Tom Hardy’s ‘Mad Max 4′ Begins Shooting in January 2012

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mad max 4 production date Tom Hardys Mad Max 4 Begins Shooting in January 2012

Before Inception debuted to widespread success and before being cast as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises, Tom Hardy was chosen to lead the return of the Mad Max franchise. That was back in 2009 and since then, despite filling out most of its cast, Mad Max: Fury Road has been unable to get its tires spinning.

George Miller, the man who directed Mel Gibson’s Mad Max trilogy, has been working on making Mad Max 4 for a very long time. When Hardy was announced as Gibson’s replacement, Miller had already been pushing the project for a decade and after waiting that long, what did we get? Two more years of delays! Finally, it appears that Mad Max: Fury Road is on its way, to begin shooting early next year.

In a chat with The Daily Telagraph, George Miller spoke of the production (or lack thereof) and status of Mad Max 4, revealing that everything’s “ready to go” and that it’s now just a waiting game.

“We’ve built the vehicles. We’ve designed the movie. The principal cast is locked in. The film is funded. It’s all ready to go. We just wait.”

Wait for what, you ask? The film was supposed to start shooting at the beginning of this year in Broken Hill, Australia, but a drought-ending flash flood at this key location put a damper on that. Because it was too damp, get it? Since then, some speculation was as extreme as pointing towards the project possibly falling apart due to budget concerns with the delays. That and Australia has become more expensive to shoot in (see: Green Lantern).

Warner Bros. and Miller agreed to a full 12-month delay so he could continue work on Happy Feet 2 but he’s certainly not shy about the frustrations of making this movie a reality.

“All the contracts are signed. It’s a locked-in film. It has been for 18 months now… We will restart pre-production later this year and begin early next year — weather permitting.”

Now that Tom Hardy has established himself as a go-to actor and recognizable star for mainstream moviegoers, Miller and Warner Bros. may benefit from the delays in the end with Mad Max: Fury Road becoming an even more bankable film at the box office. Joining Hardy in the cast will be Charlize Theron, Nicolas Hoult and Zoë Kravitz. Teresa Palmer, attached to the project prior to the delay, is not 100% locked (so she says).

We don’t know when Mad Max: Fury Road will hit theaters but it will be shot in 3D.

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Source: The Daily Telegraph

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  1. This is one crazy series that i would love to revisit again.

  2. Sorry but Gibson IS Mad Max, and forever will be.

    • Oh get over it already. Gibson flushed his career down the toilet. He is washed up. The character and movie (Road Warrior) made Gibson. Not the other way around.

  3. I think Tom Hardy is versatile enough to fill any roll.

    He’ll be awesome.

  4. i think tom hardy is pretty good actor, but unless mel gibson has some type of attachment to this film and tom hardy plays his son who really did not get killed in first movie, and then have a touchy feel moment between father and son at the end of film. this movie is just a waste of time and money.

    • sorry dude, but, what you just described is a waste of time and money. son didn’t really die!?!?! death of son and wife is why mad max is mad max. touch-feely!?!?! no thank you. rugid grit is needed, nothing more. mel is mad max, but ,he also has ruined himself by being a moron in which no one wants to work with him ( even the hangover hacks won’t work with him, galifinakis only talent there). love tom hardy (bronson f@ckin’ brings it hard), and hope it’s better than thunderdome.

  5. Lord have mercy, Mad Max with no Mel?
    What will be next? If they plan on doing Braveheart with a new guy as well, there’ll be fire under the kilt, lads!

    • @Michael
      You think Braveheart with a new lead would be a bad thing? I couldn’t watch that film because Mel’s accent and acting were SO bad. It was a joke without historical accuracy or any form of credibility!!! Yes Mel was Max, but that was then. He’s too old and crazy now to pull it off so it’s time for a new actor to take the role. It was never about Mel Gibson anyway…he was just the lead actor. The dark apocalyptic storyline and the amazing vehicles were always what the true fans wanted to see!! Bring it on I say and let the post apocalyptic mad-max-ness begin!!!

      • “true fans”? You are a fag. Gibson or none.

    • A new Braveheart with no Mel? Please! Braveheart was the biggest pile of s*** I’ve ever seen. Only moronic Americans would think that that was acting. Mel’s Scottish accent was the only one I’ve ever heard that was worse than Christopher Lmberts in Highlander!!! Mel is a washed up has been who was never that great an actor anyway. True he WAS Mad Max, but that was then and to be honest Mad Max would’ve been great with any one in the role as it was the movie, not the man that made it great. Who cares who’s playing lead…it’s the cars and post apocalypse action we want to see!!!

  6. @Anthony

    I absolute agree that Gibson will always be the definitive Max, and unlike so many recent reboots / remakes an aged version of the character would still work well on screen. Unfortunatley thers little chance of Gibson reprising any role let alone this one.

    Not being harsh on Hardy, he’s a decent actor but I think he’s wrong for both this role and Bane for Dark Knight Rises.

    I just hope that they don’t make the same mistake as Indy IV and replace the practical stuntwork with mediocre CGI. The recent Death Race remake was a good example of how realistic action can prove to be much more exciting.

    Just want to add that the second film is an absolute classic would rank near #1 in any list of superior sequels. The tanker chase is still one of the most brilliantly staged sequences of continious action ever perhaps only surpassed by the chariot race in Ben Hur.

  7. No Mel. No Max.

  8. Going with the 4th installment in the franchise and then REPLACING the iconic lead? Yeah stupid. Being #4 entails being in the FUTURE of Beyond Thunderdome but yet Max is now younger? Did I already say stupid?

    Also whats with the shiny new muscle car? You would think by this time gas would be a nearly impossible commodity making cars useless. In fact thats kind of the impression I got from #3.

    Looks like more of a reboot attempt to me which is something Mad max does NOT need.

  9. The world needs another Mad Max film as much as it needs another Happy Feet film. No thanks.

  10. This just feels wrong. As much as I like the franchise I can’t see any sense in going back after so long and picking up the pieces to tell what? How Max dies? How the world comes back around or dies? Even the Aussie weather is against it. You’d think some people would take a hint for crying out loud…

  11. Mad Max is my favorite movie of all time, likewise I love the trilogy. When last we saw Max he was greying and growing older. Hey was numb emotionally with small spurts of morality, then alone again. Max mirrors Mel in a mad world. Max is Mel and Mel is Max. I like the idea of hearing more of what happened in the end to the original characters. It is a shame that George Miller would finger paint over his masterpiece. Without Mel (Max) I won’t see this film. It would just be MAD!

  12. The first ever scene of a film i remember seeing is when Max is getting ran over, that was when i was about three or four, so i have pretty special connection to these films. I would love to see Mad Max ride again and i think Tom Hardy will be good. Mel Gibson is one of my favourite actors and Mad Max is one of my favourite characters and i’d love to where another actor would take it.

  13. Mad Max is Mel Gibson enyone else is a bad wanna be if Mel Gibson is not gona be Mad Max the movie should be cancelled that simple

  14. I want to know why Mel Gibson is not there? I agree with some people say Mel Gibson is Mad Max. I hope this would be great movie.

  15. without mel gibson, making this movie is pointless. i’ve been waiting for mad max 4 since i was 12 (and i am 38 now). so far it looks like a waste of time

  16. The car stunts and the dialogue or lack there of in most scenes, are what i love most about mad max. To make a remake and clutter it with computer generated scenes would be a shame. Having car chases shot at speeds of over 100km/hr are what I want to see. Car crashes that mangle up the fastest and greatest cars around will keep me glued to the screen with my jaw open and adrenealine pumping.
    I cant wait to se what the old master will do this time. No matter what,I will be sitting in the front row, taking in all the action I can get.

  17. i feel Mel needs to be Mad Max right now his movies have been taking a nose dive and with what has happen with the courts He needs to get into shape and get into this role to give his Career a boost back up. George Please do not Film this with out Mel i know movies and with out Mel this will flop on its face

  18. hi its Dale again,
    Mel if you are out there some where you need to get off your high horse and your lazy ass and get back into shape and back in the car it does not matter how old you are on the outside its how old you are on the inside that matters, Mel don’t you see since lethal weapon 4 your career took a nose dive and the and the puppet movie you made was t arable you need to be Mad Max to show us you still have that mean kill everybody look that you once had. One last time , Come on Mel Max Rockatansky like FIF said they say people don’t believe in hero’s anymore you need to give us back our hero’s!!

  19. I think the story is obviously not finished. Many may diagree with me but I don’t think Mad Max should end with mysticism. When you go to see a Mad Max flick, you feel like you are part of the movie happening. There are a great many talented actors that can paint the continueing saga. I think Tom Hardy can reprise the role of Mad Max. They can even spin it in such a way that Mel Gibson could narrate the story. Perhaps the apocolypse has ended and society it trying to become more civil in the Mad Max universe. It would be cool to see Mad Max fight for that. Instead of being a lost character, he finds himself some peace and defends his keep. He still needs to be a little dark though before the transistion. So I hope the screenwriters get the story right and make it seem credible along with the action. This is a blockbuster they can’t get wrong. This is the most anticipated movie waiting to come back on the big screen. I hope George Miller’s got a good plan for this. George, if you’re listening, we want THE ROAD WARRIOR back!

  20. No spear chucking “Gap” kids, no pitiful cage fighting scene where quarter is given to your opponent, no irritating pet to sit on Max’s shoulder (bring the cattle dog back and Dinki Di), and I’ll be fine.

    I want to see blood, gas-powered darts being fired, high-octane engines, fingers being lopped off by a boomerang and skulls being split open by crude axes and other medieval weaponry being used. Oh, yeah, I want it to have an R rating. Sort it out! Love ya!

  21. Miksi helvetissä Teidän täytyy pilata vanha kulttileffa!! … Olen ikuisesti katkera!! … That was in Finnish, here’s in English : Why You have to ruin old Cult-film!! … I will be venomous 4 ever!! …

    • Namibia land of the brave welcomes Mad Max 4..!

  22. I can’t wait for this movie, I just pray the tenor stays true to the original two. We don’t need another Aesop, forget the moral! Original Rollerball-Great, remake-Awful! Original Death Race 2000-Great, the remake-well I didn’t see that one(learned my lesson from rollerball lol). If we can keep it to 10 pages of stunt choreography to 1 page of spoken script,that will probably be a great mix and a great movie. “people don’t believe in anti-heroes anymore, give us back our anti-heroes!

  23. Ok George. Get your butt on the plane and start filming Mad Max 4.

  24. Dee Snider should play the bad guy.

  25. i hope that the weather wont permit it, cause obviously common sense does permit putting one of the worst actors today in the place of a very iconic casting. and i must agree with all who say that Mel Gibson is Mad Max. i doubt any veteran fan would bother to watch a mad max movie without him. certainly not with hardy!

  26. Being a diehard Mad Max fan from the beginning, I would have liked nothing better than to see Mel back as Max, the Interceptor back in action, and a great action movie that would make me feel 20 again. The harsh reality us original Max fans will have to face is that MM4 will be aimed at the 15-25 crowd, just as the original was to us. There will be a new Max, new faces, CG special effects, and hot babes (with perfectly shaved legs and armpits) acting like heroic warriors. Just be glad they didn’t get Mila Jojovich to play the new Max!! I’ll probably still see it, but with expectations that it’s a new movie, hopefully I’ll like it, and I’m getting older.