‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Testing ‘Extremely Well’; No Mel Gibson Cameo

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Tom Hardy as Max in Mad Max Fury Road Mad Max: Fury Road Testing Extremely Well; No Mel Gibson Cameo

It seems these days that any strong genre film spawns a wealth of imitators, but for some reason, the unique mix of post-apocalyptic scavenging and car combat introduced with the original Mad Max has seen few other entries. And in recent years, it seemed even George Miller’s Mad Max: Fury Road would have trouble making it to completion.

Despite setbacks, the director revealed on set in Australia that as filming completes, the film is already testing ‘extremely well,’ even without a cameo from the original ‘Max.’

After reports of re-shoots first surfaced, skepticism continued to build, with the implication being that Fury Road may not have been testing as well as Warner Bros. had hoped. Tom Hardy (the man playing the titular hero) was quick to shoot down those assertions, explaining that he would be heading to Australia not for re-shoots, but simply “more Mad Max that’s even more spectacular.

Now, director George Miller has explained to the Sydney Morning Herald that despite the worrying press, the film’s finishing touches are proceeding as hoped. And even more importantly, the reactions from early test screenings have been promising:

”Our film, luckily after a ridiculous amount of work, is testing extremely well…We’re very happy. There has been a lot of doubt about it, [people saying] ‘it took so long’, but Warners have delayed it until 2015 to go into the top weekend of the year.”

Mad Max Fury Road vehicles Mad Max: Fury Road Testing Extremely Well; No Mel Gibson Cameo

Miller went on to explain that whether due to visual continuity or an homage to the original Mad Max films, the filming of the opening and final sequences were planned to be filmed in Australia from the start (many of the exterior shots were filmed in Namibia and South Africa). The newspaper points out that rains brought plant life to the Australian landscape on more than once occasion, limiting when and where production could take place.

Exactly how much weather can be blamed for the project going over budget remains to be seen. But even if Warner Bros.’ decision to intervene and heighten supervision was a sign of trouble, the ship looks to be righted. After pulling a no-show at Comic-Con 2013, it looks as though leading man and new ‘Max Rockatansky’ Tom Hardy and cast will be able to appear in San Diego next summer, since Fury Road won’t be hitting theaters until May 2015 – a full three years after filming began.

That length between starting production and hitting screens is certainly never a good thing, but the studio’s decision to release it in the middle of an increasingly-crowded summer could be viewed as a sign of confidence. Hardy’s star may be on the rise, but going up against the likes of Batman vs. Superman and The Avengers: Age of Ultron, even indirectly, means the studio is confident they can make up their sizable budget despite serious competition.

Mad Max Fury Road Vehicles Mad Max: Fury Road Testing Extremely Well; No Mel Gibson Cameo

Unfortunately, Miller also confirmed in the interview that although rumors of a Mel Gibson cameo in Fury Road had circled from the start, fans will have to be contented with the newest incarnation alone:

“It would have been nice somehow but, no, it’s not true.”

The director did tease that Gibson’s original Interceptor would appear in the finished film, so hopefully that will be enough for diehard fans. But in all honesty, we can’t blame Miller or Warner Bros. for breaking some ties with the former star in favor of launching a completely new take on the post-apocalyptic hero. If the film finds success, it will be interesting to see if the series continues its ‘interquel’ structure (Fury Road is set between Mad Max and The Road Warrior) or breaks off on its own.

What do you make of either the lengthy production or release date? Do you take it as a sign that Warner Bros. believes in the finished product? Or do you still have your doubts? Share your own thoughts in the comments.

Mad Max: Fury Road will release in U.S. theaters on May 15th, 2015.

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Source: Sydney Morning Herald (via Indiewire)

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  1. Awesome. Hopefully this film is a worthy follow up to The Road Warrior. Let’s just pretend Beyond the Thunderdome never existed. Even though the film wasn’t that bad, but still…

    • hey thunder dome was my favorite

  2. I thought he was supposed to have a cameo?? dafuq?

  3. No Gibson? :(

  4. I would have much preferred Gibson reprising his role, as I do not believe he looks too old to do it, and they could have made the timeframe of the movie another ten or 20 years in the future.

    As it is, I’ll still see it, but on DVD.

    • You love enforcing your opinions on every article, don’t you?

      • Ah…I’m expressing my opinion, like everyone else here, John.

        Do you care to clarify how you think I am “enforcing” it?

      • And also, John, I have now expressed my opinion in only three of the last dozen articles or so. Again, if you can, please clarify the problem that you seem to have…

        • People are really picking on you today!

          • Only a couple, but I’m actually finding it kind of funny. It shows just how intolerant some people can be of other people’s opinions.

            • jeezus jeff shut up lol jk I agree with your opinion. I like hardy enough to check it out tho

              • :)

    • It doesn’t matter what YOU believe. He said he’s too old and that’s the bottom line.
      AND with all the crap Gibson has done that’s not good for his own publicity I can see why people have distanced themselves from him. Off screen he’s not a particularly nice bloke!

      • I hear the same about Woody Allen as a babysitter and the same for Roman Polanski, but I guess there bad behavior gets a pass.
        Pedophile- no problem. Anti-Semite- No sir, not in Hollywood.
        It’s amazing what type of “bad” behavior Hollywood will accept.

    • Here, Here Jeff. Mel Gibson should have been casted again as Mad Max. Just re-enforcing your opinion. Ha, Ha. It would have been great to see Max aged and still surviving the post apocalypse. I am betting that people will not age that well in the post apocalypse, but I guess the public wants to see a good looking guy dashing his way across the wasteland.

    • i agree should have had gibson even with his rocky past

  5. I’m really hoping this kicks off. Perhaps in the current trend of Video Game adaptations we’re seeing it may lead to a Fallout movie. Or atleast a slew of post apocalyptic movies. A genre that is rarely done well. The Original Mad Max movies being the exception of course.

    As for no Gibson. Not that bothered, would of been nice to see him but not the end of the road. (no pun intended) Tom Hardy will make a worthy Max I’m sure

  6. Oh no ! I would’ve like to see him as an oldie giving some advice to Mad Max (Tom Hardy)

  7. Can’t wait to see the intercepter again, it’s a beast, and Tom Hardy better do a good Aussie accent!

  8. “Testing very well.”

    Didnt snakes on a plane test well with a test group? Didn’t a test group hate the original ending to I am legend and Little shop of horrors and wind up having the U.S version of The decent cut a few seconds early?

    Hate to say it but I don’t trust the test audiences. They tend to be a bit crazy.

  9. I would’ve liked Mel to be in it but I’m not too bothered if he isn’t. After all, I enjoyed Terminator: Salvation and Arnold Schwarzenegger didn’t appear in that movie either.

    • Uh Actually Arnold DID appear in the Film. The T-800 you see is Him, Just all Digital.

  10. That’s the first I’ve heard about this being a “interquel”???. Anyway, I can’t wait to see it. The Road Warrior is one of my favorite movies of all time. If not the favorite.

  11. It’s a shame Gibson will not be appearing, but it’s understandable given the notoriety that he brings.

    Just hoope it goes back to the raw, exciting nature of Road Warrior, with as little CGI as possible. Beyond Thunderdome was badly diluted for the kids and greater box office gain.

    Can’t they get anywhere near the epic spectacle of the tanker chase? It will be interesting to see

  12. This movie is going to get swallowed up in Summer 2015. Sad I love Mad Max.

  13. I hope there is absolutley no cgi. So if this is in between madmax and the road warrior then max should have his intercepter. The car don’t get blown up till the middle of the road warrior. .so it better make for than a cameo. I would like to just see a sequil to beyond thunderdome.

  14. What did Mel Gibson do to fall out of favor besides make a Christian movie which ticked off the liberals on the left coast. What? A few angry voice mails to his ex? Who doesn’t loose their cool now and then? I would not judge him for that without knowing the whole story and none of us ever know. Who was the A-hole publishing his private business anyway?

    • That and the “Jews are the cause of all wars…” blah blah blah. He went off the deep end a bit and pissed some people off. I live in America, you are allowed to have an opinion and voice it, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be consequences. Just because legal action won’t be taken doesn’t mean it is without repercussions. Public opinion of public people can hurt a career. Personally, I don’t agree with him but I haven’t stopped watching his films. His job is to entertain me, not give me his version of a history lesson. Personally I’d rather see them ‘reboot” the series with a bit more gritty realism that is allowed in today’s market. Most films out now with gratuitous violence would have been rated X in the day of Gibson’s Max. Let’s hope they don’t make the mistake of the “Robocop” reboot and make it PG-13. Robocop and the Road Warrior were successful because of the R rating. You can see what happens when they change them to PG-13, pure garbage. i.e. Robocop 3, Thunderdome.

      • I grew up in Israel, and Gibson is still my childhood hero. the funny thing is that if would have attacked islam, his career would go up and not down. it all depends on what you are allowed and not allowed to trash these days. personally I think that they didn’t cast him because every movie he made since his statements failed big time, and didn’t even break even. it was a financial reasons. I would have gone to watch a mad max 4 with Gibson, and so would many others. but unfortunately we would never know. and has I said, any one who read this: please do not support a mad max with tom hardy! if they don’t want Gibson’ that’s fine, but we deserve a better Mad max then this!

      • I am not sure I agree with you regarding violence in the Max era. Max and Max II (ie The Road Warrior) were brutally violent in a way we rarely see now. I am so friggin’ excited to see this. I am choosing to believe that George Miller will do right with this. I think he knows what the audience craves, and I hope WB has given him the leeway to give it to us.

  15. I think its a joke that they let tom hardy, one of the worst actors in the world to lead this movie. I mean if you’ll edit the guy out of every movie he has ever been in’ the movie will go on, and probably be better. I for once will not bother to watch this crap. for me, the ending of the saga would be watch the hero walking alone into the darkness in thunderdome.

    • Did you see “Bronson?” I thought he was pretty good in “This Means War” also. Not all of his films were stellar but he has pulled off a few acting chops now and then. From what I remember about the Max films, acting isn’t a real prerequisite for making one of these. Anyone remember the villain Wez? Now how about “Let off some steam Bennet.” Tom Hanks isn’t required to get one of these films done.

      • you don’t need acting skill for mad max? well not sure about that. but you do need the charisma for it, and a screen present, and hardy doesn’t have it. it may not be Shakespeare, but it doesn’t mean that they had to use a d grade actor as the lead, and other “talents” like zoe kravits. I don’t know about you, but I wont watch this film when it comes out. and to be honest I really hope that it would bomb in the box office, and that this entire freak experiment would end with that.

      • Would love to see Vernon Wells make an appearance as well, but we have the original guy who played the Toecutter in this.

      • I agree some of the supporting characters were a bit, um, suspect, in terms of acting ability. But the leads were always top notch. I’m trusting, again that George Miller will shape Hardy’s performance into something great. I cannot wait. But if turns out to another Prometheus, I’ll go postal. LOL. Just kidding, but it will be a serious disappointment. I”ve been waiting for this for 30 years.

  16. Yeah it would be nice if Fury Road had Gibson in it as a cameo. But I think Gibson wasn’t put in Fury Road possibly because of all of the negative crap he has pulled off years back. Because of this, I don’t think WB wanted to risk losing money from those who hate Mel these days and who would end up boycotting the film just because “he’s in it”. Lol. I don’t think WB was willing to take that gamble.

  17. WHAT!!!….no mel Gibson….no rebuilt interceptor…Damn!

  18. No Mel, no Max. It’s very simple. From lifelonge fan.

  19. sam worthington: best option to play Max

  20. People waiting for the sequel or “interquel” are going t obe dissapointed. They said from the beginning it was a remake. That was disappointing from the beginning. It might look a lot alike, you know, sand, dust, grit, but that is just for shallow viewers.

  21. Guy Pearce would have been a million times better than Tom Hardy. Even then, Mel Gibson IS Mad Max. It’s just one of those roles/performances that was spot on the first time.

  22. No Mel is a terrible thing. WTF? That is like an Army of Darkness sequel or remake without Bruce Campbell.

    Re-shoot a few scenes with Mel in them !!!!

  23. Mel Gibson is the same nice guy he always was. A great actor and a gifted director.
    The stone throwers are clearly superior people who have never done or said anything they regret. Give me a world full of flawed Mel Gibsons instead of puffed up hypocrites who point fingers at others. What a drag these critics must be to their families and friends.

    • Exactly. Couldn’t have said it better myself. I’ve met Mel at Fantastic Fest in Austin, TX, and he couldn’t have been more gracious. His demons get the better of him once in a while, but who’s don’t?

  24. BTW, I’m looking forward to MM4. Can’t wait!

  25. I’m cool with Hardy taking on the role of Max. Gibson reprising the role 20-25 years ago would’ve been great. I really have no desire to watch Grampa Max any more than Grampa Indiana. These heartwarming and silly father-son team-ups (“Indiana Jones/Last Crusade”) make my butt tired…

    Fury Road! Let’s go!

  26. i think its just sad that they have cast one of the worst actors that ever lived tom “the human garbage” hardy as mad max. if you would edit this creature out of every movie he has ever been in, the movie would go on and probably be better. i join those who call to boycott this new franchise. together we could make stop it before it even began and prevent the total distraction of the universe and hero so many of us grew up on. (not to mention all the other “talent” in this film like zoe “the only reason i am in the business is because my parents are famous” kravitz, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, well enough said!)

  27. I also would have loved for mel Gibson to play max again and continue the story. …hate for another original movie to be ruined with a remake. But it’s all about making money I guess,that’s why there using a younger max. Won’t be going to the theater to see it that’s for sure.

  28. Tough read, all of these. Somewhere along the line it seems that the hard have become soft. I myself have gotten caught up in the complacency trap engineered by corporate America. None of my 3 Volvo’s sport the MFP insignia like my 164 had on it’s trunk and doors in the 80′s. And the fact that I’m sittin’ on my ass typing this confirms my softening as well. I do have MFP stenciled on the front fender of my dirt bike as well as the satellite dish on my roof, but I am ashamed of what I’ve evolved into. And reading the comments I’ve read here, my shame should not be a burden carried alone. This movie( with or without Mel Gibson) should be welcomed with relish by anyone that had any passion for G.M.’s other post-apocalyptic films. I can’t wait to see it. See you on the road, skags.

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