Louis Leterrier Would Do Hulk Sequel – More Likely To Happen Now?

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iron man 2 incredible hulk cameo avengers Louis Leterrier Would Do Hulk Sequel   More Likely To Happen Now?

There’s still that rumor going around that Norton could appear in Iron Man 2 – I can’t even describe how awesome that would be, and how happy that would make me as a fan who’s hopeful of Marvel’s plan leading up to The Avengers.

On that note, director Louis Leterrier is contracted for one more film with the studio and with Disney purchasing Marvel (and hence, Marvel Studios) this means more financing for films – and therefore, an immediate increase in production capacity for the studio. This was something that was mentioned by Marvel President of Production, Kevin Feige, in hopes that it could happen five or so years down the road.

Does this mean we’ll get an early greenlight on a sequel to The Incredible Hulk? There’s been plenty of talk about a sequel but with it, clarification that it wouldn’t occur until after The Avengers. Perhaps now with Disney’s support, they can move some of those in-development films up.

In addition to Leterrier’s two-picture contract with Marvel Studios, the talented actor behind Hulk’s latest villain, Tim Roth, is also contracted with a multi-picture deal – specifically, three films. A few weeks back, Roth hinted at being contacted about participating in something again but was very tight-lipped about it.

At the time, many thought he could simply be one of the few/many villains of The Avengers or perhaps that he’d have a small role as a cameo villain in another Marvel solo flick coming up. Could it be that it’s now more likely he’ll be back in a Hulk sequel along with The Leader whom they introduced at the end of the last film.

Would you like to see The Incredible Hulk 2, Ed Norton back as Bruce Banner, and Leterrier in the director’s chair again?

Stay tuned in to Screen Rant for more on The Incredible Hulk, Marvel Studios and other potential projects that could be affected by the recent ownership shift!

Sources: Moviehole, LA Times

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  1. Ed Norton should be in The Hulk 2, and especially Avengers!!!
    I won’t even watch the Avengers if Ed Norton is not in it, and especially if they add Eric Bana,LOL,like thats going to happen,and that would be pretty cool if he was in Iron Man 2.

  2. of course you would watch the avengers if it was sans hulk…although I do agree it would be better if he was in it.

    Im keen for Hulk 2 and im hoping this marvel/disney unholy alliance will push a few films into production

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  4. @Rob Keyes:
    Great read and my feeling exactly on the “Incredible Hulk” and the future of big green. Very much enjoyed the film and pray that the main cast remains constant in the Marvel Universe. In fact, I thought that the deleted scene that Marvel and Norton argued over show have been in the theatrical release. Most of those scenes showed the painful love triangle between Dr. Samson, Bruce and Betty.
    IMHO, Leterrier’s film was handi-capped because or the Ang Lee film being such and under-achiver so most of the regular movie goers leaving a bad taste in their mouth. Most didn’t welcome a second helping. Although the CGI was very good in ‘IH’ I’d like to see ILM do next sequel.

  5. I enjoyed both Hulk films, and would love to see another. I wish they would have kept the alternate opening to the film.

  6. Hells to the yeah! Bring on part 2, I loved the first one.


    Yeah I agree, the Lee film did hurt the Norton one. I still run into people that think it was a sequel (and therefore have not even seen it yet)rather than a reboot.

  7. please not another hulk movie,and no sequels to the hulk movie. he is boring to the point of putting me to sleep. not an interesting marvel character. the hulk comics are better than the movie.punisher movie had more action/excitement than hulk. i sorry but no one knows how t make the hulk movies with enough action & adventure,at least add two superpowered villians for the hulk to fight. hulk movies are just not that entertaining enough.you have all the wrong producers,directors who do not know or understand how to make a hulk movie relate to hulk stories in his comic book.

  8. I really enjoyed the Incredible Hulk as well, and most of that was due to Louis and his consistant yet compelling directing, something Ang Lee lacked in spades. And they also essembled such a great cast. It’s unfortunate the studio had to cut out a significant ammount of character development and pacing. I really hope they can release an Incredible Hulk dvd with the deleted scenes cut back into it. Though I wouldn’t want to watch it without Edward Norton as Banner.

  9. Ed Norton must return or it’s a FAIL for me.

  10. Yes yes yes yes and yes. Ed Norton is a perfect Banner, The Incredible Hulk is, so far, my favorite comic-book adaptation from Marvel. I Think what Marvel Studios did with Iron Man and Hulk were great, and they need keep doing what they plan on doing. I believe with the new Disney/Marvel situation these movies could be kicked out in no time and in great (if not greater) quality. I can’t wait, and I hope everyone returns for the sequel.

  11. I think this is very possible. With Paramount having distribution rights to the next 5 Marvel films (i.e. IM2, Capt. Am, Avengers, Thor, and IM3) I would think Disney would want to capitalize on the comic book movie seen and get another movie out before 5 years down the road. Hulk would be a good fit because he already has brand recognition.

  12. I want a sequel. The film was terrific!! And it had the Illusionist as Banner!

  13. @Luke and Leia’s Love Child
    Ya, had to bribe my uncle and wife into watching ‘IH’ just because they thought it was exactly the same borefest…they loved ‘IH’.

  14. I agree, If Ed Norton isnt bruce banner, itll def be a shame!

  15. I have to admit that Nortons representation of Bruce Banner sold me, like Toby did with Spider-Man.

    I’m all for a sequel with Ed Norton!!!
    Anything else would be 6 steps backward.

  16. I’m of mixed opinions on this. I hate that Norton was so full of himself that he wanted to control how the entire Incredible Hulk movie would be like. On the other hand, I did agree with him as to how it should have been like.

    Either way he did make a far better Banner than Bana did, but I also wouldn’t care much if they found another capable actor to fill these unfortunate shoes.

    In any case, I do think Louis Leterrier wanting to do the sequel is good news (this IS what this article is about, isn’t it?) 😉

    He shouldn’t be too concerned with the fans who liked the Ang Lee movie. I don’t think anybody would disagree that his own Hulk movie was much closer to the comics and that’s what the majority of us really want to see.

  17. ed norton is the worst actor ever. he can’t act on a professional level,he need’s to go back to acting school for another ten year’s he stinks. and so does the hulk who can’t seem to pick on anyone his size. hulk only want’s to fight puny humans rather than supered powered villians who can stand toe to toe with him. the hulk movie suck’s along with ed norton. let john favreau direct a hulk movie he knows what he’s doing and stop focusing on the origin story for god’s sake you eat up too much screen time doing this!

    • No he”s not Edward Norton is brilliant far better actor than mark ruffalo and Eric Bana.

  18. I wonder if the timing for Hulk 2 to follow the Avengers might hint that the Hulk will be a “bad guy” in the Avengers movie. That certainly would read with the close of the Incredible Hulk, wouldn’t it?
    Also, the end of the Hulk indicates to me that Banner can now control his transformations. World War Hulk, anyone?

  19. Michael:
    First, you sound a bit like you’re talking smack about a fictional character. That rings odd.
    Second, they spent about the span of the opening credits on origins in The Incredible Hulk.
    I can’t imagine thinking Norton did a bad job. Is it because you liked Ang Lee’s The Hulk/Eric Bana’s performance more?

  20. Someone who like the Ang Lee version, definitely have to explain that to me. It was such a terrible movie. The Incredible Hulk was quite well done for me.

  21. Lol, Bangarang, I actually threw the Ang Lee Hulk dvd in the trash afterwards. (I didn’t see it in the theater)

    Norton’s Hulk I’ve watched a few times on dvd. The movie is that good!!!

  22. marvel screwed up the hulk! please no more solo hulk movies.is there no one out there who can cast a supervillan equal or worthy of the hulk’s power/strength for him to fight? and just add only knockdown dragout toe to toe fight scene’s. please people want to be thrilled & entertained when they go to the movie’s not be put to sleep by watching the hulk smash army tanks & helicopters.read the damn comic books and cast a foe equal to the hulk! are you listening mr.louis letterier? that goes for you too marvel.

  23. @ 790,

    I agree – I really didn’t like Lee’s Hulk, really enjoyed the new one.

  24. Micheal, I’m beginning to doubt you even watched the latest Hulk movie. He fought the Abomination for something like the last twenty minutes. The Abomination was painted as slightly bigger than, and superior to the Hulk.
    I’m never going to understand the troll mindset. To come on here and just rant in ways that make no sense at all is just weird.
    Finally, the Hulk was originally the story of a man trying to control the fury within. That is what makes the Hulk movies different from the others, and that is what can make the movies most interesting. If you want to see cartoons beat each other up, wake up early on a Saturday morning. If you want to see something slightly intelligent, you can watch grownup movies.

  25. Hulk comes in two flavors:
    Smash everything Hulk or Existential Hulk.
    Fans of the Hulk fall into either one of these categories, and some both.
    I liked Ang Lee’s version and nobody is better than Sam Elliot as Gen. Ross.

  26. I actually liked Ang Lee’s Hulk also. I thought the style was cool, it had a brain, and Sam Elliot usually is awesome to the point of mancrushhood. It just got a little weird towards the end thar, with the Hulk fighting a cloud or something.

  27. WOW, by far they`ve got the right actor to make into the debutes, just as actors like Bale, Reeve, Routh, and Maguire. Personally thought that both Clooney and Keaton were terrible choices in the 90`s Batman series though may have been the best choices as Batman, just saying. And with Iron Man 2 coming the way will it be Hulk making a cameo? Though one thing that doesn`t make sense about cameos is that it`s like the world of each superhero doesn`t know that the other superhero exists if the superhero solo films don`t mention the other superhero. I`m a bit condorly fashioned, but can they really make hulk have a cameo?

  28. I certainly hope so. Louis Leterrier did a MARVELOUS job with “Incredible Hulk 1″.

    I didn’t mind Ang Lee’s version. Perhaps a darker, twisted art house action packed movie for the future? I would pay to see that but I don’t think the general masses would.

  29. Of couse to have Norton to come back to role of Dr. Bruce Banner in the Incredible Hulk 2.