Explosive New ‘Machete’ Trailer

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Machete Image 1 Explosive New Machete Trailer

Grindhouse may not have been the b-movie revival, or critical success, directors Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez had hoped for. However, that doesn’t mean the double-feature film wasn’t working with some really great ideas – most notably the inclusion of spoof trailers.

While many of us are still waiting for Nicolas Cage to star in Werewolf Women Of The S.S., the first spoof trailer turned full-feature is the upcoming Machete adaptation directed by Robert Rodriguez and Ethan Maniquis – and today 20th Century Fox has unveiled the latest trailer for the film.

The original Machete trailer featured Danny Trejo chopping limbs and mowing villains down with a mini-gun mounted on a motorcycle.

The new official Machete trailer utilizes some of the aforementioned footage but, this round, Trejo is surrounded by an impressive collection of equally violent supporting characters – played by Michelle Rodriguez, Jessica Alba, Lindsay Lohan, Jeff Fahey, Cheech Marin, Don Johnson, Steven Seagal, and Robert De Niro.

The new trailer is a bit more stylized than the previous one we saw a few months back – but still manages to showcase a ridiculous amount of explosions.

Check out the new Machete trailer:

Considering Machete was made for $20 million, 20th Century Fox isn’t exactly going out on a huge limb – but it’s still great to see the studio supporting the world of Grindhouse. It’s actually pretty amazing, when you take into account the budget, how much top-notch talent was packed into the cast.

While it’s doubtful that Machete will tear up the box-office in a substantial way, it certainly looks to be a fitting return to the Grindhouse world.

If you’re interested in a better look at the numerous characters, make sure to take a peek at our recent Machete image gallery – featuring a number of the key players.

Machete Image 3 Explosive New Machete Trailer

That said, even with the movie nearing its September release, one big question remains: Will Machete feature its own set of spoof trailers – and if so, which one will 20th Century Fox make next?

What do you think of the new Machete trailer? Is there another Grindhouse spoof trailer you’d like to see made into a feature film?

Machete slashes into theaters on September 3, 2010.

Source: IGN

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  1. I liked the first trailer better.

  2. Woah, impressive cast Danny Trejo is Badass,he’d make a good Kraven The Hunter if he could hold down a Czech/Ukranian/or Russian believability. I LOVE ME SOME MICHELLE RODRIGUEZ!!!(oooooh);P

  3. I felt a lot better about this movie before I saw that special “This is for you, Arizona” trailer. I don’t know why they didn’t just set the whole movie in Mexico.


    • the arizona trailer would have to be the best imo.

      what’s with all these revenge/team up movies coming out lately… it’s a bit to much, i mean the movie sounded great but now that they mentioned how its a revenge movie i’m not to keen on watching it.

      ohh well still have the expendables to look forward to :P

      • The original Grindhouse trailer made it clear it was a revenge flick, surely?!

      • The original Grindhouse trailer made it clear this was a revenge flick, surely?!

    • People were antagonized by that Arizona thing, but citing Machete as a political movie is off the mark, IMHO. This movie was conceived and shot long before that AZ law passed – obviously it was a marketing ploy, likely aimed at attracting a Latino demographic who would respond to that particular political statement (I mean come on, that AZ trailer dropped on Cinco De Mayo :-P ).

      It’s just your average trashy grindhouse revenge flick. Blaxploitation films had a lot of instances of Black heroes going after “the man” or “the head honky” — No bloodshed ensued in real life because of it, far as I know. So I’m still in for this film, should be fun I think. Especially in early Sept when NOTHING GOOD is out…

      • “Head honkey”

        Made me giggle. :-p

        (But because Im just an argumentative type and dwell on hypocritical social behaviors, I believe it safe to say no one would giggle or laugh if the Head Honkey remark was racially reversed, EVEN if it was just quoting from a movie and not a personal comment. That N word is so taboo that even eluding to it in a few degrees of separation, and indirectly gets people freaked out)

        Thanks for the info on the Arizona reference, it makes more sense.

        • @ intelliq

          I won’t pretend for a second that you aren’t totally right about that – just one of the many double standards that exist in our society.

          @ Vic

          You’re right, but I think people don’t quite understand that grindhouse or exploitation flicks often EXPLOITED the cultural attitudes of minorities by creating absurd revenge fantasies where people who felt oppressed in society could act out against their oppressors.

          That’s certainly a theme in Blaxploitation – having (anti) heroes who “stick it to the man” in ways real life folks felt they could never achieve (or get away with). Since the movies were mostly viewed within the confines of the culture (at rundown theaters in the ghetto neighborhoods) it wasn’t exactly like the masses cared all that much – they were considered trashy films for poor “trashy” people to gawk at.

          Black Dynamite was BRILLIANT about spoofing that whole sentiment and history of the genre.

          • lol yesv it was kofi, i loved that movie

      • Sure, I get that Kofi. But they could have done this like any number of movies that are set completely in Mexico. Plenty of corrupt officials there to use as the bad guys.


        • I have no problem with the arizona reference at all because I also remember reading that it was shot well before the law passed and like Kofi said, it was obviously targeted towards the Latino demographic. Let’s not be overly sensitive about this or read too much into something that isn’t there.

          • im just going into this to see a fun flick im a huge fan of RR

            • Exactly, it looks to be a FUN movie and that’s what really matters. Except for the part with all the lowriders and hydraulics, I never understood why that was EVER popular….

        • I got agree with Vic. The Arizona angle on the last trailer, trying to exploit the situation there to the movies advantage was a mistake.

          The movies idea being born before the Arizona flair up doesn’t mean its not still connected so we’ll have to wait till its released and see for ourselves what they are really shooting for in the plot.

          I personally hope it will bet a revenge story only and that the attempted Arizona tie in was simply a bad marketing mistake because I like Rodriguez’s stuff and it would really suck to see him getting politics mixed up with films as enough of Hollywood does that too much as it is.

  4. still looks awesome to me

  5. Wasn’t Lindsey Lohan supposed to be in this movie?

    • Yep – she’s still in it (as April Benz). Production is done – so all of her recent troubles won’t prevent her from appearing.

  6. I had no interest whatsoever in this – until I watched the trailer and saw the supporting cast and glimpses of action.

    These grindhouse tributes are my idea of mindless fun. Loved the previous two.

  7. Wow way to go for Trejo for the lead part and what an ensemble!

  8. after watching the trailer again..i coulda swore i saw tom savini?

    • Yup, Tom Savini is in it.


      • awesome, its always a fun time seeing him on screen lol

  9. This trailor was much better that the last in my opinion… not capitalizing on politics.

    BTW — AZ has been the hub of many immigration issues for decades. The new law is just the latest.

    This trailor makes me want to watch the film.

  10. Yup, I’m in. Michelle Rodriguez, are you KIDDING ME.

  11. I liked the May one better. That one seemed to capture the Grindhouse feel more. Although this one has more of a serious movie feel to it, so maybe they are just looking to appeal to a wider audience. I just loved that the May one had “introducing Don Johnson” like he is a newcomer.

  12. I agree with other commenters here in saying the previous trailer is better. Some of the Grindhouse style cheapness in this trailer actually made it a little less cool for me.

    I’ll still see it – I just hope it’s hilarious with cool one-liners and action.

    • im sure it will have all those things and more Rob. i just wish they’d release it now intead of making me wait lol

  13. “Hilarious with cool one-liners and action”

    Its called Machete Rob, I mean come on does AC/DC play with flutes and banjos…

    • im sure there is a hillbilly tribute band that plays ac/dc songs with those exact insruments 790! :P (no offense to any hillbillies that have tributes bands)

  14. You are correct Anthony they are known as Bon Jovi…


    • AHAHAHA omg lol

  15. I would like to see them make a ‘Thanksgiving’ movie,based on the fake trailer. That looks like it could be a dope horror movie.