New ‘Machete Kills’ Trailer: Danny Trejo Vs. Mel Gibson with a Missile

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Bad news for the many Robert Rodriguez fans, who’ve been patiently awaiting the filmmaker’s Sin City sequel over the past eight years now: that followup, titled Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, has been pushed back for another year. As as sort of (Consolation?) prize, a different Rodriguez sequel-for-adults (read: not Spy Kids 5) will open in theaters this Fall. The project in question is Machete Kills, which is the second installment in the ultra-violent campfest franchise – as was birthed by Rodriguez’ Machete faux-trailer, featured with his and Quentin Tarantino’s Grindhouse double-feature (Planet Terror and Death Proof).

The previously-released Machete Kills English/Spanish teasers are essentially glorified cast announcement clips; by comparison, this new theatrical preview offers a proper outline of the story, characters and (intentionally) ridiculous nature of Rodriguez’ film. That includes: an introduction to the main conflict – Machete (Danny Trejo) battling a madman (Mel Gibson) with a missile – in addition to the cartoony players like President Charlie Sheen (credited under his real name, Carlos Estevez), Amber Heard (The Rum Diary) as Machete’s beauty pageant-winning handler, and Lady Gaga playing Cuba Gooding Jr. (or is it the other way around?).

Rodriguez’ original feature-length Machete movie is, for all intents and purposes, a proper nod to the low-budget pulp cinema made in the 1970s – between all its sleazy content, absurd violence and hammy political commentary, making the film an example of what has been dubbed “Mexploitation.” The sequel appears to be taking the same route as The Expendables 2: by playing up the elements that proved most successful in the first installment. Question is, will Machete Kills wind up taking thing so far that, in the end, the movie feels like less of a good-natured homage – more a joyless kitschy imitation (example: Batman & Robin)?

machete kills trejo rodriguez New Machete Kills Trailer: Danny Trejo Vs. Mel Gibson with a Missile

Danny Trejo and Michelle Rodriguez in ‘Machete Kills’

One problem with the Machete Kills footage shown to date – in this writer’s humble opinion – is that the cinematography and production design in general seems to lack the intentionally (read: stylistically) low-budget aesthetic of the first movie – and instead just looks cheap in a, well… cheap way. Similarly, the one-liners in the first Machete flick were sufficiently cheesy and self-aware, but the back-catalogue referencing in the sequel (like the “Machete don’t Tweet!” joke) give me reason to wonder: did the Machete character already use every magic trick in his bag in the first movie?

Supporting cast members for Machete Kills include Vanessa Hudgens (The Frozen Ground), Sofia Vergara (Modern Family), Jessica Alba (Little Fockers), Michelle Rodriguez (Resident Evil: Retribution), Demian Bichir (The Heat) and Antonio Banderas, in addition to the aforementioned cast members. The film was directed by Robert Rodriguez, based on a script by Kyle Ward (Kane & Lynch).


Machete Kills opens in U.S. theaters on October 11th, 2013.

Source: Open Road Films [via CBM]

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  1. Well, they’re sure as heck being innovate in how they kill people. Can’t say I’ve ever seen a boat used like that.

  2. Very cool and over the top stuff…

    • Wow, a Mexican liked it!!!!
      What’re the odds?

  3. I needed a good laugh this afternoon and this trailer provided one.
    Now that I think about it, I wish there was a Drive-In around because this would be a perfect Saturday night Drive-In flick.

    • Unless you plan to drive your car into the movie screen, don’t waste your time

  4. Save for Mel Gibson I would never see this.
    If he can take the joke then so can I.
    Plus he looks like he’s having fun.

    • I’m actually disheartened to see Mel lower himself to this level, but of course, he did it for fun, as this is obviously an over-the-top B movie. I do get a chuckle from bad movies, though, so I’ll probably see it on DVD when released.

      • I know but I’m trying to take it as served.
        Definitely in the rental category though.
        I do wish Mel skipped this but he didn’t.

        • Mel made his mistakes, but Hollywood, in general, has proven itself to be both hypocritical and unforgiving of him. Sadly, I think he has been forced to take roles like this, as the door is still largely closed to him. It is our misfortune, as he had a string of great movies going. I would love to see his vision of Berserker, the viking epic that he would like to film, come to fruition. Hope it gets done eventually.

    • Does he get to torture any Jews in the movie?

  5. Gibson as a bad guy intrigues me. Will be a good preview for Expendables 3 where it’s been hinted he’s the villain in it.

    • Gibson as a bad guy means he’s not acting. And if he’s gonna be in Expendables 3, it explains why Bruce Willis walked off the set

  6. Where can I get those bras for my daughters?

    Never in the history of man, has a father ever wanted to purchase underwear for his daughters.

    • Just have your daughters speak like Ren from Ren & Stimpy like Vergara does and nobody will want any part of them

  7. I would have loved to see Sin City 2, but no; we get another one of his “Over The Top,” Machete movies. Sure Mel Gibson will be fun to watch, but this has Netflix written all over it.

    • Is this an actual problem?

  8. Given the choice between Sin City 2 and Machete Kills, I’d rather have this (found Sin City to be boring as hell, didn’t even finish the movie).

    This looks like incredible fun. I’m sold, the first one was great (other than Seagal’s demise, the guy STILL seems to prefer to not have other people kill him in movies for some reason).

    • what’s it like having the IQ of a shoehorn?

  9. I would like to have seen a Sin City sequel before a Machete one. Personally Sin City was the first movie by Rodriguez (non kids movie) that didn’t feel like he was just ripping off John Woo’s fight scenes.

    Rodriguez really has come a long way, he’s developed his own throwback, over the top style that is allot of fun in it’s total absurdity.

    The first Machete was fun, this one looks to be on track to be another good time… I’d rather wait for another Sin City so he has time to do it right like the first one.

    • You want to do the Machete movie right?
      Have free admission with border patrol waiting inside!

  10. Looks like a lot of fun

    • you don’t get out much, do you?

  11. People keep saying Mel is lowering himself for this film, but how many great actors/actresses have worked for Mr. Rodriguez? I would much rather Mel do this than the Expendables.

    • Me too. I plan to actually go see the Expendables sequel

    • Somebody get me a bucket…

  12. “The enemy may have missile, but we have Machete…”

    That line should be ridiculous to put in any context, yet it just… wasn’t in this trailer.

  13. This film will blow chunks just like the first one did
    Charlie Sheen’s a drunken idiot,
    Mel Gibson’s a racist a-hole,
    and we have Lady Gaga????
    Why not just rename the flick and call it Three Stooges part 2?

  14. This film is going to suck

  15. Gee, I wonder where all the illegal aliens will be on the eleventh of October?

  16. Ain’t interesting how this movie opened on friday and was probably closed saturday afternoon?

  17. “When the BARBARIANS fight among themselves,
    ———————-this is auspicious for the Chinese.”
    MING official
    3 centuries ago

    Is the talented GIBSON now just as cowed and compromised as everyone else
    in franchise slum, PSYCHOPATH run Hollywood?

    WHY is he wasting time on slop like this?

    WHY isn’t he delivering a much needed remake of ‘The ALAMO’?

    WHY is he pewking up yet another add on to the WWII theme park?

    WHY is he –like the rest— STEPPING ON the 65th Anniversary of the now awesomely relevant
    ————————————KOREAN WAR?——————————-