‘Mad Men’ Returns In July; Will End After Season 6?

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mad men Mad Men Returns In July; Will End After Season 6?

AMC has announced that the fourth season of its critically lauded series Mad Men will begin airing on July 25 this year.  Meanwhile, if show creator Matthew Weiner has his way, the 1960s-set TV drama will run no longer than six seasons.

For those unfamiliar with the series, Mad Men revolves around the prestigious advertising firm Sterling & Cooper, a New York-based organization circa 1960.

The show revolves primarily around Don Draper (Jon Hamm), an ingenious salesman with a mysterious past who embraces the elite, deeply segregated world around him — one where individuals are rarely found without either a martini and/or a cigarette in hand — at the cost of his sense of integrity and his quietly suffering wife, Betty (January Jones) and family.

Without SPOILING anything for those not up to date on the show, the third season of Mad Men concluded with a series of life-changing events for both the Draper family and the employees of Sterling & Cooper.  Needless to say, fans have been eagerly awaiting the start of a fourth season ever since.

 Mad Men Returns In July; Will End After Season 6?

Life will be even more interesting for Don Draper in Mad Men's fourth season.

That said, series creator and head writer Matthew Weiner spoke last week at the National Association of Broadcasters convention and revealed that — should the show last long enough — he has plans to end Mad Men after its sixth season.

AMC executives released the following statement to — sort of — show their support for this as well:

“No one wants to see Don Draper wearing a leisure suit.  We trust Matthew’s vision and that he knows where to take the show.  But with that said, ‘M*A*S*H’ figured how to stretch the Korean War for more than a decade, so stay tuned.”

Mad Men has been both an immense critical success — it’s won both the Emmy and Golden Globe for Best Dramatic TV Series two years in a row now — and a popular ratings draw for a cable television show.  So, while the head executives over at AMC would understandably want to keep the series going for as long as they can, Weiner obviously has a good deal of influence on the fate of Mad Men as well.

Besides that, there have been numerous shows in the past that have continued on past their prime.  The production/costume design, acting, writing, and cinematography of Mad Men is all top of the line and it’d be a shame to see the series sacrifice its quality at the whim of TV executives who refuse to acknowledge when their product has run its course.

Happy Days Mad Men Returns In July; Will End After Season 6?

Happy Days, the show that coined the phrase "jumped the shark."

So how do you folks feel?  Excited for Mad Men season four?  Glad that there won’t be more than six seasons?

The countdown to July 25th and the start of the new season of Mad Men starts now. icon smile Mad Men Returns In July; Will End After Season 6?

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  1. I am ecstatic for Season 4! Cannot wait! I'm pretty bummed about it being over after Season 6 though, I think they should continue the show for as long as they can. I don't like the idea of a set timetable for when it will end.

  2. I couldn't be more excited for season 4. Last season ended perfectly and I'm glad there is already an end date but tht scares me with where they could go with it this season

  3. Whatever Weiner decides for Mad Men is what goes. He made a show about advertising in the 60's the most awesome thing ever. I trust his judgement.

  4. Thank God this show isn't on some idiot network like NBC, cranking out 24 episodes of crap a year. It will end in exactly the right spot because the creator of the show is in control.

    • just because the creator is in control doesn’t mean it will end in “the right spot”.
      did you watch “the sopranos?”
      and guess what, your boy the creator was part of both the fifth and sixth seasons of the sopranos
      don’t get me wrong, love sopranos, love mad men, buth
      not all shows end the way you want them to… except for battlestar galactica, and that was only almost how i wanted it to end..

  5. just because the creator is in control doesn’t mean it will end in “the right spot”.
    did you watch “the sopranos?”
    and guess what, your boy the creator was part of both the fifth and sixth seasons of the sopranos
    don’t get me wrong, love sopranos, love mad men, buth
    not all shows end the way you want them to… except for battlestar galactica, and that was only almost how i wanted it to end…..

  6. It’s Sterling Cooper not Sterling & Cooper. They say it a million times an episode

  7. Though I do not like the idea of saying the show is ending here, I certainly wouldn’t want the show to go stretch longer than the full story needs to be told.
    Why does everyone knock how the Sopranos ended? Y’all got played, trapped into “something terrible is going to happen while Meadow was taking forever to park her car”… fished in, fished in, like a lake stocked full of sunfish. Whether you know it or not, that’s exactly what made it a great show, had that not been the announced finale and everyone learned later it wasn’t the final episode… Everyone would have loved that episode!
    I just hope the Mad Men creatives don’t overdue it for a “fin” effect!

  8. I am totally ready for season four and I think it is great when a show has an end point in mind. Unless the show is about nothing (i.e. Seinfeld) writers need to know where they can go and what they can do in order to keep the “wow” up- otherwise they always have to hold back. Imagine thinking about killing somebody off because it would make sense in the show but you can’t because you want to keep you options open for future developments? What about actor leaving because they want to stretch thier wings? If they know the show is over in two more seasons, they can stick it out. If the show is going to go on forever, then they want out now. Remember January Jones, Christine Henricks, Vincent Kartheiser and Elizabeth Moss are rising stars. As much as they love the show I don’t think they want it to be thier only accomplishment.

  9. I have a love/hate relationship with Mad Men. It’s always a slow show; there’s no doubt about that. That said, I enjoyed the first two seasons, for the most part. I was REALLY bored by season 3, though; the ending was its saving grace. Now, I feel like the show is back on an interesting track in season 4. I just watched the premier, and I’m pleased to say I have liked/really liked the last two episodes that have aired (season 3 finale, season 4 premier), despite a lackluster season 3 that, in my opinion, should not win best drama. Mad Men is overrated, but it’s a GOOD show when it’s good. It’s boring and frustrating when it’s bad. I love the idea of having an end date because then maybe we’ll see more planning and avoid seasons like the show’s third. :-)

  10. Since each “season” consists of only 13 episodes, which is not really a full season year of around 22 episodes, 6 seasons is pretty short for a hit show – It is finally getting better and the actors are less wooden and predictable – but naturally having to show change in the characters lives and personalities (and looks) presents a new challenge for the series and its writers and designers etc. The 70s are not the 60′s.

    • Yes, but we have to remember that 22 is an arbitrary number of episodes, popular in the U.S. but by no means a definite standard. In the U.K., most shows only have 6-13 episodes per season or, as they call it, “series.” I actually like shortened seasons, or shortened by the 22-episode standard, because they are tight. There’s usually no (or not as much) filler. The pacing and quality for 12/13-episode seasons is very different than for a 22-episode season. I wouldn’t want every show to be that short, but it works for some shows. Like True Blood. Or Dexter. That said, I think 6 seasons of 13 episodes could be just fine for Mad Men, if that’s the direction Matt Weiner is wanting to take.

  11. I came by Mad Men by chance one night , It must have been well into season one, it looked good. Decided not to spoil it by watching it, so at xmas i brought the box set, season one to three. WOW!!!, LOVED IT, can,t wait to buy season four, however, i understand why they may not want to continue with another season after six. You can go into overkill, and then you may find that what started out as fantastic, then becomes boring, and less exciting to watch. Sometime,s it,s best to let go of a good thing, and remember, you can allways watch the box set….Cara, in England.

  12. Have the first three seasons on disk and can not wait for the next (season four) to come out in the boxed set. Have watched each season at least twice and saw new things each time that I missed the first go round. I can totally relate to the 60′s and the characters too. I can see quite a few more of the characters being developed further into season five and six. I really look forward to seeing each episode. I watch them on my apple computer and enjoy every second. I think it shows a reality that some have a hard time accepting but its pretty on the mark as the saying goes…..and brings back some fond memories. LOVE the show!

    • I love this show also..since day 1! The characters created are the best…and the actors playing them are perfect for each one! Can’t wait to see how Don and the to be Ms. Draper come out. But for me…the only persons I can see together…are Don and the ex wife! I don’t see either of them with anyone else! We’ll see!

  13. Please, please, please don’t end Mad Men after season 6. I love this show, I will be broken hearted. AMC has the best shows on TV. The best: Man Men, Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, True Blood (even if they are back episodes.

    Why would you want to end something so good!

  14. I have been counting the days to Season 5!!!! on March 25th…. cant wait!!!!