‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Vehicles Pop Up Online

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Mad Max Fury Road Vehicles Mad Max: Fury Road Vehicles Pop Up Online

Few films have had a history as troubled as Mad Max: Fury Road, the fourth film in the beloved Mad Max series. Twice now, the film was supposed to go into production (once with Mel Gibson and again with Tom Hardy), but was delayed due to the Iraq War and torrential rains, respectively.

Whereas most filmmakers would’ve given up on Fury Road at this point, director George Miller seems determined to make it a reality with Tom Hardy (The Dark Knight Rises) on board as the titular Max. Today, we have pictures of some of the gnarly, post-apocalyptic vehicles we’ll be seeing if the film ever makes it to the big screen.

Check out the vehicles below, courtesy of Republikein:

Mad Max Fury Road Tanker Mad Max: Fury Road Vehicles Pop Up Online

Mad Max Fury Road Miscellaneous Vehicles Mad Max: Fury Road Vehicles Pop Up Online

And one from a few months back, courtesy of The Age:

Mad Max Fury Road Truck1 Mad Max: Fury Road Vehicles Pop Up Online

It’s anybody’s guess as to whether or not this fourth film can capture the classic sort of chemistry that, for example, Mad Max 2: Road Warrior had. It’s a lofty goal, to be sure. Many Mad Max fans were disappointed by Mad Max 3: Beyond Thunderdomesome would even say that it neutered Max himself — and are similarly concerned about the forthcoming Fury Road.

Which is probably why George Miller looks to be placing such an emphasis on simple but badass vehicular action (a la Road Warrior) that some believed was sorely missing from Thunderdome. 

Tom Hardy Mad Max 4 Mad Max: Fury Road Vehicles Pop Up Online

Fury Road is supposed to be the first in a new trilogy of Mad Max films, the second of which will be called Furiosa. According to star Tom Hardy, shooting is supposed to begin April 2012 – that’s one month from now, people – but you’ll forgive the cynics of the world if that sounds too good to be true. Here’s what Hardy had to say about it back in August:

“We’re going to have to find somewhere else to shoot it, but it looks like it’s going [to happen] April.”

Are you looking forward to Fury Road, Screen Ranters? Or is twenty-seven years too late for this particular sequel?

Mad Max: Fury Road, starring Tom Hardy and co-starring Charlize Theron, may or may not start shooting April 2012.


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Sources: Republikein & The Age [via Ain’t It Cool]

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  1. The more I see of Tom Hardy, the more I think he makes as a great choice for the lead in this movie. You might say to yourself, “Mel who”?

    • I think so sir!

    • Never a “Mel who” but I would say Hardy is like the Daniel Craig or Dalton to Connery. Mel is Max, but, Hardy is a great pick to continue the character.

    • Agreed, I think he will bring a lot to the role

  2. i have never seen any of the mad max’s. im a fan of mel gibson films such as maverick, the patriot, conspiracy theory, bird on a wire, and the leathal weapon series so i might have to check them out one day.

    • The production values get better with each sequel but the first movie is so rich in quotable dialogue and in quirky characters. It should act as a blue print in the apocalypse genre. Mel is like someone whom acts as the arc of the movie as he goes from cop-family man to Mad Max. I never felt he has much resolution to his transformation in the sequels. Mad Max just takes on the transformed world yet never appeases the inner torment he goes thru. The action makes up for any additional evolution of Mad Max. This maybe the reason Mel should star in one more Mad Max movie. Check them out, they are interesting.

    • Never seen a Mad Max movie?!? (shudders!) They’re some of my fav’s and as mentioned, production values increase with the sequel number, unfortunately the rawness you love decreases proportionally. Mad Max 2/Road Warrior has the best balance for me. The original Mad Max was a low budget B movie where they (horribly) dubbed an American accent over Mel’s voice. These days you can find the original fairly easily, so if Mel sounds like a lame John Wayne, stop watching and look for another copy! The opening to Max Max 2 or Road Warrior where they zoom from the air down to the car, right into the action is my all time favorite movie beginning. Oh the power and the glory of that supercharged V8!

  3. I haye to say but this ia going to bomb.

  4. I haye to say but this is going to bomb.

  5. I have to say but this is going to bomb.

    • But did you have to say it three times?

      • Nah, I only heard him once.… Nevermind, he just can’t spell. Hate* is*

      • Lol…Thanks,you made my day !

  6. This will probably be a renter

  7. It would have been interesting to see Gibson retake the role.

  8. If it were anyone other than Tom Hardy replacing Mel Gibson, I would not be excited to see this AT ALL. But Tom Hardy is the shizz-nit! I think Dark Knight Rises will sell anyone not already sold on this fine actor.

  9. So are they pulling a Superman returns and pretending pt 3 just never happened. I’m absolutely thrilled about a new Mad Max film. Though it’d be cool to see mel comeback, it would be an awkward story taking place 25+ years after Thunderdome and I do NOT want to see Tina Turner crammed into chainmale lingerie!
    I havent seen Tom Hardy ever have a bad performance and i think he’s probably the perfect choice to take over. Hopefully the vehicular action isn’t like the Death Race remake. There’s some AMAZING stunt drivers out there, please utilize their astonishing talents for this!

    • There’s no reason to assume Fury Road disregards Thunderdome. There’s a lot of room between the previous three films for this to have taken place (if not after).

  10. Personally I think bringing back Mel Gibson and exploring exactly what and how Max has survived since Thunderdome would have made for a much better story. It’s not as if Gibson has studios beating down his door with movie offers so this would have been a good vehicle to get his career back on track and reconnect with the franchise.

    • I agree. An older Max would have been interesting to see. Does this Max story take place in the past? Before Thunderdome?

      • Agree 100%. Y’know, Thunderdome is still my fave Max film, and I aint got no shame in saying it. It’s epic!

  11. I don’t know if they can recapture the magic of the originals or if they should even try to. However, it will be intriguing to see a post-apocalyptic vision from the POV of the early 21st century. We’re close to, or even past in some cases, the era in which the earth was supposed to be toast in some of the old movies in this genre, so what will a post-apocalyptic world be from today’s sensibilities? That’s what I’ll be interested to see.

    • It doesn’t matter the timing of the entire series. Until we kick our oil addiction these films will always be relevant. As timeless as any tyrant and revenge based film.

  12. ^ No i would rather leave politics out of the movie. That concept would make no sense in a universe with the last two.

  13. What about Sam Worthington to play Max? In Terminator Salvation he looked kind of a Mad Max!

  14. I think Sam Worthington would have been a better cast for Max. but I’ll be def checking it out, if it ever gets made.

  15. This series is all about progression. For the next 3 movies to continue along that line would not be unwelcome in my eyes (although it may not sell tickets). The first time I saw Beyond Thunderdome I did not appreciate how it fit into the whole series. I my opinion it is all about how we as a species are determined to repeat our history of failed societies (built like a house of cards). Max broke the cycle in the 3rd movie and I think it would be a neat twist if he played a role in the establishment of a new path that did not lead to self destruction. I think the timing would be right to do this in the 4th movie but if it can be stretched out into 2 or 3, I’m OK with that too. It would be interesting to see mankind learn from it’s history for a change.