General Sideways Timeline Spoilers

Even though everyone is focused on what’s happening on the island, you can’t forget the sideways timeline. Especially since there are quite a few moments in sideways timeline that fans will enjoy. Specifically Sawyer & Juliet and the reveal of David’s mother.

Check out some general sideways timeline spoilers below.

  • Sawyer and Juliet run into each other at the hospital. While they don’t recognize each other at first, they start to have memories about the island. The scene ends with them kissing.
  • Juliet will be revealed as David’s mother.
  • Claire will have her baby during the Driveshaft performance at the museum – Charlie will be there.
  • Locke is in hospital with Jack and Helen. Jack tells Locke that he has to have faith.
  • Hurley and Sayid rescue Shannon after she is attacked at a nightclub.
  • An Asian woman will have “the numbers” as a tattoo on her wrist.
  • We will meet Glen and Hector. They described as an old hippie couple.

Series Finale Photo Gallery

While Hawaii might provide a secluded setting to film a series, residents of the Aloha state have proven time and time to be some of the best sources for Lost images. Even though the producers tried to keep everything tightly wrapped about the series finale, there’s nothing that’s going to stop the Lost fans in Hawaii from getting photos of everything and anything.

Included in the photos are shots of the cavern and waterfall described in the call sheet, shots of Hurley’s Hummer at the Flightline Motel, photos of the cast filming the series finale and a glimpse into the Lost prop trash bin.

Take a look at the photo gallery below.

There you have it! Every Lost series finale spoiler that is available on the internet. Hopefully, these spoilers still have you excited about what’s to come this Sunday. I know that after spending all day with Lost spoilers, I’m even more excited about seeing the finale – even if I somewhat know what’s going to happen.

But maybe that’s just me…

What did you think of the series finale spoilers? Are you still excited about this Sunday? Was there any spoiler that disappointed you?

Don’t miss the series finale of Lost, this Sunday, on ABC.

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