Luke Cage Movie Happening Sooner Than Expected?

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luke cage movie marvel Luke Cage Movie Happening Sooner Than Expected?

After Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America and Thor, what other heroes will Marvel adapt into solo character feature films? There’s been a lot of talk over the last few years , especially in recent months, that Marvel wishes to develop lower budget movies for their lesser known heroes.

Names such as Black Panther, Iron Fist, Dr. Strange and Luke Cage seem to pop up most frequently and from we keep hearing, folks at Marvel are keen on giving each their chance in the spotlight and one might be happening sooner than expected. Hero Complex is reporting that Marvel Studios is in early talks with a “notable Hollywood star” about the character Luke Cage and his film potential.

The discussions are described as very preliminary and no name was given, but we know that Tyrese Gibson has been associated with the part for years.

It’s possible that if we see Luke Cage get his big screen introduction, he may not be alone. Last summer we heard from actor Ray Park (G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra) about the possibility of a Heroes for Hire movie which would feature both Iron Fist and Luke Cage. It’s a neat idea to introduce two Marvel characters at once and Park’s hope was that he could play Danny Rand/Iron Fist, a role he was attached to a decade ago, back when Artisan Entertainment had the rights to the character (Marvel Studios has the rights now).

heroes for hire iron fist luke cage ray park Luke Cage Movie Happening Sooner Than Expected?

Iron Fist and Luke Cage are Heroes for Hire

Both characters are highly deserving of a feature film and I’m excited at the potential of them joining the Marvel movie universe. With Marvel Studios’ franchise set to introduce Thor and Captain America to the world next summer, introducing Luke Cage can allow for characters like him to be featured in sequels to The Avengers when they inevitably expand the roster down the road.

What do you think?

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Source: Hero Complex

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  1. Iron Fist has been a favorite of mine since I was a young lad..I think this could be a great movie especially if the chemistry is right between the two leads playing these characters..

  2. I’d love to see a cameo in that film with Moon KNight or Shang Chi taking on Iron Fist in a battle..

  3. Great. I would like to see luke cage.

  4. Terry Crews is perfect for Luke Cage. He’s co-starring in the up coming action flick ‘Expendables’, has veteran acting in several comedy films and television series (‘White Chicks’, ‘Friday after Next’, and ‘Everyone Hates Chris sitcom’ ). He has a much better physical build; is easily more conviencing an actor than Tyrese as Mr.’Sweet Christmas’ Luke Cage.

    • I agree, Tyrese is just not that convincing of an actor, Terry would be better.

    • Crews has got my vote!!! just sayin

    • Ironically, the issue I have with Terry playing Luke Cage is the fact that he’s done so many comedies. I have trouble taking him seriously because he’s in comedies so often. I suppose it’s similar to how people felt when they heard Michael Keaton was going to be Bruce Wayne.

      But still, Crews definitely has the physical aspect down much stronger than Tyrese does. But I don’t know if I could take him seriously.

  5. Just google Terry Crews or the newest old spice commercials and you’ll be sold!

    • My only concern is his age simply from the point of view if they want actors for multiple movies, they may want a younger actor..he looks the part..

      • @Greenknight333, In the Marvel Universe Luke Cage is around the age as Ironman and Terry Crews(41yrs) is 4 years younger than Robert Downey Jr(45yrs). RDJ contract is at least 5 more films I believe…
        Also my runner-ups would be:
        1. Jamie Foxx(42yrs)
        2. Michael Jai White aka Spawn(42yrs)
        3. Morris Chestnut(41).

        • michael jay would only suit the physical role/fighting side of things,i’m not to keen on his acting skills.
          if jamie fox got involved i wouldnt even watch the movie, after seeing law abiding citizen it further proved the fact that he cant act in any kind of situation.

          i think terry would be the best bet since he knows how to act and has the physique. i would also was wesley snipes but he’s blade 😀

        • I’d prefer Morris Chestnut.. Or you could just go with a lesser known actor. Jai White has been in WAYYY too many action films. I just can’t get passed that. – I would prefer an actor that can fall into the character more then anything. When I think of him I think of the superhero.

          I personally am more enthusiastic for a Blank Panther film and I would love to see Djimon Hounsou play him! I think a Black Panther film would set up perfectly towards an Avengers 2 movie also!!!!!

          • cant believe i forgot him :(
            his acting in never back down was really good.
            it would be good if they got someone that had an accent, it would really create the atmosphere of a foreign/native culture.

          • DUDE. Coming into this page, I had in mind that I would love to see a Black Panther film with Djimon playing him! He’s perfect, as long as he has the chops for physically demanding things. I don’t think I’ve seen him do anything physically active enough for me to determine if he’s actually physically coordinated. Whoever plays BP has to be. But as far as his persona goes (accent included), he’d make a very cool Black Panther.

            I wish I could get my account to log in correctly. I hate not having my avatar and looking like I’m just some guest.

        • Yeah, Terry Crews would be a suitable candidate for the role of Luke Cage. However what about Michael Jai White? I think he would be plausible also.

        • I think Michael Jai White would be a good choice for this role. He may not have acting chops like Denzel, but I don’t think you need to necessarily for Luke Cage. Physically, he fits the part perfectly. Terry Crews is in phenomenal shape, but he has the look of a villain…even with that, I still see him better suited in a comedic role for some reason. Djimon Hounsou gets my vote for Black Panther…

    • it’s always funny how fans do better casting then the high paid hollywood executives. i’m still pissed that angela bassett didn’t get the role of storm in the x-men movies. and that’s not a knock on halle berry because she’s one of future babies mama.

      • Probably because fans really care about the characters and have been following them most of their lives whereas the Hollywood executives are only interested in the bottom line $$

        • Michael jai white all the way

      • Never liked Halley Berry as Storm. I was hoping to see a lesser known African actress play storm. Or an actress that can play an African queen. I really never liked that casting for Storm.

        • Or an actress that can act at all.

          • But Berry won an Oscar. Oh, wait, but it wasn’t for acting. Sorry. :-)

        • I agree…I personally would have chosen Angela Bassett.

      • TOTALLY Agreed on Bassett. She would of been an incredible Storm and so much more believable as the confident co-leader.

        • Storm with an Atlanta, GA accent, that was just HORRIBLE!!!

  6. Yes this is excellent news, just don’t make the movies too cheap. Story, Talent, Production value should be their watch words. STP, it should be in the mission statement…

  7. i wonder when the black panther movie is going to come out.

    my theory is that in 10 or so years time there will be a massive marvel civil war movie series, which would go on for at least 4 movies/parts 😀

    • Chiwetel Ejiofor is my pick and rumored Marvel’s for the Black Panther. He’s the next Denzel Washington/Wesley Snipes IMHO.

      • Nothing against him, but i think How Robert Downey jr WAS Iron Man, Djimon Honsou IS the Black Panther! Bring in Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje to play T’Challa’s father, T’Chakka and we’re all set to roll cameras!

      • idk about this guy, he doesnt look hardcore enough for black panther, maybe hawkman but not black panther.

        i heard Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (from lost season 2) was going to play black panther,i think SR had a post about him mentioning a conversation between himself and marvel.

      • Djimon Hounsou!!! Djimon Hounsou!!! Djimon Hounsou!!!! LOL But I gotta look up Chiwetell more though..

      • I’m a big Ejiofor fan and either him or Djimon Hounsou could play Black Panther for me :)

    • Hey it wouldn’t make me upset. Put the characters that have an investigatory nature like Cage uncovering, revealing, and smashing the secrets that will make the civil war movies juicy and satisfying. Once people realize that these movies are the glue that’s holding the pieces of the puzzle together then the whole Marvel universe becomes this big wheel that you just want to roll with. You get connected to the wheel and you have to ride until the last movie… 😀

  8. Tyrese? You’re kidding, right? More of a candidate for Black Panther along with Djimon. Terry Crews? Too old. It’s ok for RDJ to be Iron Man because it’s his suit that does the work.

    • But Black Panther also has a suit, and Crews can definately fill it out.

  9. Not at all interested. Only character above I’m interested in seeing on the big screen is Dr strange I’m might drop by the dollar theater for the others. Never found them interesting. Cage is kind of dull but way more interesting than iron fist or black panther. Still if were doing casting Ill say the name that no one else is gonna Will Smith he has the build looks young fif his age and is an amazing actor. That’s not fair though I’d cast smith in anything lol. I dint like anyone listed above Jamie Fox is a tool, Gibson isn’t a very good actor and while I really like Crews he’s far to comical and hard to take serious and very much looks his age I wouldn’t buy him as luke cage and I especially wouldn’t buy him ad cage if the made a sequal when he’s mid 40 looking 55 funny guy though and I enjoy him in his side parts in comedys. Let’s not forget that it’s unlikely for marvel to put a new hero franchise in the hands of a comedic supprting actor who does body wash commercials still.

  10. I know i would be mauled for this but I’d rather a bulky, muscular actor for Luke and leave the trendy acting to Iron fist. LL Cool J or some unknown would do for want of an A class actor.

  11. I’ve always wanted to see Quentin Tarantino do Luke Cage and Iron Fist. Set it in the late 70’s or early 80’s in pre-Disney Times Square with Misty Knight and Colleen Wing for support.
    I’d see that movie in the theater twice.

    • YEAH!!! THAT SOUNDS HOT!!!!!!

      Only reason that wouldn’t happen though is that Marvel has tight reigns over their characters and what they want to show in their comic book movies. And Quentin Tarantino only does movies where he could take full control and go out on a tangent with. So, don’t expect it. Unless he gets filthy filthy ridiculous wads of money!! lol

      • if Quentin did it, he wouldn’t mess with the characters. If there is one thing he has, its respect. He needs to do a Punisher movie though. That would be perfect for him.

        • I agree, Quenten Tarantino and Martin Scorcese for (Marvel Studios) “THE PUNISHER”.

          • Does Marvel have the rights back for Punisher? I really hope Marvel gets a great director and the perfect lead actor to play punisher this time around. Punisher 1 wasn’t bad IMO, but I thought Punisher WZ was awful. Same for Daredevil although Marvel doesn’t have his movie rights back.

    • you want QT to do a marvel movie ?!?!
      thats bloody insane, he would not only mess up the movie but he would then go ahead and screw up the whole marvel universe. your idea is good, except for the QT part, i swear if he ever touched something that didnt belong to him (his own made material fyi) i would find and set his house on fire, the man sucks enough said

      • Just wanted to say, with your last statement, congratulations on making the terrorist watch list.

      • QT made a movie called “Jackie Brown” that was not his. It was based on the Elmore Leonard novel “Rum Punch”. I guess you should’ve started looking for his house in the mid-90’s when he started working on the script for it & filmed it.

  12. I am very hopeful that this works out. Marvel studious seems to be on a roll. My hope is that the movie does really well, but doesnt go too deep into the back stories (if it is in fact Heroes for Hire) so that they can explore the ides properly in solo franchises. There’s way too much Immortal Iron Fist material to get squished into a buddy team up movie! Crewes would be fine, but anyone doubting michael jai white’s skills needs to watch Black Dynamite…hillarious! As for Park as Iron Fist, i love the guy, but dont know if he can pull of the look. unfortunately, i like him better as the villain, Steel Serpent!

    • Black Dynamite is Awesome!

      • No it really wasn’t. Black Dynamite was overhyped crap. It doesn’t beat the original Dolemite, that’s for damn sure.

  13. I would love if Ray Park played Iron Fist.

  14. I didn’t even think of Terry Crews for Luke Cage, he’d be perfect. And Ray Park is a perfect Iron Fist.

    Alicia Keys as Misty Knight. She was terrific in Smokin’ Aces.

  15. I’m not particularly excited for Luke Cage or Iron Fist (I’m looking forward to the likes of Ant-Man and Doctor Strange much more) but a Heroes for Hire film could certainly be great too. I look forward to anything made by Marvel Studios.

  16. Scott Adkins for Iron Fist not Ray Park

    • Scott Adkins is getting more and more recognizable parts and he’s an incredible fighter. I wouldn’t be against him having the part now that you mention him.

      • As Deadpool, this dude was on top as a fighter, but can he act is my question. If the dude can bring a performance, then I’m sold.

        • he’s mainly used for stunts/fight scenes, watch undisputed 2 to see how good he is (he plays the russian guy btw).

          i think adkins is more suited since he’s more slim like the character, ray park is somewhat big (assuming he’s still tha same shape from heroes).

          overall i wouldnt mind seeing either of them

      • Adkins has done an admirable job in his films so far. I definitely think he deserves a role somewhere in the Marvel Universe…perhaps the lead in Iron Fist would be where. I can see him as Colossus also (in human form).

  17. Check out this link and tell me you can’t see Scott Adkins and Michael Jai White as Iron Fist and Luke Cage

      • Those guys are pussies!! LOL!! :)

  18. Does anyone think Idris Elba would be good for the part? He seems to have the build for Luke Cage, and as we learned from The Wire, he can certainly act.

    • He was actually one of my first thoughts along with Bokeem Woodbine and the aforementioned Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje.

      I see somebody like Ed Norton, Michael Vartan or, if they go younger, Christopher Pike as Danny Rand. I think it’s much easier to train an actor to look like a fighter than the other way around. Ray Park has made a career playing fighters who never speak. Danny Rand’s a character that sometimes has a hard time shutting up.

      I like the idea of Alicia Keys as Misty. She did do very well in Smoking Aces. And someone small like Keira Knightley for Colleen Wing.

  19. Terry Crews and Ray Park would be ideal. But you know Hollywood, they’ll want to go with someone with matinee idol good looks. Most of us favor Crews and Park for the role, but what do the girls think? So who knows. It just better not be Chiwetel Ejiofor. He’s the Black Panther as far as I’m concerned…

  20. Terry crews. No way. Terry crews is a comical actor, and he’d be terrible. Terry crews is an idiotic choice. Do you want to give luke cage to an actor who’s does a lot of comedy. Luke cage needs a serious actor. It should be tyrese gibson, If not someone better. Im an extreme geek, and Im telling you, tyrese would be a much better choice. Michael jai white would be even better. Picking terry crews would not be giving much thought about this. Terry crew should never been in any comic book movie.

    Off topic – Terry crews wife is hot.

  21. @Mojo. Ray park is scottish, how can he be luke cage (shakes heads).

    • He’s referring to Iron Fist for Park

      • the guy from the wire edris alba i think is his name is perfect as a New York luke cage he was in obssesed with beyonce the black guy from spartacus with the wip as tachallas black panthers father panther Sr. or the guy from never back down Djimon either one but the big brother from GIJoe Chiwetel Ejiofor has the height size and mean look to play the part not to mention the way he sounds like an african and while we are talking black actors as superheroes the Rock as prince Namor Micheal Clark Duncan as attuma his ultimate villian and vin diesal as tigershark

      • the guy from the wire edris alba i think is his name is perfect as a New York luke cage he was in obssesed with beyonce the black guy from spartacus with the wip as tachallas black panthers father panther Sr. or the guy from never back down Djimon either one but the big brother from GIJoe Chiwetel Ejiofor has the height size and mean look to play the part not to mention the way he sounds like an African and while we are talking black actors as superheroes the Rock as prince Namor Micheal Clark Duncan as attuma his ultimate villain and vin diesel as tigershark

  22. Idris Elba is the ideal choice for Luke Cage because he’s got SERIOUS acting chops, has the hieght,build and has an intimidating demeaner. He also can pull of the New Yorker/Harlemite swagger but still be very witty and intelligent. He also has a very heroic look face wise,I’m sorry dude but Terry Crews is an ugly guy. As far as Iron Fist, Ray Park can’t act!!! Why do you think nobody ever gives him lines. Iron Fist is not Snake Eyes,he needs to be able to act out his lines well.

    • Self-promotion is a good way to get your post deleted. Have your name link to your website of choice and be done with it.

  23. Didn’t read all the posts so if anyone has said it I apologize for the repeat, but …

    All those wanting Ray Park for Iron Fist … have you SEEN Ray Park act? Me either … because he can’t. He can’t even handle a bit role like “Toad”, well. Marvel, and dare I say it, RDJ, will NEVER let him be the star of this movie.

    • I know Marvel just cast Chris Evans as Captain America even though he was Johnny Storm, but Idris Elba is already in Thor. Which I find totally ridiculous because I’m pretty sure there were no black Norse Gods (not meant to be racist – just a fact).

      And as long as we are doing fantasy casting, can I add one criteria? How about casting actors that actually fit the characters physical characteristics? or come close?
      I know there’s movie magic to cover some areas but keep this in mind.

      Luke Cage is supposed to be 6’6″
      Chiwetel Ejiofor – 5’10”
      Jamie Foxx – 5’9″

      Captain America 6’2″
      Chris Evans 6’0″ – close enough

      We already have a 6’2″ Wolverine – he’s supposed to be 5’3″ – so can we at least try to get it right within half a foot?

      • you haven’t said anything wrong. no need to worry if NAACP is going to chase after you.
        It’s true there was no black asgardians in norse mythology. but look at it this way they picked a good actor for the role. plus they’re trying to attract not just white audiences but everybody that walk underneath the sun. it’s a money making business first before anything. which explains why they picked samuel jackson to play nick fury (i once thought George Clooney would be a good fit for the role). As a comic fan I love to see movies match the comics. But you have to realize to make a good film you have to have a good story first. Height is not as important as the image the actor portray. CGI can fix that.

        • I thought they went with Jackson for Fury was because they are using the Ultimates template for the Avengers movies..

          • that might be true, though i haven’t seen the ultimates version.

            • Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want them to hire actors that suck just because they look the part either. Just saying that there are plenty of actors that would do well in some of these parts so the studios should keep it in mind instead of just going with the name.

              And I have to disagree a little on adding a black actor just to draw a bigger audience. I’m Norwegian and I’ve never seen a trailer for a movie and thought “that movie is all Italians, maybe if they had added a Norski I would go see it.” 😉

              And yes, Sam J. is meant to be the Ultimates version of Fury.

              • And i’m a black man. but i’ve seen many movies from horror to comedy where they have just one black character in the film. i just see a bigger picture as far as the business part goes. think about it, why else would you put idris elba to play heimdall? either way i can’t wait to see how this movie turns out. Thor has been one my favorite marvel characters since i 10 years old.

              • you’re right about sam j. good point.

  24. I don’t care who they get as long as they dont mess it up by casting a big name just to fill seats ,like Halle Berry as Storm would have preferred Angela Basset or Thandie Newton

    As long as whoever they get is a GREAT, not good actor.
    I seriously thought Daniel Craig would ruin James Bond but it it has become better than ever

    We have a BLK POTUS now bring on the Blk superheroes !!!!

  25. How about a Marvel Team-up movie starring Wesley Snipes as Blade and Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool? Villain is Crossbones and Morbius the Living Vampire.

  26. Heroes for Hire would be great, but also give me Deathlok and She-Hulk in their movies. Plus Adam Warlock battling Thanos and a Kree-Skrull movie.

  27. what about EcKo from LOST???hellooo he’s a bad mutha..I can see him as Cage alot more than Crews tho Crews may have a way with the improvization better..Ray Park as Iron Fist is ookay but his actin chops lack..i know it may seem that i jock lost n all but those actors are gonna be up for some employment about “sawyer” for iron fist? or even charlie?

  28. actually daniel craig as iron that would work well..