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Some version of Mad Max 4 - now known as Mad Max: Fury Road - has been in the works for more than a quarter of a century (since the release of Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome in 1985). To put that in perspective, we’ve had five American presidents, six Summer Olympics, and seven Halloween films in that time.

But now it’s finally happening. After numerous setbacks – the most significant of which was the Iraq War in 2003  - Mad Max: Fury Road is in production as we speak, and we’ve got the set photos to prove it.

The first four photos were uploaded to Tumblr by Australian model-turned-actress, Abbey Lee Kershaw, who plays a caged woman in the film. The next two feature Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (Megan Fox’s replacement in Transformers 3), Zoë Kravitz (X-Men: First Class), Riley Keough (Magic Mike), and Adelaide Clemens (Silent Hill: Revelation 3D) hanging out in Namibia, Africa between shots and were uploaded to Huntington-Whiteley’s Twitter account. And the last two – featuring a massive black truck – were posted on the Super Hero Hype forums.

Check them out below (click to enlarge):

Obviously, there’s not a whole lot to look at in these pictures. For example, the truck photos look almost identical to the ones we reported on earlier in the year when Mad Max: Fury Road was still very much not in production.

But while these photos don’t reveal anything particularly juicy, they do something nearly as important – they provide irrefutable evidence that this movie is actually being filmed.

A Mad Max movie is in production for the first time since the 1980s. George Miller has returned to directing live-action feature films for the first time since Babe 2: Pig in the City. Post-apocalyptic cinema is about to become thoroughly reacquainted with its most soft-spoken and badass protagonist in the form of Tom Hardy’s Max Rockatansky. I think it’s safe to get excited now, people.

Tom Hardy is sporting a massive beard for 'Mad Max: Fury Road'

Mad Max fans have been waiting for this film for so long, it probably seemed like it was never going to happen. But it is happening. It is officially happening. We’re finally going to be able to see what a Mad Max film starring Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron looks like – barring some last minute international disaster, that is.

Are you looking forward to it, Screen Ranters?

Mad Max: Fury Road will likely (cross your fingers) hit theaters in 2013.


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Sources: Abbey Lee Kershaw’s Tumblr, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s Twitter Account, & the Super Hero Hype forums [via Collider]

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  1. Nothing amazing but at least fans know that this movie is actually happening.

  2. Not sure if I am excited or not. Still a shame there’s no Mel, but I like Tom Hardy as an actor so hopefully he can pull it off.

    • I also would have preferred a sequel with Mel to a reboot with Hardy, but sadly, the Hollywood hypocrites are hesitant to let Mel back into the fold. Still, I hope he eventually gets back to real film making, hopefully with the viking epic that he would like to produce.

  3. Does anyone know why they’re not filming this in Australia? I thought Mad Max was set in Australia? So why aren’t they filming there?

  4. Been waiting a long time for this, lets hope Miller hasn’t lost his touch after making kids films for so long, plus there have been a lot of post apocalyptic movies out in the last 20 years which have pretty much used up many of themes and designs created by Max, I’m wondering how a new Max film could show us something different?

  5. A tanker truck. How……original. This looks like they are going to rehash the same Road Warrior story which for me is, been there, done that.

    • I agree with you Mongoose. The first thing I thought when I saw that was ….’lame…another tanker truck road race.’ Is this a sequel or a remake?? How underwhelming.

    • A remake/reboot of an old movie not being original, man hope this isn’t a trend ;) But seriously, there isn’t much they can do with a post-apocalyptic world that probably hasn’t been done, or won’t look totally out of place. Between the Road Warrior and Beyond Thunderdome they did manage to use a lot of different variations of scavenged vehicles that fit the setting of the movie.

      • It’s neither a reboot nor a remake, though. It’s just a continuation.

      • But the best they could do after all this time is come up with yet another story centered around oil/gas and then steal ideas from the first one? As I said, unoriginal and uninspiring.

        Without Gibson to continue the story this is gonna….wait for it…..tank. :)

        • What? Are you divining this out of thin air? Do you really think you can assume the plot of the film based on one vehicle?

          • Divining? hardly, it’s called using a bit of deductive reasoning. The general “theme” of the last movies was centered around relying on old energy types to power their aging equipment.

            So having ANOTHER tanker truck, armed to the teeth just like “Road Warrior” (even has people defending on top), is very big “tell” imho. I may not be able to lay out the entire plot from those pics but I can discern that the reliance on fossil fuels is still the theme.

            • Considering the trend in Hollywood right now, you can’t blame anyone for not thinking this could be a reboot/remake whatever. There are movies that have been released that nobody seems to be able to agree on where they fall on the continuity scale as it relates to past movies that it shares a common theme or name with.

              With just set pictures to go from, people are going to see similar vehicles out in the desert and may draw a conclusion about the plot. Nobody will really know until the movie comes out. Odds are though it is going to revolve around fuel, or ever possibly water if they want to change things up. I would guess out in a desert that could be more valuable then gas.

            • The little information we know about the film says it’s going to be about female slave-trade. But, you know, whatever. You have the real lowdown from some magical divining rod.

              • I do believe I said, “I may not be able to lay out the entire plot”, did I not? Whatever else this film’s plot will have, it most certainly will continue to use the now ultra rare oil/gas angle to power their now ancient/cobbled together vehicles. It will be the underlying “theme” and i mentioned nothing about the actual “plot” now did I?

                As an example the “plot” of Beyond Thunderdome was about Max being hired as an assassin to kill someone BUT……the underlying theme was still dealing with past energy sources (in this case methane)

                @Slayer….while I agree water is a precious resource in the desert, the cataclysm didn’t wipe out the ability to make water, so it still exists. However the ability to produce gas will have been all but wiped out except on a very local level (ala Road Warrior) and since they are all apparently still able to drive their vehicles (which is becoming more of a stretch as time goes on), that means it still exists but will be extremely hard to come by.

        • Like those tired Fast and Furious movies… give me a break! (read:sarcasm)

  6. This is great news! We’re actually going to see a movie that is a continuation of the series, as opposed to some useless origin reboot.

    • Cough*ACK!!!*spiderman*ahem*..

  7. Looks like those annoying kids from Beyond Thunderdome have grown up.

  8. Mad Max – Mel Gibson = Superman – Christopher Nolan
    Probabably going to be good, but will never live up to its legendary status.

    I can’t believe Mel fell of the tracks. Could you imagine the movies we would have if he didn’t? Truly a cinematic tragedy.

    • Christopher Reeves . . . damn Nolan for getting inside my head . .

      • haha, I was trying to make the connection and my brain started to overheat. :)

  9. Hot girls for a world without salons…

  10. Casting Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is one way to guarantee long legs at the box office.

    • HaHa!!
      Once again Mr. Palmer one of your short but witty comments is my favorite of the day…

      • Say, thanks Keven7…very kind of you to say.

      • I see I misspelled your handle, Kevin7.

        It is because I was thinking of the musical
        alliteration of Kevin and Seven and how the
        capital K is the perfect bookend to number 7.

        For these reasons you win the title best handle.

  11. Considering that Tom Hardy is about to enter the A-list mega star level with TDKR there’s a good chance that this movie will garner a lot of attention and possibly big box office numbers.
    But that doesn’t mean the film is going to be any good. I hope it is, I really do but like always until we see some footage we won’t know for sure.

    • it could be the best movie ever

    • The Mad Max series was never much for epic story telling… I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that the Gyro-Captain and Max didn’t know eachother in the 3rd movie! WTF!!!!

      • But…those were two different characters?

  12. As many have stated, this is yet another sequel / remake/ reboot whatever you want to call it these days.

    What made the first two films in particular, so special was indeed the raw, brutal nature of the action. They both had an organic and hyper violent energy feel to them that you think will be sanitised / diluted through this sequel, in order to rake in more cash.

    I too feel that it won’t be the same without Mel. I agree with darksificous about the the tragic nature of his fall from grace. Gibson was without doubt up the with Cruise, Ford , Stallone etc as one of the true superstars of the 80s and 90s. Have to say that even without his off screen antics, he hasn’t aged well – and probably wouldn’t look as awesome in the role now (ala Ford with Indiana Jones)

    Tom Hardy’s stock is rising to a degree I’ll give him that, but he still doesn’t have the star power to carry this film alone for a box office hit. It would be better to have Mel playing the original Max with Hardy as a younger character beside him, ready to take over the lead in the story.

    • You say Tom Hardy doesn’t have the star power to make this a box office hit, but Mel Gibson wasn’t a star when the first two came out. Obviously, it doesn’t much matter how big Hardy’s star is in terms of how good the movie is. And having him play the “next generation” or whatever “ready to take the lead” in future films is a terrible cliche at this point, and one that’s never really succeeded. Have we EVER seen a movie pull that off?

      • @Ben.

        Yes, Mel Gibson wasn’t a superstar before Mad Max, but then there had never been a film like Mad Max before. Those were the days where action films had original concepts. Tom Hardy or not, this reboot will ultimately suffer from the usual comparisons to the originals from which it will unlikely not stand up to.

        God forbid, but if they made another Indiana Jones film, would you accept another actor as the lead role? Exactly. The same principle applies for Mad Max. The Road Warrior especially has a ever continuing iconic status. We will always know the Road Warrior as Mel Gibson, and Tom Hardy wouldn’t change that no matter how good he is.

        Playing a new character, would give Tom Hardy greater range to perform and open up fresher possibilities in terms of storytelling.

        • I don’t think Indiana Jones and Mad Max are exactly comparable, but I wouldn’t mind seeing another Indiana Jones film way down the line starring someone else. IF it was good. IF the actor was excellent. Really, nothing else matters.

          Obviously, THE Road Warrior will always be Mel Gibson, but if the film is good, that’s all that matters.

    • Yes… Tom Hardy does not have much star power at this current time… However, The Dark Knight has also yet to Rise!

  13. I love Tom Hardy, he is AWESOME!!! I loved Road Warrior! This looks like Road Warrior with Tom Hardy! What’s not to love???

  14. Love the original trilogy, including “Beyond.” I’ve wanted more, but I’m leery that they won’t suck the energy out of it with too much CGI, less practical stunts, and too many “cleaned-up” actors. The first movies had lots of leathery faces and crooked teeth. The dialogue was economical too.

    • What would they even need to do that would require cgi? From the set images it is clear they are going for the empty desert and weird vehicle theme. Practical effects are usually cheaper than cgi to produce anyway!

  15. Oh god…please don’t let it be yet another Hollywood “reboot” of a movie that doesn’t need rebooting…they’re becoming just a little too fond of “rebooting” everything in site. Still, guess it means they’re safe from having to come up with original ideas…

  16. From what I had read the production was moved to Africa, because the original area used in New South Whales, AU, no longer resembles a waste land. Record rains have brought all types of growth,flowers etc.
    I believe this will effect my critique of the film.

  17. Calling Mel Gibson crazy in Hollywood means next to nothing. He’s the one that gets negative publicity because he forgets who made him who he is. Same goes with Charlie Sheen’s, how easily it can all go away. It started for him when he opened his mouth about 911. Hollywood has a long history of secrecy and values image above all as it makes money.

    The only thing I’m worried about in remakes: if it’s made politically correct it will ruin the franchise. A clever director can get around it, so I hope Disney’s not connected to it. If Hardy gives a performance like he did with Bane, wow.

  18. I just can’t stomach MadMax without Mel.

  19. ok people, think of what makes a good movie. Attention to detail, cinematography, good writing, and ‘something new’ to the eye. If they are changing the vehicles, and if charlize theron said the script scared the beep out her, then that is good enough for me. I’m sure Miller knows to account for the opinion of the fans as he put us here. I just hope it brings something new to the mad max table of storytelling, characters, and attention to detail. The Road Warriors attention to unwritten details was awesomeeeeee. Each costume, vehicle, and background were just full of eye candy. Ahthankyou