3 Reasons Why Guys Don’t Want to See ‘Magic Mike’

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 3 Reasons Why Guys Dont Want to See Magic Mike

This item is the refuge of those guys who want to make it appear as though they have no deficiency in confidence and/or sexual security. The guys who will claim that their desire to not see Magic Mike has to do with nothing more than the fact that they don’t like the dudes starring in the movie. In other words: the guys who are just as catty as girls are often stereotyped for being.

Channing Tatum has been well established as the go-to guy for male-on-male hate. However, it’s hard to see how people (cinephiles and casual moviegoers alike) can still make that claim after the actor has turned in such solid work in films like Haywire, his comedic breakout in 21 Jump Street - or even The Vow, which is a much improved romantic-drama than what Tatum previously starred in (Step Up, Dear John). Not saying you have to love the guy – but making the claim that he’s terrible, or the worst actor alive, is slowly but surely starting to sound ridiculous.

Whether it’s Tatum, Matthew McConaughey, pretty boy Alex Pettyfer (I Am Number Four) or True Blood star Joe Manganiello’s tall dark and cut physique, Magic Mike offers many opportunities for guys to point their fingers (guess which one) and say “F that dude.” And while saying “I hate [Actor's Name]” may seem like a much safer reaction than saying “[Actor's Name] is in much better shape and can dance better than I ever will,” it should be remembered: If we’re talking about stereotypical gender traits, cattiness is a typically considered to be pretty girlie, tough guy.


 3 Reasons Why Guys Dont Want to See Magic Mike

Of course, the items listed above aren’t the only reasons not to see Magic Mike. Another safe avenue to hide on would be the claim that ‘the subject matter just doesn’t appeal to me.’ (Though I find it hard to believe that the subject matter – stripper sub-culture – wouldn’t be appealing to more men if the gender roles were reversed.)

I hardly expect this article to open a floodgate of male interest in the movie, but as stated in my review, Magic Mike does offer a hilarious workplace comedy (and some weaker romantic and character arcs) in addition to its flesh parade sequences. There is plenty there for guys to see, and think about, and laugh about.

It’s an interesting time in our culture, where many gender roles and ideas about sexuality are being revised and/or challenged. In fact, in the end, Magic Mike may have more value as a talking point in the cultural zeitgeist than it ever does as an actual film. As it stands, I’m pretty sure we’ll hear plenty of thoughts and opinions on the matter in the comment section below.

Magic Mike is now playing in theaters.

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  1. If the premise was interesting ( male strippers in politics, or a Sci fi plot or some interesting plot) I’d go watch it. But knowing Sodeberg and how some of his films can be lame (The Girlfriend Experience), i’ll pass. If I had a wife or girlfriend, I’d tell her to go see it with her g friends on an all girls night. Girls deserve eye candy too.

  2. Can’t really say I agree with these reasons.
    I don’t have ego problems when it comes to seeing a bunch of dudes with six-packs. If I did then I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy any of the dozens of superhero movies that have come out in the last decade, because every one of those guys is in better shape than me. Or even seeing those guys in minimal clothing, because I saw both 300 and Conan in the theaters and in both those movies these cats are running around in their underwear for most of the time.

    I have no insecurities about my sexuality. I am a straight man, this is not in question. I am not weirder out by homosexuals, I have gay friends and I am completely comfortable hanging out with them. It is a non-issue.

    Cattiness? I’m not being fatty when I say channing Tatum sucks and is a horrible actor, because he is. Saying that because his last couple of movies have not sucked as bad as his previous attempts does not mean that all of a sudden I should consider him talented. He sucks,period. He can’t even blame it on role choices, he is wooden and unbelievable in everything I’ve seen him in. MM is a good actor who has made bad choices, channing Tatum is not.

    I may check this out at redbox when it only costs me a dollor, but I’m not shelling out $9 to see it because it really doesn’t look that interesting. That’s not a cop out or an excuse not to be seen watching it, it’s just the truth.

    • Agreed, but I don’t think I’ll be watching the movie at all (not even a rental).
      It just isn’t my type of movie and from what I’ve heard, it sounds pretty bad anyways.

      • It’s not really my type of movie either…but I enjoyed it.

        Went with my wife on saturday and was pretty surprised by it. Much less male nudity then I thought, less dancing, and barely any sex. It was mostly story and character building. I think most of the 40+ women in the audience that were having fits before it started were probably dissapointed…I was pleasantly surprised.

        I wouldn’t say it’s something I’d go see again, probably wouldn’t even watch it on dvd…but it’s worth at least one viewing.

    • I couldn’t agree more about Tatum. He is absolutely dreadful. Wooden is an understatement. Not only do his eyes lie in every line he vomits, his inflections are ALL THE SAME . . . not to mention he’s a mumbler. Half the movies I’ve seen him in I can’t understand the dialog because he mumbles. The man has no skill. He’s just a pretty face, like Megan Fox.

      I’ve seen this before . . .Who was it? Oh yea, Kevin Costner.

      • LMAO you think Kevin Costner is pretty!?!

    • I’m sorry, but you can’t defend not wanting to see Magic Mike by saying you watch super hero movies. Seeing a shirtless man fighting bad guys for the good of mankind is not in the same context as seeing shirtless strippers break it down. Nice try. My hubby has no problem hanging out with homosexual men or women but still wouldn’t see the movie because “That’s gay”. I’m sure you’d like to blame it on Channing Tatum, but don’t fool yourself into thinking you’re not like EVERY other guy when it comes to this movie. See it or don’t see it, but don’t make up lame excuses and defend yourself.

      • you ma’am, are a whore.

        • Second…

    • 300 and Conan cannot be compared to Magic Mike in terms of male nudity. These are action movies with death and blood, Magic Mike is a movie about male dancers. Even though they all feature men with shirts off and in underwear, it’s portrayed differently, and thus cannot be compared reasonably.

      • Still men with minimal clothing, and despite the extreme violence, 300 has heavy homo-erotic undertones.

        • Very much so; and the halarious movie based on 300: MEET THE SPARTANS, points that out perfectly. Btw, I enjoyed all three films.

  3. Pretty much agree with Il Princerino. I for one just do not want to watch a bunch of guys dancing around half naked, Thats about it i prefer hot chicks dancing around.I’ll leave this one for the girls to watch.

  4. A bunch of dudes stripping? no way I`m spending my money on this crap !…Movie is made for chicks (honestly) I`m not egotistical but come on dude seriously?

    • Crap? Have you seen it? Magic Mike received mostly positive reviews from critics.But yes,this movie is for female.

  5. I think a lot of people are writing this movie off a bit too hastily. From what I’ve read about the film, it seems to be a reasonably high quality drama/comedy with a heavy focus on guy’s issues. Sure, there may be more eye candy for the straight women and gay men, but I think the themes are likely to resonate more with men. It is a movie about a bunch of guys, after all.

    Whether or not Kofi’s article applies to every male viewer who doesn’t want to see the film, I’m glad Screenrant wasn’t afraid to post it. In the end, it’s an opinion piece. And personally, I think there may be some truth to it, especially in regards to how much more often women put up with this sort of thing. I think it’s highly likely that the average straight male would be more uncomfortable with the idea of watching this movie than the average female would be with the idea of watching a movie about female strippers.

  6. I think these may represent 3 very low-priority reasons as to why guys would not want to go see this movie.

    I think the first and foremost is that before the movie reviews came out, it did not look like a promising movie… I don’t think Channing Tatum has been reknowned for his acting skills, and the ads and commercials were selling the movie on “hunkiness”. What guy would want to see a bad movie about studly men?

    I mean the whole “you should be secure enough to go watch this movie by yourself” thing… why don’t straight guys go to gay bars and clubs alone, even though they’re secure in their sexuality? Or why don’t they go watch chick flicks alone if they’re secure in their masculinity?

    It is quite possible that the subject matter of this movie is just simply not tailored to male tastes.

  7. Lol, goodness Kofi. Talk about reaching! Look, if you wanna see this film, see it. If not, don’t. But being goaded to see a film you have no interest in, just coz someone has challenged your manhood if you don’t, is just as weak and juvenile as saying seeing it is gay.

    • it is really gay and believe it

  8. It looks like a shiny hollywood version of The Full Monty which is no bad thing… Hopefully its not just a male version of Showgirls which although not the worst film in the world did sort of make you suspect character, plot and casting had been placed way down the list of priorities by the film makers…

  9. Not to go all Tom Cruise here, but I think Psychology has gotten a little out of hand. Whether the author was being satirical or serious, it’s a pretty bizarre place we’ve landed.

    We decided that teasing, persecuting and harming others for being different was a bad thing. We’re all pretty much down with that. Then the psycho-meme took over. Tolerance and respect became welcoming celebration or else. Think about it: About 95 – 99% of men think pretty woman are attractive. It has been decided that to suggest that those who hold the unusual view (unusual as in ‘not the usual’ like the over 95% hold) and find themselves attracted to other men have some sort of psychological problem is backward thinking and almost a form of persecution. Yet the author makes the oft-repeated statement that the 95+% have some psychological defect because they don’t feel the desire to see other men in certain gender / sexuality contexts. (I won’t even open the can of worms suggesting that some might avoid this kind of movie whether it had men or women featured based upon a moral viewpoint.)

    Long story short. I don’t wanna see dudes taking off their clothes. Until you rag on Anderson Cooper and Neil Patrick Harris for not ordering the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition stop bullying me for my preferences. Or better yet, stay away from Freud For Dummies.

    • “Freud for Dummies”… It’s innovative and witty, and in this case entirely apt… Can I steal that?

  10. One thing that just came to mind is The Expendables. How many of the guys here would see Expendables 2 who have no want to see Magic Mike? My guess would be 90% or more. The Expendables have just as many guys in great shape as Magic Mike.

  11. when i took my wife to see tyler perrys latest bowl movement he recorded on film i noticed how long the lines were for magic mike and women were literally running to see this movie .. i was in a little shock and i heard from co workers who said the same thing from their local movie theaters… if my wife wanted to watch it i would sit through it for her as i sat through madeas wtiness protection in which i literally may have chuckled just once .. but my wife sits through ufc and comic book movies for me so i try to re turn the favor ..

  12. Kofi, This is a terrible article. Your speculation is based on your personal experiences and your experiences are not very interesting. The fact is I don’t want to see this movie because it really doesn’t look that interesting. I have an idea instead of trying to keep a quota of articles per week try thinking them through first.

    • Damn, it’s not serious. He just wrote an aside to his review using some personal, unscientific observations. I mean the guy is writing for the site and I would guess he has to come up with something to talk about other than who would win in a real life knife fight, Tobey Maguire or Andrew Garfield.

      And while I don’t 100% agree with the article it is his perspective and I did have a similar conversation with a married friend of mine before the movie came out, since it seems he is subject to watching all manner of romantic comedies and dance movies. A footnote to this article probably should also read single guys really don’t have to worry about this one way or another because we don’t have anyone to impress or feel judged about, nobody cares if we live or die….

  13. I admit that i watched The Full Monty and found it to be an enjoyable film apart from it being about bunch of dudes stripping. Some of my friends thought it was gay to see that movie. Full Monty had an interesting story arc and was something original.

    But Magic mike holds no such thing, no unique storyline. So wont be seeing this one even on HBO

  14. The movie ’300′ has 1/10 the amount of women in it as ‘Magic Mike’ – and more half-naked men. Just some food for thought.

    • Yep, and it was advertised as those half naked men killing each other, not doing the helicopter for a middle aged woman. What was the point again?

      • That a lot of guys dropping these negative comments WILL, in fact, pay to see half naked men onscreen – if they are stabbing each other with phallic objects and are gushing… blood.

        So this is a pretty fine hair we are splitting.

        • But we are going to see the story. Magic Mike is advertised as “Girls Night Out” and says nothing of any sort of story. I’m not full of any pride at all. I have 4 gay friends who are often over at my house and many more who are casual acquaintances. None of this means anything. If the strippers at the strip club in Magic Mike were super heroes, undercover agents, or SOMETHING that embraces the movies I choose to see, I would be there. But, keep thinking that all of us out here are too prideful to operate in a female-dominated society.

          I didn’t have any interest in Strip Tease when it came out either. What does that say about me?

  15. I call BS on this. I am plenty secure in my masculinity.
    I am just peeved G.I. Joe : Retaliation got pushed back
    to March 2013 so they can up the Tatum factor. I don’t a good god-d**n about Channing Tatum. That is,pure, unadulterated,genuine bulls**t!
    He should have spent some of his ones,taking a speech class and learning to enunciate. When he’s supposed to be a serious character, this jacka** mumbles al of what for him are his better lines.

  16. This does not affect me. hehe ty men

  17. Interesting article, but I’m surprised it left out the initial thought I had; because it features male strippers and male sexual nudity. Which I think is fine because girls and gay men need their pleasure too. However, it’s a shame when people write off a movie based on having male sexual nudity when it was critically well received from critics and has a great story and director, and the movie is actually about men’s issues rather than women’s issues. I know straight men may not enjoy the male nudity, but they should still give it a chance as there’s more things important in movies besides sex appeal; story, cast, and premise. In fact, I’ll watch most movies that have great story, characters, and premise regardless if the subject matter interests me.

  18. Obviously this list was written by a woman.

    It is true that the male ego plays an important role in how men interact with the world around them; typically someone out of touch with an understanding of nurtured masculine societal expectations would make the assumptions made in this list. However, the truth is thankfully much simpler. The impetus here for a lack of desire to see this movie is instead based upon the loathsome, eye-rolling hypocrisy of a movie objectifying men and portraying reasonably unattainable physical templates as the expected form of “desirable men”, whereas feminine activists have long pointed out that women were subjugated to these socially-driven expectations for many decades in movies and television.

    For some time now, a trend has tilted the subjugation in the other direction, rather than disappear as it should have. Men, at least those who have the capability to think existentially, have noticed this trend continue for some years now. In my humble opinion, I believe that, either consciously or subconsciously, many men sense the hypocrisy of women rushing to pay for tickets to a movie that, for all intents and purposes, is the same type of exploitative Hollywood regurgitation that set unreasonable expectations for women… Men roll their eyes (metaphorically), I think, at this ironic turning of the tables.

    Sex and humanity are inherently linked; but if creating and re-enforcing unrealistic physical templates for girls was considered wrong (and I feel it was[i.e. Barbie dolls]), then why should men be expected to support films made solely for the purpose of selling male sex symbols for profit. If we don’t support it, then apparently we are labeled as having “sensitive egos” and are “sexually insecure”… Why can’t we just not want to see a movie based on principles?

    I’m not looking to start some lame Internet debate here… But I felt compelled to voice my thoughts on this matter as I see many of my students facing similar societal expectations today, and it bothers me that no one is telling them to ignore it and be themselves…

    I don’t speak for all men, obviously; but I’d wager I’m not alone in my thinking here…

    [End Transmission]

    • Totally agree with this particular comment. I guess I take this type of movie offensively – I consider myself in really great shape as I model and still play multi-sports as a 40 plus year old. I have a wife who says my body is ‘perfect’ yet, wants to see this movie (I just rented it for both of us to watch). I am not exactly sure why she would want to see it if she already has someone who has the body she is seeking? It’s definitely not about the plot or story behind it. So I take it either of two ways and two ways only: 1. she is not telling the truth about me, or 2. this is what the other girls are doing and therefore she needs to see it. I think the most offensive point to this is, what is so wrong for a man to be somewhat vain – trying to look his best for his spouse and others and yet these same women who criticize ‘us’ want to go and see a movie that depicts this hypocrisy.

  19. I am a straight male who likes all kinds of movies if they are well done. Not just action movies and female-nudity-comedies like “Animal House”. I am not ashamed to admit I liked “Sleepless in Seattle” and “When Harry Met Sally” even though they are definitely “chick flicks”. I am also not ashamed to admit the double standard, either. It’s wrong but it’s true. I didn’t want to see “Magic Mike” even though my wife was a lot more open-minded and actually liked “Striptease”. Oh, and I agree that beef-centric movies like “Top Gun” and “Troy” (I didn’t see “300″ or the remake of “Conan”) are different. I might give it a look when it comes on pay cable. I can change the channel if I don’t like it. That’s my solution to any movie I an unsure if I’ll like.

  20. No, I will not go to the theater to watch this movie just because you attacked my self-esteem! There are much better movies to watch today, like Ted and Skyfall!

    Mainstream media is supporting more and more the feminist cause and I will not help them giving my hard earned money. Thank God in my country men still have balls to say that a movie targeting the female public is meant (guess what) for girls…

  21. Hmm you don’t consider that a guy doesn’t want to watch a film without having deeper psychological issues? To say this film is as fun for guys as girls is a biiiiig generalisation. I can look at male actors / celebrities and identify bodies that (i think) girls would find attractive and even hold admiration for the time they must have put into it. But not wanting to watch a whole film with a lot of male semi nudity portrayed in a sexual way (as opposed to 300 for example which portrays men in little clothes in a completely different way) is perfectly acceptable and does not necessarily detail insecurity. It is unappealing to me and I completely understand why it would be to other men too. You assume that every guy watching doesn’t work out, has no sort of attractive quality and is insecure. I workout and am happy with my body, my position in life and my encounters with girls, and I would assume there are loads more men the same.

    Now there is a minute bit of sense in this article. If a man kids himself into insulting the actors ability to cover up his insecurity, he needs to readdress some things. But that is not every man. It’s simply not appealing from reading the storyline, and that’s what is supposed to grab you.

    And of course a guy isn’t too keen on seeing this with his girl.. Like a man oggling girls infront of his girlfriend, that doesn’t make your partner feel secure, and same if the otherway around… or watching porn infront of her.. unless mutual of course, then its just kinky ;) Everybody knows in a relationship, your partner will see others as attractive, thats natural and unavoidable.. And when you think about it, thank god people aren’t just attracted to one person! Otherwise what choice would you have? When a relationship goes wrong? I’m not saying there’s a chance I could enjoy it if I watched it, it just doesn’t appeal to me. Though I think this has made me wanna test it slightly! So I think you’re wrong on this one for the majority of men, I think there are more genuinely confident men than you assume.. afterall people who cover their insecurities are relatively see through sooner or later.

    By one of that proud gender, men.

  22. ima dude and saw this movie online bcuz yes i was not gonna see it in theathers ill admit. it was pretty good. impressed with the dancing they did i wish i could do tht. olivia munn showing her boobs definitely made it worth watchin

  23. This is Ridiculous, what about 4.I Just Prefer Women.
    Majority of Males are Hetrosexual, & would rather watch a Movie about a Female GoGo Dancer, apose to a male stripper.

    I have no issues with the actors in the film, there all fine actors, I’m not insecure about my sexuality, I just see no need to go out of my way or spend time watching this film.

  24. the whole reason for this article is so that the writer feels better about himself for going to see it. you’re spending 90 minutes watching half-naked guys parade around as sex objects. why WOULD any heterosexual male want to watch that??????

  25. My boyfriend LOVES this movie. He wasn’t reluctant in the least to go see it and he loves the story line behind it. The first time we rented the movie and watched it at home he jumped up during the dance scenes and started dancing on me. I guess he’s just confident in who he is. :)
    He’s a marine so when his buddies found out about it they teased him and called him gay and what not but once i talked to them they all watched it and now they all love it. :) They have now all started using my boyfriends move and dance on their GF’s during the stripping scenes lol

  26. reasons why men should not watch this film because its the biggest load of sh*t it should not have been made. A film about actors wanting to be a man who only thinks abouts whats between his legs which does not require a brain so its a plie of sh*t and i would not buy it if it was the last dvd to exist in all the videos shops or ebay or amazon etc

  27. I’m 100% heterosexual, support gay rights, have had several male friends who are gay, and in good physical shape… Yet I have no desire to see this movie.

    I have no desire to see a movie that parades men around as sex objects for women, advertised as “girls night out”, or has nothing of interest (to me) in it’s advertised plot.

    My long-time girlfriend is big on respect. It is disrespectful to ogle or ‘check out’ other women around her. Just as it is watching some hypothetical movie about female strippers/dancers. If she finds it disrespectful to watch a hypothetical male equivalent of “Magic Mike”, then I’m definitely not going to sit through this movie just to make her happy.

    Not everyone is some insecure, out of shape, and mentally underdeveloped male. Some of us just don’t want to spend out money or (more importantly) our time watching a movie that obviously targets women.

  28. In not so many words, this review essentially says this: man up and conform to gender norms and keep you insecurities (however earnest they may be) to yourself. Thanks, bro.

  29. I must admit. I am now no sexual. I’m built
    Lime the men in the movie I can
    Not believe hot hot sex with another man is

    I now
    Have a secret buddy So much fun. And nobody has a clue. I hope

    T In NY