Damon Lindelof’s Final Thoughts On Lost’s Series Finale

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In case you haven’t heard, there’s this little show called Lost that recently ended. The show itself has been one of the most talked-about series in television for the past six years, but with over 1,000 comments in our Lost series finale explanation article, there’s no doubt that the ending was even more so.

Unfortunately, Lost creators Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse won’t be around to provide you with any further answers or insight into the ending, as they’ve both announced that they will be going on a media black-out and have chosen not to discuss the finale after it aired.

Luckily, the folks over at “Geek Time” – a radio show on Sirius XM – were able to get one of their good friends, who happens to be Damon Lindelof, to record his final thoughts on the series finale in advanced for them to play the Monday after the episode aired.

What other perks come from being a friend of Lindelof? Well, he also offered to tell them the ending of Lost in advance – but, as their show title dictates, the hosts stayed true to their geeky nature and declined his offer so that they could watch the ending of one of their favorite shows properly.

In his statement, Lindelof reflects on the Lost series finale; their intentions in ending the show the way they did; how the ending of Soprano’s changed television and what he hopes fans took away from Lost’s final episode.

You can read Lindelof’s final thoughts below:

From all of us who made the show, we really hope that you don’t feel it was a waste of your time. We hope that you spent the entire night not just thinking about the finale on a story level, but that you were emotionally affected by it.

There are two feelings that you feel when you watch the ending of a television show. The first is the feeling that you have of just understanding that the show is over and the second is what your response is to actually what’s happening on the screen.

What I liked about the Soprano’s finale was that it changed the experience because when Chase cut to black, suddenly that feeling of “the show’s over” was replaced by “is my cable out?” – he kind of changed the conversation about it.

For us, we tried to write the last two and a half hours of the show so that those two feelings would feel like they were the same thing. So, you’re feeling of saying goodbye to the show – of the show not being around anymore – was actually literally perfectly paralleling what we were showing you on the screen.

If you had an experience anything like that, then it was mission accomplished.

If you didn’t, we blew it and I apologize.

I’m glad that while Lindelof was inspired by David Chase’s ending for The Sopranos, he chose not to go down that route. While angry Sopranos fans beating their cable box is quite intimidating, it would have paled in comparison to the nerd-storm that would have rained down on this Earth from fans once again “being tricked” by the Lost creators.

In my opinion, I’d say that it was “mission accomplished” on their part. Although, I could be wrong.

lost series finale lindelof thoughts Damon Lindelofs Final Thoughts On Losts Series Finale

What did you think of Lindelof’s final thoughts? Was it mission accomplished on their part? What would you have done if Lost’s final scene would have cut to black?

You can tune into the encore of Geek Time’s Lost special this Saturday at 11am on Sirius XM, channel 101.

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  1. Great ending to a great show. There are some loop holes in the overall scheme of things but overall i enjoyed every minute i spent watching Lost. People who wanted every answer i dont think would have been satisfied with them, the Lost mysteries still live on!

    • It took me a couple of days to really wake up to the ending. It almost seemed like they did the end to Season 1 and did a little twist and turn, which is pretty creative, i must admit. But TV shows are what they are, a business which wants to generate money into their own pockets. I truly believe that when they wrote the beginning of this show, they already knew how they were going to end it…in a way. Because they said that themselves. So all they did was take what was in “between” seasons and add stuff, well, that fans really wanted to see, they were just trying to satisfy some of the viewers, because it kept the show alive and people went out and bought the DVDs, and the t-shirts, and all the others stuff that goes along with cult classics like Star Trek and Star Wars. I would have done the same thing, because that is what sells, and people will come if you have a show that is worthy enough to sell. So the best thing you can do is first you have to gain enough interest. They did that extremely well, i was especially drawn to the Season 1 immediately with the two pilots. And is was still drawn to it when it ended. Did i buy the DVDs of all the seasons? You dang right i did? Do i wish i did that since it is over? You dang right that i wouldn’t have! lol!!!! But all in all, i think it was a great show to watch on TV, there aren’t that many to watch anymore, and it was “refreshing.” These are very talented people and while they are on a roll, they want to move on to other projects and movie scripts and so do the actors, and they should….i would. At the end of LOST, i had the same feeling as i did when the Soprano’s end…”say what?!!!!” So it didn’t really surprise me they went that way, because those kind of “endings” are “trendy” right now in the Land of TV and Movies. And i still think it’s one of the best shows ever on TV. Too bad it’s over, but Grey’s Anatomy is still on, so is Fringe….so let’s say goodbye to Jack and all his buddies and “move on” cause i’m really in the mood for another Star Trek movie by J.J. and his talented crew. Nuff said!

  2. I agree with Syrus. Great storytelling involves mystery and evoking the individual thought patterns to generate personal conclusions. I enjoy reading what the fans have to say rather than rely on a finality. It exercises the brain and reminds us of how fantastic a people we are when it comes to writing our own stories of the mind.

  3. You accomplished the emotional part, Lindelof. The “book-end” technique of using the same opening scene in reverse for the closing scene was creative and effective. I’ll give you kudos for that.

    But on the conceptual, nuts-and-bolts plot-centric side…well, I don’t know where you live. Lucky you. But, I wouldn’t stomp out any flaming bags on your porch for a while.

    And after an entire season relentlessly harassing the message boards, there is no further need of “Evil”. Thus, closeth my eye, too. See you in another series, Brutha. Probably not, though. Say hello to Chris Carter in Purgatory for me.

  4. I’d say you succeeded wildly, Damon. I was profoundly moved by the finale. The story ended with the right amount of moral and narrative ambiguity, yet emotionally I was filled with love, sadness, catharsis and resolution for these characters I loved so much and the journey there were on — a journey that I never realized until minutes after the last credits was perhaps one of the most beautiful and artful metaphors for life that I’ve ever seen in popular entertainment.

  5. Emotional closure? Check.

    Failure to provide an ending that made sense? Check.
    Failure to answer most of the open ended plot points? Check.
    Failure to convince us they didn’t make this show up as they went along? Check.

    Just because the last episode was emotionally satisfying doesn’t make up for its EPIC FAILURE on every other plot point that mattered in the series.

    • Thank you!

    • All of the Island mystery has always taken a back seat to the stories of the characters, with all of the flash backs, flash forwards, flash sideways.

    • Couldn’t said it better myself…at least we got an apology, I feel better now :)

  6. Worked for me! I’m completely satisfied and I’ve started the series over to power watch through it all again.

  7. The most satisfying finale I have seen in a LONG time.

  8. I was profoundly moved, and continue to think about the finale. It poses metaphysical questions that transcend the series itself, which is one of the reasons I’m such a Lostie in the first place. I cried for two hours, but it was joyful, and at the end, I felt that there was hope, not just for the characters, but maybe for all us real people too. That’s not something you get from most television series.
    Thank you. I, too, will be power watching over the summer after school is out (high school teacher/author/super geek).

  9. So in the end all that is there to the show was:

    They crashed and spent some time together (3 months?)
    They died as they eventually would have and went to heaven (or whatever)

    ==== TheEnd ====

    It wouldn’t have mattered whether they had crashed on that crazy island where nothing made sense or in a desert in Mongolia

    • Guarav: you didn’t get it. the island was what was important. if the island died, so did the rest of existence. our characters saved the world. everything else was emotional butter and what made the story entertaining.

      • I have to agree with Gaurav and disagree with you Steve. The only thing they saved was a place for each other in the pews of that church.

        Week finish to one of the strongest stories.

  10. Loved the season finale – although if they had added just 20 extra mins to tie up the whole electromagnetic / Whidmore / Faraday / Desmond link to that intragral part of the entire story…that would have been nice. So much of the storyline’s focus was on that electromagnetic power of the island and characters protecting it / using it / weilding it….from the Dharma initaive to Charles Whidmore. Just a few mins regarding the structure of the island’s properties in this field and those major storylines around it would have helped me.
    Also after Jack passed on they should have included a 2 minute scene – flash forward 20 years – Walt in his 30s and Aaron in his 20′s are getting on a plane. Ben is on the plane being a steward. He has never aged due to the fact he is Hugo’s no 2. He is checking passenger numbers on a clipboard. He asks them both for their names (of which he ticks them off) representing the fact they are on the list as new candidates. Ben then says ‘Enjoy the ride’ – fade to black.
    THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN SO MUCH MORE COOL. and would have tied in Aaron and Walt’s importance some how…
    so yeah – LOVED the finale – but seriously – the writers could added less then 20 mins extra to tie up a few more really important core storylines that made up so much of the show. Just a few more minutes….pity…

    • Coincidentally, there is rumoured to be about twenty minutes added to the finale on the Season 6 DVDs, so yeah, there is that. Not sure if it will attempt to answer some outstanding questions, but it is possible.

    • sounds really good to me, the ending really killed it for me, they really didn’t care about what was important to the fans.

  11. Oh and why was Michael’s soul stuck on the island rather then given a sideways reality before moving on. I would think Michael’s love and protection for Walt would have earned him a spot in the church and not stuck on the island. ??? He was an original lostie… hmmm – just saying. And Penny was in the church too (not an original lostie) – granted she was tied to Desmond as his soul mate – but she wasnt part of the island. Yet she got a place in the church instead of Michael to move on. ??? You wouldnt think Penny’s soul would need to… Many gaping holes. Poor Mr Ecko too…he deserved a mention as well.

    • Marion, I agree. The lack of Michael, Walt and Mr. Eko was glaring.
      Not to mention they were the only main characters who were African-American. My guess is that no matter how fans or Lost writers try to justify this, it came down to pragmatism. Walt grew too much,
      and including Michael in church WITHOUT Walt would have been a glaring error. (Really, since the main island story was complete in 108 days, the producers did not plan the character of Walt very well. I’ve read they didn’t plan to write him off, but when he (surprise) grew “too fast” they had to get him on that raft in season 1 pronto.) Mr. Eko-I’ve read he was totally miserable during filming and left before they were done with his character.
      I have many other quibbles and unanswered questions, but this has been a main one. I’m glad to see other people questioning it.

  12. I just can’t believe these responses!

    My first thought is: “can everyone be this stupid and dense”?

    We were led down a path. 5 seasons of excellence in my view.

    Then in the last season, the writers took a vacation from writing creatively.

    They should apologize publicly.

    This is the worst ending to a series I have ever seen in my life and I am not young.

    There are so many superior endings to this ending. So many endings that are more creatively satisfying than this ending.

    Why have a Finale? It’s a reunion in purgatory? Are you kidding me? Can it be any more idiotic than that?

    Let’s go with the premise that the writers wanted to have the characters resolve character issues and meet again in support of each other.

    We have that—IN THE SERIES.

    They could have met off the island

    They could have met on the island.

    They could have had a reunion anywhere.

    The dead? They are dead.

    If you want a reunion with the dead and the living, then have the alternative time line permit this without having a “purgatory” reunion.

    Maybe you have to leave out a few, but there were more than a few missing from the purgatory reunion.

    They could have merged the time lines.

    They could have let it end with the death of both Locke and Jack on the island with some escaping the island and Hurley taking over and Ben being a “good 2nd”.

    I would have fine with that, actually, even without an explanation of the alternative time line.

    Perhaps that alternative time line could have “ended” when the MIB died. That would have worked for me.

    The point is, there are at least 30 blogs (not mine) that I have read that had better endings than this one!

    Are you telling me bloggers are better writers than the writers of the series?

    Until the final scene, that was not the case.

    Now it is the case.

    It is so trite and obvious and stupid an ending, that it undermines the entire series. The entire intelligence of the series is “Lost” with this stupid ending.

    These writers should be crucified publicly.

    They are the “Bernie Madoff” of tv writers.

    Does anyone see this? Anyone????

    • Totally agree!

      • “They are the “Bernie Madoff” of tv writers.”

        LOL – absolutely! A giant Ponzi TV series, or a Long Con…

        A Total Abdication of Responsibility by the Creators & Writers as I’ve posted elsewhere…

        Only retards will bother buying any Lost DVD box sets or other mementos.

        And most people (hopefully) will steer well clear of any crap written in the future by these clowns. TV Execs – are you listening…?

        A total LOSs.

    • why not provide links to these 30 better endings? i think if you did not like the ending, you probably did not really get the show for what it was. i doubt that the show could have ended any better.

    • Finally someone who comes close to expressing the gigantic frustration I felt as I watched, appalled, the finale of the show I followed religiously for 6 years and was completely disregarded for the sake of a soap-opera ending full of hocus-pocus. I feel cheated, betrayed and disgusted with the writers on this show, who seem like they made NO attempt at all at closing the mysteries they raised. Come on, NOBODY stuck to the show for that long because they cared so much about these stupid characters personal redemptions! We all wanted to know what the island was, what the “rules” were, the real deal behind Dharma and Widmore and Ms. Hawking, what made Desmond special, why the polar bears, the passage to Tunisia, the Frozen Donkey Wheel, smokey, all of that, THOSE were the cliffhangers, THAT is what made the show special. Just because the characters couldn’t be defined as either good or bad it didn’t give them “dimension”: they were just as lame and stereotyped as any other TV characters, and I couldn’t care less that they all got together on an after life. It was NOT touching, it was NOT emotional, it was tacky and cheesy and nothing at all like the series I loved. I say loved because yes, I do think the finale blew it and invalidated everything that happened during the six previous years. The producers were way over their heads if they thought the audiences would prefer to “share” the “feeling” of losing such a great show to the satisfaction of having its actual PLOT come together. In the end it was a long con on us, viewers, and I find that utterly disrespectful.

      • Agree with most of what is said here. I am very surprised that a better job was not done. Very disappointed . Very let down.
        Remember the numerous times we were promised answers? All Season 6 if not more.
        Well… did not get them. And I don’t mean every cotton picking answer that goes without saying impossible and unnecessary but
        too many lose ends left.
        On another site someone who said they had insight from close associates of the show shared what he knew and it made perfect sense. But it is not official LOST so we could still use some insight from them. They owe it due to the promises.

    • I see it! I have been a dedicated fan for 6 years and they completely blew it for me. You are right on every single point. I too think an apology is needed, but he did say at the end that if we thought he blew it, sorry. I think that is all we are going to get.

    • Jay-

      Your OPINION is that the show failed to have a creatively satisfying ending. Just because it didn’t satisfy YOU, doesn’t mean that those who were satisfied are somehow less intelligent than you. Are you so angry that you would really compare the awesome story-tellers of LOST with a man that defrauded people and stole retirements? Come on, dude. You need to take a deep breath and calm down. The writers have always written the show knowing they would spark deep thought and conversation. Why would the series finale be any different?

      Why don’t you put all that negative energy into trying to write a better show? I’m sure not one person would hate it, as you clearly know more about writing a “creatively satisfying” show than the writers of LOST, right?

      Worst ending to a series ever? Really? EVER? REALLY? Wow. In my OPINION, all of the endings you suggested would have sucked!

      I was very satisfied with the ending. I’m not a religious person, although I am spiritual, and I got it. It was beautiful and thought provoking. It doesn’t necessarily have to be purgatory. That is what you are choosing to call it. It’s just a place the characters created to be together after they all died. Why does it have to be purgatory? Maybe it would seem less stupid to you if perhaps you re-watched it and took purgatory out of the equation. Or maybe you built it up so much in your head that nothing would have satisfied you?

      Either way, no one should be crucified for telling a story the way they want to. It’s their story to tell, after all. :)

    • Disagree completely. I don’t know you even call yourself a fan.

  13. Lost was ALWAYS about the characters .
    The mysteries were Never the point of the show.

    • I disagree. The show can’t really be about the characters unless they exist in a story that makes sense. In fact, it wasn’t even a story. As it turns out, there wasn’t really an arc to this at all. Instead of wrapping all the threads into a tapestry, we were left with a granny knot. Its easy for the producers to say that this is what they intended – some sort of television koan. But I think its more likely that the story got out of hand, and they just threw in the towel.

      I’d been hoping for an ending with all the characters except the final candidate dying on the island. The final guardian would continue to keep the cork in the bottle. In the alternate/sideways reality, only that one character would die, thereby resolving the paradox between the realities. All the other survivors would know and remember what happened and why he died. – That could work, as could any other number of possible endings.

      Too bad, what could have been a classic turns out to just be a gigantic waste of time. I wonder how the DVD sales will be, now that we know they were dead in episode one?

      • they weren’t dead in episode 1.

    • Ok then, we could have just had the screen fade to black prior to Flocke and Jacks’s fight, or even before they lowered Desmond down into the cave, and follow the fade out with the eventual FS resolution and you would have been fine with that?

      I didn’t even want answers – I was simply hoping the writers had been smart and put in a scene that would make me reappraise all 6 series and go back and watch then again with fresh insight. Instead we got an AHA moment for this series that had nothing to do with anything that had gone before.

      A real shame. I still love Lost, but a clever 5 minute scene or a few well chosen sentences could have given me what I wanted and sent me scurrying back to the DVDs. Instead I have to face the fact they just made it up as they went along.

    • Oh, really???????

    • Agreed! Someone that actually understands that simple concept! Why is it so hard for people to understand that shows don’t necessarily have to be about complex storylines in the end? They can just be about a simple concept called LOVE. How, through thick and thin, they had love that brought them together at the end. No smoke monster, no polar bear, no Dharma initiative; it was simply love. So, yes- I completely agree with you. The show was never about the stupid mysteries. They were there to draw people in- which they clearly did- and once people were drawn in, they were simply struck through to see it end, but failed to realize the obvious plot: Only the characters mattered and how they created relationships. I don’t get why it’s so hard for people to understand that simple concept. Maybe they lack it in real life to get it.

      • ***they simply stayed through to see it end

  14. Fine for him. What about all the questions, the mysteries that most of us wanted to have explained. It’s all so nicey-nicey that our core characters went to heaven after they died, but that has nothing to do with the themes of the show as I perceived them. The biggest question is: how could they lose the threads of their own narrative so badly?

    Okay, it was nice to see Bernard and Rose and Vincent again!

    • Exactlly.

  15. The mysteries were never the point of the show? WTF? “Friends” was about characters not mysteries. LOST was about characters AND mysteries. I agree with everything Jay said and am sick and tired of people saying the mystery aspect of the show was not important.

  16. They dodged it. It’s not cool to advertise that “All secrets will be revealed” and then pull the punch. Why all the hype if the mysteries didn’t matter?

    I know lots of people who invested time pondering the issues of the show, myself included.

    To use Sawyer’s words, the show was “the long con”. And it worked flawlessly.

    So, tip of the hat, the writers got the last laugh.

    • Spot on.

  17. People that talk about why some characters were not present in the afterlife fail to realise, the people that where there, where there because the island and the people on it where the most important thing in their lives. For people like michael,who left very early and wanted to get as far away as he could, probably didnt consider it to be the most important thing in their lives (ie: walt).

  18. I think he perfectly accomplished this as stated.
    As I’ve tried to argue with others, and some just won’t be convinced that too much was left out, is that the point of it all is that what matters in life (and in the series) isn’t what wrongs you can right, it isn’t in finding the answers to life the universe and everything, but rather it is more about the journey, and those whose lives you touch and who you loved, and who loved you and touched your life. Happiness and contentment isn’t in answering all of lifes unanswered questions, in ‘fixing’ every thing, but in appreciating those around you and making meaningful connections with people. I think they purposefully left so many questions to highlight the point that it doesn’t really matter what the island is, how it works, but rather the evolution of the people there. As the writers have always said it is a vast character study in the framework of a cool science fiction story. But first and foremost is it about Sawyer looking into Juliets eyes and remembering their love-and that this gave him happiness, not killing the real Sawyer.
    Maybe a little hearbreaking to the real geeks in us who love lost, that the science fiction part takes a back seat to the emotional part, but that was the purpose, the meaning found in the end by the characters and that the writers wanted us to realize as well…this is the real theme; not how space time can bend, but how space time is irrelevent when compared to love, to human connection, to what we can give to one another emotionally.

    • It was nothing that I had expected as a finale yet it was so much more than I could have ever hoped for. I was moved on so many levels and continue to choke up days later. Bravo and thank you Damon and Carlton.
      With love from an eternally confused yet faithful fan(and Jater)

    • So they couldn’t have found a way to do satisfy the SF geeks as well? People are talking as if you either love the SF elements or the characters. Some of us love both and are REALLY disappointed that an ending that was not predicated on ANYTHING was introduced. LOok, I liked the emotion of it, but give us something that is pertinent to the other 5 series to chew over and we may have been happy.

    • Yeah, but these characters journey wasn’t in the end all that deep or complex, just a bunch of running through the jungle either missing someone they loved or getting with someone they loved. Take away the island, and the only real interesting story was Mr. Eko’s, who wasn’t even referenced in the finale.

  19. Just a quick comment to some other replies here, yeah, i think there could have been a better ending, like i really thought at the beginning of Season 6, that there would be a beach wedding for Locke and Helen, and everyone would be there and party like it’s 1999!!!!! It just seem to go that way and i thought “that would be too cool that everyone were together “off” the island and was happy for once” and it would be a very emotional moment. But it still produced alot of emotions for me, it just took me two or three times to see “it” and after that i cried for about two hours. But i’m done, and i’m done with LOST! We have “real” problems to worry about, like the oil slick that they can’t seem to “plug.” Maybe they should hire Jacob to come and “plug up” the oil leak!!!!!! I mean really, we can send up the Space Shuttle but we can’t plug up an oil leak??? give me LOST again!

  20. To Damon,

    LOST was a long con that I have enjoyed more than any other show.


    Substitute droids for mysteries.

    See you in another life brother :)

  21. the ending was a great end to a great show, but it was more than that.

    there is no doubt that some questions remain unanswered and that there may be some plot holes, but people who dwell on these missed the boat. besides, as we learned “every answer leads to another question.” that statement isn’t a cop-out. it’s the truth.

    lost was the biggest most successfully told epic in history. it spans thousands of years, the entire globe, and multiple dimensions (time – the afterlife) while presenting ideas of faith and spirituality. amazingly well done.

    i’ll admit, that i was extremely disappointed come the last 10 minutes of the show, but as i thought about it i realized that just because it wasn’t the last 10 minutes that i wanted, it was the right 10 minutes.

    the island is a place of mysteries, likely no one could possibly comprehend all of its mysteries. why certain magical things were possible, or why the world would end, or why walt was special don’t matter. the whys don’t matter. the point is that these things are what they are. if you didn’t learn from the show that you need to have some faith and accept some things for what they are, then you watched the wrong show all along.

    one last thought. everyone is so hung up on the characters and their deaths. they feel cheated, like these characters spent their time on the island and died for nothing. this isn’t the case. the characters saved the world by saving the island, even if most of the time they didn’t realize it and felt liked they were trapped in a crazy hell.

    well done LOST. best epic ever. never will be touched in any format.

    • Why was the Widmore storyline so pathetic? Charles says that Smokey getting out will result in all our loved ones ceasing to be, then blubs his plans as soon as his daughter is threatened!?

      The Desmond island story is built up and built up, and he……. Moves a stone the falls over.

      Sun suddenly forgets English and at the same time her FS counterpart recognises Flocke….. But wait, that means nothing, it was just a tease, this actually meant nothing.

      There are plenty of other examples from this season, but as long as we got a grand reunion it seems all sorts of weak writing and plot holes are forgiven.

      Incidentally I LIKED this season, but I think some people are too easily blinded by emotional endings.
      PS. I thought Jack’s death was very well done

      • Its nice that many people enjoyed the show. I enjoyed it myself. And its nice that many people thought the ending was moving and successful, but not me. To me, its a television show, its story-telling. In the end, I think the story tellers just got in over their heads. So what we’re left with is the worlds longest ‘shaggy dog’ story. I enjoyed parts of it, but after that ending, I’ve ‘Lost’ interest.

      • the whys dont matter.

  22. What annoys me is that arrogant people who says: You don´t like because you didn´t undertand. Get down this high horse: I hated it, because I understood!
    This emotional finale was made only to divert the attention from the all the fails Darlton have, consistently done all this season!
    They had not any way out, so, shove our throats a “magical finale”: it´s that way because it is! Like a 3year old answer: just because!
    It´s a rule!

    And NO! This finale was not about the all the people who lived in the island. This finale was all about Jack! Jack´s issues, Jack´s problems, Jack´s hell or purgatory or limbo or afterlife!
    The finale was the longest Jack´s centric ever!
    All the story was about Jack´s acceptance of him being dead and the previous five years were just fller!

    It was not about the most important moments of the losties lives, it was the most important moments of Jack´s life. They had to wait all eternity until Jack had his memories so they could have too!


    I don´t believe in after life, do I have to be happy with this crap? Please! I don´t want to be converted to any faith!

    Lost was the longest con ever and didn´t have Sawyer´s charm!

    Mediocre, coward, lazy, easy finale! Any soap opera would do better!
    Go and watch Passengers, with Anne Hathaway and see for yourselves!

    Good bye Lost, and I won´t see damon and carlton in any other life, ever!

    • no. the story was about the island. the island was the hero, not jack.

      • You´re wrong, all the purgatory was about Jack´s accepting his death. They only could “reunite” when Jack remembered all.
        It was Jack´s father who had to explain, it was Jack´s issues with his son, it was Jack´s issues with the women he wanted (Juliet, Kate) that he never could have during his life, it was Jack´s guilt with Claire and his nephew. It was Jack´s problems with the island, therefore in his “imagination” the island is under water.
        It was his lack of faith, then imagines he is a man of faith and Locke has none. And HE has to fix Locke!
        All the purgatory was showed through Jack´s POV.
        It was all about Jack, it was Jack´s heaven, it was Jack´s show!
        It was Damon´s issues through his alter ego: Jack Shephard.

        All the losties there with him is again, about him, about his precious moments in the island. They´re there to build his church, to celebrate his after life. They´re there for him, since he finally had found his coffin,his death, his final fate.
        It was all about Jack.

        • Wow – way to prove those “arrogent people” right. Your description proves you really DIDN’T understand it at all.

          • So stating my opinion makes me arrogant just because I don´t agree with you? I´m not telling you to think like me, you have to right to think whatever you want, to try to tell what to think!
            I gave my arguments, give yours! If you don´t have them, don´t call them arrogantes!
            And yes, I undertood all of that, I didn´t LIKE it, I didn´t AGREE with that!
            That finale was not a resolution, it was a cop out!
            “Life may suck, but you’ll be happy after you die”? In real life, this is the sort of unfalsifiable promise that religions use to attract followers. And in fiction, it’s the kind of thing that can be appended to any story regardless of what went before.

            I maintain that the alt-U works better as exactly that — an alternate universe. Not as the Bardo. If I wanted to reaffirm faith, I’d go to church.

            If you liked that, good for you, but don´t tell me what I have to like.

            • Shut up about the religion! It’s not like the show was trying to convert you into a certain faith. If anything the writers left the faith aspect rather open, as can be seen with the multi-faith stained glass window in the church. Religion is not about trying to trick people into following them, but a choice that you yourself. If your low enough to think that a television show can trick you into a religious belief, you must have no will of your own and be really easily persuaded.If you don’t want personal attacks on your opinions get off the internet.

              The story of LOST was a journey. You may think the finale nulls the rest of the series, yet all the in between seasons were necessary to get to the point we got to. You cannot say that the ending did not fit with the rest of the series and was not on the same level, as it was. It was the ending of the writer’s story, and that is exactly what it is: THE WRITER’S STORY. They can do what they want with it. We are just along for the ride.

              • “shut up!” “get off from the internet” “If your low enough”
                Hey, Who you think you are to address people like that?
                Don´t you dare to tell me to shut up, you bully!

                If there is someone low here is you, that believe that you have the right to shout, offend or intimidate me.
                I have the freedom to think and comment whatever I want, if I´m not ofending anyone here. It is you who is trying to offend me!
                So, the show ends in a CHURCH! nothing less and you tell that it was not religious?

                If there is someone that seems to be afraid to be persuaded is not me, it´s you that is showing such an aggressive reation.

                Yes, the show is theirs, they can ruin it as they like, but I don´t have to like it, I can hate it as I want and I won´t be silenced by some nervous fan that is uncapable to live with people who thinks differently from him.

                “If you don’t want personal attacks on your opinions get off the internet.”
                It´s you who´s freaking out because you don´t like what you read.

                • Wow again, Carly. Not only did you not understand the show, you weren’t even able to follow a simple response to a post. I was quoting YOU when I said “arrogent people”. Thus the quotes. I wasn’t calling you arrogant, I was talking about the people YOU called arrogent. You proved THEM right.

                • Oh, I´m so sorry, so you didn´t call me arrogant, just said again that I didn´t understand the show just because I didn´t like it and refuse to think like you… whatever.

            • Actually I agree with Carly’s points here. The Finale – even for all the characters-in-love-so-nice-what-a-cool-ending-point-of-view-people – was over the top Jack centric.

              And of course for any viewer who had been following the Story for 6 seasons (that’s Characters AND Plot), it all added up to JACK in the end…

              • Anyone that blasts someone else as “not understanding it” is only fooling themselves. There was absolutely nothing to “understand,” except that the writers wrote a very open ended ending they knew would be debated forever. I don’t think it’s worth debating. They misled us the entire time into thinking anything we cared about in the show would be resolved in any way.

                And then they took the easy way out by comparing it to The Sopranos ending.

        • yes jack was the featured character in the finale. but to be surprised by that is fairly ignorant. jack was the featured character throughout the series. it was always about jack. i never liked jack, but he was the obvious choice as final candidate. he was the obvious choice for POV of the final episode. the story made a beautiful arc beginning and ending with the same character and the same setting. but just forget about jack’s issues for a minute. he saved the friggin world. why is everyone so worried about plot holes, unanswered questions, and jack’s hogging the limelight? the one constant in the show was the island. it was there long before our characters and thanks to them it will be there for a long time to come.

          what better ending would have reconciled all of the deaths of the characters we loved along the way? would you really have been happier if there was a reset button and none of it happened and life went on in a parallel universe where these characters knew of another universe? there would never be closure.

          ah well i’m sorry for you to have spent so much time and to come away feeling cheated and feeling like that time was wasted. i’m moving on.

  23. To all you people who are so upset about the finale:

    You deserve it for watching such a terrible show for 6 years. It never made any sense. It wasn’t deep or meaningful, and the mysteries weren’t solved for one simple reason: The writers made it all up as they went along. It was just sloppy, careless plot writing. That’s all. I’m glad it’s over and I hope a better show takes its place.

    • You´re right! I got what I deserve. But now I know better: I´ll never watch any show or movie with Damon or Carlton in it. I don´t repeat mistakes!

    • I agree. Spot on. My bad, won’t do it again.

  24. Seriously…..after JJ left, this went downhill fast. Of course if he didn’t leave the creative side, we would have not had Cloverfield, Star Trek and the brilliant Fringe. We are waiting for Super 8.

  25. LOVED the finale. I lost my partner 8 years ago and bawled like a baby at the end (in a good way) because it touched my hope/belief that you are destined to be wirth one special person and that sometime, somewhere you are able to be together again.

    • I´m really glad for you, that that finale had a deep meaning for you.
      I wish Lost´s producers thought of the non religious fans and gave us some satisfaction in the end, too.
      We deserved it too.

      • Carly-

        Wow, girl. You are angry. I get that you’re angry. I’m not religious either. I don’t believe in an afterlife. But the ending, while somewhat religious, is open to interpretation. I choose to think of it differently. It’s just a made up place, like Narnia, or OZ. It serves a purpose to the characters. It’s a place to reunite, reconcile, make peace, and let go. That they were already dead when they got to this place makes no difference to me. It is just a mirror of their time on the Island. I choose to tailor the ending given to me by the writers to fit my view of things.

        It wasn’t ALL about Jack, either. Although he was always one of the main characters. It was only fitting that the show should start and end with him. It was very poetic.

        • It´s a nice way of viewing, island girl. I respect that. Thanks for the kind, inteligent argument.

  26. I sit here after just having watched the finale and I feel a simmering rage as bright as ‘the light’. WHAT ON EARTH DID I JUST SEE?
    If they all died, when? And if they died after the crash how did juliette and sawyer have the memories they did, when they got together after 3 years?

    If smokey could be killed, why didn’t they kill him before? If he couldn’t be killed, why didn’t jacob jump in the light aswell then he wouldn’t have been able to be killed.

    What was the time travel crap?

    Why did Daniel die?

    What were the numbers about?

    How could Widmore be killed so easy?

    How will they fly off the island when you needed to know exact routes to sail boats to the island?

    Where are the polar bears?

    If the man in black was pushed in the light by jacob and turned into black smoke, why didn’t desmond and jack become black smoke? or even white smoke?

    Why would ben and richard follow jacob but never meet him?

    When clare went to the cabin, was that jacob? A ghost?

    Why was there a parallel story at the end?


    JACK questionning his dad was particularly cheesy
    All these unanswered questions indicate to me the writers intended a pun with the title of the show because they have literally LOST the plot.

    In medieval times they would be put in stocks and rotten vegetables would be thrown on them ,so its no wonder they have gone into ‘media blackout’.

    Even the characters looked like they were thinking what the hell are we doing here.

    I LOVED this programme and the characters but I feel as let down as a flat tyre. People used to discuss on forums if they were dead and I thought the writers would never go for such an unbelievable story line, but alas. The only consolation was glimpses of joy in the characters when they lived on the beach. And Sawywers sense of humour.

    Please someone tell me it was a joke and there will be a real finale, Some one, anyone…………

    • Sorry, man, no way.

      Sorry, man! If the producers/writes didn´t know themselves, what about us.

      There are more:
      - If the whispers in the island were the souls held on the island, how did Sawyer hear the man he killed in Sydney? His soul came in Sawyer´s bagage?
      - How Christian showed himself to Michael at the freighter if Smokey couldn´t leave the island?
      - Why the temple guys didn´t kill Claire if they thought she was claimed and wanted to kill Sayid?
      - Who were them, anyway? Why did they dress so different from Ben´s people?
      - Where the Dharna food come from, if the Dharma Initiative was closed in the eighties?

      Oh, about the polar bears, Dr. Chang told Hurley in Season 5 they held stupid experiments with the bears at Hydra Island. So, they eventually broke lose when Widmore, Ben and Richard killed all the Dharmanites in the nineties (or eighties, I´m not sure). The bears lived in both islands for some time till Sawyer shot one of them and Locke killed the other one.

      When clare went to the cabin, was that jacob? A ghost?
      She was with Smokey

      Why Daniel was killed? For the WTF moment!

      What was the time travel crap? Filler and to show us the Dharma times.

      Why would ben and richard follow jacob but never meet him? Because it was their religion, they had faith in Jacob.

      Why was there a parallel story at the end? To explain the heaven in the finale.

      Anyway, I agree with whoever said it is all pretty pointless, all these seasons were simple fillers, till they all the characters went to heaven.
      Very disapointing, actually.

  27. I too felt quite annoyed with the ending. So many ways it could have ended that would have felt right. But … sideways world was a Unitarian heaven? Did I accidentally tune into a rerun of Touched by an Angel?

    The writers should be ashamed. All that potential wasted. I loved the show … until the finale. I wish I’d never seen it. What was in my head was so much better.

    • I think you nailed why so many people are so upset. “What was in my head was so much better.” You had a preconceived notion of what you wanted out of the end of LOST. It didn’t measure up to the high expectations you established for it. Nothing at all wrong with that, by the way. I went in expecting to laugh and cry and feel profoundly sad at the end (because my favorite show was over). I got what I expected. :)

  28. as per ENEWS online

    Idiot’s Guide to Lost
    Today 3:28 PM PDT by Kristin Dos Santos

    ABC/Mario Perez
    It seems some people are having a hard time abiding by Lost’s final message: Let go and move on.

    And by “some people,” I mean not only diehard fans—like, ahem, moi—but also casual viewers and people who tuned in for the very first time on Sunday night to see what Lost was all about. (Bat-poop crazy, but yes, they really did!)

    I’m still getting bombarded by questions about the Lost finale, so if you, or any of your non-Lost-worshipping friends are still struggling to comprehend, here is a stripped-down guide to what Lost is all about (according to this here idiot)…

    There is an island. It really exists, and the people on it do too.

    At the heart of this island is a “Light.”

    This Light is the good place you go to after you die where you get to reconnect with your loved ones in the afterlife. You can call it heaven, Nirvana, or whatever you like. It’s the most beautiful place you will ever see.

    If the Light on the island goes out, you don’t get to be with your loved ones when you die. They simply “cease to exist.” And that is a very bad thing.

    The Light on the island is so beautiful and powerful, that men will always try to get at it, study it and harness it–including most recently, a group of scientists called the Dharma Initiative who inhabited the island for many decades. They could never fully understand the island because they were men of science, not men of faith.

    To make sure the Light isn’t destroyed by men like these, the island needs a Protector. (The Egyptians tried to build a giant Protector statue on the island, but it was reduced to a four-toed foot when a giant slave ship called the Black Rock hit it.)

    The first Protector we met, Jacob, was sweet but a total dumbass who did exactly what his mother told him not to, and threw his brother Samuel (also called the Man in Black) into the Light. Samuel faced a fate “worse than death” (as his mother foretold), and became what Lost fans call “the Smoke Monster.” If this evil entity were to leave or destroy the island, all the evil would escape out into the world, and the Light/heaven would be no more.

    Jacob needed to make sure that he had a successor, to prevent this from ever happening. There were no pure souls or babies on the island because of an atomic “incident” in 1977 that caused fertility issues. So Jacob selected “candidates” away from the island, went out into the world to meet them, touched them (so the Monster couldn’t kill them), and then brought them to the island by way of plane crash. (The Protector can also change the weather to make stuff like that happen–which is probably why the Dharma initiative also studied weather there.)

    Jack Shepard was on that plane that came to the island. Oceanic 815. So were a lot of other really cool people who happened to look like TV stars: Sawyer, Kate, Sun, Jin, Sayid and Hurley. They crashed on the island, and they were alive.

    They were Jacob’s “candidates.” It was their destiny to come to the island.

    It was Jack’s destiny to kill the Smoke Monster and save the island. And he spent six seasons trying to figure it out.

    In the meantime, the Smoke Monster was running around terrorizing/killing everyone, taking the form of dead people (he can do that) and manipulating a longtime island dweller, Ben, into doing his bidding. The Monster ultimately tricked Ben into killing Locke (a “candidate”) and Jacob. The Monster took the form of Locke.

    And the island needed a new Protector.

    ABC/Mario Perez
    In the final season, we saw what appeared to be an alternate reality in which the passengers of Oceanic 815—including Jack Shepard—landed safely in Los Angeles, as if the plane had never crashed on the island. They basically spent the entire sixth season in this place trying to “let go” of their life’s biggest regrets/issues. (Ben’s guilt over killing his daughter Alex, Locke’s crippling problems with his father, Jin and Sun’s guilt over abandoning their daughter and not knowing if she’s OK, Hurley’s guilt over his money doing evil things, Sayid’s desire to save Shannon/Nadia, Claire’s guilt over planning to give away her baby, Jack’s desire to forgive his father and break the cycle by becoming a good father himself, etc…)

    In the finale, we learned that this place (in which the flight landed safely) was a passageway from death into the Light/heaven. The characters we saw there had all died in different times in different places, and they met up in this place (where time is irrelevant) to work out their remaining regrets, reconnect with their loved ones, and move on to the Light together.

    After Jack sacrificed himself to save the island, they all crossed over to the Light and lived blissfully ever after.

    They lived together. And they did not die alone.


    Make any sense? Maybe so, maybe not.

    Do you agree? Maybe so, maybe not.

    That’s really, ultimately, the beauty of the story of Lost. That it is so very open to interpretation.

    Whether you loved or hated the finale (it’s no secret I loved it), one of the coolest things I’ve been hearing over the past few days is that some fans are liking it more the more they’ve thought about it. I think it’s a finale that grows on you, if you let it. How many other finales can say the same?

    Read more: http://au.eonline.com/uberblog/watch_with_kristin/b183092_idiots_guide_lost.html#ixzz0p5XNoq8A

  29. Am I the only one getting sick and tired of Damon Lindelof mentioning his convoluted, mediocre series in the same breath with “The Sopranos”? Is he seriously comparing his sappy ending to the artistic genius of the end of “The Sopranos”?.

    Damon: I know David Chase, and you my friend are NO David Chase. The end of the “The Sopranos” is the greatest final scene in history. It is beautifully crafted and a work of a real artist. I believe you called it a “betrayal”? David Chase actually gave us an answer, he just wanted us to use our brains a litte. Read this masterpiece of an essay below if you don’t believe me.