Damon Lindelof’s Final Thoughts On Lost’s Series Finale

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In case you haven’t heard, there’s this little show called Lost that recently ended. The show itself has been one of the most talked-about series in television for the past six years, but with over 1,000 comments in our Lost series finale explanation article, there’s no doubt that the ending was even more so.

Unfortunately, Lost creators Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse won’t be around to provide you with any further answers or insight into the ending, as they’ve both announced that they will be going on a media black-out and have chosen not to discuss the finale after it aired.

Luckily, the folks over at “Geek Time” – a radio show on Sirius XM – were able to get one of their good friends, who happens to be Damon Lindelof, to record his final thoughts on the series finale in advanced for them to play the Monday after the episode aired.

What other perks come from being a friend of Lindelof? Well, he also offered to tell them the ending of Lost in advance – but, as their show title dictates, the hosts stayed true to their geeky nature and declined his offer so that they could watch the ending of one of their favorite shows properly.

In his statement, Lindelof reflects on the Lost series finale; their intentions in ending the show the way they did; how the ending of Soprano’s changed television and what he hopes fans took away from Lost’s final episode.

You can read Lindelof’s final thoughts below:

From all of us who made the show, we really hope that you don’t feel it was a waste of your time. We hope that you spent the entire night not just thinking about the finale on a story level, but that you were emotionally affected by it.

There are two feelings that you feel when you watch the ending of a television show. The first is the feeling that you have of just understanding that the show is over and the second is what your response is to actually what’s happening on the screen.

What I liked about the Soprano’s finale was that it changed the experience because when Chase cut to black, suddenly that feeling of “the show’s over” was replaced by “is my cable out?” – he kind of changed the conversation about it.

For us, we tried to write the last two and a half hours of the show so that those two feelings would feel like they were the same thing. So, you’re feeling of saying goodbye to the show – of the show not being around anymore – was actually literally perfectly paralleling what we were showing you on the screen.

If you had an experience anything like that, then it was mission accomplished.

If you didn’t, we blew it and I apologize.

I’m glad that while Lindelof was inspired by David Chase’s ending for The Sopranos, he chose not to go down that route. While angry Sopranos fans beating their cable box is quite intimidating, it would have paled in comparison to the nerd-storm that would have rained down on this Earth from fans once again “being tricked” by the Lost creators.

In my opinion, I’d say that it was “mission accomplished” on their part. Although, I could be wrong.

lost series finale lindelof thoughts Damon Lindelofs Final Thoughts On Losts Series Finale

What did you think of Lindelof’s final thoughts? Was it mission accomplished on their part? What would you have done if Lost’s final scene would have cut to black?

You can tune into the encore of Geek Time’s Lost special this Saturday at 11am on Sirius XM, channel 101.

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  1. I don’t care about any of the unanswered questions! That’s what LOST is all about!

    Amazing ending to an amazing show!


    • If I had known what this series was never going to reveal ahead of time, I would have quit watching it five years ago. The island was a cork on what we might think of as hell. And that’s the only explanation we get? And you call that enough? You clearly did’t care what the island was. In other words, you related to the characters and were in it for the drama “fluff”. I couldn’t relate to the characters, because I did care what was actually happening and why. People killed people who they wouldn’t have killed if not for the circumstances they were faced with on the island. SO the island, what it is, is absolutely important. People died, for the island, for six seasons. The island needs a better explanation.

    • Yes, they failed. And I don’t accept their apology.

    • No one should ever regret watching LOST. We just love the characters so much and always being in full supsense and question, we regret it’s over! This show gave us anything and everything you would want in a drama: Sex, Love, Death, Life, Suspense, Hate, Confusion, Revelation, Religion, Freedom. . I mean I could go on for days with adjectives and verbage! It was just so wise for the writers to end the show the way they did, it caused so much debate and question, only a great writer can do that. It has taken me almost 5 days to admit, however. I cried all night with frustration and sadness when I realized they were all dead!!! But how long did they live before they died, what did they learn, how did they change, etc. Afte these debates I see that they really did reach the destination they were supposed to reach. I LOVE YOU LOST!!

    • Just wanna say THANK YOU to Damon & Carlton. That was the most moving thing I’ve ever seen in my life.
      All the true LOST-fans that took up the spirit of the show will be more than happy with this perfect ending.
      All the others: You even have some issues with “let go” or didn’t get it what the show was about

    • Hi, did you watch the same episode I did?
      Good vs. Evil? Good won. The Man in Black was killed, the Island gained a benevolent protector, and the soul of humanity was saved.
      Love vs. Hate? Love won. Just watch the final scene in the funeral home.
      Furthermore, when did DL and CC even say “we’re going to definitively answer the question of good vs. evil and love vs. hate.”?
      They didn’t, you made that assumption.

      • the final scene in the funeral home, in my view, had nothin’ to do with the “themes” refered to…
        all those souls there, they were dead… had been for ‘some’ time…
        are you saying dead souls are all good and full of love?

        and what happened to the island? did i miss that part?
        or is at the bottom of the sea as in season premiere?

        also, why wasn’t michael nor walt in the church? casting problems, perhaps?

        and richard obviously didn’t deserve to leave for some reason… as he wasn’t there, either.

        to answer you’re ‘furthermore’ question, i have no idea what those two have informed or disinformed through out the years so… can’t really comment on that one.

        but to some of us, it wasn’t about hte characters, i felt that things were actually going in the right (bold) direction, when people started dropping off like flies, which i recall one of the main cast members mentioned in some interview not too long ago..

        anyway, still disappointed.


        • Really? Watching as Jack cries in the arms of the father he never had, the father who died while trying to change his ways, watching Jack hug Boone, who he tried so desperately to save, Jack embracing Locke and Sawyer, two enemies who became friends, and watching as absolutely everyone embraces each other in absolute bliss at being together. That’s not love? Not to mention that they created this entire world because of their need to be with each other.
          As for the Island bit, it was saved. As well as the central hub of humanity’s soul inside of it.
          And I’ll tell you about DL and CC mentioning cosmic battles of good and evil, and love and hate. They didn’t. They never once said that those questions would be answered.

          • neither did you, my friend…

            still going on about those touching moment’s between dead souls.

            did you read my post? it was full of some tough nuts to crack…

            • (technical problems explain why this comment is also at the bottom)

              You’re referring to the “are you saying dead souls are all good and full of love?” bit?

              Of course not. But at that moment, everyone in that church was. When they crashed on that island in 2004, they were broken. All of them. By the time they reunite in the flash-sideways, they were redeemed. Redemption, huh, that’s kind of a major Lost theme, isn’t it?

              But the major ‘plot’ conflict of Lost was saving the Source, which all evidence indicates to be the soul. Because if that island sunk, “then we all go to hell.” And then evil wins. By averting that, everyone is given a chance to find themselves looking into that same bright light. Whether or not they find themselves there is factored by the choices they make, yet another recurring Lost theme.

              • I apologize if my previous comment seemed harsh, that wasn’t my intention.

                • Why are you apologizing? Don’t! If the opposing side is being rude or harsh, not that I’m saying they are, why can’t we be the same?

                • Ok, I know what you are getting at here.

                  1. Good won. The light/source/whatever. Remember “Ab Aterno” aka the “Richard” episode? he explained the island as a cork to keep the evil from escaping. In the end, we saw the literal cork as Desmond pulled it out and later Jack put it back in, therefore saving humanity. Jack earlier ‘killed’ ol Smokey, therefore killing off the only existing ‘evil’ on the island that could threaten the source. And of cours,e he left Hurley in charge, who chose Ben as his second. Another recurring theme here. Jacob and Alpert. Jacob – All good. Hurley – All good. Alpert – Good, but has a dark and hurt side to him. Ben – Same. He wants to be good, you can tell.

                  2. Deaths? This is what most people have been struggling with, and this is how I interpreted it. Christian tells Jack that everything he experienced was real, and so meaning everything we saw, happened. Michael and Walt never developed a good enough relationship with anyone on the island, so they didn’t have the need to come to the church. The flash sideways was to pit everyone where they would be in the same place, at the same time once again, therefore meeting and making themselves able to move on. At this point, Ben tells Hurley he was a great number one, and in turn Hurley tells Ben he was a great number 2. Therefore insinuating that they lived on the island for a long time after the “End.” Jack died after they replaced the cork. I think Sawyer, Kate, and the plane group died from being on a duct taped plane. Come on…that cant work to get all the way across the ocean. Sun and Jin…we know how they died. And Ben stays behind. Why? For Alex, of course! He’s not ready to move on, and he wants to spend more time in this purgatory place, or limbo, so he can be the father he never was. (Also notice a couple episodes before when there was just a hint, a tiny hint, of romance between Rousseau and Ben)Rose and Bernard would have lived out the rest of their lives on the island as planned, or whatever. All these open ending leave room for a spinoff, I think.

                  3. Love. I think this was the only way in purgatory to trigger all the memories. I think they said at one point that they had to remember how they died in order to move on. This is also why Jack’s dad would have been present. He loved his children, jack and Claire. Claire loved Charlie, and so on. It’s really just a string form friend to friend and certain things that had to be repeated for them to remember.

                  Sure, there are a few unanswered question, such as why babies can’t be born. Personally, I chalked this up to the electromagnetism on the island, which also turned out to be the light. The numbers, I think, were a way for Hurley to find his destiny, hence insinuating a higher power working here. I think it was Jacob that put all that into place. We found out at the end of season 5 that he had a way to draw people to the island.

                  As far as any more unanswered questions, they had to leave some thing sup to interpretation, but I think they have also set it up for a spin-off. Let’s face it, Lost is cash-cow.

                • I need to be professional and respectful in my criticism, or else I end up arguing against a person instead of what they believe in.

          • As for Michael and Walt, they were there for what, a season? And in that time, Michael betrayed them and killed two survivors. They just weren’t as big a part of their lives as the rest of the people in the funeral home.

            • But Michael redeemed himself by slowing down the time bomb and keeping watch over the bomb personally so that people (including Jin, though we didn’t see it) could escape. Michael was Lost because he lost a RELATIONSHIP — the one he wants so badly — the love of his son.

          • Can you explain why baby Aaron was in the Church with the other souls as an infant as he wouldn’t have died as an infant having already lived a few years?

            • Aaron was a baby because that was how Charlie and Claire remembered him. He spend some of his life after the island with Katie then his grandmother.

              • then most likely with claire again since she got off the island

        • The reason for Michael’s absence from the church was answered earlier in season 6 when Hurley is met by him in the jungle. Michael explains that he has been left in a type of purgatory (presumably due to all of those people he killed) as one of the ‘whisperers’ on the island.

          So you can take his absence as meaning either:
          - he never moved on into the afterlife
          - or, due to his betrayal of the losties, Michael was not one of Jack’s special people that Christian makes mention of

          • The people Hurley was seeing on the island and in the sideways…were they real? Black smoke said he could take anyform he saw fit.

      • Why was Penny there in the church?

    • Did you see the show I saw? LOST was never about Good vs. Evil or love vs. hate. WOW, serious? The good vs. evil plot didn’t even start until Season 5 when Jacob and MIB arrived on screen. The whole show was about these people who are stuck on a mysterious island, and about their journeys and redemption. These flawed people find LOVE and redemption: right from the very start: Boone’s death, Shannon’s death, Charlie’s death… It’s always about deaths and a life well lived. They all kind of found their purposes, etc. before they died. Then were there people with issues who can’t let go (Michael, Ana-Lucia).

      The time traveling, Dharma Initiative, etc. are all just plot devices to drive the story forward, and to put our Losties in situations. And it’s not even about good vs. evil at the end — we see that both Jacob and MIB are flawed men just like the Losties… but eventually one tipped over to the dark side because of hate, anger, etc. He never found his redemption. But people like Ben… actually, ALL of them, found their redemption.

      The ending, thus, is very appropriate. I think you’re frustrated because you keep looking at the trees and forget there’s a forest in there. You keep focusing on the mysteries and the tired “good vs. evil” premise (go watch Lord of the Rings if you’re so inclined) that you forget what this show is about right from the very first season.

  2. ive been a huge HUGE fan of lost for almost 6 seasons. I say almost 6 seasons as i watched the series finale the other day, and i felt cheated.
    I watched the past 6 seasons and took in all their questions and accepted all their mysteries and curveballs on the premise that most (and i wasnt expecting all) of these things to eventually make sense and be tied up. But no.
    What we got at the end of season 6 was exactly that. It was the end of season 6 and ONLY seem’d to take into account things that happened in season 6 and put too much ephasis on explaning the altiverse. THIS IS HOW YOU DO A SEASON ENDING, NOT A SERIES ENDING! To be honest, in the grand scheme of things, i couldnt have cared any more about the altiverse than i did about the flashbacks in the previous seasons. What i wanted was answers about the island, its healing properties and 101 other questions that they have given us over the last SIX YEARS. Not just what they have done over the last year.
    I always defended the writers saying they were being clever and that they WERENT simply making it up as they went along, but clearly i was wrong about that.
    I beleive the main reason the writers have gone into a media blackout post-finale is simply because they knew perfectly well that they werent giving us what they should have felt obliged to give the people that have spent years watching the show they got paid good money make, and this is their way of putting their head in the sand. The least they could do to even begin to make it up to us who have followed their creation for so long is to answer our questions and gave us their interpretations on things, as far far far too much was left unanswered.
    To be honest, we should have realised the finale was going to be like this by the amount of cast that had to come out and say they are ‘happy’ and ‘satisfied’ with the ending, to try and put it into our heads to think that way too.
    I recently heard an interview with Kiefer Sutherland where he said he hoped that the finale to 24 would be thought of as highly as LOST. Kiefer, im afraid in my opinion (and yes, this whole rant IS an opinion, but i would be very surprised if many many others done share it too) this isnt the case. The ending to 24 ended exactly how it should of and satisfied the vast majority of people who invested their time in 24.
    Lost did not. Not by a long shot.

    • “Not by a long shot?”
      That’s a personal opinion. A look at viewer polls and ratings show that over 50% of viewers were satisfied by the ending.

      • Finally, someone else that isn’t afraid to voice (positive) opinions for the finale. I hate the nay-sayers. They obviously aren’t fans of the show or otherwise, they’d understand the complexities of it and not assume that it was always about the island or answering all the stupid questions.

        Thank you for defending a very well-written finale. I’m glad I’m not the only on this mission.

      • Yes, and the other 50% did not like the ending.

    • How can you be a HUGE fan and miss so much of the core point of LOST? Please, seriously, don’t call yourself a FAN if you can’t even understand what this show is really about.

      Or better yet, write your own if you think you’re better and more clever and know more than the creators of the show.

  3. im trying to figure out what everyone wanted the first people from the light actually building the plug,to the moment hurley passes on the torch?they coulda gone on forever.i think no one woulda been happy at this point.

    • and why did jack have “to past the torch”…

      ’cause the writes said so.

      and to reply at once to your post below.
      no. to me they didn’t have to explain all of it… not even have of it
      i had my own season ending in mind (no gonna share it),
      which would have been as open ended as the one we saw…
      but the one they gave us, was simply an easy way out.
      and more full of holes than an a piece of cheese…

  4. Mission most definitely accomplished. Incredible ending which I will never forget.

  5. For those arguing that the flashsideways didn’t build on six seasons but only one season, than I don’t know what show you’ve been watching. Jack’s father’s coffin being ‘lost’, like Jack’s inability to ever find his father’s body, bury it and move on. Sawyer constructed a life where he helped people, not conned them. Faraday’s plan worked, he saved Charlotte. His mother raised him as a musician as he always wanted instead of a physicist. Sayid let Nadia go, away from him and thus saving her. Jin and Sun did not get married thus not damaging their relationship, but continued to battle her father. I thought it was done beautifully. Ultimately it took them all to come together and realize that they could not change what happened, it was time to move on and let go.

    • Agreed!

    • “Whatever happened, happened.”

  6. Great to see so many divided opinions on the finale!!

    Ultimately any criticism levelled at it is pointless. For 6 seasons, the writers dazzled us and kept us guessing as to what was going to happen, what the Island was, what Jacob’s plan was etc. As the creative geniuses behind the show, they had the right to finish it however they wished.

    Personally, I thought it was an excellent and emotionally charged ending. The little touches in the last few weeks (e.g Jack’s neck bleeding in the penulimate episode and his constant need to “fix” things) were true to the characters.

    Who cares how the Island works? Some mysteries can remain mysteries. It was a place that brought all these wonderful characters and their dynamics together to tell a story that has kept us all addicted for this long. All we need to know is that it is what it is. Personally, I don’t feel cheated, confused or frustrated at all – other than that a show I thoroughly enjoyed has come to an end and I will miss it.

  7. You’re referring to the “are you saying dead souls are all good and full of love?” bit?

    Of course not. But at that moment, everyone in that church was. When they crashed on that island in 2004, they were broken. All of them. By the time they reunite in the flash-sideways, they were redeemed. Redemption, huh, that’s kind of a major Lost theme, isn’t it?

    But the major ‘plot’ conflict of Lost was saving the Source, which all evidence indicates to be the soul. Because if that island sunk, “then we all go to hell.” And then evil wins. By averting that, everyone is given a chance to find themselves looking into that same bright light. Whether or not they find themselves there is factored by the choices they make, yet another recurring Lost theme.

  8. Lost finished on the best note, for me anhow. A lot of people here feel slighted that the show did not give perfectly clear, in-your-face answers about many questions that may have formed over the last several years. Several years of insane twists and too many flashbacks/forwards to count, no less. I say, give the writers a break. The first couple of seasons were well thought out, the middle were filler for the ABC contract (hence the blah-ish nature of them) and the last two culminated in what most, logical people expected…they all die or were dead most of the time. Really, how can they easily clear up six years of parallel, if not alternate, universes? Personally, I think they did a fine job and am thankful for the time that I invested in their art. Thanks especially to the excellent cast; it was an outstanding performance by nearly all of them.

  9. Lost – an entertainment exercise in presenting the HUNT… because hunting for what you crave is always so much more rewarding than actually getting it.

    Lost had built up so much, I never expected it to pay-off what it had set-up, but by the end of the last show it became clear what Lost actually was. PURE, ADRENALINE FILLED ANTICIPATION!

    That’s it! That’s what was so brilliant about the show, and that’s what made it glowingly popular. And for those who enjoyed the show, they enjoyed the anticipation that it created in them.

    And it did this to the very end, then said goodbye.

    Did it answer anything? Not really. A lot of loyal fans, out of LOYALTY (or for fear of looking like a fool for harping on about the show for so many years and finally realizing it all meant nothing really) talk about how it did answer all the questions they had.

    But did it? Compared to the set-up? Honestly, think about it.

    The Island was set-up to be something like Arthur’s sword in the stone (and even that story had greater depth).

    So no, it became clear in the end that Lost was nothing else but meaningless adrenaline created by keeping the audience on their toes about a mystery that even the creators knew meant little.

    A lot like watching David Copperfield perform a magic trick, walk across the Great Wall of China, and be absolutely astounded. But if you knew HOW he did it, you’d walk away unimpressed.

    Better to just do the trick, keep it a mystery, and say farewell. You give the mystery away and you’ll end up showing everyone you’ve been bluffing! Lost was a fantastic bluff.

    Because real mysteries… are magical when they reveal themselves. Lost was not.

    This is a case of substance vs aesthetics. Substance was promised, alluded… but never given.

    I do hope that in future shows are created that have a rewarding ending, that not only says goodbye, but also leaves you a little transformed.

  10. In my opinion, Vajra hits the nail on the head. Lost was a lot of puff and build up without substance.

    No fan of Lost would have wanted all the answers, but I think most of us would like to think if we tried hard enough, we could work them out for ourselves. Sadly, I don’t think there are any answers to many of the questions raised on the Island – they were simply raised to keep us gripped.

    This leaves me feeling tricked and conned by the writers – it they wanted to write a story about relationships, love, faith and redemption on a pretty island – fab, I would have watched that show too, but this show was sold to the viewers from episode one as a mystery show – yet, it really was just a love story in the end.

    We were conned.

  11. What is island?
    Lots of people try to find answer! Ok !
    But can anyone explain to me what is God!?
    And still lots of people believe in it without question!!!

    • Stakako: Did you ask the question who is God? and yet thousands of people believe in Him without question. That my friend is called “faith.” By the way, God is the Great “I Am.”

  12. I wish I could give a longer comment filled with examples and whys but I can’t.

    I don’t have a problem with the ending. It started with Jack and ended with Jack. I am a Stephen King reader. Many of his stories end open. (Like Christine) I’m used to that type of storytelling.

    Did it answer all of my questions? Nope. Do I care? Nope. Those questions aren’t really what the writers were telling me about anyway. And sometimes shows just skip stuff. Unfortunately I can’t think of another show off the top of my head that changes stuff, but here is an example for Lost:

    I just watched ‘Walkabout’ again the other day. Locke was talking to a woman named ‘Helen’ on a phonesex line. Later, his girlfriend ended up being ‘Helen’. I’m positive it wasn’t the same person. And it wasn’t a coincidence. It was just something the writers changed.

    Do I care? Nope. That just happens.

    I’m reading all these comments and I’m just thinking of what I heard the other viewers say when I was leaving ‘Vanilla Sky’. They didn’t get it. Well I did. And people who didn’t understand Mission Impossible. They didn’t get it. Well I did.

    I got the season ending of Lost and I’m happy with it.

    • I should say ‘Series Ending’ instead of ‘season ending’ My bad.

    • I also love Stephen King books and I agree the ending with Jack’s eys closing was awesome, bringing the whole story full circle. Great, neat writing trick and you can tell that was always the end the writers intended. It’s just all the bits inbetween that bother me.

      The collegehumour video sums it up for me. Google it, it is brilliant and I think it will make those who deny there was a lot of pointless mysteries introduced have a rethink.

      Still, what a job they did to evoke so much discussion!

      • Haha, I’ve seen it, it’s awesome! (They have it posted here on SR somewhere I think).

    • Evie-

      Just my thoughts on Locke talking to “Phone Sex Helen” versus “Girl-friend Helen”: He had a relationship with the real Helen and ruined it with his obsession with his Dad. After the accident he was so desperate and lonely he called a phone sex line and made the girl on the phone respond to the name Helen. Phone sex girl was never Helen. Locke was just trying to comfort himself with a fantasy.

      • That does make sense. I wish I could remember a show that changed a fundamental element and never explained it. Like a child being born and never referenced again kind of thing.

        Heck they do it on soaps all the time. There are kids on the show that are like 7 then the next week they are 15.

        I know this is silly (and might just come up soon given the current storyline) but on Days of Our lives Phillip is ACTUALLY Vivian and Ivan’s son because the eggs were switched twice at the fertility clinic. Never came up and seems to have been dismissed.


  13. Let’s face it, it was never going to live up to everyone’s expectations, but I for one thought it was extremely enjoyable and incredibly satisfying!

    There was no way that all of the questions were going to be answered, but enough were answered for me.

    I totally ‘got it’ and will totally miss it!!

  14. But in every sense this was my point. I got the ending! I don’t even have a problem that not everything was answered. It is that there really was no mystery to begin with. Would I say Lost was poetical? No, I think it borrowed a lot from poetry, but lacked the wholeness of poetry. It was aesthetically poetic.

    But then, look at a show like Dexter; the striking level of depth it has.

    I am not particularly concerned with mystery. It is that Lost introduced a whole load of mythological and emotional meaning that implied a depth that did not actually exist. I didn’t leave the final episode thinking I didn’t get it. I left it realizing that in the end, this was a symbolical story about protecting the life-source that gives meaning to existence. The message was that to believe in life itself is what gives it meaning. This was the epic struggle between Locke and Jack Shepherd. Locke understood that what was required of him was belief, and Jack had to come round to that eventually… in that sense the story returns to its origin and also its center. In that sense, it is beautiful.

    But, the mystery of the story was one great big bluff! Why? Because we knew WHAT the story was about all along. In that sense, I found it’s aesthetic beauty too much like a formula.

  15. Some of us accept your apology Damon. You can’t please everybody, unfortunately I’m one of the unpleased… but i did love the journey, just sad the destination was so contrived…

  16. so im reading all these comments and i think what the creators and writes were trying to do they accomplished they created a show that will keep people talking for years trying to figure out the mystery or explain the meaning behind it all. lost was def the best show i think to ever air and im a tv junkie and i have to say i cried so hard at the end that everyone found that love they lost or the friend they made or the person who stood by them in there time of need i think u take from the show for what u want what i take is that they all had jobs they had to do while here on our planet and in the end u might die alone but u dont go the journey alone and i think thats beautiful

  17. They blew it.

  18. Tash, I find myself moved that you cried because of the ending. Yes, I was thinking about it last night… for those who watched the show for the emotional story, the ending would have been very fitting. They would have been thrilled by such completeness.

  19. More than the story line, more than the answers left hanging, this collective group of actors will be missed by millions of viewers. They appeared on our TV screens and grabbed all of us from within for the 6 year run. No matter what each one does from this point on, we will remember every detail of their character in this series. How can that ever be replaced?

  20. It’s no wonder some of the actors have announced retirement. They probably realized people don’t want to watch them after making the audience mad – even though it’s the writers fault. Now I know we’ve been conned, I know not to trust what the writers have to offer from now on. It’s also no wonder they said in the 2 hour review it’s a once in a life-time opportunity – they blew it on a massive scale – and a lot will not be back again.

  21. Same thing as the end of the original ‘Prisoner’ series on GB tv in sixties. But at least that had the excuse of three episodes rammed into one incoherent mess because the budget was pulled, and the rest of the series was brilliant. This just feels like a lazy cop-out. Anyone can play with big ‘themes’ but we shouldn’t have to make the story up for them to cover all the holes. That’s just bad writing, and I doubt very much if budget was a factor in Lost’s case. Too many strands, too many meanings; everyone should feel warm and satisfied with it, not just those who smugly think they’ve got it while others haven’t. Respect your audience and take EVERYONE with you. You had enough time to do that.

  22. “Unfortunately, Lost creators Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse won’t be around to provide you with any further answers or insight into the ending, as they’ve both announced that they will be going on a media black-out and have chosen not to discuss the finale after it aired.”

    Now we all know they are doing this because they know just how PO’d the finale is going to make a large number of fans of the show. I understand their reason for not answering most of the questions they raised but that doesn’t mean its right or even OK.

    I don’t care if they are the shows owners or creators we the viewing audience are the reason they are able to do this and so they need to be respectful of that. This crap about being different just to change things is just that, crap.

    Let’s say I work on a tour bus in Hollywood and while I like my job I decide that this next tour I do I’m going to end it differently so instead of doing what most tour operators do I set mine up so that as we go thru the tour of the homes in Hollywood I point out some of the homes but instead of saying who loves there I tell the folks some vague info about the star(s) who lives there and I promise by the end of the tour all questions will be answered.

    Then at the end of the tour I let everyone off not at the place where I picked them up by some area far away and then I leave them. When my boss sees me the next day he rips into me about all the complaints and I tell him that I’m maintaining an explanation blackout except to say that I decided to end the tour differently for the sake of doing it different from everyone else.

    Now do you think those people I left hanging are going to want to go with me again on any future tours?

    Do you think anyone else is going to want to hire me no matter how well known I may have been prior to this incident?

    Of course not b/c I treated the customers like crap and in a very disrespectful manner. Sure there were some who were happy because I was able to emotionally move them with a touching an sad story just before I drop them off and left them but the majority are very pissed. This is exactly what these 2 did to fans of the show. They raised many questions and presented new mysterious throughout the 6 seasons and while they mad promises that all that matters will be answered in the end, what they did was drop us off short of the true end of our journey and left many items unanswered.

    This is a very disrespectful way to treat those who are the sole reason you have a job. Only in entertainment can those who provide services get away with this kind of shenanigans. The media blackout is not about not running anything for anyone but its about covering their you know what’s by avoiding having to answer to anyone on anything done. Theys houdl really consider going into Politics.

  23. 1 person liked this.

    I accept your apology Damon. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, can you send me a different season 6? The one where you didn’t turn Sayid into a zombie. The one where claire didn’t act like a confused boy. The one where Kate didn’t become passive and follow the MIB. The one where Sawyer and Jack took charge like they used to. The one where sun spoke more than one line an episode. The one where they didn’t fix the plane with Duct tape. The one where you give more than 11 seconds to answering the whispers. The one where Widmore doesn’t cave in to MIB cause he mentions Penny. The one where day doesn’t turn to night every 10 minutes without an explanation. The one where Illana and her crew knew what was going on. The one where people figured out not to shoot at the smoke monster. The one where you explain where Richards ability to bounce throught the forest and live comes from. The one where you address the sci-fi questions in the finale instead of giving us 2 hours of emotional music. Can you send me the new season 6 on DVD as soon as possible? Thanks :)

    • Philip, when you get your copy, let me know. I’d like to borrow it.

  24. Every season for six years of Lost, I just couldn’t wait ’til the next week for the next episode. Was hands down my favorite show.

    It has been a week since the finale and I can’t get over how empty and disappointed I still feel about the show, just because of the finale………

    ………What a waste of six years.

  25. I’ve read so many of these comments. Most are good, some are rubbish. I’m a huge fan, have been ever since season one. However, as much as it pains me to say it, I too feel kinda duped. I really don’t know where I stand. I read some of the positive comments on here, I feel uplifted and “all better”. I read some of the negative comments, and I get all pissed and angry with the creators/writers. I really don’t know?

    For me, the “one” saving grace of this show was its characters. It wasn’t until about season 3 that I stopped loving the show for its story, and started appreciating it for its characters. And then I began to fall in love with the characters. The moment where Jin went to jump from the boat, with Sun looking on as the boat exploded will be my ever lasting impression of ‘Lost’. I cried so much, I was touched so much. For me ‘Lost’ became less about its story and more about its characters. I followed them for six years, I allowed their stories to unfold before my eyes, I fell in love with them. There were so many moments which made the last six years worth it. Knowing now how it all ends, I would happily do it all over again.

    I do wish it had a better ending. That’s not to say this ending was terrible, because it was far from it. I thought it was great, and it was so great to see them all again in the church. Boone and Shannon… awww *tears*. I wish so many other things, but the one thing, the absolute one thing I really wish had happened, was for the entire cast (everyone) from seasons one to six, absolutely everyone who’d ever made an appearance on the island – Ethan, Echo, Michael, Walt, Ana Lusia, The French, The Marines, The Dharma Initiative, The Others, The many other survivors of the crash – to have come walking through the door which Christian Shepherd opened at the back of the church. This to me would’ve said, “This is it. We’re done. F#@k the conventions of story-telling, we’re going out with a bang and we’re taking everybody with us”. It was just kind of weird to see such a large room, with so few people in it. I was left feeling like so many others should’ve been there – although reasons for many of them not being there have been cleverly explained by other commentors on this site (or at least they’ve reminded us why certain people do not show up in the final scene). I really would’ve loved to have seen everybody, for just one last time. I wouldn’t have minded an ending that screwed the story over entirely. Selfish I know, perhaps Oprah can make this happen?

    Oh well, it’s done. It’s over. Thank you Lost for the many memories. This has been six years well worth it. I love you, I love you, I love you.