Lost: Season 6 ‘The Candidate’ Spoilers Discussion

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lost logo shadow Lost: Season 6 The Candidate Spoilers Discussion

When it comes to the final season of Lost, there’s nothing that’s going to separate fans from their televisions. Unless, of course, ABC decides to take a week off. While the brief hiatus allowed us to re-watch one of the best episodes of the year, “Ab Aeterno,” there’s no doubt about what everyone really wants – new episodes providing more answers.

Tonight, we not only get a new episode with “The Candidate,” but contained within were also some of most jaw-dropping moments of the season.

If you’ve read our round-up of what was going to happen in “The Candidate,” you were tipped off about what was going to happen, but knowing what’s going to happen and seeing it as it happens are two completely different things.

We have three Lost spoilers posts that each provide information about what’s to occur further on in the season:

Keeping this in mind, please limit this discussion to events that occur in “The Candidate.”

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the episode – if you haven’t seen the episode, I would recommend you don’t read these comments here until you have. You’ve been warned.

Discuss away!

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  1. Sun and Jin are dead :(

  2. Cannot wait for next week, love watching MIB and Jacb together

    • So, is the Kwon candidate written on the cave wall Jin and Sun’s daughter?

      • I think it had to have been Sun since Jin cannot kill himself since if he is a candidate. Moreover, I think that if Sawyer had been a man and taken responsibility for his impulsive foolish behavior and done what Sayid did, the bomb would NOT have gone off since he made it count down quickly like that and Hello he is a candidate. Sayid must have lost his candidate status or he would not have been able to kill himself like that. Confused and pissed.

  3. It was great to see Sayid go out on a high note – especially after his personal “Zombie Season”.

    However, Jin and Sun weren’t my favorite characters or anything but their deaths felt anticlimactic – two seasons of searching for one another and they drown? I’m not mad or anything, I just didn’t feel like it was the best the show could do.

  4. I have a real problem with the whole “BOMB THING”…was the fact that Sawyer tampered with it…and him bein a possible canidate,mean anything?…I mean if Sawyer did what he did and Jack was still close would the bomb “STILL GO BOOM”…Im LOST on this point

    • In these sorts of situations (trying to demonstrate fate), what happens, happens. If it hadn’t been sawyer defusing the bomb it could have been another plot device. Anything to have them “killing each other” rather than MIB doing it directly.

  5. I am absolutely devastated over Sayid. I knew the Zombie act was a fake. After not shooting Desmond last week, that confirmed it. I knew he would never turn on Jack. At least he went out a hero. I cried though, he always had Jacks back.

    • I was actually more upset at Sayid’s death than Jin/Sun. I really liked him and he redeemed himself in the end and I did want to see him reunited with Nadia but MIB wasn’t going to make that happen.

    • I cried too. I had to rewatch that scene and continued to cry. I cried over Jin and Sun and cried at the end when Hurley cried. I’m emotionally exhausted.

  6. The only things enjoyable about that episode were seeing Kate get shot and the hilarity of the budget underwater cameras. That was horribly done. What an unworthy way of killing off three of the most dynamic and intriguing character’s of the series. On the record: WORST episode of the series.

    • “The only things enjoyable about that episode were seeing Kate get shot and the hilarity of the budget underwater cameras. That was horribly done. What an unworthy way of killing off three of the most dynamic and intriguing character’s of the series. On the record: WORST episode of the series.”

      Completely agree. The sheer, monumental stupidity written into the Lost characters never ceases to amaze me. A deaf, mentally disabled monkey could have figured out Jack’s “revelation” from the evidence of the show, but Lost characters apparently don’t have the mental faculties to do so according to the writers. How completely trite.

      The worst “waste” in this episode was not killing off three of the most dynamic characters in less than 5 minutes. It wasn’t even the amateurish plot devices used to kill them – underwater bomb with Titanic drowning sequence? Come on, James Cameron wants his script back. The most wasteful thing about this episode was the completely underwhelming feelings watching integral characters die – the kind of underwhelming feelings that are only possible at epic moments due to poor writing.

      I cannot put into words how disappointed I am with the utter destruction of what started out as the one of the most masterful pieces of television programming I’ve ever seen. +1 internets to you mad.

    • jin and sun were dynamic??wtf?? c’mon man that lil love affair should’ve been done 2 seasons ago..however in the alt timeline they are still alive sooooooooooo? nothing is concrete, yet.

  7. Wow! This was the best the episode of the season. Don’t like the fact that Kate can survive a direct shot from a high-powered rifle, near drowning in the sub and non-benz dive up from the sub and still be non-comatose. But I’ll have to look pass that.

  8. Sawyer’s tampering with the bomb allowed the loophole rule to come into effect. I’ve lost count. How many people has Jack killed? How many has Sawyer killed?

    • Im with you on that

  9. Sun and Jin died like Charlie as did Sayid by sacrificing his life for the rest..how will it all end.?

    • Can’t figure out how flight 815 is the focal point of their connection

  10. This was a sad episode of Lost… Why do they have to kill off my favorite characters?

  11. Am I the only one pissed that was how Lapidus went out!?!?

    • No, I’m with you. Loved that character… he was my second favorite next to Daniel Faraday.

      Guess this is a sign of how quickly they’ll be killing characters off.

    • Lapidus deserved better than getting smacked in the face with a freaking door. What annoyed me is that he just stood there when he realized the water was going to burst through. At least ATTEMPT to save your own life for God’s sake.

    • I’m with you. Reminds of how I hated how they killed off Boba Fett in Return of the Jedi, with a stupid joke…lol

      • Actually I’ve read that Boba Fett didn’t die in the monster’s belly. He got out and he’s returning to get his revenge. This is in regards to the new series Lucas is creating. YEAH!!!

    • Yeah I didn’t like it either. I really liked him.

  12. Tonight’s episode was top notch. I can’t believe Sun/Jin drowned and Sayid blown to oblivion. :( So the Man In Black (MIB) has been manipulating the oceanic six from the get-go, now he’s going to kill the four survivors from the Sub sinking? Where does Widmore play into this? Will Kate recover from her gunshot wound?

    • I am wondering all of that too..

    • My guess is that Widmore is with MIB. And he is going to pay the price.

  13. Why didn’t Locke let everyone die with the C4 on the plane? Did he think he’d have a better chance getting Jack on the sub instead? I’m confused

    • It’s easy to jump out of a plane if things go bad, if you’re trapped in a Sub underwater you have nowhere to go. That’s why they couldn’t get the bomb off there fast enough, too much time wasted getting back to the surface. Sawyer should have listened to Jack and left the wires alone.

      • He couldn’t listen to Jack.. Listening to Jack is what got Juliette killed…

        • Well said.

    • MIB needs the plane to leave the island.

  14. If i ever had any question about MIB being evil or not, tonight’s episode left me without question of that. MIB is desperate to be unleashed from the island. He has no regard for the others. Next week’s episode will explain the whole back story of Jacob and MIB and hopefully why the island exists. At the end of it all, i think we’ll be left standing with either Jack, Sawyer or Hurley as the next Jacob making sure MIB never leaves the island. I’m pretty sure only one of them will survive.

  15. MAN, i don’t even know where to start…they better redeem themselves (writers/creators crew), that’s all i got to say.

  16. What if lapidus saved jin? I mean u just see the hands drifting apart. Im just hoping for the best

  17. Sawyer and Kate need to die imo. Sawyer has just become a winy girl and kate has nothing left to offer except repeat about saving Claire

    • also can anyone tell me what happened to the dog? and who the hell is going to take care of sun and jins baby? they didnt even think about their childs wellbeing first. proboaly assumed kate would take care of her, even though she’s toast.

      • Yeah I figured Sun would tell Jin to get lost so he could take care of their daughter (who will now be cared for by the grandmother I’m sure).

        I don’t think Jack will be the chosen one. I’m leaning toward Hurley actually. He already sees dead people and I have yet to see him make a bad decision. He always does his choices based on the group and it’s well being.

      • The dog is the next Jacob.

      • i believe that like walt, sun has the kid looked after-she is after all the head of her father’s company..i mean you can assume that she made a prep, planned ahead before going along with the idea of going back to the island-one thing she’s not stupid

      • Sun said the baby was with her mom. And I think the dog’s with Bernard and Rose, but I could be remembering that wrong.

  18. Isn’t it ironic that the real Locke destroyed the sub so no one could leave the island and then MIB (as Locke) destroyed the sub so he can leave the island? :O

  19. My older brother called it, I think:

    In the end Jack will be the new Jacob who helps people “fix themselves.”

    Sawyer will be the new MIB – conning people to help himself get off the island.

    I endorse this prediction.

    • Thats actually a really cool theory. I’m still wondering how Aaron will fit into it all. But Jack is definitely going to be the new Jacob… I’m sure Jack’s name is actually shortened for Jacob and the MIB’s name might actually turn out to be James.

    • I was thinking the same thing…I think it would also be intersting if the “sideways” view is actually what happens “after” the final episode…so in a way your already seeing the outcome of “The End”…

    • that is brilliant. why i didn’t see that before now..wow,thanks for the epiphany..still sayid gone hurts a lil

  20. We have to remember there are two timelines running side by side. Just because someone dies in one, doesn’t mean the characters are dead for good. We might see the timelines cross or merge in some way and our fave characters will be quite alive in a good life. I’m hoping anyway.

    • I agree with that. I think that if they do get off the Island then the two worlds will collide and the alternate lives will become one.

  21. I wouldn’t want sawyer to be a bad guy he was a good cop, who sac himself to save the others on the helicopter. I wouldnt of trusted the bomb either and Jack has done nothing to earn Swayers trust period on this Island and yet again whos fault was it the bomb ended up on the damn Sub the idiot Doctor Jack once again gets everyone killed.

    People seem to forget one thing the bomb might of went off anyway because its still possible that whitmore created that c-4 as a failsafe for the plane like Smokey said and since he didnt have anything to do with it the bomb would still of killed everyone on the Sub he just gave the pack to Jack who then carried it on the Sub~!

    • attached to the bomb was the watch smokey took off of the body of the man guarding the airplane right after he murdered him. so locke must have modified the bomb before giving it to jack.

  22. Lost has been nothing short of a creative miracle. Its an Amazing piece of television. Last nights episode was classic!
    Its nice to read a blog site were fans really dig the show unlike a few others that knock it for whatever reason. Matthew Fox makes for a great hero.


  23. Why would Kate’s name be crossed out if she is alive?

  24. A few thoughts of my own. I believe Richard was the only one given eternal life by Jacob not the rest. Also Jacob said that the MIB can not kill a candidate not that they can not kill each other or themselves. Perhaps Kates name was scratched off to protect her from being thought of as a threat to the MIB and she is in fact considered by Jacob to be the chosen keeper of the island. The guy can travel back and forth in time. I think the two time lines do not cross over each other but one is the effect of the other. As sometimes with a cork the island gets smashed down into the neck of the bottle stuck so that it can not be removed still keeping evil in the bottom. I am confused just how many people Widmore has with him.. LOCKE took the watch off the guy whose neck he broke and mad the bomb from the c-4 from the plane. These are just random thoughts there is a million of them out there..

  25. Perhaps Jin didn’t drown. Heck Jin survived the boat explosion! What struck odd was why Sun never told Jin he had to go so he could get back to their baby. Their baby has been a huge part of the storyline so why was nothing said at the time they both are supposed to drown?

    • I agree. I don’t like how that part of the script was written. I think Sun would have made Jin go for the sake of the baby.

      • I thought about that too.

  26. I’m still trying to figure out who shot J.R.

  27. One question: where’s Ben?

    • Probably with Richard, Miles, and the rest of the characters we haven’t seen in weeks! :O

  28. The show is so boring now… it was once great!

  29. Just thought it was interesting that Flocke took the watch off Widmore’s guy before he entered the plane. he must have know before there were explosives on board. Maybe Widmore is on his side.