Starz Cancels ‘Magic City’ Before Season 2 Finale

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Jeffrey Dean Morgan Magic City Feeding Frenzy Starz Cancels Magic City Before Season 2 Finale

The Starz period drama Magic City seemed like the perfect combination of The Godfather meets Mad Men back when it initially aired in 2012, but with a steady decline in ratings, the premium network channel has decided not to opt for season 3.

This news is hardly shocking, with the show averaging around 320,000 viewers in recent episodes. The disappointment still lingers, though, as viewers must come to the realization that their favorite characters’ story-arcs might be left underdeveloped, and in some cases, never resolved at all.

In a statement released by Starz, the network said, “The season’s story arc will allow us to deliver a satisfying conclusion to the series, and we thank all the fans who checked in to the Miramar Playa.” This excerpt is troublesome, due to the fact that there are several unresolved plots still lingering in season 2 that are going to be difficult to wrap up in the finale’s final hour.

For instance, Ike’s (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) relationship with his sons has been in shambles for a large portion of this season. Stevie (Steven Strait) and Danny (Christian Cook) are both struggling to find acceptance in their father’s eyes. Stevie wants to be successful like his father, but Ike’s distrust of his son has tainted their relationship to the point where Stevie tried to seduce his step-mother Vera (Olga Kurylenko) in last week’s episode. Danny has always been the Michael Corleone of the family; the “good son” who struggles against his family’s darker dealings in illegal activities. Can Danny learn to balance the responsibilities of  his internship at the District Attorney’s Office and his relationship with his dad in the show’s final hour? Hopefully creator/executive producer Mitch Glazer will have a few surprises in store that allow for the series to bow out gracefully.

Michael Rispoli and Danny Huston in Magic City World in Changes Starz Cancels Magic City Before Season 2 Finale

Perhaps Mitch Glazer’s vision of a 1960s Miami-based period drama never fully came to fruition, but it did give its viewers some memorable  performances, especially by the show’s leading actors. Ike’s wife Vera, played by the lovely Olga Kurylenko was an actress who only seemed suited to wear skimpy outfits and be the damsel in distress with films like Max Payne and Hitman staining her resume. However, with Magic City, Ms. Kurylenko has proven that she possesses impressive acting abilities, as her character commands respect in every scene she shares with Jeffrey Dean Morgan. If this were the NBA, she would win the Most Improved Player of the Year award.

Magic City was never a perfect show, but it is a series that is worth watching for the strong leading performances and the beautiful Miramar Playa that made us all want to journey back to the age of Frank Sinatra while sipping a Cuba Libre. Maybe people will discover it in the archives of Netflix…


Magic City  season 2 (series) finale airs August 9 @9pm on Starz

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  1. Ohhh :( Loved this show! The elegance and style of that time is awesome

  2. I can’t believe this show is being cancelled… I love this show. Say it ain’t so…

    • THIS IS BECAUSE THE SECOND SEASON WAS ONLY AVAILABLE ON STARZ!! Most people have gone to internet TV and are waiting for it to come out on iTunes. I would have watched EVERY episode , had it been available.

  3. I really enjoyed this show. Jeffrey Dean Morgan can’t seem to catch a break.
    I thought he was great as Ike Evans. Kinda gave off a Thomas Wayne vibe now that I think of it. I know some people want Jon Ham for Batman. I say Jeffrey Dean Morgan is the perfect for it. Just depends on what side of 40 you want Batman. I liked the characters & story on Magic City over Mad Men. I gave up on Madmen season 2 while watching it in a marathon.

    • i like that idea jeffrey dean morgan as batman but it’s kind of unlikely since he’s 47 but he is taller than cavill and does have the voice for batman and he is fit

      • The Joker recommends The Comedian for the role of The Batman… heh…

  4. Hopefully this opens up the chance of Morgan being back on Supernatural.

    • This. So much this.
      Also, Jeremy Carver previously stated that he would have loved to bring John Winchester back if it wasn’t for Morgans heavy schedule and involvement in Magic City. So who knows.

  5. Wait…bemoaning Kurylenko being a damsel in distress in those movies (which I liked anyway) but ignoring her as a tough woman out for revenge in Quantam Of Solace?

    Can’t say much about this since I’d never heard of the show and it hasn’t aired here yet (we only got season 1 of Boss back in March the day before Revolution first started airing) but I like Jeffrey and Olga as actors so it’s a shame it’s being cancelled.

  6. You have got to be kidding… it’s such a great show with great and colorful characters. The cast is amazing. wow… that is a blow, I really enjoyed it and didn’t miss any episode… thanks for ruining the rest of my day… month. Sux.

  7. Wasnt interested in that era throwback, didnt watch it. I like the performers though, hopefully they get on board with better material soon.

  8. I am so mad that this show was cancelled I loved this show

  9. I will miss this show a lot. I’ve liked Jeffrey Dean Morgan ever since “Watchmen,” that’s why I tuned in, and he didn’t disappoint. My favorite of the series, however, is Danny Huston; what a great character ‘the Butcher” is! As I’ve posted before, it’s a shame that the show did not deliver on the potential it seemed to have, and maybe that’s why it didn’t click with viewers or critics. I didn’t think the violence was too over the top (with the mob elements it was a necessity), but Starz should realize that if you’re going to have a lot of sex in your episodes, you should make it relevant to those episodes and not put it out there unnecessarily and in the extreme. In the long run I think viewers appreciate good storytelling and character development, and as much as I enjoyed this series I think it could have fared better on both counts. I agree that there are some unresolved story lines, and that it may be difficult to wrap them up in the last episode. Regardless, I will be watching intently on Friday night, sipping on my Cuba Libre, and hoping that if the Butcher goes down (I’m guessing he will) it will be in a memorable blaze of glory.

    • Have you seen JDM in a Russian roulette game show movie? I forget what it’s called but that was fantastic.

      • *Live! That’s what it was called (with the exclamation in the title too)

        It was about a network being so desperate for a hit show, they had live RR and it became a popular game show in the story’s narrative.

  10. I gave up on this show after the first season. It wasn’t bad but in my opinion it couldn’t really compete with shows like Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy, or Boardwalk Empire.

  11. Damn! Hopefully this is a show that Netflix may be interested in picking up…

  12. After reading this news, I found the entire first season on ITunes, bought it, and just watched them all. I hope they release the full season two, because with JDM sitting in a prison cell, I can’t wait to see what happens next! By the way great acting from JDM, I’m sold how much he loves his Hotel and what he will do to protect it. I’m mad that I didn’t give this show a shot, and now I’m kicking myself cause the characters like Danny Huston aka Ben Diamond ( The Butcher,) I have no clue what horrible act he will do next. The Dog scene from season one, still gets to me.

  13. I liked this show but I didn’t “love it” as much as other shows. The concept was nice along with the acting but it just felt like there was always something missing with this show. JDM was the highlight of this show and that’s why I tuned it but it’s not a show that I absolutely needed to see right away on that day like a GOT, Boardwalk Empire, Breaking Bad, Spartacus, Hannibal, Bates Motel. It was a show that was on the DVR that I would usually check out a week or so after it aired. Starz just can’t seem to find that same Spartacus success lately. Hopefully Deknights new show he’s working on will bring Starz some kind of better success. I think Starz should invest in picking up a show like a Firefly, Jericho, or even a Deadwood

    • I think the difference is that those other shows brought either a lot of intense suspense or high octaine action over and over. Magic City is more like a novel that builds a bit more slowly to build the bigger picture.

      It is a shame they’re letting it go. I thought this season they were really pulling things together and was sure real fireworks were just around the corner. This is one show that just might have done better on comercial TV if placed right. Then again without the swearing, sex, and violence….It’d be pretty watered down.

  14. Loved everything about this show, the characters, acting, pacing, costumes, sets, music, story arcs…all done so perfectly. I was getting worried when I had not heard if Starz picked it up for another season, would love to see another network (or Netflix) save it but I don’t know what the chances of that happening actually are. Definitely going to purchase both seasons on blu ray, I’m really going to miss this show.

  15. I’m done with Starz, this is a joke. Why am I subscribing to this network and taking time to watch series when they just go and kill them before finishing? They did it with Boss which was a great show, now Magic City. Atleast Spartacus got to run its course.

    Its like why am I even gonna bother watching Black Sails in Jan cause the show will get two seasons and then they will cancel it.

  16. I see some saying they liked but didnt love the show, I liked it, didnt love it like other shows but the point is if you invest your time watching something you want to see it finished up. I’d be ok with the show having 2 seasons if they wrapped everything up in those two seasons. This show needed one more season to wrap everything up and then I’m fine with it being taken off the air.

    But leaving fans hanging with Boss and now this show along with Camelot, Starz is doing this to fans alot and its making me reconsider watching anymore Starz series.

    • Totally agree on every point. STARZ obviously does not appreciate it’s customers. And thats fine with me, I won’t be watching STARZ anymore, can’t count on thier shows to NOT be cancelled.

  17. The thing about Starz is they underestimated the success of Spartacus. They thought that by cancelling it early and bringing in other “low cost” series they could duplicate that success and it hasn’t worked. Aside from Magic City, which is now cancelled, Starz doesn’t have that type of show. DaVinci is aweful, and I hear White Queen is a snorefest. Black Sails looks interesting but not enough that I can’t wait for it when it comes out on DVD and Outlander, from news around the web is having issues so who knows. They need to step aside and let the creators have the rings to their shows. I don’t see a need for Starz anymore. I know their big thing is that they bring in the big blockbuster movies first before any other paid channel but with the quality of movies being poor as of late I don’t really care about that anymore. Part of me hopes Deknight gets out of Starz because I think what he brings to a series is pretty awesome and I would hate for it to be rushed, like Spartacus, to get an early closure to the series. Seems like Starz only does 2-4 seasons and that’s a wrap. It’s rather unfortunate because I think some of the series that they have/had could end up being the next GOT if the creators are given full control

  18. Although I agree that they should stick with shows longer….This is the second season and with meager averages like 320k viewers they pretty much have their backs against the wall

  19. Just finished watching the finale and I must say, they wrapped things up pretty well considering it had to all be done in one episode. As much as I liked the show, I for one would rather not see it continue on another network as some are hoping (don’t think that will happen anyway). I know anything’s possible, but I think it would be difficult to carry on after the way things just ended; this final episode really did look like a complete series wrap up.

  20. Really pissed off. Everytime a great series comes along, the bigwigs cancel it. Sometimes not every show is a major hit or does not appeal to all yet still a lot of interest, followers, customers. No matter what the numbers(BTW 320,000 is not small)we as subscribers deserve to continue enjoying the show on the cable channel we pay for. Dont suck us in then spit it out when things don’t go your way STARZ. Finish the story then cancel, but not until and not leaving us hanging because of your greed. I will NEVER get envolved in another STARZ program.

  21. Duuuuuuuuuuude- I loved that show. Sorry Starz- that is a POOR decision. If one invested a couple of episodes, it was a PHENOMENAL show.
    I am sorely disappointed….

  22. Maybe if all the fans here voiced their opinions to Starz directly, they may see the error of their ways.
    Personally- I will boycott STARZ going forward; but I ly after I email and/ or call them to let them know of my displeasure.
    I thoroughly enjoyed Magic City as well as Boss.
    Starz- you SUCK.
    Here is the link to provide feedback for all of us bellyachers:
    Please- voice your opinions. It’s easy!!!

  23. Cant believe it. I ditched boardwalk empire when I came across magic city. In my opinion this was the best show made since the Sopranos. So disappointed. I hope they change there minds.

  24. Don’t let Magic City die. Best show on television. Starz spent all this money on sets but horrible PR. Starz you should be ashamed at yourself as a company. You will also be sorry when you see how far this show goes elsewhere. Sad to hear of the horrible speed bump. Keep your heads up Magic City cast,writers, and everyone involved. Some things have a funny way of working themselfs out.

  25. I watched the last episode last week and didn’t even know it was the last! Lots of lasts in the previous sentence and I am heartbroken that this is the LAST of Magic City. Loved JDM and Danny Huston. I usually caught three showings of each episode & never tired of it.

  26. I am SO disappointed to hear this…
    I loved this show. Starz, PLEASE reconsider.

  27. what is it with Starz and their constant need to just cancel a show right in the middle the season or before they can tie off all the storylines and characters????? I have had it with this premium pay channel!!!! I think I will cancel that channel it’s really not worth watching anymore

  28. This is absoloutly disappointing, please somebody pick this show up.

  29. I am disappointed to discover that Magic City will not be returning for a third season. The powers that be have left its audience forever wondering what happens to an unique aray of characters, especially The Butcher, which we all love to hate !!!