider just pretty boys and that women swoon over. It takes time but most get over the hate at some point.

    Boiy talk about insecure, women ain’t got nothing on us. We just hide it better

  5. I agree with most of them but honestly, I didn’t feel any of those things when I saw the commercials or when they asked me to go see it. My reason was I didn’t want to spend the $10.75 for a movie ticket on this particular movie. I don’t know about the rest of the staff of Screen rant but i’m, assuming they get to see most movies for free so they can review them but I’ll be damn if I’m gonna spend almost $11 dollars on this movie. Now, I might redbox it but there are a big percentage of people that just didn’t want to see simply because they didn’t want to waste their money. Just my 2 cents.

  6. See, this is the type of movie I’d wait for it to be on tv and even then, I wouldn’t be sure if I’d watch.

    My main reason is that I’m growing tired of the “buddy/bromance” type movies that saturate the market lately and this always felt like it would have those elements (haven’t read the review yet but I did read and comment on the cast/director interview article posted last week).

    The reasons in this article are spot on though. Lets face it, even if you had a comedy movie about strippers starring Will Ferrell, John C Reilly and others who didn’t have the greatest bodies in the world, some guys would still be uncomfortable watching it because of the confidence those guys would have to take off their clothes despite being “imperfect” would appear sexy to their girl too.

    Lets face it, us guys are sensitive to how others perceive us despite protests to the contrary.

  7. Three reasons? Seriously, okay here is my three reasons:

    1. Channing Tatum.

    2. Men taking their clothes off and showing their body.

    3. No man wouldn’t go to see Magic Mike unless they do for their girlfriends.

    What amazes me most is that this movie made lots of money and Channing Tatum is being called America’s biggest movie star.

    Tatum proved one thing: anyone can become a actor.

    If a stripper can become a actor, anyone can.

    Besides as long as these kind of movies are made and classic movies are remade then I think originality is over.

    Be honset, how many action movies that have no CGI and have real fight scenes with no wires are released? Well none.

    Also Rocky, I agree with your point that some actors are judged by their looks, not their acting until they have to proven they can act when the girls get over.

    Can someone name a actor who was started to make money because he was a pretty boy until he became a true actor.

    • “Can someone name a actor who was started to make money because he was a pretty boy until he became a true actor.”

      I don’t think anyone could because people get into the acting business because they want to and if they happen to be attractive then they get hated by girls or guys, depending which gender the actor/actress is.

      For instance, I know plenty of women who still despise Angelina Jolie purely because of her looks.

      I personally don’t see what’s so special about Tatum or others looks wise but that doesn’t mean others don’t either (as a straight man, I can admit to seeing why a guy like Johnny Depp, The Rock and any other guys in various fields of entertainment is called attractive).

      It’s kinda funny to see the comments and pick out which are the types of guys this article is describing. The kind who don’t mind showering with other dudes after a big game but get extremely uncomfortable with seeing dudes half naked on screen. Who don’t mind seeing a guy’s junk when it’s penetrating a woman in a porno but don’t wanna see it in a movie about stripping (such as Magic Mike or the 90s British hit The Full Monty).

  8. I saw it with my wife because I made her watch Ted with me. It honestly was a decen
    t movie and if I was single I would do it again because there was a ton of women in the theater I counted 11 men and at least 100 women.

  9. Kofi,
    That was a nice article. I agree with you a 100 percent on your point. At the same time, there will always be this percentage of people as well, who are just not interested in a movie like that. To me it was like meh. but if i go to the movies to early and it`s playin and i have a chance to get in for free, i would go and watch it, but it won`t be my priority. although it could be for someone who is next to me. Anyway, I agree with the points of your article, it`s just that some people might not be interested just because they simply are not. :)

  10. This issue with men not wanting to see “Magic Mike” is a little like Freud’s quote about sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. It may be that there simply is no interest, and it’s not because of any of the three reasons listed above, or other reasons. Of course, it’s impossible to completely separate that out from a person’s inherent interest or disinterest in seeing a movie. Personal tastes and preferences always play a part. I suppose what Kofi is getting at is that men should not be disinterested in seeing the movie simply because the subject matter makes them a little uncomfortable. There are many movies that have uncomfortable subject matter but are great movies. I think a lot of it has to do with Soderbergh as the director. If he wasn’t directing it, I’d have zero interest in seeing it. But because he’s directing it, and he’s bringing his aesthetic and style to an unlikely subject, I’m more open for sure.

    • How about the simple fact is that the movie is about male strippers…not what most males are interested in seeing.

      Your alter ego

  11. Please, all the money I’m spending on blockbusters this summer, there’s no way I’m spending more for a movie that I MIGHT enjoy despite not feeling personally interested.
    Your article has convinced me to perhaps watch it later on DVD or something. Who knows maybe its a good show.

    • +1 I’ve spent more money this year at the theater than I have EVER (including 4 or 5 viewings of The Avengers), and I’m still not done yet. My movie budget is slowly tightening up and there are still a bunch of movies on my radar this year including Spiderman, TDKR, and the Hobbit. Why waste money on something I “might” like when I can spend it on something I know I will.

  12. Kofi, I don’t need an excuse to not see this any more than I need one to skip Battleship. What a ridiculous assumption.

  13. This article is ridiculous. My girlfriend doesn’t want to watch this for the same reasons I don’t, and this perspective of why ‘guys’ don’t want to see it is hollow and narrow-minded. Sure, Steven Soderbergh is a great director and this film is probably pretty good. But I’m not watching this for the same reason why I wouldn’t watch a movie about (hmm, let’s say) street fighting, car races, or basketball. Because the topic isn’t interesting.

  14. One thing you don’t seem to have thought of nawt is stripping is an entertainment art. You have to be able to act at least a little bit. Most strippers I have talked to (I.E. A s*** ton) most have no confidence in themselves and yet they still have to outwardly show a never ending supply of it. Originality in movies is certainly dying out but then again look at the audience Hollywood is selling too. There are shows like jersey shore that have no entertainment, value besides stupid people making asses of themselves, lasting for five seasons. While original shows like firefly and the Riches were canceled because they were receiving low ratings.

  15. I’m sure the author is just making an observation on a broad level, but the fact is some men (and even women for that matter) might not just want to spend their money on this movie. I didn’t go pay to see Showgirls either because it looked like crap (and turned out to be worse than crap).

    But just for fun you should do one of these on why people don’t want to go see Michael Bay movies. Number one for me is because I don’t want to contribute a nickle to his bank account…..

  16. I don’t wanna see it cause he got them moves like Jagger…

    • Hahahahaha!!!!
      That was hilarious man…

  17. Yeah I’d watch this at the movies if my wife wanted to. I probably wouldn’t seek it out myself tho, altho I’d watch it on DVD. The write ups on this site make it sound intriguing.

    I’ve been snarky about handsome male actors my wife has liked. Pretty hard to rise above that childish behaviour. Women definitely cop it harder tho. We’ve traveled through places like Colombia and Argentina where the media, fashion and surgery can be very intimidating to girls. Especially when guys thoughts sometimes drift to “hm that chica’s got a great culo, I wish my girl had a culo like that.. ” etc. I find it’s best to just go along with it when your girl gets a crush on a movie character, just admit that yeah he’s handsome or romantic etc. We all know it’s a fantasy so there’s no real need to be threatened. It can be helpful to note what she responds to actually.

  18. very astute observations

  19. So unless I go out to watch a movie largely about guys stripping, which really has no appeal to me (why should it?), the whole world is going to assume I have a fragile ego, I’m insecure, and am a catty dude. Interesting theory you have there…I’m almost tempted to go see it, but I think I’m going to see if that theory actually holds.

  20. This film has no appeal to be in the slightest, and it has nothing to do with my ego. Reasons why I don’t want to see the film (not that I should have to justify myself, but anyway)…

    - s*** director
    - s*** cast
    - s*** premise

    Like a previous poster said, why would I want to spend my hard earned cash on this? I’d rather save it for “The Dark Knight Rises” which funnily enough happens to have…

    - A brilliant director
    - An amazing cast
    - A very intriguing premise

    I think your article is a little narrow minded to be honest. Some men (like myself) just genuinely have no interest in this film. That it. There’s no “reason” other than the fact that nothing about (judging from the trailer) appeals to me. I might rent it sure, but I’m not paying $13 to go see it on the big screen

  21. yay for homophobia! lol (rolls eyes)

  22. Whether or not the men will listen is open to debate, but here it goes: There is almost nothing a woman likes more than confidence, comfort in his own skin, and the ability to be a friend as well as a lover. Please practice you will be rewarded. Jealousy never hurts anyone other than the person feeling it. It is an ugly selfish emotion, ditch it. And for all sexes: You cannot love anyone whole heartedly unless you love others at least a little. The ladies may be ogling Mike and his compatriots, but she is going home with you … enjoy the reward (See beginning sentence).

  23. LOL…come on guys, take this article for what it was, a fun article picking at folks. It wasn’t meant to be a treatise on masculinity!

    The movie could be good or bad, but most likely I will never watch it. I don’t like looking at dudes shaking it, and I don’t like virtually any actors in it.

    I LOVE women, and if it was called Magic Debbie I would probably check it out. But since it isn’t I will leave it to the ladies.

    One last thing for the intellectually inclined. Research has shown that women place far lower value on looks than men do. So even if they ‘geek’ on a movie like this, the reality is if you role hard, have confidence, and be a man, you can be a fat bastard and still get a hot chick. FYI.

    • Try picking up a girl in Lexington, Ky. sometime. I’m in shape and consider myself good looking but it is almost damn near impossible here lol.

  24. It’s a chicks night out movie. If this movie does well will they at least remake the dude version “Flasdance” with Rihanna, Scarlett Johansson or Jessica Alba??

  25. if the roles were reversed than women would have no interest in seeing the film. Would you still be arguing the other points to them? It is a movie made for women and marketed towards women. They alienate the male demographic knowing they will make more money off of women with this film. And I for one am not looking to pick up a chick that is seeing a movie about male strippers, and I will admit that that is partly a self-esteem issue

  26. What a horrible article. This kind of logic is eerily similar to what trolls use when justifying their arguments. I really hope this was an attempt at satire making fun of people with horrible reasoning skills.

  27. How about I didn’t know about this movie until last week when a friend said he was taking his wife to see it on opening day? I record most of my shows on the dvr and when I watch them I just fast forward through the commercials. I truthfully knew nothing about this movie until like 6 days ago. I was going to go see the movie with them(no not gay or bi) but wound up working overtime that day and really had no interest in the movie anyway. That’s not an excuse. That’s truth. People can say what they want as to why they don’t see this movie and it not be an excuse. But to say that every so called excuse is an excuse and falls back on insecurity, ego, and/or cattines is pretty naive. Sorry Kofi I usually like your articles but you’re wrong on this one.

  28. Sorry Kofi, but I didn’t see this movie for the same reason I didn’t see Showgirls….I’m not interested in these type of movies. Having Channing Tatum in it only reinforces my disdain for it.