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lost seres finale spoilers discussion Lost Series Finale Review & Spoilers Discussion

[UPDATE: If you’re feeling like the series finale left a ton of unanswered questions, check out our in-depth Lost Finale Explanation.]

This is it. The day that Lost fans have been waiting for. After six years, we now know the whole story of what happened to the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 on its way to Los Angeles. Never before has a crash on a mysterious island been, well, so mysterious.

For now we’re putting this up for you to discuss the Lost season/series finale and we’ll update it with our in-depth review shortly after the the show airs.

Considering Lost is such a unique show, it’s only appropriate that the final episode be as unique. With two-and-a-half hours to wrap up the series, all your questions should have been answered. Alright, maybe not all of your questions – finale or not, this is Lost after all.

Of course, when it comes down to it, it’s not about whether all your questions have been answered or what exactly happened to Hurley’s CD player when the batteries died, it’s about the journey and whether you loved the series finale or hated it, you can’t deny one thing… this has been one hell of a journey.

That being said, if you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the series finale of Lost – if you haven’t seen the episode, what are you doing here? Get to your TV and watch one of the most talked about finales in television history.

In all honesty, if you’ve yet to see the finale, I would highly recommend that you don’t read these comments here until you have. You’ve been warned.

Review –

The screen has cut to black for the final time on Lost. The epic conclusion to one of the most critically acclaimed television shows in history has aired, leaving only one question – did creators Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof give fans a finale worthy of all the anticipation?

Okay, maybe that’s not the only question that remains.

It’s been an incredible season, with a solid mix of shocking moments and deserving reveals, but Lost definitely saved the best for last.

lock lost Lost Series Finale Review & Spoilers Discussion

Of course, some viewers will still be frustrated by the amount of interpretation (or lack of irrefutable answers) sill left in the wake of the finale, but I thought the balance between closing up the plot, while refraining from spelling-out every imaginable answer, was well handled. Though Lost has become popular on the basis of the hook, “what’s going to happen next” – the primary focus of the series has always been the characters.

Ultimately, the finale did a great job of completing these stories. There were a number of especially powerful moments – Jack and Christian’s reunion, Locke’s post-surgery recovery, Ben and Hurley teaming up to run the island, and Locke and Jack watching from above as Desmond is lowered into the heart of the island (a throwback to the season 1 finale). Both Locke and Jack’s deaths felt like natural conclusions – moments they’d been led toward from the start of the series (i.e. handled significantly better than the death’s of Jin and Sun).

lost jin sun finale Lost Series Finale Review & Spoilers Discussion

The off-island reunion, which could have felt forced, ultimately ended up serving as nice opportunity to reunite with characters we hadn’t gotten to see in a long time: Boone, Shannon, and Juliet (though, where was Mr. Eko?) – giving closure to some of the character’s who were sacrificed along the way. The flashes to the island also did a great job of not only allowing viewers a glimpse at how far we have come, but also provided a few of the most touching moments of the night – especially Charlie and Claire’s reunion.

The on-island drama did a solid job of clarifying a few of the more subtle points developed over the series, while also driving the characters toward the inevitable show-down between Jack and Locke – as well as the fate of the island. The dialogue between Locke and Jack was especially poignant – drawing from years worth of personal history and summing up the evolution of Jack’s movement from a man of science to a man of faith.

The passing of the torch to Hurley was also great. Though having to watch the group fumble around for a water bottle to complete the initiation ritual made what was a surprising and enjoyable moment – sort of awkward.

One question that wasn’t answered – and the only thing that felt like a missing piece of the puzzle was the lack of closure to Sawyer’s “Anthony Cooper” plot-line (brought up early in the off-island sideways).

Sure there are numerous questions that haven’t been resolved, but this particular plot-thread was the only one re-emphasized this season – and then completely dropped. Maybe it’s just the fact that the Juliet/Sawyer relationship has always felt a bit rushed (from the viewer’s perspective) – and their moment at the vending machine was all the closure we ended up getting for Sawyer – one of the most interesting characters on the show.

Then of course, the show ended. Given the fact that Lost has shot multiple endings in the past, (coupled with speculation over the “endings” that aired on Kimmel), there’s been a lot of theorizing about whether or not Cuse and Lindelof had other ideas for how to end the series – theorizing the creators have repeatedly dismissed.

The “moving on” reunion was the only ending envisioned for Lost. While it may not be the definitive, end-all, that some question-eager fans would have liked, it offered proper closure to the story of the characters we were introduced to with the crash of Flight 815.

Final Thoughts –

The Lost series finale succeeded in the same way as the literary works that inspired it. It may not have answered every mystery or attempted to tie-up hundreds of years worth of island mythology but, like any great work of storytelling, the finale made us think.

Lost has carried viewers excitedly from episode to episode and sparked countless conversations around the water cooler, challenging viewers with subjects ranging from spirituality to time-travel – some of the greatest questions of the the universe.

Ultimately the biggest question that remains, at least for me, is: just how long it’ll be before Disney announces a Lost spin-off feature film or television series. Cuse and Lindelof have been adamant about not being interested in telling any more Lost stories but, ultimately, Disney owns the franchise.

lost series finale discussion damon lindelof carlton cuse Lost Series Finale Review & Spoilers Discussion

The Target commercials that aired during the finale definitely hint at a dark future for the franchise.

Personally, I hope this is the last we see of Lost – instead of having to watch the show get tarnished by a series of money-grabs (especially if Cuse and Lindelof aren’t at the helm).

What did you think of the Lost series finale? How do you interpret the ending? Are you hoping for more Lost (in the form of a film or new series) or are you ready to let go?

Confused by the ending? Check out our in-depth Lost Finale Explanation.

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Thanks to Anthony Ocasio for getting the spoiler discussion rolling.

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  1. Am I the only one who think this show is kinda weak? It’s like a soap opera on crack. I hope South Park rips this show a new…

    • agreed. i’ve always thought that this show is terrible and hokey

    • Lost viewers could have saved 6 yrs by reading Sartre’s NO EXIT.

      “Hell Is Other People”

    • simple solution


      a shame how mindless some people are

  2. It should be illegal for a finale to be this perfect.

  3. Wow, who would of guess it was like fight club except with multiple people with split personality disorder.

  4. Lost, thank you for six wonderful years. People will complain about the ending but I found it to be satisfactory and moving. So thank you.

    • I totally agree and think it was a very moving end to the series. Of course it was sad but in a good way. I will miss watching it.

  5. Ok. Please break it down for me because I do not get the ending!! :(

    • They are all dead. What’s not to get? They were ALWAYS dead. THE END.

    • Were they all in purgatory on the island and have now moved on to heaven, now that they have redeemed themselves? I dunno..

      • Ya I think they were dead…possibly between all the time traveling?? Ben couldn’t go because he hadn’t quite redeemed himself. He had unfinished business.Yet Frank and Richard weren’t present…

      • Ya I think they were dead…possibly between all the time traveling?? Ben couldn’t go because he hadn’t quite redeemed himself. He had unfinished business.Yet Frank and Richard weren’t present…

    • totally did not make sense were they dead from the beginning or were they alive? please those of u who understand please elaborate.

      • Yes they are all dead but not at the same time (Desmond for example, died at a later date but his soul was still on the island with the rest of them, the freight crew’s souls never made it because they didn’t bond).

        They all died in the plane crash and their souls have been a wager of both Jacob and the smoke monster.

        Those sequences to the ‘present’ existed because they did not want to move on, they believed they deserved to live and sought out lives through that recreation.

        Hugo was the key, his job was to ferry Desmond back to the ‘recreation’ to get back the souls. In that way, he helped bring them together with Linus in order to cross over.

        They tied a lot of things nicely together but I’ll still have to work on what really happened to Richard.

      • Basically this is how I interpret it:
        Christian Shephard says to his son, Jack, “…There is no now here…” In other words in heaven/nirvana/whateverthehellyouwannacallit time is one. This is to say that if you were to die today and the afterlife was filled with your loved ones, you would see your grandma that died when u were six as well as people that may have died long after you because time is irrelevant to the dead. As for why Ben didn’t go inside, I believe although he was forgiven and accepted by his peers, he couldnt forgive himself so he chose to exile himself from this happy heaven-like reunion. Also I believe the entire “alternate reality” was/is (keep in mind time was explained to be irrelevant here) the groups collective heaven even though they all shared different backgrounds and beliefs they were brought together.
        As for the VERY last seen where Jack is laying there and vincent runs up and he is smiling and sees his friends successfull escape from the island I think Jack is SO happy cause he KNOWS he accomplished is destiny. And I guess the reason that they dont have to worry about running into their alternate selves is because the alternate reality was showing heaven more than an actual parallel universe.
        As I said this is just my interpretation, please feel free to correct me or add on I would dig some intelligent conversation :)

  6. this was one big joke

  7. I don’t understand the ending

  8. what just happened??? im really confused on the meaning of the ending, it was all fake they all died??? what??

    • Yes, they died in the crash and had to go through whatever they went through TOGETHER, to get to the point where they could move on and go TOWARD THE LIGHT.

      • My take on everything is that they did survive the initial plane crash and went through all the events on the island ALIVE. Remember when Jack’s father said “there’s no such thing as now” and something along the lines of “everyone dies eventually, some before you, some much later.” I think the alternate world was a place they all created to meet once they were all dead, to remember their lives and move on, or “let go”, together; to move on to the afterlife. This meeting could’ve taken place 50 years after Jack actually died on the island but there is no such thing as time once you’re dead, so to us, the meeting seemed instantaneous with his passing.

    • The things that happened on the island really happened on the island. The alternate universe was some sort of meeting place for them all to reunite and remember. Christian said “We all die some time”, when Jack asked if they were all dead, and that there is “no now” in this place, meaning it wouldn’t matter when they died.

      Jack died on the island. Hurley became protector, Ben helped him. Hurley let Desmond off the island.

      Once they were all dead, they reunited for a pretty reunion so we could have a pretty send off.


  9. WHAT the heck? I was more confused than anything. Were they all dead or what?

  10. I second Lorraine’s statement cause I’m sooo lost

    • Well, it could have all been what Jack experienced in his final moments on Earth after the crash…his mind constructed the entire set of interactions so he could…redeem himself? Be seen as a savior? Gain his father’s approval? My sense is that maybe the show was all about Jack and Jack alone? Hmmm…dunno. Somewhat satisfying, but hard to figure out.

  11. That was STUPID! So the alternate reality was them going to the afterlife? WHAT? HUH???? I’m confused ‘ _ ‘

    That wasn’t a good finale/

  12. My wife’s gonna be pissed when she sees this (we’re in PDT). She said, “I hope it doesn’t turn out that they were all dead this whole time.”

  13. OMG they were all dead all along!!!!!!!!!!!….perfect that they all found each other in the end and all went into the light together…………I’M STILL CRYING!!!!!!!!

  14. I’M LOST!!!!

    watched every episode from day 1 and trying to understand

  15. It was a great episode I think. I cried and cried. I was trying to not cry at the end because I didn’t want to miss anything, but I couldn’t help it. I did my best to watch between the tears.

    I was just saying ‘don’t let him die alone’ over and over and was so happy when Vincent found him.

    I don’t mind that there are still unknowns. The sideways I understood but cannot really explain, I’m sorry.

    The island was saved, Hurley is protecting it and Ben is the new Richard.

    Loved it, loved it.

  16. Perfect ending. Because in the end it’s all about the journey.

    • I do not understand this ending at all. First of all, they never explained why back in season 4 (or 5), Ben was able to call upon the black smoke in a defensive way to take out the mercenary guys, remember when they killed his daughter. Why would Ben be able to control the man in black? 2nd, how does it make any sense that they were dead the whole time. If this were the intention the whole time, why did they get off the island in the first place. How could the Dharma initiative go to a place where a bunch of people are dead trying to move on? How could Charles Whitmore get to the island of dead people, and interact with them? Everyone just needs to admit that the writers had no idea where they were going till they reached the 6th season, and then just made up a quickly thrown together ending to a story that was already out of their reach and control.

      • True.

  17. so annoyed….we joked that that was the plot line years ago, what a waste of time. loved the show until tonight. am i missing something? or was it the most predictable thing ever…clearly time travel, leaving the island, others, paying attention to meanings, etc was all useless seeing as how someone new could have watched the finale tonight and got as much out of it as i did..grr

  18. seems like jack is also the new man in black

  19. The meaning of Jack bleeding to death was an allegory for the inner workings of the human mind. Love and betrayal, if you will. Did anyone else catch the writing on the shoe that was hung on the tree?

    And why was there a piece of the airplane in the back of Hugo’s Hummer? Please help!!!

  20. I totally understood the ending that they were all dead and were always dead, but I thought that was a lousy and pathetic way to the end the series! What a load of crap!!! I waisted almost six years for this? This show sucks!!!

  21. I get it that they were all always dead but what I don’t understand is that if they were all dea what was the point of the island story and the non island story. And since jacks dad said that they made it to find eachother because they wouldn’t have been the same without eachother because since they all died they wouldn’t have met eachother for the most part

  22. I believe they all died as soon as the plane crashed. Though they didn’t immediately go to an afterlife. Instead their souls had to wait on the island until they could move on to a better place.

  23. I loved the finale and thought it was awesome. My only problem was that they did not have Michael (Walt’s father). He was a major player in the first seasons. Also, where was Faraday and Jin should have been it more. That being said I thought the finale was awesome, not perfect, but awesome none the less.

  24. My understanding of the ending is they did live on the island and experience all of it, just they chose to reunite as a group before passing to their afterlife. He said they died some before some after Jack did.
    Still deciding what I think about it!! :)

  25. For some reason having Vincent lie down next to Jack made an emotional impact.

  26. My take was that what happened on the island REALLY happened. Some died on the island, some escaped and lived long lives – and eventually died. But because they were so close in life; they all met again in death to leave with their leader, Jack. They were NOT all dead from the beginning. Remember when Christian said, it was where they agreed to meet – and how he was important to them all. So all the events on the island really happened.

    What I dont get, is what was the big friggin deal about the island in the first place, and the light. Was it a small piece of heaven on the island? And if it was such a sacred place, how was Jacobs brother (MIB) able to become Smokey, a murdering monster, just by being thrown into the light/water? Jack and Desmond both went into the light/water and did not emerge a monster, so…??? Maybe thats one of the big questions that never will be answered? Really, that was the only question I really wanted an answer to. Maybe someone can enlighten me. Feel free to email me at circavtg@gmail.com

    But I thought it was a wonderful ending; very beautiful/sad.


  27. They were not always dead. What happened on the island was real. They all (eventually) died. The flash sideways was them waiting to move on. The island was real life!!!

  28. I think on island is real, they survived 815, lived and died and the sideways was all them dead, metting up to remember and to move on, to the next place.

  29. To answer your questions about whether or not they were dead all along: no they weren’t. Did you hear what Christian said? He said some died before Jack, some long after. This was something special the island gave them so they could find each other again.

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