Awesome Fake Posters for ‘Scott Pilgrim’ Evil-Ex Lucas Lee

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You Just Dont Exist Scott Pilgrim Lucas Lee Awesome Fake Posters for Scott Pilgrim Evil Ex Lucas Lee

There are many fantastic aspects to Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, but my personal favorite is Chris Evans’ turn as the egomaniacal A-lister – Lucas Lee. Universal has released posters for several of the superstar actor’s fake films – and each is just as funny as the next.

You may remember the brilliant fake trailers at the beginning of Tropic Thunder. It’s easy to forget that the fake opening sequence was arguably the funniest moment of the film. Scott Pilgrim shares a similar brand of humor, by sprinkling Lucas Lee throughout the film on numerous televisions and banners. The foreshadowing of Chris Evans’ eventual character involvement is epic in its playfulness.

In the film, Scott Pilgrim must fight and defeat the seven evil ex-boyfriends of his love interest (and girl who dresses in the dark) Ramona Flowers. Each character gets a small, but vital role int he progression of the film, with each bringing a unique talent and charisma to the film. Brandon Routh and Chris Evans provide the best moments, but it may be the result of their high status in Hollywood productions. Keep in mind, Michael Cera gets to officially defeat Superman (formerly Routh) and Captain America (currently Evans).

Each poster is worth ordering a digital print for your wall. From Lee’s effortlessly dramatic phone cord wrap in You Just Don’t Exist to his multi-dimensional expressions in Thrilled To Be Here. Observe his intriguingly dynamic thoughtfulness in The Game Is Over 2 or his incredibly touching melancholy that makes Nicholas Sparks cry with Let’s Hope There’s A Heaven.

I don’t want to give away too much of Evans’ performance, but after the posters you can find out more details about what makes him the best part of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.

Just get a load of those brilliant taglines:

Action Doctor Scott Pilgrim Lucas Lee Awesome Fake Posters for Scott Pilgrim Evil Ex Lucas Lee

Lets Hope There Is A Heaven Scott Pilgrim Lucas Lee Awesome Fake Posters for Scott Pilgrim Evil Ex Lucas Lee

The Game Is Over 2 Scott Pilgrim Lucas Lee Awesome Fake Posters for Scott Pilgrim Evil Ex Lucas Lee

You Just Dont Exist Scott Pilgrim Lucas Lee poster Awesome Fake Posters for Scott Pilgrim Evil Ex Lucas Lee

Thrilled To Be Here Scott Pilgrim Lucas Lee Awesome Fake Posters for Scott Pilgrim Evil Ex Lucas Lee

Chris Evans as Lucas Lee is easily my favorite part of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World – and was fun to watch from start to finish. There are so many not-so-subtle parodies of superstar personalities in his character. The moment he steps out of his trailer, on the set of his latest film, the Universal Pictures theme plays – as the golden boy’s motif.

Lee’s multiple stunt doubles serve as henchmen to defer the battle with Scott Pilgrim to the last possible moment. But the humor is all in the eyebrow usage – just keep that in mind.

Evans always excels in straight comedic parts. I’ll always remember him for making Not Another Teen Movie one of the better parodies in recent memory. Now that his Hollywood status has skyrocketed to the role of Captain America, it adds to the hilarity of the character in this particular film.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World thwacks into theaters on August 13th, 2010.

Source: Empire

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  1. win

  2. I always said I liked him in comedic roles he just isn’t a good serious actor and while he doesn’t fit as Capt he works perfect for a role like this. He certainly looks like the best part from the trailers. To be fair though the trailers over show him and push his character hard on us. So it’s easy to think he looks better. I envy you for already seeing this.

    • Watch Sunshine…
      Evans plays a realistic version of Cap.
      Chris Reeves was an unknown before Superman, Maguire was known for small indie flicks, Downey was known for playing oddball roles and Ledger was known as a gay cowboy…

      And all of them have made iconic performances of iconic characters.
      Evans will do fine…at least it will be better than the 1998 version of Cap.

      • I’ve seen Sunshine Evans wasn’t very good in it. He was tolerable not something I would want in a Captain America.

        Chris Reeves was an unknown
        Evans isn’t. We know who he is and most of the public does as well. He isn’t exactly a new threat to hollywood. He’s been in a lot of films including a super hero summer tent pole.

        Maguire was known for small indie flicks
        Evans isn’t. Evans has done both small indie and major block buster. Pretty much all of them have failed by the way. He tends to be in bad films. He’s a great comedic actor, but not a great serious actor and he isn’t good at picking projects sense he’s never had a real success.

        Downey was known for playing oddball roles
        That’s why he got Tony Stark. He was known of oddball roles and he played an odd ball stark. Evans is known for Comedic roles i’d hate to see a comedic Captain America. Evans is also hardly as talented of an actor as RDJ. That’s just an insult to RDJ to suggest.

        Ledger was known as a gay cowboy
        The bigoted general populace knew him as that but Heath was famous long before Brock Back and was well know for other films. That became a plague that he had to over come with dramatically new roles to counter that image. Evans doesn’t compare to Ledger in talent either. Evans couldn’t pull off half the roles Ledger has done.

        I like Evans as a comedic actor or even as a comedic action star, but cap is a serious role and Evans isn’t good enough to pull it off his past attempt at serious prove that. He also isn’t believable as Capt he doesn’t have the right look especially in his goofy looking face even when he’s trying not to look goofy.

        All that said this is a post about Scott Pilgrim and Evans looks hilarious in this. Can’t wait to see it and him in this movie.

        • Without turning this into a Captain America thread, I agree with your concern Daniel f…He is so great in parody roles and when he can poke fun at things. I don’t know about his ability to deliver straight comedy, but mocking his own genre is great.

          I personally liked Evans in Sunshine, but it’s going to take a lot to produce a non-comedic superhero these days after what Nolan did with Batman. Captain America isn’t a character I’m familiar with, so he needs to make people like me believe this isn’t just some goofy guy in a strange outfit. Of course, that will be the easy part. The hard part is Evans performing a serious role without it being awkward. Those eyebrows raises and his serious tones are synonymous with his humorous roles. I hope they don’t blend.

  3. Some of them remind me of Mission:Impossible, The Notebook and Fast and The Furious…hope he doesn’t overdo the facial expressions when he’s Cap..

    • wow……………………………………………………. you just made the point of this article pointless.

      your really smart…………. i couldnt figure that out until you told me…………… lol think b4 you post

  4. OMFG icant wait for this movie!!!!

  5. Epic.

  6. this movie looks fun, i enjoy watching Evans on screen.

  7. Lol prob the best laugh I had so far today.

    What’s really funny is they could all be real in todays lame creatively lacking movie industry.

    Is JJ Abrams name on those posters somewhere???? Fine print small.

    • hhahaha, i wouldnt doubt it

  8. I can’t stop laughing at the tag line for Action Doctor. Or even the title. Man oh man, that’s good stuff.

  9. im i the only one who thinks this movie looks terrible

    • im thinking that you are sir. :)