‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Reshoots Planned to Build Up Additional Story Material

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Tom Hardy as Max in Mad Max Fury Road 570x294 Mad Max: Fury Road Reshoots Planned to Build Up Additional Story Material

Almost thirty years have passed since the release of George Miller’s sci-fi threequel Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome, and that alone should be enough to tip even non-fans off to the fact that the fourth film in the series has had a little bit of trouble getting off the ground. Production on Mad Max: Fury Road has been plagued by a range of delays, and even with the movie apparently in the can it seems there is still work to be done.

The reasons behind the additional filming that’s planned for this month have so far been unclear, with some reports claiming that Miller was given extra money for an action sequence after being pleased with a rough cut of the film, while other evidence suggests that Miller did not manage to finish the film on time last year. If the latter is true, then it seems strange that Warner Bros. would wait an entire year before giving a greenlight to extra filming time.

Star Tom Hardy (The Dark Knight Rises), who is taking over the iconic role from Mel Gibson, has now shed a little light on the matter of the reshoots and what they’re for. Speaking to Flicks and the City on the red carpet at the BFI London Film Festival, Hardy was enthusiastic about the project and gave a little more insight into what the additional shooting is for:

“[Mad Max] is great, it’s a big old beast, it’s a behemoth. I’m off out there next week to do some reshoots – well, not reshoots, actually, we’re doing more. Building more Mad Max that’s even more spectacular.”

Mad Max Fury Road vehicles Mad Max: Fury Road Reshoots Planned to Build Up Additional Story Material

Hardy’s account of the extra days planned for filming Mad Max: Fury Road could fit with either of the two main possible explanations: either the current cut of the film doesn’t have enough material to tie it all together, or Warner Bros. is confident enough in Miller’s existing work to invest more money into creating bigger setpieces.

After the long and heavy slog that it has taken for Miller to finally get his fourth Mad Max script filmed, it’s tempting to go with the more optimistic version. After all, Hardy is an excellent choice for a leading man and some of the vehicles that have been photographed on set, like the one above, definitely seem to be a return to the aesthetics that made the original films great. Miller has spent a long time away from the genre, with his last three films being Happy Feet, Happy Feet 2 and Babe: Pig in the City, but that doesn’t mean that he will have lost his vision for the Mad Max series along the way.

Will Mad Max: Fury Road be as spectacular as Hardy claims, or will the cracks in the development and filming process show in the finished product? Tell us in the comments if you’re feeling positive about the additional shooting that’s been scheduled, or if you think it spells trouble.


Mad Max: Fury Road is expected to release in 2014, though a specific date has not yet been announced.

Source: Flicks and the City (via CBM)

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  1. Arg! I hate to see one of my most beloved franchises struggle this hard.

  2. Would have much preferred Mel Gibson in this. Since he is not in it, it will be a DVD or Netflix watch for me.

  3. People panicking over nothing.

  4. This production has been stalled from the get go, I have heard rumors from the Auzzie dollar going up to unseasonal rains to some sh*t to do with Peter Jackson and I honestly feel sorry for the cast/crew and everyone involved.

    There will people saying “this movie will be bad” sighting all kind of production problems which will ultimately affect peoples judgment of the final movie.

    I hope its good, I really do, and not just for my own personal reasons of wanting to see another Mad Max movie but for all the individuals for whom this film may mean a hell of a lot more than a 2 hour popcorn fest.

  5. Without Mel Gibson, this aint a true Mad Max Movie. Fudge this.

    • Mel Gibson is far too old to return to this franchise plus his toxic personality hardly endears him to film-makers.

      • He’s far from being too old. Have you seen recent pictures of him, how he has been working out and bulking up? Don’t be an ageist.

        As concerns his “toxic personality”, there are few among the Hollywood hypocrites, as well as the rest of us, who don’t have some issues and problems. If anybody still resents him, for name-calling, it says more about them than him.

        • LMAO at being accused of being ageist.

          He is 57, if you want a parody Mad Max, then Gibson could do it along the lines of Stallone, Schwarzenegger et al.
          Then the film would be ripped to pieces and Gibson ridiculed. If the film had been made a few years ago then yes, Gibson would have been the right man for the job. He knows himself that he isn’t now.

          I am actually a fan of Gibson but I don’t have to employ him. He has alienated far too many to be considered for high profile films at present. Hence his appearance in Machete Kills which even he looked embarrassed to be in.

          His cameo in Mad Max: Fury Road is fine with me and him I guess or else he wouldn’t have agreed to it.

          • We’ll have to agree to disagree. Just because an actor, and thus the character, has gotten older does not make it a parody. That comment betrays your beliefs, if only subtly. I didn’t hear he was doing a cameo in the film. Just a rumor, or has it been confirmed?

            • John McClane has aged alongside Bruce Willis, the last Die Hard proved that he is now at that age to give up on the action roles. He is of comparable age to Mel. Whether you like it or not, age changes you. Your reactions alter and no matter what shape you are in, you cannot cope with the rigours required of such roles. It shows in your body. For it to look convincing, even the mildest of action would have to be performed by stunt doubles. Why risk it when a younger man is more than capable?

              The cameo hasn’t been officially announced but I’d bet my home it will happen.

              • I understand what you are conveying about natural physical deterioration, but the last Die Hard was bad because of the writing, not the actor. Gibson has also been working out as of late and has really bulked up. Google some recent pictures of him. I personally still feel he could pull off Mad Max.

                The trick for these actors is to accept and incorporate their age into their roles, much like Clint Eastwood was successful in doing in his later films.

                • Bulking up is only part of it, at Mel’s age, his joints etc wouldn’t be able to take the strain. He hasn’t done physical roles in recent years. Even the likes of Sly and Arnie who have kept up a fairly strict regime have to be careful.

                  There is every chance that had Gibson taken the title role, he would have suffered an injury that would have rendered the film footage already filmed useless. Far too big a risk for any studio in these days of economic woes.

                  As for Die Hard, it was bad for all sorts of reasons but Willis is past it now and it showed.

                  We have the likes of Expendables and Red for older action stars to appear in and at least acknowledge their age and limitations.

          • Who said he’s in it? There’s no info that suggests that he has a cameo in Fury.

            • He doesn’t. There was a rumor, but it’s unsubstantiated and untrue.

    • Give a new actor a opportunity, ok ? Mel Gibson is so over. A new actor is welcome.

      • “so over”…you sound like a teenager. He may be “over” to you, but not to countless others who would still like to see him, if the Hollyweird hypocrites could “get over” their self-righteous rage.

  6. Man! All the time and effort they’re putting into making this movie happen is crazy. It better be a 5 hour movie. Can’t wait until they are finally done! From the new video game trailer alone got me extremely excited. It’s gonna be sick!!

    • I’m not ill, but dammit, get it made before I die!!!

    • Why don’t you just install a pop up blocker? It’s not like this is the only site on the Internet to use pop ups!

    • What concern is it of yours how much money they are making? I don’t like the pop-up adds either, but I deal with it, as I like the site in general. If you can’t handle it, move on.

  7. I just hope this film is true to Mad Max 2. MM3 was a kids film that looked like Disney got hold of it.

  8. The mobile version of this site is awful. I can handle headlines on a screen, I don’t need pretty boxes for every story and constant side swiping to see others. What is wrong with scrolling? Also the best buy ads are so intrusive and in your face. How do I get back to the real site? This one sucks. Probably developed by someone who thinks they are so cool and hip and innovative

    • I hear u

    • Mi 2

  9. Yes get back to work its been a while now, looking forward for the game though

  10. Been waiting for years for this film. Mel gibson has a cameo a a nomad…or drifter. Look it up. Mel said he was too old for the role even though he wanted to play max again. So he is passing the torch. This film is actualy my most anticipated for next year…well this and godzilla
    Tom hardy is a great actor and I will be looling forward to seeng him play the bronze

  11. We all know that this will never match up to the first two which are hugely influential classics in their own right.

    Beyond Thunderdome was a classic case of the studio, completely diluting the source material’s true nature in favour of box office profits. It’s unreal how kiddie orientated it is when you compare it to the first two.

    True it still wont feel right if Mel isn’t there in some capacity.

  12. I, for one, am happy Hardy got the part. In fact, I probably wouldn’t have given this a chance had they picked anyone else to replace Gibson. I just want the movie to hurry up! Been waiting way too long for this.

    A night consisting of beer and watching the first 3 will lead up to me seeing this movie at midnight, first day…