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lost seres finale spoilers discussion Lost Series Finale Review & Spoilers Discussion

[UPDATE: If you’re feeling like the series finale left a ton of unanswered questions, check out our in-depth Lost Finale Explanation.]

This is it. The day that Lost fans have been waiting for. After six years, we now know the whole story of what happened to the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 on its way to Los Angeles. Never before has a crash on a mysterious island been, well, so mysterious.

For now we’re putting this up for you to discuss the Lost season/series finale and we’ll update it with our in-depth review shortly after the the show airs.

Considering Lost is such a unique show, it’s only appropriate that the final episode be as unique. With two-and-a-half hours to wrap up the series, all your questions should have been answered. Alright, maybe not all of your questions – finale or not, this is Lost after all.

Of course, when it comes down to it, it’s not about whether all your questions have been answered or what exactly happened to Hurley’s CD player when the batteries died, it’s about the journey and whether you loved the series finale or hated it, you can’t deny one thing… this has been one hell of a journey.

That being said, if you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the series finale of Lost – if you haven’t seen the episode, what are you doing here? Get to your TV and watch one of the most talked about finales in television history.

In all honesty, if you’ve yet to see the finale, I would highly recommend that you don’t read these comments here until you have. You’ve been warned.

Review –

The screen has cut to black for the final time on Lost. The epic conclusion to one of the most critically acclaimed television shows in history has aired, leaving only one question – did creators Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof give fans a finale worthy of all the anticipation?

Okay, maybe that’s not the only question that remains.

It’s been an incredible season, with a solid mix of shocking moments and deserving reveals, but Lost definitely saved the best for last.

lock lost Lost Series Finale Review & Spoilers Discussion

Of course, some viewers will still be frustrated by the amount of interpretation (or lack of irrefutable answers) sill left in the wake of the finale, but I thought the balance between closing up the plot, while refraining from spelling-out every imaginable answer, was well handled. Though Lost has become popular on the basis of the hook, “what’s going to happen next” – the primary focus of the series has always been the characters.

Ultimately, the finale did a great job of completing these stories. There were a number of especially powerful moments – Jack and Christian’s reunion, Locke’s post-surgery recovery, Ben and Hurley teaming up to run the island, and Locke and Jack watching from above as Desmond is lowered into the heart of the island (a throwback to the season 1 finale). Both Locke and Jack’s deaths felt like natural conclusions – moments they’d been led toward from the start of the series (i.e. handled significantly better than the death’s of Jin and Sun).

lost jin sun finale Lost Series Finale Review & Spoilers Discussion

The off-island reunion, which could have felt forced, ultimately ended up serving as nice opportunity to reunite with characters we hadn’t gotten to see in a long time: Boone, Shannon, and Juliet (though, where was Mr. Eko?) – giving closure to some of the character’s who were sacrificed along the way. The flashes to the island also did a great job of not only allowing viewers a glimpse at how far we have come, but also provided a few of the most touching moments of the night – especially Charlie and Claire’s reunion.

The on-island drama did a solid job of clarifying a few of the more subtle points developed over the series, while also driving the characters toward the inevitable show-down between Jack and Locke – as well as the fate of the island. The dialogue between Locke and Jack was especially poignant – drawing from years worth of personal history and summing up the evolution of Jack’s movement from a man of science to a man of faith.

The passing of the torch to Hurley was also great. Though having to watch the group fumble around for a water bottle to complete the initiation ritual made what was a surprising and enjoyable moment – sort of awkward.

One question that wasn’t answered – and the only thing that felt like a missing piece of the puzzle was the lack of closure to Sawyer’s “Anthony Cooper” plot-line (brought up early in the off-island sideways).

Sure there are numerous questions that haven’t been resolved, but this particular plot-thread was the only one re-emphasized this season – and then completely dropped. Maybe it’s just the fact that the Juliet/Sawyer relationship has always felt a bit rushed (from the viewer’s perspective) – and their moment at the vending machine was all the closure we ended up getting for Sawyer – one of the most interesting characters on the show.

Then of course, the show ended. Given the fact that Lost has shot multiple endings in the past, (coupled with speculation over the “endings” that aired on Kimmel), there’s been a lot of theorizing about whether or not Cuse and Lindelof had other ideas for how to end the series – theorizing the creators have repeatedly dismissed.

The “moving on” reunion was the only ending envisioned for Lost. While it may not be the definitive, end-all, that some question-eager fans would have liked, it offered proper closure to the story of the characters we were introduced to with the crash of Flight 815.

Final Thoughts -

The Lost series finale succeeded in the same way as the literary works that inspired it. It may not have answered every mystery or attempted to tie-up hundreds of years worth of island mythology but, like any great work of storytelling, the finale made us think.

Lost has carried viewers excitedly from episode to episode and sparked countless conversations around the water cooler, challenging viewers with subjects ranging from spirituality to time-travel – some of the greatest questions of the the universe.

Ultimately the biggest question that remains, at least for me, is: just how long it’ll be before Disney announces a Lost spin-off feature film or television series. Cuse and Lindelof have been adamant about not being interested in telling any more Lost stories but, ultimately, Disney owns the franchise.

lost series finale discussion damon lindelof carlton cuse Lost Series Finale Review & Spoilers Discussion

The Target commercials that aired during the finale definitely hint at a dark future for the franchise.

Personally, I hope this is the last we see of Lost - instead of having to watch the show get tarnished by a series of money-grabs (especially if Cuse and Lindelof aren’t at the helm).

What did you think of the Lost series finale? How do you interpret the ending? Are you hoping for more Lost (in the form of a film or new series) or are you ready to let go?

Confused by the ending? Check out our in-depth Lost Finale Explanation.

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Thanks to Anthony Ocasio for getting the spoiler discussion rolling.

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  1. When I saw the end I was kind of left with a wtf? After reading the article its not so bad, but in the end I still feel very unsatisfied. The ending itself was awesome. I loved every minute of it, but I simply dont like what it all comes down to. You can speculate about the ending as much as you want, we will never know for sure. Thats what I always loved about Lost, the craving for the next episode for questions to be answered. Though, this is the end, so my expectation was to get the craving fullfilled. Well…I was wrong and maybe thats good so.

  2. Has anyone noticed this thread has gotten extra wide? On a 1280×1024 display
    resolution, I have to keep scrolling right and left. Who did this? Someone
    attempting to draw attention away from the thread?

    • I completely agree with halfvulcan, what the hell is going on with the postings?
      I can’t even read them at all.

  3. It’s definitely a mixed bag. I think the problem is as follows: The writer’s didn’t realize that people were just as attached to “The Island” as they were the characters. So, sure, they summed up the relationships of the people really well, but I agree with whoever said it; one part answered, the other left unanswered.

    That being said, I thoroughly enjoyed the ending but definitely feel cheated. They even said (the creators) that they wouldn’t be going back and using the “purgatory” answer… Yet, they did. I was so faithful to the writers I truly believed they would have a truly original ending coupled with a bit of a cliche happy ending. I was half-right.

    I guess it all comes down to the fact that the writer’s were too afraid to pick a solid ending that summed things up, because of the reaction of the fans. They were too concerned with trying to please everyone, that they completely omitted one of the main characters, “The Island” and left a flimsy unsatisfying taste in our mouths. Sure, we’re left to interpret, but we wanted the satisfaction of saying “I WAS RIGHT” or being told “YOU WERE WRONG” and actually getting to KNOW the answers. There are no answers to the questions. Only speculation and interpretation. Every thing you read about the ending of this show is the same as every theory being made before the end of the show, completely up to each individual and can’t be taken as hard solid factual answers (unless, you of course happen to agree with their theories)

    But I also think that was part of the difficulty in the finale, as well. How do we keep the feeling of “Lost” without ruining the ending. They did the best they could, they left it open so we would still have theories about Lost to come up with and share, as we’ve always done throughout the series. So, they tried their best to give us that, bring the characters stories to a close and enough information for anyone of any belief to come up with their own interpretation for what the island is or was.

    How I feel they were forced into that scenario? Simple. They put a time limit on the show. Then, they hit the sixth season and it was almost like “Oh s***… we actually COULD have gone 7 seasons…” So, who knows, there’s a lot unknown behind the scenes, where there are, I’m sure, higher-ups pulling some strings, as well. So, all-in-all, I love the ending and am very happy with it, but I’m still not satisfied. I’m a mixed bag on the finale of my all-time favourite show. I would be a lot more satisfied if the creator’s would come out and ANSWER questions for us. Hopefully in some special features, or maybe, if what I’ve read is true about an extra 20 minutes on the DVD, maybe there’ll be a little more solid answers. Here’s to hoping (but, I also had faith in the finale initially, and here we are, so it’s probably all for naught).

  4. Wow awesome ending to a magnificent show, the best television series for me by far. The Finale was I thought the finest show ending and approached it in the right way, that is based around the characters we have all grown to know and love or hate.

    For me any of the unanswered questions not revealed is a good thing, to show or answer all these questions would just have lowered the great mysteries of the Island, and explaining some things which are enigma’s in our real World would have felt cheap. To give a great example just look at Star Wars revealing what the force was. The not knowing is far better than any explanation of such mysteries :)

    My own personal view of why certain people were not at the funeral (apart from the actors / contracts not allowing it) is because in their lives the lostie’s were not the most important part of there lives, Walt for example my have had grown up with a wife and children of his own, and they would be there for his closure / passing on.

    Sawyer probably had his conclusion when he travelled to Australia in the side ways World, I didn’t need to know any of the details.

    The story of Lost is about human kind, love and relationships the Island is a metaphor of life and our humankind and spirituality, yes the Island is real in the show, but it’s what is represents as a character to us viewers watching it.

    The show answered everything I wanted to know, and gave closure to the characters involved. Well done to the entire LOST team and the actors and writers who made it such a special event in my life.

    p.s I cried so much ;)

  5. Just a quick question to all the finale haters out there.

    What exactly did you want? Explanation’s to things which can’t be explained? that’s an oxymoron! And if they had explained them, it would have appeared lame and more to the point was not the reason behind the show. The series was not a story about magic and mystery, the story was of human kind and their struggles, the magic and mystery was just the spectacular side show..

    So my question is, what would have satisfied you? Any comments welcome,but please don’t just say you wanted answers, explain to us all what those answers should have been, and why they would have been good for the show and satisfied us viewers I’m curious??? :)

    Being concious to love and be emotional is what makes us human, what more important plot line is there than that?

    Look at any great film in history, be it Sci-fi or not and they all revolve around relationships, even Star wars (the original 3 at least focused on inter relationships between the main characters) :)

    • Okay so I feel that the answers I was looking for had to with the Island. Not the characters. I feel like the writers did a great job of wrapping up the characters story lines very well. However, None of the questions about the island really got answered. How could it time travel? If the mother caved in the well then how did the donkey wheel get into the “light”? and for God’s Sake, WHAT IS THE MAN IN BLACK’S NAME? I know that it seems trivial but it has botheed me since he was first introduced. Also, who built the statue because we know it was there before Richard? These are just a few that I would like answered.

      • If the mother caved in the well then how did the donkey wheel get into the “light”?
        I think it was in 1977 the Dharma team saw the wheel after mining toward the cave. They must have finished it.

        In reply to my other comment, I would like to say his name Esau, who had a fraternal twin brother Jacob in the book of Genesis.

        Also, who built the statue because we know it was there before Richard?
        Its a jackal, isn’t it? I wouldn’t have a clue, but assume its the same people who found out how to harness water, and volcanic activity to create a giant magnet.

        How could it time travel?
        The Flux Compacitor. It’s what makes time travel possible. :D

  6. Some of the question that I hear complaints on, I couldn’t even imagine a realistic/scientific explanation for it that made sense. Or, how are you going to explain supernatural forces. Thats like trying to give a scientific explanation of God. Albeit, some things I think could behind explained, but alot of the more mysterious, mystical aspects of the island, I’d prefer remain secret. Heck, I’d prefer if they didn’t label the SM as the MiB. At first it seemed as if the SM existed before him. The island is powerful. It has a force about it that I think loses its appeal when explained away. Darth Vader was so much cooler until I saw the boy underneath. Some things I think be uninteresting when they are explained away.

    And really, I don’t think the purgatory ending is or was an answer to anything. All (or most)and answers to character relationships were answered by the end of Season 5. By Season 6, nothing else was needed to further develop characters, as they reached the point the writed apparently wanted. So the only think Season 6 did as far as the story arc goes, is explain some of bigger mysteries of the island, while keeping the supernatural/mystical aspect of it intact, and finally coming to the conclusion of good vs evil that Locke eluded to in Season 1.

    The purgatory story that was the companion to the current time line was only a resolution to the character after they died, when removed, keeps the story of the island perfectly intact. The only thing I regretted was the realizing that there were all dead in that story. I was sad that their lives concluded, even though everyone dies, and have died previously in the show. This was just the end that made everything seem more finale. You could just watched Season 6, but taken out all the sideways flashes, concentrating on the present time only. Have the islanders leave, and Jack die, and show the LOST screen. But I enjoyed seeing a “party” of all the characters reuniting with one another showing how much they cared for one another. And seeing how much of an impact they all had on each other. So what, Sayid and Shannon were never as close as Sayid and Nadia, but I think he still cared very much for Shannon and never got to show that to her. Only in death was everyone able to appreciate the ones they met on the island.

    And maybe it was a Jack story, but he was originally going to be killed off in the Pilot. He was suppose to be the man in the tree during the second episode. I felt bad that Michael or Eko weren’t shown in the church. Nikki/Paulo I don’t think were ever a big impact on any of the characters, and neither really was the science team and Richard. But to not have original character from early seasons, makes me thing that nobody appreciated them. I though Hurley was close with Michael. I thought Eko was an influential person to Charlie. I feel sad those connection weren’t realized.

    • Some people prefer to know the whole truth because they know they can handle the whole truth.
      Some people realize they can’t. Some men don’t like to see a woman nursing a baby because
      it turns them off. Doesn’t bother me. Darth Vader was a little boy with a mother who loved
      him? It reveals how seductive evil can be. I wouldn’t have watched this show for SIX SEASONS
      if it didn’t mislead me into believing it was going to answer the bigger of the questions it
      created. What is the island? As it turns out, I was mislead into watching for six seasons.
      My only comfort is that I didn’t pay attention to the ads. :P And, of course, that it’s over.

  7. Sean to answer your questions

    1. The wheel got built by the Dharma initiative ( they are the people of science), group of scentist explore the island , and studied the light secretly , to bind time and travel through it , it is clear that they find that previous visitiors to the island discovered how to make it right , i.e the wheel , and many other things
    2. The statue got build before Jacob by other people.
    3. The Island: a special place called the Island, has a character by it self, it has a heart, inside the heart their is the light & water running all down & up in the island..
    now, this light is electromagnetism , it has powers like : time shift , time travel, healing powers ( because radiation can accelerate the red cells, healing wounds & sickness ) ,,
    Also it is Life , death & rebirth, this light can bring dead people spirits who cannot move on ( because its the center of Life& Death),,
    4. Don’t know what the MIB’s name :P

    Hope that helped you

    • 1. Dharma did not built it. In season 5 if you look at the “ultrasound” of the energy you will see that the wheel is already in there.
      2. By who? That is not an answer more of a logical guess.
      3. Okay if it has a heart then where did this heart come from. How come you can only come from one azimuth to reach the island? What makes it so special?
      4. I don’t think anyone does.

      • 1. The people MIB lived with built the wheel.
        2. The statue wasn’t there when Jacob’s mother arrived (if I recall correctly) yet it was there when the Black Rock “landed” on the Island, so we can only assume the statue was built by people that got there sometime between these events. No way to be sure I guess.
        3. My best guess is the “Heart” of the Island is where the show crosses both its science and its “magic”. No definite way to know what it is.
        4. Looking at the original story of Jacob, he had a brother. Their father forbid them from ever killing each other, so they resorted to fighting through mercenaries. In the end Jacob won. His brother name was Esau, so I guess, given the similarities, you could call him by that name if it makes you happier.

  8. i believe we are just assuming. no one knows the real answer and i dont believe the writers knows as well. i love lost, dont get me wrong, but i think the writers put them self in such a mess that they dont know how to get out of it.

    so that’s why they took the easy way.

    so basically the show wasn’t about the island

    Lost is about the people who got lost in their mind not physically on the island.

    • And I think that is my problem with the finale is that there were no answers about the island. For me the Island was one of, if not the best, parts of the show for me. And I feel like the writers just wrote it off and hoped that everyone would just forget about all this stuff.

      Character development is what makes a great story. We all know this and that is why we love LOST. However, the Island is a character and there are so many other questions that need to be answered about it.

  9. i totally agree with you sean.
    we need an answer form the writers. they said they will answer our questions in couple of weeks. so we will see

    but i wish they made everything more clear to us even if they had to go with another season.

    lost had a big potential ending but it wasn’t that good.

    • I agree. It was a great, moving finale. But I walked away almost hoping for a spin-off based on the Island. SO we can get some answers.

  10. i actually hoped they will all go back to the island instead all died :S

  11. Did anyone ever watch Castaway?

    Remember the box that had the angel wings on it that Tom Hanks had the entire movie, but never opened. Somewhere along the lines, people wanted to know what was in the box, so the director made up the idea that it was a satellite phone. Really it was a joke, because he didn’t know, or have plans to.

    I never new it was such a big deal over that box. lol

  12. I actually did see castaway and once again I was pissed. I am the type of person that wants to know the answer and not get some crap about leaving it open to interpretation, because you know what that says to me, you did not do your job as a writer and had no exit strategy or some cool way to bring everything back together. and another thing. The numbers – who started broadcasting them? what is their significance. and don’t tell me that is was those were the candidates remaining because kate’s candidate number is not part of the numbers. Sorry for going on a rant but I have been thinking about all the things I don’t have answers to and it is making me really mad.

  13. just a random thought…
    When was teh last time you ever saw a satisfying series finale?
    Personally I haven’t but this is by far the best i’ve seen so far.
    I think many people would agree with me

    • @manto102 “When was the last time upi saw a satisfying series finale?”

      You raise a great question. I myself have seen too many dissapointing series finales. I however have also been lucky enough to see a few good ones and even a few great ones.

      TV SERIES with Excellent to Awesome FINALES:

      Babylon 5 – Unlike LOST this pre-defined story line (meaning the end was known when the first episode was filmed) did not get lost and wander off the story path as did LOST. This show did not have a strong start but by the end it had earned a reputation for some fo the best SciFi on TV and it would stay that way till BSG came along a decade later.

      Battlestar Galacteca (2009) – This is one of the few series finales that I felt did a heck of job with closure and even included some followup after what woudl normally be considered the ending.

      TV SERIES w/Good to Great FINALES:

      Jericho – Considering the strugles this show had staying on the air and the short notice they got on whether tehy would be cancelled or not I say they did a heck of a good job.

      Stargate Atlantis – Well done.

      Stargate SG1- Even after 10 seasons this one could have kept going and made good numbers. At least it spawned some spin offs.

      Quantum Leap – At least this show gave some kind of answer as to why Sam was leaping; a lot more then can be said for LOST

      Those are just a few I know of but I’m sure there are others.

      • I didnt follow any of those shows but all the ones I watched end were generally disappointing. For example: ER and Nip/tuck
        Most shows never make it to a series finale anymore. They just get cancelled.

  14. I loved the entire series of Lost. But this finale was just a disappointment. This was equal to Hurley waking up from a dream he was having in the nut house! If they make a movie or a new series about this, I won’t watch it. If they think leaving the unanswered questions all hanging will keep everyone seeking more, their wrong. They were heading in a definite direction and then decided not to finish the story. It’s like they ran out of time or cut the most important parts out in editing. They’re too good of writers to have just made this mistake.

  15. I just want to point out that in my opinion the distribution of votes for how good the finale was is just PERFECT. Most people loved it, second most hated it, and together they make up the vast majority of the votes. This is the mark of a truly great story. There’s nothing worse than a lot of ‘meh’s, and no strong opinions. Such a mix implies that most people cared very much about the show, and the way it ended MATTERED to them.

    Personal opinion: I’m one of the ones who loved the ending. I don’t need all my questions answered, and I don’t need perfect closure.

    There are a few things that I am glad about, concerning the series, as a whole. For one thing, I’m really glad they didn’t turn it into some kind of International Conspiracy. I’m a bit paranoid about stuff like that, it happens WAY too often on TV. I was starting to suspect something along those lines in the early seasons, when we learned about the Dharma Initiative. Another thing is, I loved the character’s names. LOVED them! If nothing else, it got the post-MTV iPod generation on Wikipedia, looking up who John Locke was, ’cause some kid at school said he was a philosopher or something’. There are many others, but they’ve already been talked about.

    Peace and Namaste!


    PS: @BlueCollarCritic – couldn’t agree more about the BSG finale.

    • Those who were in it for the soap opera won! Yay!

  16. tbh this ending dissapointed me. i was expecting alot more about the island to be answered. The island was the biggest thing in the series which developed around the characters, but we only found out about the characters and not the island!

    + little point, i watched the finale of a series called ashes to ashes 2 days ago been on for 2 years… unfortuntly it had exactly the same ending!!!

  17. So I would have to say that the BEST series finale I have ever seen is Battlestar Galactica. This was by far the best one because it answered all of the important character questions and included an answer for the Galactica which yes did become a character in of itself.

  18. I loved Lost series a lot don’t get me wrong . . . but between all the story of seazon 1-5 and the most part of episodes from seazon 6 and the final end there is a huge pit !

    By doing this thematic split of the film (part1: story with plane crash – island and sci-fi misteries; part2: those human values of brotherhood, purification, and redemption with themselves transmitted in the final episodes) i just wanna say that part1 and part2 could be 2 different films!!! What’s the need of an “enigmatic quantum phisics sci-fi island” with “island governmental twisted rules” and “misterious chosen-ones and island gifted characters” . . . just to let me know that characters died, went trough a purification process and REMEMBER TO LET GO ???

    To make it short: Lost deserved a way more FASCINATING END !

    • I will make myself more clear:

      I love both story and finale of Lost! I relly think the finale contents and human values are amazingly a good job… but they just don’t fit together! Story type of Lost could have a better finale (a more thematic one)… and the actual finally type could be better for another film with different sorypath.

      • sorry for my english and errors hope you’ll understand something XD !

  19. The BEST and most satisfying finale EVER was the last 15 minutes of Six Feet Under. Wrapped up years in a neat little vignette to those who were dedicated viewers.

    • Agreed with Lostalum, the best finale was Six Feet Under, it was the best and most satisfying.

  20. Really I would have been somewhat satisfied if there had just been another touch on “what was the island?” I was hoping for something spectacularly mind-blowing full of special effects, but a simple spoken revelation would have been enough.
    Here, I’m left thinking the writers were too unimaginative or afraid to follow through with something against their religion(s). That probably is what it was too.
    They’re probably reading these comments saying to themselves “What, we showed them Jacob! What more could they possibly want to know? Jacob and his bro and the mother who they grew up with who had killed their real Mom. That explained everything and they’re still complaining! You just can’t please people!” :P

    • I know what you mean. I’m wondering if the ABC/Disney people didn’t like the message that would be given in the end, such as religious beliefs maybe, and edited the finale and possibly other previous episodes. Notice the symbols on the church’s stained glass windows. All major religions were featured. If editing was done it would account for the lack of meaning in the end. Also, the unfinished storyline. No matter what these characters did, regardless of whether they agreed or disagreed, they all came out the same in the end. As if none of this mattered at all.

  21. Can I just thank you all for your comments on the final episode.

    I started watching lost from the first episode, and it truly excited my imagination with all the weird and wonderful things the writers introduced you to. In the first couple of seasons alone you had mysterious numbers, mysterious hatches, a cloud of smoke that sounded like heavy machinery, other inhabitants on an otherwise deserted island, a derelict ship filled with dynamite…all of which goes together to make a great opening few chapters of a story.

    It wasn’t until the next few series that I realised they seemed to be glossing over a lot of the detail that had got my interest initially. I have to admit, I then lost interest when it seemed that no answers would be forth coming…and also when I was informed by a friend that they had travelled back in time. I know it may sound silly, but although a strange electromagnetic source that needed to be controlled by the entering of numbers in an underground vault seemed okay, time travel wasn’t. One may be (just) scientifically possible, the other isn’t (to our present knowledge).

    I’ve since asked my friend a few questions about what’s going on over the next few series, and he has always warned me I didn’t have the time to hear the explanation. After hearing peoples reviews of the final episode, and the amount differing opinions of what it all means, and which questions were answered, I have to say I am happy I left when I did.

    It does appear, to me as an outsider, that the focus of the story shifted. I heard somewhere that the company sacked most of the original writers as they planned for it to be a 3/4 season series only, but the company wanted to extend it (possibly for profit). I don’t know whether this is true or not, but it does seem that around that time the focus moved away from trying to give answers on the island itself (the thing that it seems many people are unhappy not having explained…and the reason I watched the show) and moved onto a melodrama about how people cope in different situations.

    It is okay not to answer all the questions at the end of a story…viewers accept that the force exists in Star Wars without being given a scientific explanation, but it is also talked about in the story and explained to a degree. I like the fact that they didn’t explain everything in Lost, far too many drama’s try and make the story a self contained package, but as a writer you also need to respect your audience and give them some information to tie the whole story together. Sorry to go back to another Star Wars reference, but imagine watching the films and no one mentioning the word ‘Force’ or explaining why some characters could push people over or effect minds. It would of ended up feeling like a cheap plot device to serve a purpose, as it seems much of Lost has to its many avid followers.

    • Finally, someone else that thinks this series jumped the rails after the third season!

  22. i love the ending. it leaves questions to be answered just the same as your life is full of questions, and yet you have to answer them all by yourself. some of the questions may never get answered, but that’s life! Just let go!



  24. @tuffy, yes life is full of questions that I can’t answer but when I am watching TV, I want to have answers to questions that have been posed to me over the past 6 years. That is the problem. Is that they promised me answers but then they did not deliver.

  25. to answer about the numbers for Joshua Dobarganes

    i think:

    so , based on what we saw in the lighthouse Jacob put the direction coordinates of the homes of our candidates to see them on the mirror , these numbers are the exact longtitudes in the maps , for example L.A US , from the island to Jacks home in L.A is 23• degree and so on…
    now, math & physics speaking we can link these numbers to have relation to the electromagntism energy , which we are calling it the light , the light is linked to its protectors / candidates , so these number is the only sloution to the mystery , only choice for helping the island energy

  26. Im from Mexico and just watch yesterday the ending Please just one question. I get it that they were alive on the Island but why the Island was like a purgatory and Albert said it was the hell and MIB the devil. Dont u think Everyone were dead since they land on the Island and fight on purgatory to save their souls thats why they are only released when they died on the island o WTF was the Island then?.

  27. Thats an interesting interpretation rana. I’ve never thought of coordinates.

    I have to correct myself on the wheel. I guess Jacob finished it, since he left the island numerous times well before 1977 with Dharma.

    I heard recently that Mr. Eko was originally suppose to be in the finale or Season 6, but when AAA was approached by Lindelof and Cuse, he wanted more money. They were going to pay him the same amount as the other guest stars, but even after offering him twice as much as the others (Maggie, Ian, etc) he still said they’d have to pay him more, so they opted to put him in at all. Interesting…

  28. mmmm i still think the Dharma built the wheel, because they found it when theey were digging.