‘Tokyo Drift’ Star Lucas Black Returning For Fast & Furious 7, 8 & 9

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Fast and Furious 3 Tokyo Drift Lucas Black Sean Boswell Tokyo Drift Star Lucas Black Returning For Fast & Furious 7, 8 & 9

As if franchise newcomer James Wan (Insidious 1 & 2) didn’t have enough talent to direct as the new helmsman behind Fast & Furious 7, the ensemble has just gotten a little bit bigger. After welcoming action star Tony Jaa, veteran Kurt Russell and Oscar-nominated Djimon Hounsou to the already-massive cast of Fast & Furious 7, Universal Pictures is bringing back another familiar face to the series.

If Michelle Rodriguez’s Letty can return from the dead for Fast & Furious 6, why can’t the star of The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (re)join the core group too? That’s right. Lucas Black is finally back.

The mid-credits button at the end of Fast & Furious 6 pulled the story of Tokyo Drift (the series’ third installment) into the main timeline of the numbered franchise installments, by introducing the brother of Fast & Furious 6 villain Owen Shaw (Luke Evans) – another Shaw played by Jason Statham – and tying his intro to a key scene in Tokyo Drift where Han (Sung Kang) is taken out in an explosion resulting from high-speed car collision.


Since 2006, fans of the series have waited to see how the story of Fast & Furious 3/Tokyo Drift would fit into the main timeline since Han dies here but is alive in the three following films (all directed by Justin Lin). And since this scene was teased at the end of Fast & Furious 6, that would mean that Lucas Black’s character Sean Boswell – the protagonist of Tokyo Drift – would likely be rejoining the series, giving the story behind why Vin Diesel shows up at the end of that film some meaning.

Fast and Furious 3 Tokyo Drift Lucas Black Sean Boswell Mechanic Tokyo Drift Star Lucas Black Returning For Fast & Furious 7, 8 & 9

For those who don’t know, Universal Pictures made a deal with Vin Diesel that in exchange for a limited-time use of the rights to Riddick he would do a cameo in Tokyo Drift, and now that investment is paying off. According to Deadline, Lucas Black is not only returning for Fast & Furious 7 but at least two more series installments.

Yes, Fast & Furious 8 and 9 are on the way, not that the news comes as any surprise. Vin Diesel already has begun talking up the eight installment along with Kurt Russell’s role that sequel, and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has already teased the potential for a spinoff involving his character, Luke Hobbs. As the franchise gets bigger, so too does its fan base with Fast & Furious 6 raking in nearly $800 million worldwide.

It’s been a long time coming. Are you excited to see Lucas Black join Dominic Toretto’s crew?

Fast & Furious 7  releases July 11, 2014 – with Fast & Furious 8 sure to follow soon thereafter.

Source: Deadline

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  1. yes!!! finally!!! all the pieces are set man this is gonna be awesome

  2. Yes – I consider him a great actor and enjoy watching him, been waitng for his return……

    • haha.. Wow. First time i have ever heard that.

      I am glad they are adding him to the upcoming films instead of just acting like Tokyo Drift never happened for the last few movies (i wish it hadn’t).. But since it did happen i like the fact that they are bringing Black back.

      But as far as his acting abilities go… He is an absolutely atrocious actor… I mean really bad.

  3. I knew it!!!
    I am actually one of the few that enjoy “The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift”, at least more than “Fast & Furious”. It would be cool to see the Drift King, Han’s student, take his mentor’s place on the team. Plus give a whole new meaning to that final race.

    Wait, will we see who wins?

    I am glad that the series is back on track chronologically with The Fast and The Furious 7 actually being the 7th movie in the timeline.
    I am actually really excited how the series retroactively makes past events and characters different and evolve. From simple street-race films on the rails of a cop-crime film to full-blown heist “vehicular warfare”!

    They retroactively made the tangent “spin-off” Tokyo Drift into a center piece and is returning the series to that neo-noir crime film.
    I also tend to prefer odd films over the evens. So if the pattern continues, this is going to be great :)

    • @The Archer I’m in the minority too i love tokyo drift more then the first 2 ff movies. Probably because the tokyo drift is an old style movie. Plus i loved the drifting aspect of it. And it probably had the most racing out of all the ff movies

    • 100% everything you said. Tokyo drift rocks, it’s more of a karate kid, real steel, mighty ducks structured thing.. a very satisfying watch

    • Yeah you are not the only one that liked Drift, I have been waiting to see him back into the series for a long time, I thought Drift was a good movie, and showed a new side of racing with drifting. Bring on the Drift King, I wonder if Bow Wow will than be added, his character was great also.

    • Yeah, I liked Tokyo Drift a lot too. I always felt it made the most sense that they brought back Lucas Black’s character. Perhaps it would be asking too much if we brought back Twinkie and his girlfriend in FF7 but if not, definately for FF8 and/or FF9.

      Can’t Wait!

  4. I thought 7 was the finale. Are they really going to make more?
    Fast 10 :/

    • Fat & Furious 15: We Want More Cash

      Centred around the main characters in middle age, having added a few extra pounds and featuring a climactic race involving souped up mobility scooters. Dom Toretto will need subtitles when Vin’s mumbling gets so bad that the bewildered reactions in the movie by fellow cast members are genuine due to even them not knowing what the hell he’s saying.

      Rated R for Retired.

      • hahahaha har har har!

      • We’re already watching Fast 15, it’s called The Expendables. Vin gets hair transplants, Shaw (Statham) becomes a good guy and Tyrese works out to become Terry Crews.

          • The Expendables is sh*t compared to the last 2 F&F movies.

  5. nice, cant wait, still curious how they explain away the 8 years of aging, but like someone said on the other thread, makeup and whatnot can help sell him as younger. i hope they reshoot that scene from the so we can see the race between dom and the kid and see who wins. it would be a great opening scene (or one of the first scenes) to F&F7

    • Not only that. It’s also very possible that in FF7 time could pass by, like a 2 or three years after Han’s death where they are trying to chase down Shaw and his henchmen over a period of time. Not likely but it wouldn’t surprise me if they did do this just to add some age on the character.

  6. To end the series they should just have everyone in a car about to race and cut it off as soon as they take off…..

    • Or they could end it by racing the one vehicle they haven’t touched yet in the movies….

      Space shuttles.

      • You’re looking the wrong way down the timeline.



        • I’d pay good money to see Michelle Rodriguez ride on the back fo a velociraptor like a prehistoric ostrich.

          You may be on to something.

        • You’re way off the mark. The next one will be directed by one of the actors, and they’ll go looking for God in the center of the Universe. It’s high concept, it can’t miss and it has never been tried before.

    • That would be funny, good idea.

  7. I’m very excited. I was pretty sure that this would happen, but I am glad that it is confirmed. Lucas Black hasn’t done much since Tokyo Drift. I am really looking forward to him returning in Fast Seven.

  8. I hated his country accent, but very happy he’s back.

    • I agree with you.

  9. The series has become exciting to the nine but i liked the previous directors vision a bit better. i think this might just get redundant. They should have stayed with the hot hand if they were going to try this.

    The potential for disaster is at least 70% as of now. This is a BIG HUGE MEGATON project handled by, well lets face it, a rookie on his first big rodeo. Whose specialty is small scale projects. Certainly he would accept but is he the right fit…?

    • Considering you couldn’t possibly be privy to Wan’s vision yet, then your statement of “the previous director’s vision” could only be in reference to John Singleton’s 2 Fast 2 Furious… that is unless Wan has told you where he’s going with it and what he’s intending to do.

      • Nice commentary but I’ve been here since the beginning and i actually prefer Rob Cohen’s version if you must ask. I’m entitled to my opinion. Stick to yours. Don’t try to redefine mine. i have an acquired taste. I know all about this dude from SAW but i don’t think he’s got the goods. So what. If making movies was that easy than you’d be doing it.

  10. I’ll avoid this one purely based on that guys annoying accent.

  11. Good news!! Now add Bow-wow and Ja Rule, please.

    • Monicaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

    • F*CK NO!

    • And?

  12. Wow, the FF series has to be the most randomly successful franchise ever. Jumping back and forth between movies, losing Vin Diesel for FF2 and (mostly) FF3, weird timelines, unsuccessful movies (FF2 and FF3 again), but it all came together in the end credits of FF6. It’s like the writers went like, “wait, holy crap! it all fits!”

    Too bad no more Han though…probably? 9 might be too much, but we’ll see I guess. Definitely looking forward to #7.

    • Maybe Han will come back as a Jedi Force Ghost to aid Sean with improving his driving…… like a spiritual SatNav or something

      “Use the e-brake, Sean”

      “The Drift is strong with this one”


  13. 10 is a nice round number to end this series at. if they can keep up the quality.

  14. Pretty cool news! So I wonder if we’ll get to see the race between Dom and Lucas Black’s character at the end of Tokyo Drift. :)

    • Could be that the race was his way of seeing if this guy could hang with his crew to take down Han’s killers. Recruitment scene.

      • That’d make sense for sure.

      • Yeah, that would actually make the most sense. And to explain why Twinkie and his girlfriend didn’t come along is because he would probably take this the most personal as he thinks he’s partly to blame for Han’s Death, so he’d want to go at this alone and not get them involved. Besides, Dom would focus on targeting squarely on him as an elite racer, since he is the DK after all….

  15. I don’t know how my mind made this connection but if Fast & Furious keep this up they’ll have as many movies as there are Final Fantasy games lol

    • That is great, it sure shows if you create a movie or video game than, have it with FF, you got good odds of doing plenty of them.

  16. I would like to see Jason stathams character to be the expendables character at the end of fast 6.
    That way you could get the expendables to hunt the fast crew in 7,8,9 What a finale that would be.

    • Arnie vs Diesel

      Ding Ding!!

  17. This series is going to go on forever. All the characters children will be the focus by the time FF40 comes out.

  18. This is going to be even better than before

  19. I wasn’t too keen on his character, to be honest. That said, if he’s matured enough and developed a decent ability to act, I’m open to the idea…

  20. Tokyo Drift is one of my favourite instalments having a large interest in Japan, drifting and Japanese culture as a whole (historic and modern)

    Once I heard about Lin and Diesel “closing the loop” with the whole Han’s death it only made sense to bring Lucas back….. no doubt the race at the end of Drift is now going to be considered as an audition by Dom to bring Sean into the fold as Sean would have as much motivation to avenger Han as anyone.

    Haven’t seen 6 yet (Pacific Rim took my money this year) but as the DVD has been released that omission won’t be long in being rectified

  21. There is going to be an end-of-credits scene where Han escapes from his car through a hatch in the bottom so he’ll be back for Fast 8.

    Or his twin shows up. Or he was teleported out by the Enterprise and Fast 8 will feature a time traveling Pike and Quinto.

  22. My guess is he turns down Toretto’s offer…

  23. They got him extra cheap, apparently he works for mustard and biscuits.

  24. Wow… the makeup department is going to work hard to make him… uhm… 7 years… YOUNGER XD

    On a side note, I love how the moves comes into full circle with one another, but personally, I feel the events of Furious 6 were a turn off for me considering Fast Five ended with a high note. I was kinda hoping the 7th would be the last… oh well, let’s see what happens next.

  25. I knew he would be back. Keep these movies coming. They are always fun.

    • Since there is going to be 7, 8, and 9 then I have to say that there will be more of the original crew that dies. I could see Shaw getting his revenge by killing Roman or Tej in this one, that would lead to F&F8. But please, no more Super Torretto jumping across bridges to save Letty. Keep it realistic like the 1st F&F. Also, I am in the minority too and really enjoyed Tokyo Drift more than most of this series.. Still hurts when I see the after credits of F&F6 pretty much confirming Han is dead. :(