Damon Lindelof’s Final Thoughts On Lost’s Series Finale

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In case you haven’t heard, there’s this little show called Lost that recently ended. The show itself has been one of the most talked-about series in television for the past six years, but with over 1,000 comments in our Lost series finale explanation article, there’s no doubt that the ending was even more so.

Unfortunately, Lost creators Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse won’t be around to provide you with any further answers or insight into the ending, as they’ve both announced that they will be going on a media black-out and have chosen not to discuss the finale after it aired.

Luckily, the folks over at “Geek Time” – a radio show on Sirius XM – were able to get one of their good friends, who happens to be Damon Lindelof, to record his final thoughts on the series finale in advanced for them to play the Monday after the episode aired.

What other perks come from being a friend of Lindelof? Well, he also offered to tell them the ending of Lost in advance – but, as their show title dictates, the hosts stayed true to their geeky nature and declined his offer so that they could watch the ending of one of their favorite shows properly.

In his statement, Lindelof reflects on the Lost series finale; their intentions in ending the show the way they did; how the ending of Soprano’s changed television and what he hopes fans took away from Lost’s final episode.

You can read Lindelof’s final thoughts below:

From all of us who made the show, we really hope that you don’t feel it was a waste of your time. We hope that you spent the entire night not just thinking about the finale on a story level, but that you were emotionally affected by it.

There are two feelings that you feel when you watch the ending of a television show. The first is the feeling that you have of just understanding that the show is over and the second is what your response is to actually what’s happening on the screen.

What I liked about the Soprano’s finale was that it changed the experience because when Chase cut to black, suddenly that feeling of “the show’s over” was replaced by “is my cable out?” – he kind of changed the conversation about it.

For us, we tried to write the last two and a half hours of the show so that those two feelings would feel like they were the same thing. So, you’re feeling of saying goodbye to the show – of the show not being around anymore – was actually literally perfectly paralleling what we were showing you on the screen.

If you had an experience anything like that, then it was mission accomplished.

If you didn’t, we blew it and I apologize.

I’m glad that while Lindelof was inspired by David Chase’s ending for The Sopranos, he chose not to go down that route. While angry Sopranos fans beating their cable box is quite intimidating, it would have paled in comparison to the nerd-storm that would have rained down on this Earth from fans once again “being tricked” by the Lost creators.

In my opinion, I’d say that it was “mission accomplished” on their part. Although, I could be wrong.

lost series finale lindelof thoughts Damon Lindelofs Final Thoughts On Losts Series Finale

What did you think of Lindelof’s final thoughts? Was it mission accomplished on their part? What would you have done if Lost’s final scene would have cut to black?

You can tune into the encore of Geek Time’s Lost special this Saturday at 11am on Sirius XM, channel 101.

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  1. @Zeus

    Well said. I agree that the ending was great if it had immediately followed season 3. That would have left some items unanswered but it would be far fewer then what we ended up with being left to guess.

  2. Gravatar image test

  3. Did the writers ever story-board out the over-arching A-Z (this will happen, then it will lead to that, and those 2 things will cause something else ) with any part being having correlation to the progression of the end game?

    I have to think not, and in my opinion, the series turned into a test to see if people are willing to have crap, undirected and unconnected mini-plots thrown at them and keep watching.. Which we did… Once… But not again.

  4. After watching the last episode of lost, not only was I still lost on 80% of the questions that actually mattered, but I was really upset about the fact that “everyone goes to heaven in the end” kinda thing.

    Did anyone else notice the unitarian symbols in the backround? So in otherwords, people can murder, cheat, kill, steal, minimpulate ext and still make it to heaven. So I guess the writers didn’t have the guts to stand by one belief system, but instead believe that we all end up in the same place, wonder what all those different religions would have to say about that.

    I don’t even want to get into that-I just really wanted to know the answers to the island…there was still so much unanswered…such a disappointment. The island was just as important as the characters, and not enough justice was given to it in the very end.

    So sad, and after 6 wonderful year, I’m still LOST.

    • okay first off, the reason the “writers didnt have guts to stand by one belief system” is cause a variety of religions and races watch lost. so they didnt want to be like “oh they go to heaven”. no, not once in lost have they ever mentioned heaven, itd make too many peolple upset for the show to come out and say their christian. christian shepard clearly said “your moving on” , NOT heaven. and yea they didnt answer alot of the questions, but if u were a true fan you would realize that it wasnt all about the story and the mystery. it was about the charaters. why else would they have all of the flashbacks from season 1-3. and if u look on it in a character-driven way then you would realize that, it was the PERFECT ending for the characters. and come on, most of the mysterys are self- explanatory anyways. like the egyptian stuff everywhere, well we know other people have been on the island thousands of years ago, so who says egyptians werent? well obviously they were. did you even watch all the episodes

      • In the special features of season 1, Lindelof told us what J.J. Abram’s first said concerning this new show idea they had, “The only way to make this show [LOST] work is if the island is a character.” The island was the biggest character of them all and the producers told us that from the beginning. It was definitely about the characters…and the greatest of them all was the island. It was not the perfect ending beginning the main character had zero conclusion.

        Plus, be nice Anon. It seems you aren’t the biggest LOST fan either.

      • There were many self explainitory mysteroes on Lost but there were also many that needed an answer because they were integral to the plot of the show, many mysteries lead you (the watcher) and the characters the show was about from point A to point B and in season 5 from point W to point C to all over the place. I don’t need to know how time travel work, I do need to know why Dharma needed Walt so badly. I don’t need to know why there were whispers on the island (although they us) but I do need to know how Christian Shephard appeared off the island. I don’t need to know why the smoke monster makes mechanical sounds I do need to know eho the hell was in Jacob’s cabin looking like a shadowy figure sittin in that chair. I don’t need to know how Dogan’s being in the temple kept Smokie out but I do need to know why the heck would the writers set up so many plots only to leave them dangling like its just been pantsed. Seasons 1-3 seems like it was planned somewhat but then they just threw whatever out there they could in season 4 and 5, and to be honest I loved season 5 but why add all of this if it means nothing? Bad writing and they didn’t plot the course to the end they just saw what stuck to the wall and realized they had no idea how to make it makes sense.

  5. I’m so lost I never seen the tv show!!!!!! So, I don’t know!

    • Ditto.
      Saw one episode late in the first season, didn’t get it and never saw another.

  6. I missed too many episodes so I figured I’d wait for the last episode to figure out what is what. I dont like being left hanging episode to episode. I guess the last episode still leaves you hanging.. F!@#$! bast@#ds!! lol

    • I so agree with Ken, It’s starting to sound like these complaints are from people who didn’t even watch the show. If you watched the show, it’s a pretty clear ending.

      • Well, my daughter-in-law watched the show religiously and she couldn’t explain the ending to me, she’s still lost.

      • I watched the show, every episode, the ending made sense (dead characters from the show that died after, during the events of the show) made a spiritual construct in which they could work out their worldly problems to attain peace so they could be together and move on) it made sense in that sense but the show overall left plotholes like no other. So many plots and story lines left to hang, that’s not mystery that’s sloppy writing.

  7. It’s frustrating reading so many comments on so many sites talking smack about the ending and the show as a whole, especially from people who didn’t watch every episode.

    And why does everyone give em crap about “making it up as they go along”?
    Do you realize what a television show is?
    Thats a major part of the process, but Lost had the major plot of the islands mythology and reason for the characters ending up there set out since day one and then the personal charcter arcs were written like any other show. They had more planned than any other series ever made so quit talking s***.

    And by the way 90% of these “unanswered” questions were either directly answered or have big clues that you need to have a keen eye for. And then there are a few things which require thought and assumptions.

    If Lost was a series of novels it would be praised for making the reader think and try to figure out little connections.

    If anyone has a question write it here and i’ll most likely answer it if possible. (Not trying to be cocky i actually would like to enlighten anyone)

    • 1. What exactly was the island?
      2. What was the island moving and time travel all about?

      I have more but those are my top 2. Thanks

  8. Some smaller ones for Ken:

    1. Why did Sun not flash from the plane to 1977 with Jack, Kate and Hurley.

    2. Were the egyptians on the island before Mother?

    3. How did Kates dead father speak through Sawyer.

    4. How did Ben cure Juliet’s sister of cancer?

    5. How did Eko’s brothers plane get to the island from africa.

    6. How and why does ‘Jacob’s Cabin’ move?

    7. Why did Widmore want the baby Alex killed?

    8. Why are the passengers of the sub sedated?

    9. Why did Jacob appear to Hurley as a young boy asking for his ashes and then seconds later was an adult.

    10. Why could Michael not kill himself when he was off the island?

    Bonus?. How did Hurley get out of his Hummer when parked beside Locke’s van?

    I could go on forever really.

    • Good questions Skot! I wasso confused throughout the series (and I watched every show) – I can’t even think of all the questions I would have!!!! There were so many different things going on throughout the course of the series…….I can’t even remember them all!!!

      • Ha! I never even thought about how Hurley got out of his Hummer. That’s funny. Not sure who wrote that episode but i can assure you they don’t even know the answer. I read an interview where Lindelof was giving multiple theories that would answer particular questions. He’s the writer. He doesn’t have to theorize. I think it speaks volumes that they are not speaking to the media for fear of not knowing the answers to questions. And we all know that Lost was about characters. Its a tv show. But we wouldn’t have watched 6 years if it was just about Jacks daddy issues. The mysteries kept us coming back for more and its obvious that they just didn’t know the answers to most of the mysteries.

        Why did Richard and the others not move through time with the Losties?

        Why did Locke have to wear Christians shoes?

        Who was looking at Hurley in the cabin?

        Why did Jacobs ashes protect people from Smokey?

    • 1) Sun didn’t flash because Hawking said if EVERYONE didn’t go back, the results would be unpredictable. Aaron didn’t go back. Moreover, Jacob was orchestrating these events, at least in terms of little “pushes” in the right direction. If Jacob didn’t CAUSE the jumps through time, he knew what would happen (just as Hawking did because she had already experienced the 70s with Jack, Kate, et al).

      2)Yes, the egyptians were on the island before mother.

      3)Kate’s dead father didn’t speak through Sawyer. Sawyer was delirious, and near death. He’d been shot (and previously stabbed, tortured, etc). Blurting out “Why did you kill me?” in the middle of that delirium is understandable, and Kate’s misunderstanding amid her own questioning of her sanity is also understandable.

      4) Ben didn’t cure Juliet’s sister’s cancer. Jacob did. This parallels Dogen’s experience. (It’s also possible that Ben lied about this to keep Juliet on the island. In any case, Jacob knew what Ben would likely do, and used that to his–Jacob’s–advantage.)

      5) Eko’s brother’s plane got to the island because the island moves–it isn’t in the same place all the time. Remember, in season one, the tide suddenly rose–indicating the island had moved, as it did periodically, according to Hawking. That is why the Lampost station was needed for Dharma to locate it (and make the food drops to an island that keeps moving).

      6)Jacob’s cabin moves in much the same way that the island itself moves–the exotic matter distorts space-time, and Jacob is the keeper of the light (exotic matter).

      7) Widmore wanted the baby Alex killed because 1) he was a jerk, 2) Jacob hadn’t chosen the baby as one of the Others, and 3) it parallels the Isaac story. The three major influences seen in “Lost” are The Bible, Stephen King, and Flannery O’Connor.

      8) The passengers of the sub are sedated because the sub breaks the perimeter of the anomaly around the island, which can have extreme and negative effects. The helicopter ride through it dislodged Desmond’s consciousness and sent the helicopter traveling several hours in time, the payloads Dan had launched which crossed the perimeter illustrated the space-time distortion, the doctor washed ashore on the island before he had been killed on the freighter, Ajira 316 traveled several hours in time (night to day), several passengers who had been to the island before were thrown 30 years into the past (Lapides didn’t use the bearing), many of the freighter folks went insane (having not been sedated when approaching the perimeter nor using the bearing) and killed themselves, and Minkowski (and his friend) ultimately died. Luckily using the correct bearing minimizes these effects unless, like Desmond, you had already been exposed to 3 years of electromagnetic radiation, and deviate from the bearing slightly because of an electrical storm that was unavoidable.

      9) Jacob appeared as a young boy because that was when his brother and he parted ways. You have to read these things through the prism of myth in the Joseph Campbell sense. The ashes connect to both the Phoenix and to “ashes to ashes, dust to dust”, in that a new leader would rise from the ashes of the old, and Jacob would be “moving on” himself…ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Jacob’s ashes were the ashes of his body–ie, symbolic of death. The Phoenix is a symbol of renewal–hence Jack’s new leadership position, and later Hurley’s (and later still, Walt’s–he’s a very special boy indeed). It’s nice that Jacob was taking his ashes from Hurley, the “new man in charge”. Who knew the Hurley bird would be a phoenix?

      10) Michael couldn’t kill himself when he was off the island because of the Novikov self-consistency principle. Michael’s actions literally saved the lives of Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, Aaron, and Sun on the freighter, and others on the island by sabotaging the freighter. Many of those people hadn’t gone back in time yet, but WOULD because they had already contributed to events in the past (there was only one timeline and it could not be changed–not even Desmond could change the future, but only change his vision of what he saw the future would be; after it was done, it was done…what happened, happened). In short, Michael COULDN’T die because he had “work to do” that would lead to events that would be required for past events to occur all contributed to lead him to that very moment. Simplified without time travel, if you are alive right now, you couldn’t have killed yourself yesterday. Complicated with time travel, Michael saved people in his future, who would go back in time to do things that were instrumental in his past. Michael’s present, past, and future were in some sense happening all at once–if he COULD kill himself, that would suggest he didn’t exist the moment before he did so. Paradox. And there can be no paradoxes.

      11) Very carefully. There was enough room.

      • Nicely done. Good to see someone paid attention and understood, even if things weren’t shoveled direction in our faces.

        • directly, that is

  9. I think Cuse and Lindelof went into “radio silence” to hide from people like me who would otherwise slap them across their faces with a rather large fish. I think they knew they blew it and didn’t want to deal with all the flack, and wait for things to die down and for the negative sentiment to die down so they could be given a heroes welcome back. Pheh.

    WE WILL NOT FORGET. Your next shows can burn in hell.

    • Yippee. At last, some other dissenters. Sooo annoyed with the ending.

      However, I did notice something. I first watched the last episodes on iplayer in the UK – was very disappointed at the whole charecter but no island answer stuff and couldn’t believe so many people were satisfied with it.

      Then, on Friday I watched it again in the UK, starting with the 2 hour documentary with cast and crew and Damon etc. I realised they had done something really clever – this documentray was shown in the US before the finale and it basically “brain-washed” viewers into concentrating on characters and not the island – all the cast at one point say “this is a character show” and the mysteries were hardly mentioned. By the time you’ve seen 2 hours of people saying that and then the two hour finale you think – oh, nice.

      I wasn’t duped, but I can see how they all steered everyone into being happy with no answers and lots of character loving!

    • LOL!!!!

  10. The problem I had with the finale of LOST was the out of left field ending. Seriously? I watched six seasons of a television show to find out that the big “reveal” was going to be the conclusion of a flash-sideways that began just this season?

    Through all of the mysteries and questions they raised, the BIG reveal was that they all died and needed to find each other before they could move onto whatever was next? I get it. You write a story full of mysteries, ones that you focus on predominately but then you expect your audience to just accept some b******* ending that has nothing to do with the 5 previous seasons?

    Not to mention, why in sideways land is the island underwater? If the island is the source of life for the entire world why is it sitting at the bottom of the ocean? I’m still confused if the damn bomb from 77 worked in season 5.

    Somebody above said they would slap the writers in the face with a large fish. I whole-heartily agree and I would flip them off at the same time. My advice to Darlton is if you write another TV show, DON’T do a damn podcast…

    • The flash-sideways aspect of season 6, was a purgatory state, the charactes created it so they could find one another, to remember the past lives so they could move on.

      They didn’t die all at the same time, they died at different points. Jack died on the island, locke was killed by Ben and that’s why locke is still locke in the flash-sideways and not smokey.

      The whispers were people who died on the island and are not able to move on, they came just before the arrival of the others, warning the survivors of 815 of danger.

      The reason why the island is underwater in the flash-sideways, is because the characters choose to not to remember that experience in purgatory, until they were ready to move on.

  11. The show was wonderful and I’ve enjoyed watching it for the last 6 years. Terrible finale, however, and it’s the sole reason I won’t be purchasing the entire series on DVD. So, the joke is on you and your crappy ending, douche bags.

    • ha ha ha ha

  12. What a bunch of whiny little b****es. Do yourself a favor – don’t watch TV serials.

    This is the finale of BSG all over again.

    Please – give me the example of the one or two you think did it ‘right’.

    I don’t particularly like the way the ‘sideways’ flashes were handled – there really was no ‘tip’ on what was going on – but I’m not going to let it ruin all the enjoyment I received from watching the show.

    • Yeah… count me out on those who bitched about the ending of BSG… at least it made sense of the story they told since season 1. LOST? Explain to me how you can find the finale satisfying when the big reveal was for something they started this season?

      I love watching TV serials, but not ones that ended like this. If you liked the finale, thats great, but I and looks like others didn’t. We watched for six years and went through all of the mysteries (that were a main part of the story by the way) and then find out “well they all died, and created this ridiculous sideways world so they could all find each other to move on…”

      Yep THAT is the ending to LOST. You find THAT satisfying after all the years of this island being such a large part of the show…

  13. why you whinin/it was all about the characters/go watch something else yadda yadda yadda
    why smack the show/abrams wrote this 100 years ago/jack and kate forever blah blah blah
    lindelof is god/you’re all too stupid to understand/hugo is cool zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    the truth is that they didn’t originally plan the afterlife story/ending.
    they originally planned, and maybe even filmed, an alternate universe story, where the plane never crashed because of the bomb, they had different lives, the island was underwater, desmond realized that because of the magnets thing, he collected them all at eloise’s concert and then they all agree to leave that alternate reality to save the island of the original reality.
    but then they changed everything, cut all the scenes with eloise, her son, penny, shannon and everything that showed the original plan.
    and with no time and no ideas they decided to go with that atrocious afterlife ending.
    THE END.


      Your comments make more sense than any others I have seen. I agree that season 6 was building to something which was dropped for some reason in favour of the afterlife. Clearly Desmond was rounding them up to save the island from its underwater doom. I can’t believe it never came together.

      My only hope now is that the writers come out and admit the final series was bodged, and perhaps release an alternate ending or storyboard.

      “the truth is that they didn’t originally plan the afterlife story/ending.
      they originally planned, and maybe even filmed, an alternate universe story, where the plane never crashed because of the bomb, they had different lives, the island was underwater, desmond realized that because of the magnets thing, he collected them all at eloise’s concert and then they all agree to leave that alternate reality to save the island of the original reality.
      but then they changed everything, cut all the scenes with eloise, her son, penny, shannon and everything that showed the original plan.
      and with no time and no ideas they decided to go with that atrocious afterlife ending.”

  14. I’m 13 Years old and i thought the season finale was awesome! when the plane crashed they all died and had to go through the island which was their Hell and through that they created an alternate reality and after they killed Lock, they all found each other in their alternate reality. so basically you have to go through Hell to get to Heaven. But those are just my thoughts.

    • hmmmmmmm – pretty interesting and simple. How stupid am I ?? I’m 57.

  15. The finale was ok for me but it should’ve been great. The purgatory/afterlife theme isn’t the worst idea, it’s just not very well thought out. It seems really rushed. Almost like the last season was written by people who never saw the earlier episodes. Maybe if they showed some of the deaths, explained a few things better, people wouldn’t have felt so cheated for their loyalty.

  16. i didnt like, that the series turned to rely so heavily on american christian symbolism towards the end. what about the i-ging symbolism, science fiction quantum mechanics parrallel universe, horror fiction stuff? it just doesnt fit this whole “moving on”crap

    the episode about jacob and his brother was such a cheap way out, and also such a stupid bible rip off.
    the end really made me realize how long this turning lost into a soap opera had been going on.

    the sad thing is how it makes me despise the other half of lost fans, that “felt” it was good and repeat the stuff about it being about the characters. because it is probably the same calculating demographic let’s appeal to the mainstream stuff that had to eventually make lost turn bad.

  17. Please forgive me if some parts are not coherent, my english might be a bit rusty but i’ll do my best to be as clear as possible !

    The show’s been over for quite a while but strangely some event must have triggered something in me. I recently felt the need to share my experience of Lost and hopefuly, to get some answers.

    When I first saw the ending I was kinda confused : A part of me felt deeply frustrated and dazed, however this feeling didnt last long, for two reasons.

    The first reason is that from the very beginning, a disturbing idea grew in my mind.
    That idea was that no matter how many questions were answered, there were always gonna be more questions to be asked. That fact was so true that I was never satisfied with the revelations that the show provided : as soon as I thought an element was a key to understand one of the true mysteries of the series, I was immediately disapointed to see that it either lead to another interrogation even more mysterious, or it was not helping making sense out of it at all…

    This feeling never vanished and I realised that it would hold on to me until the end, so at some point I thought that the mysteries ( what is the island ? why are they here ? what is the black smoke ? who is Jacob ? ) would be solved in the last season.

    A few answers were given indeed but as the final season went on I began do get worried because the frustration I had felt during 5 seasons was not decreasing, on the contrary the more i was fustrated the more I was raring to understand, the more I was raring to understand, the more I got fustrated… you get the idea…

    There were still a lot of unanswered questions and a lot of new interrogations had appeared, when the show was unrelentingly coming to an end !
    Just before the final episode ( part 1 and 2 ) I thought : they’ll never be able to answer all the questions and to complete the plot in 1h40…
    So I decided to stop torturing myself and to just enjoy what was gonna be the last 2 hours or so of an epic show.
    I think that state of mind prevented me from being as shocked as some of losts fans, it also allowed me to appreciate the intense emotion this final proposed.

    That leads me to the other reason I didnt stay fustrated very long : as I watched that mysterious story coming to an end, I was surprised to see I was actually touched by the beauty of it.
    I suddenly realised that this aspect of the show had always been there and that I had always loved it , I realised the best moments I lived throughout the series was about these people, what they experienced, their fear, their hopes, their love…

    I remembered Sawyer and Hurley ( probably my 2 favorites ) and how they always made me laugh, some truly beautiful moments between Hugo and Libby, Sawyer and Juliet, even Benjamin touched me in the end of the 5 season and above all in his redemption that Started with Ilana, Jin and Sun, Miles, Faraday, Frank Lapidus ( haha Frank Lapidus ! )… There are 6 seasons so I won’t be able to list all of those moments but I can say that I felt an attachment to almost all of the characters at some point in the story.
    I mean that they all gave some real intensity and life to the show at some point or throughout the whole series for some of them.
    I believe they were really good characters, actually, if you’d set aside the mysterious aspect of the show I think it still was a fascinating drama serie.

    Then I remembered Christian Sheperd’s word to his son Jack : Remember and let go ( I don’t remember the full speech in its exact terms but I rememeber the point ).
    I couldn’t help but to make the comparison with what I was feeling myself, I thought that it was brilliant because not only was this end moving but it was also deep, the final message was beyond the simple show-frame, it was adressed to us as well, that’s how I understand it at least.

    It actually helped me reconciliating with the fact that there was so much questions unanswered.
    That’s why like it has been said before, I think that it was indeed a powerful and beautiful ending that grows on you if you’re able to let it do so.

    I have to admit that it’s not possible if you didn’t get anything in the end, but I did some research on forums, read differents point of views and it made me picture a good idea of what the show was about, it also allowed me to find some answers to a lot of questions.

    Of course those answers are not always absolute clear answers but that’s the way it supposed to be or it wouldnt make sense.
    The mythology part is mainly about spiritual things : miracle of life, god, evil, suffering, search of a meaning in life etc…
    I actually think that the way the show handled it was great because it is opened to various interpretations and yet it still is a good representation of the mysteries of life and mankind.
    For instance you can think of the light as electromagnetic energy with unique properties, or something of divine essence…

    That being said, in my opinion there are two things that posed a problem with this show.
    The first thing is : the way the story was develloped, the suspense was peaked each episode, all the events, the mysteries, the tension, the way some meaningful events were turned like it was something of great importance, all that pushed the spectator to torture himself to solve an unsolvable problem.
    It’s like we were purposely lead to go to this path that lead nowhere.

    It’s true that there was a real story with the characters, but everything was made to maintain this atmosphere of doubt, suspense, mystery.
    This is only my opinion but if the show was mainly about the protagonists then the show should not have made such a fuss about all the mysteries and develloped such an intense suspense !!! ( even more than in series like 24 which is almost ONLY about suspense )

    Maybe I’m pushing my thinking a bit too far but maybe this aspect was purposely develloped to represent mankind’s habit of wanting to know everything, to always get more than they have… maybe they purposely tricked us into this to finally give us the same lesson our losties get. If it is so then it is very subtil but maybe a bit too ambitious.

    The second problem that I see is that even if some say the meaning of Lost is an easy thing to understand and those who didn’t understant are just stupid, as far as I’m concerned I had trouble to understand some points and had to get other explaining things to me.

    Some thing are clearly explained in the final : what are the flashsideways and all that result from this explanation.
    Some others are much more complicated to comprehend, I think it would have helped many spactators if some points had been explained more clearly, if more clues had been given to us on certain points.

    But there again isn’t it just representative of the way we have to comprehend life and its mysteries : with doubt and incertitudes.
    Of course lost couldnt answer clearly to each questions because answering them would have been like answering the mysteries of life, I don’t think a show can provide these answers ! And if you think about it the way Lost had to always anwer a question with more questions is representative of the realities of life, mankind has always tried to find these answer : meaning of life, god etc…
    But you can never find those, each problem solves leads to another problem much more complicated or deeper and so on.
    Just as Jacob’s mother said: Every answer will lead to another question.

    There is one question that bothers me though, I believe its answer would help me understand the serie in its globality more or less.
    I’ve been looking but I didn’t get anything about it except interrogations : Did the mother of Jacob summon the black monster or did she turn into it to destroy the roman camp ???
    Depending on the answer it would totally change the meaning of an aspect of the show and that’s something I can’t get an answer to…

    If anyone has any idea please let me know !

    I will end this awfuly long post by saying that to me, Lost is one of the best show I’ve ever seen, and the one of its kind, bravo et namaste.

    • In my opinion, the Black Monster did not exist yet or it didn’t exist in the context of how we had seen him in LOST. She could not have been the Black Monster because of the fact that she was killed like a mortal peron. Remember, the source of the islands powers has to be cut off before the Man In Black could become mortal again and be killed. Here is the most important thing to remember about LOST. To me the creative team left many questions unanswered and in my opinion that is the way it must end for two very specific reasons. First, no matter what answers they gave they ultimately would never be able to appease every fan that took the 6 year journey with the creative team. This leads to the second and most important reason. Nosce Te Impsum or in English “know thyself”. There has to be a point in a journey where you are not always handed all the answers to the questions you possess, but impose those very questions upon yourself and reach your own conclusions. That to me is the very beauty of the ending of LOST. The Island and all the mysteries still left open are for me and me alone to decide within my minds eye. Unfortunately somewhere in modern day society far to any people have lost the ideology that Socrates gave us called reason. We always want all the answers given to us, we are never happy when we do not agree with them, and we forget that we have minds of our own to intellectually debate a subject and conclude with our own ideas. My suggestion is that you watch it, love it, ask yourself those very questions, and use your imagination to make the Island whatever you want it to be.

  18. Ultimately, it was very much like the finale of Battlestar Galactica, the other epic, seasons long journey of a television series I watched during that timeframe… it was very emotionally satisfying, but intellectually frustrating and disappointing. I had tears in my eyes during both, but when it was over I looked around and said “Wait a minute – what???”

    For what its worth, the Lost finale did a far, far better job of ‘answering’ its questions and explaining its mysteries than BSG ever did, even if they did rely as heavily on the same deus ex machina…

  19. Okay seriously — I’ve spent a year hearing people whine and complain about the ending of the show, and then they try to say that they hated the entire show and wasted 6 years of their lives… well, grow up…
    The only reason you guys “hated the ending” was because you spent 6 years LOVING the show, on the edge of your seats, wondering what the Monster was, wondering where Ethan took Claire, wondering what was in the Hatch, wondering where Walt was taken, wondering who Henry Gale truly was, wondering if Naomi was telling the truth, wondering if Ben was right about the freighter’s intentions, wondering how and why Locke was dead, wondering where and when the Island jumped too, wondering if Juliet truly detonated the bomb, wondering what the sideways world was… I could go on and on and on…
    So, is it that you guys can’t stand the “afterlife storyline”? (A term that I utterly HATE, by the way…) Are you all ATHEIST, is that it? No such thing as an “afterlife”, as “moving on”? Oh, I’m incredibly sorry you guys aren’t mature enough to sit back and just watch a freakin’ TV show for entertainment, and not care for the superficial spiritual themes behind it. And you guys think you can insult those who ACTUALLY LIKED the series finale, because you disagreed with the “afterlife storyline”? Now THAT is bias, in its purest form.
    And come on folks, “Hurley’s hummer and Locke’s van”? You guys lost sleep over THAT? Yeah, you’re obviously not fans, you obviously hated the show…
    The mysteries. Okay, I could understand if the show actually DIDN’T ANSWER THEM, that one would be pretty upset. But, I ask of you, watch the show from the very beginning, until the very end, and come back onto this forum and try to honestly say the mysteries that were truly important, that truly mattered, were not answered.
    A) The Monster is The Man in Black, Jacob’s brother, and because of the Heart of The Island’s electromagnetic/exotic matter properties, became the utter manifestation of Evil.
    B) The Island is the “cork in the bottle”. It’s there to prevent the Man in Black from ever escaping, from ever spreading darkness across the planet.
    C) Jacob’s Cabin moves just like the Island moves — because of strange energy all over the Island, or because Jacob simply did not want the Survivors to find it at any given time, until it was necessary, like in “Cabin Fever”, where Locke questions Christian over his next move.
    D) Richard Alpert does not age because Jacob touched him. The Candidates did not die until their purpose was fulfilled, because Jacob touched them, too.
    E) Room 23 was part of The Hydra station, where the Dharma Initiative would brainwash the “Hostiles” (or “Others”) into revealing information.
    F) The Polar Bears came to the Island because the Dharma scientists wanted to run zoological experiments at the Hydra, and eventually altered them to adapt in tropical weather, before they escaped some how and made it to the main Island.
    G) The supply drop comes from a Dharma station where two workers, oblivious to The Purge, continue to package them and send them off, with data retrieved from the Lamp Post station to identify the Island’s next location.
    H) The Numbers (4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42) have a number of probable answers. The true purpose behind them is that they are the numbers of Jacob’s remaining Candidates. 4-Locke, 8-Reyes, 15-Ford, 16-Jarrah, 23-Shephard, 42-Kwon. It can be argued that the transmission with the man repeating the Numbers could actually be a Dharma employee, or an Other, after becoming obsessed with them.
    I) The Island allowing a select few to time travel is because of, once again, the powerful energy inside it — “negatively charged exotic matter”.
    J) The hydrogen bomb detonating was the root to spawn the “Flash-Sideways” world. That is what Christian meant by saying “…This is the place you all made together, to find one another…” I can argue this by pointing out in the season 6 opener, “LA X”, the teaser shows the Island submerged under water — bomb, anyone? I don’t mean it actually BLEW UP the Island — then the Island wouldn’t just be submerged, but, gone… No, I mean that if the bomb actually did negate the electromagnetic pocket where the Swan was located above, then said pocket could act up and bring the entire Island down.
    It’s up for your own interpretation.
    Once again, as Kevin Pollak beautifully said of George R.R. Martin’s worry of “pulling a LOST”, anyone who utterly hated “THE END” was in love with the show. The only reason they say that they wasted 6 years of their life, that the entire show was pointless, and that the producers did not know where to take the show after season 3, is because they aren’t “grown up” enough to just accept the spiritual “afterlife storyline”. It isn’t about the “lack of answers” — because if it is, and you claim to have wasted 6 years of your life, then I’d like you to send me the other show you were watching, also called “LOST”, which “didn’t answer your questions”. So, we’re left with the dreaded “afterlife storyline”. You guys should have gotten clues about the spiritual aspect of the show all the way back in the first season. Remember Locke’s destiny discussions? The “LIGHT VS DARK” backgammon speech? MR. EKO!? Of course you do. Because you loved the show. You stuck through those things — the destiny, the good and evil, the religious aspect — because you just couldn’t get enough LOST. You couldn’t get enough of Jack and Locke bickering, the Jack/Kate/Sawyer/Juliet love “quadrangle”, Ben’s bug eyes and perfect manipulation of everyone else, and the emotional, tear-jerking scenes that everybody knows and loves… “THE CONSTANT”, for most, defines the essence of the show. It was built around love. Not “the afterlife”. LOVE. You guys know about LOVE, right? It’s not something the world is divided over, unlike “the afterlife”. My proof? Watch “ACROSS THE SEA”, another polarizing episode, in which all is revealed. Mother made all this happen, everything the “LOSTIES” experienced, out of love. Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Locke, everyone really… got on Oceanic 815 in one way or another due to love. Think about it, haters.
    I’m sure you folks who can’t understand the show’s blatant answering of all your “questions” will be up all week contemplating what I just wrote, and I’m not trying to be mean. After a year of sitting around, loving LOST, and having to constantly hear people hate on my favorite show, and truly one of the most fantastic dramas television has ever seen, I had to act. Think about what I said. Muster some maturity to accept the “afterlife storyline” (and I swear, should anyone utter that dreaded term once again…), and LET GO. Just like our beloved LOSTIES did. The fact that this debate rages a year later is because of how much WE ALL LOVED THIS GREAT SHOW. We are all united with that very thought.
    Thank you,
    and God Bless

    • Nicely put.

      • That brings me back to the 13 year olds simple analysis (a few posts back from here) …….. They all died on the plane and the island was the hell they had to go through to get to heaven.

      • I’m an atheist and I loved the finale.

        I think the reason some hated the finale is because they wanted a hard answer to questions that can’t have a hard answer. They wanted a quantitative answers to a qualitative questions.

        There are no magical islands, smoke monsters, etc. If you ever expected a hard, scientific, rational answer to all of these questions that would be rationally satisfying in a fictional story, you are looking not only to find real frogs in imaginary gardens, you are looking to disect a real frog found in that imaginary garden.

        That’s not possible, and you should have known that was not possible even before you started watching the show. Sure, they could have said the island was a giant space ship–but that isn’t an answer, as the every next question would be “Where did the space ship come from?”

        Alpha Centari. Who made the space ship? Why did they make it? What does it have to do with our characters? etc, etc, etc.

        The point is that, at a certain point in such a story, you have to LET GO. You can’t get “all the answers” because that isn’t possible, especially when so many seem to want hard, rational, DEMONSTRABLE answers to mythical elements found in a fictional story.

        The story itself dramatized this principle, showing us that the “answer” was the interactions of the characters themselves. If the only reason you watched the show was to find out what the island was, then why can’t you just make up an answer yourself? Call it a space ship and you are satisfied, right?

        • LOST was a show that could have gone in many directions as far as finales go. For those who liked it, accept that many did not, and the same for those who didn’t like it. Different people, different desired ends. I’m fine with the other person enjoying it and/or finding it fulfilling. I liked the production values along the way, cared less or little for the characters (boom some blow up), and found the nature of the island the character that I followed. For me, having been presented with the definitive series finale and my feelings that it went in directions I did not completely care for, I will not be rewatching the show. No bad, it proved not to be for me, not that I’m below it or above it, it just went sideways. Fine. You enjoy yours and I’ll enjoy what I want. IF you can find a show that everybody enjoys, patent/trademark/seal it up, you’ve found something nobody else has . . .

  20. If it cut to black I would have respected it more that’s how life is when its over…black

  21. The more I think about it they had more to tell but let the fans down by not fighting for their show for more seasons and fully wowing us

  22. I loved Lost. I had to walk away for a few years but have just started rewatching. I thought I would watch a couple during my first sitting but ended up watching 15 before I went to bed. I respect everyone’s opinions about the show and especially the finale. But I find as I rewatch that this show is every bit as compelling today, February 20, 2013, as it was when it started in 2004 and ended in in 2010. Bravo to everyone involved in writing, creating, directing, and acting in this tv series. It is truly one in a gazillion!

  23. First they eliminated habeas corpus for their citizens,then they made them sit though six seasons of this

  24. OK, just finished watching the complete series bought on DVD. Watched the final last night and like all things was disappointed that it actually ended. Would have preferred the island to be a real place that carried on with Hurley as the guardian. So many facts wrong and bad cross-references that you have to remind yourself that this is entertainment, not a history book. If people insist on things being 100% accurate all the time then every ‘entertainment’ film based on actual historic events should never be watched…ie; braveheart!
    This was just fun and I must admit, some nights the wife and I watched 5 in a row! Good fun, loved it and 10 out of 10 for the Jacob story one, that was very well done. Mind you, the fact that they were all dead explains why Hurley never lost weight eating fruit and fish!


    • The island was a real place. Hurley did move on as the guardian. Christian Shepard tells Jack that they died at different times. When Hurley comes out and talks to Ben at the church, he tells Ben that he was a good number two and which Ben replies to. Hurley that he was a good number one. This shows that they did become if the guardians of the island for however long they did. In the end they all end up in the same place. That’s not say that they all died at the same time.