‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Sequel Script Already Written

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Mad Max Fury Road Hardy Desert Mad Max: Fury Road Sequel Script Already Written

In the many, sundry protocols of franchise maintenance, there’s not much to be said for directorial continuity: lucrative film series don’t need to have the same person at the reins for each installment. Take, for example, the chronicles of Harry Potter and Twilight, which both went through four directors from start to finish.

So that makes George Miller kind of an anomaly among most of his peers. After taking a twenty year break from the franchise he originally made his bones with (during which time he busied himself with such projects as Babe and both Happy Feet films), Miller is finally returning to his old stomping ground with Mad Max: Fury Road. Judging by his presentation at San Diego Comic-Con this past weekend, taking a couple of decades off from making post apocalyptic dystopian films set in Australia has been a serious tonic for him.

Get excited, in other words, for the imminent return of Max Rockatansky in 2015 – and possibly even beyond. In between catalyzing buzz by blowing minds in Hall H with a totally bonkers trailer for his new film, Miller spoke at length about the universe he’s created in Fury Road, and the preparation that went into its conception. Turns out that his well laid plans for the film tangentially involved penning two more Mad Max stories, one of which exists as a novel, and the other a script.

To hear it from Miller, the excess of writing was actually a necessity just to successfully put pen to paper on Fury Road. Here’s the full quote from Miller himself:

“In order to tell this story, we came up with two others. We’ve written the screenplay to one and the novelization of another – but it’s a very rough novel. We kept working on them while we were working on other things.”

Mad Max Fury Road Hardy Mad Max: Fury Road Sequel Script Already Written

Rough or not, hearing this is almost as exciting as first hearing that the Mad Max series would be making a comeback following a prolonged absence from multiplexes and a lengthy, frequently troubled road to production (including a series of anxiety inducing reshoots). The journey from the early days of getting Mad Max: Fury Road underway to now, where the film has scored big in test screenings on its way to its summer 2015 opening date; bearing all that in mind, the notion of getting one new Mad Max picture is incredible enough.

So hearing Miller talk openly about the pair of additional Mad Max yarns he has in his back pocket is kind of unbelievable, and gives new reason to pray for Fury Road‘s critical and commercial success. Apart from the obvious pride Miller has in the new movie, the amount of energy he’s poured into revitalizing the character for modern audiences is respectable – and if seeing Max back in action on the big screen once is cool, seeing him twice would naturally be even cooler.

Where those two potential sequels might go is, of course, a mystery at this point, just knowing that Max’s tale could expand beyond 2015 is pretty thrilling, especially since it looks like Miller, Hardy, and co. have absolutely nailed it with this go-round.

Mad Max: Fury Road opens in theaters on May 15th, 2015.

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  1. Could someone school me on that Mad max comic or movie or whichever please? I do not have a clue of what it is all about

    • Watch the Mad Max 80s movies and then you’ll understand.

      • Or help him out with a brief description to save him the time so that if he’s interested by reading what they’re about, he can decide whether or not to watch them and catch up before Fury Road releases.

        Never fails to annoy me on websites and message boards when someone has a genuine question and the first response is “Google it and find out”.

        Isn’t it better to have people knowledgeable in the subject to explain and help them understand rather than simply being rude for no reason?

    • The original trilogy?

      Basically, Mel Gibson plays a highway patrolman on a large stretch of the Australian landscape that mostly consists of long stretches of desert. A band of outlaw bikers were terrorising people and so Max’s best friend was sent to apprehend them but before backup could arrive, he was horribly burned, ending in his death in hospital.

      Max was given time to grieve and took his wife and son on vacation to a remote place they enjoyed where the bikers happened to take a liking to Max’s wife. End result, she was terrified by them, ran and they knocked both her and her son down, killing both as Max caught up to them and thus he went insane with rage and hunted them down.

      The closing moments of the first movie (released in 1979) involved Max handcuffing a biker to his own overturned car and then gave him a hacksaw, giving him the choice of sawing through his own leg to escape or blow up with the car (gas was pouring out of it and there was fire nearby).

      Mad Max: The Road Warrior was set further in the future, where tribes formed to seek out gas since it was a rare commodity. Think Kevin Costner’s Waterworld but in the Australian Outback rather than the ocean.

      Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome released in 1987 and saw Max captured and made to fight in the Thunderdome, a large cage (dome shaped) to the death against other prisoners. He also saved a small tribe of children, honestly been years since I saw it so memory’s hazy beyond that.

      Basic story?

      Dystopian future, Australian Outback, gas and oil are precious and rare commodities that tribes of people rely on to survive or to barter with.

      • Thank you very much Dazz for schooling me!!! Your explanation sparked my interest and I am going to watch the original Mad max movies. I needed a fan to school me on it because when I watched the teaser trailer on screenrant, I taught to myself: “what the heck is this? Is it one of those niche B-movies that only appeal to a specific type of audiences or is it more than that?” Thanks again

        • Yup…Mad max was awesome for it’s time…and believe it or not…the 80s movies hold up very well. They are timeless.

        • You’re welcome, man.

      • Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome was released in 1985. And he only fought Master-Blaster in the Thunderdome.

  2. Same, I never seen Mad Max either, but I think it’ll just end up like a total Max Payne thing.

    • Meaning?

  3. I find it sad that im not even surprised by this type of stuff. While true gems like pacific rim and dredd are left for dead in terms of sequels. Souless crap like is gonna make so much money a sequel is guaranteed.

    • How is this souless crap? It’s a remake of the 80′s classic trilogy, written and directed by the same dude, with one of the best actors around today playing Mad Max. And Pacific Rim is getting a sequel.

    • Yes this gonna be a crap without Gibson.

      • This is Tom Hardy though.

        I was dubious about it being without Gibson but when Hardy signed on, my worries disappeared. Really looking forward to him playing both of the Kray twins in a new movie about them, as well as his appearance in season 2 of Peaky Blinders on BBC2 next month with Cillian Murphy, Sam Neill and Helen McRory.

    • The Mad Max trilogy wasn’t soulless crap, Pacific Rim is getting a sequel.

      Otherwise, I agree on the Dredd part, we definitely need more.

      • I think Tom Hardy might even improve on the Max Rockatansky role. Mel Gibson isn’t very imposing, but Tom Hardy is.

        • Mel is actually taller… Hardy is a short runt…

          • Imposing doesn’t equal taller though.

            Hardy’s a stocky 5’9. Hell, I’m a stocky 5’9 and I’ve had friends who are taller than me say that they feel safer walking the streets with me around. Lord knows why, I hate violence and up until I helped friends against drunken idiots back in 2009, I hadn’t been in a fight since 1997.

          • Taller doesn’t equal more imposing though.

            Hardy’s a stocky 5’9. Hell, I’m a stocky 5’9 and I’ve had taller friends say they feel safer walking the streets with me around.

          • Gibson is 8th of an inch taller than Hardy, basically they are both 5ft9.
            Short runt… lol go tell Hardy that.

    • I guess the director George Miller has had a hand drawn storyboard/script for years and used this, rather than a regular screenplay, to get Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron’s interest.

      That sounds like a project with soul to me.

      • You can always tell when a writer truly loves what they’re doing because they have all this periphery material as well as the main course because the ideas flow so much that you can’t help yourself.

    • @jit

      How is this soulless crap? Mad Max is one of those films that was just soo insanely good that I wasn’t surprised they would try to do something with the franchise. Pacific Rim, although nothing new or innovative, is getting a sequel. I feel Dredd not getting a sequel would have been a bigger travesty than Pacific Rim not getting one but at least we will get another PR.

  4. Why is it that no one who writes for this site is able to use “reins” properly instead of “reigns”? Is it an intentional editorial directive?

    • No, it’s just a typo. These things happen. Thanks for the catch!

      • For what it’s worth, I’m not trying to pick on you specifically, Andy.

        As I understand it, SR is run more informally than other sites, in terms of wanting to get articles typed and put out there, while being willing to make all sorts of corrections afterwards if necessary. As such, things like typos, and odd sentence structure, and so on, are things that tend to happen here with some regularity. I get it, and it’s really not a big deal.

        But, as I indicate in my first comment, the misuse of “reigns” when it comes to the taking of them is practically an epidemic here among the entire group of contributors. So, if there’s anything I’m going to post a grammar-Nazi comment about, it’s that one.

  5. Had it not been for George Miller returning and Tom Hardy’s casting as Max I would skip this but it simply looks too damn awesome. Btw, its a interquel not a reboot for those uninformed.

    • Had to do a search of the article to make sure I didn’t stupidly refer to this as a reboot, but I didn’t. Thanks for being alert regardless, and yes, this isn’t a “reboot” in the slightest. I somehow think opinion would be slightly more turned against it if that was the case.

      • I assumed it was somehow set between Road Warrior and Thunderdome, no idea why. Maybe that’s still the case?

        They should get Tom in the Highlander reboot if that’s still going ahead.

  6. This is awesome news, Mad Max is my most anticipated film next year along with Star Wars, George Miller is the master of intense car chase scenes, Fury Road will be no exception, You just have to see what he did with his first Mad Max film to know what he’s capable of, what he done with a nothing budget was incredible, and it was all real stunts, zero CG or special effects. Its a scary thought what he’s going to do with Fury Road with a huge budget, going off the trailer though its going to be way out of control! Im curious to know whether he will bring back characters like “the Toe cutter”, “Master Blaster” or “the Knight Rider” as this is a reboot? does anyone know this?

    • Toe Cutter is the guy in the trailer wearing the skeleton mask (long blonde hair).

      He got the same actor but made him wear a mask to avoid potential confusion amongst audiences who might recognise him as one character from a previous film when he’s actually playing a different role in this one.

  7. I stayed up last night watching all 3 after watching this trailer.(I’ve only watched the 1st before) They are pretty good cult like movies. Very weird at times but I admire what George Miller has done. He built this with his own money and passion. All stunts and action were real. This one looks like the best for sure. Hardy is going to own it!

  8. Can’t wait, this is going to be awesome! Long live mad max!

  9. Preview looks great, can wait till it’s out in theaters
    I was wondering why did they demolish the last of the
    V8 interceptors again.

  10. Mad Max is def a classic. The first one is probably my favorite… Thunderdome could have been great, but felt it was too long and drawn out… The Thunderdome was awesome though and so was Tina Turner!

  11. I think the Interceptor is the key for the time frame. That is the first thing we thought when we saw the trailer for the first time. BT. ( before Thunderdome)

    • And it would have to be BRW too.

    • From what I’ve read, this movie doesn’t fit neatly neatly into the original trilogy, BUT it sounds like the BEST fit would be between the 1st and 2nd movies. Miller has suggested that Max is still in deep mourning for his family, and living like an anti-social hermit. Furiosa swoops in (along with a ton of bad guys) and forces him to not only find his humanity again, but to tap into his rage and use it to defeat the baddies. Whereas “Mad Max” was the death of Max Rockatanski, “Fury Road” is the birth of The Road Warrior.

  12. Does anyone think that Charlize Theron’s character could end up being Max’s wife? His wife, last we saw her in Mad Max, had lost an arm and had a lot of organ problems on a hospital bed. But she was alive and the doctor thought she would pull through. Okay, she lost her right arm, not left, but it seems a possibility to me.

    • er.. No. In Mad Max 2 it is revealed his wife died from her injuries.

    • Nope, but Max’s dead child has been changed to a teenage girl from what I’ve heard, making it harder for him to turn down Furiosa’s request that he lead her gang of young sex slaves out of the wastelands.

  13. The finished script is not so much a sequel as a spin-off: “Furiosa” follows Charlene Theron’s character. The novel he’s written is the Mad Max sequel.