Louis CK: ‘Oh My God’ HBO Special Review

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louisck ohmygod promo closeup Louis CK: Oh My God HBO Special Review

After a streak of hilarious stand-up specials, including Chewed Up, Shameless, Hilarious and Live at the Beacon Theatre, comedian Louis C.K. returns to the stage with his new HBO special Oh My God recorded in Phoenix, Arizona.

Louis C.K. continues to be a powerhouse of pitch perfect, casual observations about children, dead pets, the human place in the food chain, and all the banalities of life as only the seasoned comedian can deliver in his charmingly bitter and cynical way.

Perhaps what’s so maddeningly hilarious about Louis C.K. is that his seemingly bleak outlook on life is both accurate and bittersweet. His musings on a frail old woman with disgusting legs and an equally aged pitiful dog could be depressing in the hands of any other person, but his perception turns them into a hilariously poignant commentary on life after a certain age.

Though crass and vulgar, the practicality with which Louis approaches comedy is refreshing and brings on trains of thought you might otherwise have never followed to logical and amusing results. C.K. takes the time to talk about the perks of being a human, never having to worry about the food chain, going to work and having to evade cheetahs. The fantastical scenario is genuine and approached practically from the mind of Louis, and his everyman sensibility makes it that much more engaging.

louisck ohmygod stage emptyseats Louis CK: Oh My God HBO Special Review

Continuing his trend of thoughts on animals (“It must be awful to be other kinds of stuff“), he pokes fun at the likes of sharks, seals, sea lions, walruses and more, treating them like nothing more than props and distractions from the depressing reality of mortality, something he never lets us forget about.

Once back on the subject of humanity, C.K. turns the most mundane of activities into a daily struggle, including waking up and making the decision to live another day. The weight he lends to and comedy he squeezes from something as simple as putting on his socks is mind-blowing. It’s truly baffling how C.K. has polished this material to where nearly every single thing he says results in a laugh.

C.K. speaks so gleefully about divorce that some couples will probably end up breaking up because of a certain bit. As he so succinctly and eloquently puts it, “Divorce just gets stronger like a piece of oak.” And from there he ties the failure of marriage into the success of better parenting, and a skewering of the social media culture and their predilection towards recording and showing everybody all aspects of their lives, especially when witnessing performances and whatnot from their children. The latter material is probably his least original observation, but it’s far from being bad.

louisck ohmygod mike gesture Louis CK: Oh My God HBO Special Review

Louis reaches into the darkest, deepest depths of everyone’s mind and says all of the messed up stuff that no one usually has the courage to say aloud for fear of being judged; every topic is full of vibrant descriptions from a cynical mind, and it’s painfully funny.

For fans of Louis C.K., this will be a walk in the park and more of what you’ve come to love from the thriving stand-up comic. For people just discovering C.K., it might be a little shocking at first, but his spouting of thoughts, observations and hypothetical situations that most people have thought about – whether they care to admit it or not – are flawless and, most importantly, downright hilarious.


Louis C.K.: Oh My God premiered on April 13th at 10pm exclusively on HBO, and will be made available for purchase through the comedian’s website in a few months.

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  1. I didn’t think he could do it, but that was even better than his last special. He is a crazy talented stand up, but I don’t like his show. It has its moments, but it seems like it’s unsuccessfully trying to be Curb Your Enthusiasm.

    Still, nothing beats his early stand up specials when he called his kids a**holes and mocked their existence. I was lucky to see him when he wasn’t quite as popular.

    • Louis CK is a genius when it comes t comedy. His show is hilarious. He’s hilarious. All of his specials including ‘Hilarious’ is hilarious. But seriously, his show is so funny put together so well! You gotta have the right sense of humor to get it so glad I have that lol.

      • Those who are too lame to understand his comedy have sad, boring lives. Those who don’t get his comedy & feel they need to comment on how bad it is should be publicly flogged. On second thought, most would probably like that too much though.

  2. Another classic from Mr. C.K..
    One of the many reasons that I really enjoy Louis is that he’s paid his dues and seems to understand and actually appreciate the fact that it might not last forever.
    Also, he could be charging obseen prices for his shows and specials but he doesn’t so he’s appreciated even more because of it. Sure he’s becoming a rich man because of his success but he doesn’t seem to change and neither has his comedy.

    • Never thought I’d say this, but this special seemed undeveloped and lazy. Louis CK is easily one of my favorite comedians, and his last 3-4 specials have been near flawless, but this one just didn’t hit me like the others. His audience loves him so much now that he can get away with lazy material, which is not a good thing.

      • Agree. The murder bit he ended with was solid, but while I give the overall performance a 7 out of ten, and while I think he’s genius with the new business model, I felt that this was the first time I was saying–I prefer his previous stuff. And this from someone who loves that he throws away his stuff each year.

        I’ll still buy his special to give him the feedback to keep marketing himself this way but this wasn’t his best.

      • I had this same feeling about Live @ The Beacon… Oh My God just didn’t feel funny the entire time (tough to do, I’m sure, but it’s his job). Hilarious was funny for the ENTIRE duration. Shameless and Chewed Up were funny for 90% of the time. Oh My God has some great observational humor, but is only funny about half the time. Huge expectations probably contributed a lot to my feeling of disappointment.

  3. Great stuff. Loved the “we watched our President quit” bit.

  4. this was great. so amazing.

  5. Shark Joke. Tears.

  6. 5 “hilarious”s in the review. The latest catch-all meme to replace anything resemblibg in-depth thought.
    Ethan, listen to the main joke in CK’s “Hilarious” bit, and then tell us you don’t feel just a bit embarrassed.

  7. “I’d rather be sitting and doing nothing, than standing and f@*king.” Best line ever.

    I agree that some parts felt lazy and possibly undeveloped, but there were still some great moments and thoughts being spewed.

    • agreed, not everything was a laugh-fest. His best Stand-up probably has to be Shameless, Hilarious, then Live at the Beacon, then Oh My God, THEN Chewed Up, then his 1995 Stand Up Special from the 30 minutes of HBO.

  8. This is my first time watching one of his standups and I thought it was funny. I didn’t laugh at EVERY joke, but I did laugh.

    • I couldn’t laugh at any of them. THEY WERE NOT FUNNY.

  9. Not really that shocking or surprising if you’re used to more cynical and sarcastic humor like Carlin, Hicks, Kinison, Lewis Black or Richard Lewis.

  10. I’ve seen plenty of stand Ups before but I must say: LOUIS CK’s “Oh My God” was the most boring I’ve ever sat through. It was so boring, it was painful. As a qualifier: I’m a regular, daily listener to Opie & Anthony’s show and I’ve heard Louis before. Their entire act has gone down irreparably since Patrice Oneal died (“Elephant in the Room” was considerably better). Both Louis and Jim Norton’s stand ups were painfully dumb, but they are both funny on the O&A show. If I’d paid money to see it, I’d be demanding money back.

    • You have a s***** taste in comedy, and you should kill yourself.

      But wait, before you try to take the high road and reply with some stupid remark like “all his fans are dumb” or something among the lines of you trying to make yourself sound superior… You should kill yourself first.

      • Dave. It wasn’t funny. Just cause it appealed to the lowest common denominator of potheads (you) changes nothing.

        • As I mentioned, you have to have a pretty sad life to post something about a comedy special you didn’t like. Seriously, do you just go to seek out articles that you can tell people how stupid they are for enjoying?? Maybe some people actually have a sense of humor & don’t have such a sh**ty outlook on life.

          • If my life is so sad, how do YOU have time to defend CK? Is he your boyfriend or something? Tossing your salad? Tongueing your rim?

            • Right, because there is no difference between commenting on things you enjoy and just being a boring loser, sniping at everyone who digs something you don’t. And sure, Louie has tossed my salad a few times. One time I had mud butt & he went in for a swamp romp.

  11. A kind, compassionate and intelligent man as usual, connecting with the ‘common man’. Bravo, Louis!! Especially LOVED the bit where he connected the dots between the developed worlds overconsumption (His Infinity) and the starvation deaths of poor people in the 3rd world. Nothing wrong with intelligent comedy, just like intelligent Rock ‘n Roll (like Rush and Deep Purple!)
    An idea for you, sir Louis CK: Apply your deep humor at the plight of animals, how the factory farming capitalist system is literally killing all life on the planet while pumping people with pure garbage.

  12. Honestly, I think watching Louis right now is watching comedy history being made. His commitment to throwing his material away and creating all new sets, while most comedians run for years on end with the exact same material (sometimes keeping jokes for decades on end), is at once both old school and impossibly revolutionary. That it keeps making him funnier and funnier as the years go by should be a message to comedians everywhere.

  13. The only issue I have with this set is that it has a slow start. It wasn’t until about 15-20 minutes in when I really started getting those awesome belly laughs in (started when he talked about looking like a homeless guy in his apartment building). But in my opinion, it was worth the wait. Though it still doesn’t touch Hilarious and Chewed Up and Shameless (my 3 favorites in order of preference), I think as a whole it’s a lot better than Live at the Beacon and a great special in general. Louis is definitely *the* comic of the era and he’ll go down in history with all the great classics, I believe.

  14. Is it just me or did this show reminds me of George Carlin’s Again! in 1978 just because its the same venue? Louis C.K stuff just gets better and better as he grow older, just like Carlin :)

  15. Does anyone know when I’ll be able to buy this on dvd? I’ve been waiting a few months and heard nothing :/

  16. Really He’s funny, if you paid me I couldn’t laugh. Done with a fake audience, with piped in laughter. Wow that show S T U N K !!!!!”