Mad Max: Fury Road Delayed… Again [Updated]

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mad max delayed until 2012 Mad Max: Fury Road Delayed... Again [Updated]

[Update: George Miller is talking about the reason for the delay.]

Things are not looking good for Mad Max: Fury Road. George Miller’s fourth Mad Max adventure has hit another road block – meaning that the film won’t start filming until 2012, at the earliest.

It’s the second delay for the film (which is scheduled for back-to-back shooting with a sequel, Furiosa) in recent months and there are reports that the reboot might even be scrapped – as the price of the Australian dollar rises.

The action adventure film, which is currently set to star Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron, was postponed in July because an unexpected amount of rain left proposed shooting locations too green for George Miller’s vision of a post apocalyptic world. Pre-production has already started on the film with millions spent – some rumors even state that some stunt work has already been filmed.

However, the crew have now been told that filming will not begin until February 2012.

The latest delay doesn’t bode well for Mad Max: Fury Road, which was originally set to shoot almost a decade ago – with original star Mel Gibson. Back then, troubles in the Middle East led to the film getting canned, and although no reason is given for this latest delay, the hopes of seeing Mad Max: Fury Road are starting to look bleak once again – as shooting has now been pushed-back more than a year.

This news is deja vu for Miller, who was well into pre-production on Justice League when the plugged was pulled due to budgetary reasons. It remains to be seen if Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron will even be in the film when (and if) Max returns to the screen. Thanks to Inception, Hardy’s star is on the rise, and Theron is constantly busy, thanks to her Monster Oscar win – so if, one year from now, Miller does get Mad Max on the road again – it might be with an entirely different cast.

madmax hits another road block1 570x304 Mad Max: Fury Road Delayed... Again [Updated]

The news comes as Mad Max’s studio, Warner Bros., is currently locked in a very public dispute with the Australian actors union over casting for The Hobbit. Any conspiracy theorist will likely come to the conclusion that the studio has delayed plans to shoot Mad Max in Australia as a way of getting back at the union as a result of their boycott of Peter Jackson’s film. Though this is purely speculation. The incident may even lead to a European The Hobbit shoot – not New Zealand where The Lord of The Rings trilogy was filmed.

UPDATE: Apparently weather conditions (not money) are to blame for the latest delay with Fury Road. As George Miller told the Sydney Morning Herald:

”Unfortunately for Mad Max, what was wasteland is now this wonderful flower garden…We’ve looked at every single nook and cranny in Australia for these specific locations…That’s why Broken Hill has become such a base for outback films: you’ve got the infrastructure of the city itself and the treeless plains beyond…Obviously if we go to Namibia or Morocco or Chile it’s a different kettle of fish, but we want to shoot it here…Governments are working incredibly hard to bring these productions in…They’re so sought after around the world because they infuse a massive amount of foreign cash into the economy and create a lot of jobs…Everyone’s competing for that and right now it’s no more expensive to shoot in America than it is in Australia.”

As a result of the delay, long time Mad Max fans might see a grain of hope that Mel Gibson could return to his iconic role of Max. The actor has had many well-publicized personal problems in recent years and a return to Mad Max would probably make more sense than the rumored Lethal Weapon 5 or Maverick 2. It remains to be seen if Gibson would even be interested, or if Miller would retool the script for an older (and madder?) Max – but it might be the only way of getting Max back into his Interceptor for another adventure filled with carnage and mayhem. It looks like we might need another hero after all.

Keep Reading Screen Rant for all developments on Mad Max: Fury Road.

Sources: Movie Hole & The Australian

Update Source: Sydney Morning Herald via The Playlist

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  1. i frankly dont care, MadMax wasnt that good, it just fills a gap of post-apacolypic society that most films dont want to show. i dont hate people who love the film but i do think it is the most unneeded remake.

    The Patriot was the only good Mel Gibson movie

    • hah your trippin mel gibson has been in amazing films one oof mine is braveheart plus hes an awsome director i dont care about his public image his work is awsome

      • mad max was good.the roaad warrior was was the rare sequal better then the original. thunderdome was good but the best was the road warrior.

        if the star is anyone but gibson i don1t care about it

        • Agreed – The Road Warrior improved on Mad Max in every way. Perfect combination of insane-but-plausible action sequences and minimalist dialogue, bookended by a framing device intentionally emphasising Joseph Campbell’s “monomyth/hero’s journey” archetype. Memorable characters, vehicles, cinematography, asymmetrical fashions, you name it. All on no budget, and with a turbocharged streak of dark humour running through it a mile wide. I was never keen on Thunderdome, and without Gibson another sequel/remake/reboot/whatever’s fairly pointless in my eyes.

          • George Miller stated he’d read Campbell’s The Hero With A Thousand faces in between filming Mad Max and The Road Warrior – in case that looked like I was throwing it in for no reason – which accounts for the “epic future myth” angle of TRW. George Lucas admitted its influence on Star Wars as well.

            • What a douche! F’n hack. I’ll show him what it means to hack at something. :D

              • Easy, tiger! That super-secret chemical compound’s powerful stuff, even if it was designed by scientists…

  2. Well, since Mel wont be in it, no loss. No Mel = No Max

    • A-F’N-MEN!

  3. serves this project right!!

    • Agreed!

  4. i think you are getting WAY ahead of yourselves screenrant.i wont believe this until i see it from some major,reliable site.and even if it is true,so what.this kind of thing is normal for bigger films(hobbit,bond,green lantern,thor…)especially if they are changing it all from just one film(fury road) to two films(fury road and furiosa).and like you said,they already spent too much money on it,just to throw it away…

  5. I keep saying and no one is listening, bring Mel back.
    No Mel = no Mad Max.

    What is the next dumb thing Hollyweird will do , a reboot of Taxi Driver,
    the movie that one can not imagine without DeNiro.

    @ Nowhereman 136 , The Patriot is the only good Mel Gibson movie????
    Man, you really have no clue, rent Gallipoli, The Year of Living Dangerously, Braverheart… Dude, get educated first, before you make sweeping statements about Mel as an actor.
    Again, I will not see a Mad Max movie unless Mel is in it.

    • Good choices, robyn2. Maverick’s always enjoyable; he held his own as Hamlet, and against Anthony Hopkins in The Bounty too.

    • wow look at Robyn2 bysting out some of Mels old films, NICEEEE!!

      • Gallipoli’s a great film. Haven’t seen that in a while.

  6. mel gibson doesn’t deserve a job. I hope tom hardy stays on and that miller doesn’t retool the script. The industy has no need for that ignorant prick

    • Mel Gibson is cool. No one is perfect.

  7. Mel Gibson He might of been controversal, as a person, for all the bad stuff he has done. Its so sad to see his fall from grace. But underneath is a person hungry, and with many flaws like us all, regretible moments that are embarrassing. I believe inspite of it all he is a fine actor, who strives hard to bring us all good films.He does his upmost to each role,he brings his intensity to the part he plays and the films he makes. Brave Heart was and is a masterpiece of cinema that will and has inspired films. I loved the Lethal Weapons, and his other films some I havent got around but I will. I even taught his Passion Of the Christ with all the controversy there , I taught it was an incredible piece of film that truly showed a close enough to what happened to the Christ Our lord Jesus.

    All i can say is its a pity there ain’t more films like it and shown on the big screen, it could be possible to do a new motion picture of the Life of Christ with a big cast and be shown on the big screen, and people are looking for something to believe in these days with the economic down turn,, The need to hear the word of the Gospel again they need to experience something beyond the the 3d glasses in the cinema. I love 3d films avatar the whole lot and all are brill, but maybe if Hollywood does go back to the pages of the Bible for entertainment I hope they include Mel he could be a great John the Baptist, Judas, Pilot, Herod, the possiblilty is there He proved his worth in Brave heart, and many other films,

    so who knows we keep hoping for the best that he will keep coming up with great stuff, its so easy to be negotive in this world it takes effort and time to say and feel the right things in this world,

  8. I think all that is left to tell us is that we will not see the movie… Ever.

  9. Film wasn’t going to be worth a damn without Gibbo.

  10. I love the Mad Max movies and will see whatever Miller comes out with eventually. But it’s gotta be with Mel.And I think I’m the only one in the world who thinks Thunderdome is the best…..It’s so epic!

  11. I would be “THRILLED” to see Mel Gibson return to the roll of Max.

    Perhaps FATE (if you believe in such a thing) has stepped in to allow this.

  12. As I’ve said before: Mad Max is Mel Gibson, Bruce Willis is John McClane, Kurt Russell is Snake Plissken. To recast them for the sake of cashing in on the legendary characters they portrayed is a shame. New versions aren’t necessary when the classics are so well-known.

    Just my two cents.

    • Plus I’m not sure there’s anywhere for the character of Max to go in another sequel, Jason. You could say that the whole cycle of “burnt-out, desolate man” to redemption was completed by Thunderdome, though I actually think it was pretty much done and covered by the ending of TRW. Any incarnation without Gibson (or even with him, really) is just going to be drawing on the iconography without that essential character arc, because it’s already been played out.

      • ‘Nuff said. :)

  13. I would only be interested in seeing the death of Mad Max with Mel Gibson returning to the role. Close the chapter on that character with the original filmmakers. Be interesting to see what kind of film these men would make after decades of being separated from the rest of society with their success and wealth.

    • Right on! I so want to see the movie with Mel back in the role.An older Max,still wandering the post apocalyptic outback…although, as someone already said, the story arc was completed pretty much in Thunderdome. Would be so interestimg to see what miller and gibson could still bring to it though.

  14. I agree Mel is the best. Since they were getting a new actor, although I like Tom Hardy, he doesn’t seem like Max.

    Mark Hildebrandt was listed in the role first, at least he conjures up Mel in the looks department.

  15. This happened on the hobbit also-No greenlight till Del toro left as director. The studio always wanted jackson.
    The studio wants Mel back.

  16. First, anyone dissing the entire “Mad Max” franchise is either far too young to truly remember when they originally came out or just simply doesn’t get it and only watched maybe one of the three films. A true fan of the storyline would perhaps be dismissive of “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome” if only because it was perhaps the most “warm and fuzzy” of the three, more of an attempt to appeal to a wider audience (the casting of Tina Turner as a recognizable presence as well as the soundtrack only served to make this one far too appealing to the heathen masses who really did not know much about the franchise). To “re-tool” or re-cast the movies, not using Mel, as sacrilege. For one thing, with his many publicized issues, Mel would definitely slip back into the role of Max. So use him. There are several good storylines out there for Max, believe it or not, and the story could continue and be appealing. But it would have to veer away from “Thunderdome” territory and get back to the gut-wrenching and full-on hardcore ultra violence on jet fuel exhibited in “MM” and TRW”. A contented Max is not a happy Max…