Lost: Season 6 ‘Across The Sea’ Spoilers Discussion

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lost logo shadow Lost: Season 6 ‘Across The Sea’ Spoilers Discussion

As we creep closer to the series finale of Lost, things are starting to fall into place. With last week’s episode, “The Candidate,” bringing about the end of Jin and Sun Kwan, one more potential candidate was scratched off the list of possible Jacob replacements.

In tonight’s episode, “Across The Sea,” we get an episode full of answers as Jacob and the man in black take center stage – offering a glimpse at the beginning of their relationship as well as find out how things came to be so nasty between them.

As a fan of Lost, I have to say that it is probably the best episode of the season. Not only because it is filled with answers, but because we are finally able to see the incredible back-story of the island’s most iconic inhabitants.

We have three Lost spoiler posts that each provide information about what’s to occur further on in the season:

Keeping this in mind, please limit this discussion to events that occur in “Across The Sea.”

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the episode – if you haven’t seen the episode, I would recommend you don’t read these comments here until you have. You’ve been warned.

Discuss away!

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  1. Do u think that jin and sun’s baby is a candidate since sun was the only one to give birth on the island?

  2. i missed the last 10 or 15 minutes of the tonight’s episode (Across the Sea). Can someone fill me in? How did the man in black (is he officially nameless?) become smoke?

    • The light that their mother showed them. Jacob threw the man in black in there and he came out as the smoke.

      • threw him in intentionally? when he was alive? why? his body was left behind?

        • Yes intentionally. After the man in black killed jacob’s mother jacob through him in cause he knew he couldn’t kill him.

          • I think the smoke monster can only turn in the form of someone dead. thats why the real man in black is dead. Same thing happened with Lock.

            • Makes sense. So the Man in black that was in the episode wasnt really the evil one? It would be the smoke monster that is the evil one right?

  3. Im confused… Jacob can now live forever since he drank the wine thing?

    2.In some other episode the darker brothere smashed the bottle, but he was alive????

    3. Also, since you can’t kill yourself if you live forever (i think) the mother thanked the son for killing her because she couldnt do it herself???

    4.And lastly, the bad brother becomes the smoke monster. So is the Johne Locke guy the dark haired brother?

  4. I was really let down with this episode. It basically confirmed what I had thought for an entire season now. No real new information. What I would have liked to have seen was a lead up from the initial time (as adults) to right before the Losties arrived.

    • I agree. It almost felt as the writers took the easy way out and nothin really surprising.

    • no new info… so if i ask u last week what the wheel was about u could have told me. And im sure u knew the bones from SEASON ONE was the dead smoke monsters and his mom….sure

      • True but it was all answers that probably couldve been assumed. Them being brothers and the wheel were cool but the rest of the episode probably could of been explained in minutes rather than an entire episode.

        • Also I thought the light explanation was lackluster. As was the mother giving them their powers. Where did she get them? Who is she?

          • She was the smoke monster only the unnamed one could kill her that why she thank him

            • I figured she thanked him because she couldnt kill herself so he did it for her, And how do u no she is the smoke monster? I must have missed that.

              • She destroyed that village…smoke monster style lol

      • Hmm, other than the fact that we know the wheel can transport you off island, but once you turn it (when all the light shines) you can not come back on island. I guess other than that, nothing. Oh, who built it? Well we still don’t know do we?

        And do you not think about Lost at all? I mean who did you really think Adam and Eve were? There is no way it could have been anyone on island currently. So obviously it was someone from the past, and guess who were the first two main candidates [pun intended]? –Jacob or MIB. Sure the mom was new, but wow…should I be calling this episode Awesome and kudos?? NO. I love Lost, but the writers better really wow me in the finale for this lackluster season.

        • The only reason u don’t like this season cuz it’s about answers and lost doesn’t normally do answer…not the big ones, and i know a good lost episode when i see one, this isn’t my favorite season either (season 5 rocked) but i love the ride this show takes U, and U do 2

          • Touche.

        • Just to add on…someone from the past..how many ppl were coming to the island b4 jack and friends got there? could have been anyone buddy, and i think u need to re watch the seasons cuz this is good stuff going on here stop taking it for granted

          • wow, its not a fight you know. Ron, calm down. No body is taking LOST for granted. The episode still did not answer where the fake mother came from. Or exactly why MIB cannot be allowed to leave the Island. All we told that he is bad, and blah, blah, blah. But we arent told why. Jacob has left the island a number of times. why can’t MIB? I suppose Jacob was able to leave because he had RIchard watching MIB. Besides does anyone please remember what happened to the Rose and Bernard characters on the Island? I cant remember the episode in which they died or something. Thanks!

            • Sorry got a little carried away, it just that….No more lost after may :( yeah after they jump back 2 07 they haven’t been back to rose and Bernard on island

            • I love Your Login Calm Ron…. You Created it Just to make Ron feel bad… People will naturally defend what they Love. Lost will Deliver and it will be sweet.

  5. Kudos to the writers, great episode, i mean they really answered the wheel, that was one answer i didn’t think i was gunna get ..can’t wait for more!!!

  6. Did anyone cantch the name of the man in black??? It sounded like she said Jose after he stabbed her.

    • they never said…awesome

  7. Can someone answer my questions plz?

    Im confused… Jacob can now live forever since he drank the wine thing?

    2.In some other episode the darker brothere smashed the bottle, but he was alive????

    3. Also, since you can’t kill yourself if you live forever (i think) the mother thanked the son for killing her because she couldnt do it herself???

    4.And lastly, the bad brother becomes the smoke monster. So is the Johne Locke guy the dark haired brother?

    • As to your last question, I think it is possibly open for debate. Did the MIB become the smoke monster? Or did him entering the light release the smoke monster which took the form of his body? It is obvious that Fake Locke has all of Locke’s memories, so maybe everything we saw about the MIB before, was the smoke monster after it had all of MIB’s memories.

      • How could the smoke monster take the form of MiB’s body? He’s dead and was buried right next to the “mother”

        • The monster said in a previous episode that he could only take human form of someone who is dead. Example: John Locke

          • but i think they’re trying to explain the origin of the monster–that it is mib’s “spirit” let loose by him being thrown into the light. because wasn’t his body left behind? (i.e. “buried” like seagull500 said)

            • Yeah, the MIB is the smoke monster. The MIB didn’t release the smoke monster. He became it. Now the question is how the mother destroyed the camp. Someone else here said she was the smoke monster, but that doesn’t make any sense. There was no smoke monster before this, only the “light.”

        • Yeah, that part confused me too. Cos if the smoke monster was able to take the form of the original MIB, why couldn’t he just stick to this body? Why does he have to change forms all the time? I’m also thinking that the Dharma Initiative made the donkey wheel since they seemed to know so much advanced technology.

  8. my dvr cut off like the last 15 minutes.. i got all the way up to jacob bringing his “dead” brother back to his camp. fill me in please!!

    • same thing happened to me. see above!

  9. i have a question: am i the only one who thinks it’s annoying that the darker one is always the bad guy? i was hoping to find out i was wrong about that one, but no, once again, the dark guy is the rebel who goes bad.

    • He wasn’t evil. HIs mother was, and Jacob was kind of a schmuck, but all he ever tried to do was get off the island.

  10. heyyyyy so in the episode where the Losties find the skeletons Jack says they are only 40 or 50 yrs old… thoughts?

  11. Anyone else notice that Jacob asked his mother what ‘dead’ was? (she gave no answer). Later Jacob and MIB are telling her that some men ‘killed’ a boar. If you know what kill means then you know what it means to be dead. WTF??? Sloppy writing?

  12. I like the questions being answered but the suspense in not knowing the ending is driving me nuts, then last week they kill THREE off at once..Sayid, Jin, AND Sun…that was a total bummer. They don’t have many more to go, and I hope that they have a decent finale to atleast make it worth 6 seasons. I LOVE this show, hate to see it go, but want it to end with a “worth watching 6 seasons” ending. It’s so bittersweet, I’m going to miss this show :-(

    • 4, they killed the pilot too

  13. Good Q: Spyke…
    1. The marble pouch. This pouch has been there in Jacob’s brothers dead hand for what we know is centuries, and it is still in tact? I would expect a fabric pouch to deteriorate even with the mildest of exposure.

    2. We see Jacob’s (real) mother as the “first” walking dead. Is this the dark force? Or is this just another dead entity that gets to choose who can/cannot see it.

    3. Are we EVER going to get a name on MIB? I know what i want to call him.

    Some thoughts on tonight. At first i thought MIB was dead when Jacob pushed him into the tunnel. Is anyone curious that we only see an “Eden” set, and we didn’t see any Temple, and no Statue?

  14. Jacob kind of killed MIB when he threw him in front of the cave with the light. (his head smashed the rocks and his body was pushed by the current into the cave). And when the mother said that she fixed for them (jacob and MIB) cannot kill each other.. any thoughts?

  15. How do Widmore and Farraday tie into all this? They know too much about everything and “scheduled” events??? Still a ton of questions.

  16. HOW bout this head turner……WHO ACTUALLY BUilt the Wheel, the MIB never got to finish what he started. so was it Jacob that built it or someone else. and is it the same well that desmond is sitting in right now?

  17. This is coming from a HUGE lost fan. All those who are going to judge what i am going to say-please know i am a huge fan since day 1. This was the biggest let down ever. I want to say (on terms of what to expect) was the WORST episode of lost. I first heard that this episode was going to be a mib/jacob flashback with lots of answers and history…who wouldnt be excited??? It had a lot of hype along with it. After watching it, i was soooo dissapointed. First of all, the episode was pretty much filler. It was really neat to see the characters-i really enjoyed that. But the answers were RIDICUOLOUS. how does mib/jacobs mother make it so they cant kill eachother or leave the island? what is the light and how does it make you leave the island? i mean come on…im all for sci-fi (i mean come on ive watched this show for years) but this sstuff is just ridicolous. Im just hoping that this stuff gets cleared up in the next two episodes…as for the history of the island…they better not be done with it. We still dont know stuff like the statue, lighthouse, others origins, etc etc. The adam/eve and smokey orgin answers were neat…but as for this whole “im magic mommy and will make all this stuff happen just because i can” stuff is plain old stupid. Remember this is from a geniune LOST fan…first time ive ever dissed an episode. but like i said…we will just have to wait and see until the next to episodes.

    • I dont think your looking at it in the right way. Your not going to get “scientific” answers to most of these lost questions…that would just be stupid. Is it really that weird that his mom or anyone for that matter just has some crazy powers? Thats just the world the show takes place in. This show is not based in the world we live in….people live forever, people heal, people turn into smoke, dead people are walking around. Like they explained what the light is…theres nothing really more to it. Its just an “aspect” of the world the show takes place in. I mean there wasnt going to be some science based reason as to why MIB can turn into lightning style smoke…its science FICTION. Idk, i dont care about the underlying reasonings behind stuff as much as i care about the story and the characters. And this episode provided a good story that really showed why MIB and Jacob behave the way they do in terms of motivation and goals…thats all that needed to be done. I think we need to accept that a lot of the stuff in this show is going to have “fictional” and maybe “mystical” reasonings behind it. For me personally, I dont care about why MIB cant leave the island…I want to see the characters I have watched for the past 6 years and see what happens to them.

  18. I actually liked this episode even though it wasn’t the greatest one. It seems like most people were upset about the fact that the rules weren’t explained. Some probably expected to see an ancient library on the island where you can find “The Great Book of Rules” and which the Man in Black from time to time reads to see what he can or can’t do. Come on people! If the rules were clearly explained it would feel like this whole thing with the candidates was some kind of a game and the show would lose its attractiveness. Plus, if the rules were clearly defined there would be no room for loopholes, right? It seems though that Jacob himself didn’t know ALL the rules, because if he did he could have anticipated what MiB would do to him and he could’ve prevented it. Also, I did not want the writers to take us all the way back to 10,000 BC to show us who the first guardian of the island was, where he/she come from, etc. I wanted to know about Jacob and MiB and that’s what I got. The writers have a huge responsibility to satisfy an army of fans. Many fans expected more, but the writers settled for a simple (but reasonable) story, not something that would go totally against what we had known so far and not something that would ruin the show for people. The beauty of the show is not about getting answers, it’s about the mysteries themselves. Humans are curious and we like to speculate – that’s why the show has such a huge fan base. If the writers started answering all the mysteries they would take away the element of speculation and discussion and the show would lose its uniqueness. Look at the Egyptian pyramids- if we had a clear answer as to who built them, why they were built and how – we would not talk about them. Yet more than four thousand years after they were built, we still talk about them, don’t we?

    • Did anyone else notice just how similar young Jacob looked to the kid that the MIB saw in The Substitute? I’m not sure but it looks like the same kid. Jacob reincarnated perhaps? Or just something taking his form?

      • It was the same actor playing young jacob and MIB can see “ghosts”.

    • I think that the fundamental question about what the island is and why there are guardians of the island, and what exactly would happen if Men decide to exploit the island, and why the island is difficult to find (and is a little off radar due to the fact that it drifts through time) is important to answer. And that is what has not been answered so far, which is what i expected the episode to answer. but you are right. the main thing last night episode explained was just the history between MIB and Jacob. Which is good to know but it seemed to me, that could have been told within 20 mins and not an entire hour. :)

  19. I’ve just got to say that this episode was terrible. It said that the entire reason for the show was bad parenting. Sure, it answered some questions, but I mean, come on. If their mother had been honest with them, everything would have been fine. She never once told them the complete truth.

  20. I never expected Lost to be tied up in a neat little package. This is not consistent with the mysticism that drives the show. The destinies of Jacob and his brother were sealed from the beginning. Jacob received a name from his birth mother, but his brother did not. What is telling is that the “fake” mother never named Jacob’s brother, whom she loved most. Odd. Although she wanted the “other” brother to take her place, it was destined to be Jacob. I think the mother was wacko from the burden of being a type of sentinel/guardian that protected the light/life tunnel (or Tree of Life). Remember the illusion Jack made to Adam and Eve. When Fake mom told Jacob “now you’re just like me” after he drank the wine, she was simply passing the torch making him the official guardian of the tunnel of life. All the people coming to the island over the centuries was Jacob’s search for his replacement.

  21. jeez guys, what do you want. people are unhappy about the lost story line but it’s really interesting.

    smoke monster started out as a normal person, very intelligent and good at the end, but duped by island mother. island mother probably was given the assignment of protecting the light, but at some point made the mistake of going into the light herself, and she became a smoke monster also? and also maybe she went crazy from that. that is how she had the power to kill that village of people. jacob’s brother will reconstruct the water and light wheel to escape the island later. jacob knew going into the light was a fate worse than death so that’s why he threw his brother in after brother killed island mother.

    some questions remain–why are there rules that jacob and brother must follow? what is the power of those rules? probably from the light itself i would think. another minor question, now that the bottle has been broken how will jacob pass on the power to protect the light?

    also, at some point we will have to see jacob’s brother, anakin island, turning completely over to the dark side after being transformed into shadow monster.

    very interesting. thank you abc media moguls for a beautiful story!

    why didn’t jacob bury his brother and island mother? he should have.

    i like jacob’s innocence, i know some of you say he’s too naive but i like that.

  22. Makes sense that we have the light if we already have a light house…I wonder if the LH uses the source light to spy on the outside world

  23. I think that Jacob might have finished making the wheel later on, or perhaps the MIB did after he became smoke, since he can take someone’s shape and hold physical objects and even kill people (when its not against the rules), only to discover it wouldn’t work for him. But perhaps the wheel is what Jacob uses to get off the Island, since he leaves numerous times to interject in the lives of our favorite candidates, but it seems strange since the mother said that they couldn’t leave, implying she made it so they both couldn’t leave; however, she seemed fearful that the MIB could leave with the wheel, so maybe its a loophole since it directly uses the ‘Source’, and perhaps since Jacob is now the guardian that the rules, or at least the one keeping them from leaving, no longer applies to him since he’s the ones who can now make and/or appeal or amend the rules.

    • interesting, however the answers are not comprehensive guys. The questions continue to be more than answers – guess the finale will be AWESOME

  24. I would also lean more towards the idea that MIB became the smoke monster, that his spirit was released from his body and changed, distorted somehow, since the rules put in place for the MIB that he could neither leave nor kill Jacob also apply to the smoke monster, though one could always argue that Jacob put those rules in place for the smoke monster afterwards, but that seems unlikely. Also, the smoke monster always seems to revert back to the MIB when he is being himself and not pretending to be someone else to trick someone (before he got “stuck” as Locke, that is), even though he could be plenty of other people since the nameless brother was by no means the only person who had died before the Losties plane crashed; one could argue that it is simply the form he takes when talking to Jacob either out of spite or for the sake of familiarity, but he also appeared as the MIB to Richard when he was being himself and not pretending to be his wife, so this again seems unlikely.

  25. people! you will enjoy the last 3.5 hours of this show a lot more if you stop watching it like you seem to be….with your arms crossed in front of you, thinking “this better be good and it better explain things the way i want them explained or else”. 3.5 hours is actually plenty of time and i’m sure most of the puzzle pieces will come together and some will remain mysterious. just calm down and stop acting as if this episode was supposed to explain everything. it makes more sense that it was more of a setup for the last 3.5 hrs. speaking of setting up…you are setting yourself up for major dissapointment if you think the end will be anything like you expect it to be. i, for one, am happy with how totally bizarre it’s getting toward the end. im sure that watching the finale will be great fun if you just get the bug out of your…!

  26. I’ve read that the creators of the show will not be answering every mystery. After “Across the Sea” I have more questions but I doubt those will get any answers. I enjoyed this episode. I did feel sorry for both Jacob and MIB. They were born into this craziness. If they were destined to go to the island were they “touched” some how by someone else off island? Again this will never get answered which is okay with me but curious to think about. Namaste!

  27. I believe Jacob is looking for a candidate that is capable of receiving the light. Both MIB and Jacob protect the light, and MIB believes no one can receive it, but Jacob searches for one who is worthy. My best is on the good Shepherd.

  28. Its not about ““this better be good and it better explain things the way i want them explained or else”” .. let me tell you one thing .. season 4 and 5 were complicated .. so much that any one whos still watching is a hard core fan … the thins is that we get frustrated wid so little and “yes” answer .. Hurley asked is that you .. the whispers and Michael replyin “yes” .. Jack askin .. was dat you .. my father .. n MIB replyin .. “yes” … sawyer asked whats up with the numbers and MIB replyin .. Jacob had “thing” with the numbers..
    Its like they really put on effort to raise a question and did nothin about answering it .. I want to be the end i have never expected but if they starts answering questions just to answer them .. i wish i had stopped till season 5 ..

  29. I agree with those that said this episode was a letdown. When the mother said to the real mother “every answer I give will just lead to more questions” I think the producer of the show were telling us that they don’t have answers to the question and are just making this stuff up. I was hoping for some kind of clarity as we get closer to the end, but we are not getting that.

    And for the record, many folks are asking why Jacob threw MiB onto thelight tunnel, the answer is as Jacob says, because MiB thinks he can use the light to leave the island, so I’d he wants to leave so bad, in you go.